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1.20 Gavel Reborn - Changelog

Discussion in 'Major Updates' started by Salted, Nov 23, 2020.

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    Hello everyone! Turns out promising a full changelog at 3 am on twitter is a bad idea, but hey I still managed to get it done quite fast! 1.20 is almost ready, so let's talk a bit more in-depth about it! Here are the highlights:​
    - Housing
    - Store Changes
    - Guild Rework
    - New Quests & Discoveries
    - Raids
    - Misc. Changes & Bug Fixes

    It always feels a bit weird to write these changelogs because some projects which took months of work get compressed into a few sentences only. Just know this update is massive, and not everything impactful will be highlighted. I recommend you don't skip too much otherwise you might miss important things.

    You should watch the trailer first, it's only 2 minutes long. Visit the 1.20 webpage too for a much shorter version of this changelog

    Alright, let's get started.​


    Housing is coming to Wynncraft! This is probably the most suggested feature in the history of the game (after fixing lag). So much so that it became a little bit of a meme in the community.


    Purchasing + Moving Houses

    In most towns, you will find a big rainbow hot-air balloon. By interacting with it you can purchase your housing plot (for 750 emeralds) and visit yours and other people's house.

    The interesting bit about it is that your house will be floating above the area where you first purchased it. Even cooler: your housing island is equipped with boosters, meaning you can move it from town to town as you wish! Sick of seeing the same colourful Detlas every day? Just move to Lutho!

    Who doesn't love being constantly watched by a giant Eye Tree? Visit Lutho today!
    Block Merchant

    When entering your housing plot, you will have access to two NPCs: the Block Bank and the Block Merchant.


    The Block Bank will contain some starter blocks for you to get started, and some empty space to put your future blocks in. It works the exact same way as the current regular bank, except that it only accepts blocks or NPC spawners (more on that later).

    The Block Merchant will sell you blocks in exchange for materials. On average, it's about 2 materials for 10 blocks, and mostly uses the low-level resources. Note that the price increases the more you purchase the same type of blocks.

    We're hoping this will give some uses to low-level resources. If you don't feel like gathering those yourself, you probably will be able to purchase resources at an affordable price on the Trade Market.

    House NPCs

    The Block Merchant will also be selling NPC spawners in exchange for emeralds. These are your regular NPCs such as Item Identifiers, Blacksmiths, Powder Master, Bank, Trade Market NPC and Crafting Stations. There will also be a new NPC type called Build Stand which can hold items (and skill points) for you and allow you to equip them in & out easily (assuming you have the right rank).

    I'm something of a class builder myself


    We're excited to see what you guys will build on your housing plot (especially if it's a giant statue of your favourite admin)! It can be a great casual break from fighting and exploring or a good way to min-max travelling time between NPCs. Have fun!

    Recently we've made a lot of investments into the future of Wynncraft. Back in April, we've switched the whole network to a new host. It ended up a lot more expensive (more than doubled our monthly server cost) but it fixed some longstanding lag issues we've had with our previous host. We've also hired two new devs to help with development in the past months. This brings our active dev count to five, one of our highest ever (you can probably see the results of that by the sheer size of this update)!

    All of this meant we had to improve our revenues to support the game a bit better. We will, of course, still listen to feedback and keep developing these new features, but so far here's what we came up with:

    New Rank


    We're adding a new highest rank this update: CHAMPION! In addition of giving you everything HERO does, it will also give you:
    - Yellow name and tag [​IMG]
    - Reserved Slots
    This will not kick players already on a server
    - Customizable Character Nickname
    This mostly affects chat. NPCs will call you by your nickname, invites will use your nickname, etc.​
    - Merchant Booth
    This allows you to setup special shops on the map which will sell your trade market items
    - Ability to switch classes to reskinned classes
    - /switch command to quickly switch servers
    This isn't instant and is also available to other ranks. We're also adding a new feature where Hunted players must wait 60 seconds before attacking after joining a server
    - Instant Class Deletion
    - Build Stand NPC in your house
    - Class Backups
    - Bomb Bell
    Notifies you when a bomb is thrown
    - Exclusive House Locations
    Most housing spot are in towns, but CHAMPION will have access to a few special areas such as The Void or Legendary Island
    - /changetag to show a lower-tier rank tag
    - +80 Pet Max Levels
    The first 20 pet levels increases the damage they do in combat, the other levels are for cosmetic perks and Pet Tasks
    - 8x Daily Mob Totem

