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World Gavel Lore Rework

Discussion in 'General Suggestions' started by ditsario, Sep 11, 2021.


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  1. ditsario

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    DISCLAIMER: We are not members of the CT. This is a project made by lore enthusiasts in an attempt to fix and hopefully improve parts of Gavel's lore. Furthermore, if this project does get adapted to the game, it obviously doesn't have to be a perfect replica.

    The Gavel Lore Project

    (Brought to you by the WynnTheory discord server)

    Hello, everyone, and welcome to the fourth WynnTheory lore rework! (You can find the first, second, and third here.) In this one, we wanted to focus on revamping Gavel's lore - yes, I know this was just a thing, but we felt there was still enough to work on for this. More specifically, a lot of this one is focused on adding a large amount of "pre-history" lore to Gavel, as compared to Wynn we've never had much explanation of what went on there before 0 AP. So, we tried to fill in that era with a full story about Gavel's ancient rune-using civilization, as well as other groups that interacted with them over the years, and a few actual gods from that time, but you'll see more about those further on.

    Oh, also, one more thing - since we use quite a lot of High Gavellian/formatted text, we felt we should explain what means what - this text is "action text" and some NPC dialogue, "this text" is used for text that is actually written in-game, and this text is our indicator for High Gavellian. I suppose that's (finally) enough introduction now, so prepare for the actual content, easily our longest one yet!


    A Fighting Species

    Level Min: 61
    Quests Required: Blazing Retribution, Reclaiming The House

    (Note - Since we had to make this 61 so it comes before Taproot, Reclaiming the House could be moved to ~59 to accommodate.)

    Stage 1 - Talk to Darnes in the Villager camp in Pre-Light Forest at [-1406,43,-5073]

    (OUT: The camp is similar to what it was in the old quest.)

    [1/5] Darnes: Greetings, soldier! You were the human that helped us with Gregg’r and the swamp fortress, yes?
    [2/5] Darnes: It’s great that you’re here now, as the war against these simple-minded beasts may come to an end in the very near future.
    [3/5] Darnes: We plan to propose a peace treaty to Gorgu, the leader of the united Greenskin armies, who currently resides in Leadin, another large fort that the Greenskins have taken from us.
    [4/5] Darnes: What we’re planning to do will be risky - we’ll send a small party inside the fort to talk to Gorgu about the treaty. We will offer him and his people some land in the more uninhabited western swamp. Gorgu is an intelligent and powerful Goblin, you should be wary of him.
    [5/5] Darnes: Anyway, I was thinking that you could join them to provide a bit of, uh, protection, if needed. The party is waiting outside, so you can join them when you’re ready.

    Stage 2 - Join the Villager party at [-1409, 43, -5013] and walk to the gates of Leadin

    (OUT: There are two Villagers standing on the path. Right-clicking them will trigger this dialogue:)

    [1/2] Huchi: Ah, you’re the human here to guard us?
    [2/2] Larnast: They must be. Let's get going, then. I don’t want to waste any additional time with those stinking Orcs.

    (OUT: The NPCs start walking forwards towards the Leadin gates. You have to stay under 5 blocks from them or the game will teleport you to them with some generic dialogue.
    You walk to [-1310, -4892] in front of the fortress, and are greeted by two Orc guards.)

    [1/5] Orc: HUH? Longnose here? One step and I cut you with axe!
    [2/5] Huchi: Calm down. We’re here to speak with your leader, please take us there.
    [3/5] Orc 2: You want see boss Gorgu? Grrh. No trust villager!
    [4/5] Larnast: I promise you, we won’t do a thing to harm you, unless you start it yourself. Gorgu will want to hear what we have to say.
    [5/5] Orc 2: We bring Longnose and Human to boss, but Orc watch you! GRRH!

    (OUT: Four Orcs walk out of the gate around the party, and start escorting you forwards.)

    Stage 3 - Walk through Leadin alongside the Orc escort

    (OUT: This section is similar to the part where the player has to walk from the Villager camp to Leadin. You will pass by multiple camps, greenskins and walk over a bridge.

    While next to a camp, a group of Orcs and Goblins will approach you.)

    [1/1] Goblin: A Longnose back in Leadin? You’re not welcome here anymore! Attack!

    (OUT: The group of greenskins will push some of your escort aside and attack you. You have to battle some enemies now.)

    (OUT: In the battle scene, there are four Leadin Goblins charging at the player, two Leadin Trolls in the back, and two Leadin Orc Archers, both next to a Troll.)

    Leadin Goblin
    Level 64
    7 500 HP
    Melee AI

    Leadin Orc Archer
    Level 63
    12 000 HP
    Support Ranged AI
    Arrow Storm

    Leadin Troll
    Level 65
    20 000 HP
    Crawl AI

    (OUT: Once you defeat the greenskins, the escort Orcs will once again surround you.)

    [1/1] Orc: They are go to boss Gorgu! No killing yet!

    (OUT: At last, the escort arrives at a tower, and you are sent down the stairs to an underground lair.)

    Stage 4 - Discuss the treaty with Gorgu in his lair

    (OUT: You walk through a wooden doorway and enter an underground room similar to the one you fight Gregg’r in. It has a large table in the middle, though the walls and ceiling are mostly made of wood.
    At the end of the table, there is a Goblin with darker clothes and a long spear in hand.)

    [1/9] Gorgu: What are you doing here? Longnoses and a Human!
    [2/9] Huchi: I assume you’re Gorgu. We are here to discuss a peace treaty. The Villagers offer you a part of the western swamp and a small bit of north-western Llevigar plains, at the cost of you withdrawing all armies and settlements from everywhere else, including Leadin. With that, the war will be over.
    [3/9] Gorgu: Hm. You come here, into my own headquarters without even greeting me, and offer only a small slice of what used to be our own lands!
    [4/9] Gorgu: I remember our old city in the west, and when you brought it down by force before even giving us a thought! Now only that hideous white structure stands upon its ruins!

    (OUT: Larnast turns towards the player and Huchi.)

    [5/9] Larnast: What’s he going on about? Is he going to decline our treaty because of some ancient feuds?
    [6/9] Gorgu: For years my people have been determined to drive you away from our lands, and I will not stop that attempt. There will be no treaty, never, as long as I stand here.
    [7/9] Huchi: Uh… Maybe we should get out of here? Now?
    [8/9] Larnast: Then maybe this will stop the war! Die, you Greenskin scum!

    (OUT: Larnast walks a couple blocks towards Gorgu, and shoots a fiery magic spell towards him, which he easily dodges. The back of the table is lit on fire. Gorgu then dashes towards Larnast, and kills him with his spear in a single strike. Huchi will then start running away, and you will have to follow him outside, otherwise he'll tell you to follow with some generic dialogue.)

    [9/9] Gorgu: MEN! SEIZE THEM!

    Stage 5 - Escape Leadin

    While escaping Leadin you will have to do parkour (for instance, jumping between house to house and using clothes hangers as bridges), smash windows open, enter houses (and fight mobs within the houses), until you reach the field before the main gate. The ideal path you have to take through the fort is marked with a trail of red carpets.

    Many mobs are scattered around the area, which consist of the enemies listed in Stage 3 in addition to Leadin Orc Spearmen:

    Leadin Orc Spearman
    Level 63
    15 000 HP
    Melee AI
    Earth, Fire

    Once you reach the main field before the gates, a checkpoint is set.

    This is how the game mechanic you’ll have to deal with in the field works:

    From the northern wall (the one with the exit gate) Orc archers will shoot towards the player in volleys every 3 seconds. The player has to pass through the area, moving between different obstacles to block the arrow volleys.


    The red dot at the bottom is where the player starts from. The large red mess is the gate (goal). The black boxes with white inside of them are obstacles to block arrow volleys. The blue thing is a river you can only pass over by walking over the bridge (black box with black inside). The green is a possible solution route.

    Once the player passes over the yellow line, the archers will start firing at the player from both sides, east and west, but not from the gate wall anymore. Here are all the areas where the arrows will hit you when they are fired, once again presented in an amazingly great paint.net picture:[​IMG]

    After reaching the gate:

    [1/1] Huchi: The gate’s down! We’ll have to lift it up. Help me with this!

    In order to open the gate, you will have to rapidly right-click it for 5 seconds. The required CPS shouldn’t be too high so that everyone can do it (3-4 CPS req).

    Once you exit Leadin, the Orcs will still shoot at you, but a group of villager archers from the riverside runs in, shooting the nearest Orcs down.

    [1/1] Darnes: I assume your negotiations didn’t go well? That was to be expected, come with us now!

    You have to follow the villager group, which leads you to a safe spot at [-1370, -4900] behind a tree.

    [1/7] Darnes: It’s good that you made it out of there. Where is Larnast, by the way?
    [2/7] Huchi: He was killed, by Gorgu, but-
    [3/7] Darnes: As I guessed. The Greenskins are not to be trusted, and cannot be negotiated with. Good for us, we are already prepared to strike back at them!
    [4/7] Darnes: Our skilled Villager warriors have planted explosives against the walls of the fort, and a batallion with cannons is soon here to fire at the fort. I’d expected for something like this to happen, so I ordered them to move from Llevigar as soon as I sent you away.
    [5/7] Huchi: Wait, so… I don’t think you should do this. I think an agreement can still be made with the Greenskins, they aren’t as bad as you all believe! They’re just defending the lands that have always been theirs, Gorgu told us of their history.
    [6/7] Darnes: Hmph. You really believed what that scum had to say? All lies! This isn’t your battle anymore, we will now deal with Gorgu. Once we take out their leader while he’s off-guard, maybe this war will finally end. The Dwarves wiped out those demons out of their Molten Heights, so we can do the same here.
    [7/7] Darnes: Here is your reward, human. Thank you for helping us during the war, but I believe this is the last time we’ll need you here. Farewell, and good fortune up in the east!
    [+2048 Emeralds]

    Stage 6 - Leave Darnes’ villager group as the assault on Leadin begins

    (OUT: Once you walk 6 blocks away from the group, Huchi appears beside you.)

    [1/1] Huchi: They can’t just destroy Leadin and kill all that are inside now! This isn’t the right way to end the war! I’m going to go in there and warn Gorgu. Maybe one day we can still solve this war peacefully.

    (OUT: Huchi runs towards Leadin gates. The screen turns black, and a cutscene begins. There is a shot of Huchi being taken by Orcs into Leadin. The screen turns to the west wall of the fort. Multiple explosions occur on the wall, as it falls down. A line of cannons is shown on the west coast of the river, which began firing at Leadin. Many buildings quickly catch fire.
    You are teleported back to where you were. A chat message is sent:)

    Return to Darnes’ camp to exit the scene as you were asked to, and watch as Leadin gets taken over by the Villagers, or enter Leadin to assist Huchi.

    Stage 7 - Return to Darnes’ camp at [-1436, -5040] or enter Leadin once more at [-1310, -4892]

    If the player chooses to return to the camp:

    (OUT: The screen goes black again, and shows Leadin being destroyed even more, with cannon fire continuing and archers shooting at the Orcs. Some catapults behind the cannons launch large boulders towards the fort. The screen goes black once more, and shows a run-down Leadin without a western wall. All the fires have now burnt out, and there are many Orc corpses and boulders all around.
    The player is teleported to a blue tent in the Villager camp next to Darnes’ tent. The quest is completed.)

    • 385 000 XP
    • 2048 Emeralds (acquired in Stage 5)
    On a table in the tent, there is a paper NPC named “Official report on the assault on Leadin”. Right-clicking it plays the following dialogue:

    "1000 AP"
    "The assault on Leadin was a great success. Villager forces destroyed the western wall of the fort and bombarded the buildings inside."
    "Unfortunately, the fort was severely damaged, so rebuilding it will take some time."
    "The Greenskin army’s leader, Gorgu, was assumedly killed in the assault."
    "Villager casualties: 12 wounded, 1 dead"
    "List of dead villagers: Huchi"

    If the player re-enters Leadin:

    (OUT: The Orc guards at the gate are gone. Part of the wall has been damaged by a cannonball, and the gate is open.
    Inside Leadin, most tents and buildings have caught fire, and there are villagers battling Orcs here and there (done with cutscene NPCs similar to DnD 4). There are some enemies the player can battle, the stats of which can be found listed above in Stages 3 and 5. The scene has Burning Encounter (Boss 16) playing in the background. After passing over the bridge, the player finds Huchi and Gorgu on the courtyard in front of the tower.)

    [1/2] Huchi: I came here to warn you, not attack! I didn’t know that the other villagers had prepared an assault as we were proposing a peace treaty!
    [2/2] Gorgu: Too little, too late. Many of mine have already died, and more are dying by the minute. Even with this, we are a fighting species! I will not stop until-

    (OUT: A large boulder from a catapult hits the courtyard, crushing Huchi under it. The boulder rolls a few blocks off to the side of the courtyard. A few seconds later, many other boulders are shown falling on Leadin, launched from the Villager catapults.)

    [1/4] Gorgu: No... My fighters... Why is this happening?! We just want our lands back!
    [2/4] Gorgu: But for that... they destroy us all...
    [3/4] Gorgu: ...NO! I will not let this happen! I will escape, rally my kind, here and elsewhere, we WILL reclaim our lands!

    (OUT: Gorgu turns to look at the player.)

    [4/4] Gorgu: You! Human! I don’t know why you came back and I don’t care anymore. You have been one of the highest threats to the Orcs during the war! With you dead, maybe they'll finally be able to rise against the Longnoses!

    (OUT: A boss battle against Gorgu begins, with the courtyard as the arena (barriers at the sides). The battle uses Boss 3 (Chaotic Encounter) as its theme.)


    Level 75
    100 000 HP
    Melee AI

    Blind Immunity, Slow Resistance
    Heavy Charge, Explosion, Heavy Explosion, Heavy Multihit, Push, Pull
    Earth, Air

    Melee Damage: 550-750 Neutral & 150-250 Earth
    Melee Cooldown: 0.4 seconds

    Spell Combos (damage multipliers in brackets, multihit damage is listed by per hit):

    Push (1) -> Heavy Multihit (0) -> Heavy Multihit (0) -> Heavy Multihit (3) [3/13 Chance]

    [0, 20, 20, 20]

    Push (1) -> Heavy Charge (2) -> Heavy Charge (2) [3/13 chance]

    [0, 100, 100]

    Heavy Charge (3) -> Heavy Multihit (0) -> Heavy Multihit (0) -> Heavy Multihit (4) [3/13 chance]

    [100, 20, 20, 20]

    Pull (1) -> Explosion (1) -> Explosion (3) [3/13 chance]

    [0, 175, 175]


    Pull (2) -> Heavy Explosion (1) -> Heavy Charge (1) -> Explosion (0) -> Heavy Charge (1) -> Explosion (0) -> Heavy Charge (1) -> Explosion (0) -> Heavy Charge (2) -> Heavy Explosion (6) [1/13 chance]

    [0, 300, 100, 175, 100, 175, 100, 175, 100, 300]

    (OUT: Once Gorgu dies, the player stands in Leadin for a couple seconds, after which the screen goes black. A picture from the sky shows a run-down Leadin without a western wall. All the fires have now burnt out, and there are many Orc corpses and boulders all around.)

    (OUT: The player is teleported to a blue tent in the Villager camp next to Darnes’ tent. The quest is completed.)

    • 385 000 XP
    • 2048 Emeralds (Acquired in Stage 5)
    • Gorgu’s Last Stand (Leggings) - Item link
    On a table in the tent, there is a paper NPC named “Official Report”. Right-clicking it plays the following dialogue:

    "1000 AP"
    "The assault on Leadin was a great success. Villager forces destroyed the western wall of the fort and bombarded the buildings inside."
    "Unfortunately, the fort was severely damaged, so rebuilding it will take some time."
    "The Greenskin army’s leader, Gorgu, was killed in the assault."
    "Villager casualties: 9 wounded, 1 dead"
    "List of dead Villagers: Huchi"

    By: Emolga3

    Stage 6

    (OUT: Instead of the Olux Meeting Room, this stage is now in Gorgu's Room in Leadin Fortress. Inside the room is Huchi, with Gorgu on the other side of the table, but no guards anywhere inside the room.)

    [1/17] ???: My pulse… Human… I must inquire to you. I present to you a test. Guide your attention to those you see.
    [2/17] ???: I must see the rhythm that your heart beats. Listen well.
    [3/17] Huchi: You don’t understand! We need this treaty, this war has been going on for far too long! You must sign it!
    [4/17] Gorgu: Why should I sign your treaty?! You only want to take even more of our lands!
    [5/17] Huchi: You… you have to, please… If you don’t sign it, the government is planning to temporarily pull troops out of the swamp and forests and launch a full-scale war.
    [6/17] Huchi: In all likelihood, thousands will die! But if you just agree to stop fighting for now, then we can settle you getting more of your lands back in the future peacefully.
    [7/17] Gorgu: Pah! Longnoses will not give lands back! You are a filthy, traitorous race, you seek only conquest!
    [8/17] Gorgu: If thousands die, good! You all deserve what will happen for slaughtering our people and trying to take our lands in the first place!
    [9/17] Huchi: I… Please, you have to reconsider this. If there is a full war, your whole species might be wiped out!
    [10/17] Gorgu: Hah! So you admit to your kind’s genocidal insanity! Always, for hundreds and hundreds of years, you have viciously slaughtered my people, trying to take our lands.
    [11/17] Gorgu: But now that you believe we have a chance of taking back what is rightfully ours, you expect us to simply give up? No, there will be no treaty with you murderers and thieves, not as long as I live to command Leadin!
    [12/17] Gorgu: And don’t even think about killing me to get someone else to sign the treaty! You weakling Longnoses could never beat me in a fight!
    [13/17] ???: My pulse, you must decide. There are three paths that diverge for you.
    [14/17] ???: You may exit. The rays of fate will see to deciding the victor of the dispute.
    [15/17] ???: You may end this Huchi’s life. Blood upon your hands in many ways.
    [16/17] ???: You may end the life of Gorgu. The painful silence of a once bleeding heart.
    [17/17] ???: Which way does your heart beat? How will you cast your light? Can you see?

    Stage 7

    If you leave:

    [1/6] ???: My pulse… The blood of a bleeding heart has poisoned me. Wherever you feel the sun should shine, you must direct it yourself.
    [2/6] ???: You must realize what is needed. You must see light through my lens.
    [3/6] ???: To leave… As destiny unfolds without you, the sun shall set.
    [4/6] ???: To end this Huchi’s life… The shadows of war may descend upon this place.
    [5/6] ???: To end the life of Gorgu… To snuff out one whose heart aches for justice is painful.
    [6/6] ???: My pulse, there is only one choice. You must do what is required, I beg of you.

    If you kill Huchi:

    [1/6] ???: My pulse… The blood of a bleeding heart has poisoned me. To remove the poison… It is never easy, but you must be willing.
    [2/6] ???: You must realize what is needed. You must see light through my lens.
    [3/6] ???: To leave… As destiny unfolds, the sun shall cast its light in a place unknown to you.
    [4/6] ???: To end this Huchi’s life… The shadows of war shall engulf the western lands of Gavel.
    [5/6] ???: To end the life of Gorgu… To snuff out one whose heart aches for justice is painful.
    [6/6] ???: My pulse, there is only one choice. You must do what is required, I beg of you.

    If you kill Gorgu:

    [1/2] Huchi: Well, at least it’s actually over now… Thanks, soldier. It can’t have been pleasant to kill him just for trying to defend his kind… But what’s necessary often isn’t pleasant, in the end.
    [2/2] ???: My pulse, you are worthy!

    By: ditsario

    Stage 9

    (OUT: This cutscene is completely replaced - rather than being in Lari’s camp, Lari and Dullahan approach Aldorei Valley’s main entrance at the start.)

    [144 AP]

    [1/14] Lari: Look, Dulla, I really do appreciate your help, but you know I can’t do what you’re asking of me! There’s another way, we just need to find it!
    [2/14] Dullahan: Lari, you remember that I have my visions, right? I’ve seen what will happen if you don’t step up- and I can help stop it!
    [3/14] Dullahan: You’ve been trying to think of “another way” for over a century. Don’t you think it’s high-time we took my route, before things get worse?
    [4/14] Lari: NO! Neither of us are going to kill it! And look, even if I did accept what you’re saying, we still need the Elders’ help in finding the Parasite!
    [5/14] Lari: Let’s just… ask them where they think it is, and if they have any other ideas for what to do with it, we’ll do that. Okay?
    [6/14] Dullahan: Fine. But if they don’t, you have to be open to my way being the only option we have.

    (OUT: Three “Elder” elf NPCs walk up to the two as they reach the gate. Lari walks up to them, while Dullahan stays back a bit.)

    [7/14] Lari: Greetings, Elders. I suppose you’ve realized why we’ve come?
    [8/14] Elder: Yes, help with defeating the Parasite, I presume? Well- wait. What’s he doing here?
    [9/14] Lari: Dullahan? He’s helping me find the Parasite, why?
    [10/14] Elder: He uses the old magics! The banished rituals! He cannot be trusted! You must work without him!
    [11/14] Lari: He’s my friend! I’m not going to abandon him because of the magic he uses!
    [12/14] Elder: Then… I’m sorry, but we cannot help you. To work with him would be to betray the Light… it would go against our most fundamental laws.
    [13/14] Lari: You… GAH! You would abandon my search just because I won’t abandon Dullahan? You’re the real traitors to the Light here, if you would ignore its needs over your petty laws!
    [14/14] Lari: Fine! I don’t need you! I can do this myself, you’ll all see!

    (OUT: Lari walks back to Dullahan, and the cutscene ends.)

    As the darkness slowly seeped into the land, her stubbornness to do everything her way halted any progress that might have been made.
    Her refusal to work with the others led to years of searching, all to no avail, as her foolish pacifism doomed us.

    Stage 10

    (OUT: This cutscene is unchanged except for a few dialogue tweaks.)

    [706 AP]
    Lari’s Camp

    [1/12] Dullahan: I told you, Lari! I saw it in my visions, this is our last chance! Hurry!
    [2/12] Dullahan: Look at this spot, Lari. It has to be here. The land is being scarred, just like after your fight. The light is being drained!
    [3/12] Lari: This must be where the Parasite burrowed down… You’re… You’re right. We have to… to do something.
    [4/12] Lari: I… I’m not sure if… Can this really ever be the right thing to do? He didn’t explain this!
    [5/12] Lari: He showed me all these things and gave me all these choices and asked how my heart beat!
    [6/12] Lari: But he never explained… What to do if…
    [7/12] Dullahan: …Remember what I said. We don’t have any other choice at this point, you KNOW what will happen if we don’t do this.
    [8/12] Lari: You’re… You’re right. We have to do this…
    [9/12] Lari: We’ll need to dig… Do you think you could help with that, Dulla?
    [10/12] Dullahan: Of course, Lari. We’ll need everything we can get if we’re going to kill that horrendous thing.
    [11/12] Lari: …Let’s get this over with.
    [12/12] Dullahan: I see it! Lari, it’s time!

    Seven hundred years of searching finally brought us to what we so foolishly sought… And even after all that time, we were unprepared.
    The creature was found hibernating underground… It had been storing power, far more than before, and we found ourselves utterly outmatched.

    (OUT: The next two cutscenes are completely unchanged, aside from the dates being changed to 706 AP and 819 AP respectively, and the mentions of time passing being extended appropriately. The one after that is mostly unchanged, except for a few dialogue tweaks.)

    Stage 11

    [819 AP]
    Lazarus Pit

    [1/10] Lari: Th-this has to work. It WILL work! I know it will! I… I d-don’t know if it will… I have to fix this, I have to…
    [2/10] Lari: The waters here are fabled for bringing back the dead… We’ve used them before, back when your nature magic was starting to fail with keeping you alive, but… but you were weren’t d-dead yet then…
    [3/10] Lari: If it doesn’t work this time, I…
    [4/10] Lari: I can’t think about that. This… this WILL work. I promise. It has to…
    [5/10] Lari: P-please… w-whatever gods, or anything, is out there, whoever is listening… hear me… bring Dullahan back to me, I’m begging you…
    [6/10] Lari: It’s… I-Is is it reacting? It… it looks like it is, it’s purifying him l-like before, but… h-he’s not mending…
    [7/10] Lari: N-No, this… i-it isn’t… NO! It… It HAS to work! I… I can m-make this work!
    [8/10] Lari: [Gavellian Spell]!!

    (OUT: Dullahan is resurrected like normal.)

    [9/10] Lari: D-Dullahan! It… It worked! You’re back!
    [10/10] Lari: I… I told you… I knew I could change fate… I’m so glad you’re here…

    She brought me back… but with my passing, the dark infection had already eroded away my mind, my soul, any connection I had with her, and it continued to ravage my body. Every part of me, the dark touched.
    Her soft light burned in me, as the darkness quashed it and filled in the emptiness that it had created. I was indeed there… but you could not say I was the same person.
    I could feel nothing. She still made me feel… but only annoyance. Rage. Sorrow. I could not bear to be with her a moment longer.

    Stage 12

    (OUT: Again, this cutscene is mostly unchanged, aside from a few dialogue tweaks.)

    [819 AP]

    [1/15] Lari: Dullahan? I…
    [2/15] Lari: H… h-hrk… g-gah, what is… wh-what… what h-happened… You… you didn’t really…?
    [3/15] Lari: Th-there’s so much death… The… the air smells like b-blood…
    [4/15] Lari: This isn’t… th-that official, Ross, h-he said that you… that you ki-… but you c-can’t have! There has to be some other reason, I… I can’t have b-brought back a… a…
    [5/15] Gelibord Citizen: P-Please, we can’t afford to lose more people! There’s hardly any farmers in the fields anymore, I-I’m needed elsewhere!
    [6/15] Dullahan: The last few said similar things. Someone else I knew said similar things. Frankly, I do not care. Present your soul to me, now.

    (OUT: Dullahan kills the Citizen like normal.)

    [7/15] Lari: DULLAHAN! What… w-what are you doing?! I… I can’t believe my eyes…
    [8/15] Lari: I… I tried to help you! I t-tried so hard at everything we did together… How could you do this to them?! To… to me?
    [9/15] Dullahan: Odd. I recall you explicitly denying the one option that would have prevented this. I warned you quite thoroughly.
    [10/15] Dullahan: You have had many chances to end this, Lari. Do you expect me to feel sympathy, when it is your own actions that have made me feel nothing but anger?
    [11/15] Lari: This… this isn’t like you… You would never have done this before! You dedicated your whole life to trying to help… so w-why are you… m… m-m… I-I’m leaving!!
    [12/15] Lari: What have I done…? This… he’s… He’s not th-the same anymore… What changed? Is this my fault…? I c-can’t understand it…
    [13/15] Lari: …but… I’ll… I’ll protect them. I’ll protect him… I… there has to be a way. But… until I find it…
    [14/15] Lari: …goodbye. Goodbye, until the day comes when I can fill you with light once more. Goodbye, until you learn… Goodbye, until I can fix you…
    [15/15] Lari: Goodbye, Dullahan… I’ll miss you.

    Stage 13

    There is no fixing this. Her actions are still doomed to failure, just as I saw. She has not returned since this time… And so she did not realize that her actions here have done little.
    The very powers she bestowed me with, knowingly or not… allow me to command spirits as I wish. To have those who doomed me to this purgatory feel the same aches as I have.
    To have their minds, bodies, and souls wracked. To have their only powerful magics outlawed and wither in disuse.
    Each soul I consume fills me with new strength. And none can reach me- Lari herself saw to that. Would she have taken such actions, had she known?
    There is truly, finally, nothing more for you here. The spell cannot be broken, as of now. You have seen my life laid bare in front of you. There is nothing more for you to see.

    Leave. And do not return.

    By: ditsario

    Stage 24 - Defeat Mr. Caritat

    Is that… Mr. Caritat? But something almost feels… off.

    (OUT: At the end of the tunnel, near the end, you will see Mr. Caritat slowly rise up, and then will slowly darken, becoming Harold Caritat, The Decay’s Enthralled.)

    Harold Caritat, the Decay's Enthralled

    Level 85
    90000 HP
    Berserk AI
    : Heavy Arrow Storm, Flamethrower, Pull, Meteor, Explode
    Fire, Earth

    Mysterious Creature

    Level 70
    2250 HP
    Crawl AI

    Occasionally, several Mysterious Creatures will gather around a certain spot, causing a special attack called ‘Corrosive Decay,’ (Credit to the Wynncon people who worked on CoW for the idea), which will continually deal 3.5% of your Max HP as damage every second for 15 seconds.

    Mr. Caritat only has one spell chain:

    Pull > Heavy Arrow Storm > Pull > Flamethrower > Meteor > Pull > Explode (1.5 second delay between each spell)

    Stage 25

    [852 AP]

    [1/16] Caritat Senior: No, no! I said three feet left, you absolute…
    [2/16] Lari: Mr. Caritat! What are you doing?!
    [3/16] Caritat Senior: What are you doing here, Elf? You need proper equipment to be on this site-
    [4/16] Lari: Mr. Caritat, you can't build a house here!
    [5/16] Caritat Senior: I can do whatever I like here, I bought the land.
    [6/16] Lari: You don't understand! This is where it came... this is where the darkness first invaded!
    [7/16] Caritat Senior: Don't be preposterous, that’s just a silly story from hundreds of years ago. The people will see there’s nothing to worry about once I build here and it turns out fine.
    [8/16] Caritat Senior: Besides, even if there was actually something, now that Dullahan's gone, it'll go too.
    [9/16] Lari: What?! He wasn't the one causing all this, it was-
    [10/16] Caritat Senior: Well, of course you would think that. You and him had some... history, didn't you?
    [11/16] Lari: I... Please, Mr Caritat. You don't understand what you're doing…
    [12/16] Caritat Senior: I am securing some prime real-estate right here. Oh... Perhaps that is why you're here?
    [13/16] Lari: What? No, I-
    [14/16] Caritat Senior: Trying to expand elven territories, are you?! Well, I'll be having none of that! You’re lucky you’re even still allowed in this forest after all you’ve done here!
    [15/16] Caritat Senior: Now get off my land, before I have my men escort you!
    [16/16] Atisun: Hey! Human! Are you alright?! Please, calm down, quit flailing around, you're safe!

    By: ditsario, Da Homeboi

    The Warden will be changed from appearing Elf-like to being a mostly normal looking Villager.

    Stage 15

    Record 1

    This cabinet has a number of letters between Gavel’s government and the Prison.
    The Prison appears to be lying about almost everything they do to the government, and they appear to buy into it completely.
    The Warden must’ve done an exceedingly good job covering all this up for none of it to ever get out until now.

    Record 2

    This cabinet has a few records on the Warden… but they all seem incomplete.
    Almost all of the information is missing. No age, career history, family, or any other useful information. There appears to be no record left at all of who she actually is.
    It’s as if she only exists for the purpose of being this prison’s Warden.

    Record 3

    These cabinets have some criminal records on a lot of the prisoners here…
    Most of the ones near the top are virtually empty, save for a select few that had committed petty thefts some time ago.
    The ones below are faded, but it looks like they do have some sort of actual crimes listed, whatever those may have been.

    By: ditsario

    Stage 3

    Most of the pages are just filled with Bovemist religious verses. At the very end of the book, there's a card separate from the rest of the pages.
    “I covered over the way down to that weird old archive like you asked. It shouldn’t be reachable now.”
    “It'd take something really heavy to crack open the foundation- Frankly, that gold church bell might do it if it's not maintained and falls.”
    “I left ladders and platforms as access to the bell tower- Make sure you keep it in good condition! I don't want to have to do that kind of work again.”

    Stage 5

    Some of the few pages are ripped out. Up until the first missing page, it seems to be describing an event occurring with… a magical tree stump?
    The rest of the book is in perfect condition- Why would someone take those pages, but not the rest? And did they do all this before the library was sealed?
    “... and so it arrived, asleep and unwakeable, exactly 800 years after the great stump itself first appeared. The light has spoken of a time when the Guardian shall grace us with its presence in person…”
    “... but such a time is centuries, perhaps millennia, off, and will require great effort. The spell included is vital to the process.”
    “The light also warns- If the darkness should enter, encroach and reach the Guardian’s roots, it shall never wake… But it seems we will not have to worry about that, for it has recently chose-”

    The rest of this page is missing, but there’s another loose page here, with more High Gavellian text on it. Lari should be able to translate this.
    [+1 Spell of the Waking Forest]

    Additionally, on the side of the room, a few signs will be added onto the bookshelves with the following text:

    "We’-e c-osing
    up th- ----ary.
    Ever since t--
    K--- took --er,"

    "the -o--mis-s
    ha-e had t-o
    mu-- ---er. We
    le--e thi- --re"

    "in h--e that, -n
    tim-, -oll---rs
    of --e --g-t
    wi-- fin- -t…"

    Stage 10

    [11/16] Elder: …even after a millennium of your service, and hundreds of years of ours, there is so very much for us all to learn. Fine, then.

