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World The Ocean Lore Rework

Discussion in 'General Suggestions' started by DaCorruption, Jun 5, 2021.


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  1. DaCorruption

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    DISCLAIMER: We are not members of the CT. This is a project made by lore enthusiasts in an attempt to fix and hopefully make the Ocean lore better, as the region has a strong lack of lore (despite its size) and has some contradicting parts. Furthermore, if this project does get adapted to the game, it obviously doesn't have to be a perfect replica.

    The Ocean Lore Project

    (Brought to you by the WynnTheory discord server)

    Hey everyone! We're back, with our third lore rework (yes, really). This one focuses on the Ocean, which, despite being a gigantic area bigger than Wynn and Gavel, barely gets any love and has gone ignored for many years. As such, there is a clear lack of lore in this region. The main focus of this rework was taking what little pieces of lore there were in the Ocean and changing them, adding more information to them and tweaking the contradictory parts. We wanted to especially put focus on the pirates, arguably the most prominent faction in the Ocean and its lore. Do note that for this we considered Corkus a separate area, so we didn't touch it at all. The Ocean's secret discoveries and quests thus revolve around the pirates, notably Redbeard and Captain Soul (a new character we added based on the item lore for "Reaper of Soul").

    Since we rotate who posts these threads, I will be the one posting this one. Anyways, enough of the introductory talk. Here is the actual content:


    The Ocean's waves are calmed, making sea travel possible (900 AP)

    Between 901 and 906 AP, a group of scientists start working on the island that would one day be home to the city of Selchar.

    First pirates start to appear. Goldenclaw becomes known as the first pirate for attacking ships, soon after Hastor becomes known (906 AP)

    Mage Island is founded (910 AP)

    Skien is sent out to Skien's Island to protect ships from pirates (912 AP)

    The Sunken Library is founded as a symbol of peace between Pirates and Mages (922 AP)

    Goldenclaw founds Pirate Cove, but at this time its residence is relatively peaceful. (935 AP)

    The inhabitants of Half-Moon Island discover the Oni and start worshipping it, and go insane (937 AP)

    Goldenclaw sees the recklessness of the new up and coming pirate Redbeard (938 AP)

    Gavel Excavation Scouts dig up purple crystal near abandoned mines (940 AP)

    Selchar Founded (940 AP)

    Redbeard attacks Gavel Excavation ships on their return trip, gets his first fame from stealing the crystal (943 AP)

    Grookwarts Founded (949 AP)

    Goldenclaw leaves Pirate Cove, heads to Jofash (950 AP)

    The underwater route is created by a Human mage (951 AP)

    Soul attends Grookwarts (952 AP)

    WynnExcavation arrives in Wynn (955 AP)

    Ice Islands people arrive (957 AP)

    An expedition from Mage Island is sent to SE, Soul is one of its members (959 AP)

    Soul thrown out of Grookwarts for messing with artifacts from SE (960 AP)

    A fortress is created near the ice nations to help protect traders from pirate attacks (961 AP)

    Soul goes to Pirate Cove and becomes a pirate captain (962 AP)

    Soul attacks Sarnfic, then while unable to break into their vault accidentally sinks the city due to his power (965 AP)

    Volcanic Island rises from the ocean floor (968 AP)

    A group of cultists steal the Heart of Selchar (970 AP)

    Redbeard attacks Ruined Island and starts to become annoyed with the fame of Soul (971 AP)

    Soul attacks the Ice Islands, killing everyone in the fortress and taking the wealth of the island nations (973 AP)

    Redbeard fights Soul, and using the purple crystal he stole way back, Redbeard is able to defeat Soul. In the fight both ships go down, killing Soul, but Redbeard survives. The rest of the world thinks Redbeard is dead. (976 AP)

    A scientist discovers why the Ice Islands are frozen (977 AP)

    The ghostly crew of Soul rises again with a wrecked ship, fueled by the pirates darkness and desire for blood (979 AP)

    Redbeard hides all his treasure, including the crystal on Galleon’s Graveyard. He dies soon after, but his great desire to protect his treasure keeps him alive. His abilities are further boosted by the crystal, which is part of the reason he is so obsessed with his treasure (981 AP)


    Founded in 940 AP after the waves calmed, this city became the bridge between Gavel and Wynn. It flourishes in trade and acts as a safe haven from the dangers of both provinces.

    Made By: ditsario

    Founded by Captain Goldenclaw in 935 AP, Pirate Cove is home to some of the most dangerous men in the ocean. They set up outposts all around the island to seek out merchant ships to plunder.

    Made By: Blastbasher

    Ocean currents all converge on this small island, bringing a great many smaller ships to rest along its coast. In recent years, rumors have begun to spread that Redbeard buried his treasure hoard below the depths, though it's unknown if the stories hold any truth.

    Made By: Blastbasher


    Ocean Spike

    Level Min: 20
    Lore: “Due to the ocean’s depth, the Corruption spreads across the sea significantly slower than it does on land. Even then, it’s slowly creeping north.”

    Access: Go to the tiny island with the Tier 2 Loot Chest south of Durum Isles (the loot chest will be slightly moved). At [431,40,-2608] there will be some dirt particles spread out in a 3x3 square. Right clicking on the particles will say: “The ground here is quite fragile… Even the slightest pressure could cause it to open up.” Casting any spell where the particles are will break the ground, and immediately a Corruption spike will erupt out of the ground and extend into the air. If you climb the spike, at its top there will be a hole that will lead into the spike and towards a coal block portal. Going into the portal will take you into a coal block room, where the secret discovery will trigger, and then take you back onto the island.

    Reward: 2000 XP

    Made By: Matteo_Games

    Forgotten Scientists

    Level Min: 25
    Lore: “Many would try to unravel the Ocean’s deepest mysteries, from how it formed to its waves. However, these efforts barely yielded results, and to this day the sea’s mysteries remain just that.”

    Step 1: Go to Selchar and head to the house opposite of the windmill, where at [157,66,-3194] there will be a human NPC named “Selchar Citizen” that you can interact with. (Interacting with this NPC is optional to progress the discovery.)
    • Selchar Citizen: Greetings, soldier. Have you seen this house behind me? It’s supposedly the oldest building in Selchar, created before the city was even founded.
    • Selchar Citizen: By whom? We don’t know, sadly, and I don’t think we ever will, because…
    • Selchar Citizen: The stupid city government wants to demolish it and replace it! Could you believe it?! This is HISTORY right here! It’s an outrage! So what if it has a cracked floor?!
    Step 2: Go into the house where there will be 3x3 happy Villager particles on the floor. Interacting with the floor relays the message “The floor here is cracking… Maybe something heavy nearby can break it?”

    Step 3: Go to [177, 65, -3231], where there will be a Level 25 green-named mob called “Heavy Crate”. Killing it will give you a crate with the same name and a lore that reads: “This crate is very heavy…”

    Step 4: Right click the cracking floor with the Heavy Crate. A 3x3 hole will open where the green particles were, which is 20 blocks deep. When you fall into the hole, you will fall into a water pond in a somewhat small room where the discovery will trigger.

    The room contains some brewing stands, a map of Selchar on the side, a coal block portal at the end of the room, some dead bodies and some interactable Logs which will take the form of signs on the wall that you can right click, similar to the Help Wanted poster for One Thousand Meters Under.

    Log Alpha
    “901 AP.”
    “Its origin is unknown even to the Mages who call it their domain…”
    “To reveal its past - is it even possible?”
    “Where is the beginning?”

    Log Beta
    “902 AP.”
    “A lead has been found.”
    “Research within the ruins of the ancients have unearthed some… interesting information.”
    “More manuscripts will be uncovered soon.”

    Log Gamma
    “904 AP.”
    “The archaic people’s mythology appears to have an answer for its creation.”
    “The First Wizards moulded it out of their magic, it acts as a seal to keep away from the beyond, or so it says.”
    “For long, it has existed as a barrier to keep the flawed from reaching the land of the Gods.”
    “However, an incantation supposedly exists to remove the barrier. Maybe to dry it out? Such a spell must be found as soon as possible.”

    Log Delta
    “Await the beginning of the filtering; the unworthy separated from the worthy. Await as our King in the sky removes the sinful.”
    “Only when the World will be pure as it was; shall the Wizards’ seal wane.”
    “The five chosen by the sky; locate the five corners and carry forth the ritual. Only then may the waters part.”
    “Be warned; however. Those who pretend shall not break the seal. They will be cursed, forced to see their End and the End of all things.”

    Log Epsilon
    “906 AP.”
    “The Inscription was located. Alas, it is hard to decipher its meaning.”
    “The Seal is believed to be a disturbance within the core of this island. It does not budge to the heaviest of blows.”
    “An ancient map has been discovered, five points marked. Perhaps this is the key?”
    “But is it right to be considered ‘chosen’? What must it mean?”
    “Scientists only have one way to unearth the truth, all costs must be paid to find it.”

    Log Zeta
    “Dear God… Why…?”

    EXTRA: After completing the discovery, the Selchar Citizen in front of the house will have different dialogue.
    • Selchar Citizen: Ah, hey. I saw you running in and out of that house, what were you up to?
    • Selchar Citizen: What the- Huh?! You… broke the floor? Wh-Why?! What’s the point?! It’s going to get demolished soon anyways! Were you looking for trouble?!
    • Selchar Citizen: ...Eh? Wait, WHAT?! There’s a room below the cracked floor?! And it’s full of… dead bodies? And logs?! But the city government said that house was barren!
    • Selchar Citizen: Wait… Hm. Actually, this reminds me of something… This one time, I was eavesdropping on some agents who were inside the house.
    • Selchar Citizen: They were talking about “dangerous information” and that the house “had to be demolished”...
    • Selchar Citizen: Could it be… they’re trying to hide whatever’s down there? Only you would know, since you saw it for yourself.
    Reward: 3700 XP

    Made By: Matteo_Games

    Crescent Lunacy

    Level Min: 30
    Lore: “The ‘deity’ known as Oni is believed by its worshippers to be able to eradicate the Corruption. However, not even a God can stand against this chaotic, evil force.”

    Step 1: Go to the altar below one of the island’s towers, specifically at [966,40,-2496]. Here there will be a book item NPC on the ground called “Report”. The report reads as follows:

    “FROM: Employee Phylo”
    “TO: Headquarters”
    “SUBJECT: Investigations”
    “We haven’t found any traces of the cosmic power on Crescent Island. The fact that the local population is so terribly mad, seems to be from other causes.”
    “We request permission to return to Gavel, as the population seems to be extremely aggressive. It was hard for us to settle on the fringes of the coa-”
    The rest of the report is covered in blood, however the back of the paper has something written on it…

    Step 2: You have to find the four moon-related objects scattered across the island. The first one is in the same tower that the secret discovery starts in, but at the very top of it, on the enchanting table at [969,76,-2473]. To obtain the first object, you have to kill a green-named mob on top of the enchanting table called “Full Moon Crest”, which will drop an item of the same name. The mob and the item will have the same sprite.

    Item Information
    Item Name: Full Moon Crest
    Untradable Item
    Item Sprite: Gold Nugget

    The second object is in one of the houses, close to the crescent-shaped shrine at the peak of the island. It will be on the enchanting table at [991,84,-2610]. To obtain the second object, you have to kill a green-named mob on top of the table called “Half Moon Crest”, which will drop an item of the same name. The mob and the item will have the same sprite.

    Item Information
    Item Name: Half Moon Crest
    Untradable Item
    Item Sprite: Glistering Melon

    The third object is in one of the towers at the edge of the island. When you climb up the stairs, there will be an enchantment table and on top of it will be the green-named mob you have to kill to obtain the item, at [1094,77,-2663]. The mob is called “Crescent Crest”, which will drop an item of the same name. The mob and the item will have the same sprite.

    Item Information
    Item Name: Crescent Crest
    Untradable Item
    Item Sprite: Blue Orchid

    The fourth object is located on a tower just off the western coast of the island. At the top of the tower there will be an enchantment table, on top of which there will be a green-named mob, at [861,78,-2599], which you’ll have to kill to obtain the item. The mob is called “New Moon Crest”, which will drop an item of the same name. The mob and the item will have the same sprite.

    Item Information
    Item Name: New Moon Crest
    Untradable Item
    Item Sprite: Ender Pearl

    (NOTE: All the green named mobs listed above will be Level 30.)
    (NOTE 2: The objects listed above can be gathered in any order.)

    Step 3: Go to the crescent-shaped sculpture at the top of the island, next to the houses. At [1005,90,-2581] there will be an enchantment table, and you have to right click the table and place every object you’ve collected on it. After that, a 1x1 hole that's about 20 blocks deep will appear next to the table. Falling in it will take you into a coal block portal which in turn will take you to a parkour area. The area is around 120 blocks long, 40 blocks wide and 30 blocks tall. In the middle of the area there will be a 80 block long parkour section above a coal block pit. Falling in this pit will take you back to the beginning. At the beginning and the end of the area there will be corpses of villagers and pirates, along with some yellow-named Half Moon Island enemies (such as the Lunatic Devotes). The area’s walls and ceiling are mostly made out of dirt with leaves running along them.

    Step 4: Finish the parkour and walk through the coal block portal at the end of the area. This will take you to an underground cathedral-like room with four pillars on each wall where the secret discovery will trigger. In the middle of the room there’s a small shrine marked by stone walls that wrap around it in a square shape. Between the walls there are blue Sharpness particles that prevent you from walking to the shrine. Located at an equal distance from the central shrine are four enchantment tables, and above the tables are the same items that you gathered in Stage 2: the ender pearl, the glistering melon, the blue orchid and the gold nugget, one item for each table. These are the “seals” of the shrine. Above the enchantment tables there will also be text that says “[Left Click] to Break the Seal”. Left clicking on the enchantment tables will break their respective seals. When all four seals are broken, the Sharpness particles disappear, the player can walk to the shrine and a boss called “Corrupted Oni” will spawn on top of the shrine.

    Corrupted Oni - [Lv. 35] - 2000 HP - AI Type: Melee - Abilities: Charge, Pull - Elemental Stats: Water, Air (Weak); Thunder, Fire (Damage); Thunder, Fire (Defense) - Drops: [Lunar Power Shard]

    Item Information
    Item Name: Lunar Power Shard
    Untradable Item
    Item Sprite: Yellow Stained Glass Pane

    At the end of the room there’s a coal block portal that will take you outside, just next to the crescent-shaped sculpture.

    EXTRA: The Cathedral where you fight Corrupted Oni will look something like this: https://imgur.com/a/Nb7IQgT

    EXTRA: The “Lunar Power Shard” can be sold to a special Merchant on Half Moon Island, located in a house on the island at [984,82,-2593], for 48 EB.