    We've received a lot of feedback about the rank since we've revealed it a few weeks ago. The #1 complaint is by far the Bomb Bell feature. We're not here to lie to you, so let me say: Yes, it does make it easier for CHAMPION to use other people's bombs. However, we don't think this will be as negatively impactful as some think, here's why:
    - This is the highest rank we'll offer, which means fewer people will buy it
    - When a bomb is thrown, there is often a lot of players on a server already who will benefit and nobody will get kicked
    - There are already popular communities tracking bombs and sometimes even alerting people before a bomb is thrown. We will not shut down those communities and we even have our own #bomb-party channel on our discord anyone can use.
    - And with that, the /switch feature, which would make it easier to switch server where a bomb is thrown, isn't CHAMPION exclusive

    But we're not completely deaf to feedback either, to help any potential problems we will add a random timer to the Bomb Bell. This means that CHAMPION players won't get an instant notification for each bomb every time. We will see during beta how this impact the feature and adjust if necessary.

    The discussions around the new rank have been very civil in general, we thank you all for this. Balancing monetizations can be a tricky beast. We still hope you are all excited for CHAMPION! It's only because of the community and your continuous support that we can keep the server up, and we want to keep the perks as fair as possible while still making people feel awesome for supporting us.


    Existing ranks will also get access to a few new perks for free:
    - /changetag command to change your tag to a lower store rank
    - Ability to switch classes to reskinned classes
    - /switch command to quickly switch servers
    - Bigger Housing Island

    New Pets

    We're adding a bunch of new pets this update! Here are a few...

    PETv3AledarCart.png PETv3ColossalRatBigger.png PETv3TheEye.png PETv3TopHatAlligator.png PETv3Death.png
    In order: Aledar Cart, Colossal Rat, The Eye, Top Hat Alligator, Death

    A good tip for everyone in 2020

    - If you have a high enough rank and level, pets can be pet by you or other players.
    - Pets will now fight mobs for you and level up. Note that having multiple pets active at once will reduce their damage.
    - If you have a high enough rank and level, pets can now receive tasks. You can send them to town to bank/sell/scrap specific items for you.
    - Projectiles will now go through pets. This means that they cannot block your attacks anymore.
    - Pets will vanish if the player is vanished as well (like in quest cutscenes).
    - Fixed a bug where armour stand pets would become invisible when players teleported to a new area.
    - Pets will now say things in chat every so often (the Death pet works especially well with this feature)
    - Pet speed will now match their owner speed
    - Pets won't "fuse together" as often anymore
    - Improved the pet menu to allow pages
    - Improved some pet menu icons
    - Fixed the Playful Bear model
    - On release day, we'll be offering a free pet to everyone on our store


    Other changes

    - Added a T4 crate which contains an even distribution of Epics, Godly and Black Markets
    - Removed commons from T3 crates
    - Attack effects will now save and load properly
    - You can now scrap Black Market items to get 10 Epic items back
    - Improved the scrap menu to have pages
    - Bombs stack will show their quantity in their name
    - Added 4 new hats
    - Added 10 new weapon models


    Guilds have been massively changed this update. Let's start with the more casual/community aspect of it.

    Community & Misc.

    - Added a Guild Bank which allows you to share items with other guild members. There are two different banks: one for everyone, and one for the high ranked members. Make sure to trust your guild members if you put high-value items in there.
    - Added an easy option to switch guild ownership to other guild members
    - Improved the guild creation process
    - Added various Guild menus (member list, territory list, compass shortcut)
    - Now allow Guild Tags to be 3 or 4 letters long when creating a guild
    - Increased the guild creation price to 20 LE (81,920 emeralds)
    - Added a new rank between Captain and Chief: Strategist. Strategists can upgrade your guild towers and territory bonuses (we'll talk about that more later)
    - Added guild notifications popups (you can disable this with /toggle)
    - Added Guild Badges which allow you to set a theme for your guild (ex. Traders, War Hungry, Social, etc)
    - Improved the guild level up message
    - Fixed a bug where guilds wouldn't level up until you joined a new world
    - Reduced level XP requirements (we still suspect levelling might take too long right now, let us know how much effort it takes to level your guild up during beta)
    - Improved the level up rewards

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Starting a war will no longer spawn hundreds of mobs to fight. Instead, you will be transported into an arena with a tower in the center. This tower is called the "Guild Tower" and act like a boss you must defeat. The defending guild can buff this tower with various resources and add special abilities. However it is not a one-time purchase, you must continuously pay to keep your defences up.

