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Wynncraft Texture Pack Problems

Discussion in 'Questions' started by RainbowWafflz, Jul 18, 2019.

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  1. RainbowWafflz

    RainbowWafflz Newbie Adventurer

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    I recently started playing Wynncraft and although I love the game, I've been having trouble with the resource pack. Whenever it prompts me to accept the resource pack I always click yes and it just doesn't load. I've tried literally everything. I've followed the official guide, enabled server resource packs, gone into my appdata folder, updated my launcher, I even tried to download a separate Wynncraft texture pack but couldn't find a pack that was compatible. If anyone has any other suggestions please let me know!
  2. Northie_

    Northie_ ¿❤︎? Staff Member Moderator HERO

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    Try deleting the resource pack from your server-resource-packs folder and rejoining, if that doesn't work you could download it yourself so you don't have to load it in every time with these steps:

    Manual installation of resourcepack (On PC):
    - Go to your minecraft directory (%appdata%/.minecraft)
    - Go into the 'server-resource-packs' folder
    - There should be a file named like complete gibberish (eg. "134b041b0ea5202db006746122010791cb438f4d") [pick the most recent file]
    - Right click on it and press rename
    - Rename it to 'WynnPack.zip'
    - Move that file into your resourcepacks folder
    - Load it through minecraft options (Put the resource pack on)
    - Disable server resource packs for wynncraft (Click in the server in the menu then click edit, then disable it)
    - Join a server
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