    EXTRA: In the tent at [928,35,-2582] there will be some signs spread out across the sides of the tent. The signs will read the following.
    “937 AP… Could this be the year of my death…?”
    “The people of this island have gone insane… They’re lunatics…”
    “When we unearthed ‘that’… My brothers turned to madly worshipping it…”
    “They say it holds off ‘the blight’. What nonsense…”
    “They’ve gotten extremely violent to any passerby… I simply don’t understand…”
    “Why… Why brutally murder anyone who gets close? What are they doing?”
    “I… I’m one of the only sane people left… I saw what they do to those who refuse to believe in it.”
    “I… need to leave. Otherwise, I’ll just end up like them. Gods, why…? I just want answers…”

    Reward: 8000 XP

    Made By: Matteo_Games

    Calming of the Waves

    Level Min: 30
    Lore: “A hundred years ago, the mages of Mage Island quelled the ocean currents, making it navigable. Although some opposed it, this action would go on to change the course of history forever.”

    Step 1: In Mage Island, go to the house next to Seasum’s and go to the second floor with the two beds. On the bottom bed, at [911, 77, -2836], there will be a dead body laying on the bed, wearing red leather armor and a skeleton skull. Interacting with the body says “A weak aura is radiating from this dead body…”. On the stone brick next to the bed there is a wooden button.

    Step 2: Press the wooden button. The south window will break and a quartz parkour will appear, which will take you to the peak of the nearby mountain, at [925, 99, -2854]. Here there will be a green-name Level 30 mob called “Orb of Resonance”, with an ender pearl sprite. Killing it will give an untradable item of the same name and the same item sprite, with the lore “A strange orb. Maybe it has a use somewhere nearby?”.

    Step 3: Go back to the dead body and right click it with the Orb of Resonance in your hand. You will get the nausea and blindness effects and the message “A vision of the past presents itself to you…”. A cutscene will trigger.

    [900 AP]

    (OUT: The camera pans to seven Villager mages, who are standing on the coast of Gavel, near the Llevigar gate. They are holding staves and looking out to the ocean. The weather is stormy.)
    • Mage 1: Hey, are you sure this is a good idea? Should we be even doing this with the Arch Mage’s assistance left out?
    • Mage 2: Yes, there is no other option. For too long our people have reveled in their laziness, unwilling to push magic to its true limits.
    • Mage 1: I understand, but… The ocean’s waves have been violent for many millennia. Who knows if we are powerful enough to placate the entire sea?
    • Mage 3: We have to try. Do you wish to remain in this dying land and slowly wither away? We may even discover a way to erase the decay!
    • Mage 1: Argh… Fine.
    (OUT: Another mage, wearing a red robe, comes into view. He isn’t wielding a staff. He walks onto the coast and towards the mages, and they turn towards him.)
    • Arch Mage: What in God’s name is all this?! What are all of you doing?!
    • Mage 2: Sir, we are trying to calm the ocean waves. You must understand that it is for the greater good. Please, assist us in our task with your superior magical prowess.
    • Arch Mage: WHAT?! Idiots! Haven’t I specifically warned you NOT to do such a thing?!
    • Mage 3: But sir, think of the province! This horrendous plague is ravaging our homeland, and the government doesn’t even bat an eye! We must retreat to a place where we are free to practice magic as we wish!
    • Arch Mage: Fool! You know nothing! It is too big a risk to take, we don’t even know if there is anything within the limitless expanse of the Ocean! Most believe that beyond the sea lies the corner of the world!
    • Arch Mage: If it isn’t, who is to say there is nobody beyond this coast?! There may be people on the other side, and who knows if they will have mercy on us!
    • Arch Mage: Not to mention that performing such a task has an uncertain result! You may all DIE, such a spell would be so strong!
    • Arch Mage: As the Arch Mage of this land, I tell you all to step down! We simply do not know if performing this act would be beneficial to the province!
    • Mage 4: But-
    • Arch Mage: Enough! I’ve made my decision already! Return to your quarters at once!
    (OUT: The mages look at eachother, and nod in unison. One of them steps out of the group and walks towards the Arch Mage, punching him unconscious.)
    • Arch Mage: ARGH!
    (OUT: The mages walk to the end of the coast and stare towards the ocean. They start swinging their staves together.)
    • Mages: (In High Gavellian) Ocean crests, quiet yourselves! May the storms part and make way for the sun’s pacifying light!
    (OUT: The camera pans to the Ocean, where there are splashing particles above the water. The particles disappear, and the sky goes from stormy to sunny.)
    • Mage 2: We… We’ve done it…
    (OUT: The player is teleported into a coal block room, where the following dialogue triggers.)

    The Villager mages of Gavel were desperate to find a way to save their province. However, an unresponsive government meant that they were not free to practice magic as they wished.
    Therefore, they put their lives on the line to seek out a sanctuary where they could expand the limits of magic to never before seen levels.
    Not all believed that there was hope beyond the Ocean, but as time would show, they were corrected.
    As for the mages themselves, they soon founded a settlement on Mage Island: a magical hub like no other.

    (OUT: The player is then teleported outside the house the body is in and is given the secret discovery.)

    Reward: 5000 XP

    Made By: Matteo_Games

    Grove of Ice

    Level Min: 40
    Lore: “Few understand why this island chain is so cold, which has led to a number of fantastical theories over the years. Of course, the truth is far less shocking.”

    Access: At [1011,36,-3421] there is a 2x2 square of packed ice. It’s called “Permafrost” and requires Mining Level 5 to mine. Once you mine the permafrost, the 2x2 square will break and it will lead into a cave which at the bottom has several unique blue flowers and a notebook. Entering the cave gives you the discovery.

    Old Journal:
    “Entry 1, Year 977:”
    “I believe I’ve found the origin of this island’s icy climate. It seems that these native flowers down in the caves consume heat as a source of energy.”
    “This, in turn, lowers the temperature of their surroundings, and has, over many hundreds of years, caused the island to become what we see of it now.”
    “Since I am the first to find these flowers, I suppose I’ll call them… Kristala Floro.”

    Reward: 30000 XP

    Made By: Blastbasher

    Forsaken Pirate

    Level Min: 40
    Lore: “Many pirates made a name of their own during the years - Goldenclaw, Redbeard, Soul. Hastor, however, never reached the level of fame his peers did, and was left to die at the hands of Redbeard.”

    Access: Between the entrance to Llevigar and the secret entrance to Gavel in the Light Forest, at [-1454,33,-4159], is a medium-sized shipwreck with part of it still sticking out of the water. A Breathing Helmet is recommended for this discovery, as you’ll have to go underwater. The ship’s deck will be partly open with some small holes scattered around, which will take you into the hull. At the edge of the hull is a passive mob called “Waterlogged Key” with a Broken Key sprite. Kill this mob and it will drop an item of the same name and same sprite, which is also untradeable. It has lore which reads “This key is very old… Maybe it can open something in this ship?”

    Go to the other corner of the hull where there’s an iron door with happy Villager particles around it. Clicking it shows dialogue which varies depending on whether or not you have the “Waterlogged Key” in your inventory.

    If you don’t have the Waterlogged Key:
    “It’s locked.”
    If you have the Waterlogged Key:
    “The door opened… What could be behind it?”

    Behind the door there’s a small, dry room where the secret discovery will trigger, made out of stone, dirt and sand. On the floor of the room there’s a skeleton skull and some blood around it.

    There are also some signs scattered around the room, which read the following (separate signs are separated by an empty line):

    “What has
    happened… My
    ship… My crew…
    Where are they…?”

    “Redbeard… You
    fool… Why?
    What have I
    done to you…?”

    “To curse me to
    a painful death
    under my own

    should have
    ridden himself of
    you when he had the”

    Now I am left
    here to rot
    because of you…”

    Reward: 15000 XP

    Made By: Matteo_Games

    Sunken Library

    Level Min: 50
    Lore: “Amidst the violence and conflict that often occurred in the Ocean, a beacon of peace between the pirates and the mages was lit in the form of a shared library. However, as it has aged, it has sunk into the water.”

    Access: Between the Volcanic Isles and the huge tree island north of Galleon’s Graveyard is a spire (roughly at [-599,-3740]) that extends into the air for 60 blocks. There is a parkour marked by blue carpets that takes you to the top of the spire. At the top of the spire is a hole that leads to a coal block portal. Entering the coal block portal takes you to the library (similar in shape and size to the Gylia Watch Library), where the secret discovery will trigger.

    Books in the Library

    Library Contract
    “SIGNED: 922 AP”
    - Captain Goldenclaw of the Gilded Pirates
    - Arch Mage Ilraneth of Mage Island”
    “The signers will agree to a truce with an undefined expiration date.”
    “As a symbol of the truce, both parties will contribute to the construction of a collective library where all kinds of knowledge of the Ocean may go.”
    “The task of protecting the library and its contents will be assigned to Captain Goldenclaw. The bureaucratic processes will be handled by the Arch Mages.”
    “May the library be forever standing.”

    Search for Gateway Island
    “Many pirates and ordinary sailors alike have been infatuated with Gateway Island, a mythical place that is told to hold this world’s biggest secrets within.”
    “But told by whom, exactly? According to legend, there was one man who discovered the island, although his name has been lost to time.”
    “He narrated his discoveries across the ports of Nemract and Llevigar, many coming to the taverns simply to listen to his tales.”
    “The man told of a grand volcano and its black powder, a spider cave, and bountiful berry bushes that could feed a hundred men.”
    “However, the travelers say that whenever he began speaking about a cave blocked off by a boulder, he suddenly froze and ran from the taverns, not being seen again for many months.”
    “Several wondered what the contents of the cave were, and thus speculation ran wild. A cure for the Corruption and an ancient wand that could generate infinite emeralds were the most common theories.”
    “People searched every corner of the Ocean for many years, pirates taking advantage of the situation to loot the wandering ships. Although many claimed to have found it, none have truly proven their stay on the island.”
    “It seems that for the unforeseeable future, Gateway Island’s secret will remain just that: a secret.”

    Pirate's Notes on the Kraken
    These notes seem quite recent…
    “Curse it… Curse it all! Why am I always so far from achieving my dreams?!”
    “I need to find that Kraken! Surely, it must exist! Slaying it will grant me a status so legendary that even Bob will kneel down to me!”
    “I tried everything… That old fool on the bear island who claims to have fought it refuses to tell me anything! The nutjobs who believe the Kraken was responsible for the ocean’s extreme waves before the Calming are as useful as a dead rat!”
    “Not all is lost, though. I believe I have a clue. The island north of the bear island is inhabited by a strange, wave-worshipping cult. Specifically, it’s rumored that they worship the Kraken itself.”
    “Perhaps the Kraken lives within the core of that island? Could the cultists be trying to strengthen it? Or maybe, it’s something else entirely…”
    “It’s obvious that the next step in my journey is to visit that island. The answers I seek must be there…”

    The Ocean Platforms
    “The floating platforms scattered across the seas have always been one of the Ocean’s biggest secrets. To this day, there are no records present about how they came to be.”
    “Numerous archeologists have stated that the platforms are most likely shipwrecks, considering their ship-like structure.”
    “This, however, raises many questions, for example: How did the ships get wrecked? Why were they turned into floating platforms? Why those ships specifically?”
    “Some of those experts say that the great pirate Redbeard sunk the ships and turned them into platforms as trophies to showcase his might, others think they are watch towers crudely fashioned out of old ships.”
    “Others yet think that the Avos may have built them in order to escape the Corkians, meaning that with their wings it could be possible that the platforms were built before the Calming.”
    “There surely is room for further investigation, especially as our expertise in archeology improves. Perhaps one day we’ll know the truth.”

    Sealed Record
    This dusty tome is bookmarked at a specific page…
    (OUT: Bold dialogue means that it’s in Wynnic.)
    “...the Academy has approved the beginning of the Experiment…”
    “...the evidence we’ve gathered from that Gavellian company tells us of a sealed land beyond the Mines…”
    “...tales of this land are told in extremely ancient artifacts from before the Portal’s opening…”
    “...a force different from the Corruption, yet so powerful…”
    “...perhaps it’s the key we’ve been looking for?...”
    “...could this force defeat it…?”

    There’s a note stuck on the bottom of the page.
    “The information on this record has been sealed with a powerful spell. No man shall ever try to attempt what we’ve done.”
    “If you somehow unlock the contents of this record and try to replicate its contents… may Death find you. There are things above us that we cannot fiddle with.”
    “Signed, Groo-”
    The rest of the note is ripped out…

    Reward: 60000 XP

    Made By: Matteo_Games

    Ruined Island

    Level Min: 50
    Lore: “Redbeard had been the king of the seas for decades, but when a new contender rose to power, he refused to go quietly. These ruined islands are a testament to his rage.”

    Access: In one of the islands between Zhight Island and Corkus, there is a cave that leads to a pond. In the pond at [-837,7,-2842] there is a corpse floating on the water. Right clicking it will trigger the discovery.


    [971 AP]

    (OUT: The camera pans to the island, on it there are two houses. Then, the camera turns around, showing 5 ships approaching from the horizon. Some people go outside of their homes and go on the coast of the island, staring towards the ships.)

    • Island Citizen: Huh…? What are those…?
    • Island Citizen 2: Uhhh… What? What is it? This better not be another bird you mistook for a flying ship.
    • Island Citizen: Not this time, I swear on my teeth! Just look over there!
    • Island Citizen 2: Fine. Let’s see…

    (OUT: The camera pans into Island Citizen 2 (Steve)’s POV. Here, his POV shows a zoomed in image of the five ships on the horizon.)

    (OUT: A few seconds after, the camera goes back to the two.)

    • Island Citizen 2: Oi… What… That ain’t no bird…
    • Island Citizen: What? What is it?
    • Island Citizen 2: It’s a ship… No… Five ships coming for us… They’re flying those black ships with the white skull…
    • Island Citizen 2: Hey… GO GET THE EMERALDS, HURRY!
    • Island Citizen: AAAH! ALRIGHT, NO NEED TO YELL!

    (OUT: The camera pans to the ship at the front, which is also the biggest one. On its deck stands Redbeard, surrounded by some of his crewmen.)

    • Redbeard: Har har! Look at them fools, scurryin’ ta get their treasure before we level their little settlement!
    • Redbeard: Here they be, thinkin’ they can live in good ol’ peace and quiet without a care in tha world. Well, not if yer in my turf!
    • Crewman: Peace and quiet? Hah, sir, ye remind me of Gol-
    • Redbeard: Yargh! Shut yer trap! That old coot ain’t got nothin’ to do with this. If only he weren’t such a coward, maybe he’d be here enjoyin’ tha spoils of battle with us.
    • Redbeard: Go man tha cannons, on the double!
    • Crewman: Yes, sir!

    (OUT: The camera goes back to the Island Citizens, now with a crate of treasure behind them.)

    • Island Citizen: Here we go. Boy, that was heavy…
    • Island Citizen 2: Shut up! Soul’s ships are on the horizon, and all you can think of is how heavy that box was?!
    • Island Citizen: Wait… Soul?! HUH?! Why didn’t you tell me that earlier?!
    • Island Citizen 2: Agh… God, may he have mercy on us…

    (OUT: The ships reach the island. The two men look up at the biggest ship.)