    You can see your Guild Tower stats and hourly cost in the guild menu

    Guild Trading Routes

    You get resources by simply holding territories. There are 5 types:
    - Emeralds (generated on every territory)
    - Wood (mostly found in forest territories)
    - Fishes (mostly found in the ocean)
    - Ores (mostly found in Gavel)
    - Crops (mostly found in Wynn)

    After capturing territories, you will have the option to make it a Headquarters Territory. Every 2 minutes, the excess resources each territory gathers will start moving towards your Guild Headquarters one territory at a time. At the same time, your Headquarters will also start sending resources out to your entire empire to feed the needed resources. You can think of your HQ a bit like your empire's heart.

    Here's a small section of the connected territories I used when working on this feature (using the wynndata map)

    Lines show how territories are connected together. This is what resources uses when moving from territory to territory

    When holding a territory, you can improve it (at an hourly cost) in many ways. Here's a few of them:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    As said previously, these buffs are paid for when your Headquarters sends resources out. It is a continuous stream but may take a few minutes to arrive depending on how far away the territory is.

    You can also manage a few other things on each territory. For example, you can set a specific tax rate other guilds have to pay when crossing your territory in their trade route, or decide how you want your resources to move (cheapest or fastest).

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    This might look a bit overwhelming at first, but the system is designed to do a lot of things by itself. For example, if a guild decides to increase their tax rate to an enormous amount midway through a trading route you were using, your trading route will automatically update and avoid it to find a cheaper alternative (assuming you set the style to "Cheapest").


    There might be times where your empire is too far away from important resources to get them yourself. In this case, you can also ally yourself with other guilds. When allied, you can send hourly tributes or gifts to each other to make up for missing resources. But be careful, resources you exchange with allies will also need to move through each territory and get taxed. An enemy guild could cut off your trading routes by closing their borders.


    Other war-related changes:

    - Wars are no longer done on separate servers. Instead, starting a war will bring you and your group to a regular WC server with enough slots.
    - Territories no longer generate XP
    - Added a Territory Map by pressing L (or opening the advancement menu)
    - Added a Guild Icon feature for VIP+ which shows up on the Territory Map
    - Attacking a territory will cost emeralds (you can use your personal emeralds or your guild emeralds)
    - Fixed territories name (llevigar/olux territories east-west being switched, efilim being misspelt)


    Optimizing and managing your empire's economy is essential for success. With this new system, you can achieve this in many different ways: growing your empire diplomatically, making important allies or going to war and stealing other guild's resources. Being at war with other guilds is also not as straight-forward as it used to be. You can play it safe and try to starve an enemy by cutting through their empire, stealing their important territories or breaking their alliances.

    All guilds will keep their level, XP, members and emeralds. Your contributed emeralds will automatically get moved to your Headquarters Territory once you set one up for the first time (make sure to defend it properly). The only thing that will have to get reset is territory ownership. We've tried to keep as much as we could but unfortunately, the system is too different in relation to territories. We hope you understand.

    We're really excited to see you guys try this new system, but there will surely be some growing pain at first. We're hoping this will allow large guilds to have a stable hold of some territories without needing to play 24/7 to defend it, and also give a chance for newcomers to get started without getting instantly destroyed by a guild with 80 territories. But in the end, there's only so many territories, not every guild can shine at once.

    Make sure to give us your feedback once you've tried it and you understand the system well. We're suspecting the first major problem we'll find will be unbreakable alliances. It'll depend on how easy it is to break those alliances and how greedy allies will be. Keep us in the loop! We can't read your private DMs and figure it out ourselves.

    New Quests & Discoveries

    Quests and Discoveries are probably one of the least talked things this update, but they really shouldn't. Here's Grian to talk more about them.


    Hey everyone! Yep! I’m still here and working on Wynncraft every week in the background. This update was never meant to end up the size that it did (This happens every time, but this one really was a LOT bigger than planned). This update, as with the last couple, my job has been to work with our talented CT to bring the world to life - That means quests, discoveries, story and lore.

