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Ice Snake Minion (remake)

Discussion in 'General Suggestions' started by MinecraftBunny, Jun 6, 2017.

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  1. MinecraftBunny

    MinecraftBunny I only eat everything free food because I am vegan VIP+

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    I made a thread talking about how ice snake should be like a minion and I did not talk about too much in that because I was really tired and my friend told me about it so we gave it some thinking and came up with a few things. (Ps I understand Ice snake is good as is but this is just a suggestion)

    Upon activating the spell a minion would spawn in it could look something like the corrupted or like one of the pets. The minion would last 5 seconds on tier one 10 seconds on tier 2 and 15 seconds on tier 3. His health would be 1/10 of the players on tier 1. 1/5 on tier 2 and 1/3 on tier 3. It would move fast about the speed of a wolf when hunting a sheep in vanilla (Could not think of another way to say it(Maybe faster)). When the minion hits a mob it would give it slowness just like ice snake and would deal 150 damage at tier one 300 at tier 2 and 450 at tier 3. The spell would probably cost a little bit more mana then the spell right now does to this being a little bit better. The reason I think this should happen is that the game has had the same basic spells for so long and now that the server has become way bigger they could do a lot more things and have the skills to do more. I am not just saying to do this for Ice snake most of the spells are pretty basic (No offense love this server) and now they could make them a lot cooler. If the idea of the minion does not fancy you then it could have mana steel on it. Btw you could summon more than 1 at a time meaning you could have an army. ps if they do get mana steel then it would have to steal less than the cost because then you could AFK grind. Thank you for reading this feel free to leave any feedback and I hope this can be added.
  2. coolname2034

    coolname2034 Formerly known as NPCGrian HERO

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    No, for all the reasons previously mentioned.
    Op in so many ways
    Ice snake is useful
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  3. llllllllllllll

    llllllllllllll Famous Adventurer

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    Ice snake is supposed to slow multiple enemies down. This minion only does one at a time.
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  4. CastielCraw

    CastielCraw Well-Known Adventurer

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    This thread is actually now a bit more informative.
    But there are still missing a few things.

    Modification Suggestion:

    I suggest to turn the Mage spell "Ice Snake" into an "Ice Minion" Spell.
    As the name of the spell says I suggest, that instead of summoning a row of ice blocks
    slowing creatures and players, a minion with a certain amount of health, dealing
    tiny damage ending with an ice explosion slowing all mobs around.
    (The ice explosion won't deal any damage)

    Mana Cost: Level 31 - 6 Mana
    Level 46 - 5 Mana
    Level 66 - 4 Mana

    Minion Life time: Level 31 - 5 sec
    Level 46 - 7sec
    Level 66 - 10 sec

    Minion Health: Level 31 - 80 Health
    Level 46 - 100 Health
    Level 66 - 145 Health

    Ice Explosion: Level 31 - Slowness 1 (3 sec); Area: 2 Blocks
    Level 46 - Slowness 1 (5 sec); Area : 3 Blocks
    Level 66 - Slowness 2 (7 sec); Area : 3 Blocks

    Minion Damage: Level 31 - 45
    Level 46 - 80
    Level 66 - 100

    The minion will de spawn automatically after the life time finished.
    The ice explosion will only occurre, when the mob is getting killed.
    In addition you are able to summon at Level 66 and over Level 66
    2 minions that are sharing half of the stats here listed.


    • Better escape possibility
    • Still sharing some stats of ice snake( e.g.: Mana cost)
    • Can be used as defence and as an aggressive attack
    • More features (e.g.: 2 Minion(,but half state))
    • Unfair against players in duels, because it stands 2/3 against 1 player
    • Too much areas get covered (Slowness) ---> OP
    • Lag
    • Rush trough various areas without mobs getting focused on player
    Though these contra arguments it is clearly, that a minion feature would give the server a bit more of unique
    and as an side effect players will be able to find more ways to use this spell instead of just slowing mobs down.

    The spell is nerfed trough the Minion Health and life time.
    Afk-grinding won't be possible. The minion should be looking like an ice cutter in Nesaak only in baby version.
    ( White-blue dyed leather armour with ice block on top)

    And also in some points the spell is pretty op, but these can just be nerfed.

    I only send this post to give off an example how a suggestion can look like.
    I maybe forgot some things, but I listed the Main things.
    This doesn't really mean that the idea convinced me, but this is not a
    summoner class.
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2017
  5. ThomAnn100

    ThomAnn100 I have reached peak intelligence VIP+

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    Why would ice snake spawn a minion? If you want a minion spell, you'll have to make a new class
  6. RogP

    RogP back VIP+

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    this is a mage we are talking about, not a summoner. Mage is already the most op class, now you want to have it summon an army. The spell is fine as it is. It isn't meant to do much damage, but just as a utility to slow down fast, hard hitting mobs thats you can't outrun and out heal.
  7. Toasted Asian

    Toasted Asian Toasty VIP+

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    Mage is used more in utility, not damage (excluding meteor).
  8. DrCrack

    DrCrack Not an adventurer

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    This is so random
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