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Wynncraft Meme Thread

Discussion in 'Wynncraft' started by Druser, Jun 21, 2019.

  1. Saya

    Saya Panderift ⑨, murdering your class build dreams VIP+

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  2. Benjin

    Benjin Famous Adventurer

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  3. MigatteNoGokuii

    MigatteNoGokuii assholey asshole HERO

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  4. williamszr98

    williamszr98 COLLAPSE MADNESS VIP+

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    The most interesting trade post in wynncraft history
  5. Blastbasher

    Blastbasher You don't remember me HERO

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    No questions

    Edit: Any takers?
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2020
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  6. Nukewarmachine

    Nukewarmachine Hates Lag

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    Happened to me just earlier
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  7. Mists of Memory

    Mists of Memory A man and a mouse and a mint VIP+

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    You can’t control me?
  8. Jirayut

    Jirayut [Sold] VIP+

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    Screenshot (53).png
    this meme to myself who can't find a friggen crusade sabatons when i need them...
  9. Shots

    Shots A Masochist of the Jungle HERO

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    Rookie numbers.
    Get to 580 and I will consider your offer since I could buy my way to 1000.
  10. Blastbasher

    Blastbasher You don't remember me HERO

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    I mean good luck buying them off the trade market..
    Also yea sure, but how much would you pay per stack
  11. Bart (MC)

    Bart (MC) Ambivalence Cult VIP+

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    yeah ok everyone can name every item that's child's play

    so what if i named every item plus its elements + use to prove i am a real class builder
    order is armor then weapons then accessories, sorted on level and nothing else
    e = earth, t = thunder, w = water, f = fire, a = air, n = neutral, r = rainbow
    melee: melee focus, spell: spell focus, dmg: just damage without focus, mana: mana regen/mana steal, ws: walk speed, psn: poison, ls: life steal, hpr: health regen, ele def: ele def, bonus: xp/loot bonus

