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Wynncraft Meme Thread

Discussion in 'Wynncraft' started by Druser, Jun 21, 2019.

  1. Benjin

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    Pretty much Theorick when he gets corrupted

    YYGAYMER reeeee FW FW HIC Master HERO Featured Wynncraftian

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    I can't believe Theorick is the pro nether pvper

    makes sense for being corrupted
  3. Nukewarmachine

    Nukewarmachine Killing the Eye and Dr. Legendary bc I’m bored lol VIP

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    This legit happened to me last week
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2020
  4. Bart (MC)

    Bart (MC) Local IM (MC) Item Team HERO

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    what, did you think i was done?
    to be fair, i did as well, until someone mentioned ingredients as items and i couldn't sleep afterwards
    you know the drill, all ingredients, ordered by combat level
    same abbreviatons as last time, but i'll do xp/lb i/o bonus, lq = loot quality, sr = sprint regen, eff = ingredient effectiveness and rofl for thORns reFLection trust me it works
    i'll also mention flipping if an ingredients seems to be pretty good at it at face value with a //
    now, let's finish The List so i can go sleep at night again

    vortexian event horizon - r tier // r reqs
    shrieker's head - f health wreqs
    rigid fin - n sr dmg
    portal rift - a mana sp
    plane of nonexistence - "n" dmg
    glow bulb seeds - f sp hpr
    expelled shrapnel - eta melee
    vim veins - n reqs health
    retinal barbs - f sp
    infected mass - n dura
    dense void hole chunk - e dmg
    toxxulous ripper's legs - a ws melee
    soul essence - n melee
    plutonium - e psn
    leg eater tooth - et dmg
    larbonic sheddings - n ele def
    insanity star - r dmg // rreqs
    gunkfueled core - e sp freqs // ereqs
    green foot - f health areqs
    doom stone - n eff
    decaying arteries - n spell
    alnamar - n ele def
    viral tentacle - n dmg
    vile stone - a wreqs ws
    toxic lumps - "n" dmg
    sludge parasite - n psn
    popped pustule - "n" dmg
    condensed darkness - n mana wreqs // health spell
    calcified ligament - e spell
    ancient currency - n lq lb
    acidic remains - "n" dmg
    optic fiber - n rofl
    wind ornament - a ws
    urdar's stone - e dmg
    retinal membrane - n lq
    green opal - e hpr
    flow of fate - "n" dmg
    engored oculus - e ls ws treqs
    deep ice core - w spell dmg // wreqs
    dark iris - n hpr
    dark matter - n melee
    crystallized organ - n lq
    cataratite - n dura
    borange fluff - n eff
    black hole - t tier // treqs melee
    adamastor's faceplate - n health areqs ele def
    skyraider coin - t stealing
    sky flux - "n" dmg
    farcor's trust - n health
    fairy powder - n mana spell
    demonic blood - n ls psn
    cursed wings - et dmg // etreqs
    sylphid tears - a dmg
    red mercury - n health
    ocea steal - n dmg
    holy powder - n hpr
    ghostly plume - a sp
    dragonling egg - n ele def
    dragonling scale - n ele def
    dragon aura - n dmg
    angelic gem - r ele def // rreqs
    plasteel plating - n eff
    ominous pearl - n xp
    hydrofluoric acid - w dmg psn
    glimmering beak - a dmg lb
    contorted stone - n sp
    voidstone sample - n ls
    storm horn - "n" dmg
    sought-after ore - n lq
    silver feather - n lb
    grey cloud - n ele def
    forgotten pickaxe - e dmg melee
    draconic bone marrow - n charge eff
    calmed thunder - t ele def
    broken pick - e melee
    blighted skull - n dura
    void essence - n spell
    sky snail shell - f hpr rofl
    silver bullet - t melee dmg
    shiny mineral deposit - r sp // rreqs
    pride of the heights - n eff
    mixed mineral deposit - e health melee // spell ereqs
    mixed jewel deposit - e dmg
    mais carapace - n rofl
    luu luu vertebrae - n health
    linear accelerator - t spell dmg
    gravitation crystal - w spell tier
    demonic ashes - "n" dmg
    kaian scroll - n sp
    infernal flesh - "n" health dmg
    soulbound cinders - "n" mana spell dmg
    serpent's fang - n psn melee
    unmeltable ice - ea ele def
    tempered core - f dmg
    stolen seeds - n stealing
    sentient shadow - n ws
    pegasus feather - a dmg // areqs sp
    mythical hoof - r sp // rreqs
    marrow dust - n hpr
    glacial anomaly - w spell mana
    broken helmet - e melee // ereqs