    By: ditsario

    Aldorei's Secret Part II

    Level Min: 76
    Quest Required: Aldorei's Secret Part I

    Stage 1 - See what’s going on in Aldorei at [-153, 96, -4412]

    (OUT: The stairs and other nearby objects will be moved out of the way, and right by the given coordinates you can find Soway giving a speech to a small group of other elves.)

    [1/6] Soway: Everyone, listen! I understand why you all are hesitant to entertain these notions, but you must at least hear me out!
    [2/6] Soway: I respect the High Elves’ wisdom as much as all of you do, but they cannot be relied upon for perfection!
    [3/6] Soway: We must have some say over the decisions that control all of our lives!
    [4/6] Aldorei Elf: We have relied upon the High Elves for millennia. Why should we stop trusting them to know what is best for us now?
    [5/6] Soway: Events in Gavel are becoming too chaotic even for them. If nothing else, we must offer counsel to make their decisions easier.
    [6/6] Aldorei Elf: But how can you be certain such a change would not simply make their decisions harder? I’m sorry, Soway, but we cannot support you on this.

    (OUT: The crowd all leaves, but Soway remains.)

    Stage 2 - Talk to Soway

    [1/11] Soway: If only they would just listen… I’m certain we can create a better system if we’re all given the choice.
    [2/11] Soway:
    [3/11] Soway: Oh, sorry, human, I didn’t notice you there earlier.
    [4/11] Soway: I’ve never seen any of you venture this far into Aldorei before, actually. Could you be the human who stopped that criminal in the Valley?
    [5/11] Soway: This could be perfect, then… Would you be willing to help me, human?
    [6/11] Soway: If the others won’t listen, then I have no choice but to approach the High Elves themselves. However, such a task would be foolhardy without the help of someone they will trust…
    [7/11] Soway: But if you have already assisted Aldorei by catching the criminal, I believe they will trust you enough to hear me out.
    [8/11] Soway: Still, it will not be easy to approach them. We will need to plan this carefully.
    [9/11] Soway: You may have realized by now, but the High Elves are very reclusive. Their “base of operations”, if you will, is hidden from the rest of Aldorei.
    [10/11] Soway: Although, even here, rumors have spread of its location. I cannot be certain, but I believe it is hidden in the cherry blossom tree just west of here.
    [11/11] Soway: Follow me, once we are there we can investigate to see if there is any hidden entrance.

    (OUT: Soway will lead you over to the cherry blossom tree. Once you arrive, the quest book will update, and Soway will give the following dialogue.)

    Stage 3 - Look for a hidden entrance in the tree

    [1/3] Soway: Hm, it does look like it's been used, doesn't it?
    [2/3] Soway: I believe the entrance is here. However, I must leave you now, even if they will allow you, the High Elves would not take kindly to one of their subordinates sneaking in like this.
    [3/3] Soway: Farewell, human. I wish you good luck with your attempt.

    (OUT: Soway will then disappear, leaving you to find the entrance yourself. The way into the tree will be the same as it is now, and entering will update the quest book.)

    Stage 4 - Confront Togak

    [1/4] Togak: Ah, you have arrived. I am Togak, leader of the High Council of Aldorei. Congratulations on reaching this place, human.
    [2/4] Togak: I apologize for our deception. In truth, we have been all of watching your actions here since soon after you first entered.
    [3/4] Togak: I will explain the reasons for this in time. Now, however, you must learn a different story. There are reasons the High Elves have had complete control of Aldorei for so long.
    [4/4] Togak: Enter the chamber behind me. The truth will be revealed to you there, as you progress.

    Stage 5 - Escape the first room of the chamber

    (OUT: The parkour is the same as normal.)

    Nine hundred and four years before the portal was unearthed in Wynn, a different force entered the realm. One that, through our worships, we have grown to know as the Light.

    Stage 6 - Battle through the second room of the chamber

    (OUT: This room is the same as normal as well.)

    However, before the Light, the elves of Aldorei followed a different path. We worshipped one of the old gods, a savage brute that taught us nothing of morality.
    When the Light arrived and our beliefs split, it was the High Elves who pulled our species out of the darkness it was stuck in before.

    Stage 7 - Solve the puzzle in the third room of the chamber

    (OUT: This room is the same as normal as well.)

    The first High Elves taught the people of Aldorei the values of morality and working together. Under the guiding force of the Light, we were soon able to claim our spot among Gavel’s great civilizations.
    However, there were still those who pushed back against the Light. Who threatened to return our civilization to its dark ages.

    Stage 8 - Battle through the fourth room of the chamber

    (OUT: This room is the same as normal as well.)

    In response to this threat, the High Elves created strict laws to keep our people on the path of morality. These laws have lasted until the present day, and have allowed Aldorei to thrive.

    Stage 9 - Get across the fifth room of the chamber

    (OUT: This room is the same as normal as well.)

    However, they have begun to show signs of straining as time has progressed. The people wish to be free, and in these tumultuous times there may be little we can do to stop that.

    Stage 10 - Run through the sixth room of the chamber

    (OUT: This room is the same as normal as well.)

    For a thousand years, Gavel has been inching closer and closer to a full descent into chaos. The Decay is but one of the many forces pushing us to the brink.

    Stage 11 - Climb the sunflower in the seventh room of the chamber

    (OUT: This room is the same as normal as well.)

    After finding Wynn, however, we regained hope in our future. A province, locked away from us for millennia, full of powerful warriors - but more importantly, noble ones.

    Stage 12 - Battle through the eighth room of the chamber

    (OUT: This room is the same as normal as well.)

    Where the Villagers had failed us with their greed and selfishness, Wynn’s humans consistently proved themselves to strive for true morality in the face of the Corruption.

    Stage 13 - Solve the puzzle in the ninth room of the chamber

    (OUT: This room is the same as normal as well.)

    If you have completed Finding the Light:

    And so, you have come before us. We did not expect to be presented with Orphion’s chosen themselves, but it is for the best. You truly can be trusted as a test of virtue.
    In times like these, a trustworthy outside perspective is what we need. Thank you, for, knowingly or not, your services have been invaluable to our species.

    If you have not completed Finding the Light:

    And so, you have come before us. During your time here, you have shown no signs of wavering morality, no hesitation to do what is right. You truly can be trusted as a test of virtue.
    In times like these, a trustworthy outside perspective is what we need. Thank you, for, knowingly or not, your services have been invaluable to our species.

    Stage 14 - Talk to Togak again

    (OUT: Rather than be placed in the room with Elrund upon leaving the chamber, you will go straight back to the starting room with Togak.)

    If you chose to let Korben go in Part I:

    [1/14] Togak: So... now you know the truth of our species. Of its rise... and its great potential to fall.
    [2/14] Togak: You must understand now, we do not enjoy the necessity of keeping secrets and control from the people, but that is what it was seen as, a necessity.
    [3/14] Togak: It was simply too great of a risk to allow the people the option to return to our dark times. However...
    [4/14] Togak: I believe Soway made these points quite clearly. In recent centuries, Gavel has been... turbulent, to say the least.
    [5/14] Togak: We began to believe that, perhaps, we do need to be open to change. However, we needed a way to test our ideas.
    [6/14] Togak: So, we opened Aldorei, allowing you to enter and prove your morality. And... you showed us something very important.
    [7/14] Togak: When we investigated your actions here, we found the key - you chose to release Korben, to claim that he had died rather than turn him in for what you saw as an unjust law.
    [8/14] Togak: And, if even one such as you sees the law as unjust… then we must face the reality that it is indeed unjust, and must be changed.
    [9/14] Togak: I apologize for waiting to so long to reveal this to you, but with such an important decision, we wished to be completely certain of your virtue, and your dedication to doing what is right.
    [10/14] Togak: I cannot be precisely certain what the council will decide upon - but rest assured, we will decide upon something.
    [11/14] Togak: Korben and his father, likely many others, shall soon be freed from the outdated laws that have kept them from properly reentering our society.
    [12/14] Togak: Of course, your efforts will not go unrewarded. Do you still have the Sol Medallion that Korben gave you?

    (OUT: Togak will take the Medallion.)

    [13/14] Togak: While you deserve it, I believe I have something that will serve you in your travels better.
    [14/14] Togak: This armor set was forged by our most talented smiths hundreds of years ago. For what you have done for us, you have earned it. Thank you, for everything.

    If you chose to turn Korben in:

    [1/11] Togak: So... now you know the truth of our species. Of its rise... and its great potential to fall.
    [2/11] Togak: You must understand now, we do not enjoy the necessity of keeping secrets and control from the people, but that is what it is seen as, a necessity.
    [3/11] Togak: It is simply too great of a risk to allow the people the option to return to our dark times. However, do not entertain the notion that we only believe this because we are blind to our faults.
    [4/11] Togak: Even among the High Council, there has been much discussion on the matter. However, we needed a way to test our ideas.
    [5/11] Togak: So, we opened Aldorei, and allowed humans like you to enter. When we heard what you had done with Korben, we realized it was the key.
    [6/11] Togak: You chose to uphold our laws, even when that meant giving up Korben to us and our punishments.
    [7/11] Togak: If someone as pointedly virtuous as you chose to follow our laws… then you must accept that, despite what it may seem, our rule is indeed still just and moral.
    [8/11] Togak: You will not be punished for your attempt in coming here. Nor will Soway, we understand that he simply wants what is best for our people, even if he is misguided.
    [9/11] Togak: But the laws of Aldorei will not be changed. I apologize for allowing you to come all the way here only to reveal this now, but we still needed to be sure of your persistence to follow virtue.
    [10/11] Togak: On that subject... Do you still have the receipt that the guard gave you? I don't suppose you'll need it anymore, not that there's anything you could have used it for, regardless.

    (OUT: Togak will take the receipt.)

    [11/11] Togak: Now, human, you must leave, and explain to anyone who wishes to know what has happened. The Council shall discuss what must be done next for Aldorei.

    Rewards are all the same as normal, you get the Kaerynn’s armor + 10240 emeralds in exchange for the medallion and nothing in exchange for the receipt, and 450,000 xp from both paths.

    By: ditsario

    The Canyon Guides

    Level Min: 84

    Stage 1 - Speak to Gana at [444,104,-4805]

    [1/7] Gana: Hello, adventurer. Welcome to the Bantisu Air Temple. Here, we help people all throughout the canyon who get lost or need help.
    [2/7] Gana: Unfortunately, many of those who get lost will die and have their souls stuck here if they don’t receive help. The canyon’s magic doesn’t just trap people’s physical bodies.
    [3/7] Gana: But you haven’t gotten lost, have you? Impressive. I believe we will need your help with something. We can see all across the canyon with our air magic, but sometimes there are people we cannot reach.
    [4/7] Gana: There is a lost traveller who was trapped in a cave north of here by a rockslide. He is running low on food and supplies, and if not rescued his soul as well will be stuck there, with no way out.
    [5/7] Gana: The problem is, the cave he is in is right by the Hive of that sorceress, Qira. We monks cannot venture that close to her domain, our air magic cannot sustain itself that close to hers.
    [6/7] Gana: That’s why we need your help. You adventurers can withstand magic like that, so you should be able to get over there and rescue the traveller.
    [7/7] Gana: I’ll write down the coordinates to the cave in your quest book. Once you find him, see if you can bring him back here for safety.

    Stage 2 - Find the lost traveller in the cave at [450,29,-5371]

    (OUT: Upon approaching the covered cave entrance, the following dialogue will trigger.)

    [1/7] ???: It just… won’t… move!
    [2/7] ???: GAH! This is no use, I’m never going to be able to do this by myse-
    [3/7] ???: Wait, is that a person outside? IT IS?! Oh, thank Grook!
    [4/7] ???: My name’s Seluc, I’ve been stuck in this cave for days now because of the rocks here.
    [5/7] Seluc: I don’t suppose they look thin enough for you to just bash through? No? Okay then, hm…
    [6/7] Seluc: Maybe if we had some explosives… Oh, I know! I passed by a weird looking cave on my way here, it had some signs saying there were unsafe explosives inside.
    [7/7] Seluc: It’s just south of here. See if you can go get some explosives out of it, they should be able to bust open these rocks.

    Stage 3 - Go to the cave at [480, 30, -5320] to gather explosives

    (OUT: The entrance to the cave will be at the coordinates listed. Entering the cave, there will be “Aggressive Miner” mobs with 10000 health and Melee AI that increase in spawning frequency as you progress through. Additionally, right at the end, surrounding the “Old Explosive” you can pick up, there will be a variant of the Aggressive Miners that have ranged AI, throwing rocks at you. Once you have the Old Explosive, you can exit the cave.)

    Stage 4 - Use the explosive to break Seluc out of his cave

    (OUT: You can simply place the explosive on the rocks to blow open the cave. This will trigger the following dialogue, which puts you in the next quest stage after ending.)

    [1/4] Seluc: Phew, that worked… Wait, you’re a human? Never seen one of you this far into Gavel before.
    [2/4] Seluc: To be honest, I thought it’d be one of those air temple people… Oh, they sent you? Well, I suppose that makes sense.
    [3/4] Seluc: Anyways, where to now, human? I’m… not feeling the best after being stuck in that cave for so long, so you can lead.
    [4/4] Seluc: The temple? Sounds good, let’s be off then.

    Stage 5 - Bring Seluc back to Gana in the Air Temple

    (OUT: The guide section will be revamped, but in many ways similar to what it is now. Seluc will still follow you, but will be invincible and no longer attack mobs. To compensate, as you progress back to the temple, during this stage only, large groups of canyon mobs will periodically spawn and attack you. The “events” such as the rockslide will stay, although they cannot kill Seluc, only harm you. Bringing Seluc into the room with Gana will trigger the final stage like normal.)

    Stage 6 - Speak to Gana and Seluc

    [1/5] Gana: Ah, I see you have arrived with the traveller. It seems the stories about you adventurers were not exaggerated.
    [2/5] Seluc: I can’t believe that’s all finally over… Thanks so much, both of you, I don’t know how I could repay you.
    [3/5] Gana: We at the temple do not require payment. However, your situation is not fully over, you will need to rest here to recover from being trapped in the canyon.
    [4/5] Gana: And, human, I wish you good luck with your adventures. May the wind watch over and protect you.
    [5/5] Seluc: Yeah, good luck! And here, I don’t have much money on me, but you deserve it after saving my life.

    Rewards are the same.

    By: ditsario

    Stage 2

    [1/23] Narrator: Hello, to the people of Gavel, glad to see so many here!
    [2/23] Narrator: I hope you'll enjoy the play, and that it'll be very educational too. I will be tonight's narrator.
    [3/23] Babbi: Wow, what is this place? All fiery, but the rumbling stopped.
    [4/23] Dwarfi: I think we are safe here. Oh look. Shiny ores. This is like a gold mine.
    [5/23] Dwarfi: These nice minerals are very nice, let us start digging.
    [6/23] Babbi: What is that?! A DEMON.
    [7/23] Demon: I am a dangerous monster and I will not let you mine these rocks. We are the Doguns, and we will kill you all!!
    [8/23] Demon: Graoaoro. I will eat you all for my afternoon demon luncheon.
    [9/23] Arock: We must protect ourselves!
    [11/23] Arock: Aaaah. I am dying… dying!
    [13/23] Babbi: We need to forge better weapons so we can fight back. These ores look strong enough.
    [14/23] Gagly: Good idea! We will use our intelligence to slay the demons.
    [16/23] Gagly: Dragons are no match for us?! CHARGE!!
    [17/23] Gagly: We have won. Hooray. And now we have established a great citadel, Rodoroc!
    [18/23] Gagly: The dwarven intellect beat the sheer power of the demon magic.
    [19/23] Narrator: Thank you all for watching!
    [20/23] Narrator: I hope you enjoyed the show, and learned something new today!
    [21/23] Narrator: We are continuing the celebration at the old Demon City. Follow the red banners outside Rodoroc to get there.
    [22/23] Narrator: See you all there.
    [23/23] Axelus: Ugh, that was awful. Don't believe anything you see here, human. History is written by the victors.

    Stage 13

    [1/5] Plario: What is... that on the... cliff to the south?
    [2/5] Dwarven Scout: So this is where those traitors ran to… Wait…
    [3/5] Dwarven Scout: Are those… Doguns? A whole settlement of them…
    [4/5] Dwarven Scout: They’ve been gathering forces! We must inform Rodoroc immediately!
    [5/5] Plario: Human... Come talk to me. Now.

    Stage 1

    [1/3] Dogun Chieftain: You are so young… to be fighting… a war so old. Still… it is appreciated.
    [2/3] Dogun Chieftain: The war… to you, it would be… ages ago. But… when one has lived for… nearly 1000 years…
    [3/3] Dogun Chieftain: We have… few options. We need to discuss… what little we do have… available.

    Stage 2

    [3/16] Dogun Chieftain: Aval… would have us… leave the Heights… But it would be… even more dangerous for… us in the Canyon.

    Stage 11

    [1/14] King of Rodoroc: I can’t say I’m surprised, Axelus. Guards, let them be.
    [2/14] Axelus: You know why I’m here, father. We haven’t got any more chances to stop this.
    [3/14] King of Rodoroc: Axelus, you know why we have to maintain the lie. Think about the people, how they would react.
    [4/14] Axelus: We cannot continue to be responsible for the lies of our ancestors from 700 years ago! This is ridiculous and you know it!
    [5/14] Axelus: We have the resources, the knowledge, the power, to live peacefully with the Doguns now! You just choose not to!
    [6/14] King of Rodoroc: Axelus, if the people found out, everything would descend to chaos. There would be riots, revolutions!
    [7/14] King of Rodoroc: Look, I… I understand where you’re coming from here. Don’t think you’re the first in our line to question if this is really necessary.
    [8/14] King of Rodoroc: But even if I did agree with you, it’s too late now. The war has already begun, there’s no stopping it.
    [9/14] King of Rodoroc: The armoury a certain someone decided to sabotage won’t make any difference.
    [10/14] Axelus: You will commit genocide just so you don’t have to face the consequences of your lies?!
    [11/14] King of Rodoroc: This is the only way, Axelus. The people need the lie to continue.
    [12/14] King of Rodoroc: I’ll give both of you access to the trading tunnel to Thanos, and temporarily recall the guards in that area. Sneak as many Doguns out with you as you want, have them hide where they won’t be searched for.
    [13/14] King of Rodoroc: Maybe, in time, once the memory of Doguns living in the Heights is distant, the lie truly can be revealed, and they can come back in peace.
    [14/14] King of Rodoroc: But that time is not here yet. Now, see yourselves out behind the throne, and step back and let me handle things.

    Stage 1

    [1/11] Korzim: We… have an issue. A dire one… Where is… Axelus at a time… like this?
    [2/11] Korzim: ...human… This is a brick.
    [3/11] Korzim: Oh… From Axelus, then…? He could not find… a stone? That… does not bode well.
    [4/11] Korzim reads the message on the tablet silently. His message is inscrutable.
    [5/11] Korzim: He is trying to… reason with the Dwarven King? There is… no one else… then. You… You will have to… help.
    [6/11] Korzim: The chieftain is… desperate. He has enacted a… terrible plan. They are planning on summoning… Garaheth.
    [7/11] Korzim: If they succeed… all will die. Dwarves… Villagers… and Humans… possibly even Doguns as well.
    [8/11] Korzim: Garaheth is… our old god… from thousands… of years ago. But he was not… a kind… or benevolent god.
    [9/11] Korzim: We rejected him… and he was sealed far away. But… just like the last war… desperation... makes fools of us all…
    [10/11] Korzim: I only overheard parts… But enough to be certain. They are preparing… to the south. At a disused… ritual site.
    [11/11] Korzim: Meet me there… Do not just attack. We may be able to… resolve it peacefully. I will wait… by the staircase.

    Stage 2

    [1/5] Korzim: <playername>… I take back my statement. They have already begun… There cannot be reasoning.
    [2/5] Korzim: We shall take the east tower… Hide there… and watch.
    [3/5] Korzim: They would… kill us both… for interrupting at this… point. We must let them continue… for now… and hope they fail.
    [4/5] Dogun Chieftain: Reach into the great void… and break those ancient runic chains… Garaheth… We shall release you from that empty place...
    [5/5] Korzim: This is a worst-case scenario… Meet me in Maex. We will talk more there…

    Stage 4

    [5/9] Edula: So… so it's really down to that low, then. Burning your own house down to kill the rats.
    [6/9] Edula: But we have a plan for this. It’s risky, but it could work. Soldier, I've got a list of materials we need!

    Stage 8

    [6/8] Sanba: ...becoming True Ice, a potent mixture of sheer cold and magic energy. The True Ice was later used to make a staff to combat Garaheth by the Dwarves, but it was shattered in the process.
    [7/8] Sanba: Bring me [1 True Ice], and I should be able to make an essence, empowering your weapon with the same power the staff had, freezing Garaheth in his tracks.

    Stage 9

    [1/5] Korzim: <playername>… This… This used to be… a Dogun town. The Dwarves… rendered it barren.
    [2/5] Korzim: They used the Drake… They chained it up and… forced it to attack. We had to kill it…
    [3/5] Korzim: I… was not alive yet… but my father… was there… 800 years ago.
    [4/5] Korzim: He told me… the stories of… the town, and the battle. I… know the way… into the caves.
    [5/5] Korzim: The True Ice… is deep inside. I will struggle to… stay warm here.

    [1/1] Korzim: This is it… The thing that… killed our families… The True Ice.

    Stage 10

    [1/7] Sanba: Impressive, you two. Must've been tough to get that… doubly so for Korzim.
    [2/7] Sanba: May the willpower of those one thousand years deceased end this senseless war forever!
    [3/7] Sanba: That should be it, <playername>. Your weapons will now have the power of the True Ice.
    [4/7] Sanba: With your weapon enchanted, you should be able to actually hurt Garaheth now. You’ll also need that amulet for what comes next - when the Doguns open the portal to Garaheth, you need to go inside it.
    [5/7] Sanba: There’s no killing that beast, but hold it off as long as you can. My husband and I will round up the coalition now, so we can go up there and seal the portal before Garaheth gets past you.
    [6/7] Sanba: Now, we need to get going before-
    A door slamming open is heard in the distance…
    [7/7] Sanba: ...that's the barracks door. That's the barracks door!!

    Stage 4

    [1/5] Axelus: WAIT, STOP THE-
    [2/5] Dogun Chieftain: Quiet. All of you… Dwarven whelps. We will not go quietly…
    [3/5] Dogun Chieftain: AWAKEN... Magmatic God... May the power flowing through this bone break your chains... and return you to us.
    [4/5] Axelus: I can’t believe this… That bone was part of the ritual?! Agh, how could we have been so STUPID! You're all lucky we prepared for this!!
    [5/5] Axelus: Human, you need to go inside the portal, now! He’s still chained, and the amulet will protect you from the heat, weaken him as much as you can!

    Stage 5 - Fight Garaheth

    Garaheth, the God of Fire

    Garaheth’s fight will have two new phases resembling a traditional boss fight, pitting you against his hands and head respectively. It will be subtitled “The God of Fire” instead of “Demon of Fire”.

    Phase 1 will have two mobs that need to be defeated, Garaheth’s Left Hand, and Garaheth’s Right Hand.

    Phase 1

    Mob Info:

    Garaheth’s Left Hand
    Level 200
    250000 HP
    Ranged AI
    : Heavy Weakness, Heavy Slowness, Pull, Arrow Storm, Heavy Heal (Heal with a greater range), Flamethrower, Slowness, KB, and Blindness Immune
    Weak: Water
    Damage: Fire, Earth
    Defense: Fire, Earth, Air

    Garaheth’s Left Hand will do the offensive spell chain every 10 seconds, and will do the supportive chain once Garaheth’s hands are at 30% HP, 25% HP, 15% HP, and 5% HP.

    Supportive Chain: Heavy Weakness > Heavy Slowness > Heavy Heal

    Offensive Chain: Pull > Heavy Weakness > Arrow Storm > Heavy Slowness > Flamethrower

    Garaheth’s Right Hand
    Level 200
    175000 HP
    Interchangeable RapidRanged and BurstRanged AI
    : Multihit, Heavy Flamethrower, Heavy Push, Pull, Explosion, Meteor, Arrow Storm, AI Swap, Slowness, KB, and Blindness Immune
    Weak: Water
    Damage: Fire, Thunder
    Defense: Fire, Thunder, Air

    Garaheth’s Right Hand will do the Melee Stun Chain when the player stays in a 12 block radius to the Right Hand for more than 10 seconds, while the Heavy Ranged Chain will occur when the player is outside of a 12 block radius from Garaheth’s Right Hand for more than 10 seconds. The Ultimate Chain will happen when Garaheth’s Right Hand is at 20,000 HP.

    Melee Stun Chain: Pull > Multihit > Heavy Flamethrower > Swap to Rapid Ranged AI > Explosion

    Heavy Ranged Chain: Swap to Burst Ranged AI > Heavy Push > Arrow Storm > Heavy Flamethrower > Meteor

    Ultimate Chain: Pull > Swap to Burst Ranged AI > Explosion > Multihit > Heavy Flamethrower > Heavy Push > Arrow Storm > Meteor > Swap to Rapid Ranged AI

    Phase 2

    Garaheth’s Head
    Level 250
    100000 HP
    BurstRanged AI
    : Heavy Flamethrower, Meteor, Heavy Arrow Storm, Pull, Lava Wave (Same thing as wave, just different particles), Slowness, and KB Immune
    Damage: Water, Fire

    Garaheth’s Head will not attack, and cannot be attacked, until both hands have been defeated, as it lies on the ground, vulnerable to attacks.

    Garaheth will occasionally use one of the two spell chains:

    Close Heavy: Pull > Heavy Arrow Storm > Lava Wave

    Ranged Heavy: Heavy Flamethrower > Meteor > Lava Wave

    Throughout the fight, there will be various hazards throughout the arena. At the start of the fight, Garaheth’s Head can make fireballs rain from the sky, dealing 15% of your Max HP as true damage, and they will stay there for an additional two seconds, exploding and blinding you if you are in a 1 block radius within one.

    Once one hand has been defeated, lava will flood the side of the hand that got defeated, and will remain there as long as the next hand is alive. The lava will then get out of the way when Garaheth’s head comes down, enclosing the two of you in ⅓ of what the arena used to be.

    Flame Spires will occasionally spawn as a result of fireballs coming down - walking on one deals 5% of your Max HP as True Damage, and it will remain there for 2 minutes. When Garaheth’s Head is at 35,000 HP, the lava will then rise as a few platforms will also emerge as safe spots, completely flooding the first few layers of the arena.

    When Garaheth’s Head is defeated, the lava will descend and give you access to Garaheth’s internal body, as he lays his head down in defeat.

    Stage 6 - Enter Garaheth's body

    Stage 7 - Find 4 organs inside Garaheth and destroy them to further weaken him

    (OUT: Garaheth's organs will all be changed to 1 hp mobs so you can freeze them with an enchanted normal weapon rather than the Staff, but this section will be otherwise unchanged.
    Rather than being seemingly dead, Garaheth will simply appear more weakened once you exit.)

    [1/1] Axelus: HUMAN, GET OUT OF THERE! We’ll close the portal as soon as we see you!

    Stage 8 - Leave Garaheth and return to the Dogun altar

    (OUT: Large groups of coalition forces can be seen around the portal, including Korzim, Edula, Sanba, and Barden, while the Dwarf and Dogun armies are just scattered around in small pieces.)

    [2/31] Axelus: Open your eyes for once in your lives!! You see that behind me?! THAT was going to be the end result of all your fighting!
    [3/31] Axelus: Garaheth would have killed every one of us for letting him be trapped out there in the first place, damn it! Are you so short-sighted that you can’t see this?!
    [4/31] Axelus: You’re all to blame here, even this human understands our cause! The Doguns were already exiled, they wouldn’t have hurt anyone!
    [5/31] Axelus: But we couldn’t just let ANYTHING be! You always need more glory, more, more, MORE! Don’t you, Draani? I’m ashamed to be your lineage!
    [6/31] Axelus: And you, Doguns! I… I pitied you. You were wronged, but you resort to this? You’d attempt to doom the world again just to spite the Dwarves? Is that it?!
    [7/31] Dogun Chieftain: Whelp. You do not understand. To be persecuted… and see your people tortured… hunted.
    [8/31] Coalition Dogun: We… understand it. But some… of us would not… choose an even worse fate… for many more just out of… vengeance!
    [9/31] Dwarven Commander: You all deserved what happened to you! You attacked our ancestors for sport! Eye for an eye, ever heard of it? It’s only fair!
    [10/31] Dogun Chieftain: Imbeciles… your stories are not true. I… I lived through the war. You took everything… and suffered none.
    [11/31] Axelus: I’ve been trying to tell BOTH of you that the monarchy has been spreading lies for centuries! A couple of bad kings doesn’t mean the whole species is a loss!
    [12/31] Dwarven Commander: Bad kings? How can you spout such vile nonsense about the founders of our civilization, you… you traitor?!
    [13/31] Dwarven Commander: Do you realize how many of your own kind your pathetic “Coalition” slaughtered just to get to this god forsaken altar, so you could defend these demons?!
    [14/31] Dwarven Commander: You should’ve already been executed for your crimes, traitor! Men, fire on him, now!
    [15/31] Axelus: DON’T YOU DARE! STOP, RIGHT NOW!

    (OUT: The Dwarven Commander fires against Axelus with a cannon, knocking him to the ground.)

    [16/31] Barden: No!
    [17/31] Korzim: Axelus!
    [18/31] Korzim: ...he… You… You would… kill… a savior…? Your own prince…?
    [19/31] King of Rodoroc: AXELUS!
    [20/31] King of Rodoroc: No, no! No no no, this can’t be happening! H-hang on, we’ll save you, I… I’ll do something, I…
    [21/31] King of Rodoroc: Why is this happening?! What did we do to… Could I… could I really have been wr-...?
    [22/31] Axelus: Draani. There’s only one ch-choice here, only one that won’t lead to… thousands more dying in… a-ack… a- another war.
    [23/31] Axelus: Tell. The. TRUTH. G-gaagh… you know that’s th… the only way to stop this. Swallow your pride, and admit everything… Draani…
    [24/31] King of Rodoroc: I… Axelus… no, you… c-can’t have… di-...
    [25/31] King of Rodoroc: But… y-you were r-right. Men, STAND DOWN. This… this war is over! I will not have one more life lost to this madness!
    [26/31] King of Rodoroc: Chief, I… I ask of you but an hour of your time. If you are willing to negotiate…
    [27/31] Dogun Chieftain: You… you will not try to… to kill me? Perhaps… it truly is time… for us all to… to move on. I will go… to discuss this with… you in Rodoroc.

    (OUT: The king and chief leave, with the dwarf and dogun armies following, leaving only the coalition still in the altar. They all walk up to Axelus’ body, and the player is released from the cutscene box.)

    [28/31] Sanba: I-is that it? Is it over? Did we win?
    [29/31] Edula: I… I think we did. But Axelus…
    [30/31] Barden: He wouldn’t have cared about his own life if he knew it would mean peace. This… this would be what he wanted.
    [31/31] Korzim: You… you are right. But still… we must honor him. I will bring him… back to the Dogun village. Human… you can return to Rodoroc soon… we will discuss the funeral here.

    A few hours later…

    Stage 9 - Speak with the King of Rodoroc and the Dogun Chieftain

    [1/13] King of Rodoroc: Ah, you've arrived. I… actually remember you from earlier. So you and…
    [2/13] King of Rodoroc: A-and…
    [3/13] King of Rodoroc: …you knew my son. You were helping him try to put an end to this, before everything was too far gone. Heh… apologies, for that.
    [4/13] King of Rodoroc: Paku and I have had a long discussion about the wisdom of youth over the old. You all were right. I needed to be open to change.
    [5/13] Dogun Chieftain: We agreed upon a peace treaty… A new city… The Dwarves will aid us in building it.
    [6/13] Dogun Chieftain: All hostilities… will end. My people will… be free to roam the caverns. It has been… too long.
    [7/13] King of Rodoroc: And the entombed Doguns at Courag and elsewhere will be reconstituted, as well, supposing that is a possibility.
    [8/13] King of Rodoroc: Every king, since my so-far-great grandfather, Draani Thunderwill, has battled with their morality over the lies told to my people.
    [9/13] King of Rodoroc: It ends here, with the name Draani VIII. It will take time, but the bloodshed has proven things must begin to change now.
    [10/13] King of Rodoroc: You and the coalition have saved the Heights, and Gavel. In Maex, you will find a stall to trade valuable minerals. You will be granted special Dwarven privileges to purchase it now.
    [11/13] King of Rodoroc: And, you will be given an emerald reward to help with your travels. Although, that is… almost certainly not enough of a reward for everything you have done. Thank you.
    [12/13] King of Rodoroc: Now… you have a message for us? About…
    [13/13] King of Rodoroc: I… I’m honored they trust me enough to invite me there. Let’s head over to Courag, then.