    As you know, this update focuses on Gavel - more specifically bringing it up to modern standards. When Gavel was made 5 years ago (wow), our tools were limited and it was my first real attempt at my job, and let’s just say, I hope I’m a little better at it now than I was back then.

    So, with some context out of the way, what you really want to know is what quests are remade and what is new?

    So, here is a list of quests that have been “Improved” This means that the core concept hasn’t changed, we went through to make some quality of life improvements, bring the story into the world and anything else we could do with the time constraints we had. Credits here are for GMs only; the full builder credit list is at the end of the changelog!

    I should also make it clear that I did not actually code any of the quests myself, my job is to develop the plot points and the story. The vast majority of the work is firmly placed in the hands of the GM who actually writes the scripts, makes the mobs, requests the builds and polishes the NPC movements. I’m purely there as a director/supervisor role.

    Minor Improvement Quests:

    - Heart of Llevigar (Imaxe & Grian)
    - Clearing the Camps (Imaxe & Grian)
    - Green Skinned Trouble (Imaxe & Grian)
    - Rise of the Quartron (Imaxe & Grian)
    - Maiden Tower (Imaxe & Grian)
    - Crop Failure (Imaxe & Grian)
    - Masterpiece (Imaxe & Grian)
    - Death Whistle (Imaxe & Grian)
    - The Shadow of The Beast (Imaxe & Grian)
    - Shattered Minds (Megido & Grian)
    - Memory paranoia (DrBracewell & Grian)
    - The Hidden City (Leo & Grian)

    Now, some quests were so… Old.. That we needed to do a little more than general improvements. So we gave some quests a full remake (We didn’t change the basis of the quest).

    Full Remake Quests:

    - Worm Holes (Imaxe & Grian)
    - Iron heart series (Imaxe & Grian) (Also Megido for the part 2 Finale)
    - Reclaiming the house (Pepo & Grian)
    - Taproot (Imaxe & Grian)
    - Headless History (Imaxe & Grian) (Formerly Headless Hunt)
    - From the Mountains (Oculism & Grian)
    - Lazarus Pit (DrBracewell & Grian)
    - Finding the Light (Imaxe & Grian)
    - Forbidden Prison (Oculism & Grian)
    - Lexdale Witch Trials (Nicktree & Grian) (Formerly Eye of the Storm)
    - Acquiring Credentials (Pepo & Grian)
    - Aldorei’s Secret Part 1 (Quint & Grian)

    Now, every update has its casualties and this update, unfortunately, is no different. Due to some map changes and limited time, we’ve had to temporarily remove the following quests:

    - Hollow Sirene
    - A Fighting species

    Hopefully, they will be back soon and who knows, possibly better than before?

    This update has obviously brought in lots of improvements. However, there is a more general approach to quest making that we integrated into the province. We wanted to make sure the quests were linked into the province’s story in some way - So you will see some new additions and better explanations of lore for things like the Decay, how it works and how it is affecting the people of Gavel. More on that later though, because I want to highlight the biggest questline in Gavel that we worked on this update, a 5-part series called “The Realm of Light”. In order to do so, I need to introduce you to a new character - Lari. She is an Elf who has been in Gavel for over a thousand years. I don’t want to spoil the journey too much, but she plays an important role in Gavel and has been through a lot over her lifetime. Here is some concept art for her by our talented artist Milieus:

    (Corpe also made a very nice theme song for her. It's the first song you hear in the 1.20 trailer!)​

    Although there are some side-quests to this storyline that will help fill in the gaps, the main quests for this are:

    - Worm Holes
    - Taproot
    - Headless History
    - Finding the Light
    - The Realm of Light

    I look forward to seeing ya’ll play this one through. I think it’s a significant improvement on the original series which by all accounts, never really got finished. These quests changed so much that they may as well be brand new.


    Now, there’s more than just a few gaps in the province that needed filling. That’s why I’m very pleased to announce that the GM team has added in Secret Discoveries for the WHOLE province, including ultimate discoveries. Each region has roughly 6 discoveries each, all with various difficulties attached to finding them. Obviously, I’m not going to spoil them at all because they are meant to be… Discovered. However I will tell you who worked on them: lexicality, LeoTheLeatherman, Finn, Rblotsky, Spring, Oculism, Megido, Glitch, Quint.