    • Island Citizen 2: C-Captain Soul! W-We… We surrender! P-Please, take our treasure and let us live!
    • Island Citizen: Wait a minute… Hey Steve, look… That ain’t Soul…
    • Island Citizen 2: ...Huh?
    • Island Citizen 2: Hold on… Hah… Ahahahahaha! Oh, it’s you! I thought we were in trouble for a second!
    • Island Citizen 2: Here, just take the money and go, ya has been!
    • Redbeard: Har har! Tha lowly insect tryin’ to anger me! Ye words entertain me, to think any man could match me grasp on the seas!
    • Island Citizen 2: Soul’s no man, you best not insult him! I heard rumors, he sunk Sarnfic, killed thousands, why I bet-
    • Redbeard: Silence, ye slimy fool! So ye say this Soul man is truly evil, eh? I’ll be showin’ ye the real definition of ‘evil’!
    • Island Citizen 2: Wait, we’ve got your money, just take it!
    • Redbeard: FIRE!
    • Island Citizen 2: Wh-

    (OUT: The main ship fires its cannons, killing both Island Citizens and damaging the houses.)

    • Redbeard: So they say there’s a new king of the seas… I’ll have to meet this man...
    • Redbeard: And drag him down to a watery grave! HAR HAR HAR HAR!

    (OUT: After the cutscene ends, you’re teleported into a coal block room where the secret discovery triggers. Then, you’re teleported outside the cave on the island.)

    Reward: 50000 XP

    Made By: Matteo_Games, Blastbasher

    Redbeard’s Fortune

    Level Min: 55
    Lore: “Despite Gavel’s attempts to rid the ocean of pirates, they would never amass a strong enough navy to deal with the threat. One day, they would pay the price for this, as one of their most precious convoys was raided…

    Access: In the center of the Volcanic Isles, there will be two submerged ships. You can enter one of the ships from the top, and swim through it, like in Underwater, to reach a dry room buried underneath it, with a small black exit portal in the back. Inside the room, there will be a small red shard NPC - right-clicking it will trigger a nausea effect and a cutscene that closes with the discovery.

    (OUT: The cutscene starts from the perspective of a pirate ship, firing at three Gavellian cargo ships. A red and a purple crystal can be slightly seen on the farthest cargo ship.)

    [943 AP]
    • Redbeard: Hurry it up, you dogs! I don’ have all day to spend here on these three ships!
    (OUT: An explosion can be seen on the closest cargo ship.)
    • Pirate: That’s the last of their cannons! They’re sittin’ grooks now!
    • Redbeard: Arr-har! Give the nearest two ships everything ya’ve got!
    • Redbeard: We’ll show those filthy Gavellians what happens when they try ta put a bounty on our heads! They won’t be gettin’ away to Llevigar after pullin’ somethin’ like that!
    (OUT: The closest cargo ship blows up and sinks, and the middle one shortly follows, leaving the crystals in full view. A small explosion can be seen on the farthest ship, causing the red crystal to tumble into the sea)
    • Redbeard: Quit firin’, ya sea rats! I want that one intact!
    • Redbeard: Thar crystals… I ain’t seen anything like it before. Load it on ta the ship lads!
    EXTRA: Near the discovery exit is a crate labeled “Property of Gavel Excavation.” Additionally, there is a notebook nearby which when read says:

    It's a ruined old book, somehow it's still legible.
    “Proce... ution... during the transport… e object. It is extre… werful.”

    Reward: 65000 XP

    Made By: ditsario

    Honor Among Thieves

    Level Min: 55
    Lore: “There are many types of thieves, bandits on land, pirates on the sea, and the Sky Raiders high above. Although often thought to each be out for number one, these groups have in recent years made an effort to coexist, and even work together on more difficult jobs.”

    Access: At the top of Pirate Cove, there is a house with lots of papers laying around, where you can find an item called the “Shady Papers.” Take it to Ye Salty Cow on floor 2, and there will be an NPC called Shadow Spears Bandit who says:
    • Shadow Spears Bandit: Quite the place these ‘ere pirates got, eh?
    • Shadow Spears Bandit: Whasat? Ya got me sumthin? Ah, thank ya, stranger, the Shadow Spears will remember yer services...
    • Shadow Spears Bandit: Oh yea, ya said we needed to pass over some info on our numbers in Wynn, so ‘eres this. From the tellers at Rymek, they been keepin’ track o’ whose who since the town’s foundin’. Should include most’a the people who do their work on the eastern side o’ tha province.
    Take the Bandit’s List back to the top, to a new large building on the side of the island where the Skull is. Without the Bandit’s List, the guard’s at the entrance will say:
    • Pirate Guard: Out with yer!
    If you have the list, they will let you pass, saying:
    • Pirate Guard: They been lookin’ fer that there list. Third room on tha left.
    Head through until you reach the room, and in there the following cutscene will play out (this isn’t in the past, it's like the cutscene in the Rymek Thief discovery.)

    (OUT: There are three people in the room, one is a Pirate, one is a Skyraider, and one is a Pirate with a different appearance that sits opposite the other two.)
    • Skyraider Representative: Well? Ye said you’d deliver us the info from the Wynn groups, didn’t ye?
    • Courier: Someone took me papers, by the time I got ther’, e’ said they’d given ‘em ‘way already!
    • Pirate Captain: Ye fool! Fodder for the sharks, ye are! Wait, who be this?
    • Courier: THE PAPERS! I see ‘em! Ye, hand tha papers over, ya hear!
    • Skyraider Representative: Can it, that’s clearly what they be here to do.
    You hand over the papers.
    • Skyraider Representative: So what, you lookin’ to take this man’s job? I’ll let it slide this time, but ya should know this is hardly the place fer this kind of behavior.
    • Skyraider Representative: Now OUT! Both’a ya!
    (OUT: You are teleported out of the room, and now the doors are shut. It is at this point that you get the discovery.)

    Reward: 65000 XP

    Made By: Blastbasher

    The Stirring Peaks

    Level Min: 55
    Lore: “From beyond the northern mountains, a foreign force has affected the Maro Peaks for as long as people can remember. The mountains shift and move, making them almost impossible to traverse, let alone dig through.”

    Access: In a mining site on the peaks, you can pick up an [Iron Pickaxe] next to a crate. On a wall towards the north at 250 -4115 there is a cobblestone wall with particles on it. If you interact with it with the pickaxe, the wall breaks, and you can enter a cave behind it.

    (OUT: Entering the cave instantly gives the discovery. The cave is a moderately sized cavern with no exits, apart from the one you came through.)

    When you walk onwards, there is a small cutscene of the wall in front of you shifting, opening up a doorway. For a second, you can see some blue colossus-like blocks on the wall.

    Reward: 65000 XP

    Made By: Emolga3

    Lord of the Seas

    Level Min: 60
    Lore: “Captain Goldenclaw is thought by many to be the first true pirate to have amassed a large treasure, and although his name is still spoken in the annals of history, he eventually met a tragic end.”

    Step 1: In Pirate Cove, go to the two-story house next to the Blacksmith on the path to the Item Identifier and pick up the [Golden Key], which will appear as a green named mob on the ground at [-622,44,-3045].

    Item Information
    Item Name: Golden Key
    Untradable Item
    Item Sprite: Key
    Lore: “A strange key encrusted with gold. There has to be a use for it somewhere in this cove...”

    Step 2: Go to the second house after the one you obtained the Golden Key in, next to the Item Identifier’s house, and drop the Golden Key in the hopper at [-661,38,-3034]. A 1x1 hole will appear right next to the hopper.

    Step 3: Enter the hole, and after an about 20 block fall you will fall into a small pond in a room where the secret discovery will trigger. In front of you there’ll be a coal block portal to exit back into the docks. Books are scattered around the room which will talk about Captain Goldenclaw as well as provide some lore on the pirates. The books take the same form as the books you find in the Libraries (interactable NPCs).

    Books in the Room

    (NOTE: All the books in this room will be called “Diary”.)

    Day 1
    This diary seems quite old, but it’s very well preserved…
    “Ahoy, dear diary. I discovered this narrow cave recently, after the floor of a house we were building collapsed. We were quick to repair it, but I claimed this den as my personal retreat.”
    “I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Captain Goldenclaw. I am the captain of the Gilded Pirates, a fearsome crew that pillages the islands of this immense ocean.”
    “Just last week, we discovered this island in the center of the Ocean. There seems to be no trace of Villagers here. Strange, since they’ve been exploring and researching the vast sea for 35 whole years.”
    “So, we took it under our wing. Our own haven, if you may. We call it… the Pirate Cove. Usually, some other pirates come here to rest. We let them, but they have to pay a fee after their stay.”
    “That is it for now. I will update you if something interesting happens.”

    Day 553
    “Well, our peaceful living here was cut short. The Villager government has finally noticed our presence after raiding plenty of their ships, and now I have a bounty on my head.”
    “How pathetic… in their laziness, they wouldn’t even bother to go after us themselves. Or perhaps, they are scared of us?”
    “Nonetheless, I can feel trouble stirring soon. The bounty is one of the largest I’ve ever seen, thousands of pure liquefied emeralds… Many would go on murderous rampages just to have a small piece of that money.”
    “Thankfully, I know my crew is faithful to me until the end, the bond we’ve formed over the decades trumps any thought of betraying me. I’m glad I was able to help them... perhaps that’s why they look up to me so much.”

    Day 1098
    “It’s been a while, eh, Diary? Not much has been happening lately. I’m grateful that the bounty on my head wasn’t claimed yet, otherwise I wouldn’t be here writing this. However, my antics across the Ocean have only gotten more recognized, and more people are starting to know of our existence.”
    “I don’t want all this recognition… Is a peaceful lifestyle too much to ask of this cursed world?”
    “I digress. There is one upside to our newfound popularity: more newbloods are joining our ranks. I noticed an especially prodigal one among them: a sailor who calls himself ‘Redbeard’.”
    “He is very good at manning cannons, and knows the ocean like the back of his hand. That is more than what can be said about the other recruits.”
    “I should keep an eye on him, he seems promising.”

    Day 1291
    “Dear Diary, I’m happy to say I haven’t gotten involved in too many incidents. My veteran crewmen are also getting used to the quiet living in this cove.”
    “But… There is a problem. When those novices joined my ranks, they expected action, fighting, all that… And while we go on raids sometimes, they feel as if it’s not enough. They’re becoming discontent with my leadership.”
    “I wish they would understand. I am not as ruthless a captain as that Hastor, who throws his men off deck if they show even the slightest hint of unrest, but I too like an obedient crew.”
    “I just… don’t feel the pirate life much anymore. Sure, I still have to lead the Pirates, but as I feel my age, I just want to retreat from it all… I guess I should be thankful I have you, diary.”
    “Even Redbeard, who I recently promoted, is pressing me to satisfy our newbloods. Usually, he’s the voice of reason within them. Maybe I should listen? What would my veterans think of this?”

    Day 1403
    “I… gave in. I had to give in to their demands. Otherwise, I would’ve gotten the other head of the scimitar. Although we did get some treasure, it came at a very heavy cost.”
    “We led the biggest raid of this crew’s history against Corkus. It was a juicy target, at least for them… But those Corkians were better geared than we thought. They used magic to repel us back to sea.”
    “The humans, knowing magic… It was strange. Nonetheless, my crew called it a victory because we filled our biggest ship’s entire hull with treasure.”
    “But… Agh, the people we… no, I, lost… My quartermaster, my oldest veterans… The people I had grown attached to had died just like that. The void in my heart… may never be replenished with any gold or diamonds.”
    “I feel like a young man again. Even as I grow older, I feel the same pain that I always felt when I lost my closest allies to the cruelty of battle.”
    “Why… Why can’t I be a good role model for them… Every day, I remember why I became a captain...”
    “I was extremely poor growing up. Becoming a pirate made me rich. And so, I didn’t want anyone to suffer through the disease that is poverty, like I did. Becoming a pirate is the best way to profit in these times. Yes… I have to do it for them.”

    “Dear Diary… Who could’ve thought the great Captain Goldenclaw would have sunk to such a level that I’m calling you my only friend in these times. You are the only one that can understand me.”
    “My crew… It is distancing itself from me. It only seeks blood, treasure, fame. They are but hounds waiting for the next feast. I… should’ve changed them when I had the chance to. That… is my fault.”
    “The only thing that pushes them is how excited they are for the next raid. For the next chance to plunder, to kill, to… Nevermind. I… was a fool.”
    “If all those years ago, I knew that the only ‘poor people’ I would be helping were murder-happy maniacs… I would’ve never picked up the helm.”
    “I can feel new winds blowing through the Cove… wind of distrust and rebellion. I feel that, at any time, they are ready to betray me, a man who only seeks a life of solace, so that their lust for violence wouldn’t be contained anymore.”
    “Redbeard doesn’t even talk to me anymore… is he… going to… No, no I can’t think like this. They are my crew. Surely, they wouldn’t sacrifice the time we spent together to depose me?”
    “...Paranoia… It certainly is a new feeling… I can’t keep it out of my system anymore, can I? A life of peace… is the last thing this cruel world has in store for me.”

    Day 1722
    “Finally… it has happened. They took up arms… and revolted against me. I was powerless. I had cast myself away from my crew to such a point.”
    “Nobody was on my side… they all looked up to Redbeard there. He is the role model… that I could never be. They left me to rot on this cove. Who knows where my… no, his crew is now.”
    “Is this jealousy… or spite that I feel? No, no, I have no right to feel these things… If only I wasn’t so righteous… maybe I could’ve basked in glory too…”

    Day 1891
    “Dear Diary… I do not know if this will be my last entry or not. But… another calamity has affected my already broken life.”
    “Redbeard’s crew… it returned. They took the Cove by force, and now I’m left to hunker down in this small cave. Do they even know that I am here?”
    “No matter. I can’t stay here or they’ll eventually find me and kill me… even though death seems more and more appealing as time passes. The thought of being killed by my own men horrifies me.”
    “Oh Redbeard, if only I knew how you felt about my leadership… I never thought that you’d take up arms against me, let alone want to kill me… Do you really not consider me a fellow human anymore… or is it the opposite? Is that why you left me on that day…?”
    “I’ll have time to think of this when I leave… At night, I will take one of their ships and sail off… that dock on the edge of the sea seems an appealing choice, albeit overrun by Villagers… Argh…”
    “Even there, I will have to hide, otherwise they would mount my head on a pike as soon as I arrived. Is this what my life has come to? An endless cycle of running and hiding…?”
    “Gods, why… Why must a man suffer like this… If there are higher beings out there, please answer me…”
    “Why… me?”

    EXTRA: In the room, alongside the Diaries, you will find a green-named mob on the ground called “Golden Seal''. Killing it will give you the [Golden Seal] item.

    Item Information
    Item Name: Golden Seal
    Untradable Item
    Item Sprite: Gold Nugget
    Lore: “A golden seal made in the shape of a beetle. Could it be useful for something?”

