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World Changing grind spots

Discussion in 'General Suggestions' started by Potatomancer, Jan 6, 2022.


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  1. Potatomancer

    Potatomancer Make agility great again

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    So the reason grind spots were removed was because people were using it as an alternative to actually learning the Wynncraft storyline, which the devs didnt want. However, these grind spots really helped players level up in certain level ranges, especially level 70+ when corrupted dungeon keys are extremely hard to come by and quests start to become scarce and farther apart level-wise. So, I propose a few changes to grind spots that still make them viable and also don’t bypass the storyline.

    1. Have grind spots only accessible after completing a quest
    For example, doing Frost Bite could unlock a grind spot in Ice Canyon, or Aldorei’s Secret part 2 could unlock a spot in Gylia. This is so people would actually have to see the lore in order to access grind spots.

    2. Have grind spots stop giving exp 3 levels above the level of the quest used to unlock it
    This is so people can’t use these spots to get like 10 levels and skip a huge part of the story line.

    These are my ideas! If you have feedback or more ideas please post them.
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  2. Allankap5

    Allankap5 Living legend and icon

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    I actually really like idea 1 and think it's a really smart way to re-introduce grind spots while still keeping in mind why they were removed. However, I think the issue still remains of players being able to do Frost Bite (for example) and then skip the story for as long as they're able to. I also think idea 2 would be a bit strange as it would be weird to just have mobs suddenly stop giving xp. I think a solution could be to add grind spots from the first idea but just make them a bit less efficient so if somebody really wants they can use them but it would be better to just quest. I think overall though the best solution is to just add more quests for the level ranges in which they are sparse. I know this is easier said than done but I think it would A. Force people to do the story while also not making leveling very difficult and B. Would give people choice as to which quests/storylines they want to go through.
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