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World Complete Rework Of Bob's Lore

Discussion in 'General Suggestions' started by TrapinchO, Mar 3, 2021.


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  1. TrapinchO

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    DISCLAIMER: We are not members of the CT. This is a project made by lore enthusiasts in an attempt to fix and hopefully make Bob's lore better, as many aspects are outdated by years. Furthermore, if this project does get adapted to the game, it obviously doesn't have to be a perfect replica.

    The Bob Lore Fix Project
    (Brought to you by the WynnTheory discord server)

    Hello everyone! During the past weeks, we engaged in a fan-project to hopefully better and fix Bob's lore. (Note that these changes aren't guaranteed to be added by the CT, but this thread is for suggesting it.) This included remaking quests, secret discoveries, dialogues, et cetera.
    Now, you may be asking: Why?

    Well, you should have read the disclaimer, but I'll rephrase and point out the main flaws with his lore:
    • Inconsistency. Many parts of Bob's lore are inconsistent with eachother and with other pieces of lore due to the sheer age of Bob's character (@Matteo_Games joined in early 2015 and he was already a thing). For example, how could Mael be around 300 years old when he trained Bob? (The Twains were around 500 AP, including Mael, while Bob was born in 854 AP) Where did he go? The Silent Expanse or Dern? Why would he trust Mehme with his diary? These are some inconsistencies within his lore, which we tried to fix.
    • One-dimensional. It doesn't take a genius to realize that Bob is a one dimensional good guy. He has no character development, no flaws, no personality, nothing. He only exists as a "hero" figure, but none of the quests or the cutscenes we see him in give him a personality. In this project, we tried fixing this issue by making Momo's death have a real toll on him, as well as sometimes making him struggle to trust in others he deemed weak (such as Tarod).
    • Outdated. This may be similar to the "Inconsistency" point I made above, but most of Bob's lore is just plain outdated. The biggest example of this is characters (such as Nilrem, Ethe, Chak etc.) in his lore that never actually appear at all nor are mentioned anywhere, these characters themselves being multiple years old and thus could be easily replaced with other characters that already appear in the lore and have their own story (such as Martyn and Skien).
    These are the three main inconsistencies within Bob's lore, and our main focus for this project was fixing them. But enough with these boring details, let's get on with it.

    (We tried to affect non-Bob lore and items as least as possible).

    I will mark the things that we didn't change with the color red.

    • Bob is born in 862 AP in the sewers, his biological mother dying in childbirth. He is adopted by Momo, who dies 16 years later during a corrupted raid.
    • Distraught over Momo's death, Bob flees from Ragni, and goes to a refugee camp within Nivla Forest. The refugees tell him of Mael Twain, a man who is (apparently) capable of bringing the dead back to life. Wanting his mother back to life, he sets off on a journey to find Mael Twain, thus heading towards the tundra.
    • Finally, Bob reaches the Nesaak Tundra and heads to the Twain Manor, where he finds Mael Twain. Although Mael is unable to revive his mother, Bob stays with him for the next 3 years, learning about how spirits pass on. Filled with a need for revenge against what killed his mother, he heads to Troms in search of skilled warriors who would teach him.
    • Bob reaches Troms and is trained by General Skien over the next seven years, learning how to use spears, bows and daggers. The general teaches Bob how to lead soldiers into battle and win battles against the undead.
    • In 888 AP, the corrupteds attack Troms. Bob and a group of mercenaries save the city. Bob thanks Skien for his training and, with his newfound skills, goes on his way back to Ragni.
    • Bob stumbles upon the Time Valley on his way back to Ragni, and meets Old Man Martyn. Martyn reveals that the warrior is half-Olm on his mother's side.
    • Martyn trains Bob over the next few years in the ways of magic, giving him his strange, black-and-purple weapons. In 894 AP, after his training is complete, Bob finally returns to Ragni.
    • Bob saves Ragni from Bak'al in 894 AP.
    • Over the next decades, Bob serves as Wynn's private demigod, pushing the Corrupted forces back wherever he is needed.
    • In 940 AP, Bob meets a young Tarod and the two become best friends. They go on many journeys together. It is Tarod who gives him the nickname Bob.
    • In 960 AP, Bob goes to Alive Island (now Dead Island) and slays the dark beast that Old Siwel had brought to the island in the form of an egg. The encounter here causes Bob to send Tarod back to Wynn as it's too dangerous for him.
    • Afterwards, Bob goes back to Martyn and he learns about how the Olm were defeated by the Darkness. Wanting to save the province once and for all, he entrusts his three pets (a wolf, an ocelot and a chicken/baby cockatrice) to Martyn.
    • Martyn hides the pets across the ocean: he gives the chicken pet, Cluckles, to Nohno in Rooster Island, he gives the ocelot pet, Ocey, to Skien in Skien's Island (Bob didn't know what happened to Skien so he assumed he was still sane) and he hides the wolf pet, Duke, in Dead Island (as this island was important to him).*
    • In 970 AP, Bob returns to the Twain Manor, Mael being long dead, and scales the mountains, reaching the Silent Expanse. Here, he disappears. The public story is that he died to old age somewhere in the tundra.
    • In 971 AP, Bob's Tomb mysteriously appears in the Nesaak Tundra. It's rumored that Bob is buried here.
    *If Dead Island is too small to put his wolf pet there, put it in the 4th Ice Island or in the Wolf Temple instead.

    Now, onto the changes we made to quests, locations, secret discoveries, etc.:

    Chapter I

    The story of Wynn’s salvation is closely tied to that of the journeys of its greatest hero: Bob. The western strongholds of Wynn had managed to avoid the greatest effects of the war for hundreds of years, but in 862, a thing everyone feared came - an unstoppable wave of corrupteds would manage to breach Ragni’s walls.

    Despite having endured for centuries in the corruption war, Ragni’s soldiers fell one by one to the unending hordes, and soon the city was overrun.

    Many of the residents were slaughtered and killed by the onslaught of creatures, but a lucky few would manage to escape to the sewers, a maze of filthy tunnels that would provide sanctuary for them during the calamity above.

    Chapter II

    Although the tunnels were safer than the battleground above, there were still many casualties. The sewers, already known for their disgusting stench, were home to the worst criminals of the region, who had no desire to share space with the cowering citizens.

    Among the survivors, a woman who never said her name, nor where she had come from (she certainly wasn't one of Ragni's own), gave birth to a baby boy on the cold floors of the sewer.

    Though the women accompanying her did all they could, the unknown woman did not survive the childbirth.

    The horde lasted 6 more days and the sewer folk did not know whether the baby would make it, the conditions were so rotten.

    Chapter III

    Against all the odds, the child made it, suffering no more but a smudge of dirt across his cheek, to everyone's amazement. He was adopted by a woman named Momo, who lived by herself before.

    He spent his childhood peacefully in Ragni, then in his teens he would work wherever he could get a job to earn for his future.

    His adoptive mother cared for him like her own, teaching him more than just to read and write. Momo being the only person so close to Robert, he grew very affectionate of her.

    Robert was never a popular lad, always treated differently, his skin was a shade of grey unnatural to those of Ragni, who have always been fair skinned.

    As such he didn't have many friends and wasn't held particularly well among the older citizens either.

    When he was 16 years old, a horde found its way into the city once more, like it did just over a decade before.

    Chapter IV

    Although far smaller than the previous one, the horde was nonetheless a threat as Ragni's army was so wounded from the last encounter.

    The beacons were not lit from the scouts, hence the entire city was caught by surprise. Not Robert though, he always kept a sword he once got from a retired soldier when he was younger, on his belt, to protect himself and Momo during the occasional attacks.

    Momo’s house lived on the outskirts of the city, hence it was swarmed early in the attack. Robert, being on the other side of Ragni at the time, ran towards the house as quickly as he could.

    Entering the cellar, he found his mother bleeding harshly beside a recently stabbed creature.

    Robert was unable to save Momo, which left him with no one close to him. He was very distraught about his mother’s death. He waited out the rest of the attack in the cellar, crying after his mother.

    Chapter V

    When dawn arrived, the siege was over and Robert, in panic, took with him all his belongings he could and ran as far away from Ragni as possible, hoping he could escape Momo’s death haunting him.

    He headed east, reaching a dense forest shortly after his escape. He found a small camp within, where some of the refugees from the war took the torn-apart boy under their wings for a few weeks.

    Robert began to trust them, at one point telling them he lost everything and he’s running away from the place where it happened.

    The people told him legends about an individual able to manipulate life, and even bring those dead back to it, living secluded in an old mansion deep in the cold and snowy south.

    Robert soon departed southwards, though the route would still be long.

    Chapter VI

    On his journey south he stumbled into a town close to the Corruption’s roots. He stayed there for a couple weeks and learned more about where he was headed from the townsfolk.

    He spent the last days preparing, for the next settlement was a month of journey away through the harsh southern climate.

    The rumours about the area confirmed when Robert had to travel through blizzards so strong he could barely see ahead of his nose.

    With no proper method of navigation, he would get lost in the snow many times, having to kill wolves and other wildlife for food.

    Robert was exhausted when he finally saw lights on the horizon many months later.

    Reaching the town in the tundra, Nesaak, marked the end of the toughest part of his journey.

    Chapter VII

    The closer Robert got to his destination, the closer he got to the truth about the mansion, different from the legends he was told.

    The townsfolk in the tundra knew better what hides in the lush valley south.