    Other than the entries in the secret discovery room, there is also an extra, hidden entry in Jofash Dock on the island next to Goldenclaw at [1175,42,-4141]. Here, there will be a book NPC on the ground (however it doesn’t have a name or the “NPC” tag above it).
    If you right-click the NPC without the [Golden Seal] in your inventory, it will say:
    “This worn diary has a strange, beetle-like carving in it… It’s best to leave it be for now.”
    If you right-click the NPC with the [Golden Seal] in your inventory, it will say:
    “You place the Golden Seal into the beetle carving on the front of the diary. You can now open it.”

    After opening the Diary with the Golden Seal, you can read its contents:

    Day 3763
    “...broken… isolated…”
    “i’ve been down here for too long… i miss them… i haven’t left this place in months…”
    “who must i blame… for all this…? this world… or myself… am i a worthless stain on this world… or does this world truly not forgive?”
    “nonetheless… as a final act of defiance… i hid my treasure… all of it… that mythical island… i found it… for the last time in my life, i had felt something… but i don’t know what it was…”
    “nobody shall profit from my suffering… nobody. and now, i stand here with a blade beside me.”
    “i am tired of this. redbeard… you’ve become the true lord of the sea. now that i think about it… i’m not worthy of living in this world. but you are… you looked out for them… when i didn’t.”
    “for all my life, i was a selfish bastard… i wanted to raise them from poverty… but did i ever think of them as more than that…? did i truly feel sorrow at their deaths, or is the void in my heart from something else…?”
    “that ceaseless void… it must be because i never treated them as humans. i deserve this. why didn’t i see this earlier? maybe i could’ve done something about it if i did…”
    “yes… i finally see. it’s not the world’s fault that i am a failure. how could i possibly think that… i… i can’t take this anymore…“
    “i will… end what should have never started. i will do it… on the hill, next to the blue orchids… they were always… my favorite flowers…”
    “goodbye, diary. you’ve been my friend for all this time. now, the torment will finally end… forever. farewell.”
    The diary ends there.

    Reward: 65000 XP

    Made By: Matteo_Games

    Redbeard's Fate

    Level Min: 60
    Lore: “Although many believe that Redbeard died at sea, rumors tell of how the captain buried the greatest treasure hoard of all time somewhere across the sea...”

    Step 1: On a small island between Galleon’s Graveyard and Pirate Cove, there is a Tarnished Key. To progress, you must take the key to a small grave on Galleon’s Graveyard at [-518,36,-3431]. From here, the grave has two messages:

    If you don’t have the key:
    It's an old stone gravemarker. There appears to have been something written on it once, but it's hard to make out…
    Further inspection reveals a keyhole half covered by sand, wonder what this could open?

    If you have the key:
    As you put the key into the lock, something mysterious happens…

    Step 2: Once the key is put in, a stairway reveals a room below. The room has walls mostly made of dirt and stone, with the ground being made of grass. Some gold blocks and emerald blocks are scattered around the room, though not many. At the end of the room, to the side of the exit coal block portal, there will be a corpse (armor stand) lying with its back to the wall and with a book and quill in its hand. The corpse will have black leather armor and Redbeard’s head, indicating that this is Redbeard’s corpse. Clicking on the book will cause it to disappear, and the following text to play:

    It's an old diary of some kind…
    “My time is running out… the treasure, it is hidden… no… must go back… can’t leave it… treasure… all mine...”

    After the text finishes, the skeleton falls over with a loud noise, and a shiny purple stone tumbles out.

    Reward: 65000 XP

    Made By: Blastbasher, Matteo_Games

    The Rise of Soul

    Level Min: 60
    Lore: “A new pirate, Soul was inexperienced in the ways of plundering. He was not, however, lacking in anger, sinking the entire city of Sarnfic in a fit of rage.”

    Access: When Beneath the Depths has been completed, it is possible to return and explore Sarnfic. After the quest's completion, a wall will be missing, allowing you to take an alternate path through the city (using the old map, this is the side with the mining stuff at the end of it). After doing some parkour to get on top of a large wall, head into a cave that leads to the backside of the vault. Here, you’ll find several skeletons, several of which are clustered together. When you approach the area, a loud bone breaking sound plays, and nausea and blindness are applied. When the effect ends, a ghostly skeleton will be in the center of the skeleton pile (like the ones from several of the Wynn plains discoveries). It will say the following:

    [965 AP]
    “Sir, please! The vault is in lockdown, we can’t just open it!”
    “If you want treasure, I’m sure the people of the city are perfectly willing to help you if you let us live.”

    (OUT: At this point, a soft wing flapping noise plays, and a puff of smoke appears before the ghostly skeleton. From this, a spirit spawns, which is a player skin that is all black with red eyes and a lot of smoke particles around it.)

    “You think I came out here for TRIFLES! That bank contains not just money, but items of great power, do you understand me?”
    “Ye.. Yes. But we can’t get it open, so you’ll just have-”
    “Have to what? Take what I can get and go? I’m not some half wit, you think you can bargain with me? How about this: bank, or island. You decide.”
    “Wha- What are you-”
    “You give me what’s in that bank, or I take your island down to the depths forever!”
    “You… PHAAA, HA HA HA!! Really? Oh you’re good, really good. I mean, for a second there, I was actually considering that. Look, you can’t sink an island, and we can’t open the bank, so how about we just get this over with, okay?”
    “I can’t sink an island..? Tell me, do you know who I am?”
    “You’re a pirate, maybe one of Redb-”

    (OUT: As this line plays, the exiting portal noise plays, and a great deal of portal and smoke particles appear around the room. When the noise nears completion, an explosion sound plays, and the skeleton ghost disappears.)

    “I am not alone here… This memory… Someone is down here in the remains of this place… Didn’t you hear what I said?”
    “I buried this place, sunk it so deep it’s highest peaks became rubble. This place will never return to the surface… and neither will you…”

    (OUT: These last three lines have several parts that are obfuscated text, which occurs more as it progresses. After the last line plays, the dark spirit turns into an enemy, with 70000 health, extremely high speed, Charge AI, and the spell Vanish. In addition, you are affected with blindness until the fight ends, and every five seconds, an additional shade spawns with all the same looks and AI, except it has 300 health and has the spell Self Destruct which it uses after 20 seconds. When the boss dies, an eerie cave noise plays, and the following line of dialogue plays.)

    The darkness in the room recedes slightly, but the memory still lives…

    Reward: 65000 XP

    Made by: Blastbasher

    Aged Decree:

    Dear Gavel Excavation employees, Although your work here is appreciated, the progress made on the Lake Gylia specimen has been slowed to an unacceptable rate.

    We have learned from a scouting operation sent across the seas of a great many crystals with similar properties in Wynn.

    Therefore, to avoid further complications regarding their transport, the decision has been made to move our base of operation across the seas. The second part of this letter contains a list of employees to be transferred.

    If you do not find your name in this list, consider yourself relieved of your duties permanently.

    The rest of this letter has been ripped off.

    Edited By: Blastbasher


    Pirate's Demise

    Level Min: 65
    Lore: “Over the past hundred years, many great pirates have risen, but none as powerful and influential as Redbeard and Soul. When these great pirates fought, there was to be nothing left above the sea...”

    Step 1: Head to the region between the port of Llevigar and the northern side of Corkus. Between there, there are two large ships buried under the water. By swimming down into a deep pit between them, you can reach a spot where the discovery cutscene will start. This spot has several purple rocky debris around, and a skeleton with pieces of black clothes clinging to them.

    [976 AP]

    (OUT: Redbeard is on the island from Redbeard’s Booty with the large crystals. His ship is near the edge of the island, and several of his pirates are loading crystals onto the ship.)
    • Redbeard: Yar! Get movin’ lads, we ‘aven’t much time! Soul be closin’ in on Llevigar as we be speakin’!
    • Redbeard: Those ol’ notes said these er’ had great power, let’s see if they were tellin’ tha truth...
    (OUT: Transitions to Redbeard’s ship moving forward across the sea.)
    • Redbeard: Ok, scurvy dogs! We’re nearly there now…
    • Pirate Lookout: Cap’n! I see ther ship ahead!
    • Redbeard: Har, har! The fool won’t expect a thing!
    (OUT: As Soul’s ship passes Redbeard’s, Redbeard opens fire with normal cannons.)
    • Soul: Who is this? What pirate dares attack my ship?
    • Redbeard: I, Redbeard, refuse t' allow further tarnishin' o' me name, I'll warrant ye! Ye, Soul, be goin’ down with yer ship!
    • Soul: Pha! Hasbeen! You really think you can sink me? I’ve sunk cities of people in my time, you’re nothing but a blind fool!
    (OUT: Soul’s ship begins shooting, and Redbeard jumps onto Soul’s ship. As Redbeard approaches Soul, more members of his crew swap ships, and they begin fighting.)
    • Redbeard: Ye may look like one a’ us, but ye sure don’t talk like it. Yer ship’s a goner! I-
    (OUT: Soul shoots a dark blast at the pirates around Redbeard, killing those from his ship and Redbeard's indiscriminately.)
    • Soul: You really thought you could take me out? My ship and crew mean nothing! You idiotic barbarians are out of your depth! Why don’t I put you at the bottom of the ocean where your kind belongs?!
    (OUT: Soul begins to float, and a mix of smoke and portal particles begin to emanate from him. Before they can attack, however, an explosion sound plays and Soul collapses back onto the boat.)
    • Redbeard: Ye think I know nothin’? I know yer power, but ye clearly haven’t done yer readin’.
    • Soul: What was that?! What have you brought here?!
    • Redbeard: Brought me prized possession, somethin’ me crew an' I stole from those landlubbers in Gavel long ago… Now time ta use it!
    (OUT: Redbeard’s ship begins shooting a different type of cannon ball, with these being purple in color with pink explosions as they hit the ship, as they hit the ship, Soul falls back, the smoky particles slowly being replaced by pink and purple colored ones.)
    • Soul: My… power…
    • Soul: You CHEATER! HOW DARE YOU! These magical trinkets of yours mean nothing! NOTHING! I WON’T LOSE TO AN IDIOT LIKE YOU-
    (OUT: Redbeard hits Soul back with a sword.)
    • Redbeard: Ye thought ya could take th' kin's crown? HAR HAR HAR! This sea’s mine, MINE, YA SEE? Aarrr! And I ain’t lettin’ some baby like ye take me sea from me!
    (OUT: Redbeard kicks Soul back, this time blood particles appear around Soul.)
    • Soul: No. No... You old fool… Thinking... You…
    (OUT: Soul collapses, and explosions begin to appear on the ship as it falls apart.)
    • Redbeard: Gather thar booty, men! We be sailin’ fer a new task now!
    • Pirate: Cap’n, tha ship! They both be goin' down now!
    • Redbeard: Well then, don’t just stand ‘er! Aarrr! Get the gold! Soul’s hoard be mighty full, I bet!
    (OUT: The pirate and others around Redbeard head off screen, and the boat begins to sink as Redbeard talks.)
    • Redbeard: NOW WHO WILL STOP ME!? This sea is MINE! HAR HAR HAR HAR…!
    (OUT: As Redbeard laughs, the shot zooms out to show the two ships sinking, and Redbeard’s pirates frantically running around. Then the scene goes black and it ends.)

    The battle between Soul and Redbeard was a powerful reminder of who the true king of the seas will always be.
    After the battle, with his position of power solidified, Redbeard turned to a new task: hiding his great treasure hoard.
    With the great captain’s ship now sunken, many falsely believed that both he and Soul had gone down in the struggle.
    Over the next 5 years, Redbeard would use this cover to create a tomb for his hoard, and soon after it would become his own tomb.
    But to Redbeard, none of these things could change the truth of the sea: he was its king. And no one would ever dare to try taking up the throne again.

    Reward: 150000 XP

    Made By: Blastbasher
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    The Heart of Selchar

    Quest Level: 30

    Stage 1 - Talk to Tom in Selchar at [164, 64, -3226]
    • Tom: Ah, a soldier! I’ve heard great things about you people, I think you’ll be able to help us.
    • Tom: You see… Well, I don’t really understand it myself, but Selchar used to have this magical power source called the “Heart of Selchar”, down in the caves.
    • Tom: It protected us from all sorts of strange magics in the ocean. That’s why Selchar became so popular in the first place, but…
    • Tom: The Heart was mysteriously destroyed a while ago. We’ve mostly managed without it, but the caves have been full of this dangerous strange magic recently.
    • Tom: I’m worried it will spread to the surface. If it does, there’s no telling what will happen, what with all the people constantly going in and out of Selchar.
    • Tom: We need your help to get the Heart back. Well… this is where it gets weird, but I’ve heard recently of a way you could go back in time to retrieve it from the past.
    • Tom: Over on the Ice Islands is a place that’s apparently one of Santa’s workshops. Yes, Santa! He really is real. He uses this strange magic that can apparently, among other things, send people back in time.
    • Tom: You could use that Seaskipper to get over to the Islands if you want. I think Santa’s in the one farthest to the south.
    • Tom: If you can find him, he’ll probably be willing to help you. Good luck, soldier, the people of Selchar will be counting on you.
    Stage 2 - Find Santa on his craftmas island at [1126, 41, -3145]
    • Santa: Ho ho ho! Merry Craftmas! Well, not exactly, but there's only a little while left!
    • Santa: So what can I help you with, young traveller? You have to wait until Craftmas for your presents, ho ho ho!
    • Santa: Ho? Selchar? You want to go back in time? Well, if you insist…
    • Santa: Be careful when meddling with the past, though. There are… laws… to protect the timelines, to stop whatever you do there from affecting the present, but it is still dangerous.
    • Santa: Here, let me set up my portal for you. It’s just this fireplace right here.
    • Santa: (In Wynnic) Portal to the past, awaken! (Normal) Well, that should be all. Don’t worry, the fire can’t hurt you, I’ve been doing this stuff since before you were born! Ho ho ho!
    • Santa: Well, good luck, ho ho ho! Off to the past you go!
    Stage 3 - Travel through Santa’s time portal to Selchar’s past

    970 AP

    Past Selchar will still be noticeably less developed than current Selchar, but not under construction like it is now.

    Stage 4 - Find someone in Past Selchar who can explain where to go

    • Tommy: Wendy, where are you? Heheheheh! Oh, hi! You seem new to this place.
    • Tommy: The name is Tommy and I'm ten! I am always excited to meet new people that come to town! Ever since that other big island disappeared, people have been coming from all over! Soon, this town will be very lively and fun!
    • Tommy: So, what are you doing here? Want to join me playing hide and seek with Wendy?
    • Tommy: The Heart of Selchar? I’ve heard my daddy talk about that, it sounded really important!
    • Tommy: I think it’s in the cave just under the stairs right down there. But… I did see a group of shady guys start going in a while ago.
    • Tommy: They always wear these black scary robes and talk about spooky magic and stuff. I think they might be bad people.
    • Tommy: But you’re a soldier, you people can handle all sorts of monsters! There’s no way those random robe people could beat you!
    • Tommy: Have fun beating up those bad guys! Bye for now, I gotta find Wendy!
    Stage 5 - Investigate the cave leading to the Heart of Selchar

    The cave entrance in Past Selchar will no longer have random mobs, and instead be protected by a hooded human skinned miniboss called “Guard Cultist”. As you approach, it will have the following dialogue:

    • ???: ...Huh?! Who are you? You are a stranger to this town, yet you seem to know how to navigate this cave?
    • ???: Well, it will not matter. Whoever you may be, we cannot allow you to interfere here!
    The miniboss will have 1500 HP, melee AI, vanish and multihit, and will drop a “Mysterious Token” when killed. You can use the Token on a token collector right next to the miniboss to get into the main cave.