    ornate shadow cloud - n slap boots
    ornate shadow cover - n slap leggings
    ornate shadow garb - n slap chestplate
    ornate shadow cowl - n slap boots
    gaea-hewn boots - ewf mana health boots
    hephaestus-forged sabatons - tfa health ls ms spell cost boots
    fermion - r mana boots
    neutrino - r health leggings
    eden-blessed guards - wfa health mana leggings
    chaos-woven greaves - etw health damage mana leggings
    abyss-imbued leggings - ewa mana damage leggings
    writhing growth - etf raw melee leggings
    medeis - twf sp chestplate
    twilight-gilded cloak - eta tier chestplate
    elysium-engraved aegis - efa raw melee chestplate
    gravity - r ele def chestplate
    anima-infused cuirass - twf spell cost chestplate
    far cosmos - r sp chestplate
    gaping cavity - t ls ms chestplate
    brilliant diamond chestplate - lol
    dondasch - ea ws melee sp chestplate
    morph-stardust - r sp damage mana helmet
    pisces - ew mana melee helmet
    obsidian-framed helmet - etf raw melee ls ms helmet
    boreal-patterend crown - twa spell mana helmet
    aquamarine - ew sp mana spell helmet
    revenant - ea ms ws melee dmg spell cost boots
    kickback - a melee dmg boots
    capricorn - ms sp boots
    curador boots - wf ls hpr boots
    all for one - n melee sp boots
    vaward - n sp health leggings
    ration - ew hpr leggings
    philophilia - n health hpr ls leggings
    one for all - n spell boots
    crestfallen - ew spell ms leggings
    brilliant diamond leggings - lol
    sparkling plate - ta melee chestplate
    soulflare - wf ms mr ls sp chestplate
    rekkr - ef health sp melee chestplate
    corsair - ta melee helmet
    conrupt - et ls dmg helmet
    valhalla - efa sp ls boots
    paradox - etwf mana boots
    warchief - et health melee sp dmg boots
    ex nihilo - ea health spell ls sp melee boots
    battleground dancer - ea tier melee boots
    brilliant diamond boots - lol
    seipodon - w mana leggings
    resolve - fa sp leggings
    ophiuchus - wf mana dmg leggings
    cinderchain - tf sp dmg melee spell leggings
    petrichor - ea sp dmg chestplate
    hetusol - f mana hpr chestplate
    gravesbane - f hpr chestplate
    chestplate of ineptitude - n tier chestplate
    bastille - n sp chestplate
    rodoroc's pride - ef health helmet
    sizzling shawl - wf spell dmg helmet
    necrosis - t tier psn mana ls helmet
    the queen's headpiece - ta melee helmet
    female pirate wig - n bonus helmet
    cancer - f health hpr helmet
    aphotic - w spell sp helmet
    virgo - et tier dmg boots
    shaggy boots - dmg melee ls boots
    sapphire - ew mana boots
    stardew - tw mana dmg spell boots
    mantlewalkers - ef dmg melee sp boots
    the golem - f health hpr sp leggings
    resistance - t ele def leggings
    tesla - t ls mana sp dmg spell chestplate
    soarfae - a dmg chestplate
    ahms' remains - e dmg chestplate
    snail mail - ef health chestplate
    leviathan - ew tier chestpate
    calidade mail - n sp chestplate
    spectrum - r dmg helmet
    ionosphere - t ls helmet
    albacore - w spell dmg helmet
    brilliant diamond helmet - lol
    brainwash - et mana spell dmg helmet
    updraft - t mana boots
    dawnbreak - tf melee ls dmg mana boots
    burnour - fa tier boots
    stalactite - et ls leggings
    mycelium plating - e psn leggings
    dionaea - ef ls leggings
    taurus - e melee sp chestplate
    smoldering apron - n dmg
    sky chef's apron - n sp
    chef hamsey's apron - n mana sp
    heura - e dmg
    clear diamond chestplate - lol
    sunray - tf sp
    sparkweaver - tf mana sp
    heroism - fa health
    kindled orchid - tf tier ls sp
    alkahest - e psn
    charcoal - ea dmg ls
    the stokers - f hpr
    fallbreakers - f hpr
    nether's scar - tf sp health
    moontower - wa sp ws
    leadlights - r dmg
    turqoise - ew sp
    snail leggings - ef health
    lecitreach makani - ta tier sp dmg spell
    gemini - ta ele def
    clear diamond leggings - lol
    time rift - w spell dmg
    silkweb mail - ea mana dmg
    starglass - wa dmg
    nether's reach - tf health
    stillwater blue - w mana dmg
    aquarius - w mana
    shawl of gaea- ef melee sp dmg
    neuron - tw mana spell
    bottled sky - ea sp
    wind mimic - a sp
    undefined - n dmg
    cloudwalkers - wa dmg
    snail boots - ef health
    slayer - ta health sp melee spell cost tier ws
    clear diamond boots - lol
    sagittarius - a spell melee dmg ws sp
    rodoroc's guard - fa health sp
    hero's end - n ls melee
    trench scourer - tw mana dmg bonus
    efteling - wa ls mana
    cadence - r dmg
    skyfloat - a sp
    nighthawk - n health dmg ws spell cost
    cumulonimbus - twa sp dmg spell ws
    brocach - e dmg
    ramhoof - ea melee
    riverflow - w mana
    boreal - fa hpr ws mana ele def
    silt of the seafloor - ew mana ele def
    sine - tw sp dmg mana
    crater print - e dmg
    dark channeler - tw mana dmg spell
    the crossing - n spell
    ardiente - f dmg
    vacuum - ew mana dmg spell
    nightvest - a sp ws
    leo - n health hpr
    tinderbox - fa health
    fishscale - wf dmg
    diamond dust - n bonus
    conduit of spririt - a mana dmg spell
    shimmersight - n mana sp
    snail helm - ef health
    ceasure - w dmg sp
    breakdown - w sp dmg melee
    clear diamond helmet - lol
    mountaintop - ea dmg
    seismosoul - ew dmg
    galleon - ew mana dmg psn health
    memento - w mana spell
    corruption seal - et ls
    accelerator - n tier sp ws
    heat sink - fa ls sp
    caterpillar - e psn
    barbarian - ea melee
    soul signal - tw spell sp
    marcurial chestplate - r dmg
    cloudy diamond chestplate - lol
    azurite - ew spell sp melee
    unravel - a spell dmg mana
    ashen helm - tf dmg
    whitecap ccrown - w spell sp dmg
    gaze from the snowbank - e melee mana dmg
    aries - ea mmelee ws sp dmg
    mesosphere - ta dmg
    resurgence - wf mana health sp hpr
    ceramic shell greaves - fa health
    belligerence - n melee
    tailwind - a ws
    steamstone - wf mana
    cloudy diamond leggings - lol
    ornamental plate - w mana spell
    ronin - t melee
    libra - r sp dmg
    beetle aegis - et mana sp dmg
    anti-static - e sp ele def
    discharge - t dmg
    cardiac arrest - et melee spell
    quartzite helm - n spell
    polyphemus - ew spell
    azure halo - wa hpr
    scorpio - tf psn
    scaldsteppers - wf spell
    low world greaves - ew dmg
    crusade sabatons - ef health sp hpr
    exhaustion - f health hpr
    corrupted uth sandals - fa ws
    blind thrust - e dmg melee mana health
    cloudy diamond boots - lol
    garland - ew spell
    struggle - t melee dmg
    steel wool - tf dmg
    horizon - ea tier
    elder oak roots - ew mana dmg hpr
    earth breaker - ef dmg melee sp
    asphyxia - t dmg spell melee
    tera - et dmg sp
    terra's mold - e psn
    darkiron aegis - f melee sp hpr
    warming heart - f ls
    ski mask - wa mana sp dmg
    sano's care - wf mana hpr sp
    eradian full helm - f health
    phoenix prince's crown - fa health hpr sp
    darksteel full helm - tf melee sp dmg
    moonbeam - w mana
    wavedash - wa mana
    electro mage's boots - t dmg
    humbark moccasins - tier sp
    vacancy - a ws
    vulcamail leggings - ef health
    rapids - w dmg mana
    leggings of desolation - "n" psn dmg
    greaves of the veneer - ef health sp hpr ele def
    lion's pelt - e dmg
    the master's gi - n bonus
    smack jacket - et melee sp
    veekhat's udders - n sprint
    discoverer - n bonus
    veekhat's horns - n melee sprint
    facedown - t dmg
    cloudy diamond helmet - lol
    statue - n health
    sempiternel - fa health mana ls hpr
    grip of the land - ef sp
    white-hot leggings - f melee
    metal body suit - n sp
    powder snow - wa mana sp
    dreamcloud - wa mana hpr ele def
    golden scarab - t bonus dmg
    smoky diamond chestplate - lol
    third eye - w mana sp
    the modulator - r sp
    nephilim - ta tier mana
    ambertoise shell - ef sp melee ele def
    crown of suzaku - et ls ele def
    blushwind - fa health hpr
    myelin - tw spell
    latency - et sp
    bloodlust - et ls
    flashing boots - ta sp
    condensation - w sp spell
    dust skaters - a psn melee
    the ephemeral - wa mana sp
    wooly long johns - n ele def
    siliquartz blend - n spell
    smoky diamond leggings - lol
    umbral mail - tw mana
    tisaun's valor - ef sp melee health
    delirium - et ws dmg
    gale's freedom - ta sp ele def spell
    speaker - w bonus
    grillface - fa melee sp dmg health hpr
    dune storm - ea dmg melee sp ws
    storm brewer - t mana melee sp
    steamjet walkers - twa dmg spell sp ws
    surefooter - e ele def
    corkian jet boots - twa ws
    ouroboros - r sp
    hysteria - tf melee
    cracklers - t melee sp ls
    achilles - ef melee sp dmg
    smoky diamond boots - lol
    carbon weave - ef dmg
    marsh waders - ew psn sp mana
    physalis - et tier psn sp dmg
    turbine greaves - "n" melee ele def
    equalizer - r ele def
    corrupted uth belt - f dmg sp
    bantisu's approach - a ele def
    the courier's cape - a ele def
    about-face - ef health
    argos - f hpr health sp
    pilot light - f hpr
    mistral - wa mana ws
    flashstep - a ws sp
    dart frog's skin - ew psn
    touroto trousers - n sp ele def
    tophet - t dmg sp mana
    toy maker - ta tier melee
    meteoric aegis - r mana
    coat of byakko - ea melee
    charybdis - ew mana
    stad aer - ea melee
    filter mask - a ele def
    info visor - w sp spell
    cranial panel - f mana
    smoky diamond helmet - lol
    albedo - a ele def
    canyon strider - a ele def
    lichwenwal - e dmg
    ensa's ideals - wa hpr health
    molten flow - f hpr
    shockwave - ta dmg
    harmony - a ele def
    seagazer - w mana
    booster plate - wa ws sp
    dim diamond chestplate - lol
    skywatcher - wa mana
    pride of the aerie - ea tier sp ws
    ossuary - "n" ls dmg
    conflagrate - f dmg ls melee sp
    enduzskam - tw mana dmg
    second wind - fa health tier sp ws
    galvanization - tw mana
    fulmine belt - t dmg
    dim diamond leggings - lol
    sunshower - wf dmg
    thanos legionnaire plate - efa sp melee ele def dmg
    coal duster - tf psn sp dmg
    insulared plate mail - tf ele def sp
    brackenwall - e psn
    sequencer - n spell melee hpr
    plated mining helm - f hpr sp
    ogre faceplate - et melee
    anamnesis - w mana sp dmg
    thanos legionnaire greaves - f sp dmg hpr
    boots of blue stone - r ele def spell
    dim diamond boots - lol
    sprintguard - fa sp
    shell of genbu - wf spell
    ehoole drakeskin - wa mana spell
    thanos legionnaire leggings - a sp dmg
    ley lines - w mana
    static-charged leggings - t tier dmg
    dark shroud - ta ws mana
    spinal tap = f hpr psn
    ironbody - ef ele def
    frontliner - fa health sp ls ele def
    dragon hide plate - "n" dmg
    thanos legionnaire helm - e dmg sp
    corrupted uth plume - a sp ws
    logistics - tw dmg
    earthlink - e dmg
    moss - ew hpr
    thunderous step - ta melee spell dmg
    bubbline - w mana
    the rupturer - e dmg
    brass leg plates - et dmg
    thermosphere - t ele def
    mithril mantle - n sp
    deux - tw mana sp
    mining fever - "n" bonus
    fenmask - ew mana health
    exosphere - ta mana
    dim diamond helmet - lol
    ventus tail - ta dmg sp
    dragulj boots - n ele def
    cosmic walkers - n bonus
    mmissing - n mana ls
    centennial - wf mana sp
    xyloid - ew mana dmg
    ringlest - n ele def
    cosmic ward - n bonus
    rainbow sanctuary - r dmg sp
    thunder sanctuary - t dmg sp
    water sanctuary - w dmg sp
    air sanctuary - a dmg sp
    earth sanctuary - e dmg sp
    fire sanctuary - f dmg sp
    screech - n ls
    cosmic vest - n bonus
    changeling's chestplate - n bonus ele def
    bete noire - et sp melee spell mana
    reinforced iron chestplate - lol
    tephra - ef sp
    dragon horned helmet - f ele def
    cosmic visor - n bonus mana
    gale's sight - ta dmg sp ws
    sparkling visor - t mana dmg bonus
    green helmet - "n" dmg
    centipede - eta tier ws
    sturdy - ef health
    slipstream - a bonus
    black sheep - e ws
    the prisoner - e health sp
    leggings of haste - a tier melee
    reinforced iron leggings - lol
    kaerynn's body - e dmg
    endurance - "n" sp dmg
    aura of element - r dmg
    toxin - et psn
    rust - f psn dmg
    rinkaku - tf ls
    breakbeat - a melee
    gerten ritual mask - "n" melee dmg
    scale of seiryu - a mana tier ws
    lerteco - t melee
    gert shakestomper toefeet - e melee
    determination - r hpr
    corrupted nii mukluk - f sp dmg
    reinforced iron boots - lol
    phalanx - f sp
    gert bumpstump logcovercloth - ea sp ele def
    cnidocyte - ew psn
    coba - tf bonus ls
    terraflux - e dmg
    manaflux - w mana
    gert veryhard chestclothers - f dmg
    faith healer - wa hpr
    angel robe - a ws
    swamp clay - ew mana psn
    kearynn's mind - w dmg
    genesis - r hpr ele def
    antithesis - wf dmg
    lurrun - fa ws