    hardend mandible - n efreqs
    acid magma - f psn
    wybel fluff - n sp
    turtle shell - n rofl
    throbbing avos heart - n spell hpr
    shorting wire - t dmg
    rotten teeth - n melee
    pirate beard - w dmg melee
    perkish potato - n dmg
    overheated processor - tf ls
    optic lens - n rofl
    marsufosa pelt - n ws
    incremental mapping module - a mana ws // areqs health
    fiberglass frame - f sp
    enchanced post-processing microchip - f ls hpr // freqs
    enchanced potential microchip - n spell melee
    enchanced pathfinding microchip - e psn melee // ereqs
    enhanced physics microchip - a dmg rofl // ereqs
    enchanced behaviour microchip - w mana spell // wreqs
    enhanced dynamics microchip - t mana melee // treqs
    ashen hide - f dura
    7-yottabyte storage component - n tfareqs
    serpent tongue - n spell melee
    panda king's crown - n ele def
    melted steel - f ele def
    fluffy fur - n ele def
    fighting stick - n tier ws
    terra steel - ef dmg
    rocky mind - e sp
    fiery aura - n health sp
    colossus' shard - n sp charge
    lost spirit - n mana spell
    hybrid skin - t ls
    hardened magma - f health
    crystalline growth - w mana spell
    charred carapace - f dmg
    watery aura - n mana sp
    razor-sharp tooth - t melee
    ivory tusk - n hpr
    golden avia feather - n charge eff
    elephelk trunk - ew dura // ewreqs dura
    thorned tusk - n melee rofl
    tentacle - w sp
    tender pork fillet - "n" dmg
    succulent crab meat - e dmg
    sharp claw - t melee
    robot antenna - t sp
    protective fabric - n ele def
    piquant pork fillet - n charge hpr
    piercing talons - t dmg
    old explosives - n efreqs
    magmatic skin - f sp
    fancy pelt - n ele def
    elephant toenail - n health
    burning soul - "n" dmg
    tough skin - f health
    hapry wing - a ws
    flameheart - f health hpr // freqs
    earthly aura - n melee sp
    cyclops eye - n sp
    stolen goods - n xp
    shiny pebble - e dmg xp
    shattered blade - t dmg
    rock-hard beak - n sp
    plucked feather - n ws // health
    nose ring - n dura melee // dura ws
    mega fern - n dmg health hpr
    goblin tooth - n stealing
    engraved tablet - w sp
    cortrich eggs - n sp
    cat tail - n ws
    windy aura - n ws sp
    stone plating - n health // ws
    hapry bone - n dmg
    platinum ingot - n lb
    aged tome - w spell
    poorly-made pouch - n lb
    lockpicking kit - n lb stealing
    corbys innards - n hpr
    agulla beak - a dmg ws
    major's badge - n eff
    magic feather - n hpr
    energetic aura - n mana
    congealed slime - n ele def
    ball of slime - "n" dmg
    bamboo - n dura
    ritual catalyst - w mana spell ereqs tier // tier wreqs
    slimy skin - "n" mana dmg
    resilient stone - n ele def
    primordial soul - n rreqs
    pig's remains - n hpr
    pig's skull - e sp
    hunter's disguise - a sp
    gert skin - e health
    depth's gem - n spell sp
    braveheart - f hpr
    antique metal - n dura
    ancient moss - e dmg
    world illuminator - w sp
    pure rain stone - n dmg
    pig's blood - n ls
    gylia essence - w dmg sp
    durable skin - ef sp
    blessed heart - n charge
    soggy stone - "n" dmg
    royal bug's blood - w spell xp
    obelisk core - n eff
    accursed effigy - f mana dmg
    wood scrap - e dmg
    unicorn horn - n eff
    sentient water - w mana
    iceberries - n mana
    fish scales - n ele def
    arcane anomaly - w mana // spell wreqs
    gollier iron - e sp
    prized coin - n xp lb
    gilded bark - n mana hpr
    stack of coins - n xp lb
    smokebomb - a ws sp
    purest tear - n dura
    prickly grass - n rofl
    luxic plasma - "n" dmg
    broken dagger - e melee
    werewolf tail - n ws
    recluse venom sac - e psn
    glowing scales - n rofl
    fairy dust - w dmg
    beastial viscera - n health dmg
    myconid spores - "n" dmg
    lost talisman - n rofl
    foul fluid - n psn
    wriggling darkness - t ls dmg
    titanium chunk - f health
    subsuming darkness - t ls
    rancid flesh -n dmg
    pristine claw - t dmg
    pearlescent jewel - w dmg
    more-pearlescent jewel - w spell
    large titanium chunk - f health
    ironwood chips - e melee hpr // tier
    ghostly membrane - a sp
    fresh game - n health
    elemental crystal - n health dmg
    severed heart - n ls
    squid - n mana
    leafy stalk - ew hpr
    iridescent elytra - a ws
    phrumkin seeds - n dmg health
    snake skin - n ws dmg