    The rest of the cave will be largely the same as the current one, however, the mobs will be replaced with Mysterious Cultists and green-named Protective Disturbance particle mobs, and the purple and black magic around the cave will be replaced with green and blue. As you get close to the final room, the following dialogue will play:

    • ???: A soldier of Wynn came here? How odd. Does your pathetic army actually believe we are dangerous people?
    • ???: I suppose I should explain what we’re doing here. Despite whatever those idiots in the town told you, we’re not trying to use dark magic or harm the Heart.
    • ???: As if they understand what it actually is. Not even the other mages do. It is an ancient magic, from long before the seas were calmed.
    • ???: The scientists that lived here, decades ago… They understood it. Its power.
    • ???: If we could harness it… We would be able to advance our magical capabilities far beyond what they are now.
    Stage 6 - Take the Heart of Selchar from the past and bring it to the present

    The next dialogue will play once you reach the current altar room, with the Cultist Leader at the entrance of the room and the Heart of Selchar in the center.

    • Cultist Leader: You really aren’t going to give up, huh? I didn’t want to fight you, but… if I have to, I will.
    • Cultist Leader: Hah! You think our actions will destroy the Heart? Who told you that, one of the idiots up on the surface?
    • Cultist Leader: Whoever it was, they can’t possibly know what we’re dealing with. If you’re still determined to try and stop us, then so be it, but don’t say I didn’t warn you!
    The cultist leader will turn into a boss, with 4000 hp, melee AI, vanish, multihit, and pull. Killing him will take you into an identical version of the room, where you can pick up the Heart of Selchar and leave, taking you back to Santa’s room.

    • Santa: Ho ho ho! Are you alright? You look like you got in quite a few fights there.
    • Santa: But look, you’ve got the Heart! Time for you to take that back to where it belongs in Selchar, ho!
    • Santa: Here, just step back into the fireplace and I’ll teleport you over there, wouldn’t want you to have to swim all the way back! Ho ho ho!
    Stage 7 - Return the Heart of Selchar to the room in the cave

    The portal will take you back to the entrance of the cave. The green and blue magical streaks will be faded compared to how they were in the past.

    Entering the main cave will give the following dialogue:

    • You can feel a strange aura coming from where the Heart was. It’s messing with your head… Probably best to be quick about this.
    The cave will now contain Unstable Disturbance and a few Insane Cultist mobs, effectively the same as the Crystalline Deities and Crystal Aristocrats, respectively, in the current version of the past cave. Again, the main cave will be the same as the past one, but with faded and now slightly blackened magic.

    As you return to the Heart’s room, there will be more Disturbances, and with higher hp, as you get close. Once you enter, you can simply place the Heart back in its place, which will trigger a short cutscene of its magic overtaking the blackened magic. It will then take you to another version of the altar room that you can leave via the back exit, and be transported to the middle of Selchar.

    Stage 8 - Return to Tom and tell him what happened

    • Tom: You’re back? Did you manage to get the Heart back?
    • Tom: You did? Oh, thank goodness. By the way, did you happen to find out how it was destroyed in the past?
    • Tom: A group of cultists were trying to harness its power? Hm, I have heard some old legends about how it could be used, perhaps there’s some truth to them after all.
    • Tom: But, clearly messing around with it isn’t a very good idea, if whatever they did led to us losing the Heart for 30 years…
    • Tom: Anyways, here, take these emeralds. The people of Selchar owe you for what you’ve done for us. I hope to see you again sometime.

    • 12000 Experience Points
    • 640 Emeralds
    Made By: ditsario

    Ice Islands

    Quest Level: 40

    Stage 1 - Talk to Adigard on the Ice Islands at [806, 59, -3353]

    • Adigard: Oh, thank goodness, finally! I’ve been sending out requests for a soldier to help over that Seaskipper for ages!
    • Adigard: You see, soldier, our colonies here are in a bit of a tight spot. There’ve been pirates attacking us for decades now, they even destroyed our only large ship a while ago, leaving us stranded here.
    • Adigard: We’ve been able to deal with them so far, but recently, something really strange happened. Instead of the usual manageable pirates, these strange ghostly types have started to attack us.
    • Adigard: I fear we may be overrun soon. But, if the tales about you Wynn soldiers are true, you will be able to help us.
    • Adigard: Thankfully, there used to be a fort set up by the people of Wynn to help protect us against pirates. It's been abandoned for years, but I bet it’s still got some weaponry around that we could use to our advantage!
    • Adigard: Go talk to Hallfred on the other colony, Dujgon. He used to be friendly with some of the soldiers, so he probably knows where to look.
    Stage 2 - Talk to Hallfred on the other ice colony at [993, 38, -3500]

    • Hallfred: ...hm? Who are you? Oh, a soldier, finally!
    • Hallfred: I take it Adigard sent you over here? Good, then I suppose he’ll have told you the situation.
    (OUT: Hallfred starts walking towards the fortress as he talks)
    • Hallfred: I feel I should warn you. You soldiers don’t often know too much about ocean history, but these ghostly pirates are awfully familiar.
    • Hallfred: Twenty-seven years ago, when we were still new to these frosty lands, we were attacked by the then famous pirate, Captain Soul. That foul demon of a man was once feared as the greatest pirate in the whole ocean, but from what I hear, he was killed by some kind of rival.
    • Hallfred: But old Captain Soul was a sneaky one, and death doesn’t seem to have stuck to him. I’m sure you’ve seen worse things out there than some undead pirates, but if you’re going to do this, it’d be best if you watch yourself.
    • Hallfred: Come on, we’re almost there.
    Stage 3 - Talk to Hallfred

    Once Hallfred reaches the outside of the fort, he’ll stop, and you need to click on him once again to continue.
    • Hallfred: Okay. We’ll need to be quick, this place isn’t all that safe anymore. Even now, Soul’s magic is raising the bodies of the soldiers here and making them extremely hostile.
    • Hallfred: If my memory serves me, there should be some cannons we can get from the top rooms. Hopefully they’ll still work well enough for us to use them.
    Stage 4 - Reach the top of the fortress

    The top of the fortress that Hallfred refers to is the open area at [1120, 69, -3320]. Hallfred will follow you as you climb up to it, as a mob with Protect AI. If you get too far away from the path up, you will be pushed back, and Hallfred will have the following dialogue:

    • Hallfred: Where are you going? We need to reach the top of the fortress to get one of the cannons!
    Once you do reach the top area, Hallfred will give the following dialogue:

    • Hallfred: Wow, they really are still in good condition. Let’s take this one here, it seems to be in the best shape.
    Hallfred will walk up to the cannon at [1125, 71, -3348].

    • Hallfred: Hmm, it looks stuck, though. Maybe you could use one of your spells to get it down? We should be able to just roll it from there.
    Casting any of your spells at the cannon will cause it to start moving, and roll down to the ice around the island.

    • Hallfred: Whoa, be careful with that, don’t want it to break through the ice! Well, let’s get this back to Dujgon now.
    Stage 5 - Bring the cannon back to the Dujgon colony at [974, 34, -3470]

    When you walk up to the cannon, a hologram will appear saying “Right-click to push”. Right-clicking will cause the cannon to move/slide 15 blocks in the direction you push it in. If it falls in the water, you will be taken back to the start of the segment to restart (or if possible, to the nearest checkpoint, such as the two ends of the ice bridge to Dujgon).

    Once you get the cannon to the coordinates, it will lock into place.

    • Hallfred: Well, soldier, that certainly was quick. It seems the stories about you people are true. Now, I suppose you’ll be wanting a re-
    A Dujgon guard will walk up.

    • Dujgon Guard: Hallfred! There’s more ships inbound, it’s THEM again!
    • Hallfred: Wh- Already?! Man your stations, everyone! Soldier, it looks like we’ll be testing out this cannon a lot sooner than we thought. You think you’re up for it?
    • Hallfred: Here, we already have a pile of spare cannonballs in the back. Just put them in the cannon, aim, and fire.
    Stage 6 - Use the cannon to defend Dujgon

    Where the Dujgon cannon normally is, at [990, 38, -3468], there will be a pile of cannonballs, with a hologram saying “Take a cannonball”. Placing a cannonball in the cannon will allow you to fire at the 10 incoming ships similarly to in Galleon’s Graveyard, however, if one of them lands, it will spawn 3 Ghost Pirate mobs rather than damage the island. The mobs will have 2000 hp and vanish, and the Dujgon guards will help fight them. Once either all the ships are destroyed or all the landed pirates have been killed, Hallfred will have the following dialogue:

    • Hallfred: Well, that was… impressive, for manning the cannon all by yourself. And look, it seems they’ve pulled back.
    • Hallfred: If this is Soul, I suppose we’re lucky. Back in the day, he didn’t take failure too well...
    • Hallfred: Ah, but I’m forgetting to thank you, soldier! I suppose you’ll be wanting a reward now? Fair enough, you can have some of our emeralds, and this special helmet. You won’t be able to get one of these anywhere else.
    • Hallfred: This thing will help you get through those terrible Maro Peaks, and if you’re looking for an adventure, I hear there’s some interesting stuff lying around the old mines there too.
    • Hallfred: Anyway, good luck on your travels, soldier! I hope we meet again!
    • 25000 experience points
    • 256 emeralds
    • 1 Climbing Helmet
    • Access to the Dujgon blacksmith
    Made By: Blastbasher, ditsario

    After the quest is completed, Zhight will tell you this:

    • Zhight: Sometimes people ask me why there aren’t any more pirates like Phief around here. Well, they used to come all the time, but for some reason they don’t seem to take much interest in Zhight Money.
    Made By: Blastbasher

    Corruption Class:
    • Teacher: ...I was hoping for a smaller class size.
    • Teacher: Corruption is incredibly dangerous...it'll be tough to keep so many students safe. If anyone wishes to leave, you may.
    • Teacher: Now... Corruption is a force of nature of...some description. Yes, you heard me right. We don't actually know much about it.
    • Teacher: Even though it's plagued the Wynn province for a thousand years, the way it behaves is so incredibly alien in nature that it's nigh-impossible to study.
    • Teacher: We know it raises undead bodies... The working theory is that the more heavily injured a target is, the more susceptible they are to being corrupted.
    • Teacher: And...well, you can't exactly get more injured than "dead". Hence, the growth of zombies and skeletons and all, over in Wynn.
    • Teacher: It appears to spread by a complex "root" system. A scientist from Nesaak, Orikal, has studied this. The corruption spikes appear to spread it in greater concentration.
    • Teacher: As for the effects on your person, most often paranoia and hatred are seen. And that's about the only consistent thing with it; it affects everyone slightly differently.
    • Teacher: The worst part is that practically every single thing we've touched on here is conjecture and theorycrafting! The force of corruption is terrifying.
    • Teacher: The only thing we know for certain is that powerful ice-based magic can halt corruption, as seen in the Nesaak region.
    • Teacher: In addition, it was long thought that the ocean was immune to the force, but in recent years we’ve seen the Corruption spreading to several islands across the ocean floor. Like with ice, such growth is slow, but the Corruption never stops.
    • Teacher: Now, the dangerous part. Everyone, come up past my desk here. We'll examine a corrupted creature in a controlled environment.
    • Teacher: We have one in captivity, and its cage is reinforced with the strongest metals and spells we have...so dear god let it be enough.
    • Teacher: Bringing it out now...be sure to back up. We don't want anyone caught in the crossfire here.
    • Teacher: One thing to note about undead corrupteds...they can't be cured. You can weaken them, but that's about it. ...wait…
    • Teacher: Wait, why's it spreading here? It's never done this before! E-everyone, back up, now!
    • Teacher: A-as you can see, corruption is very powerful, eheheh, c-can someone go get another teacher or something?!
    • Teacher: Wait, no! It's corroding the metal bars! Everyone, RUN! NOW! GET OUT OF HERE, CLASS DISMISSED!!!
    • Teacher: GAACK! No, <playername>, I said RUN! Don't fight that thing, get OUT!
    No no no no no no no no no no no.

    Experiment Eldritch is being closed down. After a year of researching, we’ve come to one conclusion.

    As mentioned in earlier notes, the power within the items brought back is far stronger than anything we’ve previously encountered, and that’s not to mention the creature.

    It was wrong to search that place, clearly it has gotten to some of us. One of our numbers, the student Soul, was already of questionable morals before, but now…

    We’ve expelled him for his usage of such dark powers, but I fear we acted too late. After their removal, one of the creatures here began to act up.

    We tried to destroy it, but to no avail. No normal magics could touch it, so we locked it back here… hopefully it never breaks free.

    The lands of darkness should NEVER be explored, there is nothing we can do. There is no hope if the creatures of Darkness invade us. There is nothing we can do.

