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Pets & Horses Higher Horse Level Should Make It More Easy To Get Better Horse

Discussion in 'General Suggestions' started by Spyhy, Dec 25, 2019.


Do you think these changes would be good for wynn?

  1. Yes, help the poor

    13 vote(s)
  2. No, Wynn should stay on all luck to get money

    0 vote(s)
  3. It is an unnecessary change wouldnt change anything

    2 vote(s)
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  1. Spyhy

    Spyhy Well-Known Adventurer VIP

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    In my opinion, there should be like a secondary reward for working hard on horse levels,
    yea making it fast is cool and all but the people that dont have much money and want to get a better horse should be able to do it with hard work and not rely on good luck to bring you a mythic.

    the chances rn are: 20% '+1 Tier' to horse, 30% '-1 Tier' to horse and 50% 'stay the same'

    I would say, every 10% to max level (brown horose every 1 lvl, black every 2 lvls and chestnut every 3 lvls) the chances of getting a better horse should increase by converting 2% from 'staying the same'and 1% '-1 Tier' and add 3% to '+1 Tier' which is not a small change, but think of how much work it would take to level up the horses.

    If everything goes perfect, you have to max:
    8 brown horses (80 levels)
    4 black horses (80 levels)
    2 chestnuts (60 levels)
    1 white horse (40 levels)
    bascially 260 levels to get a max white horse and there is still a chance that it will not work

    example of combinig: Lvl 3 chestnut and lvl 0 chestnut = 23% '+1 Tier', 29% '-1 Tier' and 48% 'stay to same'
    Lvl 30 chestnut and lvl 0 chestnut = 50% '+1 Tier', 20% '-1 T' and 30% 'stay the same'
    Lvl 30 chestnut and lvl 30 chestnut = 80% '+1 Tier' '10% -1 Tier' and 10% 'stay the same'

    These changes would be perfect for poor people who want to farm money and are too poor to buy a billion horses
    for rich people it wouldnt be too bad since they probably already have a white horse or two and have other ways to get money
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  2. Yuno F Gasai

    Yuno F Gasai Forum God, FW, former leader of Imp and Valk

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    But who is gonna ride all those horses?
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  3. TitanZERØ

    TitanZERØ danieljunek16 HERO

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    I'm gonna take my horse to the old town road, I'm gonna ride till my horse is white.

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