    They knew the man living there to be named Mael Twain, living alone in the mansion at the end of the valley for what seemed to have been centuries, his withering husk of a body only kept alive by pure force of will and those spirits who, as a way to thank him, donated their lifeforce to him before passing on.

    Robert grew ever more curious of what lies there and travelled south for the next weeks until he reached the secluded mansion. When he knocked on the door and was let in, however, what he learned was not what he first wanted to.

    Mael met the boy and turned out to be incapable of bringing the dead back to life. Instead he let Robert stay with him, and for the next 3 years, taught him everything he knew about the spirits and how they pass. Bob also learned about the world, its past and its present.

    The stay taught the boy far more than he could have grasped before and left him with the wish to avenge his mother against what killed her. Very few skilled warriors lived in Nesaak to teach him, so he parted for Troms - the most secure and largest fortress in Wynn.

    Chapter VIII

    Robert’s path to Troms was long and hard, requiring him to climb across the freezing mountains, avoiding the Bridge that surely would’ve claimed his life, then down through the dangers of the jungle. Eventually he would arrive in the stronghold - or what was left of it. A few days before, Troms had been hit by the worst attack in centuries, due to the failure of its once famed military. Seeing such destruction, Robert was reminded of his final days in Ragni, and did his best to help those he could.

    A few days after his arrival, Robert would follow an enraged mob of citizens, and meet the cause of their plights: General Skien. A broken man, the general pleaded that he had been betrayed, but the people were to have none of it, they were out for blood. But Robert, pitying the general, called out to the people telling them that killing this man would make them just as bad as the Corruption.

    As the citizens retreated, Skien thanked Robert for his assistance. Seeing an opportunity, Robert would ask the disgraced general to train him so that he would be ready to fight the Corruption himself. Skien, having lost his position and the support of people, would accept the task.

    Chapter IX

    Over the next seven years, Skien would train Robert in many ways. Robert would learn how to use just about every weapon Skien could find, and was especially good with spears, bows and daggers. Along with his physical training, Skien would work to train Robert’s mind, going over Skien’s many battles to help him understand not just how to fight but how to successfully lead other soldiers into battles.

    When he wasn’t training, Robert was helping the people of Troms recover. Although at first there was some distrust from his work with Skien, eventually the citizens of Troms would come to see Robert as one of their own.

    In 888, another wave of corrupteds would attack Troms, and with their army in shambles there was little hope they could survive. But then, against the odds, Robert and a group of mercenaries would push back the undead forces, saving the city.

    Soon after the battle, Robert would return to Skien, and tell him what had happened. Skien, seeing the success of his student in protecting his home would tell him his training was over, as he had learned everything the old general could teach.

    Robert thanked Skien for everything he had done, and told him he had to return to Ragni. Robert had been running from his home ever since the death of Momo, but with all that he had learned he knew he was ready to return. Skien was unhappy with the news, having hoped that Robert could take his place defending Troms, but understood that his student needed to return home to find some closure.

    Chapter X

    As Robert made his way back to Ragni, he stumbled upon some great ruins, their guardians long been turned into monsters that viciously attacked anyone who came nearby: the Time Valley.

    Gazing towards the ruins, awestruck by their magnificence, he was suddenly interrupted by a mysterious yellow-skinned man.

    The man had noticed Robert’s skin color, unique compared to Wynn’s ordinary inhabitants, and immediately he knew that Robert was not like any human.

    After explaining Robert’s true nature, the man offered to take him under his wing and teach him magic, a technique only used by Wynn's most gifted.

    Robert was shocked by this reveal, for all his life he believed he was merely an exceptional human, but this was obviously not the case.

    Robert quickly agreed, and thus trained alongside the man for six years, learning the ways of magic and mastering all the skills that came with it.

    For the first time in an untold amount of years, the strange man had felt pride, pride in someone else, though he didn’t fully trust Robert yet - he had witnessed the Corruption’s effects and he believed it was a force too strong to be repelled forever.

    Nonetheless, Robert thanked the man for his training and, in 894, headed back to Ragni with his newfound knowledge in magic.

    Chapter XI

    Robert then spent the remainder of his life serving as Wynn's private demigod, destroying all corrupted creatures that ever came near a settlement under his protection and saving many lives that would be otherwise lost to the Corruption, while also making acquaintances: it was his best friend, whom he met in 940, who gave him the nickname Bob.

    However he did not pass on his skills, perhaps in fear they would not be used for the greater good, which troubled him. For if he were to pass, who could ever replace him?

    Bob's story quickly became a huge beacon of hope for many fighting the war; everyone was safe when Bob was around.

    However, all good things must come to an end. After over a century of fighting, Bob would ultimately die in 970 AP.

    Some say that shortly before his death he gave away his animal companions, but other than this it seems his demise was a rather unexpected one.

    Chapter XII

    A year after Bob’s disappearance, a monument would appear from the snowy mountains of Nesaak. Although none know who created it, the place serves as the final resting place for Bob and a monument to his achievements.

    With Bob gone, a question has arisen as to who will defend the province, and many hope that a new hero will take in Bob’s place.

    The End.

    Changed to fit with the timeline and the lore we made.

    Proposals to colonize Maro Peaks have long been brought up as it holds great defensive and industrial benefits, but the local animal population proves difficult to work with. It is said Siegfried was the first man to climb its highest peak.

    No reason for Bob to visit Maro Peaks as he barely ever left Wynn's mainland. We also wanted to hint at Siegfried a little bit.

    Date changed from 886 AP to 894 AP.

    Changed to fit with the timeline.

    Date changed from 854 AP to 862 AP.

    Changed to fit with the timeline.

    Stage 1

    [1/6] Nohno: Hey, you aren't a chicken! Wait, you're a human! You can help me!
    [2/6] Nohno: I really love my chickens, but there is one that I just cannot control...
    [3/6] Nohno: His name is Cluckles, he was given to me by a strange old man, said he wasn’t exactly a chicken, but I can’t see a difference.
    [4/6] Nohno: But something is strange about him, a few weeks back he got pretty mad, and I haven’t been able to calm him down...
    [5/6] Nohno: I want to take care of him, but my wife says it's too dangerous. Where's my wife you say? Oh, I think she's around here eating some grain.
    [6/6] Nohno: Anyway, could you go down there and... take care of him for me. I would really appreciate it.

    Cluckles drops the feather used for Bob's Reincarnation, instead of Nohno giving it to you as a quest rewards.

    Changed to fit with the fact that it was Martyn who gave Bob's pets away (a strange old man), hinted at Cluckles not being a normal chicken.

    Stage 8

    [1/3] Asher: I think he might have known Bob. I saw some old papers in his house.
    [2/3] Asher: Weird, right? Bob was a hard guy to know.
    [3/3] Asher: Anyway, take this. It's the least I can do to pay you for saving me.

    Old Papers in Martyn's House

    In Martyn's house at [-634,1oo,-1088] (the Little Wood cabin), there will be a white name NPC called "Old Papers" on the desk at [-634,101,-1077]. Right clicking the NPC will prompt the following dialogue:

    You open the old journal. Most of the pages have decayed, but you can still make most of it out.
    Constructing the tomb will require a great deal of energy, even if time is not an issue. I truly hope he is successful… but I should not hope. His ancestors could not defeat the creature with all their strength… one man, even of his strength… I cannot say I expect his return.

    Hinted to Martyn having ties with Bob and having built the tomb (this is discovered by the time you're level 40-45 but this is lower level), wanted to reward exploration.

    In Farcor's sky area from The Fortuneteller, if you immediately turn to the left there will be a small camp with weapons of different classes scattered around. Due to the different weapons, it is implied that this camp belongs to Bob. This camp will be removed.

    Bob never went to Gavel.

    Removed. (could be turned into a chest cave)

    Besides his wolf pet, which wouldn't have ties to this temple anyway, Bob is not associated with wolves as he died to old age.

    The "Bob's Crushed Soul" item requirement is removed, as the item no longer exists.

    As it's said, the item no longer exists.

    Discovery is renamed to "Martyn's Sealed Letter". Discovery lore is changed to "An ancient letter addressed to Bob's friend Martyn regarding a dark power...".
    The dialogue in the discovery is changed to:
    "Martyn's spell weakens..."
    "Martyn's spell has been broken..."

    The content of the letters is changed to:

    "Dear Martyn,

    The letter I enclose to you has been sealed with concealment magicks. I trust you to know how to read it.

    My war against the creature is futile. This beast you told me of, it is far stronger than either of us could have imagined. My research through the ruins of their cities has led to only further worries.

    But I cannot let this dark force continue. If it is not stopped here, it will continue. Chipping away piece by piece at this world until nothing is left.

    I give you this letter as a warning and a farewell, friend. I am going to challenge the beast and attempt to seal it away using my own life force, for I know that is all I can do, killing it is not an option.

    You know of the magic I have infused in my animal companions, I trust you to hide them until one worthy is able to wield my might. The world can not know of my sacrifice, no one must search for me. You must fake my death, and create a body for them to bury.

    The fight will continue, but at least the new recruits will have a fighting chance for the years to come. I wish you luck, Martyn, continue to train the forces of good, you are the most skilled man that I have ever known.

    Yours faithfully, Robert.

    P.s. I have enclosed the item of power you were seeking."

    It will be removed, as Bob was presumably never there.
    Since the items are no longer obtained from shrines, it makes sense to change them to 1 items (or 2-3 if too long).

    However this might create issues with existing lettets, so we are leaving this up to CT's opinion and implementation
    Nilrem was removed, replaced with Martyn.