    Made By: Blastbasher

    Beneath the Depths

    Quest Level: 60

    Stage 1 - Talk to Javier in the Pirate Cove at [-640, 53, -3117]
    • Javier: Garh, you look like a mighty fine adventurer, lad. But perhaps your pockets are a little lighter than you want, eh?
    • Javier: Perhaps we be making a deal, lad, and it'll make us both rich!
    • Javier: Ye see, lad, thar’s an old pirate tale about a rich village called “Sarnfic” somewhere near this ‘ere Cove.
    • Javier: As the tale goes, a powerful pirate once tried ta raid Sarnfic. Too bad for ‘im, the vault was impenetrable, so he went an’ sunk the ‘ole island! Scared the rest of the ocean settlers outa’ their minds for a good while, too.
    • Javier: Now, ya see, plenty a pirate’s gone out ther’ over tha years, but none a’ em ever actually got in. But it's been some 35 years since the city sunk, so I bet things be different now!
    • Javier: O’ course, we’ll still need ta actually find the place. There be a stash of old maps and such in the cave in the skull near the entrance to our mighty fine establishment. Head up there and see if ya can find me a good one.
    • Javier: If we’re lucky, they might still show Sarnfic, an’ if they do, I figure ya’d be able to get as much treasure as ye want outa’ the vault.
    • Javier: So, whaddaya say, lad? Are ya willin’ to make ye’self mighty wealthy? Good, now bring me one of those maps!
    Stage 2 - Find one of the maps hidden in the skull tomb at the entrance of the island
    (OUT: The skull cave section will be the same as normal.)
    • Javier: Argh, yer talented, aren’t you, lad? Many thanks indeed, now we can see where the treasure in Sarnfic be buried.
    • Javier: Hrmm, well, garr, blast it all!
    • Javier: I canne even read this map, lad! What’dya do with it, scratch the ink off with yer pennies?
    • Javier: Gar, sorry lad, it's not yer fault. Must’a been ruined by all tha water round ‘ere.
    • Javier: Fear not, though, lad. I heard a rumor about what to do with maps like these, they say people from Mage Island can restore old maps with thar magic.
    • Javier: Don’t think they’d take much of a likin’ to ol’ Javier, but they’ll prob’ly trust ye, bein’ a soldier an’ all.
    • Javier: Well, get it done, lad, and bring me that treasure!
    Stage 3 - Talk to someone on Mage Island about restoring the map
    • Dalben: What's this? A traveller? How might we assist you?
    • Dalben: Ah, I see, you wish to explore the ocean depths? But for what possible reason?
    • Dalben: This map... How did you acquire it? It’s… decades old.
    • Dalben: You... You seek Sarnfic, don't you?
    • Dalben: Alas, that place has history. Decades ago, the entire city, once a shining beacon of the ocean to rival Selchar itself, was sunk by one of our own.
    • Dalben: Once a top student at Grookwarts, the man’s heart was turned black. You might have heard of the pirate he became, Captain Soul. Ironic, as he never seemed to have one of those.
    • Dalben: It’s a tragedy what happened to the city, but I suppose things could have been worse. I’ve heard that pirates still search its ruins for riches, some story about an unopened vault.
    • Dalben: As if Soul would’ve been able to sink the entire island with his magic, but not get into a simple treasure vault.
    • Dalben: Some of the pirates even had the audacity to ask us for help in finding the place. Of course, we refused, but you soldiers are honorable enough.
    • Dalben: I will restore this map so you can find Sarnfic. Good luck with your task, soldier.
    Stage 4 - Find and enter Sarnfic, located at [-187, 16, -3452]

    There seems to be a large amount of rubble blocking the path, maybe you could use something from around here to blow it up?

    (OUT: In this stage, you must get Explosive Angler mobs to weak four spots (marked by particles), on a large boulder that blocks the way into Sarnfic. The anglers have low health and when they die, they explode, dealing 20% of your health. Otherwise, they don’t attack, and will follow you around. Once one is at a weak spot, killing it will destroy that spot. When all four spots are destroyed, you can progress.)

    Looks like those fish blew a hole through...

    (OUT: Sarnfic no longer has undead citizens, and instead has lots of oceanic monsters.)

    Stage 5 - Enter the vault and get the treasure

    As you approach the vault’s entrance:
    Looks like the fall into the sea broke a hole in the vault door. There’s some strange magic around it, though…

    Once you enter the vault:
    The magic prevents you from leaving the vault! Looks like you’re not alone here either…

    Boss: Hulking Polyporum

    The boss is entirely immune to damage, and to ‘kill’ it, you must instead kill an enemy at the center of the arena, called the Core of the Vault. The Core of the Vault Push spell, but otherwise does not attack or move. It will however use Wave but it does this slowly in a circular pattern, without aiming at the player. Both the core and the Polyporum have CCI. The Polyporum is a melee boss, with Heavy Charge, Multihit, and Meteor. When the core gets below 50% health, it will shoot Heavy Waves instead with slightly increased speed. The edges of the arena are a wall of particles, which if you are pushed into, take 3% of your max hp per second, along with the message:

    The vault’s magic is shocking you!

    Once you defeat the core, it explodes, transitioning you to a room with a dead version of the boss on the floor, and an item called “Huge Treasure Pile.” Exiting the vault from here sends you back to the surface.

    Stage 6 - Bring the treasure back to Javier in Pirate Cove
    • Javier: Gnar, you did it lad! Ye got the gold! And, as I promised, here’s yer share of the loot.
    • Javier: I threw in something extra fer ye. It’s a pair of old enchanted boots I managed to snag from some mage a while back.
    • Javier: Me bones are too old to use ‘em fer any more adventures, but I figure ye’d find ‘em pretty useful with yer soldierin’ stuff.
    • 185000 Experience Points
    • 4096 Emeralds
    • 1 Abysso Galoshes
    Made By: ditsario, Blastbasher

    The Darkness' Soul

    Quest Level: 65

    Stage 1: Go to Mage Island and talk to Perry at [909, 71, -2855].

    • Perry: Ah, are you with the soldiers we requested from the mainland? No..?
    • Perry: Well, that hardly matters, you’re here, and it’s your job to help, right? Good, come with me and I’ll fill you in on what’s going on.
    (OUT: Perry walks towards the nearby house and goes inside, then shuts the door before you can enter)

    • Perry: That’s far enough soldier, this is my house, and I won’t have you tracking mud in here.
    (OUT: Several noises play, first a piston push, then chicken dying, followed by an iron golem being hurt)

    • Perry: Ugh, where’d I put that stupid map..? Must’ve been here somewhere… maybe upstairs?
    If you go back to the spot where Perry was before you started the quest, there is a paper you can grab there, called “Mystical Map” when picked up the following dialogue plays:

    It looks like a map… that mage must have left it here and forgotten about it.

    Then go and knock on the closed door. If you don’t have the map:
    • Perry: No, you’re not coming in here, I like my house the way it is! Clean and everything where it should be! Now where is this stupid thing!
    If you have the map:
    • Perry: What now? Oh, you found it? My goodness, where could it have been?
    • Perry:
    • Perry: Nevermind! Okay, look. This map was made by a man called Rayshyroth to help us find the body of Soul, a former member of our ranks, who went and became a pirate, big stuff for the yokels back in the day.
    • Perry: Anyways, let's head down to the seaskipper, he’s a good friend of mine, he should take us where we need to go.

    Stage 2: Go down to where the Seaskipper is on Mage Island.

    (OUT: Perry walks up from behind you)

    • Perry: What is it with you soldiers? How are you all *pant* So fast?
    • Perry: Hey… Seaskipper guy? We’re supposed to go find the dead body of Captain Soul to prove he’s really, well you know, dead. So can you just-
    • Seaskipper Captain: Sorry, who are ya?
    • Perry: Oh, that’s right, you might not remember, we met that one time where… well it doesn’t matter, we need your help, so could you please just take us to wherever this map leads?
    • Seaskipper Captain: Dont’cha know how this business works? I take ya to places on my maps, not on yer maps. Now please, I can take ya to- oh, it’s you!
    (OUT: The Seaskipper faces towards the player)
    • Seaskipper Captain: I didn’t realize this guy was with ya, my bad.
    • Seaskipper Captain: For such a good customer, I guess I can make an exception, just this once!
    • Seaskipper Captain: Hop aboard, ye’ll have to fill me in on what yer doin’ here!

    Stage 3: Get onto the Seaskipper’s boat, and it teleports you to the usual boat ride area, except that Perry is there too.

    • Seaskipper Captain: This spot here, is really off the usual path ya know. You said somethin’ about this being where ol’ Captain Soul breathed his last?
    • Perry: Yeah, soldier… uh, what’s their name? <playername>? Parents must’a been out of ideas... anyways, we at Mage Island have been hearing absurd stories as of late about how Soul is back from the dead, and I was sent to check it out, with <playername>’s help of course.
    • Seaskipper Captain: Ya know, those aren’t just stories, I’ve seen that ghoulish ship with me own eyes! I talked to some people over in the Ice Nations, and they say they’ve been fightin’ those dead pirates for a while now.
    • Perry: Well, perhaps it's true, but I was sent out here to find Soul’s body, not kill ghost pirates, so if we do find a big scary ship where we’re headed, then I guess we’ll know if he’s back or not.
    • Seaskipper Captain: Dont’cha have a spine? If <playername> is here, this isn’t just some scouting mission, yer supposed to kill him! I mean, that’s just how it works-
    • Perry: Wait, what do you mean, “that’s how it works”? You're telling me, this wacko just shows up whenever something bad needs to be fixed, and no one ever questions why they’re there?
    (OUT: Perry now faces you)

    • Perry: And why don’t you ever say anything? Seriously, does this make sense to anyone?
    • Seaskipper Captain: All those Frumans are like that, maybe it’s some kinda condition… or somethin’ like that. But, look ahead, I think I see somethin’ there.

    Stage 4: You arrive nearby to the ultimate discovery spot, where the ruins of Redbeard and Soul’s ships are located. A version of the seaskipper’s boat is there, which has both them and Perry.

    • Perry: Oooo! Big scary ghost ship we got here! <playername>, go down and find the corpse before I die of laughter.
    (OUT: As you get off the ship)
    • Seaskipper Captain: It’s true, I tell ya! Soul’s body may be a pile’a bones, but his spirit is out there, tormentin’ the seas!

    Near the edge of the ruins there are a large quantity of bubbles. As you get cose, they appear in another spot, leading along through a cave filled with ship parts and other junk. At the end of the cave is a skeleton. When you click on it, a bone breaking sound plays, and you collect the item: “Soul’s Skull”. Take it back up to the boat to progress.

    Stage 5: Show the skull to Perry.

    • Perry: Well, there it is, the skull of Captain Soul. You know, he looks pretty dead to me…
    • Perry: Well, I think that’s good enough, clearly this ghost pirate thing is just some new pirates putting on sheets and pretending to be the ghosts of Soul’s crew.
    • Perry: I’d imagine they could pretty easily fool an old man like you… And everyone knows the people in the Ice Nations are just a bunch a’ drunks.
    • Seaskipper Captain: Yer such an idiot! I can’t understand how they’d put ya in charge of this! Soul’s return is a huge problem, just because ya found some pirate’s head down there doesn’t mean Soul ain’t up here!
    • Perry: Please, you’re just angry because-
    (OUT: A large explosion noise plays)

    • Perry: Huh?
    (OUT: Your view turns away from the Seaskipper and Perry, towards a now clearly visible pirate ship.)

    • ???: Well well, a bunch of idiots thought they could trash my corpse? I’ll make sure to leave your bones in one piece, don’t worry.
    • Perry: S-s-Soul? Captain Soul? It can’t be, you were-
    • Captain Soul: Dead? Yes, I was, but it didn’t take. I still had things to do around here, and a little thing like dying wasn’t going to slow me down!
    • Perry: Oh, Bovine… aagh! I’m not equipped for this! What do we do? WHAT DO WE DO?!
    • Seaskipper Captain: Oh, NOW it's scary? I warned ya he was real! But no… you thought I’d gone senile!
    • Captain Soul: SILENCE! By God, you’re terrible, are you supposed to be pirates or a comedy act? Men, bring them aboard!
    (OUT: Blindness effect is used and you are transitioned to the inside of the ship, in a prison cell)

    Stage 6: Escape the cell.

    In the cell across from you is the Seaskipper and Perry. Talking to either of them will start say this:

    • Perry: Oh, they’re awake now, good, now we can cry together.
    • Seaskipper Captain: Oh hush, if he wanted us dead, we’d be gone already, this is for something else.
    • Perry: Oh yeah, you mean like TORTURE?! I can’t handle that, and I doubt either of you can either! We’re doomed, DOOMED!
    The two of them are still arguing, but maybe there’s something around here you can use to break free from your cell…

    In the cell, there is a small heap of gunpowder, a candle and a skeleton. Clicking on the skeleton gives you a “Fractured Bone” which can be put into the locked door to yield this dialogue:

    Maybe this would work if you knew how to pick a lock… but a dead man’s bone clearly isn’t going to fit into a tiny keyhole.

    If you click on the gunpowder, you can get a “Handful of Gunpowder”. If you then click on the lock you get this dialogue:

    You shove as much of the gunpowder as you can into the lock, this might help you blow up the thing, but you'd need something to ignite the stuff.

    By grabbing the candle, called “Wax Candle” and clicking on the lock, you get this dialogue:

    You can’t stick a candle into a lock! How would that make any sense?

    If you have the gunpowder in the lock already you get:

    You stuff the fire into the lock, it seems to have done the trick!

    (OUT: The locked door explodes)

    • Perry: HEY? How’d you do that? How in the hell did you just shove a bunch of random GARBAGE into that lock and get out?!
    • Seaskipper Captain: Well, at least one of us is free. Listen, I’ve seen these old ships before, the captain’s quarters are usually up top, but considerin’ we’re at the bottom of the boat, ya might want to sneak up, unless ya like fightin’ ghost pirates.
    • Seaskipper Captain: Once yer at the top, go and try to kill Soul! Sure, he’s already dead, but I’ve seen his risen crew be killed before, so it might just work!

    Stage 7: Sneak up the boat’s two floors without being seen.

    If you are caught, then the stairs on either side are blocked and you have to fight 10 Ghostly Crewmen, and one mini-boss type enemy. On the first floor, the mini-boss is the Tortured Deckswabber, and on the second, it is called the Crusted Cannon Loader. Once you get to the main deck, the next stage starts.

    Stage 8: Fight Soul

    Depending on how well you did of sneaking up, Soul will say different things for the first line:

    If you were uncaught on both floors:

    • Captain Soul: My, my! Aren’t you the sneaky one, got out of that cell, and not a single one of my crew saw you! I’ll make sure to punish them later, but now…
    If you were caught once:

    • Captain Soul: Hah! Tried to sneak past my crew! At least some of them proved competent, well, until you killed the idiots!
    If you were caught both times:

    • Captain Soul: Wow, you’re really terrible at being stealthy, aren’t you? I could hear you coming from up here, and I wasn’t even trying to listen for you!

    This line is always the same:

    • Captain Soul: Well, I’m afraid you aren’t going anywhere. I’ve had enough setbacks, so you’re just going to have to roll over and die, okay?

    After this, Soul becomes a boss, appearing at the opposite end of the ship.

    Captain Soul

    Level: 80

    Arena: Soul’s arena is the pirate ship, and so as you fight, every 10 seconds two Ghostly Crewmen spawn, with the spell Charge. In addition, the sides of the ship are not blocked off, and if you fall off the ship, you take 50% of your current health (this cannot kill you, and will always leave you with 1 health at least).

    Abilities: Soul has some similarities to Redbeard, in that his main attack is a slow shotgun-like gun shot, however his spells are entirely different. At above 60%, Soul will use 2 Waves, followed by a Heavy Wave, and occasionally, use Push Spell Twice, with a 3 second interval between their uses. Once he is below 60%, Soul will switch from pushing the player away, to pulling them in, with his new spells being Heavy Charge twice, followed by an Arrow Storm, and more rarely, two pull spells, with a two second time between them. Once he reaches zero health, he enters Phase Two, which is telegraphed by the following dialogue:
    • Captain Soul: Being a pirate isn’t enough for you? Well, how about I show you TRUE POWER?
    In this phase, Captain Soul will alternate between two variants, the Close Variant, and the Far Variant, which is shown by the color of a large circle of particles around him. Pirates no longer spawn.

