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[consumable Professions] Increasing The Usability Of Better Mats.

Discussion in 'General Suggestions' started by creature, Aug 1, 2020.


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  1. creature

    creature 50 player EO survivor VIP

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    The suggestion:
    Keep T1 materials as they are.
    T2 materials give an item additional duration, like they do now.
    T3 materials give the item the same duration as T2 materials but gives it +1 use.

    The problems this tries to fix:
    Since consumables are basically only used for boss-fights and boss fight don't last more than 2 minutes unless you're fighting the eye the difference in duration between Tier 1 and Tier 3 rarely matters. And when it does matter, the difference in duration between Tier 2 and Tier 3 rarely matters. This "uselessness" of T3 materials, combined with the fact that they get consumed Makes T3 materials way less desirable for consumables than T3 materials for non-consumables.

    2. Whenever the difference in duration does matter, it's most likely because 6 different great ingredients are put together. The duration for consumables is overall much more forgiving than the durability duration. (It almost feels like ingredients have been balanced around T1 mats for duration T3 mats for durability)
    This Leads to the most optimised thing often just being "spam the same ingredient 6 times for great effect." Unlike the diverse and more thoughtfull recipes we get for the other professions.
    The best example I can come up with for this would be the infamous +6 tier attack speed potion: https://wynndata.tk/cr/719464919 (Though that ingredient is about to be nerfed.)

    Another example would be this: https://wynndata.tk/cr/166141006, which can incredibly easily be improved in both duration and effect using two lunar Charms (https://wynndata.tk/cr/793435401), but the general mindset for as far as I know is that they are useful in non-consumable crafting so it'd be a real waste to use them for consumables. Another thing to note is that the latter recipe still has enough duration for a boss-fight other than the eye with T2 materials.

    The effects this would have:

    Keep T1 materials as they are.
    T2 materials give an item additional duration, like they do now.
    T3 materials give the item the same duration as T2 materials but gives it +1 use.

    The change applies to both materials used. So a recipe using T3 meat and T3 grains and 1x borange fluff will give food with 5 uses and the same duration as T2 meat and T2 grains would give.

    This makes both T3 materials and really good consumable ingredients worth more because when using the two together, you can get the effects from the ingredients more often. It also incentivices creating more complex consumable recipes because the duration no longer allows spamming up to -200s ingredients for scribing and alchemism and up to -650s duration ingredients for cooking. (These numbers get the duration down to a bit over 2 minutes for lvl 103-105. Which is what I consider to be good enough for everything other than the eye.)

    This would also make it easier to balance ingredients for consumables for both T1 and T3 mats as the potential duration range between T1 and T3 is lower.

    In case anybody is wondering, I've looked at this a bit when playing normally and consumables made from T2 mats can still have enough duration with powerfull effects for the whole level range. Not just at lvl 103-105.
    1. It would make some consumables that are already crafted have less duration than they had when they were crafted.

    I don't think that this would be a problem due to how the consumables were ment to be consumed anyway and most often this'd result in a buff for the crafted items most of the time.

    2. It would be inconsistent with durability.

    Normally I'm a big fan of consistency but as I stated before, the duration isn't enough because T1 has enough duration already. Also, weapons get more damage and armor gets more health. I think consumables could get more uses.
    As for jewelry, that's something for another day.

    3. It might be difficult to code.
    Don't know why, but there might be some limitation in the system making it either impossible or very hard to code.
    This is the most used non-xp consumable for as far as I know, crafted with T3 mats.

    This is the same thing but with my changes