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Pets & Horses Cosmetic Sorting system

Discussion in 'General Suggestions' started by alexphilgab, Jul 19, 2021.


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  1. alexphilgab

    alexphilgab The Godsent CHAMPION

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    Hello, here's a very fair and simple suggestion that could bring good qol feature to the game.

    So with the new Event "The Festival of the Bonfire" a new limited cosmetic collection has been added and I suppose there will be other events like this with other collections to get but the problem is that the inventory will begin to be kinda messy.

    What I suggest is to add a "collection page" for each cosmetic collections and in each of them you will have the opportunity to see all the skins of this collection (if named in green the one's you unlocked and in red the one's you need to find) also they will be sorted by rarity so you dont get lost in finding what you are searching.

    Currently we can see before oppening a crate how many cosmetics we have unlocked but adding this feature will let the player know what items he needs to find to complete his collection while also giving a nice and clear interface pretty much like this:
    cosmetic interface.png

    Thank you for reading I hope you liked the idea and any constructive feedback is appreciated.