    Stage 10 - Watch Axelus’ funeral

    (OUT: You will be transported to Courag automatically upon leaving the palace just like you were transported to the palace.)

    [1/7] King of Rodoroc: Has… has it started already? A-are we late?
    [2/7] Barden: You… you actually came. No, you’re not late, we were just about to get started. Is everything ready?
    [3/7] Korzim: It… is all prepared. We will… begin now.

    (OUT: Korzim and a group of Coalition Doguns use fire magic to lift Axelus’ body into a lava river.)

    [4/7] Korzim: Vobedohe fiden dreab... mieda dreab norebahe dao… Axelus… goodbye.
    [5/7] King of Rodoroc: And so it ends… right where it began, all those years ago.
    [6/7] King of Rodoroc: Thank you, everyone, for allowing me here even after everything I’ve done. I… hope you truly can forgive me.
    [7/7] King of Rodoroc: And thank you, Axelus, for your sacrifice. You will forever be remembered as the savior of the Heights.

    (OUT: Axelus’ body floats down the river until it is far enough away to fade, the NPCs disappear, and the quest ends, giving you your rewards as normal and transporting you back to the main map version of Courag if necessary.)
    By: ditsario, Da Homeboi, TrapinchO (dogun language)
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    In order to reduce the clutter this quest brings to the sky islands, its components are being spread across all of Gavel. The rewards will be increased slightly to compensate for the additional time / money it will take to travel.

    Brie Quest Steps

    • Snail Slime: Moved to the location of the large cave at [173.-5570].
    • Astraulus Tower: Moved to the island at [-250,-4100]. The exit point can stay in the sky island, as it alleviates the issue of traveling back from such a remote island.
    • Blue Ring Grook Egg: Moved to the Bantisu Air Temple, in a cave at [492,-4772].
    • Talking Mushroom: Moved to the edge of Kander, to match the current swampy look. The exact location is under the bridge at [-335,-5569]. His dialogues will need to be changed accordingly.
    • Sunrise Flour: Renamed to Canyon Ground Flour, and moved to the large farm area outside Thesead. It currently contains normal wheat only, so the special wheat could be moved there without much conflict.

    Astralaus Changes

    [1/1] Astralaus: A visitor? I came out here to be alone, couldn’t you tell?

    [1/1] Astralaus: Astronomical progress, you’re quite good at home invasion.

    [1/3] Astralaus: Let me guess? You want to see the stars?
    [2/3] Astralaus: Quicksalt and zork rinds? I could show you countless incredible things, and you're here for lunch?
    [3/3] Astralaus: Fine. I'll just teleport you there if you leave. Try not to breathe too much, the spell I put on you might break.

    Talking Mushroom Changes

    Ariodo’ Lab Basement




    Quest Dialogue


    Confused, you pick up the mushroom to examine it. What even is this thing?


    Without dwelling on it too much, you take the talking mushroom and put it in your satchel.

    Stage 6 Changes:

    [1/8] Brie: Heya again! So you decided to make the Zork Stew with me? Hurray!
    [2/8] Brie: Do note that it's not as easy a task as it might seem.
    [3/8] Brie: Let me explain what I said before about proving myself to the others. I'm the newest chef here at the kitchen and some of the other chefs disapprove of my ideas. This could be my chance!
    [4/8] Brie: I've been perfecting the recipe for my Zork Stew for months now and I finally have a chance to show everyone what I'm worth! Watch out though, the ingredients are quite bizarre.
    [5/8] Brie: The first one is some [Snail Slime]! The best of its kind comes from a colony of snails living on the Gert’s edge of the canyon. It’s a dangerous spot, but luckily we only need one for this dish.

    After looking at your map, you conclude that you need to go to [173, -5570] to obtain [Snail Slime].

    [6/8] Brie: Next up, we need some [Voidroot], a super rare root found deep in the void. I've heard someone in the Sky Islands can take you down there!

    After looking at your map, you conclude that you need to go to [965,42,-4443] to obtain the [Voidroot].

    [7/8] Brie: Lastly, we need some Double Jerky, but to make it we need two ingredients. Both can be found in a tower owned by the self-proclaimed "Space Wizard" Astralaus out in the ocean. He’s not exactly fond of visitors, but hopefully you can convince him to help you out!
    [8/8] Brie: We need both [Zork Rinds] and [Quicksalt], so make sure to ask nicely! I'll be cheering you on from here!

    After looking at your map, you conclude that you need to go to [-250, -4100] to obtain [Zork Rinds] and [Quicksalt].

    [1/7] Kale: When Hamsey told me about a good friend of his, I didn't expect... this.
    [2/7] Kale: Just get me everything we need and stay quiet, I'm not in the mood for chit-chat.
    [3/7] Kale: I don't want my reputation tarnished by the likes of you.
    [4/7] Kale: Listen up, I'm not going to say this again. Take notes.
    [5/7] Kale: The key ingredient in my amazing omelette is obviously the [Blue-Ring Grook Egg], which of course you didn't know. The monks over at the Bantisu Air Temple out to have them.

    After looking at your map, you conclude that you need to go to [492, -4772] to obtain the [Blue-Ring Grook Egg].

    [6/7] Kale: Secondly what we need is some [Snail Slime]. The snails are out by those incompitent Gerts so it goes without saying you’ll need to not get eaten.

    After looking at your map, you conclude that you need to go to [173, -5570] to obtain the [Snail Slime].

    [7/7] Kale: Lastly you need a [Talking Mushroom]. It's an annoying little creature not unlike yourself that lives along the edge of Kander Forest.

    After looking at your map, you conclude that you need to go to [-335, -5569] to obtain the [Talking Mushroom].

    [1/9] Frank: So you decided to work with me, huh? I promise I won't disappoint.
    [2/9] Frank: As I mentioned, Hamsey usually forgets he created a cook-off in the first place, so it's up to me to do the work for him. It's fine, don't get me wrong, but working with someone new is always fun.
    [3/9] Frank: Eh, can't he helped. So, what to cook, what to cook...ah, the eternal question.
    [4/9] Frank: Hm... Well, I might be a bit of a lazy guy, but when it comes to cooking, I've got the eye. I can't lie, you look like a real Skyhigh Pie kind of guy to me! Heheh.
    [5/9] Frank: You probably know the basics, right? I mean, you wouldn't just walk in here with no cooking knowledge, right?
    [6/9] Frank: Ah, don't give me that look, I'm not gonna leave you here on your own. First off, we need some [Canyon Ground Flour]. The farmers over at Thesead make the best, so hopefully you know where to go.

    After looking at your map, you conclude that you need to go to [755, -5125] to obtain the [Canyon Ground Flour].

    [7/9] Frank: Then, a good sized [Blue-Ring Grook Egg]. I bet Kale would "conveniently" forget to mention this, but Ringtail Grooks tend to get a bit ferocious if you take their eggs. I heard there’s some living in a cave near the Bantisu monks, so you’d probably be doing them a favor by getting rid of a few.

    After looking at your map, you conclude that you need to go to [492, -4772] to obtain the [Blue-Ring Grook Egg].

    [8/9] Frank: Now, we gotta shake up this pie a little bit, so how about some [Skyhigh Raspberry]? Real tasty, but it's quite the walk to get 'em. A bit of walking never hurt anybody, but I couldn't be bothered to.

    After looking at your map, you conclude that you need to go to [1400,102,-3940] to obtain the [Skyhigh Raspberry].

    [9/9] Frank: Got all that? If you need a refresher, hit me up again. Just be sure to check your map if you get lost looking for all this stuff.

    By: Blastbasher

    The Buried Truth

    Level Min: 97

    Stage 1 - Talk to Jill in Kandon-Beda at [746,150,-4468]

    If you’re not Level 97:

    [1/2] Jill: Ah! A soldier from afar? What perfect timing! I need someone to go out and find my colleague. I haven’t heard a word from him in a while…
    [2/2] Jill: Hmm… Actually, when I think about it, you don’t seem strong enough yet, it might be very dangerous. Maybe when you’re Level 97, you can help me.

    [1/8] Jill: Ah! A soldier from afar? What brings you to these cliffs?
    [2/8] Jill: Is it the trade? There’s plenty to do for your sort with the skyraiders so close, but then you’d probably be wanting to head to Ahmsord… Well, as long as you're here, could you assist me with something?
    [3/8] Jill: I am a historian from Llevigar University, you may have heard of us in your travels… er. Well, it doesn’t matter.
    [4/8] Jill: Morgan, a colleague of mine was sent out to check on stories of a new fissure along the rim of the sky islands. Supposedly, this new opening contained some kind of unexplored ruins.
    [5/8] Jill: Frankly, had things been going to plan, I would have loved to have gotten out of here days ago, but Morgan clearly had other plans.
    [6/8] Jill: He was supposed to be back a few days ago, but has yet to send any word. From what I’ve heard, the land over there is about ready to fall off into the void, so it isn’t a great sign that he isn’t back yet.
    [7/8] Jill: Still, Morgan has a tendency to get lost in his work, so I’ve held out hope that this is just him getting distracted.
    [8/8] Jill: I get that things are dangerous over there, but what with you being a soldier, I assume you can handle it.

    After completing the stage:
    [1/1] Jill: Have you found Morgan yet? I hope he’s fine…

    Stage 2 - Explore the fissure near Kandon-Beda at [907,90,-4409]

    (OUT: Arriving at the location which previously had a giant castle, there is now a huge cut in the mountainside, with a path of parkour along the outside.)

    If approaching without having started the quest:

    It looks like the land here is crumbling apart… it would be best to stay away for now.

    (OUT: The parkour involves a unique mechanic where the player can slide slowly down special gravel walls (or hold their position for a bit with crouching, and when they jump, be thrown off of them with great strength. The player cannot use spells here, and if they do the following message will be displayed:)

    The land here could fall apart at any moment, it would be unwise to use spells here.

    (OUT: After completing this short parkour section, which acts as an introduction to the wall jumping mechanic, the player will reach a cave with ruined pillars at its entrance. Entering the cave will teleport them to a short hall which opens up into a much larger cave.)

    Stage 3 - Proceed into the large cave and find Morgan

    (OUT: The larger cave contains a number of gold colored ruins, made with a mix of stone bricks, quartz and gold blocks. Along its edges are three paths, one which has a number of candles marking a trail to it, one which is high up, and one which has two ruined pillars at its entrance. In the center of the cave is a green tent, where Jill’s associate, Morgan is positioned. Across the cave as a whole are a number of fissures, both above to let in light, and below which lead into the void (if the player falls into them, they are teleported back to the entrance. Talking to Morgan will give the following dialogue:)

    [1/10] Morgan: Are you… where’d you come from? Can’t you see this place is falling apart!?
    [2/10] Morgan: Huh? Jill sent you? Only natural that she didn’t come in person, she never did care much for real work! Hah!
    [3/10] Morgan: This place is something special, a common soldier like yourself might not notice it, but this is a truly one of a kind place.

    (OUT: The player’s view shakes, and an explosion sound plays in the distance).

    [4/10] Morgan: Yes, yes, I know. I’ve been hearing them for days now. But listen! Those ruins you see on the surface? Those have been studied to death by academics for years, and nothing - and I mean nothing - comes close to this place.
    [5/10] Morgan: I mean, the texts I’ve already found? They read something similar to High Gavellian of the Elves, but they talk of things very different from what concerns their lot!
    [6/10] Morgan: Temples of gold! Royalty! A god of thunder!? An empire’s worth of knowledge has stood here beneath our feet and I-

    (OUT: The player’s view shakes, this time the sound that plays is much closer).

    [7/10] Morgan: Ugh! But I’m wasting time! These ruins aren’t going to be here for much longer with all the damage the area’s sustained.
    [8/10] Morgan: Soldier! You see these caves here? I’ve gotten as much as I can from here, but there’s still so much I haven’t been able to see!
    [9/10] Morgan: Soldier, I need you to help me get as much out of here as possible, grab anything written down you might find, and anything else that seems worth taking.
    [10/10] Morgan: Here, take this bag! Put everything you find inside it! If we don’t act fast, everything here could be lost to the void, and this shattering discovery will be lost for good!

    (OUT: Morgan will give the player an item named “Treasure Bag”.)

    Item Information
    Item Name: Treasure Bag
    Item Sprite: Ender Chest
    Quest Item
    Lore: “This handy bag looks like it could store a plethora of treasures.”

    If you talk to Morgan after this point:

    [1/1] Morgan: What are you doing?! Can’t you see there’s a history to save!? Get going and grab everything you can, I’ll be fine!!

    Stage 4 - Collect as many items and treasure as possible from the three paths

    (OUT: A ten minute timer starts, and as it does, the following lines appear in chat:)

    Before the cave collapses, collect as much as you can! You have ten minutes before it all comes crashing down, but be careful about casting spells!

    (OUT: During this time, casting spells will cause 10 seconds to be cut from the timer, as well as the following message being displayed:)

    The land around you cracks by the power of magic! 10 seconds have been cut from the remaining time by your casting of spells!

    (OUT: From here the player has to go through all three paths, one at a time, and once the player finds a treasure, it will automatically go into the Treasure Bag and the item lore of the bag will be updated with a list of all the treasures that have been found. Each path has numerous exit portals back into the main room, and each path has its own challenges to face:)

    The path which is higher up above the others is focused on parkour. In order to even reach it, the player must make their way along those same grabbable walls as before. Once the path is reached, the following parkour area will be accessible:


    Purple: Solid Wall, cannot be passed through
    Black: Ground the player can stand on
    Blue: Climbable walls (cannot climb around corners)
    Yellow: Treasure Items (See list below)

    Note: The player can jump / jump off climbable walls a distance of one square.

    Treasure Items:

    Silver Key: Required to open the second box in the pillar room.
    2 Pieces of the Angelic History
    Item: Gallant Wingset
    Item: Gallant Leggings
    Item: 48 Emerald Blocks

    The path with two pillars leads to a puzzle. In the room there are four boxes, each with some kind of requirement to open, which is hinted at by dialogue the player gets when interacting with them. To open the boxes, the player must cast a spell. When entering the room the following lines play:

    It looks like this was some kind of storage room. There are plenty of boxes around the room, maybe you can open them?

    If the player successfully opens a box:

    Looks like that did the trick, the box is opened, revealing a [treasure item name].

    When a box opens, a firework comes out.

    Riddle for Box 1:

    This box has a message engraved on its front: “When the sands of time are near their end...”
    Maybe this is a hint about how to open the box? Casting a spell might be worth trying, but the cave is unstable as is, so it would be wise to keep it to a minimum…

    For this box, it can only be opened when the remaining time is below 3 minutes.


    Item: Gallant Treads

    Riddle for Box 2:

    This box has a message engraved on its front: “Locked by the relic of silver, its presence a key...”
    Maybe this is a hint about how to open the box? Perhaps another path holds the 'key' you're looking for…

    In order to open this box, the player must have the Silver Key in their inventory. This can be gotten from the High Path by doing parkour.


    Item: 2 Liquified Emeralds

    Riddle for Box 3:

    This box has a message engraved on its front: “A fear of eyes befalls this chest. Its seal is held by your vision alone...”
    Maybe this is a hint about how to open the box? Casting a spell might be worth trying, but the cave is unstable as is, so it would be wise to keep it to a minimum…

    This box will only open if the player is facing away from it when they cast a spell.


    1 Piece of Angelic History

    Riddle for Box 4:

    This box has a message engraved on its front: “The fourth and final lesson, experience revealed this magic’s key...”
    Maybe this is a hint about how to open the box? Casting a spell might be worth trying, but the cave is unstable as is, so it would be wise to keep it to a minimum…

    This box can only be opened with the player’s fourth spell.


    1 Piece of Angelic History

    The light path is focused on combat, leading to a large room with a pit in the center. If the player enters this pit and clicks on an altar in the center it will be ignited, and spawn enemies. Every time the player takes out a wave they will be rewarded with a treasure item.

    Wave 1:

    Spawns 10 enemies, 6 are Whispering Visions, and 4 are Crackling Remnants. Whispering Visions are fast melee enemies that charge the player, and occasionally cast vanish. Crackling Remnants are ranged enemies that shoot shotgun style slowly, and will cast the spell combo Teleport.


    1 Piece of Angelic History

    Wave 2:

    Spawns 15 enemies, including 8 Gilded Spirits, 4 Thunderous Presence, and 3 Grasping Stalkers. The Gilded Spirits are effectively an upgraded version of the Whispering Visions, with increased health, and the ability to cast Multihit in addition to Vanish. Thunderous Presence are rapid fire ranged enemies with Push spell, and Grasping Stalkers are slow moving tanky enemies with Self Destruct.


    Item: 1 Liquified Emerald

    Wave 3:

    Spawns a single boss enemy, and destroys the altar in the center when activated. The boss enemy, called Legacy of Thunder, has two phases. In their first phase, they will chase the player at a great speed (they won’t sit on the player, and instead only hit once for high damage and keep moving), and commonly use Vanish. Rarely in this phase they can also perform the combo of Vanish, Teleport, Teleport, Multihit.

    Once their first phase is defeated, they will change from a melee enemy to a slow ranged attacker. Shooting single shots every 2 seconds, these attacks deal huge damage, but are relatively easy to avoid if the player keeps their distance. Additionally the boss during this phase can use Pull spell, and Heavy Teleport. As long as the boss is in this phase, Whispering Visions will continuously spawn, building up if the player fails to deal with them.

    Once the boss is defeated, the final treasure item will be given to the player, and they can go on to the rest of the rooms.


    Item: Gallant Crown of Volts

    Stage 5 - Return to Morgan with all the treasure

    (OUT: If the player finds every item, and returns to Morgan, the quest will progress, however this dialogue can be skipped if the player instead runs out of time.)

    [-1 Treasure Bag]

    [1/2] Morgan: Did you get everything? I doubt it, but this place is going down!
    [2/2] Morgan: Quickly, soldier, get to the exit! I’ll see you on the outside!

    (OUT: Upon going back out of the cave, a loud crumbling sound plays, and the player is teleported to the outside, where now much of the surrounding land has fallen away, and the entrance to the cave is gone. Morgan is nearby, looking down into the void.)

    [1/5] Morgan:
    [2/5] Morgan: All that… Years and years worth of buried secrets… Gone.
    [3/5] Morgan: I wish there had been more time… but I suppose I should be thankful we saved anything at all.
    [4/5] Morgan: Well soldier, let’s head back to Kandon Beda, I’m sure old Jill will be shocked to hear what we found!
    [5/5] Morgan: Talk to me when you’re ready to leave, unless you’d like to walk back yourself.

    If you talk to Morgan:

    [1/1] Morgan: Ready to go? Come on then, back to Kandon Beda!

    Stage 6 - Return to Jill at [746,150,-4468]

    (OUT: Upon returning to Kandon Beda, a cutscene will play out with Jill and Morgan.)

    [1/14] Morgan: Jill! You won’t believe what we found!
    [2/14] Morgan: A whole buried empire! A husk of its former self, but the stories it must have held!
    [3/14] Jill: You found what? Morgan, stop exaggerating, haven’t you seen one of these ruins before? They’re grand, but I doubt there’d be anything major that deep underground.
    [4/14] Morgan: No! Listen, this was different! This place was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, and I’ve got proof!

    (OUT: Morgan turns to the player.)

    [5/14] Morgan: You! Uh… soldier! You must have found something in there right? Together, surely we’ve got enough to at least scratch the surface of what was down there!
    [6/14] Jill: Okay, let's head down to the library, they’ve probably got something in the texts that explains whatever’s got you so worked up.

    (OUT: Morgan and Jill walk towards the library.)

    [7/14] Jill: While you both were off, I did a bit of additional brushing up on the history of this region.
    [8/14] Jill: Over 1000 years ago, a group of Villagers moved into the Ahms Region, and built what surviving texts call the Wind Fortress. We know a civilization sprung up around the fortress, and that it covered the entire region up until the collapse.
    [9/14] Morgan: Yes, yes, that’s old news. Didn’t they teach you that in year one of Ahms History?
    [10/14] Jill: You know, we aren’t exactly alone here. Do you really think a common soldier’s going to know any of this?
    [11/14] Morgan: Oh. Yes, of course. By the way, what was your name? I probably should have asked already, but-
    [12/14] Morgan: <playername>? You know, I believe there was a member of the Remikas royal family in the late 100s AP by that name… or was it 200s… Eh, nevermind.
    [13/14] Jill: Can I continue? Morgan, you need to slow down.

    (OUT: By this point, they are at the entrance to the library.)

    [14/14] Jill: Okay, here we are. There’s a fair number of texts relating to the Wind Fortress and the surrounding civilization over there. Everything you happened to get from those ruins, let’s lay out on the table to the left.

    (OUT: Based on how many Pieces of Angelic History the player managed to find, they will be laid out in order starting from number one, and if the player found them all then ending with number seven.)

    If the player found zero:

    [1/4] Morgan: Is this it? What were they, illiterate? Well, at least it’s something.
    [2/4] Jill: Hardly, I got more out of my first dig in the swamps.
    [3/4] Morgan: Well, at least I’ve got something, so I guess it's not a total loss...

    If the player found two or less:

    [1/3] Morgan: Is this it? What were they, illiterate? Well at least it’s something.
    [2/3] Jill: Hardly, I got more out of my first dig in the swamps.

    If the player found between three and five:

    [1/3] Jill: Interesting, that’s a fair amount of writing. Still not uncommon, especially if the ruins had been untouched by looters or scholars.
    [2/3] Morgan: It looks like something’s missing, though… If only we had the rest.

    If the player found all the Pieces of Angelic History:

    [1/3] Morgan: Impressive, <playername>! That’s quite the haul!
    [2/3] Jill: It remains to be seen if any of it is meaningful though.

    Regardless of how many, the following will be said next:

    [x/x] Morgan: Oh, well, it doesn’t matter. We’ll start trying to translate these. In the meantime, you read up on the other material here. By the time you’re done, we should have a decent chunk of this translated!

    After completing the stage:

    [1/2] Morgan: Hey, <playername>! We’re still busy translating these here texts.
    [2/2] Jill: Yeah… Hey, don’t you have something to do, too? Get to it!

    Stage 7 - Find and read through every text in the library

    (OUT: The player must now read every text around the library.)

    The Ruins of the Ahms Region:

    "Many years ago a great civilization emerged. From surviving records, we know they were villagers, and were in many ways like us now."
    "The average people in this society seemed to have come from all over, some writings even mentioning places as far as the forests of Kander."
    "Their society was largely agricultural in nature, however, the commoners benefited greatly from the inventions of an elite group."
    "These inventions seemed to have involved runes, and allowed for what might have been a simple gathering of towns to develop into something entirely unique."
    "When the lands were shattered, little would remain of these people, and many would return to the lands of the west."

    Architecture of the Ahmsian Civilization:

    "Although our modern society has come to rely on a diverse pool of art and architectural techniques, the Ahmsian Civilization seems to have stuck to a single style."
    "Relying heavily on the usage of stone pillars and columns, their buildings carry a unique openness which has few parallels in Gavel."
    "Scholars of Wynn recognize the arches and pillars of their own ancient masons, but the Ahmsians had a few additional tricks."
    "Unlike many ancient societies, the Ahmsian civilization’s buildings are built from several types of stone rather than making heavy use of paint."
    "This means that in modern times, their contrasting tan and grey color scheme can still be easily recognized regardless of wear."

    The Wind Fortress:

    "A very mysterious place, the Wind Fortress seems to have been the glue that held the Ahms civilization together."
    "The fortress itself seems to have been lost to the depths of the void, but some relics from within its walls have been found across the islands."
    "Most sources seem to depict members of the fortress as some kind of magical elite, and in many cases connect them to the Colossi."
    "Additional records, found by scholars visiting the Bantisu Air Temple, have revealed a connection between the two groups, which provides greater detail on the groups’ actions."

    Legends of the Ahmsian People:

    "There are many stories that have been found throughout the ruins of the Ahmsian civilization, however the most common of these is The Bats from Below."
    "The story comes in many forms, but all essentially tell of a group of townsfolk who ventured deep into the caves below their village in search of valuable ores."
    "As they got deeper, the townspeople found a number of great caves, filled with terrible bat-like monsters."
    "In an effort to keep these creatures from terrorizing their homes on the surface, they blew the caves behind them as they fled, burying the monsters under a pile of rubble."
    "There is no known evidence of such creatures across all of Gavel, so it is possible that this story was simply used to scare children."
    "Even still, some historians have claimed that there might have been something more below the Ahmsian’s feet."

    Weather and Ahmsian Society:

    "One of the most unusual foci of the Ahmsian society was their dread of weather events, specifically thunder."
    "It seems that in those days, the region was plagued by a great many storms, especially in the west, near modern Kandon-Beda."
    "Many pieces of art from the time depict these storms, often including great hands from which the lightning flies forth upon the land."
    "Even today, lightning storms are relatively common across the sky islands, though nowhere near as bad as it apparently was for the original Ahmsians."

    (OUT: After all the texts have been read, the following line will play.)

    That seems to be all of it. You should probably head back to the historians and see if they’ve made any progress.

    Stage 8 - Head back to Jill and Morgan to see if they’ve made progress

    Talking to either Jill or Morgan after having read all the texts will initiate this:

    [1/7] Morgan: Back from reading? Good! We’re about done here.
    [2/7] Jill: This is quite unusual, shares some roots with High Gavellian, but much of the wording is different. Especially its emphasis on flight instead of walking as the main method of transportation.
    [3/7] Morgan: See what I mean? This is something new!
    [4/7] Jill: We’ve got those texts you found right here, so if you want to read through them you’re welcome to do so. There’s also a few Morgan got, so I’d recommend taking a look at those too.
    [5/7] Jill: What we need is anything that can connect these people’s texts to pre established sources. If you see anything that lines up with the texts you just read, make a note of it and the text you think compares to it.
    [6/7] Jill: None of these seem to have any coherent order, but that’s not surprising considering how you got them.
    [7/7] Jill: When you have something, bring it to me, and I’ll see if it's anything plausible.

    (OUT: By interacting with sources on the table from here, they can be read. Some sections in these, as well as the previously read texts will now be highlighted, and when clicked on give the player a piece of paper with that sentence as its lore. Taking two of these notes to Jill or Morgan will give dialogue (if the player has more than one note from either the new texts or the already read ones, the older one will be deleted, so they can only have one of each).)

    Text 1

    “The departure of the Teacher left not just a material gap, which the priest-kings were quick to fulfill, but a hole in our souls was apparent.”
    “Many yet thought that mortal minds are simply not sufficient to strive to perfect solace, they longed for the Teacher’s acumen. But these calls were unheard.”
    “As time passed, the Teacher’s wish went ignored like an aimless bolt of thunder - as he was now a mere memory, one that Angelkind would pay little heed to.”

    Text 2

    “The gigantic caverns were a perfect habitat for Angelkind, and so, we were quick to thrive in our new environment.”
    “A Kingdom flourished deep underground, a great city of gold like no other. Of unfathomable size and majesty it was: Sal Vindalur.”

    Text 3

    “You, meddler in history who has obtained the honor of reading through our forsaken history, may not know what Sal Vindalur is, but for our kin, it was a beacon.”
    “A city of ten thousand, with a palace that stretched endlessly within the caverns and whose great spires extended endlessly into the shadows above. Life had reached nigh perfection, we were finally safe in the embrace of our absolute capital.”
    “As such, the Teacher, who was with us along our entire history, slowly backed away from his role, and left with the priests of Sal Vindalur a final message…”
    “‘Thine kind has reached perfection within imperfection; divinity within mortality. Thine city has splendor within darkness, and thus, my celestial presence is no longer necessary.’”

    Text 4

    “Rumors from those living at the peaks of our caves present an… unusual tale.”
    “A group of wingless wenches descended to the caves, and defiled our peace.”
    “They were eventually repealed, but at great cost, for the very caves collapsed before them in their retreat.”
    “It is unknown why these strange beings descended to our home, but many believe it is nothing but a fairy tale, penned by those living in the cavernous heights, to scare common men from ever venturing into the forsaken upper world…”

    Text 5

    “Upon her return to the depths, she professed her hatred for the royalty, claiming that they had forgotten their ideals and their purpose. She wished for the clergy to be reunited to the palace, but her ravings were paid no heed.”
    Several lines appear to have been ruined by exposure to the elements… However, the ending is still clear.
    “So she said - ‘In my eyes is a future where your strive for divine immortality catches up to you. A future where the Teacher cannot ignore your sinful endeavors any longer, a future where the lands themselves fracture and shatter, and Sal Vindalur falls into the depths.’”

    Text 6

    “Indeed, the new kings were not pushed by adoration for the Teacher, as it once was in ancient times. Their bottomless greed, spawned from that very hole his absence left in our hearts, made them wish to reach and overtake the heavens, elevating themselves to deities.”
    “Such was the tragedy that affected Sal Vindalur. The splendour of the city was not for adoration, but avarice. Its core ideals, forgotten, just as those men who sealed the gods did all those years ago…”

    (OUT: If the player brings Text 1 and Weather and Ahmsian Society, then it will cause the quest to progress to the next stage.)

    If the player brings Text 6 and The Wind Fortress, Morgan will say:

    [1/1] Morgan: Interesting find! Most historians agree that there was probably another group here, far older than those of the Wind Fortress… Sadly, this seems to imply that these people were not that group, but perhaps there is more to this story…

    If the player brings Text 4 and Legends of the Ahmsian People:

    [1/2] Jill: Hey, I think I’ve heard this before. I guess both of their stories were true after all.
    [2/2] Jill: It's funny that historians of both sides thought the other was simply a myth… Perhaps such events are less common than we realize.

    If the player brings Text 5 and The Ruins of the Ahms Region:

    [1/4] Morgan: So this angel knew of what was to come? How could that be?
    [2/4] Jill: Maybe this god they all keep talking about could have some answers, hah!
    [3/4] Morgan: Well, clearly the average people of the Ahmsian society were far less prepared for what was to come, even if they seem to have made out better in the end.
    [4/4] Jill: Yeah, it's weird that these people were so advanced, yet refused to move to the surface…Keep searching <playername>, maybe we’ll find an answer here somewhere.

    If the player brings Text 3 and Architecture of the Ahmsian Civilization:

    [1/2] Jill: You said the place was made of gold, right? Looks like there’s some proof here.
    [2/2] Morgan: See? A city of gold hardly fits the ruins you see on the surface! Clearly these Angels as they call themselves must have been completely separate.

    If the player brings any other "wrong" pair, such as Text 3 and The Ruins of the Ahms Region:

    [1/2] Jill: Hmm... Sorry, <playername>, but I don't know what you think these mean...
    [2/2] Morgan: Yeah, they don't seem to have any correlation. Perhaps try another combination?

    If the player brings Text 1 and Weather and Ahmsian Society, which progresses the quest:

    [1/10] Jill: Well, that’s two things, at least, not too bad!
    [2/10] Morgan: Jill! <playername>! Take a look at this here:
    [3/10] Morgan: The teacher left us long ago, but his shocking wisdom will remain forever with us.
    [4/10] Jill: Yeah, I saw that, what about it?
    [5/10] Morgan: Haven’t you seen a lot of mentions of thunder? It can’t be a coincidence…
    [6/10] Jill: I mean, this place is known for its thunderstorms, what’s the big deal?
    [7/10] Morgan: How could these Angels have known about that? If they all lived underground, how would they have known about thunderstorms on the surface?
    [8/10] Jill:
    [9/10] Jill: That… interesting. Perhaps these storms aren’t just weather patterns, then. I’ve heard from some of the locals that the majority of the storms tend to come from a mountain to the north of here. Perhaps we should go check it out?
    [10/10] Morgan: Yes, indeed. <playername>, meet us at the mountains near that old Colossus, I’ll write the coordinates in your quest book. It may take some climbing, but if we can find anything there, then maybe we’ll learn what really happened to these Angels!

    After completing the stage:

    [1/1] Morgan: The trip up the mountains might be quite treacherous… I don’t think we will encounter any monsters on the way, though!

    Stage 9 - Go to the mountains at [630,147,-4590] and find Jill and Morgan

    (OUT: The player goes to the spot where the Fortuneteller beanstalk used to be, however the path there now includes a decent amount of climbing sections. Once the spot where the beans used to go is reached, the player will spot Morgan and Jill.)

    [1/5] Morgan: Ah! You’re here, finally! It’s quite the climb, and neither of us are exactly experienced with this sort of thing.
    [2/5] Jill: Ha! That’s a laugh. You’ve barely slowed down since we got here, and the only reason you stopped at all was because I needed a break.
    [3/5] Morgan: I mean, can you blame me? This is the discovery of a lifetime! Think! If this godlike being is real, imagine what they could tell us!
    [4/5] Jill: Or, it might all be a coincidence.
    [5/5] Morgan: But it might not be. <playername>, we’ll stay here a bit longer, but good luck with the cliffs ahead, they’re quite difficult.

    After completing the stage:

    [1/1] Morgan: Good luck with the cliffs ahead, <playername>.

