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Game Mechanics A new teir of item

Discussion in 'General Suggestions' started by Bixlo, Dec 28, 2021.


Whats your opinion on a new item teir?

  1. cool idea id like to read more

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  2. not interested

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  3. dont like this idea, my reason being...

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  1. Bixlo

    Bixlo Got drip like pablo VIP+

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    SO this thread exists. https://forums.wynncraft.com/threads/roots-of-corruption-update-hopefully.297564/
    And I figured that the itea of a teir above mythic might be something interesting to talk about. So hopefully this thread can be the place where it starts :D (merry Christmas everyone)

    My Opinion:
    So alot of people think a rarity above mythic will harm the balance. And I disagree. Therefore speaking if a new teir (lets call it godly for disscusion reasons) existed above mythic, it would simply become the new mythic.

    Legendary found at every 1 out of 10, fabled 1 out of 50 mythic 1 out of 100 and godly 1 out of 200. (these numbers are not actual stats)
    Using this system, godly items would become the new "mythics" without making them op.
    They are much harder to find keeping them rare but still obtainable.

    NOW there is another solution that I prefer.
    Godly is = to mythic.
    Think of it like this. A mythic is a weapon/armor you FIND through lootboxes and grinding. I think godlys should be the ultimate reward from raids/extremely difficult boss fights/deadly tier dungeons etc.
    Think of Godlys as mthics you would earn by trial of combat. (like a desity 2 raid exotic)

    Imo, this gives the ability for hardcore players to get good weapons without having to spend hours lootrunning (which is boring dont fight me). This then can give a balance to mythics and make them a counterpart.

    A third option is to make godlys only obtainable in Dern and the nether. Then godlys can be like the opposites to mythics. Sorta like
    Mythics allied to the light
    Godlys allied to the Darkness.

    Godlys can have something equal in power to mythics that are derived from the dark.
    This allows players to sorta choose their alliance to either of the powers. You can be a soilder of the light, or a solider of the dark (allowing for much richer rpg content).
    Even better, the two Beasts can give dialouge on the weapons. Orphion can be weary of you if you weild a godly, and trusting of you if you weild a mythic.

    Anyways these are just my ideas. Id like to hear what other people think of the idea, have anything they would like to add :D
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