    dull ancient helmet - lol
    empowered ancient helmet - n health
    bakeri - et dmg ls
    cinnabar - fa sp hpr
    aldorei's tear - ew psn mana
    meltsteel graeaves - ef nekee
    uranium aegis - et psn health
    papyrus - n bonus mana spell
    efilim sage cloak - ew mana sp
    andesite aegis - ef sp ele def
    takeover - t ls dmg
    restored ancient helmet - n mana sp
    reinforced iron helmet - lol
    sunblight boots - n ele def
    verdigris sabatons - tf psn
    entamyx - ewa dmg
    post-ultima - et melee dmg sp
    nightling - t melee
    hembwal - etf mana
    clock mail - n mana
    solid iron chestplate - lol
    jewel - n dmg
    penance - n mana bonus
    gnomish topper - a sp
    way back home - ea ele def
    ice skates - a mana
    the oppressors - f health sp
    champion boots - n bonus
    triumph - n sp
    douglas fir - e melee
    champion leggings - n bonus
    clock leggings - n melee spell
    solid iron leggings - lol
    venomsoul - ew mana psn
    morph-steel - r sp ele def
    champion chestplate - n bonus
    pulse mail - t mana dmg spell
    cloak of luminosity - "n" mana
    magellan's sail - wa mana dmg ws
    champion helmet - n bonus
    hollow - ea melee ls
    gert mask - lol
    executioner helmet - n ls spell melee mana
    helmet of shimmering light - n health
    vei haon - efa hpr
    clock boots - n tier
    calidum aurea - f bonus
    solid iron boots - lol
    refraction - r mana dmg ls
    leggings of restoration - wf mana hpr
    geyser - wfa mana hpr
    pacifist - wa mana ws
    calor - f f hpr sp
    puppeteer - n melee sp ws
    kizuato - tf ls
    corrupted nii plate - w dmg sp
    the forgery - f bonus health sp
    spiked helmet - ef dmg
    gysdep - wfa health
    proto-shield - f sp health ele def
    frigid - wa mana sp
    whitestone - wa hpr
    passus lux - tw mana dmg
    cyanine - w dmg
    solum - e ele def
    particle plating - tw mana sp spell
    egression - a dmg ws sp
    brook - w mana
    heavy aegis - e dmg
    magic cloak - w dmg spell
    oreagraphine - r sp health
    aerodynamics - ta ws
    trauma - ta melee
    clock helm - n health
    sound proof earmuff - n health
    iodide - tw dmg
    void - a bonus
    solid iron helmet - lol
    guard's uniform - lol
    vinecrawlers - e sp psn
    letum - t dmg
    outburst - ta dmg sp
    groundshakers - e melee
    charger - ta dmg ws
    router - ef health
    bane - t sp melee
    chinked leggings - f health
    symphony - wf hpr
    magmatic plate - ef dmg melee sp
    flex - e melee health
    sorrow - w dmg
    cloud cover - wa mana
    plated iron chestplate - lol
    talcum - e psn
    clearsight spectacles - n bonus health
    silkworm - a psn
    searing soles - f health
    cold snap - wa sp
    cassiterite - ef melee
    abyssal walkers - tf ls psn
    vortex - ta mana spell melee sp
    redemption - fa ls hpr
    pandemoc - n psn ls
    plated iron leggings - lol
    short circuit - tw mana dmg
    visceral chest - n melee
    rollick - w spell dmg
    digested corpse - et melee psn
    endotherm - fa health hpr
    allegro - a ws
    teal helm - w mana
    vis - w mana sp
    mind rot - n mana psn ls melee
    diving boots iii - n ws
    saint's sandals - a sp
    paw - a sp ws dmg
    remedy - wf mana hpr
    plated iron boots - lol
    shadestep - ta melee ws ls
    saint's leggings - wa dmg
    visceral leggings - n ls
    aratera - ef dmg sp
    quick-strike leggings - tier sp ws
    saint's tunic - wa dmg
    psychomend - n health hpr
    mudskipper - ewa dmg
    carapace - e health
    legend guard's plate - ef health sp
    adamantite - n health sp
    saint's shawl - w sp
    howler - a melee
    silencer - f health
    draken - t mana dmg
    cumulus - a sp
    corrupted nii shako - wf mana
    visceral toe - melee ls
    ekeloch - "n" psn
    cirrus - a mana
    crystal - wa mana sp
    canopy - ew health
    plated iron helmet - lol
    helmet of legends - lol
    demeter - ae melee
    cenote - ew hpr
    prayer - w spell
    anger point - e melee
    remikas' sanctuary - f health ele def
    prestidigitation - w mana spell
    coursing mail - t melee
    thin iron chestplate - lol
    stealskull - n mana ls
    visceral skullcap - n ls
    purified helmet of the legends - n bonus
    blue mask - n sp
    moulded helm - e dmg
    blood moon - n melee
    wavelength - r dmg
    stalagmites - et dmg mana sp
    hell walk - n ele def
    reflection - r ele def
    fire wire - n hpr
    evening primrose - tf sp dmg hpr
    dalaam - ea sp
    thin iron leggings - lol
    admiral - r sp
    calcite - f sp
    the sinner - tf dmg sp
    rheingold - ta bonus
    meikyo shisui - w mana sp
    sodeta boots - n mana spell bonus
    firefly - fa ls
    thin iron boots - lol
    astral walkers - tf health
    leg of the scared - a ws
    ironclad - ef health
    eitr - tf psn
    atoll - wf ele def
    twilight - ta dmg sp melee
    subliminator - ef dmg
    svalinn - wf mana sp
    asymptote - et ls mana
    marrow - n hpr
    tempered boots - f ele def
    bloudil - n ws
    redirect - t dmg
    sealskin parka - wa mana sp
    tectonics - e dmg
    solar flare - tf dmg
    sky reflector - "n" ele def
    ultramarine cape - w mana
    spectre - a mana dmg
    psithurism - ea ele def
    thin iron helmet - lol
    orc mask - lol
    whitewater - w mana dmg
    reverb - ta melee
    kelight's shield - f health
    collier's guard - f health
    aneurysm - et melee
    semreh - a ws
    montefiore - n hpr
    kapok - ew dmg
    cracked iron chestplate - lol
    sublime - fa sp health
    soul wreath - ew mana
    vampire blocker - f ls
    upgraded orc mask - n bonus
    electrophorus - w psn
    tremorstep - e dmg
    adanac - wa mana
    firequake - ef dmg
    arcus - tw mana spell
    ultramarine belt - mana sp
    murk - w mana spell
    mirror's edge - a sprint sp sp spell cost ws
    ectoplasm - w mana
    cracked iron leggings - lol
    thundersnow - tw mana spell
    silicosis - ea dmg
    millennium - n sp spell
    augoeides - w mana
    atroce - et sp psn
    opium - "n" psn
    granite helm - ef health melee
    frostbite - wa mana dmg
    cleansher - t ls melee
    the silent - w mana spell
    enderman's feet - t sp
    cracked iron boots - lol
    the oblivious - n bonus
    opalite - w mana
    kindle - f hpr
    chaos - n melee spell
    sextant - e sp
    helmet of blue stone - r ele def
    ultramarine boots - w spell
    orus - ta spell
    might pants - r spell
    electrocharge greaves - t tier melee
    werepelt - n melee
    mender - wf sp
    odyssey - r dmg ws
    amplitude - t dmg
    wing cap - a ws
    cracked iron helmet - lol
    succulent sneakers - ew ele def
    pirate luck - n bonus
    reindeer paws - ea sp ws
    racer's shoes - a ws
    abysso galoshes - "n" mana spell sp
    evaporator - wf health
    bad wolf - t bonus dmg
    dragster - a melee ws
    wildfire - f spell
    protolith - e dmg
    defiance - fa ele def sp
    stonewall - e sp
    mail of the sweltering - fa ls
    high-quality chain mail - lol
    onenya hronkas - ef melee health sp hpr
    heliophobia - w mana spell bonus
    jungle sludge - "n" psn
    recharge - n mana spell
    talaria - a ws bonus
    synergy - n sp
    galena - f ls
    lookout - a ws
    ingrainment - ew ls hpr
    ife - wa health
    high-quality chain leggings - lol
    antimony - ef sp psn
    tarnkappe - ta melee dmg sp
    masochist - e melee hpr
    ultramarine crown - w sp
    perun's crown - ta dmg sp
    naragath's hoof - tf dmg sp
    marsh runner - w sp
    high-quality chain boots - lol
    greaves of honor - n bonus health
    shameful greaves - n bonus health ls
    kratke - r sp dmg
    bob's lost leggings - n sp
    electrum - tw spell
    coriolis - a ws
    blueberry - "n" mana bonus
    dolomite - e dmg
    frosted leggings - w mana dmg
    crescendo - wf mana ele def
    skien's fatigues - ef melee sp
    pure diamond chestplate - lol
    dragon skin - f bonus
    cage of bones - tf melee dmg
    mask of hate - t melee dmg
    mask of rage - e melee dmg
    mask of fear - a dmg ws
    mask of courage - f dmg health
    mask of enlightenment - w mana dmg
    reaction - t dmg
    chameleon - r dmg
    high-quality chain helmet - lol
    mist - wa health
    the mark - tf spell
    magmawalkers - ef ele def sp
    deluge - et melee
    naga viper - ea ps psn
    molten greaves - f dmg
    hailstone - wa dmg
    dravarden - wtf mana sp spell
    drizling doublet - w mana
    refined chain mail - lol
    piranha - w mana sp dmg
    call of the void - n hpr
    diving boots ii - n health
    light kaekell - ta dmg
    dead man's flats - fa dmg
    skien leggings - n melee
    pure iron leggings - lol
    jera - n bonus
    nitre - tf spell
    fetish - t melee psn
    convallaria - e melee psn ls
    refined chain leggings - lol
    hurricane - ea ws
    matryoshka skell - r bonus ele def
    granite plate - e melee
    illuminite - tw mana spell bonus
    capstone - ef sp
    plague mask - n psn ls health
    philophobia - n psn
    refined chain boots - lol
    waxed overalls - "n" ele def
    creek - w mana
    nesaak's shadow - ta ls
    geis - et mana bonus dmg
    venison - ew mana bonus sp
    sightlines - ea melee sp
    lobotomy - a dmg
    turbulence - a melee
    skein boots - n sp
    pure iron boots - lol
    mistpuff - wa sp
    muskeg - wa mana dmg
    bladerunners - tw sp
    trom's climbing trousers - a health
    quartz-laced leggings - n spell
    slime plate - ef psn
    suchimu - wf mana hpr
    roughcut - e melee
    refined chain helmet - lol
    placid step - w mana
    anchoryl - f health hpr
    ohms' rage - t spell dmg
    dysnomia - et mana
    capsaicin - f dmg spell
    mangrove - ew mana hpr
    heart of fire - f health
    dark mage robes - tw mana
    balm - fa hpr
    standard chain mail - lol
    snow dust - "n" ws
    the judge - n health bonus
    chimney - fa sp health
    black veil - n mana ls spell psn
    tainted step - e ls psn
    sano's wisdom - wa mana
    longtail boots - n hpr
    slime boots - ef sp
    hardline - ef health
    bust bowl - ea dmg
    dinosaur - n health
    overly ironed pants - n bonus
    nacreous - r sp
    moisture - wa bonus
    bridge of the divide - tf xp mana dmg
    standard chain leggings - lol
    ghostly tunic - w mana
    noisemaker - a dmg
    pacemaker - t health dmg
    pure iron helmet - lol
    factory helmet - n health bonus
    battalion - n health
    elf shoes - fa hpr
    builder's boots - n sp
    gm's boots - n sp
    incandescent - wf ele def
    coronium - tf dmg
    broken balance - n spell melee
    standard chain boots - lol
    unrefined leggings - e dmg
    elf pants - fa health hpr
    ghostly pants - t mana dmg
    morph-iron - r sp dmg
    builder's trousers - n sp
    gm's trousers - n sp
    templar - fa health ele def
    doppler - ta ws
    culex - a psn ls
    basaltic schynbalds - ew health
    wicked - tf dmg
    elf robe - f hpr
    ragni's mail - ef health dmg
    pigman's ribbing - e dmg
    builder's breastplate - n sp
    gm's breastplate - n sp
    blasphemy - w mana ls
    ballad - ws mana
    marius' prison - w mana ls health spell
    elf cap - a health
    gm's helmet - n sp
    builder's helmet - n sp
    cooler - w mana spell
    battle bishop - w spell sp
    ghostly boots - w mana spell
    death's toe - t mana
    iron foot - e heath dmg
    heartbreak - t tier
    cognizance - w sp
    sawdust - "n" melee health sp dmg
    brook keeper - w mana
    stagnant - w psn dmg
    helm of andesite - ea health dmg
    standard chain helmet - lol
    foot warmers - f hpr
    durum's journey - n mana health
    pragmatism - t psn
    glaciate - tw mana
    narima pasukan - r sp dmg
    iron scrap - ef dmg
    hearthfire - f health ls
    shade - a dmg ws sp
    flawed chain mail - lol
    white storm - "n" psn
    ghostly cap - n mana spell
    goswhit - f hpr
    astigmatism - r dmg
    kaleidoscope - r ele def
    dragon hide leggings - f health sp
    flawed chain leggings - lol
    refined iron chainmail - lol
    whistling helmet - a dmg
    shinespark - tf mana dmg
    dance boots - a ws
    flawed chain boots - lol
    the levee - wf health dmg
    clovis leg guards - ea melee
    steel mail - n hpr
    shrok - t melee
    brainfreeze - health dmg
    bob's sacrifice - e dmg
    cerid's ingenuity - wd hpr health mana spell
    muddy soles - ew health
    refined iron leggings - lol
    chain link - r ele def
    shackles of the beast - ef health melee
    goblin cloak - et ls mana
    bob's battle chestplate - n sp
    jilted - f health
    scylla shell - ew mana
    wooly cap - "n" health sp
    flawed chain helmet - lol
    ajax - e melee
    seven-league boots - a ws sp bonus
    sandstorm walker - e bonus
    winter's essence - wa mana spell sp ls
    sow thistle - e melee
    homemade fur coat - a hpr
    snow tunic - wa mana
    hide of gregg'r - fa health
    bloodless - n health ls
    unfinished chain mail - lol
    helm of the dead - et ls