    One of the two great fortresses in Wynn. Ragni has survived 1000 years of war - sometimes barely. It is the hometown of the now deceased hero Bob.

    Bob isn't 146 years old anymore, nor did he disappear 16 years ago.

    This egg-shaped island is home to a single resident, a feather-brained villager hermit obsessed with chickens. Rumors abound to the history of its owner.

    It was Martyn who visited this island, not Bob, also wanted to hint at Nohno's backstory, explained at level 80.

    Stage 3:

    In 831 AP, Troms was one of the few places in Wynn to have seen little of the corrupted forces. Its army had been strong for years, and where most of Wynn had crumbled, it had thrived in its isolation.

    But even in their relative safety, the King of Troms still feared for their families' safety. So when a member of the usually isolated jungle tribes offered their magic to aid him, the King quickly accepted.

    Although the King saw only the powerful magicks that the shaman brought, the poor of Troms would lose their lives to fuel the shaman’s experimentation.

    Over time others would come to oppose Slykaar’s position, but none would last in their position, for the shaman knew his position depended on the royalty’s fears.

    Then... Bob appeared. The hero’s work to rebuild and defend the city would lead to Slykaar falling out of favor forever.

    Slykaar, bitter and humiliated, sunk underground to restart his shamanistic experiments for an army.

    Slykaar Journal, Stage 4:

    It's an old, dusty journal. It seems to be left open to a page. You begin to read it out of curiosity...

    ...I took care of the general, but I fear I may already face a new competitor...some guy named Robert came into town, and started helping the peasantry...

    ...Something about him… he’s different from the others… I don’t think I will be able to discredit him so easily...

    ...I must open a portal… I have read the fallen civilization’s books on the subject…

    ...the place they feared… to gain true power I must find it...

    ...I will carve a hidden room...behind a visible wall...to find true power...my revenge...

    Stage 5:

    [1/5] Slykaar: I experimented with shamanism for many years underground to create the perfect mix of monster.
    [2/5] Slykaar: Most ended in horrific slimes. Aggressive and powerful, but alas, just slimes.
    [3/5] Slykaar: Then I reached this place. A dark land. A dark power beyond your comprehension.
    [4/5] Slykaar: You mediocre wielders of magic have no idea what this world holds.
    [5/5] Slykaar: You all strive to be that hero of heroes, Tisaun, Skien, Bob, but here's the truth. They all fell. Soon you will join them.

    [1/2] Slykaar: No one in the Wynn province is willing to make the sacrifices I am to gain power.
    [2/2] Slykaar: If you want power, you have to give some. Sacrifice a few to save many.

    [1/3] Slykaar: They were willing to give me a few peasants in 831, that idiot King was fearful even in the safety of his high castle.
    [2/3] Slykaar: He was happy to ignore the deaths of the poor and forgot to ease his family's worries. But then you're kind. You petty heroes. You had to keep getting in the way, didn’t you?
    [3/3] Slykaar: I maintained my position for decades, but when that fool Bob arrived, my loss of position became impossible to delay. I had been their protector, one who was willing to do what was truly needed for the city’s survival. So what if a few hundred nobodys died for it?

    [1/4] Slykaar: Looks like you're the next big hero aren’t you? Frankly you seem to be the weakest yet.
    [2/4] Slykaar: Take the scroll. Break the barrier and let your little army men walk into my lair.
    [3/4] Slykaar: I am ready; it makes little difference. Soon, Troms will be in ruins. And I shall have my revenge, and you will join the rest of your sort in death.
    [4/4] Slykaar: So, go have fun in Troms while you can. It's not like you have much of a life to live, anyways.

    You should probably head back to the Mage to show her what you found...

    We wanted to name-drop a few people like Tisaun and Skien.

    [1/1] Slykaar: So you came, so glad you made it. Perhaps I was wrong, I sense a great deal of power within you. I’ll take pleasure in draining it from your body!

    [1/5] Slykaar: I still remember the days I spent searching through the weak of Troms. Their lives were put to better use in my experiments than anything they might have accomplished.
    [2/5] Slykaar: Ah but I suppose such things are long since passed. Soon enough it will be more than just the peasants that shall fear my power.
    [3/5] Slykaar: Now the city will truly get to witness what power they have discarded… the petty heroes will topple, and all that will be left is ruin.
    [4/5] Slykaar: Then the corruption will move in. When it does, who will be there to save them? Not Skien, not the Sodetas, not Bob, and certainly not you.
    [5/5] Slykaar: Enough chatter, I see you have arrived. With your power taken, Troms will fall.

    [1/1] Slykaar: Idiot! Why must you heroes be so resilient!

    Again, we wanted to name-drop a few people like the Sodetas and Skien.

    Stage 1:

    [1/6] Cinfras: Hey there adventurer, can I speak with you for a second? I need you to do a spot of detective work for me.
    [2/6] Cinfras: My father once told me how beautiful this place was, and how to visit here if I wanted to relax.
    [3/6] Cinfras: But as you can see, this island is the least bit relaxing. As impossible as it seems, the island appears to be affected by the Decay.
    [4/6] Cinfras: This can't be right. My father was an honest man, he wouldn't have lied.
    [5/6] Cinfras: I figure something must have happened. I really want to know how it got like this.
    [6/6] Cinfras: There's an old creepy man living up on that hill in a big mansion who seems just old enough to know what happened. It might be a good place to start.

    Stage 5:

    [1/5] Siwel: Oh, hello there. Would you mind helping me with something for a second?
    [2/5] Siwel: Recently, I’ve taken an interest in the darker side of magic, but I might have made a mistake in my endeavors.
    [3/5] Siwel: See, my brother in Gelibord has been practicing for quite some time now, and when he heard I was interested, he sent me this peculiar egg, saying something about how it would enhance my dark skills.
    [4/5] Siwel: Everything seemed fine for the first few weeks or so, but then the egg began to crack! Since then the island has seen the appearance of a strange darkness, and monsters that I’ve never even heard of.
    [5/5] Siwel: I dumped the egg in the old caves, but I don’t think leaving it there will do much good. See if you can get rid of whatever it is producing. Bring me something to prove you destroyed it.

    Stage 6:

    [1/6] Siwel: You're back! Were you able to stop th-
    [2/6] Siwel: No? This is not good...
    [3/6] Siwel: I’ll have to send a message to my brother, certainly I’ll need to send him back the egg.
    [4/6] Siwel: The next cargo ship heading for Gavel will arrive in a few weeks, but there is one going to Wynn...
    [5/6] Siwel: I suppose it's foolish to hope, but I’ll try sending a message to your people’s hero. Perhaps Bob will be willing to take a vacation to our island to help?
    [6/6] Siwel: Well, thank you for your help, I imagine you’ll be wanting to head back to Wynn, what with the danger we’re facing here.

    Stage 7:

    [1/8] Old Siwel: What? You... you made it back? Oh... very well. Alchemy can be a... dangerous practice.
    [2/8] Old Siwel: Anyone who tried to find out the island's history came to me at some point, and I sent them on a one way street to a memory. But not you...
    [3/8] Old Siwel: So now you know my dreadful secret, I am racked with guilt for what I did to this place.
    [4/8] Old Siwel: There is no need to fight me, I am suffering enough for what I... wrought on this island.
    [5/8] Old Siwel: The egg hatched before the ship arrived. Inside was a... monstrous beast that cursed this island until this very day.
    [6/8] Old Siwel: Had that letter to Bob not reached him... well, I doubt there would have been any survivors.
    [7/8] Old Siwel: I leave the bones of the beast as a reminder of my failure, the destruction it brought still... lingers in the monsters it left behind.
    [8/8] Old Siwel: So, adventurer, now you have the knowledge of what I have done. You may tell the others down in the village, as it is no longer a secret.

    Old Siwel now has a brother who practices dark magic in Gelibord (this would explain why he's a villager), furthermore it would explain how he got that egg in the first place, as in the current version of the quest it only says he "bought it" from somewhere.

    Stage 3

    [1/3] Dorroc: A leprechaun's cap? How did you find that? I must have it! Don't worry, I have something to offer in exchange.
    [2/3] Dorroc: I have managed to procure a scale of one of the giant dragons from the Molten Heights. It is said to have great magic-repelling capabilities.
    [3/3] Dorroc: I'll sell it to you for the leprechaun's cap.

    Stage 4

    [1/2] Lodog: Excuse me, but what is that scale you're carrying? Oh, I was right! It's the scale of Molten Height dragons!
    [2/2] Lodog: I have been searching for something like this for a long time. In exchange I'll give you the rare Claw of the Fire Demon, Lethirath. Please accept, It's worth a lot.

    Removed Bob's Diary from the quest as it doesn't make sense that Mehme would have it. Also he's never been to Gavel.

    (will continue thread in second post, too long lol)
    (please do not post until it is posted as a whole)

    - Added Sealed letters possible to 1 item (@Bwitty03 )
    - Removed part of the letter from Gateway island
    - Removed Rose's change (since it is already an ingredient) (@Bwitty03 )
    - Mael now teaches Bob about the world and its history
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    This is the biggest change we've done in this project. The entire quest has been completely reworked.

    "Bob's Lost Soul" renamed to "Secrets of the Tomb"

    Combat Level Min: 45
    Stage 1: Talk to Tarod outside Bob's Tomb at [-250,75,-759]
    If you're below level 45:

    [1/2] Tarod: Visiting Bob's Tomb too? He was a true hero, you know.
    [2/2] Tarod: I have my suspicions of his death... but it's not a mystery any ordinary soldier could solve. If you come back when you're level 45, maybe we can talk.