    (OUT: From here the player must continue to climb up the mountain side, where there is now a large amount of parkour. Thunder and lightning sounds play as they climb, but eventually the player reaches a group of clouds which obscure the peak. Upon getting here the player is teleported to the sky area where Farcor used to be.)

    Stage 10 - Explore the sky area in the clouds

    (OUT: The player can walk through the clouded region, and find the white dragon at the end of the area. However, this is not Farcor anymore, but a new NPC named “???”. This is Vindalur, and you can talk to him.)

    (OUT: All of Vindalur's lines will have the yellow color instead of light green. However, since yellow is difficult to read in light mode, his lines will be presented normally in this thread instead.)

    [1/2] ???: So... Someone finally arrived in my home above the sky.
    [2/2] ???: And, a human, no less… It is fitting, almost ironic, that one of your kin would be the first to see me here...

    (OUT: From behind, Morgan and Jill approach.)

    [1/17] Jill: It’s- it’s actually real? You… You’re the one in those texts, the teacher of… H-How?! How have you been here all this time?!
    [2/17] Vindalur: I have lived in this quiet abode for far longer than you could fathom. Whether you cherish me as a deity or not is irrelevant, for I’ve seen you mortal specks fight and perish, over and over again.
    [3/17] Morgan: Oh good, then I’ve got some questions for you, Vinny.
    [4/17] Vindalur: Hah! To lower a God to yourself, by cherishing it with a feeble nickname! I admire your audacity, mortals. Ask of me what you wish, for I have nothing to hide.
    [5/17] Morgan: Well… what happened to the Angels? From the way they speak, it seems like they were far more advanced than most civilizations at the time...
    [6/17] Vindalur: Have you forgotten where their kin resided? No matter the opulence and power, all can fall to the void… Such is a fact I know very well. Their underground domain plunged into the abyss.
    [7/17] Jill: But how could you let that happen? Aren’t you some kind of god?
    [8/17] Vindalur: I can morph in an innumerable amount of forms, such as the dragon you see myself as. However, the one thing I cannot become is a savior. Mortals look to those above them for salvation, but find it not. The angelic ones chose their own path, and it is something I respect.
    [9/17] Morgan: So if you haven’t been watching over them all this time, what then?
    [10/17] Vindalur: Oh, I’ve kept watching. I’ve seen and witnessed things I desired not to. From the insatiable hunger that is greed consuming men, to the lands themselves being consumed by evil wretches unbelonging of this world.
    [11/17] Vindalur: I must be tiring you with my incessant ramblings… You wish to know the secret of the world's past, not the blight of the present. Behold…

    (OUT: In front of Vindalur’s head, yellow sparks appear, with a white key floating in the middle of the sparks.)

    [12/17] Vindalur: I honor you with the brand of the last God, one of knowledge. To the ones blessed by the deities, does the truth unfold… Return to this land’s ruins, the testaments of a secret past, and learn what no mortal has ever witnessed before.

    (OUT: The key vanishes, and Vindalur looks at the player.)

    [13/17] Vindalur: You, on the other hand… I watched your kin with the greatest interest. You are but a common human, critter in comparison to the great forces that act upon this land, yet your ambitions embody all that a mortal should strive to be… A capable soldier, indeed.

    (OUT: A thunder sound plays and sparks fly from the player. A key appears in their inventory.)

    [+1 Vindalur’s Key]

    [14/17] Vindalur: But I must’ve burdened you with much to ponder. Seek the ancient corners of the world: from watery graves of long-lost sects, to ruins and tombs buried beneath green plains, and produce your knowledge before me once more.
    [15/17] Vindalur: I only ask one thing of you… Although unbecoming of a great one such as me to request favors from mortals, I beseech that you keep my existence upon the clouds a secret.
    [16/17] Morgan: I… Thank you? Uhm.. Vindalur, do you think you could help us get down?
    [17/17] Vindalur: Ah, yes. I oft forget your inability to fly. Once you are ready to return to the lands below, speak to me once more. I believe you have much to ponder, seekers of wisdom.

    (OUT: Talking to Vindalur teleports the player and the others down to Kandon Beda’s main entrance.)

    Stage 11 - Return to Jill and Morgan

    [1/8] Morgan: That was... something. I don’t quite know what I felt yet. But, it was… something.
    [2/8] Jill: Well, they seemed quite friendly for a deity. Definitely had an interest in you, <playername>.
    [3/8] Morgan: Jill, you know what this means though, don’t you?
    [4/8] Jill: Hmm? What, there’s more?
    [5/8] Morgan: They said we missed something, something big. If those keys can reveal hidden secrets, we’re going to need to go on another trip.
    [6/8] Jill: No. Morgan, I can’t go this fast. Meeting gods? Ancient kingdoms? One life-changing story a week is enough for me.
    [7/8] Morgan: I get it. You need time. Go back to Llevigar University. I’ll start looking alone if I have to.
    [8/8] Morgan: <playername>, I’m sure you got plenty more than you bargained for here, so I don’t blame you if you want to back off from this… still, if I do see you around I’ll make sure to fill you in on what I’ve learned.

    • 4700000 Experience Points
    • 4096 Emeralds
    • Vindalur’s Key

    Item Information

    Item Name: Vindalur’s Key
    Item Sprite: Tripwire Hook (Key)
    Untradable Item
    Lore: “An ancient key overflowing with thunder magic. It resonates with secrets found all across the province…”

    After completing the quest:

    [1/1] Morgan: Ah, hello again, <playername>. Jill is packing up to go back to the University, but I’m going to find a use for these keys!

    If you go back to Vindalur's cloud area after completing the quest:

    [1/2] Vindalur: Ah, greetings, mortal. Mind me not, I am merely pondering...
    [2/2] Vindalur: Our ancient order was the one where common kin found most peace... Perhaps, if I seek my forsaken brethren in that great void, all shall return to how it once was...

    If you lose Vindalur's Key (ergo it's not detected in your inventory or bank), you can go back to Vindalur in his cloud area to get a new one, with this dialogue being prompted:

    [1/3] Vindalur: Greetings, mortal. Why have you dared the trek to my abode in the heavens once more? Be it you request something of me?
    [2/3] Vindalur: ...Ah? You've lost the key I gifted you? Pah! How insulting. Well, I suppose I mustn't hold petty grudges against mere mortals. Behold...

    (OUT: Sparks appear in front of Vindalur's face, and a new key appears levitating in front of him.)

    [+1 Vindalur's Key]

    [3/3] Vindalur: Be sure to cherish it carefully this time. A relic of a deity is no simple tool...

    By: Blastbasher


    The City of Blinog

    Level Min: 35
    Location: Llevigar
    XP: 15 000
    Lore: “Back when the Llevigar Plains were only inhabited by the Greenskins, there was once a thriving Goblin city. However, as the Villagers became more imperialistic and expansionist, the Goblins fled the city, and Llevigar was founded on its ruins.”

    Access: Go to the place with the Drunk Miners in Llevigar, and there will be a ‘Shovel’ item to pick up. A grass patch on the side with the Drunk Miner cave will emit dirt particles, which can then be dug up by the Shovel, bringing you to some wooden ruins of Blinog. A cutscene will start, and after the cutscene is over, you will be granted the discovery, and then warped out of the room.


    You begin to feel the past present itself to you.

    (OUT: There are two NPCs called ‘Goblins’ and an NPC called ‘Goblin Commander’ in the room.)

    [89 AP]

    [1/9] Goblin: Longnoses are coming to us. What do we do?
    [2/9] Goblin: Fight? They have magic! We can’t fight that!
    [3/9] Goblin Commander:
    [4/9] Goblin Commander: We hide out. Go beyond our gate.
    [5/9] Goblin: What?!
    [6/9] Goblin Commander: Orcs will fight the Longnoses. We will find a new place.
    [7/9] Goblin: But we need meat!
    [8/9] Goblin Commander: Well, we pack meat. We cannot fight wars.
    [9/9] Goblin Commander: Now. Go. We burn the city after we leave.

    By: Da Homeboi

    Spider Ruins

    Level Min: 35
    Location: Llevigar Plains
    XP: 15 000
    Lore: Same as before.

    Same as before.

    At [-1772,52,-4816], just to the side of the magical grove, there will be a new Villager NPC named “Artifact Hunter” that you can interact with, which will give you hints on where the secret discovery is. His initial dialogue is as follows:

    [1/3] Artifact Hunter: Hmm… Oh, hello! Sorry, I didn’t notice you coming. I was gazing at this here grove.
    [2/3] Artifact Hunter: Do you feel some… oddity, too? There’s something about this grove that is out of the ordinary. A magical energy, perhaps?
    [3/3] Artifact Hunter: You seem more able-bodied than me, surely you could try to find something out? I suggest taking a deep look at it.

    Within the spider ruins themselves (which are accessed like they currently are), at the center there’s a passive NPC named “Giant Bone”, with a bone sprite. Killing it will drop an item called “Giant Bone”:

    Item Information
    Item Name: Giant Bone
    Item Sprite: Bone
    Untradable Item
    Lore:This bone seems to belong to an ancient, giant being. There’s an old carving etched into it… The first tablets have been moulded. Now, all that is left is to imbue them with soul energy. Unfortunately, this bone does not have the magical potential of the many others scattered across the plain, so it will be used as a record instead, to let them know that progress is being steadily made. May the Far-

    The exit out of the Spider Ruins is the same.

    If you give the Giant Bone to the Artifact Hunter, he will have a new dialogue:

    [1/7] Artifact Hunter: Oho! You’ve found something! By all means, let me have a look at that!
    [-1 Giant Bone]
    [2/7] Artifact Hunter: My, my… What an odd bone this is! It looks so old and… such size!
    [3/7] Artifact Hunter: ...Hm. Yet, I can’t seem to pinpoint what creature such a bone could belong to… Although I’ve heard rumors of a giant living in the Olux Swamp, those are but unfounded rumors.
    [4/7] Artifact Hunter: And although it is hard to read these texts, I can notice carvings that look very similar to some runic glyphs I’ve studied.
    [5/7] Artifact Hunter: You know, runes? Those mysterious objects that savvy rich people like to collect…?
    [6/7] Artifact Hunter: Tell you what, I’ll keep this bone to study it, and in exchange, I will pay you a handsome sum.
    [7/7] Artifact Hunter: Here you go. Safe travels!
    [+24 Emerald Blocks]

    After giving the Artifact Hunter the Giant Bone, he will then run away to Llevigar, and can be found in the University at [-1856,78,-4535]. You can speak to him again, with his dialogue being different:
    [1/5] Artifact Hunter: Hmm… Interesting… So it seems as if-
    [2/5] Artifact Hunter: Ah, it is you! Allow me to express my gratitude for giving me that bone. Really, I’m in your debt. I’ve learned quite a bit of new information from this relic.
    [3/5] Artifact Hunter: After dating it, I found that this bone is roughly 5000 years old, meaning it likely came from the end of the first of the Ages, an extremely ancient period of Gavel’s history. It is arguably the most mysterious time in our land’s past.
    [4/5] Artifact Hunter: Unbelievable, right? Many historians would kill to find something as old as this bone! It’s one of the few relics we have from any of the first three Ages… I bet a bone from such an old being would fetch quite the price on the market, haha!
    [5/5] Artifact Hunter: Whatever it is, it seems to come from that ancient time. Maybe you could be the one to uncover the secrets of the past.

    Vindalur's Key Section

    Upon interacting with the Giant Bone with Vindalur’s Key, you will be blinded and a loud thump noise will play. Then, the blindness effect will be removed, and where the Giant Bone was before, is now the massive humanoid skull of a Giant, to which the bone belonged to. The skull is 10 blocks tall and 9 blocks wide, almost as wide as the ruins themselves. The skull has two small extensions at the crown of the head, which look like horns broken off at the base. It also has two huge fangs, one to the bottom-left of the left eye, and one to the bottom-right of the right eye, reaching down to the chin.
    Surrounding the skull are 2x2x2 crates with signs reading:


    All of the signs read the same thing.
    The ruins themselves will also be slightly changed: instead of looking old and ruined, it will look brand-new, without leaves and moss and will be properly illuminated. The runes embedded into the walls of the ruins will also be removed (this will only happen if you trigger the extra content with Vindalur's Key). The exit stays the same, and when you exit the ruins and go back in, it will go back to its normal, ruined state.

    By: Matteo_Games, Da Homeboi

    The Karoc Tomb

    Level Min: 40
    Location: Karoc Quarry
    XP: 20 000
    Lore: “Five thousand years ago, a gigantic ancient battle was waged at this very spot. Although none today know what truly occurred, the countless scattered remains are a testament to the conflict…”

    Step 1:

    Go to Scientist Tarquin’s house in Karoc Quarry, where at [-1541,75,-4423] there will be a sign saying:

    “Gone for

    At the opposite side of the sign is a piece of quartz presented as a player head (this already exists in game), with white firework particles radiating from it. Casting any spell next to the piece of quartz will cause it to float up and disappear in an explosion of white particles. Then, a trail of quartz fragments will start appearing on the ground, starting from outside the house.

    Step 2:
    Follow the trail of quartz as it goes through the quarry, eventually ending in the mine at [-1710,59,-4356]. Here, a 2x2 hole will appear in the wall leading to a coal block portal. Enter the portal, which will take you into a room where the secret discovery will trigger.

    The room takes the form of a small circular cave, with walls made out of quartz and stone. There are puddles of water on the floor and white bones scattered around, with magical energy (in the form of enchantment table text particles) radiating from them. At the end of the room is a coal block portal that will take you outside of the mine.

    Vindalur's Key Section
    To the side of the cave, embedded into the wall and decorated with diamond blocks around it, is a keyhole (identical to the ones in the Ruined Olmic City), which you can unlock if you have Vindalur’s Key. The keyhole has green sparkling particles around it, and it will have different dialogue depending on whether or not you have the key in your inventory.

    If you don’t have Vindalur’s Key in your inventory:
    An odd, ancient keyhole is embedded into the wall here… Perhaps in the future you will find the key to this lock?

    If you have Vindalur’s Key in your inventory:
    You place the key into the keyhole, and it opens… Now, you can access whatever it was hiding.

    A 2x3 hole breaks where the keyhole was, which the player can go through to access a hidden room. This room is rectangular and small, only a few blocks tall. The walls are made of stone bricks but the floor is made out of normal stone.
    Within the walls, the symbols of the five elements are embedded, each being built out of its respective color (for instance, the symbol of Thunder is built out of gold blocks, etc.). From left to right, the symbols are: Earth, Thunder, Water, Fire and Air.
    The main defining feature of this room, however, is that in the center there’s a gigantic ribcage, stretching across the entire room and being almost as wide as it. However, the center of the ribcage is missing, and in its place is a massive lump of quartz radiating energy (in the form of enchantment table text particles).
    There are two signs on the ribcage, on opposite ends of it (the signs will be separated by an empty line):


    “HELP US”

    You can exit this room by a button on an emerald block next to where the hole was opened. The rest of the secret discovery area is completely normal.

    By: Matteo_Games

    Forgotten Settlement

    Level Min: 50
    Location: Olux Swamp
    XP: 45 000
    Lore: “Many settlements belonging to a group which ruled Gavel far before the time of the modern Villagers were scattered across the province, such as this old town, forsaken by time. It was finally buried under the ground when King Theden of Lexdale founded Olux in 124 BP.”

    Access: South of the Nest of the Grootslangs Raid, there will be a few stone structures. Nearby is a weak tree that requires a Woodcutting Skill Level 1 to cut down. After you cut it down, a cinematic will play of the tree crashing down on the stone floor, revealing the ruins, and by entering the ruins, you get the secret discovery.

    (Inside the ruins, it shows Tuvian, although it is heavily damaged. There are also several papers scattered throughout Tuvian, and the exit is highlighted by carpets.)


    “Heya Franklin, it’s been a while, huh?”
    You know, after this whole thing is over, should I come and visit your family in the East Plains?
    All I’m just saying is, I miss ya, brother. I just hope that this… predicament, to say the least, is over as soon as possible.

    Regards from Tuvian, Janeb

    dear diary, does it even matter at this point?
    doomed… there is no hope… the empty ones… have killed everyone in sight.
    not even our temples are safe anymore… they’ve spread to every inch of this land like some horrid plague...
    i’ve been left here… here to suffer… be tortured by those beings… please… just end this suffering… spare my children, at least…

    Important Message
    The situation has gotten out of hand. This is not a war anymore - it is a slaughter. We must abandon this hell… move to the far east… perhaps the cities still stand there.
    I have prepared some supplies for us all to leave. Food, Water, and tents.
    A week from now, we migrate eastward, and we have to sneak away, to make sure not to catch the eyes of our enemies.
    And then, we shall hide, far away from the conflicts. Our subordinates… our downfall will make them hunt us out of spite.
    Even if, through a miracle, we win this fight, and massacre those beings, the land will still be destroyed. We will be the last hope of our fellow men.
    If you want to come with us, we can only carry so many people. If you cannot make it, I am deeply sorry. Just go to-

    The rest of the page has been torn off...

    Vindalur's Key Section

    If you have Vindalur’s Key, then the following can be read:

    Ancient Records
    This appears to be far older than the other writings here. Yet, even in its immense age, the power of Vindalur reveals what once was…
    “Tuvian Historical Society. Log 34781, Giant’s Final Years.”
    “From research of giant fossils and peering into the memories of their souls, it appears we finally have a clear idea of what happened to those before us.”
    “Although stories of them were merely myths, thought to have been invented by the most deranged of minds, the refinement of our magic allows further and further investigation into the past.”
    “And the past, ever so objective, reveals that the first inhabitants of this land likely saw themselves as equals to the Gods they revered with unwavering faith. They saw not differences in power, but only differences in title alone.”
    “Whether they regarded themselves as Gods, or the Gods alike common mortals, is not yet known. However, when the giant ones no longer saw need in worshipping false deities, anger and hatred festered within their hearts.”
    “What happened next, once again, is not yet known, as we are still uncovering new facts every day. It’d appear most likely that the first ones were defeated and wiped out by the Gods, this being the most supported hypothesis by fellow historians.”
    “Whatever the case, it seems we have much to learn from the people who lived before us. Even the greatest of civilizations could fall to the simple emotion that is envy and lust for power…”

    If you do not have the key, then it just says:

    This book’s pages are weathered to the point of illegibility. Still, perhaps there is something more to be found here one day...

    By: Da Homeboi, Matteo_Games
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    Summoner's Fate

    Level Min: 60
    Location: Dark Forest
    XP: 65 000
    Lore: “The Order of the Abyss was once a powerful cult with influence across Northern Gavel. They sought to summon a being of great power, but most attempts ended in complete failure. Of course, their efforts did not go unnoticed, for the Gavelian government would eventually start to weed them out.”

    Access: Same as before.


    [814 AP]

    (OUT: The cutscene starts like the original, with Kalrow standing in front of an altar, his face robed.)

    [1/16] Kalrow, Messenger of the Order: Lord, I’ve located the pieces… This magic is foul, but its use is justified… Forgive me for using it…

    (OUT: At the magic altar where the discovery takes place, as Kalrow talks, magical particles begin to appear and a portal ambient noise begins to play.)

    [2/16] Kalrow, Messenger of the Order: Lord, I call upon thee! The gates open for your arrival! I summon thee, Lord Nara-

    (OUT: A fireball comes from off screen, stopping Kalrow’s summoning, for a moment. The camera then turns to three approaching figures, the one in the middle is Ross, while the other two are just labeled as Villager Guard.)

    [3/16] Ross: Hold it right there! I am a member of the Gavellian League of Defense. Kalrow, citizen of Lexdale, cease your ritual and come with me.
    [4/16] Kalrow, Messenger of the Order: Hmph! Just as I’d believed, the false rulers of this land have come to stop our noble endeavors. You and your pathetic government are blind, blind to the scourges-
    [5/16] Ross: If you do not come with me I will be forced to take you in. Do you understand that? You and your organization have been charged with a staggering list of crimes, the lowest of which is murder. Come with me. Now.
    [6/16] Kalrow, Messenger of the Order: Still, you do not listen? Ah, I cannot blame you… Light, the Decay, the consuming void… Only fools like you and your masters would believe in such things.
    [7/16] Kalrow, Messenger of the Order: The forces creep into our world, parallel paths built upon thrones of lies.
    [8/16] Ross: Ok, fine, guards! Grab him; we need him alive for questioning, so don’t hit too hard.

    (OUT: The guards step forward, but are blown back by a sickening dark wave. Ross is able to stand their ground, with a number of blue crit particles flying back around them.)

    [9/16] Kalrow, Messenger of the Order: Hah! Once again, your shallow-mindedness comes to light. The primordial forces do not seek the wellbeing, or otherwise, of us mortals. To them, we are but puppets in a theater. All they seek is to brawl!
    [10/16] Kalrow, Messenger of the Order: They preach messages of “good”, or of “evil”, hiding their intentions behind masks of glass. The Light of “morality” those pathetic Elves worship would not so much as bat an eye, was it to massacre their subjects for showing dissent!
    [11/16] Kalrow, Messenger of the Order: And yet, while the forces delude you, there is one constant this world holds… but I shan’t entertain you with my words any further. The Lord’s arrival is much anticipated; be grateful that you get to witness it with your feeble eyes!

    (OUT: The portal particles and noise starts up again, this time much louder, as Kalrow continues the summoning. As the particles get their densest, a breaking glass sound plays, and the particles vanish along with the noise.)

    [12/16] Kalrow, Messenger of the Order: ...Hmph. I should have been wiser than to confide in the magicks brought about by this plague.
    [13/16] Ross: Interesting. I’d love to hear more about this lord of yours, Kalrow. Since you seem to think us fools, I’d like to know who exactly you serve here.

    (OUT: The Villager Guards move towards Kalrow. However, just as they approach him, he suddenly steps back and looks towards Ross.)

    [14/16] Kalrow, Messenger of the Order: Cretins! As if I’d give up the name of our lord to hasbeens such as you! Leave the order’s plans, we seek only the truest protection of these fouled lands.

    (OUT: Ross’s hands are surrounded with crit particles, and they run forward, creating a trail of the particles. Before they can reach Kalrow however, they vanish in a puff of smoke, causing Ross to smash into the altar and create an explosion.)

    [15/16] Ross: Crap… There goes a perfectly new suit.
    [16/16] Ross: Not much time now though, they can’t keep hiding forever… and that lord of theirs. The Order of the Abyss will need to be put at a much higher priority in the coming weeks...

    (OUT: As Ross’ last lines play, the cutscene ends. You are not, however, teleported into the room the original secret discovery had, and are instead teleported in front of the altar, and you are given the secret discovery.)

    By: Matteo_Games, Blastbasher

    Lost Behemoth

    Level Min: 65
    Location: Kander Forest
    XP: 65 000
    Lore: “After numerous failures to summon Naragath, the Order of the Abyss began to search for something more powerful to open the way for their savior. Among these ancient ruins, they found that power.”

    Step 1:
    Go to the house between the border of Kander Forest and Gylia Plains and talk to the Hermit at [-548,44,-5246] (this step is optional to progress the discovery).

    [1/5] Hermit: Oh! A visitor!
    [2/5] Hermit: It’s been a long time since I last saw someone come through here, so glad to have company.
    [3/5] Hermit: Here to see the ruins? Well, there’s plenty of old sites around here, mostly crypts from the royal days.
    [4/5] Hermit: I remember hearing stories of the old Order of the Abyss rummaging around back here, but no one knows what they were after...
    [5/5] Hermit: Oh, but that’s not important. Anyways, it was nice to see someone around here, come back any time, stranger!

    Step 2: Throw any item into the house’s fireplace. A 1x1 hole stretching 5 blocks deep will open up to the left of the fireplace, which you will have to fall into. The hole has a coal block portal at the bottom which takes you into a mossy stone cave that curves and stretches for 50 blocks of length. At the end is a small, dimly-lit study: a desk, some bookshelves, some books scattered around, a 2x2 “planning board” painting on the wall, and a map of Lexdale next to it. On the desk there is a piece of paper NPC named “Log” with the following text when you right-click it:

    “I can’t understand where this thing could be!”
    “Naragath’s visions told of it having been buried here, but the sheer endless number of royal tombs have buried it completely...”
    “I found some notes in the crypt talking about an older structure though: ‘South of the domes of stone, between the five dark-capped sprouts.’”
    “No idea what that could mean, but I guess it's a start...”

    To the side of the desk there’s a wooden button on an emerald block that, once pressed, will open up a 3x3 hole in the wall. Walk into the hole to exit the room, and you’ll be teleported back inside the house. (The next steps will only be available if you pressed the button.)

    Step 3: South of the big stone ruins, there are five black mushrooms spread out in a circle. On the northernmost one, at [-456,47,-5366], there’s a stone button on the stipe of the mushroom. Pressing the button will turn the mushroom’s cap blue, then broken stone block particles accompanied by a “ping” sound effect will lead you to the next mushroom, where at [-446,47,-5351] another stone button will spawn. Pressing it will do the same thing: the mushroom’s cap will turn blue, stone particles will lead you to the next mushroom at [-443,46,-5345]. Then, the one at [-451,46,-5334] and finally, the one at [-467,46,-5344]. Once all the mushroom’s caps have turned blue, a 4x4 hole will appear at [-456,45,-5347], with a portal at the bottom. Fall into it and you will be taken into another cave.

    Step 4: Travel down the cave, which is supported to the sides by stone brick pillars and stone brick arches on the roof. Torches between the pillars illuminate the tunnel. At the end, the tunnel connects to a huge cavern room, adorned with leaves and bigger stone pillars. On the opposite side of the entrance to the room itself, is a huge oak wood gate decorated with birch wood. Above the stone frame of the gate are two massive green eyes.
    A puzzle in the center of the room will let you open the gate, once you solve it. The puzzle is essentially like the light puzzle in Aldorei’s Secret part 2: there are seven redstone lamps on the floor positioned in a circular manner, and on the lamps are stone pressure plates. Stepping on a pressure plate will either turn on or off the lamp you’re on, plus the two adjacent lamps. You have to illuminate all the lamps to complete the puzzle and open the wooden gate.

    Step 5: Go into the room behind the wooden gate, where the secret discovery will trigger.

    This room contains, at the front, the massive lower body of a huge stone beast (similar to the Canyon Colossus, but this one only has its lower body remaining, while its upper body is destroyed), and its blade laying on the ground, cracked. There are more pillars and arches along the room, and there are also crates scattered around belonging to the Lexdale cultists. Interestingly, in front of the beast’s lower body there are three runes on the ground: one is Az, one is Nii and the other is Ek. To the side is an exit portal which takes you back to the surface, between the black mushrooms.

    By: Matteo_Games, Blastbasher

    Witch Hunts

    Level Min: 70
    Location: Lexdale
    XP: 70 000
    Lore: “In the early years of the Decay, the Order of the Abyss located themselves in the town of Lexdale, spreading panic and paranoia among the general community that would continue for centuries even after they were cast out.”

    Step 1:
    Going to the house in Lexdale at [-605, 61, -5425], there will be a villager titled “Lexdale Citizen” standing next to a desk with one of the following dialogues:

    Before Lexdale Witch Trials:
    [1/3] Lexdale Citizen: Oh, hello. Haven’t seen someone new here in… quite some time, no one wants to go this far into Kander.
    [2/3] Lexdale Citizen: Are you here to talk to the mayor? Not much in here, really, especially when he’s out looking for dark warlocks or whatever.
    [3/3] Lexdale Citizen: *sigh* You know, sometimes I wish he’d spend less time on that and more on the rest of us… Even his own house is still a mess, there’s loads of stuff no one’s found yet in here.

    After Lexdale Witch Trials:
    [1/3] Lexdale Citizen: Oh, hello. Haven’t seen someone new here in… quite some time, no one wants to go this far into Kander.
    [2/3] Lexdale Citizen: Are you here to talk to the mayor? Not much in here, really, especially when he’s out looking for dark warlocks or whatever.
    [3/3] Lexdale Citizen: Or did he actually stop doing that as much after all that with Amira? Either way, he hasn’t bothered much with the rest of us… Even his own house is still a mess, there’s loads of stuff no one’s found yet in here.

    There will be a wooden button on the wall that opens a staircase down to the basement. Entering the basement will allow you to read a Faded Journal NPC on the floor of the room with the following dialogue:
    “I can’t stay here any longer… They’re all insane! Saying I’m part of that ridiculous Order, that I’m going to bring catastrophe to this town, I don’t even know what!”
    “Even hidden down here, I don’t think I can last much longer… I’ll have to hide somewhere just outside of town, hopefully some of those old ruins would work…”
    “I suppose I’ll set up another of these button things there too, wouldn’t want these crazies in the town to have any chance of finding me.”

    Step 2: The ruined house near Lexdale at [-595, 47, -5370] will be given a basement, accessed again by a button, which only works if you have already done Part 1. Entering the basement will give the discovery, and it will have another journal at the back, with the following dialogue:
    “I can’t believe it’s actually come to this… All I did was bring a few funny looking carved rocks into my house, and now…”
    “I’m not part of the Order. I’ve never even talked to anyone who was in it! But now, they took EVERYTHING. All my things, even my house… Looks like they’re even using it to try to catch more ‘cultists’, the idiots.”
    “At least they haven’t caught me yet, but this old place isn’t exactly the most comforting. It’s barely even an actual house.”
    “I don’t know how much longer I can even last out here. The beasts in this part of the forest are terrifying, they haven’t found me yet, but there’s no way I could stand against them if they do.”
    “Oh, Bovine, what did I do wrong to deserve all this…”

    By: ditsario

    Bloodstained Prison

    Level Min: 70
    Location: Kander Forest
    XP: 65 000
    Lore: “When the Gavellian government discovered the cults roaming around the Kander Forest, they built a prison to hold the cultists in. Over time, however, the prison’s purpose shifted to something far different from what its creators intended.”

    Step 1:
    If you have done Forbidden Prison, then pressing a button near the Lexdale Penitentiary at [-837, 65, -5484] will open up a door in the wall leading to a secret room. In the room, there will be a sign saying “Enter the Warden’s code” and a set of buttons like in Lost Soles. In the corner of the room, hidden around some dirt, there will be another set of signs with the following text:

    If you’re here,
    searching for
    the Warden’s
    secrets, then

    you must know
    the truth of the
    prison as well.
    I do not know

    the code, and
    I fear if I stay
    too long they
    will find me.

    But I’ve heard
    the key to it
    is hidden in a
    Lexdale house.

    Step 2: The house at [-630, 62, -5448] will be fully boarded up and its signs changed from “No Outsiders” to “Do not enter, Property of the Government”. There will be a new hidden entrance on the side (only accessible at this point in the SD), allowing you to go inside and read a Journal NPC with the following dialogue:
    It’s very old, but you can still make out what the few open pages say…
    “From what I’ve heard, those cultists have been making a huge stink of things around Gelibord instead of here for a while now.”
    “It’s gotten bad enough that those Government weirdos from Cinfras had to get involved. They’re even building some sort of prison to hold all the cultists they can catch in.”
    “Don’t think they meant for me to hear this, but apparently the code to whatever planning room they have is 3-5-4-7. Not that I’m going over there, I’m staying as far from those cultists as I can.”
    “I also heard some stuff about something else they were investigating, some sort of hug-”
    The rest of the journal is too faded to read.

    Step 3: Returning to the room near the prison (you can skip step 2 if you already know the code), entering the code will open up a much larger room containing a number of documents and giving you the secret discovery.


    Archive A-014
    This log is very old, yet the pages are preserved perfectly…
    “No… No! Why am I here?! What is this decrepit place!?”
    “I’m… I’m innocent! I didn’t do anything, yet they threw me in here without a second thought?!”
    “So what if I joined the Order?! We aren’t doing anything bad! We’re… We’re just trying to wake the people up! The things they worship aren’t going to save them, the natural order of the world needs to be restored!”
    “That’s what that messenger told me… ‘As the parasitic forces from beyond make the world their theater, they deceive us mortals with faces of good or evil.’”
    “‘No being or thing may escape the universal force that undoes all… Yet, they crawl within our realm, and call themselves eternal. Such sacrilege cannot be unpunished, for all weathers through time. Those who pretend to avert the chaos that binds this world, shall be the ones most punished by it.’”
    “‘Once the false Gods of eternity are dethroned, and the ancient order returns, all shall find solace and peace. Join us, free a suffering land of its woes.’”
    “I… I’m doing a good thing! I know I am! The people are deluded, but they won’t accept the truth… That’s why I’m here, isn’t it?!”
    “I keep hearing screams of agony from the other cells… What are they doing to my brethren?! Am I going to be next…?”

    Stash of Letters
    It’s a pile of letters, very similar to the one you saw in the Warden’s office…
    You pick up one near the top and start reading it.
    “Hello again. You’ve probably noticed already, but the rate of new souls from the prison has been steadily decreasing.”
    “I know you wish to keep our operations secret and to avoid drawing attention to yourself, but I need more souls to continue sustaining us both.”
    “You must try something new if you wish to keep this deal up. If you cannot, I assure you that it will be much worse for you than for me.”