    avalanche - w mana
    goblin runners - et mana
    refined iron boots - lol
    ice climbing boots - ew dmg
    snow pants - wa dmg
    red ko rhu - n health
    fleet - wa ws
    unfinished chain leggings - lol
    the knight's chestplate - "n" dmg sp
    solid quartz chestplate - f hpr
    strategist - w dmg spell
    greysmith - e dmg
    climbing helmet - n bonus sp melee
    prosto boots - n sp
    unfinished chain boots - lol
    enhanced duskshield - tw health
    mythical trousers - f health ls hpr
    duskshield tw ele def
    giant's bracer - e health melee
    upside down bucket - "n: dmg
    snow helmet - a health
    horse mask - e dmg
    pelier - n bonus melee ls
    cerid's precision - t dmg
    aeolus - a ws bonus
    snow boots - w mana
    blackened boots - t mana
    nodguj warrior chestplate - "n" health dmg hpr
    dujgon warrior chestplate - "n" health dmg
    ringing mail - w mana
    howler hide - e dmg
    goblin ood - et ls
    refined chainmail helmet - lol
    unfinished chain helmet - lol
    assassin's hood - "n" psn
    breathing helmet ii - "n" dmg
    diving boots i - "n" health
    sacred - wa mana
    horse hoof - a health
    galloping spurs - e health dmg bonus
    diorite boots - ef dmg
    shield - f sp
    rusher - a ws
    water relic leggings - w sp
    thunder relic leggings - t sp
    relic leggings - r ele def
    earth relic leggings - e sp
    fire relic - f sp
    air relic - a sp
    kaas' fur - w mana
    holy greaves - n health mana
    hornblende - e dmg
    discord - t dmg
    nilrem's curse - t dmg
    phosphene - r spell melee
    gargantuan - e health melee
    feithid - a ls
    shining golden chestplate - lol
    sundown poncho - tf health dmg melee sp
    wynnter scarf - fa health
    kelvik - f health
    bedrock bandanna - f dmg sp health
    ragni's old shoed - n bonus
    lycoris - tw health psn dmg
    mithril leggings - e sp
    shining golden leggings - lol
    springtrap - n health
    outlaw - a melee ls
    faded - n bonus
    balankia - n dmg
    copper-alloy boots - tf dmg
    shining golden boots - lol
    randall's leg plating - f sp health bonus
    chained pixels - r health sp bonus
    outlaw tunic - a ls
    mummy's rag - n tier
    zeal - f dmg
    chains of steel - n sp
    salience - wf hpr
    kilpkonn - f sp health
    gypsum - e dmg
    giant step - health mana sp
    sandstone leggings - "n" dmg
    outlaw pants - a ls
    rotten - n psn
    pebble mesh - e melee
    flawless chain chestplate - lol
    yume - a dmg health ws
    sunshade - "n" health
    woljawh - n health ls
    pierced helmet - dmg
    shining golden helmet - lol
    skeleton boots - a sp
    outlaw boots - a ls
    enhanced pickpockets - ta sp
    pickpockets - ta bonus
    leggings of the halt - f ele def
    scorpion tail - n psn
    voleur - ta bonus
    ocarus - a ws
    new golden chestplate - lol
    dune beast jaw - e sp health
    oxford - t dmg
    meditation robe - w mana
    flawless chain leggings - lol
    new golden leggings - lol
    enchanced copper plate - tf health
    water relic chestplate - w dmg
    thunder relic chestplate - t dmg
    earth relic chestplate - e dmg
    fire relic chestplate - f dmg
    relic chestplate - r ele def
    air relic chestplate - a dmg
    erratio - ta health ls
    copper plate - tf dmg
    artifice - t mana
    tribal headdress - a sp
    helm of darkness - "n" spell
    crocodile - w spell
    rubber rainboots - n bonus
    quicksand crossers - a health
    new golden boots - lol
    priest's underwears - "n" dmg
    plankton - w dmg
    the thief - n mana ls
    umbrella hat - w mana
    the berserker's helm - e health ls melee
    silverfish helm - a psn
    ridge - r dmg
    tarnhelm - n sp
    black boots - t mana
    santa boots - n health
    knight boots - ef dmg
    flawless chain boots - lol
    dune sandals - a dmg
    sprint belt - a ws dmg
    black pants - t melee
    standoff - f health
    vagabond - ta psn
    black tunic - t spell
    the juggernaut - f health
    black cap - t melee
    hilltop - "n" melee
    jingu headband - tw mana
    new golden helmet - lol
    silverfish boots - a sp
    urheus - ef sp
    seismic chaps - e melee
    dead sands - n health psn ls
    alternator - t mana spell
    the chapel - r bonus
    perfumed chestplate - w dmg
    santa's coat - n health
    dust - "n" dmg psn
    used golden chestplate - lol
    hood of the resistance - e bonus
    enchanced coalwalkers - ef health
    coalwalkers - ef health
    santa's pants - n health
    used golden leggings - lol
    skeleton bones - psn
    hard hat - f health
    flawless chain helmet - lol
    used golden boots - lol
    adigard's snowshoes - n mana
    zombified pants - n health
    panorama - r dmg
    streak - t dmg
    water relic helmet - w sp
    thunder relic helmet - t dmg
    relic helmet - r ele def
    earth relic helmet - e dmg
    fire relic helmet - f health
    air relic helmet - a sp
    oni helm - n mana melee ls
    santa hat - n health
    black ripper - t dmg melee
    sharp heels - t melee
    meanderthal - e health sp
    spider silk carduroys - n ls
    adventurer's tunic - n sp
    detlas' skin - wf bonus
    rubber helm - n health
    blindblight - n psn
    used golden helmet - lol
    amescia - t dmg
    aeronaut - a ws
    mortar - e melee
    nether boots - f dmg
    roaming thief - n ls
    lucky boots - n bonus
    mud - e melee health
    verstand - w mana
    sea legs - w mana
    adventurer's pants - n sp
    ginto - n bonus
    worn golden chestplate - lol
    little inferno - f spell dmg
    adventurer's boots - n sp
    disco - n sp ws
    nether pants - f bonus
    oxidation - a psn
    evalach - f health
    worn golden leggings - lol
    nemract's ruin - ew health sp dmg
    hero's beginning - e dmg
    dead samurai's plate - a dmg ws
    average golden chestplate - lol
    the crow's nest - t dmg
    boots of the sorcerer - w mana dmg
    worn golden boots - lol
    bronze-plated helmet - ef sp
    seafarer's coat - n bonus
    villager mail - n bonus
    garoth's hope - "n" dmg
    adventurer's cap - n sp
    duskhelm - "n" dmg
    ventilator - a ws
    the brigand's brogues - ta ws
    portable buoys - n health
    water relic boots - w health
    thunder relic boots - t dmg
    relic boots - r ele def
    air relic boots - a health
    earth relic boots - e dmg
    fire relic boots - f health
    morph-gold - r mana sp
    impure morph-gold - r sp
    almuj's walker - n ws health sp
    selchar's famous breeches - n bonus
    gold digger - n bonus
    conductor - tw health dmg
    average golden leggings - lol
    nether tunic - f dmg
    muscle shirt - e sp
    obolus - n bonus ls hpr
    worn golden helmet - lol
    stamina - n ws
    the archaeologist - e bonus
    villager pants - n bonus
    relay - t health
    back protector - e sp
    tsunami - w mana
    karraske - e dmg
    gilded mail - bonus
    diode - t dmg
    aged golden chestplate - lol
    sunblock - f health
    tricorne - n health
    nether cap - f bonus health
    equilibrium - r sp
    butterfly - a sp
    brise - w mana
    alumia - t dmg
    sound of silence - a bonus
    swamp treads - n psn
    hertz - t dmg
    average golden boots - lol
    regal chaps - n bonus
    skeletal legs - mana ls
    aged golden leggings - lol
    katoa's warmth - n health hpr
    aneroid - e sp
    mustard helmet - ew dmg
    hallwynn mask - n dmg
    mystic sandals - w mana
    aged golden boots - lol
    reacard - r dmg
    fishere's mail - n bonus
    web plate - n mana ls
    dandelion - n health
    undertow - w mana health
    cyclo - ta sp ws
    tarnish - w mana
    arcanic - n dmg
    tizatuko - n bonus
    arakadicus' body - "n" sp dmg health bonus
    admiral's aegis - f health
    aged golden helmet - lol
    average golden helmet - lol
    blue team boots - lol
    red team boots - lol
    hiker's boots - e sp
    stingy - "n" dmg
    ado saku - w mana bonus
    greenhoof - ea dmg ws
    blue team leggings - lol
    red team leggings - lol
    foundation - n dmg
    leech leggings - n ls
    blue team chestplate - lol
    red team chestplate - lol
    tepid plate - f health
    temporal cage - "n" mana dmg
    abdomen - n ws
    studded leather tunic - lol
    the scarescrow's vest - health
    blue team helmet - lol
    red team helmet - lol
    straw helmet - n bonus
    mask of the dark vexations - twf dmg
    pumpkin helmet - lol
    neolithic - ef health sp dmg
    bishop - w dmg
    mercenary hood - t dmg
    steel toed boots - n health
    goliath - f health
    golden pants of fortune - n bonus
    spinneret - n ws sp
    cloudburst - a dmg ws
    studded leather leggings - lol
    atheist - e dmg
    ragged - n ls
    golden embrace - n ele def
    memorial - w mana
    confusing cap - n larz
    shajone - n dmg
    tribal boots - n bonus
    studded leather boots - lol
    tribal pants - bonus
    lemon legs - "n" dmg health
    burning pants - f dmg
    tribal tunic - n bonus
    maltic's aid - n sp
    zombie helm - n health
    black mask - "n" ls dmg
    tribal cap - n bonus
    wormwood - ew psn
    medico - n health
    hunger - n mana health ls
    jate - n bonus
    flawed golden chestplate - lol
    water mask - "n" mana dmg
    ice mask - "n" mana dmg
    gnocchi - n mana bonus
    studded leather cap - lol
    nemract waders - "n" dmg
    pigman's loincloth - e melee
    bear body - n melee
    nightmail - ta sp
    hard leather tunic - lol
    alligator - ew dmg
    mud mask - n psn
    metal mask - n sp
    bush mask - n ws
    joke - n melee
    cephalothorax - n ws
    bear mask - n melee
    mask of the dark curse - n bonus
    omnitread boots - a ws health
    arcane boots - n mana
    slime-blend leggings - "n" psn
    flawed golden leggings - lol
    hard leather leggings - lol
    ragni fatigues - "n" dmg
    essren's coat - "n" dmg
    rock mask - "n" dmg
    shiny mask - n bonus
    pigman helmet - e dmg
    bear head - n melee
    hothead - n dmg
    butter helmet - n sp
    nesaak showshoes - "n" dmg
    aerolia boots - n mana
    carvel's creation - n mana ws
    hard leather boots - lol
    collier tunic - n health
    the old king's crown - n sp
    the euphoric fedora - n health ls
    almuj turban - "n" dmg
    creeper mask - n health
    leather face - n bonus
    spiked cleats - n melee
    flawed leather boots - lol
    mud leggings - "n" dmg
    soaked tunic - "n" dmg
    chimaera - n health sp
    bear pelt - n dmg
    hard leather cap - lol
    monk's cowl - n health
    forgotten - n sp
    sprinter - n ws
    mail of the berserker - n melee
    iron mail - n health
    ribcage - n health
    padded leather tunic - lol
    upside down bowl - n bonus
    helmet of wisdom - n sp
    bonvine killer - n health sp melee
    slippery boots - n ws
    kuuichi - n sp
    opulenity - n bonus health
    columns - n sp health
    padded leather leggings - lol
    flawed leather cap - lol
    ancient scout shoes - n bonus
    kickers - n dmg
    padded leather boots - lol
    arcana greaves - n mana
    tarod's parka - n mana
    rat skull - n ws
    fruma imported boots - n health
    audacity - n health dmg bonus
    iron incrusted pants - n health
    kneee - n sp
    runner's vest - n ws
    thoracic - "n" dmg
    drale's hide - n ws
    dapper trilby - n bonus
    padded leather cap - lol
    breathing helmet i - lol
    ties tickler - n ws
    plated boots - n sp
    featherweight - n ws
    armored culottes - n sp
    tanned leather tunic - lol
    messenger cap - n ws
    heliophilia - n health hpr bonus
    merchant sandals - n bonus
    treasure boots - n bonus
    battel leggings - n health
    nipun - n dmg
    funnel - n ls bonus
    tanned leather leggings - lol
    planus vest - n dmg
    chipped leather tunic - lol
    skin cap - n bonus
    tanned leather boots - lol
    jeweled vestments - n bonus
    leaf tunic - n health
    neodymium - n health
    log suit - n health
    abandoned tunic - n bonus
    helmet of intelligence - n sp
    exion - n mana
    bright boots - n bonus
    starched pants - n sp
    leaf pants - n health
    chipped leather pants - lol
    blessed wrappings - n health bonus
    the queen's tiara - n bonus
    tanned leather cap - lol
    leaf boots - n health
    sokoto - n ws
    shining cloak - n bonus
    solidified chestplate - n bonus
    plain leather tunic - lol
    thinking helmet - n mana
    soft helmet - n health
    elven moccasins - n health
    chipped leather boots - lol
    shin guards - n ws
    darkiron scrap - n health sp
    plain leather leggings - lol
    the king's robe - n bonus
    sargasso - n bonus
    plain leather boots - lol
    damasse - n health bonus
    scarab - n sp
    leaf cap - n health
    mama zomble's memory - lol
    contest wynner cap - lol
    plains runner - n health
    rounding test - n bonus
    yellow content cap of fame - lol
    seekers aid - lol
    hairy cap - n sp
    chipped leather cap - lol
    plain leather cap - lol
    awesome bandanna - n sp