    [1/13] Tarod: Ah, here to visit the tomb too, I see.
    [2/13] Tarod: Bob... he was a true hero. And knowing him personally is one of the biggest honors any Wynn folk could have.
    [3/13] Tarod: I feel blessed to be one of those few people. I've known him ever since my childhood.
    [4/13] Tarod: But then, one day, he just... died?
    [5/13] Tarod: Strange, right? They say he died of old age, but to be honest, I've always had my suspicions about the circumstances around his death.
    [6/13] Tarod: The Bob I know never seemed to age, even in his 90s he was more able in combat than most people younger than him.
    [7/13] Tarod: There wasn't even anybody to witness his death. This tomb one day appeared in the mountain, seemingly from nowhere.
    [8/13] Tarod: Nobody would ever believe me, even though I was by Bob’s side all the years. I even recorded everything into a journal!
    [9/13] Tarod: The last time I ever saw him, he only told me he was looking for something and he had no time. He’s been gone ever since.
    [10/13] Tarod: Listen. I want to know what actually happened to Bob, so we need to find out where he went that day. It's said he's buried in a secret part of this tomb that nobody has ever been able to enter. Surely, if we can get in there, we'll discover the truth.
    [11/13] Tarod: I’ve been putting the pieces together and I might have a lead. I have something for you, if we manage to find out what happened to Bob.
    [12/13] Tarod: Bob used to talk to me about a friend of his who lives in the Time Valley. He seemed to really trust him. I’d go there myself, but at this point, I'm far too old to go on any journeys.
    [13/13] Tarod: If you could help me, we can solve this together. Good luck.
    After completing the stage:
    [1/1] Tarod: Have you found anything?

    Stage 2: Search for Bob's friend in the Time Valley

    (OUT OF CHARACTER: The following dialogue will trigger at [-456,72,-1236].)

    You can feel an odd aura emanating from this building. You should check inside.

    Stage 3: Inspect the building

    (OUT OF CHARACTER: The following dialogue will trigger at [-456,72,-1216].)

    These ruins are... mystifying... You feel like you could stare at them for hours on end.
    But… Something feels… wrong… A strange aura blankets the place...

    (OUT OF CHARACTER: For the duration of this dialogue, you are not allowed to move your character, nor your head.)

    [1/9] ???: I feel a presence within this valley. Who's there? You must leave immediately!
    [2/9] ???: This area is off limits. You don't know how dange-


    [3/9] ???: ...Oh, a soldier? Well, that’s a relief. I thought I was going to have to deal with another one of those tourists!
    [4/9] Old Man Martyn: So, soldier, what brings you to the valley?


    [3/9] ???: Oh, it's you again.
    [4/9] Old Man Martyn: Well, isn't this a strange reunion! What brings you here?

    [5/9] Old Man Martyn: ...Hey, you could at least turn around and look at me, I'm not a monster!
    [6/9] Old Man Martyn: Hmm. I understand. These ruins have a mystical effect to those who view them. Sometimes I catch myself staring for days on end!
    [7/9] Old Man Martyn: They aren't ordinary ruins... the civilization that built them had an understanding of the world far beyond what your people could imagine.
    [8/9] Old Man Martyn: They had the ability to bend time and space to their whims. However, I can't say it went well for them...
    [9/9] Old Man Martyn: Ah, I must be talking your ears off. You must have important business to attend to, being a soldier. And so do I, I have to, uh… take care of something.

    Could Old Man Martyn be the friend that Tarod told you about?
    Maybe you should follow him to wherever he’s going, there may be clues there. Just don't get caught!

    Stage 4: Follow Old Man Martyn

    (OUT OF CHARACTER: Martyn's line of sight is about 10 blocks in every direction.)
    (OUT OF CHARACTER: If you're not within a 25 block radius (max) from Martyn at all times, you will have to start over. In this case, the following text will be prompted on screen and in chat: "
    You went too far from Martyn! Try Again...")

    If you get caught:

    [1/1] Old Man Martyn: Why are you following me? Even I want some privacy once in a while!
    Try Again...

    (OUT OF CHARACTER: If you get caught, OR if you're not within the 25 block max radius from Martyn, both you and Martyn will be teleported back to the starting point at [-456,72,-1216] and he will start walking again.)

    If you don't get caught:

    There must be a way to get past this strange door…

    (OUT OF CHARACTER: You follow Martyn to the ruins at [-373,67,-1373], the one with the Chronoshades inside.)

    Red: Path taken by Old Man Martyn
    Yellow (circles): Hiding spots
    Yellow (line): Optimal route (using all the hiding spots)

    Blue: The path that probably everyone will take assuming they're >10 but <25 blocks away from Martyn because let's face it that's way easier lol

    Stage 5: Sneak into the ruins

    (OUT OF CHARACTER: This is a puzzle, you must open a door in the ruin to reach where Martyn is)
    (OUT OF CHARACTER: The door in question is at [-372,56,-1319], the room is to be repurposed into a puzzle.)

    Unless spawned (see how by reading further down), there will be no Chronoshades or Temporal Fluxes in the room.

    The puzzle will be a simple block memorization puzzle, essentially identical to the one in ???'s Blue Meteor.
    Pressing a stone button in the middle of the room ontop an emerald block in the ground will create a 5x5 panel, with each of the 25 blocks on the panel having a stone button on them.
    The puzzle will have 5 rounds.
    Every round, a few blocks (not wool blocks, but they will be of a different type every round) will be overlayed on the panel. The amount of blocks that appear on the panel will increase by 1 as the rounds progress, like this:
    Stage 1: 3 blocks
    Stage 2: 4 blocks
    Stage 3: 5 blocks
    Stage 4: 6 blocks
    Stage 5: 7 blocks
    The blocks on the panel can overlap.
    Stage 1 will have coal blocks, Stage 2 will have iron blocks, Stage 3 will have gold blocks, Stage 4 will have quartz blocks, and Stage 5 will have diamond blocks.
    The blocks will appear for a few seconds, then they'll disappear and the stone buttons will appear. You have to click the stone buttons according to where the blocks were and the blocks will appear under where you clicked. You can click the same stone button again to remove that block. Once you're done, there's a button with the text "Confirm" above it which will confirm your selection of blocks.
    If your selection is correct:
    You proceed to the next stage. If you're on Stage 5, the door will open.
    If your selection isn't correct:
    A random amount (between 7 and 14) of Chronoshades will spontaneously spawn in the room, as well as exactly 4 Temporal Fluxes. You'll have to kill them (It's not mandatory, you can start the puzzle again with the Chronoshades and the Fluxes still in the room, but you may die). The puzzle resets to Stage 1. The Chronoshades and the Fluxes are also buffed to match a level 45 player:

    Chronoshade - [Lv. 45] - 625 HP - AI Type: Identical to current Chronoshades - Abilities: Identical to current Chronoshades - Elemental Stats: Identical to current Chronoshades
    Temporal Flux - [Lv. 45] - 500 HP - AI Type: Identical to current Temporal Fluxes - Abilities: Identical to current Temporal Fluxes - Elemental Stats: Identical to current Temporal Fluxes

    The entire room itself will be blocked off to anyone who hasn't started the quest OR has reached this stage yet (this means that someone who's at Stage 1 of the quest can't enter). There'll be a message displayed in chat if someone who hasn't started the quest or hasn't reached this stage yet tries to enter:

    Trying to enter these ruins makes you dizzy... You should stay away for now.

    Stage 6: Find Martyn within the ruins

    Once the door opens, there'll be a coal block portal behind the door that you can go through to access the ruins.
    The ruins will be around 200 blocks long by 50-60 blocks tall (think Ancient City in WynnExcavation Site D).
    There will be many buildings in the same style as Time Valley. The ruins will be decorated with leaves.
    Some mobs will spawn in the ruins:

    Timelost Monster - [Lv. 47] - 800 HP - AI Type: Melee - Abilities: None - Elemental Stats: Earth, Fire (Weak); Thunder (Damage); Thunder, Air (Defense)

    At the end of the ruins there's Old Man Martyn, and behind him there's a coal block portal that will take you outside of the ruins.

    [1/9] Old Man Martyn: Well, well... I can't say I blame you for your curiosity. In your position, I would likely feel the same way.
    [2/9] Old Man Martyn: But, I’m afraid this is where your little investigation ends.
    [3/9] Old Man Martyn: I know why you’re here. Why you’ve been following me. It’s been clear to me ever since you’ve stepped into this valley.
    [4/9] Old Man Martyn: Searching for the truth behind Bob's death... he must have friends out there who justly doubt the circumstances around it.
    [5/9] Old Man Martyn: I cannot tell you what I am hiding. His last wish to me was to protect the secret, and so I shall.
    [6/9] Old Man Martyn: I know that a curious mind would stop at nothing. You may want to try and force it out of me, but it would not end well for you.
    [7/9] Old Man Martyn: I never intended for the secret of Bob’s Tomb to be solved by any random soldier such as you. Therefore, you can stop with this charade.
    [8/9] Old Man Martyn: The truth hidden within there… I made sure to keep it safe from any prying eyes. Surely, this province would be thrown into chaos if the inscriptions written in there reached the public eye.
    [9/9] Old Man Martyn: So, I have nothing else to tell you. Leave, go home. My mouth is shut.

