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World An Improvement To Scrapping

Discussion in 'General Suggestions' started by ZipperDeer, May 11, 2020.


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  1. ZipperDeer

    ZipperDeer Travelled Adventurer VIP+

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    My Story:

    I've been VIP+ for a few months now and pretty consistently getting on everyday to collect my daily crate. On top of this, with the newest Mothers Day sale, and an overall lack of general well being in the world. I decided to go a little crazy and [for fun] purchased myself a ton of crates. It was after this large scale opening I did of 100+ crates that I realized that the scrapping system for cosmetics might need a little improvement

    The Problems/Solutions:

    As I see it there are 2 issues with scrapping

    Issue #1: Duplicate cosmetics don't stack. This makes it considerably harder if you're trying to scrap low quality cosmetics but still want to keep around a copy or two. I've looked over the page multiple times just to be sure that i'm not over scrapping items I may want to keep. [I do realize that it does highlight duplicates, and that is very helpful but I still think that stacking might be an improvement if possible].

    Issue #2: Lack of multiple pages. The main issue that I have besides the lack of duplicate stacking is the lack of multiple pages in the scrapping menu. I'm trying to keep a collection of at least 1 of every cosmetic I've obtained and the problem now is that I can't continue scrapping because my entire first and only page on the scrapping menu is full with cosmetics I don't want to scrap. So despite the fact that I have plenty of duplicates for scrapping the fact that I can't see them on the scrapping menu makes it impossible to get to them without getting rid of things that I may not want to get rid of.

    TLDR: I think that if there were multiple pages in the scrapping menu or that if duplicate cosmetics stacked that, that would be pretty great.

    Big thanks to the Wynncraft team for this amazing game. Looking forward to many more years.
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  2. WilliamLin5

    WilliamLin5 Skilled Adventurer HERO

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    I do agree with both, I had this problem before lol But we also need a use for duplicate black markets. I have duplicates. I’m sad... after all my work for it..[​IMG]
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  3. TrapinchO

    TrapinchO Free help with nearly everything! VIP+

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    Afaik that is wynntils thing