    the end - ea melee ls ws
    photon projector - wa mana
    kivilu - wf mana dmg sp hpr
    infused hive relik - n mana dmg
    the watched - r health dmg
    sequioa - e psn health dmg sp
    infused hive wand - n mana dmg
    the nothing - tf spell cost spell ls ms
    cyclone - fa ws dmg
    infused hive spear - n mana dmg
    diaminar - f ls health
    the forsaken - wa mana spell dmg
    crack the skies - ta dmg
    pencuri - f ls health
    infused hive dagger - mana dmg
    the exploited - fa major id spell cost melee
    blue - ta mana dmg
    infused hive bow - n mana dmg
    fog of creation - r spell
    the evolved - e psn sp
    yol - f health hpr ele def
    silver sound - fa dmg spell cost
    lower - n spell cost
    predposledni - wa mana dmg
    singularity - r spell melee sp
    warp - a ws spell cost sp
    fatal - t spell spell cost mana sp
    event horizon - et health
    bonder - n mana hpr
    tidebinder - w mana
    quinque - t tier melee dmg psn
    bylvis' pitchfork - wa mana dmg
    braker - n ele def
    sitis - w mana dmg spell ls
    black - tf mana dmg spell
    anvil crwaler - t melee dmg
    slider - n mana spell
    stratiformis - a ws
    crust crusher - ef melee
    blues whistle - e mana psn
    cluster - t mana ls psn
    stinger - n ls psn
    timthriall - e mana dmg
    impeccable light jungle relik - lol
    impeccabl granite relik - lol
    arkhalis - t melee dmg
    yggdrasil - ew dmg
    waking vigil - ea melee dmg
    monster - f ls health mana melee dmg
    luto aquarum - ew ls dmg health
    impeccable light jungle stick - lol
    impeccable granite stick - lol
    drumstick - ta dmg
    cascade - r mana spell ws
    the parasite - et ls dmg mana
    magnitude - e dmg
    lustrous - ef melee
    impeccable light jungle spear - lol
    impeccable granite spear - lol
    ace of spades - fa dmg health
    noble phantasm - f health sp
    volcano - ef dmg
    impeccable granite shears - lol
    impeccable light jungle shears - lol
    dancing blade - a dmg
    arakadicus' maw - e psn melee mana
    misconduct - tw spell mana
    spring - w mana spell cost sp dmg
    impeccable light jungle bow - lol
    impeccable granite bow - lol
    earthsky equinox - ea tier
    anthracite ballista - fa ls melee
    absolution - f dmg mana health sp
    sigil of resistance - ef health ele def
    highrise - a jump height
    impeccable jungle relik - lol
    cryoseism - w mana spell cost dmg
    manablast - tw mana spell
    gaia - e melee psn spell cost
    king of hearts - wf dmg health ls mana
    impeccable jungle stick - lol
    sharpened harpoon - tw dmg
    collapse - r mana melee sp
    praesidium - f sp health ele def
    impeccable jungle spear - lol
    harwrol - ea ws health melee
    yverlian blade - r ele def
    nirvana - w major id mana sp spell
    inferno - f dmg melee health
    the specialist - n dmg sp
    genoxyde - fa ls
    impeccable jungle shears - lol
    fate's shear - ew spell dmg mana
    shajaea - wf mana health
    divzer - t mana ls spell
    the rainmaker - tw spell dmg
    impeccable jungle bow - lol
    demon's will - tf ls spell
    fantasia - r spell cost sp spell
    toxoplasmosis - e psn ls sp mana
    spleen splitter - e psn ls
    vagabond's disgrace - et dmg
    misfit - et dmg spell cost
    hard light - r mana sp
    royal hyndrangaea - wa mana spell sp lol
    restorator - f health hpr
    morrowind - a spell dmg ws
    magma chalice - ef health
    lament - w mana dmg spell cost sp
    salvation - wf health
    overgrown - e psn mana
    gearbox stave - n bonus
    poison ivy - e psn
    thrundacrack - t spell cost dmg sp
    harbinger of fate - tf dmg
    frenzy - a ws
    silver - wa mana dmg
    weathered - a major id mana dmg ws tier
    grimtrap - e psn ls spell cost
    cataclysm - t spell cost dmg
    ivory - a mana hpr
    cockleburr - e ls melee
    thunderbird - ta ws
    island sniper - a dmg
    tropics - ew mana dmg
    ensa's resolve - wa mana
    orange lily - ew spell cost mana dmg
    one thousand voices - ta spell cost spell dmg
    sunstar - t ls melee dmg
    voidstone elrik - ea mana ls
    gift of the magi - fa mana sp health
    impeccable light spruce relik - lol
    voidstone recteps - ea mana ls
    halation - t dmg
    heatwave - f dmg
    impeccable light spruce stick - lol
    deperado - tf mana dmg
    yellow rose - t ls sp
    eidolon - a ws
    undying - ef ls hpr
    shield buster - ew dmg
    voidstone arpes - ea mana ls
    spearmint - a ws
    earth drift - ea dmg
    idol - w mana spell spell cost sp
    boiler - wf mana
    impeccable light spruce spear - lol
    ignition - f ls
    black amaranth - e spell cost dmg
    waterspout - tw mana
    voidstone esbald - ea mana ls
    snowdrift - w dmg
    nullification - r ls sp mana ele def
    limbo - et dmg
    caldera - wf dmg
    impeccable light spruce shears - lol
    forest aconite - e psn spell
    nona - ea tier ws dmg
    sleeping beast - et psn
    voidstone lensing - ea mana ls
    the hearth - f ls hpr
    stormcloud - w mana
    grandmother - e sp dmg bonus
    ignis - f dmg spell cost health hpr sp
    arc rifle - t dmg
    impeccable light spruce bow - lol
    gale's force - a dmg ws
    hadal - w mana spell
    conference call - tf mana ls psn dmg
    black abyss - t sp psn dmg
    icejewel - w dmg
    ciel - t mana
    phoenix wing - fa health sp hpr
    noise stream - a ls mana
    fragment - ta dmg
    deathsplinter - ls sp psn mana
    relfect - r mana
    alkatraz - e dmg melee sp
    charging flame - wf mana dmg
    tsunasweep - tw mana dmg
    shard of sky - a dmg
    lightning edge - t ls mana
    quartzite bow - tw dmg
    petrified horror - et mana spell melee
    awakening - r dmg
    shellcarve - ew mana spell cost dmg
    olympic - a jump ws dmg sp spell cost
    inferna flamewreath - f spell cost dmg
    impeccable diorite relic - lol
    nauticals - tw mana dmg sp
    whimsy - wa dmg bonus
    rainstorm - tw mana dmg
    storm surge - tw mana spell dmg
    purgatory - tf dmg
    nepta floodbringer - w mana dmg sp
    impeccable diorite stick - lol
    peaceful rest - wf dmg ele def
    sekaisin - tf ls dmg
    guardian - f health hpr mana sp ele def
    zephra shredder - a dmg ws melee
    impeccable diorite spear - lol
    feedback - t dmg
    odin - ta dmg
    omega - et melee spell
    magmarizer - ef health
    thrunda ripsaw - t dmg ls
    cataract - w mana dmg
    impeccable diorite shears - lol
    gibyeong - wf mana dmg
    flameshot hilt - f dmg
    missile - fa dmg
    freedom - r mana sp dmg ws health
    alka cometflinger - e dmg melee
    impeccable diorite bow - lol
    doubt - ef dmg ele def
    crescent - w mana dmg
    mouth of fate - ta dmg
    imperious - a sp ws dmg
    glissando - n spell melee jump
    hardcore - e spell cost dmg mana
    apology - w mana health ele def
    leaning log - ew health
    compiler - e sp dmg
    final compulsion - ef dmg ls health
    supernova - r dmg
    behemoth - et dmg
    hell's scream - fa ls ws
    cue stick - t mana
    bedruthan - ew mana dmg
    liquified sun - tf health
    belcon - ew dmg
    magma flinger - ef melee dmg
    stricken bolt - t melee mana dmg
    magnus - wf dmg
    prismatic pendulum - ew mana health hpr
    hellstrand - f ls mana dmg
    dunesweeper - ea dmg melee
    packet - a spell dmg
    impeccable spruce relik - lol
    crimson - wf ls hpr ele def
    blightsaber - et dmg mana psn spell cost
    lonesome - ea dmg
    octahedron - r dmg sp
    impeccable spruce stick - lol
    antipode - wf mana dmg
    bane of war - wa mana spell
    hero - a sp ws melee major id
    impeccable spruce spear - lol
    heartache - w dmg
    wick - ta mana dmg
    brace of the ninth - w mana sp
    cloud nine - tw ele def
    diamond blade - wa mana
    impeccable spruce shears - lol
    sawtooth - r dmg
    copper knife - et mana dmg
    desperation - fa ws ls
    thundering wind - ta dmg
    comrade - f health
    juneberry - wa mana dmg
    impeccable spruce bow - lol
    closure - tf mana dmg psn
    wybel carved relik - bonus
    mountain's song - ef health spell cost
    loaded question - t dmg mana
    wybel ivory wand - n bonus
    sigil of existence - wa health sp ele def
    lightningrod - tw dmg
    starburst - a mana dmg
    centrifugal - ew mana
    wybel horn spear - n bonus
    siege ram - e dmg
    hammer of the forge - ef dmg health
    wybel tooth dagger - n bonus
    breakbore - et dmg
    deserter - ea sp
    big arm - e dmg
    wybel fluff bow - n bonus
    subtle calamity - ea mana sp
    return to ether - wa mana sp bonus ws
    veins - r health ele def
    nightlife - tf ls dmg
    impeccable light birch relik - lol
    squall's breath - ta ws dmg
    impeccable light birch stick - lol
    judas - t dmg bonus
    spear of sin - tf ls dmg
    infilak - f dmg
    impeccable light birch spear - lol
    nimbus - wa mana
    valkyrie - ta melee
    darkweaver - tw dmg mana
    impeccable light birch shears - lol
    manna - wa mana dmg health
    alizarin - r bonus health hpr
    synthesizer - tw dmg
    aeolipile - wf mana
    impeccable light birch bow - lol
    djinni - fa dmg hpr
    black arrow - e psn ls
    sparkling tones - wa spell mana
    stormdrain - w mana dmg sp
    the airway - ta dmg
    overdrive - tw spell tier mana
    guacamole - ew mana health sp
    salpinx - a spell cost mana dmg
    voidlight - ta mana spell
    heavenly wisp - wa mana
    tisaun's proof - ef tier sp dmg
    corkian war pick - ta melee
    nightstar - w mana dmg
    sculptor - ew melee
    cardinal ruler - tf ls mana dmg
    infidel - tw spell mana dmg
    bardiche - wa dmg hpr
    pyroclast - ef melee dmg
    orient - wf mana
    slumber - w mana
    pressure blaster - w mana sp
    tracer - a tier melee
    plague - tf ls mana dmg ele def
    skyline cries - wf health
    marble forest - ea dmg sp
    arbalest - e dmg spell spell cost
    genetor - t dmg
    lunar spine - wa mana spell melee dmg
    ligfamblawende - fa ls health
    yamato spear - n mana
    lost soul - a ls
    thrice - w mana spell dmg
    solar sword - f ls health
    poison touch - n psn
    tundra strike - ew mana dmg
    windwhistle - wa mana dmg
    zero - r dmg
    eliminere - et dmg
    thermals - f hpr
    impeccable andesite relik - lol
    deja vu - et bonus dmg ls
    careless whisper - fa mana health hpr
    tashkil - f dmg hpr
    vesuvius - ef dmg
    faustian contract - tf melee mana spell
    impeccable andesite stick - lol
    deepwood root - ew mana dmg
    gear grinder - f mana
    spark of courage - fa hpr health
    impeccable andesite spear - lol
    firestarter - f dmg
    shoirtout - t dmg
    mountain spirit - ta dmg
    aerosol - a dmg
    impeccable andesite shears - lol
    brass brand - et dmg spell
    bladeguard - fa sp
    thunderlock - ta dmg
    impeccable andesite bow - lol
    flintlock - ef sp
    silent night - t spell cost ls
    procrastination - n spell melee sp
    wishing star - et bonus dmg
    windmill - a dmg
    hydrocharger - tw spell
    layton - w sp
    iris - r mana ele def
    canyon spirit - ea dmg
    sheet ice - w spell
    proxima - r ls
    nerium great spear - ea melee
    brimstone - ef dmg health
    bizzles - tw dmg mana
    sreggad - n ls health
    sans - n dmg
    evergreen - ew dmg
    bygones - tf melee mana dmg
    torrential tide - w spell sp dmg
    pine bow - e dmg
    sleet - tw spell mana dmg
    bolter - t dmg
    impeccable birch relik - lol
    niflheim - w mana ele def
    esper's focus - w mana dmg
    impeccable birch stick - lol
    essence bastion - f health
    wood hammer - w dmg
    rikter - e melee
    unsheathed glaive - wf dmg
    mystical lance - ta sp
    impeccable birch spear - lol
    glitchtean - t dmg
    nether's deep - tf ls health dmg
    iron grippers - et melee dmg mana
    countdown - r dmg
    impeccable birch spears - lol
    solitude - a dmg
    oktavist - f melee
    impeccable birch bow - lol
    silent ballet - ea spell cost
    shine lamp - r spell cost mana
    revolutionine - f dmg
    maji - w ls bonus
    island chain - ew mana health hpr sp
    grateful dead - ea mana ele def
    cotton swab - a sp
    shining stave - t mana dmg
    rot of dernel - et psn mana ls
    reason - wf mana
    veantur - w dmg
    deathbringer - et ls dmg mana
    bonetrasher - a sp melee
    fir needle - ea dmg
    rock chisel - ef dmg
    crwth - ef dmg mana
    aersectra - ta dmg
    shadow flame - tf mana dmg
    crook's march - et ls mana dmg
    thanos stonesinger - ef melee dmg
    pizzicato - wf mana jump height
    msitu - e mana bonus
    impeccable light oak relik - lol
    thanos ironstaff - ef dmg health
    plate shock - t dmg
    impeccable light oak stick - lol
    bismuthinite - et psn dmg
    aldorei's vision - ew mana melee
    double-edge - t mana dmg
    thanos warhammer - ef dmg
    impeccable light oak spear - lol
    drifting spear - wa dmg
    shale edge - w mana spell
    thanos warsword - ea melee dmg
    rapier - f ls
    the visionary's vice - tw mana spell dmg
    hirudo - ew mana melee
    impeccable light oak shears - lol
    droplets - w mana dmg
    storm caller - ta dmg
    thanos siege bow - fa dmg health
    dragonspit - f ls health
    revolt - tf ls mana dmg
    impeccable light oak roots - lol
    shockmosis - tw mana dmg
    dying light - wa dmg sp
    dhoruba - t mana bonus
    ylem - tf dmg ls
    tankard basher - ea dmg
    apocalypse - f ls sp
    namazu - ew melee dmg
    breath of the vampire - ta ls dmg
    jewel cutter - a melee
    spiritshock - t ls mana psn spell
    silver bell - wa mana
    prowl - ea dmg
    fyrespit - wf mana health dmg
    silver bay - w mana dmg health
    white craftmas - ew dmg
    lumina - ta melee dmg ws
    impeccable stone relik - lol
    hewa - a mana bonus
    windchime - a mana
    zenith - ta tier mana dmg
    forge stoker - fa ls dmg
    fulminate staff - f dmg health
    impeccable stone stick - lol
    breaker bar - ea dmg
    gert super special magic ultistick - n spell melee mana dmg psn ls health tier bonus jump height spell cost hpr ele def sp lol
    crystal thorn - ew mana
    krampus - tf dmg ls
    tower - f health ele def
    impeccable stone spear - lol
    emerald chopper - fa bonus dmg
    cursed spike - e psn
    frostburn - wf dmg
    rewind - major id mana ls
    quill - wa mana dmg
    impeccable stone shears - lol
    agitation - t dmg
    scrooge - et bonus ls mana
    metal breaker - e dmg
    cemented bow - ew dmg
    impeccable stone bow - lol
    waking nightmare - ew dmg
    mvuke - f mana bonus
    fever dream - fa dmg
    gert wooshy bonkpole - ea dmg melee
    empire builder - n sp
    bard's song - wa dmg
    gert rock smashbanger - e dmg
    dragon slayer - f dmg
    balloon's bane - f ls dmg
    zephyr - a tier
    roulette - t dmg
    gert swingpoke cuttyrock - t tier dmg psn
    winterspell - "n" dmg
    gert shootstick tossflinger - e melee
    gridlock - tw mana dmg
    firestorm bellows - fa dmg health ws
    caledonia - f health hpr ele def
    magic bounce - r bonus
    impeccable oak relik - lol
    frontier - e health
    wrath - ef ls melee