    After completing the stage:
    [1/1] Old Man Martyn: You're still here? You're not going to get any information out of me.

    Seems like Martyn won’t tell you anything… Maybe you can prove yourself to him?
    You remember the strange aura you felt back when you first entered the valley. Perhaps you should try searching for its source.

    Stage 7: Look for the strange aura’s source in the Time Valley

    (OUT OF CHARACTER: The following dialogue will trigger around [-514,71,-1258].)

    You feel that same, odd aura… This time, it’s extremely strong… It’s radiating from the mountain up north. You should investigate.

    Stage 8: Enter the cave at [-584,102,-1335]

    The aura is almost overwhelming… This must be its source…

    The entrance to a cave to the west at [-593,113,-1385] will be blocked off and the cave will be removed.
    The Temporal Horror altar at [-566,125,-1361] will be removed.
    There will be a coal block portal at [-590,114,-1385] facing north leading deeper into the cave. If someone who hasn't started the quest or isn't at this stage yet tries to go through, the portal will not work.
    The cave will be around 150-200 blocks long with a parkour section around the middle.
    The cave will be in the same building style as the area outside the coal block portal (AKA with blue clay and leaves).
    Within the cave there will be some armor stands which will show dead cultists (they will look the same as the Dark Cultists outside the cave), with either blood particles or redstone dust around them.
    The cave will have some mobs, which are as follows:

    Temporal Anomaly [Lv. 45] - 750 HP - AI Type: Ranged - Abilities: Fireball - Elemental Stats: Earth, Fire (Weak); Thunder (Damage); Thunder (Defense)

    Dark Rift [Lv. 45] - 800 HP - AI Type: Melee - Abilities: Multi-Hit - Elemental Stats: Water (Weak); Earth (Damage); Earth (Defense)

    Temporal Shift [Lv. 47] - 850 HP - AI Type: Melee - Abilities: Teleport - Elemental Stats: Air, Water (Weak); Thunder, Earth (Damage); Thunder (Defense)

    Panicked Cultist [Lv. 43] - 650 HP - AI Type: Flee - Abilities: None - Elemental Stats: Thunder (Weak)

    None of these mobs will drop anything.

    At the end of the cave, there will be another coal block portal which will lead into the Temporal Horror boss arena.

    Stage 9: Defeat the Temporal Horror and bring the [Temporal Aura] back to Martyn

    As you get closer to the mysterious source, you can feel time distorting more and more…

    You enter a rectangle-shaped, 33x10x25 size chamber, with a small rift in the middle made out of end portal blocks (not frames).

    As you approach it, the rift starts spewing out particles at an increased rate, and you constantly get given Blindness, which is instantly removed, causing the screen to flash. Wither and basic distortion sounds are played, and the Temporal Horror spawns.

    Temporal Horror [Lv. 50] - 15000 HP - AI Type: Melee - Abilities: Vanish, Teleport, Multi-Hit - Elemental Stats: Earth, Water (Weak); Thunder (Damage); Thunder (Defense)

    Spell Combos: (based on highbread's threads, the number states how long it takes for the following spell to be cast, so Vanish (1) means that the next spell after Vanish will be casted after one second)

    Vanish (4) -> Multi-Hit (0) -> Multi-Hit

    [2/5 probability]

    Teleport (1) -> Multi-Hit

    [2/5 probability]

    Vanish (2) -> Teleport (0) -> Teleport (0) -> Teleport

    [1/5] probability]

    During the battle, the Temporal Horror also uses some arena attacks.

    A bit over the ground, sharpness particles will indicate "damage zones", which will damage you by 5% of max HP every tick you stand in them (the ticks are in the same pace as in Smoke Bomb, so damage every 0.5 seconds). The damage will stop at 1 HP.

    The damage zones move. These are the possible patterns for them:

    (Dark gray areas are damage zones, white areas are safe. The black rectangle is the arena. Coloured arrows depict the direction the patterns move in.)



    Circles (the two circles move at the same time, first sliding along the edges of the arena, then from the middle, and finally at the edges again, opposite of where they left from):


    Surround (between patterns 1&2 and 2&3, there is a time of 1-2 seconds when the entire arena is safe):


    On average, a pattern lasts for 15ish seconds. The patterns are chosen by RNG. Between each pattern, there is a small break of 3 seconds.

    As the battle progresses, time starts to distort, and so do the patterns. They will randomly speed up, slow down, stop, or even rewind backwards for a bit.

    Pattern distortion phases:

    11 250 HP (3/4 of max.) - Patterns may randomly speed up and slow down, though not too much

    7 500 HP (2/4 of max.) - Patterns may stop for a split second.

    3 750 HP (1/4 of max.) - Patterns may rewind backwards. The intensity and frequency of the distortions rises, as this last phase is very chaotic.

    It is best to not make them too much RNG, as that will just feel like BS, and that's why the major pattern distortions are only during the final sliver of health.

    When the Temporal Horror is killed, there is a short cutscene of the distortion rift closing.

    Boss Fight music: Weirding


    1x [Temporal Aura]: 100% chance - Untradable Item - Item: Black Glazed Terracotta
    (DISCLAIMER: The "Temporal Cage", which is a drop of the Temporal Horror currently in game (the one at the altar), will now be dropped by the Spirit of Vexation, also in the Time Valley, instead.)

    After obtaining the Temporal Aura, you can leave the arena through a coal block portal in the back.

    (OUT OF CHARACTER: Martyn is still in the ruins, however after triggering his Stage 6 dialogue it’s no longer required to complete the puzzle to open the ruins door. It will instead open automatically.)

    [1/13] Old Man Martyn: You’re back? What do you want? I told you already, I’m not going to tell you anyt-
    [2/13] Old Man Martyn: What? You want to show me something? Fine, it better not be a waste of my time… Let me see.

    [-1 Temporal Aura]

    [3/13] Old Man Martyn: What is this strange thing supposed to be? I don't u- Wait…
    [4/13] Old Man Martyn: This aura… How peculiar.. Where did you find this?
    [5/13] Old Man Martyn: An occult group? Fools! I’ve kept people out of this valley for a reason! Such magicks are far too dangerous.
    [6/13] Old Man Martyn: They must have done something terrible, messing around with what they cannot comprehend. I’m surprised they didn’t do more damage.
    [7/13] Old Man Martyn: Agh… But at least you did come out alive… and victorious, too.
    [8/13] Old Man Martyn: That thing… the group you speak of must’ve made use of time magic to create something quite deadly.
    [9/13] Old Man Martyn: This place has a long history, one far predating those scavenging at its borders...
    [10/13] Old Man Martyn: Regardless, I changed my mind. It may not seem like it, but I am truly thankful to you. These people were smart, they hid on the fringes of the valley where my sight is limited, so had you not dealt with their creation I can’t imagine what damage it could’ve done to the valley.
    [11/13] Old Man Martyn: I’ll have to search the rest of the area to flush out the remaining groups.
    [12/13] Old Man Martyn: Ah, but I must be boring you with my monologue. I know what you’re looking for. And indeed, it does seem like you proved yourself to me. A warrior as strong as you is worthy of uncovering the secrets that the tomb holds.
    [13/13] Old Man Martyn: Here, take this scroll. It will be of need to you, but you must discover its exact purpose yourself. Good luck.

    [+1 Magic Scroll]

    After completing the stage:
    [1/1] Old Man Martyn: I wish you good luck in your search.
    After completing the quest:
    [1/1] Old Man Martyn: I can tell you were successful in opening the tomb... I was right not to doubt your abilities.

    Stage 10: Return to Bob's Tomb in the Nesaak tundra

    You need to find out what to use this magic scroll for. Perhaps you can ask around?

    Stage 11: Find out where to use the [Magic Scroll]

    (OUT OF CHARACTER: These are all white name NPCs, kind of like in Hidden City, where you ask people around for where Ardulf is. If you go into Bob's Tomb before this stage or before you started the quest and talk to these NPCs, their dialogue will be the same, however you won't be prompted to read the inscription.)

    [1/3] Father: Oh, hello, soldier. I’ve come from Ragni with my family to mourn our hero.
    [2/3] Child: I’ve heard lots of stories about Bob. I wish he was still alive, he sounds really cool!
    [3/3] Father: Yes, it’s a shame what happened to him. I suppose, in the end, nobody can escape the curse that is aging...
    After completing the quest:
    [1/3] Father: So, you broke the tomb's seal. I don't know how you did it, seeing how in the past 30 years nobody was capable of doing it, but you did a nice job.
    [2/3] Child: There’s got to be lots of cool stuff in there! Can we go in and see it, please?
    [3/3] Father: No, you heard what those Temple of Legends people said. No one’s allowed inside, at least not until they figure out what's in there.

