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Da Homeboi
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Jul 4, 2022 at 7:26 PM
Aug 24, 2020
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May 24
Somewhere in a certain place and a certain time

Da Homeboi

custom titles are cringe, Male, from Somewhere in a certain place and a certain time

Rest in Peace Techno. You shall never die in people's hearts. Jun 30, 2022 at 10:54 PM

Da Homeboi was last seen:
Viewing forum list, Jul 4, 2022 at 7:26 PM
    1. Da Homeboi
      Da Homeboi
      Rest in Peace Techno. You shall never die in people's hearts.
    2. Da Homeboi
      Da Homeboi
      Happy Pride Month!
    3. Da Homeboi
      Da Homeboi
      I have finally been reawakened from my 4-5 month-long slumber. Time to start theorizing again.
    4. Da Homeboi
      Da Homeboi
      Happy December 25th! (or a merry christmas)
    5. Da Homeboi
      Da Homeboi
      Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or Happy Kwanzaa wherever you live! (or else you will be assimilated into Dern)
      1. Kahsol likes this.
      2. Ellphant
        wait is dern the new borg
        Dec 7, 2021
        Kahsol and Da Homeboi like this.
    6. Da Homeboi
      Da Homeboi
      Is it too late now to hop on the team seas train?
    7. Da Homeboi
      Da Homeboi
      1. Ellphant and Kahsol like this.
    8. Da Homeboi
      Da Homeboi
      I was today years old when I learned that there is a letter called 'Wynn' วท
    9. Da Homeboi
      Da Homeboi
      No longer mad about a fleris pet not being added. Now I'm back being a Dernic Warlord Demigod, or smthn like that.
      1. Da Homeboi
        Da Homeboi
        rip I can't go back to Da_Homeboi until like august 14th
        Aug 5, 2021
    10. Da Homeboi
      Da Homeboi
      Just hit 1,000 Likes, thanks yall!
      1. MatForYoga888, ocel0tgirl and Komi like this.
      2. Komi
        Wooo! What was the 1000th?
        Jul 27, 2021
        Da Homeboi likes this.
      3. Da Homeboi
        Da Homeboi
        Idk if it was you or ocelotgirl, but thanks for the support!
        Jul 27, 2021
        Komi likes this.
    11. Da Homeboi
      Da Homeboi
      Got my first Black Market reward after spending 15$ on Bonfire Crates. Gl to other people in the Bonfire Fest.
    12. Nukewarmachine
      1. Kahsol and Da Homeboi like this.
    13. Da Homeboi
      Da Homeboi
      I've done it. I've become so mad that a fleris pet wasn't added to the bonfire fest I became a fleris.
      1. WithTheFish
        Jul 18, 2021
        Da Homeboi likes this.
    14. Da Homeboi
      Da Homeboi
      Beach Wybel and Vibrant Wybels best Wybels
      1. AlanGreyson
        Wybun is kinda cute too
        Jul 27, 2021
    15. Da Homeboi
      Da Homeboi
      Notice on Part 4: It won't come out for a while because I currently have a cold or some wacky thing happening to my respiratory system
    16. Da Homeboi
      Da Homeboi
      Rip King of Hearts, you managed to make all Mages immortal, but tbf your nerf was desperately needed bc it was stupidly busted as hell
    17. Da Homeboi
      Da Homeboi
      Silent Expanse best region prove me wrong
      1. Bliss
        ice cold take try again next time
        Jul 2, 2021
      2. Samsam101
        Jul 2, 2021
        StormDragon4 likes this.
      3. StormDragon4
        Yes but have you seen corkus or Aldorei
        Jul 3, 2021
    18. Da Homeboi
      Da Homeboi
      Woot part 3 is out
    19. Da Homeboi
      Da Homeboi
      So anyway, I became Dernifie- I mean Bak'alified
      1. DaCorruption likes this.
      2. Samsam101
        (yet is standing in front of the nether portal which represents corruption)
        Jun 26, 2021
      3. DaCorruption
        well samsam maybe that means he thinks the corruption serv-
        Jun 26, 2021
    20. Da Homeboi
      Da Homeboi
      Note on Part 3 of LLW: It will be delayed to 6:00 PM CST on June 29th due to stuff I need to prioritize over it.
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  • About

    May 24
    Somewhere in a certain place and a certain time


    This signature exists.

    Honestly, I have made this signature just to be time waster. You can read other stuff on the forums now.

    Unless, you are even more intrigued by this... I don't really see why. Is it a weird easter egg you're looking for?


    Alright I did it.

    Did you know this signature used to be a guide on how to complete the Eldritch Outlook in half an A press?
    Yeah those exist. You just push it without ever letting go.

    ... You want more easter eggs? Alright fine. Here are some hot takes of mine:
    - Pepsi is better than Coca-Cola

    - Silent Expanse best region
    - Marvel is better than DC
    - Teal is best color

    Also there's a secret that lets you get Creative Mode in real life.
    Never gonna give you up.
    Never gonna let you down.
    Never gonna run around and desert you.

    get rickrolled


    You can stop looking now.

    Go socialize with other humans.

    Even if you have bad social skills, take it a learning opportunity.

    Your never too young to learn a new skill.


    Like me being a grammar maniac.

    So... what brings you down here?

    Are you procrastinating on a homework assignment?

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure you are. Go do that.

    Take this opportunity in life to go do something. Walk your dog (if you have one), make meaningless lists, clean your house.

    ... You still want more?

    Alright fine. here's one more easter egg to satisfy you, but after this, you better do the stuff I said.


    Alright this is truly the end now. Gratz if you've seen everything there is here, including the irl Creative Mode trick. You can click off now and complete that homework assignment you've been procrastinating on.
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