    Inspection Report
    “To: Gavel Bureau of Criminal Justice.”
    “This place is outrageous! The guards have absolutely no care at all for the prisoners’ wellbeing, and actively force them to perform manual labor constantly!”
    “There is no proper sanitation whatsoever, the showers are run-down and dirty, barely even working consistently.”
    “And the food is ridiculously unhealthy. By the look of it, whoever’s in charge of it just digs up slop from around Kander and feeds it to these poor prisoners.”
    “And don’t get me started on the guards’ attitudes! Why, they even suggested they’d try to punish me for stepping out of line! Well, won’t they like it when this letter gets to Cinfras!”
    “Signed, Inspector Erstine, 907 AP.”

    By: ditsario, Matteo_Games

    The Talor Crypt

    Level Min: 70
    Location: House of Talor
    XP: 70 000
    Lore: “The crypt beneath the House of Talor was once used to store the remains of the rich and the noblemen. However, when the crypt was abandoned due to the arrival of the Decay, it was converted into a base of operations for the Order of the Abyss...”

    Access: Same as before.

    As soon as you enter the crypt, you will be given blindness and nausea, and this message will appear:

    A ghastly presence reveals the past to you…

    Then, you will be transported to a larger, more older looking version of the crypt, and four NPCs will spawn: three are named “Ghost” and one is named “Kalrow”. They are standing in front of a floating circle made out of purple particles, and are wearing robes. During this, you cannot move, and the scene takes place in front of you. Then, dialogue will start to play.

    [1/10] Ghost: The ritual is ready… The Lord from beyond shall give us guidance… Brother, if you may?

    (OUT: Kalrow nods to the Ghost.)

    [2/10] Kalrow: O Demon King, bound by the Nine Chains, wielding the Crown of Emptiness, reveal your presence, guide the world to how it once was!

    (OUT: An end portal (not frame) block appears in the center of the circle, from which two rays of purple beacons extend both upwards and downwards. Then, the circle turns into a rift made out of end portal blocks with bedrock borders.)

    (OUT: Each of ???’s lines are accompanied by a Wither sound effect, similar to the Dern Beast in the Light Forest ultimate discovery.)

    [3/10] ???:
    [4/10] ???: A great blight befell the order of the realms. The scourge of your land is not what you believe it is.
    [5/10] ???: Great forces, without a single care for your land, have sought to carve it up with their wars. You may struggle and fall at their whims, but such plights are not sealed.
    [6/10] Kalrow:
    My lord! Please, you must tell us what we may do! We’ve tried all the possible magicks to no avail! The borders of these realms cannot be shattered!
    [7/10] ???: Mmmm… You have done fine work, but the realm’s truths are far beyond you. Long ago there were others, antecedents who let these forces seep into your lands unabated.
    [8/10] ???: Those alien rays of light crept unto this very realm, through a great rift of their creation. Their idiocy led to their end, and now their magic of ineffable power runs amok… you must locate it.
    [9/10] Kalrow:
    What? Lord, I do not understand… Who-
    [10/10] ???: Who they were matters not. Listen to my words! To the east, amid the oldest of rubble, you shall find one of their greatest works. Rip the magic from its wretched hide of stone, and bring it to me. I will show you what must be done...

    (OUT: The rift closes, and the four NPCs disappear one by one. You are given the secret discovery, and you can now walk again. You are taken back to the normal version of the crypt.)

    By: Matteo_Games

    Ancient Cinfras

    Level Min: 70
    Location: Kander Forest
    XP: 70 000
    Lore: “Long ago, a group of lower-class Villagers subjugated by an ancient empire built a great city to appease their masters. However, during the empire’s downfall, the city was ravaged by creations of their own kind and abandoned. Today, only the city center remains.”

    Step 1:
    Find the three axe fragments spread out across the ruined stone city near the Heart of Decay. The first axe fragment, the Western Axe Fragment, will be in the small building at [-491,74,-5541], where it will appear as a Level 70 passive mob that you have to kill to get the item.

    Item Information
    Item Name: Western Axe Fragment
    Item Sprite: Flint
    Untradable Item
    Lore: “A fragment of an enchanted axe. It seems to be attracted to its two other pieces.”

    The second axe fragment, the Northern Axe Fragment, is located in the large assembly building with the fallen chandelier. On the biggest seat, at [-454,87,-5573], is another Level 70 passive mob which you have to kill to get the fragment. The Northern Axe Fragment is identical to the Western Axe Fragment in all but name, with the same item lore.

    The third axe fragment, the Eastern Axe Fragment, can be found in the second floor of a house in the eastern outskirts of the ruined city, on the grey bed at [-390,60,-5593], where a Level 70 passive mob will drop the axe fragment when killed. The Eastern Axe Fragment is identical to the previous two axe fragments, again, in all but name, sharing the item lore.

    Step 2: Go to the decayed tree in the center of the colosseum-like building at [-469,62,-5509] (which you can’t cut for Dark wood anymore), where at the front, some green sparkle particles will appear, indicating that you have to interact with the tree. Interacting with it will relay two different messages depending on whether or not you have the axe fragments.

    If you don’t have all axe fragments:
    This old tree, while decayed, seems to be protected by a waning magical spell… An enchanted axe seems like it could cut it down.

    If you have all axe fragments:
    The fragments float in the air, uniting and forming a magical, enchanted axe. Perhaps it’s strong enough to cut this tree down?
    [+1 Enchanted Axe]

    Item Information
    Item Name: Enchanted Axe
    Item Sprite: Stone Axe
    Untradable Item
    Lore: “A strong, magical axe, relic of a long-forgotten time. It seems like it was used to seal something away, but it could also be used to remove such a seal.”

    Step 3: Left click the tree with the Enchanted Axe twice, and a short animation will play of the tree falling over and disappearing. Then, this message plays:
    The ancient seal has been removed… Now, you may access the withheld memories that lay buried within.

    Step 4: Below where the tree was, is a coal block portal at the bottom of a hole. Fall into the portal, and you will be teleported into a large crypt-like room with ruined houses and rubble everywhere, stone walls, and a broken gate. Once you enter the crypt, another dialogue will trigger:
    The bodies seem incredibly well-preserved, and… magical? You can even hear the voices of some of them…

    To the sides of the crypt, along the walls, are dozens of dead Villager bodies with blood on the floor. This room is where the secret discovery will trigger. At the end of the room there’s an exit coal block portal that takes you in front of the tree.

    You can interact with some of the bodies in this crypt, and they will give dialogue that talks about their city’s demise and where the survivors fled.

    First Dialogue

    [1147 BP]

    [1/6] Dead Scout: Brothers… We are in great peril… Gaze beyond the walls…
    [2/6] Dead Scout: What are those… creatures…?
    [3/6] Dead Scout: Such ghastly majesty… Be those machines they’ve sent to punish us…? But, why…?
    [4/6] Dead Scout: No… Their eyes of stone reveal another story… Their noses, akin to ours…?
    [5/6] Dead Scout: We have not partook in this bloodshed… Are they coming for us…? No, it mustn’t b-
    [6/6] Dead Scout: Aahh… AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!

    Second Dialogue
    [1/6] Dead Father: Son, you need to leave with the rest! Don’t worry about me, and HURRY!
    [2/6] Dead Father: N-No! Don’t try to rescue me! Don’t you see my legs?! Come on, son, go!
    [3/6] Dead Father: No, no! They’re not bad guys! They’re going that way, see? They’re going east, you’re going to get a new home! Believe me, it will be far better than this one!
    [4/6] Dead Father: Just go! A-And when you see the mountains, stop, okay?
    [5/6] Dead Father: Huh? What about Mommy? She’s… Well, mommy is…
    [6/6] Dead Father: W-What is that?! NO! RUN, SON! NOW! PLEASE!

    (OUT: The “Dead Father” NPC has its legs cut off, with blood coming out of its torso.)

    Third Dialogue
    [1/5] Dead Poet: Ahh… What an amicable sight… The day chosen by the divines has arrived.
    [2/5] Dead Poet: The ancient harmony is restored once more… We would be so bold as to reject the consecrated order?
    [3/5] Dead Poet: Even the lowliest of egos would not dare question principles which transcend our world…
    [4/5] Dead Poet: Alas, we have. Thus, it is only just that the people of the East, harbingers of divinity, feel fit to discipline us.
    [5/5] Dead Poet: What divine beauty… O Leviathans of Rock, I stand prepared, to be assimilated within your grasp, and return to the earth.

    Fourth Dialogue
    [1/8] Dead Soldier: SIR! It’s… It’s bad! Really bad! There are only a few dozen survivors! We can’t simply keep looking, we don’t have time, otherwise we’ll meet the same end as everyone else!
    [2/8] Dead Commander: Even one survivor would suffice for me. I will evacuate them, our men must have a chance to live. As for you, keep trying to fend them off, on the double, GO!
    [3/8] Dead Soldier: Wait! Where… Where are you taking them?! And, how do you know you won’t get trampled on the way there?!
    [4/8] Dead Commander: Worry not. We are heading south-east, at the foot of the Canyon, where a new city will flourish. And if you live, you may join us at its founding.
    [5/8] Dead Soldier: S-South-east?! B-But that’s just outside the Canyon! It’s too close to the capital, you will all be killed!
    [6/8] Dead Commander: Do not overstep your authority by questioning my actions. Times are changing, and we must change with them. This opportunity is golden.
    [7/8] Dead Commander: The natural order is twisting… and if we are lucky, we may twist it in our favor. Now, as I said, go! One more minute you spend chatting with me, is one more compatriot dead because of them!
    [8/8] Dead Soldier: Sir, yes sir! I just hope all will go w-

    Vindalur's Key Section

    Near the exit portal is a hooded, leg-less grey spirit that when interacted with simply says:

    [1/1] ???: The horror…

    If you have Vindalur’s Key, after the dialogue line, the following will happen as well:

    (OUT: Blindness starts, but then nothing happens for some time. The player cannot cast spells or leave the house, however.)

    The spirit… It is not looking at you…
    There is another presence here. One much more sinister.
    [1/3] ???: Pitiful. The antithesis to all life - life itself. While their realm crumbles to our whim, they yet infight - brethren destroying each other, cities razed for false ideals…
    [2/3] ???: These stone-hided critters could never long to be as mighty as us. They help my legion of void advance through these bountiful lands. When the final stronghold to the east falls, shall they regret fighting nary but fellow mortals?
    [3/3] ???: This world… it is the very essence we beings, born of nothing, have always sought… It will make stripping this realm of its greatest wonders all the more enchanting!


    East of the ruined city, there will be a blue tent at [-308,44,-5569]; inside this tent there’s a white name Villager NPC called “Historian”, who will say the following:

    [1/9] Historian: Oh, greetings! You startled me. I was so enthralled in my research I didn’t see you there.
    [2/9] Historian: Hmm, what am I doing here? Ah, nothing interesting, sadly. Just studying those old ruins to the west. Seemingly, they belong to a large, long-lost city, and the remaining ruins are only the city center.
    [3/9] Historian: And yet, these ruins continue to baffle me. You probably think the city was brought down by the Decay’s festering influence, but new evidence shows that it was abandoned long before that plague started appearing in Gavel.
    [4/9] Historian: I’ve inspected some of the artifacts in these ruins, and I’ve dated them all the way back to the 4th Age.
    [5/9] Historian: You likely don’t know what the 4th Age is, not many do… The 4th Age is an era in Gavel’s history that has no records, not written or otherwise created. It is a complete blank in history, as far as we know.
    [6/9] Historian: However, when this Age ended in 1128 BP, no records we’ve found even bothered to mention the mysterious years before. It’s bewildering.
    [7/9] Historian: That’s why I’m intrigued by the fact that these ruins still exist in the first place… Were they spared from this wiping of history? Or could it be something else…?
    [8/9] Historian: The leading theory between us historians is that a catastrophe of unimaginable magnitudes affected the land in such a way, that all records of it and of its repercussions were hidden away.
    [9/9] Historian: Hmm… While my research is limited, mostly due to the beasts roaming about the ruins, maybe you can find out more. You seem far more powerful than me, so you could surely uncover the secret of the ruins on your own.

    By: Matteo_Games

    No longer the Ultimate Discovery of the Dark Forest, instead it is just a normal secret discovery, the XP is lowered to 70 000, and the first few dates start at 760 AP. Nothing else about the discovery itself is changed, though.

    The Demon King

    Level Min: 70
    Location: Kander Forest
    XP: 100 000
    Lore: “When the Order of the Abyss attempted to summon the being they saw as their savior, Naragath, the Gavel government arrived in turn to stop them. Although the site of the battle lies in ruins, it is unclear whether the Order’s plans were truly foiled…”

    Access: In the structure on top of the hill in the graveyard, a coffin will open revealing the crystal orb that sends you to ultimate discoveries.

    (OUT: The cutscene opens in the House of Talor’s Crypt like in the Talor Crypt discovery. A large group of hooded figures can be seen approaching the altar from earlier.)

    [839 AP]

    [1/6] Cultist: This insanity ends, finally… Kalrow, do you have everything? Is it ready?
    [2/6] Kalrow: Of course I have everything, Dilani, you fool! Dare you think I would attempt a mistake for this glorious occasion?
    [3/6] Dilani: Alright, alright, I just wanted to be sure. Let’s get started, then. No time to waste.

    (OUT: The cultists will walk up to the altar. They will place a number of runes on it, causing the end portal blocks to expand and more beacons to appear.)

    [4/6] Cultists: O Demon King, bound by the Nine Chains, wielding the Crown of Emptiness, return to us, guide the world to the path of purity!

    (OUT: The end portal blocks will expand even more, and Naragath will begin to appear. He extends his hand out of the portal, similar to Naragath’s Hand in Eye of the Storm. A chain is wrapped around his wrist. As the scene progresses after this, the portal blocks will slowly expand more, and Naragath will slowly emerge more from the portal.)

    [5/6] Dilani: Ha- have we really done it?
    [6/6] Naragath:

    (OUT: Ross, leading a large group of Villager Guards behind him, will enter the Crypt. He will jump back upon seeing Naragath.)

    [1/7] Ross: What in the- They’re already doing it! Everyone, quickly! We have to stop them before they finish! Whatever it takes!
    [2/7] Kalrow: Aha, our guests have appeared. Why, you couldn’t have come any sooner! The Lord appears from the great beyond… and with him, shall come a new age. Not to worry, he will take you into his embrace, if you join him!
    [3/7] Ross: Oh, I don’t think so! Fire!

    (OUT: The villager guards will shoot a series of fireballs at the cultists, who quickly run away. A few will die, but Kalrow and Dilani remain. The remaining cultists, now hiding behind pillars, cast a series of purple particle spells at the guards, injuring a few but killing none.)

    [4/7] Dilani: You FOOLS! Can’t you see what we’re doing here?! We’re this close to saving the world, and you still fight us!?
    [5/7] Ross: Pah! You think that… beast would save anyone? I bet it’d slaughter you all the moment it broke from its chains!
    [6/7] Kalrow: The fool falsely wields the mask of the wise. You do not comprehend what is at play beyond what you can fathom, you do not see the truth like us!
    [7/7] Ross: I don’t need to “see the truth” to know you’re all crazy for thinking this is a good idea! Guards, fire again! Prioritize that man on the right, he’s dangerous! He must be their leader!

    (OUT: The guards shoot fireballs towards Kalrow’s pillar, damaging it and killing him. Dilani starts to move towards Kalrow’s body before stopping and staying hidden behind his pillar.)

    [1/7] Dilani: You… you actually… killed…
    [2/7] Dilani: It doesn’t matter. You’re too late. He is here.

    (OUT: All NPCs turn to look towards Naragath. The portal has now fully formed into a circle, and Naragath has fully formed, but is still inside it.)

    [3/7] Naragath: The chains have shattered. My kin shall bring forth a new dawn. Alas, I fear those who do not comprehend these ancient matters will fall like those who already have.
    [4/7] Naragath: You would attempt to resist my coronation? You, tiny specks, excuses of living! Even those I so despise, who knelt to my whim, would find their legacy derided by you!

    (OUT: Naragath fires a series of purple particle spells at the Villager Guards, immediately killing all of them except Ross, who creates a magic shield using a rune of his own.)

    [5/7] Ross: We came more prepared than you think. I didn’t want to have to do this, but…
    [6/7] Ross: Everyone else, NOW! Bury this whole place!

    (OUT: Another group of Villager Guards enter the Crypt and shoot fireballs at the ceiling, causing it to crumble and collapse.)

    [7/7] Dilani: NO! You ca-

    (OUT: All the NPCs in the room run towards the exit, except Naragath, who remains in the portal, but only Ross and the new Guards make it out before the ceiling collapses. This triggers the after-ultimate text, ending in giving the discovery and placing you at the entrance to the House of Talor.)

    The Summoning of Naragath would’ve become a province-shattering calamity, if it wasn’t stopped in the nick of time.
    To prevent such an event from ever happening again, the Gavel Government banned the possession of runes. Cults were also completely banned from the province.
    Additionally, in the days following the battle, the wreckage was searched for any signs of Naragath’s reemergence. The bodies of the members of the Order of the Abyss who partook in the battle were found, but the Demon King himself seemed to have simply disappeared.
    Since the portal was destroyed by the falling rubble, it was assumed that he had been trapped back outside of the realm, with no way to reenter.
    But, rumors have spread among the citizens of Kander that Naragath managed to survive the battle, with even other demons escaping after him, and that he still plans to return and bring destruction to the people of Gavel…

    By: ditsario, Matteo_Games

    Birth of Efilim

    Level Min: 65
    Location: Light Forest
    XP: 200 000
    Lore: “Long ago, the culture of Aldorei split in two. Eventually, the followers of the Light would banish all those who still followed the old ways, forcing them to search for a new home out in the forest.”

    Access: Same as before, although the poem’s last line is edited:
    After the sun rose on the fourth morning, a mighty surprise the three fairies had in mind. To an unexpected sanctuary they brought the sisters, and soon the cold of the night was nothing but a memory.

    Cutscene: No longer takes place underground, but rather with the elves walking near an old (much smaller) version of Efilim.

    A vision of the past presents itself to you…

    [785 BP]

    [1/9] Vaeli: (looks up) Lord… if you are still out there somewhere, please help us.
    [2/9] Vaeli: Your lands, your power… We need your strength for protection against the dark future ahead of us.
    [3/9] Tyana: What are you doing, sister?
    [4/9] Vaeli: Praying. How are things going back at Aldorei?
    [5/9] Tyana: The High Elves aren’t letting any of us back in. A few even offered to convert, but still nothing. I don’t think there’s any hope at this point.

    (OUT: The two walk a bit closer to Efilim, bringing it into full view.)

    [6/9] Vaeli: Could it be… have we finally found a sanctuary?
    [7/9] Tyana: That villager camp? Are you sure?
    [8/9] Vaeli: Yes. We can join them, build a new city here.
    [9/9] Vaeli: Go tell the others. I believe we may have found our new home.

    Vindalur's Key Section

    If you have Vindalur’s Key, then additional lines will play at the end, with the player blinded during them:

    [1/5] ???: I hear thee… Even from this lonely gap, nestled between realms…
    [2/5] ???: How foolish we were… to pursue empty goals of worship. We forsook our creation from basking in the beauty of these wondrous lands, and from cherishing their very lives… Mere tools are all they were…
    [3/5] ???: Thus didst our offspring fester unbridled hatred of us within their bleeding hearts… Vindalur, how wise thou wert in your judgement… From the errors we’d so carelessly committed with the primordial giants…
    [4/5] ???: Now, my people… As their allegiances change, so do their hearts… They heed not my legacy anymore, instead blindly turning to the Light like moths flittering to a kindled flame…
    [5/5] ???: So didst I fail them. The mistakes past shall never be remedied, their devotion to me unredeemed… But, I can yet hope…

    By: ditsario

    Forgotten Altars

    Level Min: 70
    Location: Aldorei
    XP: 225 000
    Lore: “When the Elves lost their ancient god, they created a number of altars in futile attempts to bring their deity, and others like it, back. After they began worshipping the Light instead, these altars would be abandoned, and all but the largest would be lost to time.”

    Access: To access the discovery, you need to get 4 Cherry Blossom Petals hidden all across Aldorei Valley, having the texture of a Pink Carpet. They all share very similar lore, being “To the altar at x:00, combine the power of the flora to gaze into a room of the past.”

    There will also be an Aldorei Elf NPC near the Uth Altar that hints towards the discovery.
    [1/6] Aldorei Elf: Ah, I see a human of all people managed to get in here. Welcome to our valley.
    [2/6] Aldorei Elf: Congratulations on being allowed in, we do have strict rules about who we allow so as to not taint the land.
    [3/6] Aldorei Elf: Although, I am a bit curious about our past. Before the light came into Gavel, we worshipped something else, according to rumors.
    [4/6] Aldorei Elf: I feel as if this altar of Uth has something to do with it. From what I have heard around the valley, the petals of the Cherry Blossom Tree have some magical capabilities.
    [5/6] Aldorei Elf: I’ve heard that they are around the gate, a little down the hill of the altar, on top of a watch tower, and by a shrine.
    [6/6] Aldorei Elf: But then again, I am almost certain they are just rumors.

    The Petals will be located by the gate of Aldorei Valley, down the hill of the Uth Altar, on top of a watchtower at -51, -4531, on by the Shrine that is used in the 4th stage of Aldorei’s Secret P2, with each of the petals being 3:00, 6:00, 9:00, and 12:00 in that order.

    When you have all 4 Petals in your inventory, right-click on the Uth Altar, which will trigger a cutscene. The cutscene shows the four petals reacting with the Uth Altar, which then causes an explosion near the Uth Altar, as you will be dropped into a room, which consumes all of the Petals in your inventory, and grants the discovery.

    In the room with the discovery, there will be an altar to Entia, with an exit in the back and various signs all around the room:

    Those damned
    idiots! Why did
    they do that?!
    The Light solves

    none of our
    issues, I told
    all the others
    all about it,

    but... they
    didn’t listen.
    Thought I was
    crazy. But I

    refuse to be
    exiled because
    of their stupid
    new “laws”!

    No matter how
    long it takes,
    they HAVE to
    see the glory

    of Entia! Our
    great Goddess
    of the Air!

    Vindalur's Key Section

    If the player has Vindalur’s Key, additional lines will play at the end.

    A powerful gust of wind blows through the room, revealing the thoughts of the gods far past.

    [1/7] ???: Finally… I’ve found success… new winds shall stream these lands yet once more!
    [2/7] ???: Ah, you’ve done it? Hadn’t thou found fulfillment with the green dwellers of the west, Entia?
    [3/7] Entia: No, Gaia… All creation has flaw. Their kin is barbaric, not fit for worship… But, couldst thou say such with these immaculate beings?
    [4/7] Gaia: Foolish… Once more, thou pay no heed to mistakes past! These pygmies hold too vast a power! Hadn’t thou learned from our first creation?!
    [5/7] Entia: Thou’rt mistaken… They may be volatile as great winds, but only within the earthen valleys shall they dwell. Would thee not, of all deities, be content with such?
    [6/7] Gaia: Cherish them all thou want, we need not more great conflicts on our hands… Yet, all life must bear a name… What shall thou christen these ones as?
    [7/7] Entia: A name of beauty, so fitting for these masterpieces… They shall be cherished as “Elves”, I believe another of us proposed this name, one they shall be known as for all eternity…

    By: ditsario, Da Homeboi, Blastbasher

    The Grand Archive

    Level Min: 70
    Location: Cinfras
    XP: 300 000
    Lore: Same as before.

    Access: Same as before.


    End of Royalty - Cinfrasian Uprising
    It goes without saying that our history was moulded by the royals.
    Their influence lasted for more than a thousand years after Remikas crowned himself the first king of our nation.
    But all rulers will eventually fall. When our lands were crying from famine, disease, and war, those who ruled only admired the horizon.
    Over the centuries, we had fought and died for them, become the conquerors of both the east and west and the true rulers of Gavel. But was that not enough? No. Not for our king, Theden II of Llevigar.
    The heart of Gavel was bleeding with deception. In 750 AP, through the streets of Cinfras, the public began their revolts against their... silent king.
    For weeks many were killed and the red fires blazed through the streets, but the voices of the courageous continued growing stronger. All attempts to stop the riots were repressed. The uprising was a force as strong as the mightiest waves. Soon enough, the final defense was broken.
    However, once the mob arrived at the grand hall of the royalty, all they found was Theden’s body on the ground, with a potion of purple liquid leaking by it.
    The royalty was over. A new age rose as a sun from the darkness. Only the people have the power now, and we wield it to protect ourselves. Never again shall the government simply forget those in need.
    However, there are those who do not share the same vision with us. Those who dare to defile our democracy.
    And to those, we say... An Gavellen.

    Ancient Scrolls (Rewrite)
    Almost all of the writing is faded, with the last few parts being barely legible…
    “Finally… The Gates of Hell open…”
    “It was right… Yet, its thoughts were shunned… Our ambitions peered into the divine clouds…”
    “We would dare attempt to edit fate’s loom… To gape into events set… to twist...”
    “The Old Gods were correct… Their elements… We are but threats…”
    “It was exiled… left to weep at the wrathful ones aloft… Yet, it is among the last of its kin…
    “Cursed… Seeing actions yet to happen… It sees a new, bright force, seeping into our land…”
    “From the rift of hell, its gleam casts unfamiliar hope… Yet, it is not akin to the beings of void… Perhaps a ray in this sea of blood…”
    “One mustn’t tamper with the tablets… It leaves scrolls as warnings… Do not tamper with the tablets…”
    “Paranoia… end of man… How fitting… We would seek to prevent other sky-born cataclysms, yet, we’ve made one of our own…

    Study of the Goliaths (Edits)
    “The Goliaths of Gylia, as they are named, have slumbered outside of our cities with no truth to their origins.
    “Overwhelming amounts of historians have tried to figure out their mystery, to no avail.
    “Texts as far back as from the 5th Age mention them. Some look to the age before, the mysterious 4th Age, for answers to their existence. Alas, knowledge of this dark age, which began with the cataclysm, is gone from our grasp.
    “Machines of the First Men. Bringers of the apocalypse. Soldiers of the gods. Such theories have emerged from our baffled minds.”
    “In particular, the mythical Farnian War has been the most popular source among the people, though myths are... sadly to say, myths.
    “There are so many paths to take when we try to understand something that could very well be ten thousand years old.”
    “But as long as these Goliaths continue to hide their enigmatic truth, we are left to rely on our own interpretations.”

    A Scholar's Perspective on Gerts (Rewrite)
    While the first parts of this book just tell you what you already know about them, you find a particularly interesting section.
    And yet, there have been no written records of the Gerts until near the end of the 5th Age.
    A very common theory among the uneducated masses is that they arrived from the meteors of Gylia, being aliens to our land.
    Clearly, this is impossible. There are few records of the mythical Gylia Cataclysm, but it was dated to around a thousand years before the first mention of Gerts, not to mention that any impact would leave few to no survivors.
    However, this could mean that they were hiding underneath Lake Gylia for centuries, before making their emergence in Seljani, a Villager city-state that was overrun by the savage creatures.
    Another theory is that they came from the Canyons, and made their way to the Gylia Plains. However, like the first theory, this is also widely untrue. The most common pillars which it is based upon is that they were attracted to the Meteors, as weak minds easily get corrupted by power.
    This does not factor in the pre-existing objects with similar properties recorded in the Canyons, however, and even if they did come from the Canyons, then they would have emerged far earlier than the end of the 5th Age.
    Rather, I instead have a different theory, that-
    A large stain makes the following section unreadable.

    Reports on the Bug and Elf (New)

    (OUT: This book can be found and read by entering a separate room, accessible via a Key that can be found in the hidden library archive in Finding the Light.)

    This is an official document of the Royal Government that cannot be disclosed to anyone who is not of the nobility. Sharing this information with a lower person will result in punishment to the fullest extent of the law.
    315 A6
    (UPDATE: This date has been translated to 13 BP.)
    We have been carefully watching the elf roaming around the Kander Woods. She calls herself Lari, and appears to be assisted by someone called Dullahan.
    Our spies have told us that she is chosen by a force called ‘The Light,’ likely the same strange force of the old religion. She seems peculiar. We must keep an eye on her for a few decades…
    68 AP
    A centipede-like creature emerged from a discolored spot on the border between the Kander Woods and the Gylia Plains. We have sent some of our best men to fight the aberration, but it easily destroyed the soldiers. Of our 40 men sent to fight it, only 5 returned.
    We can only hope that the battle will at least delay it. Could this odd being be related to the elf…?
    491 AP
    Lari and her protege Dullahan approached us for information about the Parasite. From monitoring it, we have found that it is resting in the Olux Forest.
    However, in return, we asked her to provide us more insight to the eldritch abomination, since the Elves of Aldorei did not let us into the valley to gather information during our attempt in 221. It was a simple question, but she refused to answer that.
    Eventually, we called for more back-up soldiers, to threaten her, but… she still refused to budge. Dullahan, however, tried to fight a few of us, but we endured it, and Lari managed to convince him to stop.
    We had to simply give up the answer as thanks once we realized that Lari would still never be willing to give us her information. Her stubbornness of morality and pacifism… It’s a strong one, that’s for sure.
    513 AP
    Further monitoring of the duo and the Parasite showed that it would emerge somewhere in Olux again, and Lari soon discovered it. Despite her supposed strength, the Parasite was barely harmed before our soldiers arrived and drove it underground.
    Dullahan, like the previous encounter with him, was obviously infuriated at the fact that we had to help and that it was not killed. However, Lari, once again, managed to tame him, as he came to his senses again.
    We should definitely monitor him very closely, although it seems we will be able to safely stop monitoring Lari, as she still shows no signs of being a threat.
    641 AP
    As nothing of note has occurred in over 100 years, Operation Dark Watch has been permanently shut down to cut costs. Any future sightings of Lari or Dullahan should be ignored.

    By: Da Homeboi, ditsario

    Mark of the Meteors

    Level Min: 70
    Location: Gert Camp
    XP: 300 000
    Lore: Same as before.

    Access: Same as before.


    Day 1
    I was peacefully studying the wildlife around my house, when all of a sudden I heard a thud.
    It came from my backyard, so I decided to look into it, and what I saw was fascinating.
    Two small meteors seemed to have fallen into my backyard. Those two meteors, they seem to hold countless mysteries. The other people in my city of Seljani were also clearly fascinated by them.
    Legends tell of great meteors having crashed down on the land long ago, but nothing like this has been seen in recent times. As a scholar, I feel as if they beckon me to research them.
    I hope that if I perish, these logs will be the last surviving evidence of my findings, and the future generations will use them for good.

    Day 12,
    Further inspection on these stones shows they were glowing with purple and blue colors, very faintly. They seemed to have a more white-ish color, however, unlike the swirls of mist around the lake.
    The glowing… it indicates these stones are far more than what we can comprehend, showing that it has been touched by magic.
    What type of magic, however, is unknown. However, it seems to have attracted a lot more meteors to fall in the others’ yards, similar to my situation.
    But… does this indicate something? Is another calamity upon us? Are we going to suffer?
    The paranoid left the city a few days after those meteors landed. Maybe they were right?
    I have warned my fellow citymen to not interact with them. I’ll just have to hope they abide by what I’ve asked for…

    day 43,
    the more i study the rocks… the more they call to me. eventually, i learned one huge thing about them! it was… i forgot.
    nonetheless, i eventually went to my books to consult a source about them. it took a while to find the right one, but then, it was confirmed. i just hit a breakthrough in my studys!
    i wanted to write it down, but… i just cant. what was it?
    i feel like i have forgotten more and more every day the more i study the rocks. other people in my town have also been acting more forgetful.
    i cant even recognize myself in the mirror. what happened to that scholar inside of me? at least… i think i was a scholar.
    but… we’ll be fine… i think...
    yes. we’ll be fine. the rocks will help us... right?

    dey 87,
    no tim to talk to oter vilagers. busy kil vegtable.
    they taste too bad. ew. gros. meat only good thing now.
    rock so shiny. i kep in hous. but i no lok at for now.
    writin hard, so i tri to talk more. no respon.
    i need meat. fast. please. rock. give meat. i need. you help me… rite rock?
    … maybe it bad. maybe no mor rock for me. will dig hole to get rid of rock.

    bei 159,
    me no lev hus for long tim. ran ot of met.
    ned go otsid sun. me… hungr.
    hunt pig nd get potato. i strv. we strv.
    otr vilgers ot of hus. meibi me com wit.
    we get fud. we stronger than rok. tis bok has rok in her.
    it brin vegtbl to us. no mor. we only need vilger now.
    vilger. ilger. lger. ger… ger… gert. go wit gert now.
    It appears the rest of the pages have been eaten…

    By: Da Homeboi

    Gylia Watch Library

    Level Min: 70
    Location: Gylia Watch Tower
    XP: Same as before.
    Lore: Same as before.

    Access: Same as before.