    In the Close Variant, the color of the particles is Purple, and if the player is outside the circle, they are pulled back in, and take 10% of their max health per second (this takes a few moments to take effect after switching). In this form, Captain Soul will still use his shotgun attack but it shoots slightly less often, however now his spells are Meteor, and occasionally he will use Pull spell.

    In the Far Variant, the color of the particles is Red, and if the player is inside the circle, they are pushed out, and take 10% of their max health per second (this takes a few moments to take effect after switching). In this form, Captain Soul will still have the shotgun AI, except they shoot slightly more often, and in addition, their spells are now double Heavy Wave, and occasionally, a Push Spell.

    As his health decreases, the time between switching will decrease. Once killed, the following dialogue plays:

    As this dialogue plays, the spirit of Soul disappears in a puff of smoke and purple particles.

    It seems like Soul is no more… for now.

    (OUT: The Seaskipper and Perry come up the stairs)

    • Perry: Okay, where’s Soul? I’m ready for a fight!
    • Seaskipper Captain: It's already done ya coward, look!
    • Perry: HOW’D YOU KILL HIM?! Soul was crazy powerful and you just took him out? On his own ship? WHAT?!
    • Seaskipper Captain: Don’t be too surprised, from what I’ve heard they’ve done a lot more than this. Come on, let's get ya back to Mage Island.
    (OUT: Perry and the Seaskipper head to the front of the ship)

    • Perry: But wait! How are you not shocked? This is just some random soldier, and they kill things like Soul for breakfast?! GAH! AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO SEES HOW WRONG THAT IS!
    • Seaskipper Captain: I can get this ship to Mage Island, but I’ll need ya to stop screamin’, m’kay?
    • Perry: Ugh… fine.
    (OUT: You are given blindness and teleported to the dock at Mage Island)

    • Seaskipper Captain: Okay, looks like we’re here. Ah, someone must’a found my ship, that’s good, I’d hate to take people on rides with that old wreck! Ha, ha.
    • Perry: You know what? I’m not done here, you… you… thing! I’m not rewarding you for this! Whatever you are, I see through it! Clearly something is up, I’ll just have to find out… GAH!! I hate you!
    (OUT: Perry runs away)

    • Seaskipper Captain: What a strange person… Well, if he’s not goin’ to reward ya, I certainly will! Here’s some emeralds for yer work.
    • Seaskipper Captain: Now that Soul is gone, maybe the ocean will start feelin’ a tad bit safer… right?


    • 325000 Experience Points
    • 8192 Emeralds
    Made By: Blastbasher

    Stage 4:

    • Karkun: Ahoy, this must be the booty. Fret not, Argus is keepin' the ship prepared so we can leave.
    • Martim: A'ight, let's us dig it up, jacks!
    • Karkun: Aha, I see somethin' gleaming in there! Methinks we hit gold, lads.
    • Karkun: Now Martim, knock the lubber out.

    You are not able to move but you still hear the ongoing conversation.

    • Karkun: What? Another clue! The be just a wild grook hunt, where be the real booty?! No one ever got rich off a heap o’ keys!!
    • Martim: Wait, there be a clue on the key; When leaving the hidden island, the real treasure will be found if you can look closely enough.
    • Martim: Garh...I be losin’ my patience. Argus arrived, let's ditch the lubber before they awake, hm? This island be hidden by magic, ain't no way they're gettin' found.
    • Karkun: Arright! Redbeard’s treasure almost be ours, set sail fer tha’ Galleon’s Graveyard!

    Room 1
    • ???: Well, shiver me timbers! Some swashbuckler has come to plunder me treasure. But ye'll have to get through me crew and I if you want me booty!
    The token mobs will be replaced with “Risen Pirates” with purple particles around them.

    Room 2
    • ???: So, ya think ye can just shove yer way past me crew? Well, let’s see what happens when yer up against somethin’ ya can’ just beat ta death!
    The whirlpool parkour will be replaced with a wave dodging section. It will be a nearly straight path about 60 blocks long and 8 blocks wide, with invincible purple particle “Magical Storm” mobs that repeatedly cast wave across the path and slightly backwards every 5 or so blocks along the path.

    Room 3
    • ???: Even after all this time, me name, Redbeard, is feared across the seas! A youn’ fool like ye could’n’ possibly lay a hand on my treasure!
    • Redbeard: But, if yer really fixin’ to get me booty, ye’ll have to face me in combat!

    This time, you actually have to kill the miniboss.

    Armored Pirate (lvl. 65)

    32 500 HP
    Damage: Earth, Water
    Melee AI


    Arrow Storm

    Spell Combos:

    Arrow Storm (3) -> Arrow Storm [1/3 chance]

    Charge (1) -> Charge [1/3 chance]

    Charge (2) -> Arrow Storm [1/3 chance]

    In the room, there are four cannons in the walls approximately like this:


    Occasionally, they shoot cannonballs (similar to those in Beneath the Depths, but faster). If one hits you, you lose 20% of your max HP.

    All other mob names have been changed to go along the lines of “Risen Pirate”.

    Room 4
    • Redbeard: Arr-har! What ‘ave we ‘ere?
    • Redbeard: It really is! Another of ya filthy landlubbers come ta steal ma booty!
    • Redbeard: Well, ye’ll be cut down soon en’uff! Not one scurvy dog like ya could stand a chance against ma splendor!
    • Redbeard: Too long 'as it been since we'v been in a true battle o' the seas, pe'haps it's time for one more!
    • Redbeard: Ya’ hear what ah’ said? Move yerselves! Man tha’ cannons!
    • Redbeard: AND AS FOR YE OVER THAR’...

    The room will remain the same, but the speed of the enemy ships has been increased by 20%.

    • Redbeard: Gar, that dirt-rat be still standin'!
    • Redbeard: C'mon, tear that puny vessel ta' shreds!
    • Redbeard: WORTHLESS RATS!
    • Redbeard: FASTER, I TELL YA!
    • Redbeard: Eh? They got across?
    • Redbeard: Curses! Ye salty dogs really are worthless!
    Room 5

    As you progress through Redbeard’s ship, you will pass a few cells, and the following dialogue will play:

    • Argus: Ah… so ye came after us eh? Can’t believe Redbeard’s still livin’ down ‘ere! When we came down look’in fer the treasure he killed the others, an e’ left me ‘er ta rot.
    • Argus: You- ye solder managed to evade capture so far. Good fer ye, but… I can’t imagine ye’ll be gett’in past Redbeard.
    • Argus: Tha stories a’ old Redbeard left something’ out ya see? He be all but immune to attacks! Nothin’ ye could throw at ‘em could possibly do a thing to hurt ‘em…
    • Argus: Though maybe those blasted cannons could do tha trick? They seem quite shiny, why not grab a few, eh soldier? An if ye be livin’, maybe come back an’ let me out?
    • Redbeard: So, ya really think ye can best me, the king a’ the seas, in combat? HA! I can’ wait to see how this’ll turn out!
    The timed and other parkour rooms will be the same as normal, but with more stone than wood, and again with Risen Pirate mobs instead of the current ones.

    Boss Room
    • Redbeard: Har har! I’ll show ye landlubber the true power o’ my hoard!
    The boss has been completely redone.

    The boss room itself is a large 30x30 square, but it is split into separate areas.


    The player is always on the player’s side, and Redbeard is always on his side. It is impossible to pass over the water, as it teleports you back similar to the Charon fight.

    On the player’s side, there are two turnable cannons similar to in the ship section. The places where they can shoot are indicated by the green lines.

    Redbeard is always in one of the red circles. He moves to a random new circle every 6 seconds.

    At Redbeard’s side at the back of the arena, there are 15 evenly placed cannons (just imagine that they’re evenly placed in the picture). Their firing patterns will be explained later.

    Boss Stats:

    Redbeard (lvl. 75)

    1000000 HP
    Damage: Water
    Defense: Water
    Ranged AI, burst fire

    Heavy Wave
    Arrow Storm

    Spell combos:

    Wave (0) -> Wave (0) -> Wave [1/3 chance]

    Heavy Wave (2) -> Heavy Wave [1/3 chance]

    Arrow Storm [1/3 chance]

    Your cannonballs deal 50 000 damage each to Redbeard, meaning that it’ll take 20 to kill him. He has no health regen. It takes 4 seconds for a cannon to reload.

    The cannons fire every 9 seconds. Their firing patterns change depending on Redbeard’s HP. Phase 2 starts once he hits 500 000 HP, and phase 3 starts once he hits 100 000 HP.

    Just like in room 3, a cannonball deals damage equal to 20% of your max HP. When a cannon is fired, an explosion sound effect is played and particles are shown. It takes about 2 seconds for a cannonball to travel across the room.

    It is impossible to dodge cannonballs by standing between two of them. You will still take damage from the cannonballs if you try to jump over them.

    Phase 1 patterns (cannons marked with red are the ones that fire):




    Phase 2 patterns:



    Phase 3 patterns:


    Firing speed increases to every 6 seconds
    The numbers indicate in which order the cannons will be fired (there is a small delay)


    ^ 1,5 second delay between numbers


    ^ 1,5 second delay between numbers


    ^ 0,1 second delay between numbers


    ^ 0,1 second delay between numbers


    Throughout the battle, several minions will spawn on the player’s side near the edges of the area.

    Phase 1:

    Risen Buccaneer (lvl. 60)
    5000 HP
    Melee AI
    Weak: Thunder
    Damage: Water
    Defense: Water
    Spells: Multihit

    Risen Plunderer (lvl. 62)
    5500 HP
    Charge AI
    Weak: Thunder
    Damage: Water
    Defense: Water, Air
    Spells: Charge

    Phase 2:

    Risen Plunderer (lvl. 62)
    5500 HP
    Charge AI
    Weak: Thunder
    Damage: Water
    Defense: Water, Air
    Spells: Charge

    Risen Cannoneer (lvl. 64)
    6000 HP
    Ranged AI
    Damage: Water, Fire
    Defense: Water, FIre
    Spells: Meteor, Charge

    Phase 3:


    Made By: Emolga3, ditsario


    Edits to the signs on Skien's Island.

    1: Fort Signs

    Card Trick:
    I never knew Skien was so tough on magic. I mean, he stripped me of my rank for doing a card trick. What does he think? I'm in league with those ugly villagers because I hid some paper up my sleeve?

    Special Fatigues
    I really hope the General knows what he's doing. Skien just forced us all to give up our special armored fatigues. I worked so hard to win mine, hell, I lost a leg for that… if he's just taking them on a whim like the others seem to think… Heads will roll...

    The Secret Place
    1: Stay quiet.
    2: Tell no one about this place.
    3: Listen closely.
    4: Help your comrades.
    5: Lock the door

    Madman's Creation
    Does anyone even know this part of the keep exists?! This place is impossible to navigate. I don't know where anything is. I don't know what any room does. This is more than a madhouse, it’s a madhouse built by many madmen, each with an intense, burning hatred for the last madman's unique flavor of insanity...all from the mind of one person!!

    War Dogs
    He killed our war dogs. Said they were going to betray us. I'm going to sail away with the others soon. I can't take one more day of this treatment. No one should have to endure such torment.

    The Artist
    The General tore down all the paintings he could find a few days ago, not surprising, most were imported from Gavel. He may think it's all gone, but that old fool will never find my stash! I should never have joined the army, art is my true passion! From what I've heard, those "evil" villagers have such a great deal of love for the arts. They can't be all bad, if that's true.... I'll sail away with the others. To anyone who finds this room, don't tell Skien about it! Please!

    Jump to Sea
    He stopped chasing me, but I’m sure he saw me jump up here… I think he knows there isn't any food. He just needs to let me starve myself out...but there's a crack in the tower’s side where I can just make out the ocean below… I think I can make the jump. I just need to bide my time…

    Blasted Towers
    I heard Skien was supposed to be some kind of military genius. Clearly he lost whatever skill he had back in Troms, because he’s been giving the strangest orders for how to construct the fort. It’s one of those crazy plans that led to these two towers being right next to each other, not connected… We had to blast a hole in the wall just to fix it.

    2: Prison Signs

    Rebel's Doom
    He's immortal… No one can kill that damn Skien! It's impossible! He must’ve killed a hundred men or more in their rebellion! And now, there are these new guards that aren't giving us any food! Those idiots have doomed the rest of us to starve! I'm so hungry!!!

    3 Is the Last
    My cellmate died today. He started eating himself out of hunger… He bled out on the floor, and then he apologized for his mess… After that, he kept muttering "3 is the last,” whatever that means… It’s been a long time since we got anything to eat down here, I’m surprised any of us are still going… Well at least now there’s something new on the menu…

    Beastly Meal
    They threw one of the dogs in here!! Thought they’d kill them all but it's fine by me! They thought it could kill me, but I was too tough for them!! I killed the beast and ate its flesh!! I live another day!!!

    No food...seven says...I'm seeing things… The guards look dead… and that strange figure... I'm going to die in this madhouse...

    Ocey (Replaces Mooington)
    That man was a fool to bring Bob’s pet here, Skien’s long past trusting an outsider, even someone he was once friends with. Yet, Skien clearly wants that thing kept alive, so maybe he isn’t all gone…

    File & Freedom
    One of the guards slipped a file through the bars. Seems I’m not the only one who thinks Skien’s lost it. The others are going to take the supply ship and head back to Wynn...we did nothing to deserve this hell… Skien needs to pay for what he’s done. I’ll make sure to pay him a visit before we leave...

    3: Fort Roof Signs

    Home Sick
    I don't get why Skien worries so much. We're allies with the Villagers, why are we attacking their ships? Some of the other soldiers are thinking of going back to Troms, like me. We miss our families, and I personally feel that Skien is a bit cuckoo. I mean, the keep is littered with useless secret rooms and pigeon holes all around. I even found one behind a fake wall once! What use are those spots?

    The Rebellion
    We've decided. Skien needs to be stopped. Everyone has been put through too much to stand it any more. Some of us plan to sail away in the night. Most of the guard is with us, so we should be able to make it. Killing Skien will be much tougher, though. We’ve all heard the stories of what he did back in the day, so he won't go down easy in a fight. But then, we'd need to get to him first. He keeps hiding away in those lower floors of the basement, and he's put some kind of combination-lock. We've only heard bits and pieces of it. We've found the first number is 5, for sure, and we also heard that there is an 8 in the code, but not where it is. We'll keep looking.

    4: Basement Signs

    Skien's Diary 1
    I’ve started writing a sort of journal down here, to pass the time. It has been several months since our arrival on the island, and since then, construction on the lower levels of the fort has been going smoothly. The villagers have completely overtaken Troms, in fact, their influence is across all of Wynn now… How could anyone stand for such a compromise? My soldiers and I spent years defending our home, and now what? Some big nosed Villagers come from across the sea and just sell protection? Maybe those back home can’t see it, but those magic-using scumbags don’t care about us, they don’t care if the people of Troms live or die, all they want is the emeralds! They sent us here to protect their growing empire from thieves, but from where I stand, they are the only criminals to pass this island’s shores...

