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New Multiplayer Quest System Idea

Discussion in 'General Suggestions' started by Samsam101, Mar 26, 2020.


Do you think this is a good idea

  1. Great idea! I'd love this!

  2. Nah, I don't think it'd be necessary

  3. It's alright, there are some improvements that could be made to this idea.

  1. Samsam101

    Samsam101 some fruman retard

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    I came up with a cool idea earlier, I'm sot sure if it was suggested before though.
    So recently I've been playing Pokemon shield (not an ad, this is just what prompted this idea in my brain) and i noticed how neat it was that you could post your raids online to get help from other players. If you play the generation 8 games and stay up to date you'll probably know that when the 2nd DLC for that game comes out there is going to be raids for legendary Pokemon. The max raid mewtwo that was available on Pokemon day was a very tough boss and I feel that legendary raids might be multiplayer friendly. Today, when I returned from a long hiatus from the forums, i thought of an idea. ''What if multiplayer quests had a recruitment feature like max raid battles?'' and now I've thought of more details. I guess it could also apply to boss altars.

    1. Recruiting players
    Imagine you're on your first playthrough of wynncraft. You have a lot of quests that need doing and you're not very good at the game. All of these quests are either multiplayer only or difficult without multiplayer. For example, tough bosses like the Corrupter of Worlds or Amadel, or maybe you need to enter bob's tomb. You have no friends, and if you do they don't play wynncraft or aren't a high enough level. Also you don't have discord so the planning parlour is completely useless to you. Well this feature has you covered. If you're doing a quest with a boss that's tough for your level such as Death, that quest is now a special kind of quest that allows recruitment First, it will do a 1 minute check for any players in a similar situation as you and who need help with that specific quest. If you don't get enough people, you can call upon a higher level player to come and help.

    2. Higher level players and the invitation system
    If the check finds anybody, it'll invite them to help you. If they say yes they'll be teleported to your server. After that, if there's no other players or not enough people, it will give every server a small broadcast in the chat saying ''[Playername] has requested help in a quest! Will you help them?'' If after that broadcast not enough people join, the request will be added to a list of requests. This list can be accessed by anybody from within the quest book. Now you may be thinking: ''Dude, most endgame players aren't gonna join in. They're too busy trading mythics or using hunted mode. There needs to be some kind of insentive.'' Well luckily for you I've come up with one. After you successfully help the player complete the quest, you'll get a bunch of emeralds depending on the quest's difficulty and your level. If you're an endgame player it gives you about 10 EB each time. I feel that this is good because it will stop so many people from lootrunning and give endgame players more to do while the newer players also benefit because they finished another quest.

    What do you think of this idea? Tell me in the poll.
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  2. PatheticFlower

    PatheticFlower megido >gamer< god VIP

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    this concept is definitely good for getting co-op help from others, but I would make some changes to the invitation system. I feel like the reward should be set by whoever requested it, as to not add too much money to the economy and create actual "jobs" around helping people. I also don't think it should broadcast the help message globally, maybe just the nearby areas. this is because it could potentially make finding people to help you too easy, co-op already makes everything a joke so a server wide announcement feels like just a bit of a freebie. I also think there should be a level range set so level 106 players don't just help others one shot everything.

    overall, I wouldn't mind seeing this in game, but it's perfectly reasonable for it to not be added since I assume the content team has other design ideas in mind for how co-op is handled considering how this could trivialize a lot of content.
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