    impeccable oak stick - lol
    gnarl - e dmg
    griffin - wa mana dmg
    shade of night - a dmg
    impeccable oak spear - lol
    blade og pureity - n mana dmg
    saltine - ta dmg
    plasma shear - tf spell
    impeccable oak shears - lol
    sight of the druid - ew mana psn
    impeccable oak bow - lol
    quickstep - fa dmg health
    aftershock - e dmg sp health spell cost
    eternity's edge - et mana spell
    widow - tf psn ls sp
    asphalt - ef ls melee
    hyra - f ls hpr
    hickory stick - f dmg
    overcharger - t mana
    cloudbreaker - a dmg
    backlash - et ls
    heracul - e dmg
    full charge - n mana ls
    scytodidae - w mana spell
    pure light jungle relik - lol
    last perdition - tf dmg
    graviton lance - tw sp
    flood bath - wf spell cost dmg health
    subsumere - tw mana ls
    pure light jungle stick - lol
    prymari - twf dmg hpr ele def
    nest - e dmg
    pure light jungle spear - lol
    gungnir - n bonus sp
    ghoul - a mana ls dmg
    chain hook - ea dmg
    throatcut - fa ls melee
    pure light jungle shears - lol
    mosaic - r hpr ele def
    salticidae - ea jump height ws sp
    block buster - e dmg
    pure light jungle bow - lol
    hope - n bonus mana
    hellbow - ef dmg
    slush rush - w spell
    ancient runic relik - n dmg sp
    kal hei - ewa mana melee
    thaw - wf mana
    bob's mythic wand - n dmg sp
    end of limits - et melee spell
    hollow branch - "n" mana psn dmg
    celebration - n bonus
    fuunyet - etf ls psn
    snow shovel - wa mana dmg
    bob's mythic spear - n dmg sp
    battery - tw mana dmg
    aldo - "n" bonus
    sapling - ew mana hpr
    zawah jed - wfa mana hpr
    black ice - tw mana spell
    dodegar's ultimate weapon - lol
    bob's mythic daggers - n dmg sp
    flash - ta mana ws
    arma gauntlet - ef health melee
    olit vaniek - efa health
    cornucopia - n mana hpr
    bob's mythic bow - n dmg sp
    ivory bow - r ele def
    stone crunch - e melee dmg
    pure granite relik - lol
    cold integrity - wa spell dmg mana sp
    tragedy - w dmg
    pure granite stick - lol
    depth - fa dmg health
    war pike - n health
    pure granite spear - lol
    virtue - w mana
    dragon's tongue - wf mana hpr sp
    nightmare - f ls dmg
    wayfinder - wa mana
    vandal's touch - ea dmg
    pure granite shears - lol
    amadeus - wf mana dmg
    miotal - e dmg
    rotary crossbow - wf ls health
    pure granite bow - lol
    lazybones - n mana bonus
    az - t spell cost dmg sp bonus
    corrupted witherhead's bow - ta dmg
    mazurka - t dmg
    torch - f dmg
    moonsetter - tf dmg
    regar - w dmg spell
    ricin - n psn
    toxotes - ew dmg
    king of blocks - e bonus
    destructor - t melee dmg
    soundgarden - ea dmg
    ascension - ta mana
    pure jungle relik - lol
    paranoia - fa mana ls
    australis - r bonus
    crying heart - t dmg
    pure jungle stick - lol
    emerald staff - "n" bonus
    aether - ta dmg
    diabloviento - a dmg
    qusar - r sp ele def
    pure jungle spear - lol
    morning star - "n" dmg
    fluffster - a ws
    searing knife - f dmg
    enerxia - t mana dmg
    pure jungle shears - lol
    scalding scimitar - wf dmg
    wall breaker - e melee dmg
    acevro - a mana dmg
    pure jungle bow - lol
    animosity - ta dmg
    wind murmurs - a ws
    forge's shock - tf dmg melee
    estuarine - ew mana dmg
    staff of regrowth - ew mana
    ivoire - a dmg
    lichclaw - t ls
    afterimage - a tier dmg
    shokku - t bonus
    heart piercer - "n" psn
    demonio - f ls dmg
    sleek - a ws
    snapdragon - tf ls
    hellkite's beak - tf dmg
    chaotic - t ws
    thousand waves - w spell cost dmg sp
    relentless - et tier
    pure light spruce relik - lol
    october fires - f mana ls
    pure light spruce stick - lol
    plasma staff - tf dmg
    ethereal - w mana spell dmg
    stave of the legends - "n" mana spell sp ele def
    toaster - f dmg
    trom's pride - "n" dmg
    scuthe - et mana melee dmg
    rocher - e dmg
    pure light spruce spear - lol
    helm splitter - e melee sp
    pure light spruce shears - lol
    crystal senbo - r dmg
    crossroad killer - t melee
    chakram - t tier ws psn dmg
    blade of shade - tfa mana ls dmg ws
    courser - t dmg
    pure light spruce bow - lol
    mealstrom - twa dmg ws
    loac alcher - et psn melee ls
    incinerator - f psn dmg
    ceiling - ea dmg
    pure diorite relik - lol
    precipice - e dmg ele def
    snanare - w dmg hpr sp
    pure diorite stick - lol
    irradiation - tw psn dmg
    dirge - ea psn ls dmg
    backfire - ef dmg
    pure diorite spear - lol
    paladin's hammer - ef melee
    vorpal - tw dmg
    pure diorite shears - lol
    archangel - a ws health hpr sp
    ionian - e psn
    steam vent - fa ls
    pure diorite bow - lol
    gwydion - ew dmg
    reverie - wf spell ele def
    kilauea - ef melee
    stasis - e dmg
    petrified bone - f health hpr ele def
    black spear - a ls dmg
    parang - ea dmg
    calcined estoc - ew mana dmg
    giant claw - n melee
    overclocker - tw mana spell
    jungle artifact - ef dmg
    pure spruce relik - lol
    mirror shard - tw mana spell
    pure spruce stick - lol
    frustration - f dmg health
    arakadicus' leg - et psn dmg
    pure spruce spear - lol
    fission blade - tf ls dmg
    ragulating charge - tw spell dmg
    pure spruce shears - lol
    leikkuri - fa ws
    spectral slingshot - r bonus
    pure spruce bow - lol
    clearwater - w mana hpr
    mistweaver - wa dmg ele def
    circuit flights - ta dmg
    scroll of nythiar - r mana spell hpr
    kekkai - a ele def
    ik-el-van w mana
    heatwind - fa dmg hpr
    azimuth - ea dmg ws
    jade talon - et mana melee
    arakadicus' claw - et melee
    redbeard's hand cannon - e bonus
    poinsetta - ew psn
    rusted root - et psn spell cost dmg spell
    pure light birch relik - lol
    lethality - tf psn ls
    north pole - fa bonus
    rotten wood - n psn
    pure light birch stick - lol
    pure - ea major id spell mana bonus
    firewood - e dmg
    pure light birch spear - lol
    the eviscerator - et ls psn
    heaven's gate - ea spell dmg
    the exile - f ls health
    icicle - w mana spell
    relic daggers - "n" bonus
    pure light birch shears - lol
    thunder relic daggers - t mana dmg bonus
    earth relic daggers - dmg bonus
    bladestorm - "n" ws
    babylon's scale - a dmg
    air relic daggers - a spell ws dmg bonus
    wolf bow - n mana
    polar star - t spell
    pure light birch bow - lycanthropy - t dmg
    azotar - r spell cost mana ls psn
    ashes anew - fa dmg mana hpr
    ohms' wish - ta mana dmg
    rumble - t ls dmg
    bianco - "n" bonus
    tempest - ta ws
    old maple spear - e melee
    sheathed glove - wf dmg
    algaa - e dmg
    world splitter - tf ls dmg
    noun - t mana dmg
    vigor - wf hpr health
    tribulation - tf ls dmg
    stronghollow - a spell
    grounder - e dmg
    acrobat - ta dmg
    sunstruck - f dmg hpr
    pure andesite relik - lol
    night rush - a dmg ws sp
    adrift - w ele def
    the medic - wf mana hpr dmg
    sunrise - fa mana hpr
    pure andesite stick - lol
    aerokinesis - a spell dmg
    sphyken - t mana dmg
    remikas' righteousness - n mana bonus ele def
    pure andesite spear - lol
    chlorofury - ew dmg
    sapphire shard - w mana spell
    pure andesite shears - lol
    precendence - wd mana
    ouragan - w mana dmg
    bull - "n" health
    stranglevine - "n" psn ls
    pure andesite bow - lol
    barkgraft - ea psn melee
    the elder wand - ew melee dmg
    conductor's baton - tw mana dmg
    broken cross - et bonus health dmg
    drifter - w dmg
    raptor - ea melee ws
    vile - "n" psn ls melee
    the dreamer - ta sp dmg
    decay burner - f mana dmg
    paragon - wa ws dmg
    skaxis - et sp
    cementing arrow - ew dmg
    clairvoyance - w mana spell
    sinkhole - e melee ls
    pure birch relik - lol
    obsidian spire - ef health
    pure birch stick - lol
    flush - w dmg
    captain's razor - t dmg
    pure birch spear - lol
    glowstone killer - "n" bonus dmg
    tactical kukri - f health
    rusty sword - w dmg
    grave digger - e ls
    pure birch shears - lol
    wolf tagger - t dmg
    rising sun - f bonus
    pure birch bow - lol
    heartstrings - fa ls hpr
    strikedown - tw spell cost
    lightshow - r ele def
    luster purge - wa spell cost dmg
    static wand - t dmg
    searchlight - f dmg
    earthquake - ef dmg
    water relik spear - w mana dmg bonus
    ohonte kerhite - wf mana dmg spell health sp
    plague staff - w psn sp hpr
    thunder relic spear - t mana melee dmg bonus
    kerasto spreader - n psn
    relic spear - "n" bonus
    plasma sabre - tf ls dmg
    polaris - r dmg bonus
    griswold's edge - "n" mana
    fire relic spear - f dmg bonus health
    erth relic spear - e dmg bonus
    kahontsi ohstyen - ewfa spell ws hpr
    air reli spear - a dmg ws bonus
    wild gauntlet - e dmg
    skien's paranoia - n ls health
    lichcall - t mana dmg
    void catalyst - t dmg sp
    pure light oak relik - lol
    pure light oak stick - lol
    cerid's dynamo - r dmg
    altimeter - ea melee ws
    anokumeme - wa dmg
    skyfall - a dmg ws
    pure light oak spear - lol
    magma rod - f dmg
    nerium long spear - ea psn
    demon seeker - n bonus spell
    repulsion - tw mana dmg
    pure light oak shears - lol
    palette - r mana dmg
    whitecap - w spell
    soundwave - t dmg
    pure light oak bow - lol
    chrysoprase - ef dmg health
    heat burst - fa dmg ls
    melon cutter - e melee dmg
    maple - "n" dmg
    diablo - ef melee dmg
    carrot - e dmg melee
    souffle - a melee dmg
    tonbo - ea dmg
    pure stone relik - lol
    mercury bomb - tf psn dmg
    firesworn - f dmg
    pure stone stick - lol
    spear of vix - ta dmg
    pure stone spear - lol
    absorption - ta mana bonus
    pure stone shears - lol
    locrian - twa mana ls spell sp
    kitten claw - "n" melee
    windforce - "n" dmg
    pure stone bow - lol
    electrolytic - tw spell mana
    pure oak relik - lol
    pure oak wood stick - lol
    burning torch - f dmg
    skien's madness - t tier melee
    pure oak wood spear - lol
    fierte - f dmg health
    barbed - t dmg
    squid dagger - w mana
    pure oak wood shears - lol
    mach - fa tier dmg
    coutaeu - n dmg
    the smoking barrel - f dmg
    pure oak wood bow - lol
    plasma ray - tf mana spell
    white noise - a dmg spell bonus
    tidebreaker - w dmg
    olux's prized relik - "n" mana dmg psn
    holiday spirit - wf mana bonus
    flawless light jungle relik - lol
    sacrificial - et mana ls dmg
    water relic wand - w mana spell dmg bonus
    thunder relic wand - t mana dmg bonus
    yuletide - f dmg
    relic wand - "n" bonus
    olux's prized wand - "n" mana dmg psn
    flawless light jungle stick - lol
    fire relic wand - f dmg health bonus
    earth relik wand - e dmg melee bonus
    doomsday - et mana dmg
    jungle spirit - a dmg
    blight - "n" psn
    alaxica - a dmg bonus
    air relic wand - a dmg ws bonus
    vanilla spade - wa mana
    dual - t dmg
    candy cane - fa ls hpr
    olux's prized spear - "n" mana dmg psn
    floodgate - w dmg sp
    flawless light jungle spear - lol
    nativitate - n bonus
    olux's prized dagger - "n" mana dmg psn
    karabiner - fa dmg hpr
    flawless light jungle shears - lol
    cuthroat - f ls health
    despair - tf mana ls dmg
    joyous - n bonus
    olux's prized bow - "n" mana dmg psn
    krakem - w dmg
    infinity - r sp ele def
    flawless light jungle bow - lol
    whirlwind - a dmg ele def
    ballista - e dmg
    wintergreen - ea spell cost ws spell
    flawless granite relik - lol
    andante - e dmg
    rotten swamp - e psn
    paradigm shift - r dmg
    flawless granite stick - lol
    turmoil - et psn dmg
    warlord - e health
    garnet - wf dmg
    flawless granite spear - lol
    eil - n health
    flawless granite shears - lol
    flaming fangs - "n" spell
    piston string - wf dmg
    flawless granite bow - lol
    dorian - f hpr dmg
    skyspiral - ta ws dmg
    flawless jungle relik - lol
    coyopa - t mana ls dmg
    whirlpool - w dmg
    sunsetter - wa mana dmg
    solar pillar - wf dmg health
    flawless jungle stick - lol
    bough of fir - ew dmg mana
    asterisk - ta dmg
    xystus - a dmg
    thunderstruck - ta dmg
    rebellion - tf dmg ls
    flawless jungle spear - lol
    assurance - ef dmg
    impulse - et mana ls dmg
    ice sickle - wa dmg
    flawless jungle shears - lol
    crowbeak - "n" dmg
    chasseur - ea ws
    haze - fa health sp
    flawless jungle bow - lol
    blizzard - wa dmg
    armageddon - et dmg
    shine suffocator - tw spell cost mana spell
    wardrunner - ef dmg
    robin - fa hpr ws
    hellkite's wing - tf mana dmg
    kenaz - f health dmg
    coeur de lion - f mana health
    seraph - wa mana
    vine machete - a dmg
    hypercane - wf dmg
    meteoric arch - n spell
    evanescent - wa mana dmg
    saving grace - wf mana dmg
    moonlight - wa hpr ele def
    oasis - ew mana
    zombified branch - n mana psn
    sharpened stylus - tw dmg
    sandscar - "n" psn
    vampire touch - t mana ls
    reaper of soul - n mana ls
    onyx - ef health dmg
    fibreglass - ea melee
    medecin - w mana
    ozone - ta dmg ws
    dancer's rhythm - a ws
    contamination - "n" psn
    running water - w ws
    ignatius - f health dmg hpr
    flawless light spruce relik - lol
    foreword - a bonus dmg ws
    wipe - a mana ws dmg
    spine - t dmg
    mock's battle staff - e melee
    flawless light spruce stick - lol
    sleigher - ea dmg melee
    flawless light spruce spear - lol
    conifer - efa hpr health
    static flood - tw mana dmg
    spike - e psn dmg
    defender - f health
    water relic daggers - w mana spell dmg bonus
    flawless light spruce shears - lol
    fire relic daggers - f health hpr dmg bonus
    snowstorm - twa mana spell
    water relic bow - w mana spell dmg bonus
    thunder relic bow - t mana melee dmg bonus
    relic bow - "n" bonus
    quickshot - t bonus
    fire relic bow - f health dmg bonus
    earth relic bow - e dmg bonus
    air relic bow - a dmg ws bonus
    holocene - e spell cost dmg
    discotek - r spell cost jump height dmg
    bibliotek - n spell cost sp bonus
    nordstrom - e dmg
    razor - "n" dmg ws
    twin daggers - ta ws
    the traveler - n ws dmg
    eruption - ef melee dmg health
    col legno - et dmg
    unholy wand - t dmg
    battle staff - "n" dmg
    ciocca - a dmg
    the nautilus - w mana
    malfunction - tw mana dmg
    fissure - e dmg
    chest breaker - e melee
    dematerialized - wa mana ws
    sparkles - t bonus
    grenouille - w dmg
    cementing string - ew dmg
    temporal lantern - fa health dmg
    threshold - tw mana dmg
    interference - t spell cost dmg
    flawless diorite relik - lol
    the creationist - wa spell
    sage - n bonus mana dmg
    flawless diorite stick - lol
    gale rider - a ws
    flawless diorite spear - lol
    flawless diorite shears - lol
    erhu - a mana dmg bonus
    bear opener - e ls
    scorcher - f dmg
    flawless diorite bow - lol
    sorcerer's stick - tw spell
    nesaak's will - ew dmg
