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May 23, 2019 at 4:55 PM
Aug 30, 2017
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May 25
the Bug Reports Sea


Bug Reports helper and theorycrafter, Male, from the Bug Reports Sea

Day 235 - Okay, there's some interesting developments with wars, the Hero Beta being up, and Crunkle coming back for whatever reason today. May 22, 2019 at 2:22 PM

Altakar was last seen:
Viewing forum Bug Reports, May 23, 2019 at 4:55 PM
    1. Altakar
      Day 215 - More silence coming from every facet of this forum. I sometimes don't even feel the need to keep posting here. Wonder what's next.
    2. Altakar
      Day 213 - More days missed. I don't even know what my ratio is anymore. Does anyone even read these or have I gotten myself shunned on here?
      1. Egg likes this.
    3. Altakar
      Day 211 - If you have not seen the final game of the Hearthstone World Championship, see it. It's a game that's going to go down in history.
      1. WithTheFish likes this.
      2. H0Y0Y0Y0Y0Y0B0Y
        This new meta is wack, I'm getting back into it but all I know are Witchwood cards.
        Apr 28, 2019
    4. Altakar
      Day 210 - I don't plan on watching Avengers: Endgame, so I want to make this a place to discuss the movie but that's going to get me banned.
      1. Moss
        thanos was revealed to be black in endgame which was insane
        Apr 27, 2019
    5. Altakar
      Day 209 - I may have already screwed myself pretty quickly. That being said, I think I've been getting mostly good news lately. That's nice.
    6. Altakar
      Day 208 - Despair is gonna hit so here's something sad: High in the halls where the kings are now gone, Jenny would dance with her ghosts...
    7. Altakar
      Day 207 - Finally have the entirety of the Wynncraft subforum marked as read. It's not like I read any of this stuff but it isn't important.
    8. Altakar
      Day 206 - Not much happening right now. Life is slowing down and the opportunity to screw me up is back up for grabs. For this challenge....
    9. Altakar
      Day 205 - I think I need to amend my rule for helping people on the Bug Reports Sea to not include ungrateful players. It's about time, too.
    10. FallenFactory
      I see a fellow hearthstone player
      1. Altakar
        At least I make half-decent custom cards
        Apr 22, 2019
    11. Altakar
      Day 204 - It's another Sunday which means the next Game of Thrones episode will be on tonight. It's likely going to hit the fan in Westeros.
    12. Altakar
      Day 203 - Apparently due to the aligning of the months and days we use today to celebrate a drug that you smoke to get high. That's curious.
      1. Aarontti
        happy 20/4 day
        Apr 20, 2019
    13. Altakar
      Day 201 - Spring Break is here for me and I'm much more relaxed. However, I have to read about 80 pages per day to study for the APUSH test.
      1. Slynnder and Ascended Kitten like this.
    14. Altakar
      Day 200 - Holy crap, two hundred days of posting my curious wisdom from the Bug Reports Sea. Next milestone is going to be one year of this.
      1. Slynnder likes this.
    15. Altakar
      Day 199 - I saw the Game of Thrones premier episode one day late. It was pretty chill until it got to the end of the episode at Last Hearth.
      1. Quackk likes this.
      2. Quackk
        Bruh the way Jaime and Bran connected eyes
        Apr 16, 2019
        Altakar likes this.
    16. Altakar
      Day 198 - Super tired. I need to read a 900-page textbook to cram for the APUSH test next month. Don't expect me to be very active right now
    17. Altakar
      Day 197 - It took me basically twenty weeks to get a result for my GM app. I didn't get that Accepted, but at least I didn't get denied now.
    18. Altakar
      Day 196 - I wonder what I'm gonna be doing today. Chilling on the forums, working on my trial, and screwing around on Discord. Ah, routines.
    19. Altakar
      Day 195 - I'm getting an extreme sense of emptiness from the Bug Reports Sea. So many have left and I feel very, very burnt out. It's awful.
      1. Slynnder
        i know what you mean, haven't seen bear force in a while. and for me, most of the bug reports i find not already solved are something that a simple player cant do to fix it themself
        Apr 14, 2019
    20. Altakar
      Day 194 - Lately things have been going... just okay. It could be better but it's definitely going to get worse sooner or later. Gotta hope.
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    May 25
    the Bug Reports Sea



    27th to 100 Jeweling / 2 classes at 103 / if you need any ideas for OP crafteds or help on a bug hit me up and I'll figure it out
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