    The Records of the Gerten War

    Chapter I

    More than two centuries ago, the Gylia Plains was a lush haven of all kinds of creatures, some of which are not seen anywhere else in Gavel.
    One such species are the enigmatic Gerts, an Orc-like species, that were all spread out among various areas.
    They first appeared in the Gylia Plains near the end of the 5th Age, overtaking the Villager city-state of Seljani.
    Despite the rough history we both had together, we eventually found peace, as the farmers would cultivate the livestock for the Villagers, while the Gerts would hunt around their own territories.
    It was not until the year 763 AP when we would start getting reports that they were taking livestock from the poor farmers. The reason for this is unknown, perhaps it was due to the Decay starting to appear, or perhaps people simply didn’t bother to report these things to the monarchy, or maybe even both.
    It wasn’t long after when we started to hear that they were kidnapping and devouring our helpless kin, showing how the savages had to be stopped immediately.
    Lexdale, one of the settlements of the Villagers, was the closest to the issue, so they sent a letter of help to the Minister of Cinfras. A week later, 20 men arrived from Cinfras along with a letter.
    The letter read, 'We have received your request for help, and we send you 20 of our best men to bolster your forces. We expect the savages to be eradicated swiftly and effectively. Regards, Talles, Minister of Defense.'

    Chapter II
    The battles with the Gerts were easily taken by Villager hands. For a while, it seemed as if the Gerts would be eradicated completely, and the feeling of safety returned to the inhabitants of Lexdale and the Gylian Farmers, but that would all change later.
    Somehow, the Gerts sent more and more forces after each attack, with their forces growing exponentially. It wasn’t long before another request for help was sent to not only Cinfras, but also Gelibord as well.
    When the Cinfrasian and Gelibordic forces arrived, the forces that attacked the Gerts were devastated, while the Gerts had little losses at all.
    The war was an embarrassment for our new government, a replacement of the incompetent monarchy of the past, and it looked as if nothing changed at all.
    In only a few days, the combined forces of Cinfras, Lexdale, and Gelibord were annihilated, and at this point, the government was taking this more seriously, declaring a war against the Gerts.

    Chapter III
    What looked like a quarter of Cinfras’ army was sent, containing knights, rangers, a few battle mages, and even a couple of very expensive siege machines. Despite the incredibly generous offer, it would not last.
    Just like the first few waves, the Gerten attacks were repealed easily, and as such, Cinfras took back almost all of its siege machines and battle mages, as well as most of their forces as well, thinking the worst had already passed. You’d have thought they’d learn from their past mistakes.
    It was only after a few weeks when the Gerts dealt another considerable blow to the militaries, this one being their biggest one yet. It seemed as if their reproduction and eating were their only activities they engaged in while not fighting over food.
    Many similar battles followed, with the Villagers only making a tiny dent in their forces, with the Gerts scavenging the battlefield right after for consumption, regaining their lost troops.
    This war of attrition was at a stalemate, with no favorable ends. A defensive strategy would let the Gerts build up their forces for an unstoppable siege, while an offensive one would feed their armies to last more battles.

    Chapter IV
    Eventually, a local militia made up of farmers, soldiers who mutinied, and city guards was formed, fed up with the incompetence of the military, led by a man called Norler.
    Unlike the other greatest military minds at the time, Norler saw something no one else could. The strategies that were used against the Gerts were effective against other intelligent species, such as the Dwarves and Goblins, while the savages used no strategy at all.
    They were only led by instinct, as food and reproduction were their only things they cared about. This could be used against them to turn the tables.
    Despite there being very little, if any, knowledge on the Gerts, due to infiltration being impossible, a plan would emerge called the Rot Plan.
    The plan was to use airships to drop the carcasses from animals that lived in the Decayed regions of Gavel on to Gerten territories. The savages ate anything that resembles a dead animal, and as such, would cause disease to spread among their ranks.
    While the armies of Gelibord and Cinfras engaged in pointless skirmishes, Norler executed his plan with the Lexdale government, which approved it purely out of desperation.

    Chapter V
    With no knowledge of when an attack could come, and how bad it would be, the Rot Plan was hastily executed in the year 800 AP, as almost all of the decaying corpses of animals were dropped onto Gerten territories.
    The bodies disappeared in hours, and in the following days, the Gerts were riddled with disease. Of course, Norler’s forces were still active, scouting the area for any Gerts, with very few to be seen.
    During this time, Norler came up with another plan, the containment of the Gerts. Their kind could never be eradicated completely, so it was with utmost haste that a plan would be conceived to prevent them from causing any more problems.
    The plan to contain them was simple: push them all the way back to the ruins of Seljani, ironically the very place they were first seen from, so they can easily be overseen by a dedicated group of soldiers.
    Shortly after the execution of the Rot Plan, the containment was flawless, as the Gerts could not fight back at all, ending the Gerten War once and for all.
    Norler and his followers would create the ‘Gylia Watch,’ who vowed to be a vigilant eye, keeping the Gerts away from causing any problems with the Villagers.
    Ever since then, the Gerts would never cause any trouble, as they are kept in their camp, being taught the civilized ways of life.
    The End.

    By: Da Homeboi
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    The Entombed Capital

    Level Min: 80
    Location: Canyon of the Lost
    XP: 660 000
    Lore: “The ruins of Vesium, the capital of an ancient empire, have lain undisturbed under the earth for millennia. It once was the emblem of splendor of Gavel; however, long ago, it was mysteriously destroyed, and its majesty was forgotten.”

    Step 1:
    Outside the entrance to the ruins at [621, 28, -4702], there will be a NPC named “???”, with his back leaning against a rock. He will look almost identical to a Rune Guardian, however he will also have a long grey beard poking out of his red hood. You can talk to him, and talking to him is necessary to proceed with the discovery. He will have a green name, like quest NPCs do.

    [1/5] ???: ...Hm? Who may you be?
    [2/5] ???: Call me Caraam. You do not seem to be a simple, ordinary wanderer… Drawn to the lost splendour of millenia-old cities, aren’t you? Be it that you’re looking for unique treasures in this land?
    [3/5] Caraam: Well, allow me to keep it simple for you, as I fear your head doesn’t hold much deeper thought…
    [4/5] Caraam: Leave. There is nothing for you here.
    [5/5] Caraam: Now, if you’ll leave me, I must return to my search for a most ancient of tablets…

    Step 2: Give Caraam an Engraved Tablet ingredient, which will trigger more dialogue. If you try talking to him without having given him the tablet, no dialogue will trigger.

    [1/8] Caraam: What, still here?
    [2/8] Caraam: ...Oh? Be that a writing of that most ancient time? Hah. In my days, I’ve seen plenty a traveling soldier pass me by in search of adventure, yet you are not like them. You gave help to an old fool as myself for nothing in return.
    [3/8] Caraam: How odd. I’d already told you that there were no great treasures here, yet you are drawn forward still.... Perhaps it is not the past’s riches that you seek?
    [4/8] Caraam: ...You may have met my brethren before. They are the few who remember, the guardians of a long forgotten past, their duty passed down through a most secret of ancient rites.
    [5/8] Caraam: Ahh, but I do not consider myself like them any longer, for what use is there to protect some ancient relics, when you could instead guard what once was the fulcrum of the world? Alas, I am now too old for this task…
    [6/8] Caraam: Beyond me lies a secret the people of this land could barely comprehend. One which I myself have not seen.
    [7/8] Caraam: But you are an outsider, unclouded by the ideals of our land. Shall you bear the duty of remembering? Shall I finally be relinquished of my duty to await one who is worthy enough?
    [8/8] Caraam: If you seek such ancient knowledge, speak to me once more. Show this withering husk your worth.

    Step 3: Talk to Caraam again, which will trigger a fight with him. Once the fight begins, the surrounding area will be barriered off so you can’t flee.

    [1/1] Caraam: Very well. I’ve lived as a mere speck on this land, but I shall die a giant by your hands…

    Caraam, Guardian of Vesium - [Lv. 83] - 45000 HP - BurstRanged AI - Elemental Stats: Fire (Weak); Earth, Water (Damage); Earth (Defense) - Abilities: Meteor, Heavy Pull, Teleport, Ice Snake - Drops: [Vesium Ruins Key]

    Item Information
    Item Name: Vesium Ruins Key
    Item Sprite: Rusted Key
    Untradable Item
    Lore: “An ancient key, not less than two millennia old. Seems like it could open something nearby.”

    Step 4: Next to where Caraam was, at the (current) entrance to the cave at the coordinates, is a large closed wooden gate barring entrance from the cave. The gate has glowing emerald particles, and you can interact with it. It will have different dialogues depending on whether or not you have the [Vesium Ruins Key] in your inventory. (Also, if you lose the key before interacting with the door but you’ve beaten Caraam, the dialogue where you do have the key will still play.)

    If you don’t have the Vesium Ruins Key in your inventory:
    An ancient gate sealed by unknown magic. Perhaps it is locked for a reason.

    If you have the Vesium Ruins Key in your inventory:
    The wooden gate resonates with the ancient key, and opens. You can now access whatever lies inside…

    Step 5: Go into the cave behind the gate, where at the end there’s a Tier IV loot chest (already exists in the current game), and a coal block portal at [774,16,-4776] which leads to a very large underground room. In this underground room is a huge ancient ruined city, made mostly of stone, which is also where the secret discovery will trigger. There is a coal block portal at the end of the room which will take you outside, next to where Caraam is. If you try to interact with Caraam again, he will not say anything. You will also not need the ruins key to open the door anymore after you’ve triggered the discovery, in case you drop or lose it.

    In the ruined city, walking into some houses will trigger Ghost NPCs to spawn, which will automatically start talking. Some houses will have more than one NPC present. The NPCs will look very similar to the entity in front of the Dern Portal that is the starting NPC for A Hunter’s Calling, except the head is a robed figure and the color scheme is gray, instead of black. There will also be gray mist-like particles around the ghosts. These are all the possible dialogues you can trigger in the ruins:

    House Dialogue 1

    (OUT: Two Ghosts will spawn, standing at opposite ends of a table.)

    [1/8] Scientist: Rrgh… AAARGH!
    [2/8] Researcher: Please, Daen, calm down! I’m sure there’s an explanation to all this…
    [3/8] Scientist: What explanation could this situation possibly have?! I was never informed of this operation! Did those IDIOTS really think that merging THREE tablets would be a good idea?!
    [4/8] Scientist: Now look what happened! The council... should’ve confided in us first, let us help them with their schemes.
    [5/8] Scientist: A piece of the land just… sprung out of the ground and into the air! And the scouts are reporting something else. Creatures crawling out from its empty core...
    [6/8] Scientist: Fools. Their fears have doomed us all. They buried the creators, but they refused to stop. They wanted powers well beyond what we might have.
    [7/8] Researcher: Wait, Daen, what is that…?

    (OUT: The Ghosts look up, towards the sky.)

    [8/8] Scientist: By the…

    House Dialogue 2

    (OUT: A Ghost will spawn, its head slightly tilted upwards, looking to the west.)

    [1/6] Citizen: Ha… Hahah… Ahaha…
    [2/6] Citizen: It’s over… We’re all… going to die, aren’t we…?
    [3/6] Citizen: Those beings… Gazing at them is like staring into a void of emptiness… the emptiness they carry with them… it will consume us all.
    [4/6] Citizen: We deserve this… We never should have let them leave. The old gods, they may have been petty, but the council’s endless desires are beyond us mortals.
    [6/6] Citizen: Huff… huff… Incredible… This is our fate…

    House Dialogue 3

    (OUT: Four Ghosts will spawn, one of them is looking at a map on the wall while the others are standing around him. The Ghost looking at the map then turns to face the others.)

    [1/10] General: Well? What’s the status out west?
    [2/10] Scout: That floating island seems to be extremely unstable… There’s some kind of evil energy radiating from the core… I think I even saw something’s hand on the other side…
    [3/10] Scout: As for the scientists who partook in the operation, they are nowhere to be found…
    [4/10] General: Nrgh… This is not good… But, rest assured. We’ve fought back greater forces than these, it may look grim, but we’re not done yet.

    (OUT: One of the ghosts steps up and walks towards the General.)

    [5/10] Soldier: About that, sir… we might have a bigger problem… The Behemoths… they've been left to the elements for so long since they were last used… They don't seem to be able to travel to defend us.
    [6/10] General: What? They were built to withstand the force of the greatest powers this world has ever seen, and you're telling me they were defeated by rivers and vines?!
    [7/10] Soldier: S-Sir… It’s been a very long time… Far longer than I’ve been alive for… Or you.
    [8/10] General: Well then… head to the scientists. The Behemoths may be old, but we’ve got to get them properly active again! I’ll ready the troops, even without their power we’ve still got enough to push back these foul things!
    [9/10] Soldier: Y-Yes, sir! I’ll… find a way! I promise!

    (OUT: The ghost runs out of the house and despawns.)

    [10/10] General: Sigh… We will be fine, I know it…

    House Dialogue 4

    (OUT: Three Ghosts will appear in the middle of a bedroom, with a fourth entering the room soon after. They will simply be grayed out rather than having hoods.)

    [1/4] Captain: Everyone, grab your things! We’re leaving! Hurry!
    [2/4] Soldier: Wha- We’re not staying to help fight?
    [3/4] Captain: Absolutely not! This city doesn’t stand a chance, those idiots can die fighting all they want, but we’re getting out of here!
    [4/4] Captain: We can make a new city underneath the land. With any luck, those things won’t find us down there.

    (OUT: All the ghosts then leave the room.)

    Vindalur's Key Section

    If the player has Vindalur’s Key, there is an additional cutscene that plays in a fifth house.

    If the player does not have the key:
    There is something much more tangible here… but it refuses to show itself to you now…

    If the player has the key:
    There is something far more tangible here, and in the presence of Vindalur’s Key, it reveals itself.

    [1/14] Naragath: This realm yet attempts to stand against our great march… Great bolts cascade from the heavens like blood trickling into a pond.
    [2/14] General:
    Creature of the night! You will not take this city!
    [3/14] Naragath: You are nary but fodder in the lifeless eyes of my kin. The very divines who could have guarded you, were banished eons ago by mortals’ own hand.
    [4/14] General:
    You think you’ve won? That we’ll just roll over because of how big you talk?
    [5/14] Naragath: Your forefathers would think nothing of you. The God-feared fervor and ambition they held within their hearts has but fleeted into nothingness, and now, it is exchanged with fear. You could never dream to wield strengths your kin had long ago.
    [6/14] General:
    Troops! Fire the cannons!

    (OUT: Explosions sounds play from a distance.)

    [7/14] General: Charge! Now!

    (OUT: A number of ghosts move across the area, phasing through walls as they go.)

    [8/14] Naragath: Such do the lambs rush to the slaughter, forsaking their souls and-

    (OUT: An extremely loud sound of thunder plays, and rain sounds begin after.)

    [9/14] Naragath: ...No. Inconceivable. This forlorn land is not anymore under the Gods’ tyrannic eye…
    [11/14] Naragath: We are fearful of no puny Gods. You mortals seek long-estranged nemeses to prolong your lives? Pathetic! If a false lord wishes to object to our reign, shall his name be inscribed within the lowest of gravestones aside you!

    (OUT: Lightning sounds play again, followed by an explosion.)

    [13/14] Naragath: Retreat! The powers above yet defend this realm with all their might!
    [14/14] General:
    Hah! What luck with the storm, I’ve never seen such a thing! Troops, advance! We’ve got them on the run!

    By: Matteo_Games, ditsario, Blastbasher

    The Cult of Kraken

    Level Min: 80
    Location: Canyon of the Lost
    XP: 600 000
    Lore: “For many millennia, a religious sect worshipping an ancient water god existed in the fringes of the Canyon, away from the public eye. However, when the government of Gavel disbanded the cult by force, its members vanished from the land, never to be seen again…”

    Step 1:
    Go to a rock in the middle of a river on a mountain, with a beehive nearby, in the Canyon of the Lost. On the rock at [153,75,-4556], near the loot chest and between the bushes, is a passive mob called “Water Orb” that you can kill to obtain an item of the same name.

    Item Information
    Item Name: Water Orb
    Item Sprite: Ender Pearl
    Untradable Item
    Lore: “An ancient orb infused with powerful water magic. It seems to be a key to something, and it resonates with stone.”

    Step 2: In the middle of the lake just below the rock, at [111,41,-4570], there will be the severed head of a Goliath, floating in the water. Climb to the top of the head, where you will see green sparkling particles that you can interact with. Interacting will give two different dialogues depending on whether or not you have the Water Orb in your inventory. (Note that the Bass fishing spots in the lake will not be removed.)

    If you don’t have the Water Orb in your inventory:
    The head of an ancient Goliath. For some reason, there’s an odd magic radiating from the stone...

    If you have the Water Orb in your inventory:
    The head of an ancient Goliath. The magic radiating from the stone bonds with the Water Orb…

    Step 3: The Water Orb will disappear from your inventory and be consumed, which will prompt a message in chat:
    The orb’s water magic is merging with the stone, infusing the Goliath’s head with magic… However, it needs some more energy to complete the infusion.
    To complete the process, press right click or left click depending on the message that appears on your screen. Be quick, though!

    After that, the messages “Right” and “Left” will appear on your screen, one by one, in quick succession. You have to right click or left click depending on what message appears on your screen. You have two seconds to press, and the order will be completely randomized each time. This mechanic is similar to the Growth Accelerator mechanic from The Feathers Fly. There will be 10 prompts in total, and you can only misclick twice. If you fail by misclicking thrice or more, the Water Orb will reappear in your inventory and you will have to start over again.

    Step 4: If you succeed in the minigame, a short cutscene will play where the Goliath’s head’s eyes open and become green. Then, a vortex of water blocks will arise from the lake and envelop the head of the Goliath, with dripping water particles appearing on the stone. From the top of its head, a ray of water blocks will extend towards the cliff east of the Goliath at [139,48,-4559], destroying the base of the cliff in an explosion. The water particles and blocks will then disappear. The cliff reveals a new open path: a small cave going downwards ending with the top of a ruined stone pyramid, decorated with lapis blocks and flowing water, but with moss blocks too. The rest of the pyramid is underground: to access it, climb up to the tip of the pyramid and fall through a coal block portal in the middle, which will teleport you into the pyramid, which is actually a temple: here, the secret discovery will trigger.

    You teleport into the central room of the temple, a small circular room with nothing but vines and moss inside, as well as some candles on the walls. To the sides of the room are two doors that lead to two separate rooms: one door leads to the “Room of Worship”, the other leads to the “Room of Knowledge” (as shown by signs above the doors). The doors are opposite of each other.

    The Room of Worship is a large rectangular room, with a main path leading to the middle of the room containing the altar, raised onto a pedestal. The path is surrounded by torches supported by fences.
    The main path divides several rows of seats similar to those found in a church. There is blood splattered around the seats and even some bones on them. There are two tables behind the central altar, both surrounded by blood (shown as redstone dust) and decapitated heads and bones. The altar itself is also surrounded by blood.

    Upon the altar, which is an enchantment table, is a piece of paper NPC that you can interact with.

    Sacred Text
    This text is covered in blood, making some parts unreadable…
    ...when the previous Pontiff bequeaths his role to the new, a ceremony shall occur…
    ...as the Sun reaches its peak, the fresh cadaver of the deceased Pontiff shall be sacrificed… a rite of passage, for the Great Kraken blesses his new apostle under the light above…
    You skim through the unintelligible bits…
    ...the Pontiff, blessed in blood as he is in water… unsheathes the sacrificial sword… thus, the metal strikes down against neck’s flesh…
    ...and so, when mortal blood infuses the pool’s water… the Great Kraken is satiated for one more day…
    ...the sword of sacrifices must… NEVER… be used for foul reasons… for the Great Kraken feels, and the Great Kraken enrages… if one dares attempt… their body is to return to nature…
    The text ends there…

    Finally, behind the tables, at the end of the room, are three fountains leading into a larger pool of water. There are many bones and several fresh dead bodies in the pool of water, with most having their heads or limbs cut off. The entire room also appears aged, with the bricks making up the room being mossy, and a lot of the seatings rotted away. The only exit out of this room is back into the central room.

    The Room of Knowledge is another large rectangular room, supported by four pillars, however it isn’t as aged as the Room of Worship, and this room also has interactable NPCs. Small, one-block wide fountains are frequent in the walls. There is also a coal block portal at the end of this room which will take you outside, near the lake with the Goliath head in the middle. Within the room itself there are many bookshelves that line the walls, desks made of rotten wood, and most importantly, corpses (ranging from fossils and bones to fully robed bodies) and stray pages that you can interact with scattered around. You can also interact with some of the corpses and bones. All the dialogues you can trigger in the room will be listed here.

    Vindalur's Key Section

    The following two entries (the Old Diary Log and the Oath of Secrecy) will be hidden away from the normal discovery. To access them, go to the northwest corner of the room where four lapis blocks are embedded into the wall, one block deep, in a diamond shape using stairs. In the center of the blocks is a keyhole (like the ones that appear in the Ruined Olmic City), which you can interact with. However, you can only open the keyhole if you have Vindalur’s Key from The Buried Truth/The Fortuneteller. You can still interact with the hole if you don’t have the key, though.

    If you don’t have Vindalur’s Key in your inventory:
    An ancient keyhole, sealed with elemental magic… It doesn’t seem like you can open this just yet.

    If you have Vindalur’s Key in your inventory:
    You open the keyhole with the key, breaking the elemental magic. You can now access whatever was hidden behind it…

    Once you unlock the keyhole, a 2x3 hole in the wall breaks where the lapis blocks were, revealing a smaller hidden section of the room. This section looks more aged than the rest of the room, with vines and moss blocks lining the walls. Inside there is a pile of bones in the corner, and a 2x2 bookshelf with wooden slabs on top of it. You can interact with both of these. The Old Diary Log and the Oath of Secrecy are listed here:

    Old Diary Log

    (OUT: This log will trigger if you right click the pile of bones in the corner, which has a book and quill at the top of the pile.)

    Many of the pages of this log have decayed away, leaving most of the contents unreadable. You quickly sift through the readable parts…
    500 AF / 196 A3
    Flood of… the central lands… our people, perished… cities, razed… by our lord…
    Destruction was… a sign… we are devoted… O great god of the sea, heed our worship… majestic lord of the seas…
    One day shall it flood and destroy all lands… spare us… for we are faithful…
    There be those who don’t pray… those primeval men, branding beasts of earth with intellect… Sacrilege…
    For two centuries have they reigned… for twenty more shall they reign…
    O great Kraken… protection… monarch of waves, we are devoted… to thee.

    Oath of Secrecy

    (OUT: This will appear as a book NPC in the 2x2 bookshelf, which you can interact with.)

    This book seems far better preserved than all the others, yet it’s also unbelievably ancient…
    The following document is protected by a magical spell. Only the eyes of a select few may view it.
    After much consideration, we deem the ceaseless expansion of your heretic religion into our homeland unacceptable. You will halt your advances, and keep your wretched church to yourself.
    It seems you do not understand the full abilities our machines of war present. There is nothing for you to be earned from a conflict waged against us. We have strength enough to dethrone Gods, even the very one you worship.
    We leave your sect a choice. You may lay down your ambitions, and accept our merciful offer. You will demolish the temples you have constructed across the Canyon…
    ...or you will incur wrath enough to shatter a thousand lands. We shall force your dead God to arise and watch your suffering in horror, and kneel to us.
    If you choose wisely, we shall live in apathy of each other. However, if you ever choose to act against us, I can guarantee it would be all the worse for both you and your God. Take this oath, and seal your lips for eternity.
    Signed, Messenger of the Farnian Empire

    (OUT: Everything past this point is accessible normally in the Room of Knowledge, without the need of Vindalur’s Key.)

    Status Report

    (OUT: This report appears as a yellow piece of paper NPC on a desk in the corner of the room, the desk is made of rotted wood and vines.)

    The writing on this report is fading away…
    1353 AF / 253 A4
    The war… although it began thirteen decades ago, it still meets no end…
    Tales from the North… a great stone city… destroyed…
    Not by those beings… but by a great beast… behemoth’s kin…?
    We have captured one… a renegade… quite similar indeed… its magic too…
    Not engineered… by the men of old… in a thousand and fifty years of their reign… never seen such a being…
    Could it be… it was birthed… by the…
    The rest of the report isn’t readable.

    Diary Log

    (OUT: This log appears as a book NPC in one of the bookshelves embedded into the room’s walls.)

    2500 AF / 328 A6
    An opportunity may soon arise… the fate of the land of Gavel is sealed in death… Yes, a chance to reach for our God… and wish for his aid…
    The public knows not, yet… How long may the false kings of this land hope to keep it secret? To keep their throne?
    Yet, us devouts of Kraken… we see things that others do not… an evil wretch burrowing deep… a parasite, one of death…
    Only very few days ago was it seen… Yet, it is hard to forget… Such a powerful force… the last time we common men witnessed such power… when our God’s flood punished us twenty-five centuries ago…
    But I know we shall live… all calamities are washed afar by time, no evil influence can move this immortal land… And this land, we shall dedicate to our God… for immortality takes its shape in water…

    Archived Letter

    (OUT: This letter appears as a white paper NPC, right in front of one of the bookshelves embedded into the room’s walls, as if it fell out of a bookshelf.)

    This letter is addressed to the government of Gavel, regarding a matter of utmost urgency and importance.
    I have recently received word from one of my disciples that an order of religious zealots is festering within the northern forests of Lexdale; they pose incalculable danger to the already-suffering citizens of the land.
    Our faith took its roots many millennia ago. My ancestry has witnessed wonders and ancient horrors that you could not begin to comprehend. Therefore, find it within yourself to trust me when I tell you of this order’s threat.
    This abyssal order claims worship with a being they proclaim a God. Legends say our ancestors knew of such beings, however, an oath of secrecy forbade them from speaking of it to future generations.
    This order has offended our great and gracious God, they mock and insult the great deities that moulded this world. Knowing the conniptions they’ve given us, I implore the government of this land to take action against it.
    Signed, Pontiff Caenrius of the Cult of Kraken, 814 AP.


    (OUT: The notice, which is chronologically the final NPC in the room, appears as a book and quill item on the ground at the very center of the room. It doesn’t display a name above it, similarly to the Old Diary Log, but there are green sparkling particles around it, meaning that you can interact with it.)

    This notice looks more freshly written than any other documents in this temple… It must be relatively new.
    Notice to the Cult of Kraken,
    As you may have heard by now, the Gavel Government has recently passed an act which forbids non-Bovemist religious cults from operating any longer.
    While the government is grateful for the help you have provided in dissolving the Order of Lexdale, no religious sect is barred from this statute.
    Therefore, we give you six months to autonomously relocate away from your temple location, which should also be enough time to have your members dissociate from the cult. Failure to comply will result in military intervention and forced exile.
    PS: Your cult has for long been influencing matters of government, however I am afraid that will come to an end. Religious interference has no spot in official matters anymore, and as I said, failure to adapt will not end well for you.
    Signed, Government Advisor Ross, 839 AP.
    There is a note stuck at the bottom of the document…
    Worship of our great God cannot be stopped by a false government. We have long since moved, far into the domain of the Great Kraken. Here, we worship the waves, on a lonely island…

    By: Matteo_Games

    The Broken Protector

    Level Min: 80
    Location: Canyon of the Lost
    XP: 660 000
    Lore: Same as before.

    Access: Same as before.


    [Canyon of the Lost]
    [70 AP]

    (OUT: The Colossus shakes the ground a bit, like in the current cutscene, but rather than a Dogun priest, a group of Bantisu Monks walk up. The leader jumps back upon seeing the Colossus’ red eyes.)

    [1/6] Monk Leader: Oh, no no no, this isn’t good. Everyone, do you have the ritual ready?
    [2/6] Bantisu Monk: Yes, we do. Should we do it now?
    [3/6] Monk Leader: Yes, hurry! There’s no telling how much time we have left here.

    (OUT: The monks take out a number of modified runes.)

    [4/6] Monk Leader: These should be able to control it… but we have to be very careful. You all know what happens if we do this wrong.
    [5/6] Bantisu Monks: Great stone giant, calm yourself! Return to your ancient state, the protector of the Canyon!

    (OUT: Purple particle beams emanate from the runes, going towards the Colossus’ head. It takes a few seconds, but its eyes soon turn green, and the shaking stops.)

    [6/6] Monk Leader: Go-good. It worked. Now, let’s go back and get more of these, we don’t know when this might happen again.

    The Monks from the Bantisu Air Temple have been responsible for keeping the Colossus under control for centuries.
    However, the internal mechanisms of the obscure stone giant have begun adapting to their ritual, causing it to slowly lose its calming power over the behemoth as the years have progressed.
    As such, the Colossus continues to periodically break free and become unstabilised, wreaking havoc.
    Unless it is forcibly stopped, the vast canyon will soon meet a terrible fate…

    Vindalur's Key Section

    If the player has Vindalur’s Key, and they go near the Colossus after having completed this discovery, the following lines will play:

    A message from the furthest past presents itself here.
    [1/7] ???: The gods are gone, sealed in a place beyond this realm.
    [2/7] ???: What shall we do now? This land is ours, but…
    [3/7] ???: Let the machines of our conquest lay dormant. They may one day be needed again, but their presence would prevent the peace we so need in these turbulent times.
    [4/7] ???: But they hold such power! Power to force anyone to our side, or face destruction!
    [5/7] ???: But we are not facing our enemies now. We are facing those like ourselves. Those who the elemental gods built to serve.
    [6/7] ???: They may choose to fight us, but we must be kind. I already fear what such brash thoughts might lead to one day…
    [7/7] ???: For if they see us as nothing more than the gods we fought to chain… Then how can we ever be any different?

    By: ditsario

    Vindalur's Key Section

    If you have Vindalur’s Key in your inventory, interact with the Stone Tablet in the discovery room and finish all of its dialogue, a cutscene will play where you are blinded and slowed, and new dialogue will start between two individuals. ???’s lines are accompanied with a fire crackling sound effect and ???’s lines are accompanied with a splash sound effect.

    With the key, a memory burns through the past, showing the thoughts of a god from long ago.
    [1/12] ???: ...Ah? Thou wander’st into my land? I suppose the others have completed their final creations, then?
    [2/12] ???: Thou must understand… Gaia and Entia, they are naught but sorry fools! Do they not comprehend that the supreme powers we wield are enough already?! It is needed not to create mortal puppets tailored merely for worship!
    [3/12] ???: The last time we gave their ramblings heed, that we enabled their idiotic attempts at making beings of perfection… They rose against us and attempted to dethrone us! Sentience is a virtue, we should not be wasting time passing it upon lesser beings!
    [4/12] ???: Can thee truly not see the use in such marvelous creations? Even I-
    [5/12] ???: …No. Surely, thou wouldst not stoop to such lowly levels?!
    [6/12] ???: Thou, one who embodies the element of intellect, couldst not tell from my great basins of lava? Indeed, I have conceived many great things in this land… From men of rock to great dragons towering in the caverns… I am surprised thou haven’t been doing such as well.
    [7/12] ???: Why must all of you share this sentiment?! Thou art a cretin if thou believe finding worship in lowly mortals outweighs the cataclysms and tragedies we must endure by their rebellious hands!
    [8/12] ???: Water is the element of permanence. Even as it turns into mist, it is but water, still… Rocks erode, winds fade, yet water shall always cascade through the rivers and seas. Thou imperil not just the eternity of water, but all other creation as well!
    [9/12] ???: Thou wish for specks of beings to hold thee as a God? So be it! Just you heed my words… Any great kingdom, or site of worship, or deity-sent creation, can be washed afar by the relentless power of water… How would thine efforts fare at the sight of greatest floods, or unending tempest?
    [10/12] ???: …What? What in the realm's name art thou imagining?
    [11/12] ???: And with what power wouldst thou accomplish such a task? Thou hast not a large wellspring of water in these lands to draw thy power from.
    [12/12] ???: …Hm? Ah, think nary of my ramblings. It seems you all enjoy flouting our primordial power, forcing unwilling lesser beings to kneel to thine whim… I shall do the same, and display the powers water has…

    Vindalur's Key Section

    If the player has Vindalur’s Key, then an additional cutscene plays and the player is blinded. Every one of ???’s lines are accompanied by a wither shriek sound effect.

    [1/8] ???: Lord… What have you… come here for…
    [2/8] ???: Soon, shall I taketh my leave. A great, yet mortal power was kindled, far into the lands south. It is deities’ job to snuff such mortal ambitions into cinders… Thou must alert thy kin, do not exit these magmatic caverns until lava flows freely once more.
    [3/8] ???: God of Magma… I fear… among the masses… deals have already… been struck. The people… support the rebellion.
    [4/8] ???: …Ah? Hast thou forgotten who moulded thy puny race out of rock and lava? Those who object to mine rule, so do they object to their souls. Soon, shall they return to land… and thou, thou shall be the first to fall.
    [5/8] ???: What…? What did I…
    [6/8] ???: I’d placed a duty upon thee, and thou forsook it. Thou let such sacrilegious insubordination fester unabated. All mortality is to worship their creator, yet, it seems thou forget even such trivial laws.
    [7/8] ???: There was… nothing that I could… do. You only come… for praise… you leave us to fend… for ourselves. The people… question… what they owe to yo-

    (OUT: A loud noise plays.)