    stonebreaker - e bonus
    sunshine shortsword - tf health
    infatuation - fa ls health dmg
    butcher's clever - w mana
    bravery - ea dmg health
    stingray - tw mana dmg
    qaxezine - et bonus
    rectificator - n dmg
    relic relik - "n" bonus
    thunde relic relik - t mana dmg bonus
    water relic relik - w mana spell dmg bonus
    air relic relik - a dmg ws bonus
    earth relic relik - e dmg bonus
    fire relic relik - f dmg bonus
    flawless spruce relik - lol
    permafrosted saxifrage - ea dmg
    viking breath - a dmg
    holly - ew mana dmg
    flawless spruce stick - lol
    devoreuse - mana ls
    flaming war spear - f dmg health
    hillich - n mana bonus
    oxalate - ew dmg
    joker - efa bonus psn
    flawless spruce spear - lol
    splinter - "n" melee
    flawless spruce shears - lol
    handmade bucie knife - "n" dmg health
    coconut - ew dmg
    the abacus - ea dmg
    sleigh bell - a dmg sp
    nivla's arch - "n" dmg psn
    sulphurous sling - tf dmg
    flawless spruce bow - lol
    flawless light spruce bow - lol
    cross-aegis - f hpr health ele def
    chroma cannon - r dmg
    deadeye - n major id sp
    vibrato - ta mana ws
    reciprocator - n dmg
    frozen brook - w mana dmg
    eclipse - wf hpr
    the vampire blade - "n" ls
    syringe - wf dmg ls health
    traitor - f dmg
    silver short spear - e bonus
    pulsar - r dmg
    scorpion - n mana psn bonus
    orc slasher - "n" hpr
    dissector - n ls
    solstice - wf health
    crafted gem - n bonus
    tearing seam - ef ls health
    calamaro's relik - "n" mana ddmg
    blessing - a ws
    rosario - ef health hpr
    calamaro's staff - "n" mana dmg
    cigar - n dmg
    current - "n" dmg
    dujgon warrior hammer - et dmg
    calamaro's spear - "n" mana dmg
    kolkhaar - et tier psn
    nodguj warrior sword - w mana dmg
    calamaro's sword - "n" mana dmg
    kanata - a dmg
    calamaro's bow - "n" mana dmg
    babbling bow - w mana spell
    hotline - tf ls
    inus - et spell cost
    heavensent - wa mana sp
    flawless light birch relik - lol
    wirt's leg - n bonus
    haqherphix - et mana melee
    flawless light birch stick - lol
    candlestick - "n" dmg
    sharp terror - w mana
    flawless light birch spear - lol
    copper-alloy pike - tf mana dmg
    affretando - ta ws dmg melee
    celsius - wa dmg
    shortcutter - t ls psn
    misericorde - r mana ls
    katana - n melee
    flawless light birch shears - lol
    thunderbolt - t dmg
    flawless light birch bow - lol
    crossbow - n dmg
    foehn wind - fa dmg
    flare blitz - f ls dmg
    soul - a dmg
    magicant - "n" sp ele def
    sunbreeze - fa health
    glare - t dmg
    bleeding wand - n ls
    alarm - ta melee
    fighting spirit - n dmg
    valorheart - wf health
    snowslicer - w mana dmg
    rhunaex - et ls dmg
    obsidian - e dmg
    tourmaline lyre - fa hpr
    flamiche - f health hpr
    pangae - ew dmg
    cleansing flame - wf mana dmg health ele def
    daybreak - tf dmg health
    sprout - e dmg melee
    meteorite - ef melee
    slash and burn - ef dmg
    kilij - ea dmg melee
    jolt of inspiration - tw mana
    ghostly blades - wa mana
    spirit - a mana dmg
    frozen earth - ew mana dmg
    phantom - ta melee sp
    salmon - w mana dmg
    bow of retribution - "n" ls mana
    hue - r ele def
    flawless andesite relik - lol
    stormflash - tw dmg
    summer - f dmg health
    loam - ew psn dmg
    flawless andesite stick - lol
    clunderthap - t dmg bonus
    lydian - e psn dmg
    nerium old spear - ea psn dmg
    flawless andesite spear - lol
    fierce thunder - t dmg ws
    karma - w mana spell dmg
    lockpick - ta ws
    flawless andesite shears - lol
    hashr claw - t spell dmg
    quartz driller - t melee
    flawless andesite bow - lol
    chaser - a ws psn
    zipper - t dmg
    viper - t ls melee
    curse - e mana dmg
    dragon fang - f dmg
    whisper - a dmg
    upgraded whisper - a ws
    influence - "n" ls dmg
    hellraiser - f dmg
    jaw breaker - e dmg
    long bow - e hpr
    miasma - a mana ls
    cherufe - ef melee ls dmg
    window pane - tw spell dmg
    ebb and flow - w mana sp dmg
    vampire stick - n ls
    upgraded archpriest - wa mana
    sol - f health hpr
    archpriest - wa mana
    the mind - w spell
    vandalizer - f ls bonus
    sonicboom - a ws spell mana dmg sp
    reversal - ea melee
    largo - e melee
    flawless birch relik - lol
    tremolo - ta jump height sp
    sneaky caster - a ws
    phoenix - f hpr health
    gavel's memory - a ws dmg
    flawless birch stick - lol
    mixolydian - a ws dmg
    flawless birch spear - lol
    stylist's scissors - t tier bonus
    sandslasher - ea dmg melee
    darkiron zweihander - fa ls dmg
    flawless birch shears - lol
    unhalting eagle - ea ws
    sandshooter - e bonus
    mesarock arch - e dmg
    flawless birch bow - lol
    cursed bow - t mana
    echolocation - n psn ls
    waves raiser - w dmg
    tribal flute - a dmg
    anchor chain - ew dmg
    steel sabre - "n" psn
    emerald knife - n bonus
    cypress - ew dmg
    weather warning - tw dmg
    etikal - r bonus
    windowframe - et dmg melee
    incense burner - f health
    valiant - ea dmg
    rite staff - wf ls
    lullaby - w mana
    steel buster - ef dmg
    sandstorm - a tier ws psn
    upgraded steel buster - ef dmg
    lust - wf mana hpr
    snakeroot bow - tf psn dmg
    upgraded radiance - wf mana
    radiance - wf mana hpr
    saffron arch - tf ls health
    flawless light oak relik - lol
    salamander - a ls psn dmg
    flawless light oak stick - lol
    blossom - ew dmg
    vartija - fa ws health
    fluffy spear - f health
    flawless light oak spear - lol
    chaleur - f dmg
    scalpel - t ls
    drought saviour - w mana
    lacerator - n psn ls
    flawless light oak shears - lol
    sylar - a spell ws
    noctilucent - wa dmg
    flawles light oak bow - lol
    fault lines - ef dmg melee
    ocean blade - w mana spell
    shadow spear - t bonus
    stabsand - "n" ls dmg
    abolition - f bonus ls dmg
    wybel paw - n ws
    precision - n dmg
    melange - r dmg ele def
    winggling villager - n bonus
    hymn of the dead - "n" psn dmg
    broken harp - w dmg
    sanies - w spell dmg
    clawctus - 'n" melee dmg
    devils's scissor - tf ls
    damnation - f dmg melee
    acidstream - "n" psn mana
    sky gaze - wa dmg
    ablution - w mana dmg
    flawless stone relik - lol
    red candle - f health ls hpr
    melted ruby - f mana dmg
    flawless stone stick - lol
    haros' oar - w mana dmg psn
    the head ripper - ea dmg
    hammer of the blacksmith - e melee dmg
    flawless stone spear - lol
    cathedral - a dmg
    flawless stone shears - lol
    venom - "n" psn
    nemract's rage - w mana spell
    flawless stone bow - lol
    vivace - ta dmg
    conclace crossfire - tf psn sp
    avocado - ew health
    hook - a dmg
    dern's desolation - t mana psn
    phantom - wa mana spell
    styx's grab - w mana spell ls
    blade of snow - w mana dmg
    ronco - t dmg
    death's reach - e dmg melee
    bow of wisdom - w mana
    aeolian - a ws
    sweden - a jump height ws
    flawless oak relik - lol
    thriller - t mana dmg spell
    upgraded dark needle - t dmg
    flawless oak stick - lol
    dark needle - t mana
    putrid - "n" psn health
    the banhammer - "n" dmg
    psion marker - t melee dmg
    flawless oak spear - lol
    cross - n bonus
    sickle - a ws
    flawless oak shears - lol
    flawless oak bow - lol
    bombardier - f dmg
    breath of the dragon - fa dmg
    timbre - r bonus
    kamikaze - f dmg
    drywind - a dmg
    ocelot claw - "n" ws
    ultraviolet - r dmg
    cobra - t melee dmg
    glacial crest - a mana ls dmg
    boundary - e ele def
    emotion - wf mana sp
    stick of brilliance - w mana dmg
    dusty staff - e psn
    legendary smasher - "n" dmg
    barbed spear - e psn
    the divide - r mana dmg ele def
    fishing hook - tw dmg
    nucleoken - r dmg
    sharpshooter - n dmg
    life extractor - "n" ls
    light jungle wood relik - lol
    grindcore - et psn dmg
    flux and flow - t spell dmg
    mage-crafted staff - wf dmg
    backstaff - "n" dmg
    staff of the dark vexations - twf sp
    head knocker - e melee
    detlas' legacy - tw dmg
    light jungle wood stick - lol
    mist blade - a mana
    kuiper - r sp
    light jungle wood spear - lol
    embers - f ls
    light jungle wood shears - lol
    cracheur - w dmg
    light jungle wood bow - lol
    crossbolt - n melee
    the saltwater rune - ew spell cost dmg
    cruel sun - f ls dmg melee
    stave of tribute - n bonus
    effervescence - w mana spell
    eel spear - w dmg
    cyclops' spear - w mana spell
    blade of wisdom - w mana
    saint's scar - e psn
    bulldozer - e melee dmg
    the wildwing - e dmg
    led ballon - e dmg
    gestation - e spell cost
    celestial - a mana
    the fallen - "n" health
    big ol' hammer - e dmg
    hunter - t bonus
    regrets - w spell
    nymeria - t ws
    harpoon - n dmg
    meridian - w mana bonus
    ancient battle crossbow - e melee bonus
    silhouette - a sp
    granite-hewn relik - lol
    frankenstein - t dmg
    granite-hewn stick - lol
    albakaya - "n" mana health
    halbert - n dmg
    broken trident - w dmg
    granite-hewn spear -lol
    granite-hewn shears - lol
    bony bow - a dmg
    retina shooter - e dmg
    granite-hewn bow -lol
    technicolor phase - r sp
    remembrance - a spell cost
    cave in - e spell cost dmg
    maul - e dmg
    charon's left arm - e ls dmg
    blood-soaked claws - ls
    molotov - f dmg
    walking stick - a ws
    the brain smasher - e dmg
    psychoruin - tw dmg
    iklaj - a ws
    blade of instinct - f health
    grandfather - n mana
    the wool trimmer - "n" bonus
    almuj's daggers - ta ws psn
    silver bow - n bonus
    web splitter - "n" ws
    beachside conch - w dmg
    jungle wood relik - lol
    helter skelter - ta jump height dmg spell cost tier
    hourglass - n psn
    butterfly wings - n sp
    vountiful - "n" bonus
    jungle wood stick - lol
    the berserk - e dmg
    sloth - "n" hpr
    jungle wood spear - lol
    someone else's knife - n melee
    jungle wood shears - lol
    fangs - "n" mana
    slate bow - ef health
    frog - ew psn
    savannah wind - a ws
    jungle wood bow - lol
    prog - tf mana spell cost
    valix - n ws bonus
    reticence - n bonus melee
    spear of prosperity - n bonus
    pursuit - a ws ls
    sting - f ls
    spicy - f dmg melee
    white ghost - a mana
    witherstring - "n" mana
    skin piercer - t dmg
    light spruce wood relik - lol
    keen measure - w mana
    squidword's clarinet - "n" dmg
    kelight's toothbrush - "n" bonus
    light spruce wood stick - lol
    light spruce wood spear - lol
    yahya's nail clipper - "n" mana
    euthanasia - n psn dmg
    light spruce wood shears - lol
    ivy - "n" psn
    spiderweb string - n ls psn
    webstring - t mana
    light spruce wood bow - lol
    presto - a ws
    enchanter - w mana
    pigman battle hammer - e sp
    hilt - n bonus
    fern - "n" ls health
    deracine - "n" mana dmg
    digested dagger - n psn
    circuit buster - t dmg
    carvel's sight - w mana
    diamond sky - n bonus
    diorite-hewn relik - lol
    glowing wand - "n" health hpr
    diorite-hewnstick - lol
    diorite-hewn spear - lol
    spore shortsword - n psn
    iron knuckle - e dmg
    diorite-hewn shears - lol
    green perfection - "n" dmg
    diorite-hewn bow - lol
    stress - n bonus
    skeleton's bone - n hpr
    autumn tree - "n" psn
    chief - "n" health
    shadow blade - "n" dmg ls
    butter knife - n bonus
    relic - "n" bonus
    spruce wood relik - lol
    puppet master - "n" mana spell spell cost
    little machine - "n" dmg
    spruce wood stick - lol
    midnight bell - "n" ws
    vellalar - "n" mana
    the skin tearer - n sp
    spruce wood spear - lol
    clash hook - "n" dmg
    spruce wood shears - lol
    tromsian survival knife - "n" dmg
    claw - n dmg
    spruce wood bow - lol
    the naturalist - "n" dmg
    pike of fury - n dmg
    bedrock eater - n mana ls
    gavel imported bow - n dmg
    leech bow - n ls
    witherhead's bow - "n" mana psn dmg
    light birch wood relik - lol
    hearts club - "n" hpr
    the magician - "n" mana
    petrified stick - n sp
    serpent's kiss - n psn
    light birch wood stick - lol
    ancient wand - n mana dmg
    stone cutter - n dmg
    guard spear - "n" health
    light birch wood spear - lol
    eleven - n dmg
    light birch wood shears - lol
    reinforced composite bow - n health
    phrygian - n ws
    mullberry - "n" health
    crackshot - n bonus mana
    light birch wood bow - lol
    stringendo - n ws
    spiritual siphoner - "n" mana
    fiery relik - lol
    dusk painter - "n" mana ls dmg
    staff of wisdom - n bonus
    fiery wand - lol
    isaz - "n" mana dmg
    fiery spear - lol
    dern's shadow - n mana psn
    skull breaker - n dmg
    scout dagger - n ws
    fiery dagger - lol
    fiery bow - lol
    dread - n ws
    clock stick - n bonus
    sledge - n melee
    striker - "n" dmg
    puncturing dirk - n dmg
    defibrillator - "n" dmg
    dislocator - n melee
    refined long bow - n bonus
    flaming bow - "n" health
    stale - "n" dmg
    turnpike - "n" melee
    windcatcher totem - "n" ws
    macabre - "n" ls
    andesite-hewn relik - lol
    black wand - "n" dmg
    meltik - "n" hpr
    andesite-hewn stick - lol
    war spear - n dmg
    ragni's spear - n dmg
    corpse - "n" dmg
    andesite-hewn spear - lol
    thief's dagger - n bonus
    fatigue - n melee
    bolt - "n" dmg
    andesite-hewn shears - lol
    dart sling - n dmg
    andesite-hewn bow - lol
    death growl - n sp
    detlas' stick - "n" mana
    sketiq - "n" dmg
    maltic's old spear - n sp bonus
    nemract's bow - bonus
    breeze - n ws
    harsh noise - n spell
    crustacean - n mana health
    birch wood relik - lol
    birch wood stick - lol
    chandelle - "n" health
    birch wood spear - lol
    pin - n bonus
    birch wood shears - lol
    tormenter - n bonus
    birch wood bow - lol
    the out - n ws
    sparklock - n mana
    hostage - n health
    javelin - n dmg
    fourchette - n hpr
    switch blade - n dmg
    iron string - n dmg
    aldorei's training bow - n mana
    light oak wood relik - lol
    dark ambience - "n" ls
    light oak wood stick - lol
    the leech spear - n ls
    light oak wood spear - lol
    light oak wood shears - lol
    galaxy piercer - n dmg
    light oak wood bow - lol
    the scarecrow's arm - n dmg
    spyrr - n sp
    stormstrike - n sp
    bumblebee - n dmg
    stone-hewn relik - lol
    paradise - n bonus
    stone-hewn stick - lol
    stone-hewn spear - lol
    aloof - n health
    voodoo - n dmg
    mitten - n health
    stone-hewn shears - lol
    stone-hewn bow - lol
    oak wood relik - lol
    quartzite wand - n bonus
    oak wood stick - lol
    depressing stick - lol
    oak wood spear - lol
    depressing spear - lol
    bullseye - n sp
    slicer - n dmg
    oak wood shears - lol
    depressing shears - lol
    refined bow - n bonus
    oak wood bow - lol
    depressing bow - lol
  12. Bart (MC)

