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Game Mechanics Random Major Ids I Thought Of

Discussion in 'General Suggestions' started by Potatomancer, Apr 10, 2021.


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  1. Potatomancer

    Potatomancer Make agility great again

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    Pain Cycle: Every second you lose 5% of your health, but every 5 seconds your damage is thrice as much.
    Chain Attack: Mobs around the damaged mob take 30% damage.
    Life Barrier: gain 1% damage reduction for every 5% health you’re missing.
    Committed: Does more damage to damaged mobs: max 75% more damage.
    Alchemist: Drinking health potions activate random buffs. Gives at least 3 buffs; does not stack.

    One with the wind: Vanish no longer ends as long as you have mana, but you no longer gives strength.
    Backstab: Does 50% more damage if you are behind the enemy.
    Stand User: Multihit lasts twice as long, but does half damage.
    Slimeballs: Smoke bombs now stick to enemies

    Precision Shot: Arrows do 50% more damage if the target is within 5 blocks of you.
    Bonus Shot: Main attack shoots another arrow at the nearest enemy.
    Neutralizing Gas: Bomb spawns a poison cloud on the first hit; Enemies within take 10% bomb damage and are slowed a bit

    Counter: You gain strength 3 for 1 second after being attacked by an enemy. Projectiles do not activate the id.
    Fissure: Bash creates a fiery fissure in the ground, doing 10% bash damage to nearby mobs
    Boulder: War Scream’s air shout becomes a gravity effected boulder, exploding on contact to enemies or the ground.

    Leeching: Takes 1% of the health of nearby mobs and adds it to heal. Max 10%.
    Homing: Ice snake loses mind control but instead homes in on the nearest mobs.
    Reality break: Teleport makes you invisible and gives speed I for 3 seconds.

    Turret: Totem now shoots projectiles, doing the same amount of damage totem area damage does.
    Wave: Aura travels twice the range and damages twice as fast, but no longer bounces back.
    Gravity: Uproot instead pulls enemies toward the blast point.

    Might add spoilers later, made this on an ipad.
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  2. fishcute

    fishcute fish VIP Builder

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    I think they're mostly good, except for homing.

    Should also have a cap based off of the caster's max health, since healing and causing 35k damage to the eye seems strong.

    I don't think totem area does enough for this to actually do much. Probably should deal damage around 100% per second (half an aura), although probably less than that. Maybe 75%?

    I really like this one. Sounds fun.
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  3. DragonBeenz

    DragonBeenz #1 morrowind user VIP+

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    hmm someone's been playing some more minecraft dungeons, gravity, pain cycle, leeching and committed are all enchants in there
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