    mahogany - e melee sp
    leapard blood - n tier // spell
    kerasot sporehead - n ls psn // tier
    decaying heart - n eff
    curse gland - e dmg
    tenebrous plasma - n spell ws
    nasty residue - n dmg
    cursed ashes - n mana
    luxroot cuttings - n dura
    essence of dusk - n spell
    defiled luxroot - n dura
    chitin plate - t health
    ancient metal - n dmg
    tungsten chunk - f health
    orc skin - ef sp
    naval shard - w dmg
    native jadeite - w spell
    naval stone - n spell
    maromagnetite - f sp
    maroferrous - e dmg sp
    lithoflesh - n dura // dura health
    lashing hellfire - n eff
    hellish cinders - f spell sp
    unholy spirit - n dura
    soft silk - fa sp
    putrid spores - n psn
    black steel - t dmg
    overgrown bones - n hpr
    fresh game - n xp lb
    victim's skull - n dura
    spiked capsule - n hpr
    rusty axe head - n dura
    ibjub fruit - n ls
    aquatic beauty - n sp
    aqua vitae - "n" dmg
    alga - n melee
    adventurer's diary - n xp
    acidic solution - n psn
    soapstone - a dmg
    sealed blaze - n ele def
    ancient coins - n xp lb
    zhight weird magic rock - n spell
    squid brain - n dmg
    crumbly rock - e sp
    bloodstained remains - n ls
    zhight shiny stone - n lb xp
    zhight coral piece - w ele def
    gloomy orb - "n" dmg
    bottle decay - "n" dmg
    the grootslang's heart - ef health
    severed leg - n dmg
    metal scraps - n dura
    herrbstzeitlose - "n" dmg psn
    zhight weird herbal mix - n dura
    red crystal dust - n charge ls sp
    naga tail - "n" dmg
    mineral cinder - n dmg
    lizard tail - n hpr
    broken steel blade - e dmg
    broken steel hook - t dmg
    broken antic bead - n lb
    galvanic stone - ef dmg
    zombie eye - e dmg
    thick vines - n ele def
    stolen harvest - n hpr
    lizard scale - n health
    cursed venom sac - n psn
    reptile scales - n ls
    gelatinous slime chunk - n dura
    viscous slime - n psn
    primitive delicacy - n dura
    corroded chunk - n dmg
    wriggling wooden arm - n dmg
    torn skin - n psn
    nightmare fuel - n mana ls
    flesh-forged circuit - t dmg
    eye of the beast - n mana eff // spell eff
    enchanted chain link - n dmg // mana
    dominant force - n eff
    large lapis - n spell // sp
    yeti fur - n ele def
    ghostly essence - "n" dmg
    viking stone - w dmg sp
    pykrete - n dura
    pillaged fragment - n lb stealing
    penguin egg - n ele def
    orc teeth - e dmg
    frozen ghostly essence - w areq spell // wreq ws
    bandit rations - n xp
    snow clump - "n" dmg
    pure quartz - n spell
    primeval skin - ef sp
    icy shard - "n" dmg
    empty casings - n dmg
    chipped quartz - n spell
    bottled fairy - w mana
    bloodweb - n ls
    black sulphur - "n" dmg
    archaic medallion - n hpr
    ancient heart - n dura
    wendigo bone - n ls
    poison sac - n psn
    orc eye - e dmg
    green scale - e dmg
    frostbitten flesh - f health
    wood shavings - n xp
    twisted organ - n spell // mana
    torn rawhide - e sp
    spider leg - a ws
    snow heart - "n" dmg
    owl feather - n ws
    foul fairy dust - w spell // mana wreq
    acidic blood - n psn
    troll hair - n dmg
    ice fragment - a lb
    gold nugget - n lb
    fish tail - n mana
    defishious - n dura mana
    wolf fang - n dmg
    rotten log - e dmg
    stretched rawhide - f sp
    shimmering jewel - w spell
    rabbit carcass - n sp
    ice silver - t sp
    squid beak - n dmg
    lunar charm - n eff
    lava blisters - f dmg
    swooper wing - "n" dmg
    shinesting scorpion tail - t dmg
    lucky rabbit's foot - n xp lb
    limestone core - f sp
    gunpowder - n dmg
    eternal flame - n hpr sp
    bat heart - n ws dura // dura spell melee
    ancient panel - f dmg hpr
    weathered idol - "n" dmg spell ws
    lunar chunk - n spell
    burial talisman - t dmg
    algae mat - n rofl
    tanned flesh - f ele def
    stonewalker core - e sp
    stolen pearls - n dura stealing
    sharp edge - n melee
    crystal dust - w spell
    condor feather - a dmg
    chain loop - f health // freqs
    sandy bonemeal - e dmg
    scalding sand - f dmg
    salt - n dura
    prized pelt - n rofl
    lunar shard - n mana
    coyote fang - t sp
    terracotta chunk - e ele def
    dry bone - n dura
    dried kelp - n dura
    snake scale - freqs rofl
    sea salt - n dura
    scarab husk - n dura sp
    lunar dust - n spell
    gritty rocks - n dmg
    crawler eye - n ws