    [1/2] Troms Citizen: Have you heard some of the rumors surrounding Bob? He was around for so long that there are quite a lot of them.
    [2/2] Troms Citizen: For example, rumor has it that when Bob was learning from Skien, Skien raised his hand to ask Bob questions instead of the other way around!
    After completing the quest:
    [1/3] Troms Citizen: Incredible! You actually opened the tomb somehow! And there’s been so many tourists!
    [2/3] Troms Citizen: You know, back at Troms the only real job opportunities are becoming a soldier, or shoveling coal. That’s boring, you know?
    [3/3] Troms Citizen: So, I think I’m going to move here in Nesaak and sell souvenirs to the tourists here! Easy money! Wait, ew, I sound like a villager…

    [1/2] Gavellian Tourist: What a wonderful monument to your hero, Bob! I came to Wynn just to see the famous structure everyone is talking about!
    [2/2] Gavellian Tourist: But to be honest, I must say I like ours more. The statue of our hero, Siegfried, is MUCH bigger. You should visit it one day, you will not regret it!
    At Siegfried's Statue there will be an NPC called "Blatrama". He is the Gavellian Tourist you meet in the quest. He has the following dialogue:

    If you didn’t do Secrets of the Tomb:
    [1/3] Blatrama: See this huge statue here? We built it a few years ago to honor the province’s hero, Siegfried.
    [2/3] Blatrama: Not many people bother to walk all the way over here anymore, but I feel you can’t fully appreciate the statue without seeing it up close.
    [3/3] Blatrama: I’ve heard there’s a similar monument for Bob in Wynn, in the snowy forest. Maybe I’ll go over and visit that one sometime.
    If you did Secrets of the Tomb:
    [1/5] Blatrama: Oh, I remember you! We met at the tomb in Nesaak!
    [2/5] Blatrama: I am glad you took my advice and visited my homeland, I hope you enjoyed your stay so far.
    [3/5] Blatrama: We built this monument to honor our hero, Siegfried. As you can see, it’s much bigger than Bob’s monument, and Siegfried isn’t even dead!
    [4/5] Blatrama: There are many stories surrounding him, some of them are almost unbelievable! I really hope I can meet him one day, it would be such an honor!
    [5/5] Blatrama: Who knows, maybe you will meet him someday. One warrior to another…

    [1/4] Lusuco Citizen: You know, I’ve always wondered where this place came from.
    [2/4] Lusuco Citizen: I asked around in Nesaak, and apparently no one has any idea who could have built it!
    [3/4] Lusuco Citizen: Although, some of the people I asked in Nesaak said they were investigating the tomb to try to find a way past the seal.
    [4/4] Lusuco Citizen: Maybe if they succeed we’ll be able to find out how the tomb was created.
    After completing the quest:
    [1/4] Lusuco Citizen: You know, I’ve always wondered where this place came from.
    [2/4] Lusuco Citizen: Even with the seal gone, no one has any idea who built it in the first place!
    [3/4] Lusuco Citizen: Although, the Temple of Legends guards who blocked the back area off said they were investigating some weird writings in there.
    [4/4] Lusuco Citizen: Maybe they will manage to figure out how the tomb was created.

    [1/4] Nesaak Citizen: Did you ever notice this weird inscription on the back wall here? It’s easy to read, but nobody has any idea what it means!
    [2/4] Nesaak Citizen: It says, "Only a trusted one holds the key."
    [3/4] Nesaak Citizen: How weird. Most people think it’s just vandalism.
    [4/4] Nesaak Citizen: Could you imagine?! Who would defile our great hero’s tomb?! The nerve of some people…
    [1/4] Nesaak Citizen: This place has been busy since you did that thing with the seal. At first, lots of people were trying to get in and see the coffin, it was complete chaos!
    [2/4] Nesaak Citizen: Well, I have to admit, I was one of those people... But I didn't break anything, I swear! All I did was write what I saw into a journal and even draw some pictures of it.
    [3/4] Nesaak Citizen: Thankfully, a group from the Temple of Legends near Troms came in and blocked off the sealed area from anyone not a member of the temple.
    [4/4] Nesaak Citizen: Still, there’ve been way more visitors than before here! I suppose it is a good thing, Nesaak has been having much better business than usual…

    Indeed, there’s a strange inscription on the wall here… Maybe a closer inspection would be useful.

    Stage 12: Read the strange inscription on the back wall

    (OUT OF CHARACTER: The Inscription is a green-name NPC on the wall next to the Nesaak Citizen. If you try to click this NPC before talking to the Nesaak Citizen or before starting this quest, it will not trigger any dialogue.)

    You place your hand onto the inscription, your fingers creeping over the letters written on the wall…

    Suddenly, the letters engraved in the inscription start glowing, and so does the magic scroll you’re holding…


    Camera is panning to the statue from circa 10 blocks away, positioned at a 5° angle (relative to the horizon, the camera is pointing at the statue’s head), 15 blocks above ground.

    Then it slowly goes forward behind the statue’s head, turning down to the back wall of the monument (where the scroll was used).

    Some white particles begin to appear at the “door”, opening it after a few seconds.

    Then, the camera slowly descends, showing NPCs rushing to it and going through the newly-opened “door”, eventually revealing the indoor part of the Tomb.


    The gate opened! It seems you were in a trance. The magic scroll seems to have been used up.

    You should go inside…

    Stage 13: Enter the secret part of the tomb

    The inner tomb will look exactly like it does in the game right now (eg. the pink room for Reincarnation stays, as well as the pillar in the middle, and the stairway).

    A small, 3x3 tunnel around 5 blocks long will open up and lead into the inner tomb. If you're on Stage 13 and you walk through the tunnel, you will be suddenly teleported to an area outside the main map. This area is completely identical to Bob's Tomb, both inside and outside, except you can't exit the outside of Bob's Tomb: as in, the exit into the tundra will be blocked by barriers. Furthermore, in the public (outer) part of the tomb, all the NPCs located there except the Father and Child duo will be moved to the inner part. You cannot interact with the Father or the Child.
    Still in this area, the NPCs will be messily located along the stairway in the tomb. Furthermore, no mobs will spawn here (although they do in the normal tomb). Both in this area and in the normal tomb, the zombie coffin you go into for Bob's Lost Soul will be removed. Also both in this area and in the tomb, the door leading into the Bob's Reincarnation boss room in the pink room will be removed, replaced instead by a somewhat large pink coffin in the middle. In this area, Batelu will not be present, although in the normal tomb he will be. Furthermore, also in this area, there will be a green-named NPC placed above the coffin, in the middle, called "Ancient Scripture". In the normal tomb, there will be no such NPC.

    After finishing Stage 14, you are able to exit this alternate tomb area by simply walking through the tunnel again, and once you've completed Stage 14, you will never be able to enter the alternative tomb ever again, instead just walking into the normal tomb every time you pass through the tunnel. If someone /kills in this alternative area before starting Stage 14, they can re-enter it normally.

    In the normal area, opening the tomb will work like this: once you've already opened the tomb once with the Magic Scroll, after that every time you walk up to the back of the outer area you will break a 3x3 tunnel leading into the inner tomb. This tunnel will remain open for a few seconds only, unless the player is within the tunnel. If someone who hasn't opened the tomb with the Magic Scroll yet, or hasn't even started the quest, tries to follow a player who has, into the tunnel they open, they will be pushed back with the message: "This place seems strange... It's not something worthy of exploration yet."

    Within the alternative tomb, you cannot interact with any of the NPCs present in the inner area. Instead, once you're teleported in, it will automatically prompt the following dialogue:

    [1/3] Nesaak Citizen: Wh-what?! What the hell is going on?!
    [2/3] Nesaak Citizen: Was that you?! Did you just open the door to Bob’s Tomb?! How?! It- It's been closed for DECADES!
    [3/3] Nesaak Citizen: I better write down everything I see in here, before the authorities come to clean this commotion up!

    Stage 14: Read the scripture engraved onto the coffin

    (OUT OF CHARACTER: This stage will trigger as soon as you enter the pink room in the alternative tomb (refer to the "Information on the tomb" spoiler if you're confused by the word "alternative"). To prevent any glitches, you cannot exit the pink room until the stage finishes, as it will push you back with the message: "This strange scripture piques your interest... You shouldn't leave yet.")

    You make out the words engraved onto the coffin…

    "We mourn the hero, born from humblest of origins."

    "A beacon which light shone through the land."

    "Blocking the constant stream of blood set in motion by a war most horrible."

    "The ultimate descendant of a people most enigmatic,"

    "it is clear the flow of fate, weaved so carefully by his ancestry, was in his favor."

    "Despite his uncertain blood, he was, as are humans, most charismatic."

    "His rays touched upon certain people more than others, those that he had acquainted."

    "Despite being around those of all allegiances and ideals,"

    "his purity yet remained untainted."

    "Knowing that the great war would not end otherwise,"

    "he left behind all he had dear, a great sacrifice for one as emotional as him."

    "His great power fragmented into three, it was entrusted to his closest allies."

    "He had embarked, to fight it that could not be comprehended."

    "And although this saviour deserves to rest in peace,"

    "it is not even known if his story has yet ended."

    It seems this is as far as you can go for now. You should report back to Tarod.

    Stage 15: Return to Tarod outside Bob's Tomb to tell him of your findings

    [1/19] Tarod: Oh, <playername>! You're back! I heard some commotion down at the tomb but I wanted to wait for you. Have you found anything?
    [2/19] Tarod: You did?! You... you even went into the tomb?! But how? I thought it was sealed!
    [3/19] Tarod: Please, tell me everything!
    [4/19] Tarod: ...
    [5/19] Tarod: Wait... what?
    [6/19] Tarod: What... what are you saying?! The tomb… it was a fake?!
    [7/19] Tarod: But... but he never told me any of this! That he went on a journey somewhere... to… fight something...
    [8/19] Tarod: That he might not even be dead... that he passed down his power...
    [9/19] Tarod: Why... Why didn't he tell me ANYTHING?! I've been by his side for 20 YEARS!
    [10/19] Tarod: Did he just bring me around as a sort of TOY?! WAS I NOT WORTH HIS TIME?!
    [14/19] Tarod: ...
    [15/19] Tarod: I-I'm sorry. You have nothing to do with this.
    [16/19] Tarod: Listen... Thank you for telling me all this. I... I still hope that he's alive... maybe this is all a misunderstanding...
    [17/19] Tarod: Or maybe I'm just being selfish... I-I should be grateful... for everything he's done for me...
    [18/19] Tarod: Look... you've done your part... I'm not going to vent everything to you for hours on end... I'm not worth that much of your time...
    [19/19] Tarod: Here... take this. Bob gave it to me as something to remember him by... but I think you deserve it. Thank you so much for everything.