    Discoveries can sometimes take more time than quests believe it or not, especially when there are a lot of them to do, so huge thank you to all of the GM’s involved in making discoveries.


    Finally, did you think you weren’t getting any new quests? I saved that news till last. As if all those improvements and remakes weren’t enough, I’m happy to announce we have 3 new quests being added to the game.

    New Quests

    The Feathers Fly (Part 1) - (Jbip & Grian)
    The Feathers Fly (Part 2) - (Jbip & Grian)

    A story about a young Avo woman who dabbles in Corkian technology. The tensions between the two nations of the island are so high that her outlook is not welcome by either. WOAH, Jbip quest AND in Corkus?!

    The Hero of Gavel - (Rblotsky & Grian)

    Wait, he’s real?! That’s right! You, the player, have won a wonderful adventure with Siegfried, the hero of Gavel. I hope it’s everything you dreamed it would be.


    So that’s all from me. As always, I would like to personally and publicly thank the CT for all their hard work on this update, as you can see - It’s pretty big and a lot of work. If you like something made this update, please be sure to let them know. I want to also put a special thank you to Selvut who has helped with writing dialogue for this update, Finn and Oculism who helped with the Lore and Imaxe who has worked very hard improving quests.

    Back to you Salted!


    Raids are finally coming to Wynncraft!


    What are Raids? In short, they're team-focused dungeons on steroids.


    We're bringing you 3 Raids this update:
    - Nest of the Grootslangs (Lv. 60+) found near Olux, team of 4 required
    - Orphion's Nexus of Light (Lv. 80-100+) found in the Realm of Light, team of 4-6 required
    - The Canyon Colossus (Lv. 100+) found near Kandon-Beda, team of 4 required

    With your party, you must clear 3 randomly-selected challenge rooms and defeat a strong boss at the end. Some of you might be thinking you'll try to solo those, but you can't. Not just because Raids are hard, but also because the challenges require teamwork to be completed. In fact, your team is so important that even if you die while raiding, you will be brought back to the raid if your party succeeds without you.


    Buff Rooms

    After each challenge room, your party will be brought to a buff room where you can select a temporary bonus for your character until the raid is completed. They can be really strong too, so surely you cannot lose against these bosses!...



    Last update we brought you a new type of boss: The Eye. He was in fact our test subject to see how well we could do raid bosses with some of our new tools.

    I don't want to spoil too much here, but these new bosses are quite challenging. We don't recommend you fight them on your hardcore characters until you get used to them. It took about 8 tries for our team to succeed against the Nexus of Light's boss for the first time. Good luck!


    Raids will give out the usual XP and emeralds, but they are mostly good for the unique rewards they give. Especially a new item type: Tomes.


    They add basic buffs to your characters such as damage, defence, mob XP bonus, dungeon XP bonus and gathering XP bonus.

    In your compass menu, there will be a new tome button you unlock after completing The Worm Holes quest. It opens this beautiful menu:


    This is where you can place tomes. There is a limited amount of slots for different types of tomes, so don't go thinking you can add 14 "+23% Damage to Mobs" tomes at once. You'll also have to unlock certain slots by doing specific things. Some you will do by accident like "Find Discoveries", others you will need to go out of your way a little bit like "Visit Houses". Funny fact, one of them used to be "Sell Mythic to Blacksmith" but apparently not everyone owns a Mythic? Weird.


    Raids were a massive undertaking worked on by many people, but I want to highlight oculism, Valaerys, Tonarn, AfroSnail, PlasmaticStatic and especially @Pepo here, as he worked (and lead the project) tirelessly for months on every single raid and their bosses. Without him, we wouldn't have been able to finish 3 raids in time nor make them as good as they are.


    We're making a lot of changes to the Forgery! One of it is adding the new Forgery Chest which lets you get XP and Mythics for completing corrupted dungeons without dying or leaving. Read more about this on our August CT news thread



    We're adding new items and rebalancing a few this update as well! You can read some of the upcoming balance change on the Item Thread.