    spark of the oasis - tw dmg
    gold bar - n lb
    glittering silt - n lb stealing
    dead naval shard - n dmg
    crawler web - n dura
    soft sand - n dmg
    router's shield - f health sp
    powdery bone - n ws
    oceanic sand - w ele def
    mashed insect - n hpr
    haros' broken badge - t spell
    fiery essence - "n" dmg
    desert fossil - fa sp
    cracked skin - n sp
    coagulated soulmass - n eff dmg
    chaotic embers - f dmg
    portal emanation - w spell
    strange geode - e ele def
    squid ink - "n" dmg
    lion fang - n dmg
    cat food - n mana
    captain's glass - e melee
    spike residue - f health
    seabird egg - n sp
    oceanic silt - n dmg
    lion heart - f dmg sp
    enraged soul - f dmg
    worn coin - n lb
    seabird feather - "n" dmg
    mangled soul - t dmg
    glimmering coin - n lb ws
    electroplasm - t sp
    blaze powder - "n" dmg
    unsettling soul - n dura mana
    sticky fern - n ls
    snake tooth - n psn ws
    reinforced leather - e health
    shattered memory shard - a dmg
    piranha jaw - t dmg ws
    ocelot tail - n ws
    aged medallion - w xp dmg
    fake tooth - n lb
    crawler sludge - n dmg
    conscription letter - n stealing
    beef tongue - n health hpr
    tendon clump - n sp
    residual spirit - t dmg ls
    cracked geode - e sp
    spider eggs - n psn
    shredded bone - n rofl
    seagrass - n sp
    river clay - "n" dmg
    ocelot pelt - a ws
    haleva plant - n mana
    fuming lava rock - f dmg // freqs
    corn husk - n hpr
    carapace fragment - a ws dmg
    tough bone - n dura
    laryngeal flesh - e melee
    horse mane - n ws
    decaying skin - n psn
    bug parts - e dmg
    thick mud - n sp
    sticky mudball - e melee
    salt water - n health
    muscle - n health melee
    bone meal - n dmg
    waterlogged branch - n melee
    volatile matter - n melee
    truffle - n health
    split essence - n mana spell
    snake eye - a sp
    rotting bone - "n" dmg psn
    old bone - n dmg
    mixed seeds - n dura
    dry seeds - n ws
    blighted brain - n lb
    coastal shell - f sp
    spellbound ash - w spell
    smooth silt - f health
    rose - n rofl
    infused gold - n lb
    worn memorabilia - n hpr
    wood snipper - n health
    toxic spores - n psn melee
    munched grass - e psn
    undead heart - n health
    relic of the past - f sp hpr
    relic of the future - t dmg
    lively apple - n hpr
    firefly - spr
    dried gill - n xp lb
    depreciating flesh - n rofl
    bat ear - n ws
    altered ash - n dmg
    warped skin - n sp
    luminescent ink - n dura spr
    bone ash - n dmg
    jolting geode - t dmg
    forgotten axe - n dmg
    mooshroom ear - n xp
    drained bone - n ls
    weakeanig catalyst - n xp dura
    pigman meat - n dmg
    wooly armor - n ele def
    soft white wool - n ele def
    soft yellow wool - n ele def
    soft green wool - n ele def
    soft red wool - n ele def
    soft blue wool - n ele def
    familiar essence - n mana eff
    crumbling skull - n efreqs
    corrupted ichor - n ls ws
    apple - n health
    charred bone - "n" dmg
    burnt skull - "n" dmg
    boar meat - n rofl
    thin quill - "n" dmg
    rotten bone - n sp
    nivlan honey - n charge dura
    lucky spider egg - n xp lb
    flugsvamp cap - n ws
    feather of grace - n ws
    blood of the nivlan beauty - n spell mana
    beak of the nivlan beauty - n health
    vibrant augment - "n" dmg
    paralyzing spores - n dmg
    karl johan cap - n hpr
    fungi spores - n psn
    corruption shard - "n" dmg
    corrupted fragment - n melee ws
    coagulated clot - n hpr
    used fireball - "n" dmg
    old treasure - n lb xp eff
    earthly pebble - "n" dmg
    defender's stone - n dmg health
    blazing fireball - "n" dmg
    tarnished gold foil - n xp
    spider fang - n psn
    poisonous spider eye - n psn
    nivlan honeycomb - n health hpr
    grook feather - n xp
    fresh water - "n" dmg
    dead bee - n melee
    putrid gunk - "n" dmg
    bob's tear - n eff
    active fireball - "n" dmg
    strong flesh - n melee
    rat hair - n ls
    cleaned saccharum - n health hpr
    luxurious silk - n sp
    forest web - n ws
    pink wool - n ele def
    leather - n sp
    egg - n health
    wool - n ele def
    sturdy flesh - n health
    rotten flesh - n dmg
    red mushroom - n hpr
    rare potato - n lb
    therck's chain - n health melee
    royal cake slice - n ws hpr
    potato - n lb
    coastal sand - n lb
    brown mushroom - n health