    After completing the quest:
    [1/1] Tarod: Sigh... Thank you for uncovering the truth.

    • 55000 Experience Points
    • Bob's Battle Chestplate
    • Access to Bob's Tomb
    • 2048 emeralds
    In Ragni, there will be a new NPC simply called "Ragni Citizen" at [-844,67,-1552]. He will prompt the following dialogue:

    Before doing Secrets of the Tomb:
    [1/2] Ragni Citizen: Have you heard of the story of our great hero Bob? For more than a hundred years, he worked tirelessly to protect the province.
    [2/2] Ragni Citizen: Although, everyone must come to an end at some point. A few decades ago, he died of old age, and his tomb appeared in the snowy forest.
    After doing Secrets of the Tomb:
    [1/2] Ragni Citizen: Wait, you’ve been into the back section of Bob’s Tomb? How did you get past the seal? Did you find anything in there?
    [2/2] Ragni Citizen: You can't tell me? Hm, I suppose that’s fair. I doubt Bob would want his secrets to be known all around the province. Still, it would be nice to know what it is that’s hidden in there...

    In Nesaak, there will be a new NPC simply called "Nesaak Citizen" at [144,74,-798]. He will prompt the following dialogue:

    Before doing Secrets of the Tomb:
    [1/3] Nesaak Citizen: Have you visited Bob’s Tomb over to the east? It’s a pretty popular place to visit nowadays.
    [2/3] Nesaak Citizen: Still, even with all of the people visiting it, no one has ever been into the back area. There’s some sort of magical seal blocking anyone from entering.
    [3/3] Nesaak Citizen: I’ve heard of lots of groups here that have tried to break the seal and get in over the years, but none of them have ever succeeded.
    After doing Secrets of the Tomb:
    [1/2] Nesaak Citizen: Wait, it was you who broke the seal in Bob’s tomb? H-how did you do that? People here have spent years trying to figure it out!
    [2/2] Nesaak Citizen: I wonder what’s in there that’s worth all this trouble... I still haven’t been able to enter, what with all those Temple of Legends people blocking the place off.

    Furthermore, the Talking Mushroom will have some new pieces of dialogue added.

    Dialogue in Bob's Tomb, right after the cutscene ends:
    Whenever you enter the (normal) inner tomb:
    [1/3] Talking Mushroom: SO, THIS IS THE TOMB OF THE *GREAT* BOB, HUH?

    Courtesy of Blastbasher, here are some "concept builds" for what the exterior of Bob's Tomb could look like. (as I said, the interior part AKA the secret part of the tomb should look identical to what it looks like already).
    https://imgur.com/a/iKH1yd5 (I personally think that his beautiful Bob statue should be replicated, block for block, into the actual game).

    Now you might be asking, what about Bob's Tear, the Rose and the Depressing Weapons?

    Bob's Tear can stay, since it's an ingredient, as long as Bob the Zombie doesn't have any lore significance anymore and it's just an easter egg mob now.
    The Depressing Weapons can stay as well as long as their lore importance is removed, again they're just easter eggs.

    The quest was extremely outdated and contradicted the lore (no way Bob the Zombie could exist as an actual lore entity, for example), also (no offense) it was generally an unenjoyable fetchquest.

    Soon after Bob’s death this mysterious monument appeared. Although its creator is unknown, people from all over the world come here to get a glimpse at the hero’s power.

    Since the tomb is divided into two areas now, it makes sense that each one of them has a different discovery.

    No one has ever actually seen the resting place of Bob before, for it was locked away from the public eye. Perhaps it would be best to leave this place be… for now.

    Since the tomb is divided into two areas now, it makes sense that each one of them has a different discovery.

    Combat Level Min: 74
    Quest Req.: [Secrets of the Tomb]

    Stage 1: Find Batelu in Bob's Tomb
    If you're below level 74:

    [1/2] Batelu: You. You're the one who opened this tomb up, didn't you? Honestly, I don't know how you did it, but I don't care.
    [2/2] Batelu: Hm... We might need a helping hand in how to uncover this mystery, but you don't seem powerful enough. You should come back when you're level 74.


    [1/11] Batelu: Hmm… we should’ve expected that there was something more to this tomb.


    [2/11] Batelu: Ah, another Temple member came to check in on the tomb? I can’t say I blame you. It’s been the talk of the province lately.
    [3/11] Batelu: We’re not quite sure who opened the back room up, but we’ve kept it off limits to normal tourists. We decreed that the truth hidden within shouldn’t be revealed to the public.


    [2/11] Batelu: Huh? Who are you? I thought we’d closed off the back room to visitors.
    [3/11] Batelu: Oh, a Ragni soldier? I thought the army had more important things to do than check up on this old tomb.


    [4/11] Batelu: Wait a minute... I recognize your face. Yes, you must be the one who opened up this tomb in the first place!
    [5/11] Batelu: Well, we're grateful to you, since this allows us to research what actually happened to Bob, but couldn't you have done it a bit more... in private?
    [6/11] Batelu: There were so many witnesses when you opened this thing up! Soon enough, half of the province is flocking here to see what happened! We had to deploy a third of our manpower just to keep the civilians and journalists out!
    [7/11] Batelu: Anyways, I’ll try to fill you in on what we’ve learned so far. It’s public belief that Bob died and that this tomb was constructed to honor him, but from what we’ve been reading here, the truth is actually quite different.
    [8/11] Batelu: Strangely, many of the inscriptions talk about an ocelot, a wolf, and a strange chicken Bob had, and how he scattered them around the ocean to places somehow important to him.
    [9/11] Batelu: There are several references to the pets and some kind of power they possess, though thus far it's unclear what that means.
    [10/11] Batelu: What we were all most curious about when we first came here was seeing Bob’s body, but the coffin appears to be completely sealed!
    [11/11] Batelu: If you’re able to find Bob’s pets, maybe we can figure out how to break the seal and discover the truth behind Bob’s disappearance.

    After completing the stage:
    [1/1] Batelu: You're still here? I thought I told you to go get his pets! Come on, I want to solve this mystery!

    Stage 2: Bring back 1 [Cluckles' Favourite Feather], 1 [Duke's Skin] and 1 [Ocey's Claws] to Batelu

    The exact same as before, but Cluckles himself drops the feather as an untradable item instead of Nohno giving it to you as a quest item.

    Ocey, the ocelot, will be in Skien's Island, in the same jail cell that Mooington is in. She carries over the general abilities of Mooington. The rare bracelet "Bovine Cuff" is renamed to "Cat's Paw" and will be dropped by her. She will also drop Ocey's Claws, which are necessary for the quest.
    Ocey [Lv. 57] - 26000 HP - AI Type: Melee - Abilities: Same as Mooington - Elemental Stats: Air (Weak); Earth (Damage); Earth (Defense) - Drops: [Ocey’s Claws], [Cat's Paw]

    Duke, the wolf, will be in Dead Island. To reach him, go into the small miner's cave at [888,36,-3887]. On the crate in the back at [903,38,-3885] there will be a sign that says "The wolf's path is profiled by the buttons". Press all 5 stone buttons in the cave to open a rectangular, 3x2 hole in the stone above the bed at [898,37,-3889], which will lead to a coal block portal. When you enter the portal, you will be taken to an arena similar in size to Baab's arena, and you will fight Duke. Alongside Duke, some Awakened Spirits from other parts of Dead Island will spawn as well.
    Boss Fight music: Energetic Encounter

    Duke [Lv. 75] - 75000 HP - AI Type: Melee - Abilities: Heavy Push, Charge, Flamethrower, Multi-Hit - Elemental Stats: Thunder (Weak); Fire (Damage); Fire, Earth (Defense) - Drops: [Duke’s Skin]

    Spell Combos:

    Charge (5) -> Multi-Hit (0) -> Multi-Hit

    [2/5 probability]

    Flamethrower (4) -> Multi-Hit

    [2/5 probability]

    Charge (0) -> Charge (0) -> Charge (4) -> Multi-Hit (2) -> Heavy Push

    [1/5 probability]

    Once Duke is beaten, you can exit his arena in the back.


    [1/4] Batelu: Back already? Huh, I expected that to take longer. So, where are the pets? It must have been quite difficult to transport them all here.
    [2/4] Batelu: You what? You killed them all?! Wh-why would you do that?! Now we have no way of knowing what their purpose in all this was! You idiot!
    Batelu grabs the remains of the animals and throws them to the ground. Soon after they hit the floor an audible rumbling can be heard, as the coffin’s top slowly opens.
    [3/4] Batelu: Wait… what?! The coffin is opening? How did you know what to do? We’ve hardly translated half of the stuff written here, and you just somehow managed to solve the entire puzzle!
    [4/4] Batelu: Uh... Well, I guess we should head inside. I can see some stairs leading down through the opening…
    After completing the stage:
    [1/1] Batelu: Let's head inside.