    - Added Gathering XP ID, limited to crafting ingredients
    - Added Gathering Speed ID, limited to crafting ingredients
    - Changed the "Plague" Major ID to not reduce poison damage when spreading
    - Sorcery Major ID will no longer reset your click combo if it triggers mid-way through
    - Added 4 new Major IDs:
    - Freerunner - Double your sprint speed when your sprint bar is under 30%
    - Rally - Charge heals you by 10% and nearby allies by 15% on impact, but becomes harmless
    - Cherry Bombs - Your Smoke Bombs explodes instantly on contact, dealing 150% damage each
    - Explosive Impact - Your "Exploding" ID can trigger when hitting mobs
    - Added a new item type: Tomes
    - Added a new item type: Corkian Amplifier, which allows you to improve your ID rolls when identifying or rerolling items.


    Map Reworks & Changes

    - Reworked Cinfras
    - Reworked Thanos
    - Improved the Llevigar Plains mobs and builds
    - Reworked Kander Forest
    - Improved Gelibord
    - Reworked Lexdale
    - Reworked Bucie
    - Reworked Aldorei
    - Reworked Eltom
    - Improved Gylia Lake
    - Reworked the Molten Heights texturing
    - Reworked the Realm of Light
    - Improved the road between Llevigar and Olux
    - Improved parts of Canyon of the Lost
    - Reworked Maltic
    - Reworked Katoa Ranch
    - Improved the Emerald Trails builds
    - Reworked Kitrios Barracks
    - Improved Cinfras County
    - Reworked Light Forest borders
    - Reworked Kander Forest borders
    - Reworked pretty much all Grind Spots to remove barriers and to make them more interesting
    - Reworked many caves to be more interesting

    Misc. Changes & Bug Fixes

    This section may appear minor, but it contains a lot of important changes.

    - Added a new Boss Altar in the Silent Expanse. It's a very cruel boss.
    - Improvements to some weapon models (thunder spears, earth bows, etc)
    - After joining a server, players will have to wait 1 minute before being able to attack other players in Hunted
    - Improvements to some sprites and block textures (cobblestones, red X icon, etc)
    - New item restriction type: Soulbound. Items with this restriction will only be usable on the specific character that first got the drop
    - Changes to item drop rates. You will now be able to find items in low-level areas even if you are high level (at a reduced rate)
    - Adjusted item drop rate. The drops are overall lower, but this change mostly affects the early game much more than the endgame.
    - Adjusted Blacksmith item buying price. It should now be profitable to sell most items.
    - Dungeon keys now allow up to 4 players to enter a dungeon at once.
    - Added popups notifications when certain events happen (you can /toggle it off)
    - Made Quests auto track when stages update (you can /toggle it off)
    - Made Quest tracking show up on the scoreboard (you can /toggle it off)
    - Fixed a bug where quests wouldn't update their stage properly when tracked
    - Lowered profession XP requirements for low to mid-levels
    - Tracking a quest will now make your hotbar compass point to coords (if any are found)
    - Tracking a quest will spawn a beacon where the quest objective is (if there are coords, you can also /toggle it off)
    - Lowered ingredient drops in loot chests
    - Added a quick-travel system to Cinfras
    - Fixed a bug where mobs would sometime phase through walls
    - Added a new language: High Gavellian
    - Added more diversity to Wynn cities
    - Some quests will now give profession XP
    - Resource tunnels/dungeon will give a temporary gathering XP boost

    Release date + HERO Beta

    This update will have a HERO beta! For those unaware of what it is, it's a special beta separated from the regular servers where people with the HERO rank (and CHAMPION now) can join and help us test. We're hoping to release the beta late November or at worse, early December. If everything goes well (it never does), the actual release would be mid-December or so. We're expecting a somewhat buggy beta, as it is a massive update.

    We'll post a thread in the news section once HERO beta is ready with a bit more information. You can also follow us on our social medias to get notified when it happens.

    As usual, after each major update, we also write the name of everybody who helped in this section. This update is especially huge too, and that's only possible because of everyone named below. If you've read this whole changelog already, take an additional minute to read these credits, these people really deserve it.

    Special thanks to the builders who have created amazing builds this update. Take a look around sometimes just admiring their work, it's breathtaking.

    A Brief Word From Colin:
    Salted gave me special permission to write a small note on the changelog so here we go: In the 4 years which I have worked here, I have never seen such a year filled with bug fixing, positive development, passion, and much more. In fact, I told Salted at the end of 2019 that I had a good feeling this would be the year we would conquer a slew of bugs. Oh was I right: we worked on making our network more stable, QA was hard at work filing and fixing reports (in fact many quests got a "tune-up" and should be much more stable), much of those pesky bugs were squashed, and on top of that we were able to bring you all this huge update! If you see a CT member around, make sure to thank them. If it weren't for their passion and hard work this update wouldn't be as nearly content-packed as it is. I am very proud of and thankful for each and every one of them.