    Final Dialogue Segment:
    [1/8] General Algard: It’s… General Osseus?! But that means…
    [2/8] General Osseus: Garaheth’s summoners have been defeated! He will never return to this world!
    [3/8] General Osseus: You Doguns have no choice but to surrender!
    [4/8] Dogun: Impossible… How could… No…
    [5/8] Dogun: Very well… We will surrender… on one condition.
    [6/8] Dogun: You must never… bother us… ever again.
    [7/8] General Algard: Then it is settled.

    [8/8] General Algard: Now, while they’re vulnerable!

    By: ditsario

    Sal Vindalur

    Level Min: 90
    Location: Sky Islands
    XP: 1 000 000
    Lore: “Predating even the oldest Villagers, this underground ancient kingdom was a shining beacon of peace during the times of war that plagued the rest of the province. However, as the lands fractured and their god forsook them, their city fell to ruin.”

    Step 1:
    Go to the Temple Island near Ahmsord and kill the Kaian Observer at [1087, 159, -4693]. It will drop an item called “Kaian Artifact Fragment”.

    Item Information
    Item Name: Kaian Artifact Fragment
    Item Sprite: Gold Nugget
    Untradable Item
    Lore: “One half of a whole artifact. Thunder magic radiates from this trinket, perhaps its other half is nearby?”

    Step 2: Go to the dome building below the Temple Island at [1136, 107, -4700] where there will be four winged stone statues with swords planted into the ground. They are facing random directions. Interacting with a statue will rotate them by 90° clockwise. Make all the winged statues face the center, and a hole in the middle of the building will appear. Go into the hole and you will fall into a coal block portal, which takes you to a small circular arena with a radius of 20 blocks and made out of grass and dirt. At the center a mob named “Winged Worshipper” will spawn.

    Winged Worshipper - [Lv. 110] - 50000 HP - RapidRanged AI - Elemental Stats: None (Weak); Thunder (Damage); Thunder (Defense) - Abilities: Arrow Storm, Teleport - Drops: 1 [Angelic Artifact Fragment]

    Item Information
    Item Name: Angelic Artifact Fragment
    Item Sprite: Ender Pearl
    Untradable Item
    Lore: “One half of a whole artifact. Thunder magic radiates from this trinket, perhaps its other half is nearby?”

    At the end of the arena is an exit portal that will take you in front of the dome building.

    Step 3: Go to the enchantment table next to the entrance to Ahmsord at [1028, 108, -4667]. Interacting with it will have different dialogues depending on whether or not you have the two Artifact Fragments in your inventory.

    If you don’t have the Artifact Fragments in your inventory:
    Those who desire to contemplate our forbidden history, their gaze is denied, for they do not possess the two halves of the Artifact.

    If you have the Artifact Fragments in your inventory:
    As the Artifact reunites, so too shall the long-buried history under the bearer’s wishful eye…

    You are then teleported into a ruined, open-top long hallway made entirely out of stone bricks, with only the arches that connect the pillars at the sides of the hallway standing. There’s an exit portal at the back. There are books on both sides of the hallway that stretch out until the end, you can interact with these books just like any other library. In this room, you will be given the secret discovery.


    Angelic Histories - Part I
    Those who found themselves here, surely passed the test my kin have bestowed upon this library…
    Immerse yourself within these pages, wanderer, and heed the cautionary tale our history tells.
    It began three millennia before the Calamity. As the myths tell, our kind was created by Vindalur, the god of thunder. It was his power that brought life to this land.
    Stories tell of other divinities that took their place in the cosmos alongside Vindalur, yet they were evil brutes, with no regard for lesser kin. But he was a kind god.
    Although he created us to be the ultimate servants of the Gods, they were uncaring and cast us aside. But Vindalur would not leave us, and chose to give our people the greatest gift this world had seen: freedom.
    Rather than becoming a tyrant seeking only worship, he became our teacher; bringing us knowledge of the world far beyond our original purpose.
    The other gods were repulsed by the Teacher’s actions towards us, but did not interfere. As such, we were allowed to thrive.
    But alas, this gleeful peace was short lived, for interlopers from the lands beyond arrived. They were not of our kind, but of the other gods' creation.
    There were others estranged to us who lived within our lands as well, but we paid them no heed. However, these newcomers were something else entirely.
    Bitter yet cunning, from the caverns beneath our feet they planned their revenge against a wronging unknown to our people.
    The teacher allowed them safe passage for a time, but left us a warning: ‘Beware those men, for they call themselves Fa’-...

    Angelic Histories - Part II
    Over time, the Teacher had acquainted himself with these newcomers, although they planned things beyond our comprehension.
    But one day, the deep veil of mystery that these people shrouded themselves in was removed. The Teacher had discovered their creations: stone-hewn beasts, created to sow destruction.
    These people were indeed enraged at the other Gods, for they believed themselves equal to the divine and felt no need in worship. These machinations were designed to pierce the heavens and remove the Gods from their celestial thrones.
    Although the Teacher understood their feelings, he would tell the other gods of what was to come, but told them to leave them alive. The other divines, of course, ignored this.
    As the gods approached, they would soon learn they were too late, for the stone aberrations would seal the deities away, bringing an end to the gods’ sublime reign. The Teacher, who had not joined the others in struggle, would avoid such a horrible fate.
    Yet, the men sought vengeance, and for it to be complete, all gods must fall. Thus, after many years of life on the surface, the Teacher took our kind and hid it deep underground, where the men once inhabited and constructed their machines.
    The gigantic caverns were a perfect habitat for us, and so, we were quick to thrive in our new environment.
    A Kingdom flourished deep underground, a great city state like no other of unfathomable size and majesty: Sal Vindalur.

    Angelic Histories - Part III
    You, meddler in history who has obtained the honor of reading through our forsaken history, may not know what Sal Vindalur is, but for our kin, it was a beacon.
    A city of ten thousand, with a palace that stretched endlessly within the caverns and whose great spires extended endlessly into the shadows above. Life had reached nigh perfection, we were finally safe in the embrace of our absolute capital.
    As such, the Teacher, who was with us along our entire history, slowly backed away from his role, and left with the priests of Sal Vindalur a final message…
    ‘Thine kind has reached perfection within imperfection; divinity within mortality. Thine city has splendor within darkness, and thus, my celestial presence is no longer necessary.’
    ‘I watch thy from afar, do not dismiss me… But, thy must flourish, and to do so, a deity’s scrutiny is unnecessary.’
    After this call, the Teacher parted, and left us mortals to fill the gap his lack of guidance had produced.
    The deity whom we worshipped so much, saw us fit to take his wisdom and wallow in splendour that could touch the heavens.
    And such it was. The priest-kings of Sal Vindalur were adamant to follow the Teacher’s final wish, to push the freedom he taught to its worldly limits.
    Besides - is thunder not the element of liberty? Bolts, free as birds, crashing down unopposed… Our God comprehended the idea better than any else.
    Alas, such an ideal was not kept, and over time it eroded and weathered, instead being replaced by a mortal emotion that the Gods did not comprehend: greed.

    Angelic Histories - Part IV
    The departure of the Teacher left not just a material gap, which the priest-kings were quick to fulfill, but a hole in our souls was apparent.
    Many yet thought that mortal minds are simply not sufficient to strive to perfect solace, they longed for the Teacher’s acumen. But these calls were unheard.
    As time passed, the Teacher’s wish went ignored like an aimless bolt of thunder - as he was now a mere memory, many started to forget him, just as mortal memories fleet away.
    There were those who held on of course, the priests, and keepers of history such as ourselves. Yet for most, it was not understood that one of mortality’s greatest curses, or perhaps gifts, is neglect.
    As millennia went, not only was the Teacher’s wish mocked by the kings, who no longer were attached to their religion, but it was almost completely forsaken.
    The church of Vindalur was finally separated from the kingdom’s authority, and it was pushed to the side, fading into obscurity, much to the protest of the priests.
    But those of the clergy were mocked and persecuted - how could they hold so dearly in their hearts an absent god?
    Indeed, the new kings were not pushed by adoration for the Teacher, as it once was in ancient times. Their bottomless greed, spawned from that very hole his absence left in our hearts, made them wish to reach and overtake the heavens, elevating themselves to deities.
    Such was the tragedy that affected Sal Vindalur. The splendor of the city was not for adoration, but avarice. Its core ideals, forgotten, just as those men who sealed the gods did all those years ago…

    Angelic Histories - Part V
    Within the golden halls of Sal Vindalur, circulated a myth that was quickly ignored as mere insanity by its audience. Yet, as with a thousand other things, it held a lesson that my kin had not learned.
    It began with a young girl, who dreamt of meeting the Teacher, albeit his absence was felt for a thousand years now. Her desire was scolded by her parents, who saw her as a raving heretic.
    Her father kicked her out of the dwelling, leaving her alone and desperate for life. Thus, she left the opulent city, seeking the Teacher’s aid.
    She wandered the caverns, going higher than any had in years, however, the journey would take a great toll. As Death approached her, Vindalur took her up to his dwelling in the clouds.
    Vindalur commended her endeavors and allowed her one wish. Much to the Teacher’s surprise, the girl, now aged, said the following:
    ‘O Teacher, there is but one thing I desire to take from your holy hands. I wish for the gift of foresight, for I must teach my kin that the lavish, greedy lifestyle they hold is naught but sinful.’
    ‘Their eyes must open, and I must tell of the dangers they face if they attempt to overstep the boundaries of mortality.’
    Although Vindalur was bound to grant her wish, he scolded her, saying that greed is but a part of a mortal’s life and that such virtues even as foul as greed must be allowed.
    She abandoned the Teacher’s residence in the clouds and returned to Sal Vindalur, where she partook in her new life as an oracle. As her forefathers did, most saw her as a foolish lunatic, but she knew otherwise.
    The gift Vindalur bestowed was a relic of great power from those who had once lived above. On its own it had little power to shape the world, for only a great seer could tell the world of the futures it foretold.

    Angelic Histories - Part VI
    Upon her return to the depths, she professed her hatred for the royalty, claiming that they had forgotten their ideals and their purpose. She wished for the clergy to be reunited to the palace, but her ravings were paid no heed.
    Alas, one day, she would look too far, and for the telling of such truths, she would pay the ultimate price.
    As she stood in front of the gate to Sal Vindalur’s golden palace, the residence of the kings, she would see a great end, and twist it to her needs.
    So she said - ‘In my eyes is a future where your strive for divine immortality catches up to you. A future where the Teacher cannot ignore your sinful endeavors any longer, a future where the lands themselves fracture and shatter, and Sal Vindalur falls into the depths.’
    The monarch was horrified and angered at her words of blasphemy, for what mortal could claim that our benevolent God would destroy his own creation? What mere man believes in things our God doesn’t?
    The woman was arrested, and an audience watched in horror yet complacency as the king’s guards threw her apathetic body off of the Stone Tower, Sal Vindalur’s oldest building.
    And while the oracle’s prophecies were ignored, the truth in her words would soon come to realize itself, a truth that all refused to believe. A truth that the kings could not avoid, and one that would shatter us.

    Angelic Histories - Part VII
    A thousand years after the oracle’s message of warning to her compatriots, the cataclysm she had predicted would come into fruition.
    Not even I know what the cause of this calamity was - mayhaps the Teacher truly was angered at our greedy quest for divinity, or an external force tampered with our peaceful life.
    On this supposedly peaceful day, the people of Sal Vindalur averted impending rampages on the horizon, as the ground beneath them started to quake. And then, in less than a blink, the terrain shattered.
    The caverns collapsed, the lands plunged into the void, just as the oracle had predicted. The sovereigns’ seemingly immortal palace, and their immortal city, were annihilated in mere seconds, and the ruins fell with them.
    Very few took to their wings and escaped the catastrophe, as our great kingdom of Sal Vindalur descended into the abyss, leaving nothing behind. Our children, our beloved... gone.
    In one sun, our civilization had vanished. And we were too terrified to come to terms with what had happened.
    We begged the Teacher for answers, for mercy, for redemption. But, as ever, our pleas fell upon deaf ears. Thus, my remaining kin slowly withered away, the cold hand of death slowly creeping into our loneliness-swathed souls.
    And so, was I forced to see my brethren perish, falling to the ever-captivating darkness of death. Now, I stand in these lonely halls, the last remaining beacon of my kin. As even my life finally draws to an end, I refuse to let our splendent history fade into the sands of time.
    We were but mortals, fruitlessly chasing the stars, until we fell into the hungering void. As for me, I will be sure to cherish the memories of Sal Vindalur even after death, for it is why I penned this great library. May our legacy live forever.


    In the Void, west of the void island at [13621,107,-3877] there will be another void island which you can teleport to using a purple wormhole tunnel (similar to other void islands that you can teleport to). On this void island is a massive ruin of a huge domed tower, made out of stone bricks. The tower is 80 blocks tall, including the dome, which is 20 blocks. The tower will have a radius of 25 blocks. The walls of the tower will be mostly gone except for the pillars, but the dome will be intact. On this island and inside the tower, tons of Souls of Solitude will spawn. There is no furniture inside the tower, though there is a Tier 3 loot chest.

    On the pillars of the tower, there are some signs, which have the following text:

    “teacher… why…
    we were… so
    loyal… what did we

    “why must my
    children… remain
    dead before

    “this empty land…
    it’s… twisting us…”


    By: Matteo_Games

    Ahmsord's Origins

    Level Min: 90
    Location: Ahmsord
    XP: 1 000 000
    Lore: “For hundreds of years after the Fracturing, the Sky Islands were deemed too inhospitable to settle, and ignored by all surrounding species. However, despite the dangers, the Villagers eventually invented a way to reliably cross the islands and settle them, claiming the area as their own.”

    Access: Same as before.

    Rather than a cutscene, there will simply be a “Crewman’s Journal” NPC on the table.

    Crewman’s Journal
    This old journal seems to have been part of a log from the “First Aerial Expedition” into the Sky Islands, from… 633 AP. It’s barely legible due to its age, however.
    The captain ordered us to touch down on this island a few days ago. I don’t see what’s so great about this place, but I guess I must trust his judgement.
    We sent the ship back to Kandon-Beda to tell the others it’s safe yesterday. It’s not a fast journey over the islands, though.
    It might be a few weeks until all of them get the supplies over here, which means we’re stuck in this little temporary base until then.
    I suppose it could be worse, though. At least we’ve got a steady supply of food and water, that’s a lot more than expeditions from before the ships’ invention could say.
    The writing ends there.

    By: ditsario

    Rulers of the Skies

    Level Min: 90
    Location: Skyraider Base
    XP: 1 000 000
    Lore: “For a time, the Villagers were the only group to take their ships to the skies. But eventually, they would lose one of their largest airship bases, and another group would begin to take prominence over the air.”

    Access: Same as before.

    Old Report
    It looks like some sort of old military report, but not like any you’ve seen…
    You can only make out the last section of it.
    Arriah will lead the first group to attack the guards’ barracks, and make as much of a ruckus as possible.
    Once they’re distracted, I will lead the rest against the airship storage itself. We will take the largest of the military ships first.
    With any luck, some of them will still be armed and ready to launch. We can use those to reinforce the attack on the barracks.
    If all goes to plan, we’ll have full control of the base by the end of this. Until then, continue manning your stations up here as normal, we don’t want the villagers finding us before the attack.
    Signed, Oceanraider Queen Tosadiri, 931 AP

    By: ditsario

    Desolate Temples

    Level Min: 90
    Location: Sky Islands
    XP: 1 000 000
    Lore: “These temples stand as the last remaining pieces of an ancient civilization within the Sky Islands, which grew to be centered around the worship of an ancient, colossal being.”

    Access: Same as before.

    Old Journal
    The pages are incredibly old, but the words are still legible…
    -I fear the worst has happened.. The Grand Colossus has fallen, and with it went most of our homes. With its plummet, the land itself has shattered like glass under our feet, sinking into… something deep.
    Worse still, a great many strange creatures have flown up from the depths. I haven’t seen them myself, but legends of the past tell of similar monsters from the pit… best not to approach them.
    I don’t understand why this could have happened… Did the monks do something wrong? Or was it us? How could it have come to this?
    Could we have caused the collapse? How could we have? All we’ve wanted was to appease the Colossus, did we do something wrong and upset it?
    Everyone who lived through the collapse has already packed up to leave, and perhaps they are right to do so. The entire fort was lost, but I’ve heard a few of the surviving monks are heading west to the Canyon...

    By: ditsario, Blastbasher

    Wind Fortress

    Level Min: 95
    Location: The Void
    XP: 1 000 000
    Lore: “In the time before the fracturing, many strange civilizations lived in the Ahms region. While the nature of these civilizations appears to be lost to time, some remnants of them still exist in the void.”

    Step 1:
    In the void village, in the house at [14060, 116, -4186], there will be a new void villager NPC named “Ertund” with the following dialogue:

    [1/4] Ertund: GWUH! Sooo, you’re the human the others were talking about, then? You could doooo with being a bit less sneaky all the time.
    [2/4] Ertund: We’ve heard lots of stooories about you humans down here. Have you ever been on one of your “adventures” here in the void?
    [3/4] Ertund: The others say it’s toooo dangerous, but if you’re careful enough… Just the other day I found this valuable looking key lying around.
    [4/4] Ertund: I don’t know what I’d be able to doooo with it, but it reminds me of something I saw before we fell into the void… though, it's been soooo long, I can hardly remember. Perhaps you can figure out what it’s for.
    [+1 Mysterious Key]

    Item Information
    Item Name: Mysterious Key
    Item Sprite: Key
    Untradable Item
    Lore: “It’s covered in strange markings, almost looking like… runes? Maybe there is something you could use it for in the void.”

    Step 2: In the void, on the Colossus’ blade at [14006, 149, -3653], there will be a rune “NPC” that you can click on to get a “Strange Rune” item.

    Item Information
    Item Name: Strange Rune
    Item Sprite: Tol Rune
    Untradable Item
    Lore: “It looks like it’s a Tol Rune… but it’s been altered in some way you’ve never seen before.”

    Step 3: Bringing the rune and the key up to the island at [14065, 181, -3755], there will be a doorway that you can place the two on to open. There will be dark (black and purple) streaks surrounding the island, to hint at the location being the one described in Morrowind’s lore. The doorway will trigger various dialogues based on which combination of the two items you have.

    If you have neither item:
    It’s some sort of strange doorway, with a keyhole on the side. Doesn’t look like there’s anything you can do with it now, though.

    If you only have the key:
    The key fits into the hole in the doorway, but… nothing happens. There must be something else you need to do to open the door.

    If you only have the rune:
    The rune connects with the doorway, and seems to activate something, but it still won’t budge. Perhaps that keyhole on the side has something to do with it.

    If you have both items:
    The rune connects with the doorway, activating it, and the key slides into place perfectly.

    The door will then open, giving you the discovery and revealing an old stone room containing the following book/paper NPCs scattered around:

    Founding of the Fortress
    235 years after the end of the Farnian War, a group of brave explorers ventured out to find what remained of the fallen empire, and would find this great valley: the Ahms Region.
    Despite the apparent barrenness of the region, their interest in it flared up once they noticed the roaring thunders endlessly crashing into the area, an incredible power seeming to originate from deep below.
    Alas, the seekers never discovered the cause of the storms, but they would quickly find something else, which was far older than the great war… And despite the tales that all the old monuments were deactivated, it seemed very much to be still running.
    In an effort to understand this ancient relic, the Wind Fortress was founded. Despite its grandeur today, in the early days only a handful made up its staff.
    Eventually, however, as news of the Fortress’ experiments spread, people from all over began to trickle into the Ahms Region, despite the dangers of crossing the canyon.
    Now, hundreds, nearing thousands, of people live around the Fortress. And with these numbers, our influence over the region has spread enormously.

    The Tol Altar
    While investigating the Colossus, the people of the Fortress would discover another remnant of the time before the war - an ancient altar to the rune of Tol.
    With the Altar, we have greatly enhanced our studies of the Colossus, yet as of now all we have learned is how to merge runes, not make our own.
    It is hoped that with enough time we will be able to make new runes, though we still don’t even fully understand what they are made of.

    (OUT: The following will be a paper on the wall rather than on the ground/a table like the others.)

    Warning Notice
    To all Fortress members: Remember to be careful when experimenting with runes on the Colossus.
    Due to recent events involving misplaced runes, new safety precautions will be implemented for all those working around the structure itself.
    Remember - while our goal is to eventually be able to control the Colossus, this does not mean it is safe to finish activating it yet, as we cannot be sure what it would do.
    So, in addition to the precautions, the number of runes used per day will be restricted, to ensure any mistakes we make do not have too major ramifications.

    Weapon Experiments
    WARNING. Only elite members of the Fortress are allowed to read these documents. If anyone else is found in possession of them, you will be exiled immediately.
    The most recent experiments have been extremely promising. The wand in particular showed clear signs of imitating the powers of the Colossus’ blade.
    However, there is still a long way to go, as the wand has had several… unintended powers. Those who’ve used it for extended periods have seen strange things. They’ve described them as memories, yet no such events have ever occurred before.
    From what little we know of the ancients, they used runes for much more than just creating weapons. If the myths about their other creations are true, we cannot risk our members continuing to experience these effects.
    For now, we will have to seal off the weapons. Until we understand what is causing these side effects, and how to stop it, it is best to leave them alone.

    Diary - The Buried City
    How could those fools I call my brethren be so blind?! The roaring thunders and cascading bolts of this region are not a natural occurrence! No wonder our ancestors originally named this land the Land of Tempest!
    There is far more activity in this region than any other areas of the land put together! Just what occurs in this cursed place?!
    Hrmm… Now that I think of it more thoroughly, I’ve heard rumors from my fellow men of a city buried deep below the world, a hidden heaven of sparkling gold…
    This city would be protected by a yellow seal with inscriptions of unimaginable complexity upon it… According to legend, those who could comprehend the inscriptions could access this entombed paradise.
    What odd conjectures these myths are! Surely, if this city truly existed, its inhabitants too would be overtaken by the primal desire to explore the unknown! We would know of their presence immediately, were they to do so!
    Yet, this is the only lead I’ve got, and I will investigate it nonetheless. Perhaps it is the source of all these storms and bolts?
    Alas, I have yet to find the ‘Thunder Cavern’ that supposedly holds the entrance to the seal… But, if it holds such a name, then I may be close to uncovering something.
    Pah, to think that a heavenly civilization could be lurking beneath our feet at any time…

    Scientist’s Journal
    No, no, no! Why is this happening? What’s gotten into all of them? Worshipping that… thing!
    Our ancestors have been studying it for eight centuries, but ever since those idiots from “Cinfras” or whatever managed to cross the canyon and started proclaiming the Colossus as some sort of deity, the others all followed them! Imagine, that pile of ancient rubble, a god!
    Maybe if we’d spent more effort getting them to listen to us earlier… They’re even convinced we’re some sort of monks, I don’t know how they even came up with that one.
    And that ritual of theirs… I can’t believe how careless they are. If there’s anything we learned about those stone inscriptions, it’s that they’re dangerous if used improperly.
    I suppose I’ll have to just keep trying to convince them to return and help with our experiments. But I wish they’d think for once and see what we’re really doing here…

    Vindalur's Key Section

    (OUT: For the following text, if the player does not have Vindalur’s Key, then only the first five lines can be read, while if they do, the last two lines will be added on.)

    Preserved Ancient Text
    NOTICE: This text is of extreme age, and one of the few we have found to have survived the age of darkness. Handle with care.
    The stone vessels’ construction goes as scheduled. In the caves, their great forms have come into focus.
    You were right to work with that great power in the plains of the west. Their corpses truly have brought us the hope they never had.
    Yet these… tablets… Their power’s source is of questionable footing. It...
    There is something more… but a dense magical aura seems to cover it.

    As you watch, the key’s mere presence cuts through the aura, causing it to disappear in moments.
    The scientists say it calls upon a place outside this realm… Yet what could there be? As far as anyone knows, the dead do not go anywhere, they simply… die. Perhaps there is something more that we do not know…

    By: ditsario, Blastbasher, Matteo_Games

    The Fallen Protector

    Level Min: 95
    Location: Sky Islands
    XP: 1 000 000
    Lore: “Long ago, before the Ahms Region’s fracturing, a Colossus once inhabited the land. After centuries of building up energy, it eventually went haywire and shattered the entire region.”

    Access: Same as before.


    (OUT: The part with the Colossus fracturing the ground is now shown as the first part of the cutscene. The building that the villagers are in is now a very similar/the same build as the Wind Fortress room in the void.)

    [1/6] Villager: Oi, monk! Clomi! Come quick, we need your people’s help!
    [2/6] Clomi: Huh? What did you do? Have you people been messing around with the altar again? I thought we told you to leave it al-
    [3/6] Villager: No, no, it wasn’t us, it’s the Grand Colossus, it's gone insane! It's destroying everything surrounding it for miles!
    [4/6] Clomi: What? That can’t be right, we haven’t done any tests with it in… No, I'm sure there's some sort of explanation for this, now tell me what happened.
    [5/6] Villager: I can hardly understand it, it’s like it started digging a hole in the ground, but I couldn’t see the bottom!
    [6/6] Clomi: Wait, what?! Oh no, no no no, but that means-

    (OUT: The villagers will die the same as normal, then the cutscene will return to the Colossus, where the fracturing can be seen to have greatly expanded from earlier. The after-ultimate text will then trigger.)

    Sometime after, the fracturing ceased. The Ahms Region was left shattered. Thousands of lives were lost; many cities, both above and underground, ravaged, all to be claimed by the void.
    And along with those others, the Colossus that presided in the Ahms Region destroyed itself, unable to separate its own body from the land surrounding it.
    And so, it too fell into the void. While it itself is lost to time, the civilization that worshipped it lives on in the descendants of its survivors, who fled to the canyon soon after the fracturing.
    Despite their efforts, it is only a matter of time before the Canyon of the Lost meets the same fate as the Sky Islands, as a land that was ripped apart by an unknown, colossal entity…

    By: ditsario, Blastbasher
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    “The city of Llevigar is usually the first sight adventurers see in Gavel, built using quartz mined from the nearby Karoc Quarry. It is not only the most advanced city in Gavel, but also the current capital of the province.”

    “Purely evil magic is all that exists in this magical trap, laid by a sadistic demon that snuck its way into the realm centuries ago.”

    “Although this slumlike town was once a great city, it has suffered the worst of the Decay’s effects over the years, as its residents are constantly threatened by beasts, dark magic, and their homes themselves succumbing to the Decay.”

    “Holy sites all around Kander fell into disrepair as the effects of the Decay started to appear. However, a concerted effort by the priests of the forest have allowed this church to provide blessings and protection to the forest’s inhabitants.”

    “The Bantisu Air Temple has served as a beacon in the Canyon of the Lost for a thousand years. The Air Monks help guide people who get lost due to the Canyon’s confusing nature.”


    Item Name: Claw of Lethirath, the Fire Demon
    Quest Item
    Item Origin: Quest "From the Bottom"
    Item Lore: An ancient claw belonging to a demon named Lethirath. It comes from a dark period of history.
    "This land... It is new... Different from the emptiness I called home, yet... inhospitable..."
    "We have already suffered many deaths... Could he have led us here, for his own gain...?"

    Item Name: Hellstrand
    Legendary Bow
    Item Origin: Mob drop / Loot chest
    Item Lore:
    The Order of the Abyss crafted this bow in hopes of using it to fight at Naragath’s side. It draws its power from the emptiness of the void, and was thus hidden away by the people of Lexdale.

    Item Name: Inferno
    Mythic Dagger
    Item Origin: Mob drop / Loot chest
    Item Lore:
    When the Dwarves stopped the Dogun fire god Garaheth from entering the realm, they found a blade containing a fragment of his power. Although unwise, they used it to forge a powerful dagger in celebration of their victory.


    The Library of Flames, accessed in Dwarves and Doguns Part I, will be mostly unchanged except for the fact that there will be a new book in the library, far to the side and hidden between the bookshelves.

    Epic of the Magmatic God
    This scroll seems to have aged in the past few millennia…
    “...Volcanoes like the many hands of the Lord, they too spread its desire, its domain stretching into the caves below…”
    “...and so didst it make itself our forefather, for the changed stone was honored with intellect. It’d shared its divine spirit with us, and christened itself with a new name: the ‘Magmatic God’, Lord of Fire.”
    “All kin below earth didst be branded by a fragment of the Magmatic God’s soul, and within us was part of it.”
    “‘I bequeath to thee, the unending task of worship, for I am your God and thou art my offspring’. Such was the next commandment of the Magmatic God. Be it not fair to offer our lives back to the Lord, to continue the cycle?”
    “For many a long years didst the sacrifices flow, as lava did mould the caves into habitats anew. Yet, fire was not as unending, and it too turned to ash.”
    “A new people came from beyond, and with them didst they bring their miraculous magic, capable of moulding the earth like no God had ever before.”
    “Such may have been reason why they found fit to meddle with our kin, for not long after their advent didst they challenge the Magmatic God itself.”
    “With their tablets, forged from scraps of old, they wrought the mighty Lord and placed upon it a s…-”

    The rest of the scroll is completely illegible. This doesn’t seem like what you’re looking for, anyways…

    By: Matteo_Games

    The library is now divided into three layers.

    Layer 1 is the area in the library building on the main map, with a few citizen NPCs scattered around. It will contain the most surface and commonly-known information, with little lore-wide relevance. Books will simply be clickable particles on some of the bookshelves that are already there.

    Layer 2 will contain the “Province History” books that already appear in the library currently, and will thus have more lore relevance, but will still be normally accessible.

    To access this layer, simply enter the hidden part of Llevigar’s Library by pressing the button to open the door. You will no longer need a library key to get into this section, instead needing to complete Heart of Llevigar to gain access, but it will otherwise be completely unchanged.

    Layer 3 will contain the most obscure information, with huge lore importance. To access it, you will need a [Library Key], which can be obtained in the secret room in Mehme’s laboratory at the end of ??? (the one with the signs and the self-destruct pressure plate, the key will appear as a passive mob just next to said pressure plate). Then, you have to go to Layer 2 and talk to a Dispenser block NPC embedded into the back/far wall of the lower section named “Key Scanner”. Its dialogue will differ depending on whether or not you have the Library Key in your inventory:

    If you don’t have the Library Key in your inventory:

    [1/3] Key Scanner: SCANNING FOR KEY … … …

    If you have the Library Key in your inventory:

    [1/2] Key Scanner: SCANNING FOR KEY … … …

    Once you input the Library Key, a 3x5 quartz door will open up below the Key Scanner, like a basement door; below the door is a stairway that leads into a coal block portal. Once you walk into the portal, you are taken into a rectangular, ruined wooden basement. It is barely lit, and appears in the style of a library like the Ragni Library with bookshelves containing books on the sides. There is moss everywhere along the walls, some of the wood has rotten off revealing the stone, and even the main path has holes in it. Some of the stone pillars supporting the basement have cracked and collapsed. At the end of the basement is a coal block portal that takes you outside of Layer 1 of the library.

    Layer 1 (main layer, accessible to anyone)

    The Siegfried™ Collection

    "This book contains small stories of the entire Siegfried Foundation’s Book Series about Siegfried! The Full Books can be found in bookstores all across Gavel."

    The Battle of Ahmsord

    "One of Siegfried’s most famous plights was against a massive dragon terrorizing the city of Ahmsord!"
    "The Dragon itself was called Farcor by the locals, and had power not even the best warriors of Gavel could rival, except for one…"
    "Siegfried had managed to slay the dragonling as it breathed its last, but not without scarring his eye."
    "Nonetheless, he was hailed as a true hero, one even better than Bob!"

    Bedtime Stories about Siegfried

    "Once upon a time, in the city of Olux, it was a dark and stormy night, and as the townspeople were waiting to go to sleep, WHAM!"
    "A horde of the savage Nagas attacked the city. The people cowered in fear."
    "‘Agh! Please, spare us!’ a poor woman said to the Nagas, but they merely laughed at her face, mocking her."
    "Who was to save this city? None other than Siegfried, of course! He marched in and said ‘Never fear, Siegfried is here!’"
    "Just the mere presence of Siegfried made all of them cower, and they all fled far, far away."
    "So the next time you are in some trouble, just remember, Siegfried is probably near."

    Cooking with Siegfried

    "Everyone gets hungry at some point in their day, even heroes. But Siegfried Cookies will replenish you back to full stamina! Just follow this recipe and you’ll be like Siegfried!"
    The recipe just seems to be a basic recipe for cheap cookies…
    "The End."