    i'd give some commentary on the ingredients here but i don't have much since it's like 2:30 am by now ugh
    mid-game (60-40) and the 30s feel pretty bland but hey that's not really a surprise is it
    i really like the newer stuff with negative reqs, if it means anything
    i feel like quite a few of the ele def/thorns reflection ingredients could be doing something more useful but that's neither here nor there
    add large lapis-like ingredient for armoring/tailroing you know you want to
    add spell cost % for weaponsmithing/woodworking because we all know it'd turn out busted anywhere else
    make 80% of the 3 star ingredients before level 50 worth using please, maybe even at later levels
    something something melee something ugh not until we can choose attack tiers
    dura feels a bit harsh at lower levels sometimes but i'll blame the sudden change to amount of ings used per level for that one
    can we get familiar essence and old treasure without needing to do the quest over again thanks (other quest-only ings as well, only thercks chain is acceptable)
    i need to get up at 6:30 tomorrow i probably won't even be able to post this aaaugh
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    Nice, you truly have big brainness for remembering all of that
    Ṋ̷̵͝ớ͈̖̪ͅw d̬͠o̠̳͉̺͟ ͏̞̣̠̠̹͢q̥̖͚̦̞̲͜͡ͅu̶̹͞ḛ̣s̘͕̗̘͓͢t͖͓̤̯̱͚̫̗͇ ̣ì̫̟̘̗͇t̡͍̝̮̮͎e͎͈͈̤͝m͏͉̠͖̼̗̘̼ͅs
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    I literally made this in powerpoint
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    me: great jacket! where can i get one?
    dr legendary:
    dr legendary.png

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    People plz
    Why are you expecting good build with too much restrictions
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2020
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    Now give me a godly Nepta build, no items allowed
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    5 minutes into LI and Chill and he gives you this look:
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    Oh my God he's going to say it Chill please don't do it
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    I actually want to use light theme now
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    If you mean dark theme is cooler...
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    Good god dark theme have an eye watching you... lemme switch to light theme