    Note: The lists below are not of everything everyone's ever done, just the highlights

    Admins & Devs

    Salted (@Salted): Owner, management, raid/guild game design, housing, 4 am leaking on discord
    Jumla (@Jumla): Owner, management, development, reviewed 50k lines of code, made coffee without dropping it
    Grian (@Grian): Owner, management, quest/discoveries design, lore, 200x times more popular than the other owners yet is listed third

    Colin350 (@colin350) : Dev, major IDs, website, raid system, content team tools, bug fixes
    APOLLO (@Apollo): Dev, housing, store, bug fixes
    Crunkle (@Crunkle): Was likely alive during all this? also guild development
    HeyZeer0 (@HeyZeer0): Dev, guild wars, quest tracking, bug fixes

    Content Team (mostly in order of who's fastest to reply to discord messages)

    Imaxe (@Imaxelius): All light realm quests, reworked/improved most of the quests we changed
    ConquistadorBob (@ConquistadorBob): Cinfras, Raid Bosses, Grindspot rework
    Hams_ (@Hams): Build team, workload and project management
    Pepinho (@Pepo): Reclaiming the House + Acquiring Credentials quest, Raids, Quests, Forgery Chest
    sanmarcosjca (@Marco): Realm of Light, Misc. Builds
    Oculism_ (@oculism): Sky Islands Discoveries, From the Mountains + Forbidden prison quests, Raids
    LeoTheLeatherman (@Jack Jackson): The Hidden City quest, Cinfras, Light Forest & Kander Discoveries, Quest Reworks
    springel (@SpringVibes): Kander discoveries
    Thomka (@Thomka): Scaled dungeon mobs, raid work, moral support
    Mr_Nate_ (@Mr_Nate_): Lazarus Pit, Ava's Beanstalk, Almost half of the Hog cave
    seeksery (@seeksery): Many Doors, Grootslang Hole Attack, Yahya's Final Form Intro Cutscene
    Mergual (@Mergual): All ruined Colossus builds (Void and Sky Islands), cave from Crop Failure, Kander forest texturing work
    HalfCat_ (@HalfCat_): Gelibord, Colossus/Archlad
    AfroSnail (@AfroSnail): New Bucie, new forgery, and lots of different raid rooms.
    Valaerys (@Valaerys): gavel styles, orphion's temple/raid builds, cmds
    lexicality_ (@Lex!): Clock Mystery Rework, Talking Mushroom, Silent Expanse Boss Altar Spells
    milieus (@milieus): Designed, edited and made many NPC skins including Lari, Ava, and a variety of additional citizens
    Chigo_ (@Chigo_): ROL Grindspot
    MegidoGamerGod (@MegidoGamerGod): Various Canyon & other discoveries, Shattered Minds improvements, Canyon of the Lost Ultimate Discovery
    ShintaroTetsuya (@Shin T): Llevigar builds, dernmite nest for a Dark Forest Discovery, Made and retextured some paths/caves and built various decorations all in CoTL
    ReneCZ (@ReneCZ): Void floating stuff and helping with discoveries
    Snerp (@Snerp): Light forest portal/border, thanos entrance, terrain work
    Oculus27 (@Oculus27): Miscellaneous building help
    Hypochloride__ (@Hypochloride): Dullahan Castle, a lot of Kander builds mostly the outer area, COTL builds
    Aethyx (@Aethyx): Forbidden Prison Exterior, Veekhat's Lab Entrance, Kronos/Temporal Rift Clock Mystery Arenas
    Dwicey (@Dwicey): Eltom Rework, Rodoroc + MH Entrances, Some guild towers
    rblotsky (@A Human): Olux Discoveries, Hero of Gavel, Lots of bugfixes
    xSuper_Jx (@xSuper_Jx): New items
    Altakar (@Altakar): Gathering XP and speed ingredients, miscellaneous ingredients and changes
    Minecars539 (@Minecars539): Ruined Kander city, Dullahan’s dungeon redo (The one beneath his castle) COTL redos
    Quintessee (@quin tesser): Aldorei's Secret Part I, Misc builds, terrain work, moral support
    FinnDestren (@FinnDestren): Llevigar Plains and Light Forest secret discoveries, minor lore fixing, High Gavellian language
    pogge5 (@pogge5): Colossus parkour room, Aldorei mansion, cave textures
    Tonarn (@Tonarn): Large amount of the rooms used in raids, almost all of ruined city in Kander and two eco caves in the Kander region
    W0RD (@W0RD): General tidying up, Cotl terrain smoothing and retexturing, and some small ruins in Kander
    Korvey12_KH (@Korvey12_KH): Siegfried statue, reworked molten heights, guild towers