    Stage 3: Go through the secret passageway in the coffin

    (OUT OF CHARACTER: The coffin opens up to a coal block portal, which you go through and enter a dark passageway. There is no coal block portal behind you once you enter the passageway. Batelu will spawn there instantly. The passageway is 3x3 and completely black. You will have to follow Batelu through as he walks, the further you get into it, the more the dialogue advances.)

    The passageway is pitch black, but as you walk through, you can still hear Batelu.

    [1/2] Batelu: It sure is dark down here, wonder what’s on these walls… If Bob went to such great lengths to make all this, what could he have been hiding?
    [2/2] Batelu: The last few lines I translated hinted at something mysterious, beyond our comprehension. At first we all thought it was Corruption, but…
    If you don't follow Batelu:
    [1/1] Batelu: Hey! Stick with me. You never know what could happen.

    As Batelu’s voice draws more and more distant, you appear to be alone in the darkness…

    (OUT OF CHARACTER: After about 50 blocks of walking, you're teleported into the tunnel room that you walk through as Bob talks to you. It remains the exact same, except for the fact that the sheep and cow heads are replaced by wolf and ocelot heads, respectively.)

    Stage 4: Defeat Bob's Reincarnation

    [1/8] Bob: Greetings, warrior. I am Bob, master of the arts of Wynn. I didn’t expect anyone here so soon. It seems my friend has already found someone worthy of being my successor.
    [2/8] Bob: I can sense a power in you, strength seldom seen in this world.
    [3/8] Bob: I also saw you open the door to this place. You don’t seem to be like the others - your deeds rarely obscured by your morals.
    [4/8] Bob: It is prodigies like you who may one day finally save this province - no, save this war-torn world.
    [5/8] Bob: You must learn from my mistakes - pick up from where I have failed. There are events at play that not even the greatest hero could hope to grasp. And when I tried, it was fatal.
    [6/8] Bob: Indeed, there is a great force beyond us that is far more dangerous than the Corruption we consider our bane. Truthfully, I don’t understand it very well myself, but one thing is for certain.
    [7/8] Bob: This world needs more saviors. Those who are willing to do whatever is needed to protect our home, but I’m sure you already know that.
    [8/8] Bob: So, for all the good you’ve done for this province, for us, this shall be your final test. Face me, and earn your place amongst heroes of Wynn.

    (OUT OF CHARACTER: Fight remains the same.)

    Stage 5: Return to Batelu with [Bob's Seal of Approval]

    You find yourself coming back into the room with the coffin.

    [1/10] Batelu: What happened? I could hear you walking with me, and then all of a sudden you just went silent. Did you find anything down there? Did you meet Bob?!
    [2/10] Batelu: Wh- You did?! How?! You… what’s that in your hand?! Let me see that!

    [-1 Bob’s Seal of Approval]

    [3/10] Batelu: Oh… oh my god… this… t-this is Bob’s signature! How?! But… but he shouldn’t even be here! All the inscriptions say…
    [4/10] Batelu: ...This is insane… did we spend all this time here reading false inscriptions?! Or maybe… there’s even more to it?!
    [5/10] Batelu: You… you must be Bob’s chosen successor… The inscriptions say that they who earn Bob’s trust are fated to be his successor…
    [6/10] Batelu: I can’t believe it! This is insane! I’m talking to Bob’s chosen successor, who’s in front of me, flesh and bones!
    [7/10] Batelu: Y-you… according to the inscriptions, you're destined to be our province’s new saviour! Incredible! I…
    [8/10] Batelu: Please, tell me everything that Bob told you! What did he say?!
    [9/10] Batelu: Argh, I’m sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself! I shouldn’t burden our new savior like this! But please, come back later to tell me the details!
    [10/10] Batelu: Here, take this token! You can redeem it for a special weapon in the Temple of the Legends. It’s the least bit of respect I could show to our new hero!

    After completing the quest:

    [1/1] Batelu: Ah, welcome back! Please, can you tell me the details now?!

    • 750000 Experience Points
    • 1 Token of the Legends
    • 8192 Emeralds
    The "Corrupted Token" is renamed to "Token of the Legends". You can still redeem the same weapons with it, and no stats of the weapons are changed.

    Changed to reflect on the new lore, also changed it to make the Temple of Legends have an actual purpose now besides the quest, also changed it to reflect on the fact that Bob's pets have been changed (Mooington->Ocey; Baab->Duke).

    Here are some scrapped ideas that we had during the sessions in which we worked on this project:
    Duke (Bob's wolf)'s name:
    • Little Orphion
    • Duke, the Duke of Woofingness
    • Woofington
    Tarod in Ragni:
    • We initially intended for Tarod to be in Ragni as the starting NPC. This was changed to outside Bob's tomb to cut the travel times.
    Secrets of the Tomb quest name:
    • "The undiscovered mysteries of Bob's magical Monument (or probably a tomb) in the Nesaak tundra"
    • "the previously unheard of idea of an unknown concept attached to the mystically active locality some might call the resting place of Wynn's now deceased hero Robert, which is within a close proximity to the cold and snow-covered village of Nesaak within the icy tundra of the Wynn province."
    • "bob is DEAD oh no go find his dead body"
    Temple of Time extra content:
    • We initially wanted to add a small extra bit of content to the Temple of Time by making the Temporal Horror drop an item which you could drop into the Temple, and it would show a cutscene of the cultists creating the horror. This was scrapped because we want to be as realistic as possible in this project and we know that the CT would never add content to the Temple of Time.
    • Timeline majorly changed
    • "Bob's Lost Soul" renamed into "Secrets of the Tomb" and completely reworked
    • Mooington and Baab replaced with Ocey the Ocelot and Duke the Wolf, respectively
    • Wolf Temple removed, Bob's Tomb partially reworked
    • Reincarnation partially reworked
    • Tent in Farcor's sky zone removed
    • From the Bottom dialogue changed
    • Deja Vu dialogue changed
    • Corrupted Betrayal dialogue changed
    • Undergrowth Ruins dialogue changed
    • Haven Antiquity dialogue changed
    • Nilrem's Sealed Letters renamed to Martyn's Sealed Letters and slightly rewritten
    • Bob's Crushed Soul removed
    • Cluck Cluck dialogue changed
    • Ragni's Library almost completely rewritten
    • Maro Peaks, Ragni, Rooster Island and Bob's Tomb discovery lore changed
    • Dates in "A Hero's Origin" and "Wynn Plains Monument" changed

    @TrapinchO - Project Lead
    @Blastbasher - Wrote a LOT of dialogue and lore, contributed to "Secrets of the Tomb", hosted the google document we wrote the project on
    @Matteo_Games - Wrote "Secrets of the Tomb", wrote lore and dialogue, wrote this thread
    @Emogla3 - Wrote the Temporal Horror boss fight, contributed to "Secrets of the Tomb", wrote dialogue
    @krepel_ /Kr3pel - Contributed to "Secrets of the Tomb", wrote dialogue

    @ditsario/redstoneman444- Contributed to "Secrets of the Tomb", wrote dialogue

    A big thank you to the entire WynnTheory discord as well! Thanks for reading!

    Any feedback or corrections would be greatly appreciated
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    This is truly fool moment

    (wait scrapped content cursed)
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    Bump for support! It was fun working on this on the WynnTheory discord. (Reminder to join the WynnTheory discord)
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    (now outside of @Matteo_Games's speech he did for me)

    I would like to thank every person who helped us with it. It was not easy and it took quite long, but I think it was worth it.
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    Definitely top 3 suggestions I've ever read.
    Bob's lore was so outdated, and this is a really good rework.
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    You put so much effort into this, you guys definitely deserve to see this update on the server ^^
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    real bobber gaming
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    This is outstanding. I have only read a fraction of this remade lore ans it is absolutely fantastic.
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    What is up with Martyn? Is he supposed to be a scholar on the Olm? (would explain why he knows about Bob's ancestry) Is that why he is situated in Time Valley?
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    It is strongly implied that he is an Olm, why is he there (and how did he survive) is unknown.

    In current lore it seems to be the only option that makes sense
    Also I cannot miss the oppoturnity:

    Join the lore discord and be a part of the next change!
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    this looks amazing, I'll definitely read through all of it once I have time!!
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    Add this in right now.

    Also, I think I might have some other stuff that could be added on to this, like a Jungle Ultimate Discovery, which showcases the King of Troms telling Bob what to do and Bob and Slykaar fight it out,

    Idk if Bob and the Temple of the Legends is correlated anymore, but if it is, a spot for a Bob discovery there could work about his training.

    And a subtitle to Bob's Reincarnation as it is a superboss, Bob's Reincarnation, "The Guardian of Wynn".

    Overall, this one of the best ideas I've ever seen on the forums! Everyone who worked on that should be proud of themselves.
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    0/10 mooington and baab gone

    ...that was supposed to be a joke
    this is probably one of the best suggestions ever made, and I can't even comprehend the amount of effort that went into this. great job!
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    We have jungle SDs (and probably full rework too) on our todo list, so we will see.
    I will definitelly post it on our lore discord

    This is a great idea, I will see what others think.

    Thanks for the suggestions!
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    Just finished reading through it, can only imagine how much effort went into this, looks absolutely amazing!
  20. TrapinchO

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    For how long it took us:

    We did about 2-3 hour sessions each Saturday and Sunday for 3-5 weeks (not sure, memory bad :) )
    + everyone's time when they were thinking about it/creating lore outside of the sessions
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