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Game Mechanics Make Crafting Useful

Discussion in 'General Suggestions' started by justchilling101, Aug 4, 2022.

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  1. justchilling101

    justchilling101 Travelled Adventurer HERO

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    Disclaimer: I have not played the game much past level 50 and do not have personal experience with anything that may be different from that point on; however, from what I've seen and read, what I'm going to talk about is consistent at all levels.

    I have 1 main complaint that I want to address with crafting:
    1) Higher Tier Drop Rates are too low:

    This is my biggest complaint. The overly low drop rate of 3 star materials means trying to make weapons with decent stats past level 30 becomes an incessant grind fest. Weapons crafted from 1 star materials have mediocre to bad stats and very low durability. Crafting them for anything but leveling crafting is a waste of time and will make your game harder. From what I've seen 3S materials are better than their 1S and 2S counterparts of THE NEXT TIER for nearly 10 levels in both base stats and durability; this means that the only way to have decent stats for more than 2-3 levels is to constantly grind 3S materials at the last couple levels of each tier and immediately restart your grind for the next 10 levels to have a decent weapon at the very end. Just grinding for the 3S at low levels can take hours on end before you have enough, and that's before you have to get 12+ 3S materials just for one item. Due to the poor durability of 1S materials, it's not viable or useful to use the majority of ingredients. In order to get useful effects you have to give up a significant chunk of durability, and if you don't have 3S materials your durability will be low or even 1. Otherwise you have to not have any ingredients which is significantly worse than most random drops from mobs.

    My suggestion for this is to increase the drop rate in one of a few ways.
    1- Increase higher star rates with level of gathering and/or gathering tool. This is my preferred way of doing this and to me it makes the most sense. I would use both for a couple of reasons.
    One reason is how it works out logically; What do crafting/gathering levels represent? In an RPG they are a numerical for representing skill in a category. Essentially higher levels should mean a better craftsman/gatherer. As such, it makes sense that a higher level gatherer should have a better chance at gathering better materials. ESPECIALLY if the better craftsman is much higher level and uses higher grade tools.
    Beyond why is works out logically, it also wouldn't be anywhere near game breaking.
    I would suggest having an incremental increase in drop rate for each tier based on how many levels above the gathering requirement it is as well as how many tiers the tool is above. The regular drop rates for crafting materials are roughly 89% for 1S 10% for 2S and 1% for 3S, the rates for 1S and 2S are fine, and 3S materials are the problem. I would increase the drop rate by .75% for every 5 levels above the requirement to unlock the material up to 20 levels and an additional .1% times the tool tier up to grade 10. The highest chance you would see is a 5% drop rate with tier 10 tools and higher with your gathering level 20 levels above the minimum to gather. So for level 1 materials, with level 21 gathering you would have a 4.3% chance of gathering 3S materials.
    Essentially, you would have to grind well above your level, and have the matching tools to gather enough 3S materials to craft the equipment needed. This means that 3S wont become common for your level and will still require effort to gather before moving to the next tier, but won't take longer than leveling your actual character.
    IMO - a crafting character should be able to more smoothly gather the materials for their levels as they increase instead of massively grinding for equipment only usable at the last couple levels of their material tier. Crafting characters shouldn't exclusively be a time dump, but should be able to spent equal time in leveling character and creating cool equipment.

    My view of crafting as is is this: It's much worse than using items that drop from killing mobs.
    With the ability to relore and rename items, crafting could be a cool system for players to make unique and not underpowered items. However, with durability being a pain and the available effects being MUCH worse than just finding legendaries, crafted items are overall just a time crunch and a way to make the game harder.

    Additional thoughts:
    -I think crafted items should have much higher durability - this would make the 1S items still be able to have useful effects without breaking very quickly. Comparatively, legendary items have much better available effects AND DON'T BREAK while being EASIER to acquire than crafted items.
    -A crafting system similar to what's in Overgeared (book) would be really cool. Based on their level, players have a chance at different rarities (unique, rare, legendary, mythical) when creating items. Better materials/ingredients have higher chances at better grades. A crafting skill tree based on gathering and crafting levels could also be very cool.
    -A skill system similar to skyrim could also be viable- every level you get more ability points which you can allocate between combat and crafting skill trees but have MINIMUM levels for different skills- this would also be a way to increase 3S drop rates, possibly as a tradeoff with something else.
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  2. point_line

    point_line Skilled Adventurer

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    Crafting starts to pick up at later levels because although it is time consuming to get the materials it takes a bit of time to outlevel them, meaning that you spend less time gathering
    Additionally, raids (another feature unlocked in later levels) give 3S materials meaning you can run those for mats
    As for legendary items being better, there are crafting recipes that exist which outclass mythics, the only downside is the durability
  3. Namakobushi

    Namakobushi Absolute wildcard. Gender undefined. VIP+

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    Crafted accessories are insane though.
    You can get + tiers on bracelets and rings outside of knucklebones, breezehands, and the flashfires.
    Breezehands and the flashfires give +2 tiers for 3 slots. Crafteds can give you 3 for 3.
    Or if you use knucklebones for warring or something. Knucklebones + breezehands is +4 tiers, and now you can't use the flashfire bonus, but you can throw a crafted ring in there for another tier if you want, for a total of +5.

    You can also make wild stealing accessories for Greed.

    Crafted armor is also somewhat common in mythic builds, just look at the OP mythic build thread.

    But yeah getting good ingredients and materials is a bit of a grind unless you pay a lot (stolen pearls, *cough*). Raids do help a little bit and have also crashed some prices to make a few materials really cheap.
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  4. Lord Saraldar

    Lord Saraldar The Fire Archer CHAMPION

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    With dubble speed bombs you get a t3 material every 6 minutes roughly, which I think is a fine speed to get them at.
    The 12 minutes it would take without I do get that it is slow for everyone who can't find any servers with prof parties.

    the durability system is a limiter to you power of your crafts. if you want more dura, compromise with lower stats.
  5. cheese2Uman

    cheese2Uman Was playing Wynncraft before there were quests HERO

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    I think this is a good suggestion and could help proffing compete with raids for tier 3 material output.
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