    Aucorg (@Aucorg): Realm of light redo, Airbase redo, hella armorstand models
    Toy__ (@Toy__): Kander eco caves, barriers, much testing
    Sockmower (@Sockmower): ftl puzzle, assorted fixes around the map
    mr_goob_ (@mr_goob_): A section of the forbidden prison, A terrain re-work on the quest "From the Mountains"
    DrBracewell (@DrBracewell): Remade Lazarus Pit, touched up Memory Paranoia, a load of CMD contraptions
    PlasmaticStatic (@Plasmatic): Aldorei mountains, Gylia/canyon terrain, raid rooms
    ExertKarma (@ExertKarma): Ozoth's Spire, builds for Cinfras County ultimate discovery
    Xannuh_ (@Xannuh_): Helped with Kander such as the Big Mushrooms, Helped build in the Siegfried quest
    Bart_MC (@Bart (MC): Some work on items & ingredients.
    NagisaStreams (@NagisaStreams): Raid Testing and Barriers
    Moshiboo (@Moshimoo): Built a couple of arenas for the Clock Mystery
    Sxmi (@Sxmi): Helped build Kander and Molten Heights
    Glitch496 (@Glitch496): MH Ultimate, three other MH discoveries
    zeldahuman: New resource pack
    Kiocifer (@Kiocifer): New crate weapon + hat models, Orphion model
    Ryu: Logo art
    zimtcake (@Zimtcake): Building caves in nearly all regions (Lightforest, Kander, MH, Quests), improving Quest areas
    Selvut283 (@Selvut283): Boss Altar(s?), Various Gavel Mob Redos, Quest Dialogues
    XavierEXE (@XavierEXE): Music and Items (Endgame Armour Rebalance!)
    BlockSpiration (@BlockSpiration): Helped with a few touching up of props/terrain and small builds in regions of Kander and Thesead
    aws404 (@aws404): Improved caves and made them more consistent, helped out with the new and improved Gavel quests
    Jbip (@Jbip): The Feathers Fly Quests, Juggler Tavern, Misc. Content
    nicktree (@nicktree): Lexdale Witch Trials and Modeling
    SwisskyTM (@SwisskyTM): Lake Gylia cave
    corpe_ (@corpe): Grootslang Boss Theme, Colossus Boss Theme, Ult Discovery Music
    _Nova___ (@xXTheNovaXx): Aldorei rework, Raid platforms
    fongus (@fongus): Volcanic caves & mountains, Aldorei structures, Organics
    ptoooooooo (@ptobey): Some animations in a cave.
    Caldie_ (@Caldie): Dogun city for DnD, some small fixes around the map

    Special thanks to our Moderation team for all their hard work the last year. Furthermore, special thanks to our QA team which tripled in size and worked really hard being more of a bridge between the community and the development of this update.

    Thank you for reading the changelog and the credits! We'll see you on the HERO beta!
    - Wynncraft Team
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    I don't see T H E R C K S T A I R S... unacceptable.
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    he stayed true to the twitter challenge... wow
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    No listed elemental exercise changes, extremely disappointed. That quest completely misinforms new players and leads them to make bad choices.
    @A Human YOOOOOO
    Cherry bombs look pretty OP unless they're on an item that sucks/kills smoke bomb cost
    Rally is cool
    Freerunner is a "did this need to exist" but still very cool
    Explosive Impact is cool
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    It's official: gamer time initiated
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    also quests giving profession xp :o
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    Oh, ok. Nice job.
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    Thank you Salted, very cool!
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    It's time...
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    Time to make a video about this
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    /gu leave
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    Quite an epic changelog!

    Well done to the team for another amazing update. Really hope this one blows it out of the water, which seems like it.
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