    The Enigma of Weirds

    "Weirds, or more academically known as Magicis Sphaeramis, are strange entities that have been found all the way from the Llevigar Plains to the Gylia Plains."
    "Many scholars have tried to study them, but their bizarre nature makes them almost impossible to."
    "From studies of them, they seem to put the victim into an enthralled state, forcing them to follow the Weird. What is slightly more bizarre, is the effects on nature Weirds have."
    "They seem to be born out of pure magical auras, in the most concentrated of magicks, most commonly around the meteors that fall in this land."
    "This has led some to believe they are associated with Lake Gylia’s magic, but they have also been found in other various areas such as the Lazarus Pit and around two large stumps, both in the Dark and Light Forests."
    "Weirds are, like the name says, very strange. However, as our technology and magical understanding improves, perhaps one day we will know their true nature."

    Gavel’s (Second) Most Perplexing Water Body

    "The River Sage is one of Gavel’s most mysterious water bodies. It is lesser known than any other body of water in the province, excluding Lake Gylia, of course."
    "The reason why it is? To answer that, one must take a better look at the Llevigar Plains. It is split into two separate regions: the Greater Llevigar Plains, and the Pre-Light Forest."
    "Both areas share a lot of similarities, such as the abundance of Orcs and Kappas, Greenskin species that steal livestock and fish in the waters, but what sets them apart is what is happening to their north and east sides."
    "The Greater Llevigar Plains is under threat of the eldritch force of Decay up north, but for the Pre-Light Forest, they remain at a constant."
    "This has led many scholars to say that the River Sage, that which is separating the Llevigar Plains, is the reason behind it. However, the question is: how?"
    "A very common theory is that the nearby Quartz of the Karoc Quarry applies magical properties to the River Sage, making it a magical border."
    "However, in other experiments testing the revolting effect, Quartz has had no effect on the Decay."
    "Rather, a lesser-regarded, but seemingly more academically correct theory, is an enchan-"

    It seems the rest of the book has withered away…

    Layer 2 (sub-layer, accessible through Layer 1 after Heart of Llevigar)

    This layer contains all the “Province History” books, such as Gavel History, Wynn History, etc.
    The Gavel History Chapter IV book has been slightly rewritten to fit the lore.

    Chapter IV: Gavel History

    “The new fortunes made by the Villagers has allowed them to transform what was once a Goblin settlement, Llevigar, into a magnificent city of quartz, in order to welcome the cheap labour arriving from the Wynn province.”
    “Llevigar is also the icon of the province and holds immense industrial magical power, to encourage more movement of people to the province.”
    “Villagers are often not willing to do tasks that involve a lot of traveling or combat.”
    “Therefore, they have benefited immensely from the movement of adventurers from the Wynn province, to whom they share the rewards of business ventures.”
    “Often a very small share is given to the workforce. Magical skill, money, and the natural resources of Gavel allow it to thrive as a multicultural society.”
    “Gavel proclaims itself as the most advanced province in the world.”

    End of Chapter IV

    Layer 3 (new layer, accessible through Layer 2 with the Library Key)

    The First Age - Age of Giants
    Written By: ???

    The contents of this book have decayed and smudged past comprehension… Just how old could this text be?

    The Second Age - Age of Peace
    Written By: ???

    The contents of this book have decayed and smudged past comprehension… Just how old could this text be?

    The Third Age - Age of the Farnians
    Written By: ???

    The contents of this book have decayed and smudged past comprehension… Just how old could this text be?

    The Fourth Age - The Dark Age
    Written By: ???

    The contents of this book seem to have been violently torn apart…
    There’s a small note at the bottom of the book. You pick it up and read it.

    “Drat! There’s no use… No matter how much I search, there are nothing but small artifacts that I can date back to this cursed ‘Fourth Age’.”
    “The only event we have minimal knowledge on is the Cataclysm that affected the Gylia Plains… Even then, it is but the starting point in the centuries-long timeline that this age spans.”
    “Even this book didn’t survive… Who could be behind all this? And why would they feel the need to censor almost three centuries of our history?! Were the events that transpired so… catastrophic?”
    “...That must be it. A great calamity must have affected the province, twisting it beyond recognition… but what?”
    “To understand this land’s biggest secret, to unlock the truth of the world… I will see to it that such happens during my lifetime.”
    “I have a lead. Within the crypt of that stone city in Kander Forest, I found an ancient manuscript that seems to detail events that were otherwise completely erased from history…”
    “The legible parts read: ‘And yet, the very strength the Empire held would become their downfall; for they explored their limits too far. When the tablets merged, their might was enough to tear the sky open, and hence came the aberrations…’”
    “That’s it. Sadly very few words, yet they’re enough to peer into the calamity that affected the Fourth Age. In fact, the texts I’ve gathered seem to draw importance towards that floating land they call the Fo-”

    The rest of the note is blotted in blood…

    The Fifth Age - Age of Rebuilding
    Written By: Asne, Royal Archivist of Cinfras

    “As the flames of prosperity of the old empire were extinguished, new kin took up the ancient crown of Gavel to rule the land, far removed from the old ones.”
    “The Villagers of this era had many city-states, three of which yet stand today, and these flourishing cities were named Cinfras, Lexdale, Efilim and Seljani. Alas, the latter, nestled in the north of the magical plains, stood not the test of time, and its fate was most cruel.”
    “Yet, our ancestors’ light was outshone by others, others who treated us as naught but fodder and cattle. Such were the Dwarves, and the Elves too, yet their might was not perennial like ours.”
    “The Elves were once as brute as the mindless Greenskins of the plains, but their worship of a false deity was rescinded once they’d found a new sun, descended upon the land nine centuries before parasite’s rise: its bright shine swept away the former winds.”
    “As for the Dwarves, their kin greatly benefited from the disappearance of the old imperial capital of the Canyon, and under their first sovereign, King Dardoak I, the vast mountainous expanse was now their territory, thirty score years before the advent of the Parasite.”
    “Eventually, their reach encompassed the great molten caves to the east, inhabited by a now extinct people. The two races were once conjoined in peace; who could have predicted the tragedy set seven centuries after Dardoak’s rise?”
    “Although bad blood yet fermented, it was clear that the people of Gavel were flourishing now more than ever: from west to east, cities flourished and kings arose.”
    “However, at the end of the fifth age, the fragile order of the world would be toppled by one man, one who made Gavel his. In the annals of history, he is fondly remembered, for he was a Villager like no other: Remikas.”

    The Sixth Age - Age of Kings
    Written By: Primis, Minister of Historical Preservation

    “In the early times of his life, Remikas was naught but a prince, one of many fathered by the King of Cinfras, and he considered himself as such, too.”
    “Yet, his father knew there was something singular about Remikas, an unbound passion, not shared by his brethren. Thus, it was Remikas who was appointed as the next heir of Cinfras once the previous sovereign fell ill.”
    “Unlike the previous men of his line, Remikas did indeed possess a heart of fire, a will that does not waver; perhaps inherited by his earliest ancestors, those who crafted the towering city states of old. He wove his desire and his fate to his whim, and decided to inlay himself unto the pillars of history.”
    “As such, it was 328 years before the advent of the Parasite that Remikas set for conquest, subjugating the two other city states of his time: Lexdale and Efilim, under the helm of Cinfras. He proclaimed himself the first king of ‘Gavel’, and it is from him which our land earns its name.”
    “After sixty-seven years of his reign, near his death, he had his very essence emblazoned unto a golden bracelet, for it shall be worn by all future sovereigns, in hopes that his lasting life force would aid them in rule.”
    “And aid them, it did: his successor, Theden I of Lexdale, spread the kingdom’s reach to the once-fertile Swamp, founding Olux upon the ruins of an ancient stone city.”
    “Alas, during this age, the peace of Gavel was threatened by an encroaching parasite of decay: one which would one day change the order of peace of the land into a wicked painting of death and war, though those of old knew it not.”
    “Yet, as a show of our ferrous vigor, our kingdom stood strong, and what a force it displayed: from taking the Canyon from the Dwarves in 351 AP, to conquering the green plains from the vile Greenskins. Alas, most knew that such lucent might was not forever lasting.”
    “The aging crown sought triumphant victories, yet they were rewarded with miserable losses, and every new conflict drew power away from the kingdom: only barely were some wars won, such as the conquest of the Sky Islands.”
    “And as all mortals do, the kings of Gavel were no longer driven by honor, but by greed: the pleas of the poor suffering unending famine, silenced, for what hoard of gold held less power than the words of a thousand people?”
    “Eventually, the common men had had enough, and in a fiery rebellion, Theden II of Llevigar was driven away from his throne, dying a poisonous, forgotten death.”

    The Seventh Age - Age of Democracy
    Written By: Rown, Minister of Historical Preservation

    "Notice: Some of the recordings mentioned in the book are still happening to this day, consult a later copy if any of these recordings have had any major historical updates."

    “As the old crown shattered after Theden of Llevigar’s deposement, the men of Gavel wished not for a repeat of history, ravaged by greed and ignorance, but a land in which the people were all-powerful. Thus, the democracy was birthed.”
    “Many problems soon arose, however, that threatened the newly-born democracy; to some a sign that foretold a fate similar to the monarchy. Yet, this was not the case, for the Villagers would not let their labour turn into meaningless, despairing ash.”
    “With untold prowess did the Villagers once again establish hegemony over the lands: when the Gerts waged a great war against the Villagers in the ruins of a forgotten city-state, it was our wit that decided the tide of the war, and their barbaric kin was confined to a measly camp.”
    “The Orcs too dared challenge us, and they met a fate identical to the Gerts: once their weapons were stripped of power and their chiefs killed, they turned to cowardly banditry within the outskirts of the plains, no longer a threat.”
    “Alas, just a decade after the advent of democracy, a horrible plague we know all too well, the Decay, set its wretched hands upon our land, beginning in its wicked nest north in Lexdale. And so, our people were tested once again.”
    “With the number of plights and sufferings us Villagers had suffered over the millennia, some wondered if we truly had a place in this world, or if we were a parasite that the gods tried to expunge. However, just as some thought the democracy was once again on its last legs, something happened.”
    “As the waves mysteriously calmed one day, after millennia of rocky thunderstorms and crashing tides, some took it as a form to channel their desperation, pushing out into the unknown, desperate to find the answer to their problems.”
    “And an answer, they found: a new land, torn by war and disease, just like ours had. Sharing common troubles, the inhabitants of this land had made a pact with us, and soon, we forged a formidable alliance.”
    “This alliance changed history, and brought utmost benefit to both lands. I do not know what the fate of this province would’ve been, were it not for the discovery of this land named Wynn…”
    “...but one thing is certain. As rays of hope shine through the blotting clouds once again into our land, we shall show why the Villagers are renowned for their unwavering will.”

    By: Da Homeboi and Matteo_Games


    Before completing Heart of Llevigar:

    [1/3] Librarian: Hm? Oh, hello, soldier, come to visit the library? Well, help yourself, all the books here are free for everyone to read.
    [2/3] Librarian: Not like there’s much you would want to read with how most of the place is about Siegfried… I mean, I get he’s important, but this library is meant to be about everything, not just one man!
    [3/3] Librarian: … Well, anyways, hope you learn something in here. And, remember, don’t steal anything!

    After completing Heart of Llevigar:

    [1/4] Librarian: Hm? Oh, hello, soldier, nice to see you here! You’re the human who fixed the Heart, right? Thanks for that, and help yourself to whatever you want in the library, it’s always open to everyone.
    [2/4] Librarian: There’s also a somewhat hidden section behind this door right over here, reserved for trusted individuals, but after saving the city I think you’d fall under that.
    [3/4] Librarian: And, you won’t have to deal with all this Siegfried stuff in there. I mean, I get he’s important, but this library is meant to be about everything, not just one man!
    [4/4] Librarian: … Well, anyways, hope you learn something in here. And, remember, don’t steal anything.

    New dialogue after completing Orphion's Nexus of Light:

    [1/3] Olux Citizen: Do you know why the swamp is so miserable? It’s because of a mysterious force known as the Decay.
    [2/3] Olux Citizen: It spread across a few cities in northern Gavel, people began to believe it was a curse for our desire for money.
    [3/3] Olux Citizen: Although, I’ve heard it stopped expanding recently. Still, if it was a curse, it worked well, as our city of Olux became very poor.

    [1/3] Gelibord Citizen: Even aside from the Decay, this place has issues. Have you seen that big prison off to the northeast?
    [2/3] Gelibord Citizen: Well, I don’t know about you, but I can’t imagine what else might be producing all those mangled bodies in that cave up on the cliffs.
    [3/3] Gelibord Citizen: And even worse, the bodies can start moving around! This happened even before the Decay was as bad of an issue as it is now, so it can’t be the darkness that raises them…

    New dialogue after completing Forbidden Prison:

    [1/3] Gelibord Citizen: Even aside from the Decay, this place has issues. Have you heard about that big prison off to the northeast?
    [2/3] Gelibord Citizen: Ever since it got shut down for investigations, the mangled bodies on the cliff have stopped appearing, so they must’ve been from there!
    [3/3] Gelibord Citizen: Well, at least we won’t have to worry about them coming back to life and attacking us anymore once the government’s through with that place…

    [1/3] Cinfras Citizen: That large building east of the city is the Guild Hall. There you can create prestigious guilds for you and your friends to join.
    [2/3] Cinfras Citizen: Used to be the capital of Gavel, actually, before they moved that to Llevigar. It’s also the entrance to Letvus Airbase, where many airships arrive and depart from across the world.
    [3/3] Cinfras Citizen: However, people are getting a bit worried about airship travel. There have been several reports of airship crashes recently…

    [1/2] Thanos Dwarf: All sorts of thieving types love to skulk around the Canyon here, ever since they figured out the villagers won’t bother going into the Canyon to stop any of them. None of them ever mess with us Dwarves, though! They know better!
    [2/2] Thanos Dwarf: Though, I hear some gang of ne’er-do-wells from Wynn have been burglarizing around really close to here. I wonder if they’ll dare to try us on for size!


    Location: [-1975,55,-4754]
    NPC Name: Archived Log

    This dusty log seems to have been archived by the current owner of the house…
    “What an odd ruin we’ve found… However, rather than resolving the myriad of mysteries surrounding the Bovemist faith, the historical records we read through are just adding on to the pile…”
    “We found an ancient shrine, adorned with the tails and offerings of Nagas from across history… There are also texts, but not fashioned by hand of those snakes… Could it have been used as a temple by others, too?”
    “Their god seemingly takes on many forms, the cow simply being its favored vessel. I presume it makes sense, as records from other temples speak of cows as being the symbol of bounty and fertility…”
    “...Yet, nothing seems to match with the information already known about Bovemism… It was theorized that Bovemism first appeared in Cinfras thanks to Lord Remikas, eleven centuries ago, and eventually spread out throughout the province."
    "Only recently has the faith truly reached the fringes of Gavel... However, these texts come from millennia ago… and, in the Llevigar Plains?”
    “Don’t even get me started with the symbolism. The rituals of worship and the graphic depictions of their god all appear to make reference to the element of Earth, for whatever reason… What could an element have to do with a bovine god?”
    “That Caenrius’ ramblings are making more sense by the day… When he told me about this ruin, he claimed that Bovemism is not anymore like his ancestors remembered, that it has forsaken its values… But, how can I, a priest, bear such insults?”
    “All will become clear, perhaps, once I do more digging… The past calls me to it…”

    Location: [-628,62,-5458]

    [1/6] Lexdale Citizen: Did you know that Bovemism is actually one of the oldest religions in Gavel? The earliest forms of it can be traced all the way to the 2nd Age numerous millennia ago.
    [2/6] Lexdale Citizen: How do I know? Well, have you heard of Pastor Ensa? He was a very influential Bovemist priest and historian back in the day, credited with being one of the reasons why Bovemism spread to Lexdale. However, one day, he just turned… evil.
    [3/6] Lexdale Citizen: Not many know why, and those who do refuse to speak of it, but I think I know the reason. Why, I was there with him when he went on his many archeological trips! …Well, not me exactly, but my great-grandfather was.
    [4/6] Lexdale Citizen: He recorded everything in his old diary. The diary mentions how his final trip with Ensa involved researching an ancient ruin in the Llevigar Plains, supposedly relating to some sort of cow deity…
    [5/6] Lexdale Citizen: …but instead, they just found all sorts of oddities! From symbols representing the element of Earth, to bovine sacrifices, to offerings made by ancient Nagas… It was enough information to drive that poor priest mad.
    [6/6] Lexdale Citizen: Who knows, he could’ve been just one step away from uncovering the true origins of the religion we so blindly follow today…

    Location: [-586,61,-5450]

    [1/3] Lexdale Citizen: It’s interesting to learn about our past, isn’t it? For instance, I just bought a book about the cultists that lived around this area more than a century ago. Though, many seem to be paranoid of them ever returning…
    [2/3] Lexdale Citizen: Rumor has it that the leader of the cult was personally contacted in his dreams by some evil presence, and that is when he began worshipping it… Even mentioning that being’s name sends chills down anyone’s spine.
    [3/3] Lexdale Citizen: But personally? I don’t believe in any of those vision stories. To me, the cult and everyone who was part of it were just crazy idiots with too much power…

    Location: [-646,45,-5323]

    [1/6] Pastor Theodore: Ah, greetings, brother. Welcome to our church, do you seek repentance or-
    [2/6] Pastor Theodore: Wait… Your armor, it strikes me as quite familiar… You… Y-You’re not one of those cultists, right? H-Have they returned?!
    [3/6] Pastor Theodore: Ah, you aren’t? I… I apologize for such an outburst. It’s just… Ever since the summoning, everyone in Kander has been on edge. We truly don’t want those filthy men to ever return.
    [4/6] Pastor Theodore: Although, some people are going to extremes to assure that… But, I’m sure that doesn’t concern you.
    [5/6] Pastor Theodore: This church was founded above a crypt the cultists once called their headquarters. We don’t trust the government enough to make sure that another tragedy never occurs, so we train in exorcisms and holy rituals to make sure that Kander remains safe.
    [6/6] Pastor Theodore: So, if you’re ever in need of some spiritual cleansing, you are always welcome in the House of Talor.

    Location: [-647,45,-5329]

    [1/10] Pastor Anki: Welcome to our church, faithful one. I greatly apologize for appearing so distraught… Alas, even very old pains won't fade if they are sharper than a blade.
    [2/10] Pastor Anki: Albeit I have never witnessed him and the legends he’d brought, due to his soul having left us centuries ago, I and most others are aware of the great influence Father Ensa has had upon us…
    [3/10] Pastor Anki: Ah? The faithful one does not know of Father Ensa? It is fine, it is not a memory we… enjoy cherishing. Father Ensa was the man who’d sown the seeds of bovemism within this gloomy forest.
    [4/10] Pastor Anki: In his time, the horrible plague before you had just started, and many were confused… They’d believe in all kinds of things, and thought their lives were going to meet premature ends. But Father Ensa lit a spark of hope within them.
    [5/10] Pastor Anki: With newfound faith, the people of Lexdale had rediscovered their spirits, all thanks to Father Ensa. Without him, this church would certainly not exist… Alas, something had eventually happened to him.
    [6/10] Pastor Anki: Father Ensa was well-refined in history, and he wished to understand the roots of the religion he so greatly cherished.
    [7/10] Pastor Anki: So, for many years he studied and understood what our kin left behind. Yet, the knowledge he learned seemed to obstruct his mind…
    [8/10] Pastor Anki: Suddenly, Father Ensa claimed that he learnt the roots of our faith, and proclaimed that we were worshipping a false god, one that abandoned us millennia ago, forced into a beyond land…
    [9/10] Pastor Anki: And so, just as his god did, he abandoned us as well. He acquainted himself with that horrid Kalrow, although I am not sure the faithful one knows of that name…
    [10/10] Pastor Anki: Ah, I cannot speak any further. I greatly apologize, but such tragedy is unspeakable of… Words alone cannot convey the anguish all around him had felt, even today. I truly hope no else takes the path he took.

    Location: [-554,47,-4886]

    [1/5] Cinfras Citizen: Oh, hey, man! Come out to see all the wildlife out here? The Gylia Plains sure do have a lot of them, like these funny Touroto things.
    [2/5] Cinfras Citizen: I’ve heard lots of stories about these guys. Did you know there are religions about gods like them all over the entire world?
    [3/5] Cinfras Citizen: No, really, man! Bovemists, those snake dudes in the swamp, the guys on that farm island, I heard even some of the tribes in your jungle used to have some sort of nature cow god thingy.
    [4/5] Cinfras Citizen: Really makes ya wonder… Could it really be just because of these groovy cows right here, or is there something else to it?
    [5/5] Cinfras Citizen: Ah, whatever, that’s for someone else to figure out. Well, hope you have a cool time with your adventures, man!

    Location: [-496,47,-5004]

    [1/4] Cinfras Citizen: Hello and welcome to the Cinfras Bovemist church, soldier! I wish you luck in, uh, whatever it is you’re doing here!
    [2/4] Cinfras Citizen: Unless you did come to pray? Yeah, that figures, I’ve seen tons of Wynn soldiers go through here and not one Bovemist yet…
    [3/4] Cinfras Citizen: Still, you people aren’t bad or anything. Just the other day one of you came in here wanting to talk about the history of this church!
    [4/4] Cinfras Citizen: That sure was interesting… Did you know it apparently used to be the entrance to a completely different building for some other religion, hundreds and hundreds of years ago? Don’t suppose you’d have guessed that, eh?

    Location: [-506,104,-4610]

    [1/5] Aldorei Elf: Oh, hello. Haven’t seen an outsider here in quite a while. I imagine a lot of them already feel they’ve heard enough of us from all the missionaries we send out.
    [2/5] Aldorei Elf: Yes, we’ve been sending them for… over a thousand years now. Far longer than any of even our lifespans.
    [3/5] Aldorei Elf: I don’t think we’ve had much success converting the villagers to the Light, though. They were too busy fighting wars against each other when we first started, and haven’t bothered to pay much attention to us since then.
    [4/5] Aldorei Elf: Interestingly enough, though, we did manage to convert a lot of our own in Efilim. I think they hoped that by converting, they would be let back into Aldorei.
    [5/5] Aldorei Elf: Sometimes I wonder why the High Elves do still keep them banished… But they must have their reasons, and I wouldn’t want to go against the wishes of them, or perhaps even the Light itself.

    Location: [1064,111,-4597]

    [1/5] Ahmsord Citizen: Did you know that in ancient times, this region used to be called the “Land of Tempest”? And it’s not for no reason, either.
    [2/5] Ahmsord Citizen: Rumor has it that back then, there were so many thunders and thunderstorms that you’d need ten hands to count them all!
    [3/5] Ahmsord Citizen: Yet, when the land shattered, the anomalous lightning stopped, and returned to normal. Weird, isn’t it? I guess we should be grateful, I wouldn’t want a thunderbolt to burn down my house, haha!
    [4/5] Ahmsord Citizen: Though, from what I’ve heard, some say there was a reason behind all that activity after all, and it has to do with something under our feet, maybe beneath Ahmsord itself.
    [5/5] Ahmsord Citizen: I’d like to dig out the area to see if there’s anything underground, but the city won’t let me. Well, these are all just unfounded rumors, so I can’t blame them.


    First Age (The Age of Giants), ??? BP - 4000 BP

    The Giants, the first sentient species, are created by the Elemental Gods, gods which are the embodiment of their respective element: ??? BP

    The Giants rebel against their creators, but are nearly driven extinct by the Elemental Gods. The Gods create smaller species from now on, weaker than the Giants: 4000 BP

    Second Age (The Age of Peace), 4000 BP - 2196 BP

    The Thunder God, Vindalur, creates the Angels in the Ahms Region: 3000 BP

    The Water God, Kraken, creates the Ocean, wiping out almost all life that was there: 2500 BP

    A group of people known as the Farnians build the Colossi, which are then used to seal the Elemental Gods away into the Void. They then establish a new civilization with control over Gavel, the Farnian Empire: 2196 BP

    Third Age (The Age of the Farnians), 2196 BP - 1400 BP

    The city of Sal Vindalur is founded by the Angels: 2179 BP

    The Cult of Kraken is founded by survivors of the Kraken’s flooding of the ocean: 2000 BP

    The Gylia Cataclysm occurs: 1400 BP

    Fourth Age (The Dark Age), 1400 BP - 1128 BP

    The Farnians create the Forgery, however the experiment that created it is too strong and tears a hole in reality. The Demons, led by Naragath, enter Gavel through that hole, and they start fighting the Farnians. The Farnian War begins: 1277 BP

    Ancient Cinfras is destroyed, the Cult of Kraken captures a renegade Goliath: 1147 BP

    The Farnian Empire is destroyed by the Demons, however most demons are killed (or, in Naragath’s case, sealed) too. The Farnian War ends: 1128 BP

    Fifth Age (The Age of Rebuilding), 1128 BP - 328 BP

    An oracle from Sal Vindalur predicts the Fracturing of the Ahms Region: 1000 BP

    The Light arrives in Gavel through the hole in reality the Farnians created, and the Elves start worshipping it, abandoning their old customs. The Colossi reactivate due to the appearance of the Light, as it is considered a threat similar to the Elemental Gods: 904 BP

    The Wind Fortress is created to study the Ahms Colossus: 893 BP

    The remaining elves who follow Entia (the Air God) rather than the Light are banished from Aldorei and settle in Efilim: 785 BP

    King Dardoak I of Thanos takes over the Canyon of the Lost: 620 BP

    The Goblins build Blinog where modern Llevigar would one day be constructed: 435 BP

    An eastern Villager city-state, Seljani, has some of its population converted to Gerts by the meteors, which overrun the city: 400 BP

    Aldorei sends missionaries to numerous cities to convert the Villagers to the Light: 332 BP

    Remikas of Cinfras conquers all other Villager city-states in the province, and crowns himself First King of Gavel: 328 BP

    Sixth Age (The Age of Kings), 328 BP - 750 AP

    Remikas dies, but his soul is put into a bracelet in the hopes that he can guide future royal leaders when they wear the bracelet: 261 BP

    Lari is born in Aldorei: 132 BP

    The Villager king Theden I of Lexdale conquers the Swamps, and founds the town of Olux: 124 BP

    The Guardian of the Forest appears but asleep, Lari is chosen by Orphion and enters the Realm of Light around this time: 104 BP

    The Villager government hears of Lari’s presence in Northern Gavel: 13 BP

    The Parasite enters Gavel and Lari fights it but refuses to go all the way and kill it, the Ahms Colossus goes haywire and fractures the Ahms Region, the remaining/surviving Wind Fortress inhabitants move to the Canyon and create the Bantisu Air Temple, Sal Vindalur is destroyed due to the Fracturing: 0 AP

    The Villager government has a battle with the Parasite: 69 AP

    The Bantisu Monks find the Canyon Colossus starting to go haywire, but are able to calm it temporarily: 70 AP

    The Villager king Daiaxus attempts to take over the Llevigar Plains, but is unsuccessful in defeating the Greenskins completely: 94 AP

    The Dwarves enter the Molten Heights, discover the precious ores there, and begin the war with the Doguns to take control of the area: 100 AP

    The Villager government asks the elves in Aldorei for information on Lari and the Parasite: 221 AP

    The Dwarves stop the Doguns from bringing Garaheth back and win the Dogun War, giving them complete control of the powerful molten ores and the Heights: 300 AP

    The Villager king Daiaxus II fights the Dwarves, but eventually the two groups make a deal and divide up the land, with the Dwarves controlling Thanos and the Molten Heights and the Villagers controlling the rest of the Canyon: 351 AP

    The Villager government approaches Lari to exchange information about the Parasite, but she refuses to give any: 491 AP

    Another battle with the Parasite occurs, the government arrives to help but it still escapes while weakened: 513 AP

    The Dwarves open up the Molten Heights, allowing people to get to the Sky Islands much more easily: 573 AP

    The Villagers invent airships, found Ahmsord, and take control of the Sky Islands: 633 AP

    The Villager government stops helping with the Parasite as it is starting to collapse: 641 AP

    Lari has a final battle with the Parasite, she is still unwilling to kill it so it escapes after biting Dullahan: 706 AP

    The last Villager king, Theden II, is dethroned by the people of Cinfras, and the royal rule of Gavel ends: 750 AP

    Seventh Age (The Age of Democracy), 750 AP - Present

    The Parasite creates the Heart of the Decay: 760 AP

    The new Villager democracy begins the Gerten War: 763 AP

    The Gerten War ends and the Gylia Watch is set up to keep the peace between Villagers and Gerts: 800 AP

    The Cult of Kraken tells the Villager government about the Order of the Abyss operating around Lexdale and Gelibord: 814 AP

    Dullahan is beheaded by the people of Gelibord, Lari revives him but he turns evil so she is forced to seal him away: 819 AP

    The Lexdale Penitentiary is created to hold cultists from the Order of the Abyss: 823 AP

    The Order of the Abyss is defeated by the Villager government and Naragath is seemingly trapped outside the realm. After the Order’s defeat, the government bans all cults from Gavel. The Cult of Kraken is disbanded: 839 AP

    Caritat Senior builds a mansion where the Parasite emerged, Lari fails to convince him to stop: 852 AP

    Lari is unable to reenter the Realm of Light: 872 AP

    The Ocean’s waves are calmed and the Villagers discover Wynn: 900 AP

    A group of pirates take over Ahmsord’s airship base and become the Skyraiders: 931 AP

    The three brothers (Yahya, Mehme and Nohno, possibly Sohso too) go insane, GavelExcavation moves to Wynn soon after: 950 AP


    All Angel enemies in the Sky Islands will have their name changed: the word "Angel" in their name will be replaced with "Harpy" (eg. Harpy of War). Nothing else about the enemy is changed at all.

    Why?: Angels went extinct shortly after the Fracturing.


    Blastbasher (@General Skien) - Project Lead, Document Hoster, made quests, secret discoveries and edits
    Da Homeboi (@Da Homeboi) - Made secret discoveries, Llevigar's Library, quest edits and dialogues
    ditsario (@ditsario) - Made quests, secret discoveries, dialogues, edits
    Emolga3 (@Emogla3) - Rewrote A Fighting Species and did edits to secret discoveries and quests
    Matteo_Games (@DaCorruption) - Made secret discoveries, dialogues and edits
    TrapinchO (@TrapinchO) - Created dogun language used in Dwarves & Doguns, wrote edits about the Doguns in general
    Others - Made edits and comments (Sorry if I can't mention all of you specifically but you know who you are)

    If you have any questions or comments, feel free to tag the person who wrote the section you're talking about, as they'll probably be able to answer it better than the rest of us would.

    Thank you all for reading, and thanks to the entire WynnTheory discord!
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  7. TrapinchO

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    good job everyone!
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  8. General Skien

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    Me when the rework doesn't include Skien for once ;-;
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  9. nip nop

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    very cool and aweosmee
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  10. shtnck eyh ckhhe

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  11. General Skien

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    "build to competed taking teachers. During the construction, those learn basics for human action, the which lead to the attempt to evict mans. The soon, colossus becomes stronger and begins that war taking elemental. The three paintings this, none for which was break on the battle, except the of rested for paintings, which taking abrue to the be sealed outside country without being reduced to that minimum.


    once later than turning off the lights, callos was shot again and terror appeared to be this threat. The two giants sharpened their weapons taking this run prevent to them to as to as to the what every every anytime buried and to ground will will would do will would do be threatened and captured. Those immediately to as to as to take outward their weapons. This taking abrue to be will will would do taking this more than shield to as to as to what every every the anytime this mans is this the loaded on window and looks upon run. To as to as to what every every anytime that lower children arrive, this the more than army is this destructive and land is destructive. The the length of great river was long due to windsor was no covered the by an iron tower, prevent in dark and early autumn it remained the stabrue upon 1000 ap and destructive earth everywhere. taking abrue to"
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    pls no eots lexdale witch trials are better also where is hollow sirene?
  13. Da Homeboi

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    Fun Fact: The Thunder guy was originally called 'Ixaltruma' though it got changed.
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    Uh, could you explain a bit more? We did add Naragath and the Order back but they're not in a quest anymore, changed a lot from before, and lexdale witch trials is completely unchanged and now has a secret discovery based around it.
    Hollow Sirene was a pretty weird quest and didn't fit in neatly with any of the lore we wanted to add, so we didn't bother with adding new gameplay and everything just to have it.
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    I just don't like nagarath and lore around him because I don't think it fits the region really. I really like the rest of the project though.
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    Yeah old Naragath lore was ew, he was just kind of there in a quest that most people didn't even really enjoy and his lore was too self-contained for being titled the "Demon Prince" and supposedly having the power to destroy all of Gavel.

    But we tried to fix that in this rewrite, while obviously not reintroducing EotS as a quest, the order of the abyss is certainly a group with a lot of potential, and Naragath has a very heavy lore importance especially in the ancient era.
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    I promise i will read this eventually but god damn, the amount of work you all put into this is beyond incredible, great work y'all.
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    Jesus Christ thats a lot
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    The canyon guide remake makes this good enough
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    I’m going to make a quest for nagarath, wish me luck
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