    Skien's Diary 2
    Turncoats have appeared among my ranks. I will not stand by this. The traitors will be sent to the prison, and if that fails to stop them, I shall make a proper example of their lot. But I know it is more than just a few who work against me, for the soldiers talk of me has turned sour. They no longer respect my authority as General of the army… The Tromsian Army… No matter, I will not let this stronghold fall. Not again. I refuse. The men will come to see things as I do, once the traitors and their insidious lies are gone from this place.

    Skien's Diary 3
    The prison is full. With the warden’s help we’ve made great progress in learning the traitor’s plan. I have learned that they plan to sail away back to Troms, and have for months been convincing the loyal soldiers of my ranks to join them. Whatsmore, the traitors plan to kill me as they leave! These sorry excuses for soldiers think they could kill me? I’ve fought alongside and surpassed the greatest of heroes, fought great hordes of corrupted, I trained Bob! They don't know who they're up against. I'll lock away the rations. Weaken them before they try. Ensure victory over the enemy. I will not fail again!

    Skien's Diary 4
    Everyone is gone. I don't know where they went. Yet, I'm alone. The rebellion was quelled. The traitors failed to kill me, as I knew they would. They lay dead, in familiar garb. Yet this victory feels hollow with none to share in it. I expected such praise upon defeating the enemy. But no one came. No great fanfare or I am not sure what happened. Did the villagers cast some spell? Are my soldiers all imprisoned somewhere? Have they left me? Did I not succeed in burning the supply ship as the mutineers set sail? What have I done wrong? My mind is one of the most brilliant in the military… No one disagrees. No one can. How could I possibly have made such a massive mistake as this? Why am I alone here? Alone, yet a presence lingers. I feel such looming dread…

    Skien's Diary 5
    I have utterly and completely failed. This island is no longer my stronghold, but my prison. The traitors, all dead and turned to the Corruption! I know not how long I will last. They are stronger now than they were in life. I’ve yet to find my soldiers among them… where could the traitors have taken them? The Villagers! It must be them, it must be! Their foreign magics, dark as the shaman before them, must have done this! Their ships pass unhindered now, was this their plan all along? Take my men, raise the traitors..? Yet that feeling… that dread… It is familiar, almost like…

    Skien's Diary 6
    It is him. The Traitor. The first one. He's back. I gave up trying to understand why. There’s no point. He keeps taunting me. Says I could've stopped this. Says it's all my fault - WRONG! IT'S ALL HIS FAULT! EVERYTHING IS HIS FAULT! Everything because of him. Because of him I lost the siege. Because of him I killed my men. Because of him I lost my home. Because of him, Troms has fallen. Because of him... I’m losing my mind. I can't kill him. He is beyond such things. I’m out of food. WHAT DO I DO?! WHAT CAN I DO!? IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT! ALL YOUR FAULT! TRAITOR!

    Skien's Diary 7
    I am confused… I thought I had starved to death. I remember the pain...I remember the Traitor being above me, smiling… and everything was black, for a long time...yet, I am awake and moving...in full control of my senses. Was I risen by the corruption? If so I should be mindless...but my soldiers do not attack me and they have turned. It is so strange, being alive again. I have a feeling that this state of coherence will not last...so, while I am still in control, I will vow...all that come near me will die. I shall make an attempt to fend off my soldiers, keep them in this terrible place, atone for the great betrayal I committed. I refuse to truly fall...so even if my efforts are futile, I will keep fighting, in the name of Troms...

    Skien Bossfight
    The badge is now a necklace called “Skien’s Ruined Medal” with the stats here.
    Lore: This fancy medal once held a jewel at its center, but that gleaming stone has long since cracked into a thousand tiny pieces. There is an immense weight attached to it, like something still angrily clings to its fractured memory. Perhaps there is something still left to do with it...

    Made By: Blastbasher

    Sine the badge is now an item, it is not consumed when used to enter the boss altar, instead it is required simply to check and see if you’ve killed Skien before (so just have it in your inventory, and it isn’t consumed). The altar now takes 4 Corroded Chunks as its requirement (these can be found on Skien’s Island).

    Skien has one new drop, that being an item called “Perfect Jewel.” Its lore is: "It appears similar to that shattered gem in Skien’s old medal… yet this jewel is whole."

    If you take the jewel to the sword in the stone near the entrance to Troms, the following dialogue plays:

    You put the jewel onto the pedestal, and instantly a great weight is lifted from you, like whatever burden that was once carried within it is now at peace.
    All Skien wanted was to protect his home, but it had been a long time since they’d last seen it… Perhaps this can be something of an end for the General’s pain.

    Skien will now have three sets of dialogue depending on what you’ve done. If you are fighting Skien for the first time (or just haven’t killed him yet), his dialogue is the same. If you are fighting him again after having killed him at least once before, he will say:
    • Skien: ...
    • Skien: ... You… again?
    • Skien: This place… I… I will not fall…
    • Skien: You… soldier… wish to take me down..?
    • Skien: Traitor…
    • Skien: TRAITOR!!!
    • Skien: DIE DIE DIE DIE
    If you brought the Jewel to Troms already, then this dialogue plays:
    • Skien: ...
    • Skien: ... It's you..?
    • Skien: Why am I back here? I thought… I was free of this torment.
    • Skien: Soldier..? You still wish to fight me?
    • Skien: Very well… it's the least I can do…
    • Skien: But don’t think I’ll be showing you any mercy...
    • Skien: You asked for this fight…
    Made By: Blastbasher

    Seaskipper Half-Moon Dialogue:
    • Seaskipper Captain: Where are ya headed? Half Moon Island, huh? A'ight! I'll get ya there in no time.
    • Seaskipper Captain: We’re headin’ for Half-Moon Island, an abandoned place, ever since some demon supposedly possessed all the colonists.
    • Seaskipper Captain: I doubt how trustworthy the stories are, though, since most of those who tell them are drunks and fools.
    Seaskipper Nodguj Dialogue:
    • Seaskipper Captain: Where are ya headed? Ice Nations, huh? A'ight! I'll get ya there in no time.
    • Seaskipper Captain: I hope you brought your warm clothes, because we're headin' for the Ice Nations. Best be careful over there, the poor fellas are bein’ constantly attacked by pirates.
    • Seaskipper Captain: They were on the brink of gettin’ overrun' the last I heard. But that was a while ago, maybe things have finally quieted down…
    Seaskipper Ghost Ship Main Dialogue:
    • Seaskipper Captain: Y'know, there's a sailor tale of a ghost ship sailin’ around the ocean, fer the past twenty-er so years. Many say it's fake, but I've seen it with my own eyes!
    • Seaskipper Captain: I may've been drunk, but I can tell truth and what I see in my head apart. It had a big skull at the front.
    • Seaskipper Captain: At least a hundred of them ghost pirates aboard eyeing me. And that wasn't just once. I seen it more than that!
    • Seaskipper Captain: Last time I did it was passin’ by the Ice Islands. I bet ya the people there could tell you about it if you want.
    Seaskipper Ice Islands Main Dialogue:
    • Seaskipper Captain: I've 'ad the Ice Islands on my brain for a while now. I'll tell you all about them.
    • Seaskipper Captain: Of course, the main attraction is Nodguj and Dujgon. Those two have been fightin’ off pirates left and right for a while now.
    • Seaskipper Captain: But if you head southeast there's another island. It's so cold over there some say Santa himself set up his workshop there.
    • Seaskipper Captain: Then there's a big spooky fortress on the fourth island. Heard it was built to protect passing ships, but some pirate went and took it down somehow, suppose that's why the islands have such big problems with pirates nowadays.
    Seaskipper Sarnfic Main Dialogue:
    • Seaskipper Captain: Have you ever heard of Sarnfic? It's an old, sunken city in the ocean.
    • Seaskipper Captain: I heard that it sunk 'cause of some pirate raidin' it. The place has been lost to the ocean depths ever since.
    • Seaskipper Captain: My granpy lived there when he was young. He's told me many tales of the place.
    • Seaskipper Captain: One that I remember the most is the one about a wine better than Nemract's Whiskey. Wish I could try some…
    Seaskipper Redbeard Main Dialogue:
    • Seaskipper Captain: Have you heard tales about Captain Redbeard? Back when I was young, he terrorized the seas!
    • Seaskipper Captain: As the legend goes, Redbeard was one o’ the first pirates to base themselves in that Cove of theirs.
    • Seaskipper Captain: As people began settlin' all the islands, Redbeard would pillage and plunder 'em, his name striking terror into any seafarer.
    • Seaskipper Captain: Of course, one day even Redbeard would meet his end. He ended up gettin’ into a battle with another pirate, and both their ships sank, although his body was never recovered…
    Made By: ditsario

    Selchar Citizen 2
    • Selchar Citizen: That island to the northeast, Skien’s island… don’t ever go there. Even as remote as it is, the island is completely Corrupted.
    • Selchar Citizen: The soldiers there shoot down anything that gets close enough… I’m worried Selchar could one day be in danger.
    Selchar Citizen 3 (If you have not completed Ice Nations)
    • Selchar Citizen: There is an old mining colony up north in Maro Peaks, but most of the original colonists left when they realized how unstable the peaks really are.
    • Selchar Citizen: All that’s left there are the sheep and rams, and a few die-hard settlers. If you want to go there safely, you’ll need a climbing helmet.
    • Selchar Citizen: You could ask the Ice Nations to the east for one, but they’re having a bit of a problem with pirates right now…
    Selchar Citizen 3 (If you have completed Ice Nations)
    • Selchar Citizen: There is an old mining colony up north in Maro Peaks, but most of the original colonists left when they realized how unstable the peaks really are.
    • Selchar Citizen: All that’s left there are the sheep and rams, and a few die-hard settlers. If you want to go there safely, you’ll need to wear a climbing helmet.
    NEW Selchar Citizen (at docks)
    • Selchar Citizen: The Underwater Route sure is useful for us sailors. Did you know that it isn’t actually naturally formed?
    • Selchar Citizen: Aye, it was created by one of the first Villager-taught Human mages in 951. Good that they did so, though I personally would be completely fine without it.
    Pirate Cove Citizen
    • Pirate: Just north o' 'ere be a mysterious island. It's got a big ol' cave, filled with th' remains o' barnacle-covered pirates.
    • Pirate: But when I went in, their bones began attackin' me! I were bein' forced t' retreat.
    • Pirate: I think there be somethin' sinister about that place…
    Added Pirate Cove Citizen (at -608, 82, -3158)
    • Pirate: A lot o' ye touristy types seem t' wonder why we don’t attack the Durum Islands.
    • Pirate: It might be hard fer ye t' realize, but that place don’ just supply Selchar with grub, we need it too!
    Made By: ditsario, Emolga3


    TrapinchO - Project Lead (until hiatus)
    Blastbasher - Hosted the doc we wrote the whole thing on, made quests and edits
    Matteo_Games - Made secret discoveries
    ditsario - Made quests and edits
    Emolga3 - Wrote the Galleon's Graveyard rework, made edits
    Others - Made edits (Sorry if I can't mention you all but if you read this, you know who you are)

    Also a big thank you to the entire WynnTheory discord in general and to you for reading this!
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2021
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    SKIEN I SEE???
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    it's finally done... hope you all like this one!
  6. yy8erig

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    UwU skien rewrite poggers
  7. Da Homeboi

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    0/10 no mention of Nomor Beard or Crookleg- Wait is that a new pirate that barely anyone knows the name of but now everyone does?

    nvm 10/10 Soul best pirate
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    what kind of powers does soul have,
    Among? Among like Among us? SUS???
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    Fun fact:
    When Blast was writing the secret discovery, I changed its title in the docs to "Honor Among Us". Took him a bit to see that. To this day he still doesn't know it was me (don't tell him)
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    Thanks, I know who to make comments only next time >:(

    Also fun fact: before someone brought up Soul, we had a pirate called Legboot to be Redbeard's rival.
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    no please itr was a funny haha
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    I think that's kind of a moot point by now...
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    yooo ocool thread
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    Once again I agree with practically everything, but I have a few criticisms for the secret discoveries:

    • ''Ocean spike'' just feels like filler, it doesn't fit with any of the others and doesn't seem significant to state
    • Small nitpick but the particles in ''Forgotten scientist'' should not be the happy villager particles but instead either shulker dart particles or just have the blocks be cracked, for immersion.
    • I think it would be nice if Crescent Lunacy perhaps implied that Oni is the master of the cosmic magic, the one who cast the spells on the meteors and stuff. Currently he seems like some random miniboss with no significance. I think he's implied as the cosmic god here, but i'm not sure.
    • Maybe I misunderstood, but it seems to state that this ''Captain Soul'' dude destroyed Sarnfic when it is CLEARLY stated that the city was destroyed by the Mages to stop the Abysso Galoshes from causing further trouble/allowing Darkness to spread
    • Speaking of mages, when I think of the waves being calmed, I think of mages studying the waves for years and trying to find a way to calm them, finally achieving it after a fight against the Wave Cult who try to stop them (The wave cult are the guys on the island north of Bear Zoo) and not ''yeah i've decided that we will calm the waves today, you have no say in this matter old man''
    • I love the fact that some builds were made to show off how the areas could look, but GOD the pictures would look so much nicer without all that lighting/fullbright. I would really be able to get a feel for the build if I could appreciate the atmosphere..

    One nitpick for the quests:

    • So I appreciate that Heart of Selchar still features Santa, but I think the entire point of the quest today is similar to Macabre Masquerade; nostalgia. The whole point of these quests are that they haven't been changed since their addition and never will be. I understand that it feels a little dated by today's standards and that it seriously begs for a rework but I don't think it will ever get one simply because of the whole nostalgia thing..

    Also, one more thing:
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    Ah, crap. I forgot my biggest point with the discoveries:

    • I felt like the Ultimate Discovery should be one where you watch Sarnfic sink and then get to explore it at the end, but the one you made is SO GOOD and it ties almost all of the secret discoveries together. Another thing I noticed is that there was no ''ultimate hunt'' discovery for a huge area like the ocean. This feels weird because the Silent Expanse and Corkus both got one of these, but the ocean didn't. So my idea for one is that you could go around the ocean, starting from a clue in Mage Island and look for the next step, eventually reaching Sarnfic with some items you have amassed on the way. Using these could bring you to a memory of Sarnfic while it still stood, and you could get the discovery. It would be cool if you could explore the island and instead of being given the fabled accessory, you could either do a side mission on the island for it or just buy it from a merchant (preferably a quest). This isn't really a criticism but more of a missed opportunity that I wanted to put out there
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    I fell like this is referencing something, but I dont know what
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    Super cool, is better than the jungle rework
    Honestly, the ct should just hire all of you guys
    You know what would be really cool? If the Redbeard bossfight was on 2 large ships.
  19. dr_carlos

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    Once again, great lore rework from the CT I mean WynnTheory discord server.
    What's next?
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    that's definently possible but i thought that it'd be really weird for there to be two big ships in redbeard's quarters
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