    Bart (MC) Ambivalence Cult VIP+

    Likes Received:
    Trophy Points:
    planet healer - n psn
    reborn - et melee dmg
    legendary medallion - n gamer
    contrast - n mana health ls psn ws hpr
    anya's penumbra - n sp
    prowess - n sp health
    enmity - e mana melee
    prism - r sp ele def
    intensity - n spell dmg health
    antim - n dmg
    pandemonium - r dmg major id
    nebulous - r spell
    knucklebones - n tier bonus
    facile - r sp
    acid - n psn
    necklace of a thousand storms - a ws dmg
    achromatic gloom - spell melee
    dupliblaze - f dmg health sp
    facetious - e dmg
    ensa's failure - et psn dmg
    olive - ew dmg sp
    downfall - ef melee dmg ws sp
    founder - ef sp health
    clockwork - f health ele def
    dying lobelia - e psn melee ele def
    fehu - bonus
    staccato - et mana sp
    justice - f health sp dmg
    hamsey's brilliance - wf mana health
    reminder - n sp
    darksteel ring - tf sp health
    stellar - r spell dmg health
    ominous wind - n ws ele def
    silver solar necklace - f sp health
    silver static necklace - t melee
    silver steam necklace - a ws
    silver fiber necklace - e sp
    silver fusion necklace - r sp
    diamond steam necklace - a sp ws
    gold fiber necklace - e sp
    gold fusion necklace - r sp
    gold hydro necklace - w mana sp
    gold solar necklace - f sp health
    gold static necklace - t melee
    gold steam necklace - a sp ws
    silver hydro necklace - w sp
    diamond static necklace - t tier
    diamond hydro necklace - w mana sp
    diamond solar necklace - f sp health
    diamond fiber necklace - e sp
    diamond fusion necklace - r sp
    errant - a ws dmg health
    silver steam bracelet - a ws
    silver solar bracelet - f health
    silver static bracelet - t spell
    silver hydro bracelet - w mana
    silver fusion bracelet - r ele def
    gold steam bracelet - a ws
    silver fiber bracelet - e melee
    gold hydro bracelet - w mana
    gold solar bracelet - f health
    gold static bracelet - t spell dmg
    gold fiber bracelet - e melee
    gold fusion bracelet - r ele def
    diamond fiber bracelet - e melee dmg
    diamond fusion bracelet - r ele def
    diamond hydro bracelet - w mana
    diamond solar bracelet - f health
    diamond static bracelet - t spell dmg
    diamond steam bracelet - a ws
    arc bracer - t dmg
    iron will - f hpr
    silver static ring - t sp
    silver steam ring - a dmg
    silver solar ring - f hpr
    silver fusion ring - r health
    silver hydro ring - w mana
    silver fiber ring - e melee
    gold solar ring - f hpr
    gold static ring - t sp dmg
    gold steam ring - a dmg
    gold fiber ring - e melee
    gold fusion ring - r health
    gold hydro ring - w mana
    diamond steam ring - a dmg
    diamond static ring - t sp dmg
    diamind hydro ring - w mana dmg
    diamond solar ring - f health hpr
    diamond fiber ring - e melee
    diamond fusion ring - r health dmg
    fractured - tf ls health
    summa - "n" mana sp
    ashes - f health
    kernel - tw dmg
    flashfire gauntlet - f health tier
    contrail - a dmg
    atlas - n mana ls tier
    evapar - a dmg
    moon pool circlet - w mana sp
    flashfire knuckle - f ls health tier
    aurora - r dmg
    gigabyte - n sp
    calimg torc - w dmg
    synapse - ea spell mana
    cinders - f health
    pride - e melee
    foreboding - t sp
    esclavage - ef sp
    stratus - wa sp mana
    coral ring - n mana health
    affluence - n bonus
    tungsten - n dmg
    cosmium - r health ele def
    ambiguity - fa hpr
    tidal - w mana
    discordant - r sp
    megavyte - n dmg health
    yang - w spell sp
    yin - t melee sp
    sparks - f health
    rune of safe passage - n health
    shatterglass - e dmg sp
    pulse stopper - tf ls spell
    pulse starter - tf dmg health
    value - n bonus
    kaze - a ws sp
    hellion - f ls health
    byte - n health ele def
    jewelled broach - n ele def
    pyromaniac - f spell
    runic coin - n spell health
    pendant of prosperity - n bonus
    bronze basic necklace - n bonus health
    golemlus core - ef health hpr
    relend's refrain - a ws
    pass band - e psn
    bronze basic bracelet - n bonus health
    follow the wind - a ws
    impudent - ea sp
    bronze basic ring - n bonus health
    coiled briar - "n" dmg
    emerald pendant - n bonus
    silversplint - a dmg
    subur clip - e melee dmg
    sacramentalia - ew mana
    finesse - tw sp
    quicksilver - a psn
    inundatio - tw spell
    charm of the tides - wf mana health
    charm of the magma - ef health
    charm of the storms - wa dmg
    charm of the tempest - ta dmg
    diamond cuff - f health
    platinum - n bonus
    krolton's cruelty - et melee sp psn
    tisaun's honour - ef sp
    equinox - wf dmg
    dust devil - a dmg
    sowilo - tf health
    doodad - n bonus
    corkuff - wa dmg
    sliver - t melee
    saundersei signet - et psn
    morph-emerald - r sp
    raging wind - a ws dmg
    clock amulet - n ele def
    power cell - t sp
    mech core - f health hpr
    wristviewer - n bonus
    watch bracelet - n dmg
    vortex barcer - a melee spell dmg health
    coolant - "n" dmg
    fireball - f dmg
    drain - n ls health
    volmor's flair - n bonus
    kayde - n bonus
    dasher - ea dmg
    microchip - t dmg
    breezehands - ta tier
    gloomstone - t spell
    gnir - ew health
    prognosticum - w mana dmg
    worship - n bonus
    ring of fire - "n" dmg
    windy torc - a dmg
    squid anklet - w mana
    jiandan handwraps - ef health melee
    nezha - f health dmg
    black catalyst - n mana spell
    archaic - fa sp health
    verglas - wa dmg
    thanos crest - a sp dmg
    lightning flash - n ws dmg
    sinister - tf psn ls mana
    thanos banner - e sp dmg
    thanos brand - f sp health
    old keeper's ring - n bonus major id
    nightshade - n psn
    fire pearl - f health
    brass choker - et dmg
    power creep - e dmg
    bottled thunderstorm - ta sp dmg
    steady grip - tw sp spell
    formation - ef dmg
    needle cuff - t dmg
    the gambler - n mana ls
    sterk - ef health
    rask - a ws sp
    dancer - a dmg
    sterling silver - ta dmg
    rough diamond - ew dmg
    altum spatium - n bonus health
    amulet of rejuvenation - n hpr
    asbestos - n psn
    adder stone - ew mana health
    tight clamp - f health
    flexing chain - a dmg
    auric - n psn
    ring of wisom - n bonus
    ring of power - n sp
    time ring - n hpr
    clockwork ring - n spell
    rainbow - r ele def
    tenuto - tf sp tier spell health
    momentum - ea sp melee
    lecade's rank - health
    broken gauntlet - ef health
    puff - n ele def
    gospel - a bonus
    soldier - n sp
    jackpot - n bonus
    togak's vision - ea sp
    latchkey - f sp
    vanguard - n bonus
    rubber - n ele def
    martyr - fa dmg
    ghost - wa sp
    sealing coin - bonus health
    destrortur - t dmg
    suppression - n mana
    deark - t dmg
    gnome's ring - a sp ws
    giant's ring - e dmg sp
    snowflake - w mana
    royal stormy amulet - "n" mana
    royal blazing amulet - "n" health
    royal cyclone amulet - "n" ws
    royal dusty amulet - "n" melee
    royal shocking amulet - "n" melee
    euouae - ta sp
    blitzen - t mana
    famine - a ls ws
    ring of rubies - n bonus
    pirate queen's ring of rubies - n bonus
    malachite - et sp
    fuse - n ele def
    aliez - ta dmg mana
    siwel's guilt - w health hpr
    power bracelet - n sp
    iniquity - et psn dmg
    scum - w psn
    detective's ring - n sp spell
    caffeine - a ws
    ensa's faith - w hpr
    autotomized - a ws
    diminished - n mana health dmg
    clay - n ele def
    burn - "n" dmg
    abyssal amulet - n psn ls
    fanatic - n spell
    jester bracelet - n bonus
    recovery - n hpr
    marvel - wa spell
    bubble - n ele def
    black ring - t dmg
    boomslang - n psn
    incendiary - tf dmg health
    ebrithil - w sp
    spontaneous - fa ws
    neon - r dmg
    mercy - n bonus
    talisman charm - n bonus
    trainer's pendant - n bonus hpr
    comet - efa melee
    cattail - ew dmg
    anarchy - r dmg
    back-up plan - f sp health
    shackle of shade - tf bonus health
    voidshard - ea ls
    frost - w dmg
    purity - n bonus
    fiery torc - f health sp
    lazarus' brace - n hpr
    kelight's gauntlet - e melee health
    creepvine - e psn
    jester ring - n ls bonus
    raindrop - w mana sp
    ring of generosity - n bonus
    growth - e sp
    fog - wa dmg
    coyote crest - t sp
    vital - n hpr
    antivenom - n hpr
    glimmer - n bonus
    garnet ring - f health
    rayshyroth's knowledge - n bonus
    remikas' authority - f sp health
    foam bracer - w dmg
    charm of the vampire - n ls
    fellowship - r sp
    infected band - n psn
    donner - t dmg
    unspeakable - et mana sp
    myrrh - w mana
    druid's ring - ew dmg
    call to concord - f health sp
    chlorine - w dmg
    droughted amulet - fa dmg
    barbaric amulet - ea dmg
    chaotic amulet - tw dmg
    troms kid badge - n bonus
    crash - et dmg
    dark band - et dmg
    scalding band - wf dmg
    lasting - n hpr
    ariodo's dial - tw dmg
    sarnfic's lost treasure - w bnus
    morph-ruby - r sp
    rycar's swagger - ea sp
    magical loop - "n" dmg
    guardian loop - "n" dmg
    agile loop - "n" dmg
    energy loop - "n" dmg
    force loop - "n" dmg
    lead - e psn
    nature's gift - ew psn
    tear of pirate cove - w mana spell
    vixen - f health
    roasted chestnut - f hpr
    renda langit - a spell cost health ws
    dragon's eye bracelet - f spell cost bonus dmg
    insulation - n health
    adventurous - a ws
    sessanta - f health
    charity - n bonus
    render - f dmg
    draoi fair - ew spell cost bonus
    lapis necklace - w mana
    rycar's elation - n psn sp
    meep - n ws sp
    devotion - n dmg
    rycar's bravado - e sp
    sharp - n sp
    rockworm - n psn
    shiny coin - n bonus
    ice band - w dmg
    mirror - n health
    lodestone - w spell
    zhight weird magic necklace - ew dmg
    zhight beaded broach - t dmg
    green ornament - "n" dmg
    purification bead - f hpr sp
    zhight coral band - wf health
    zhight powwow bangle - r dmg bonus
    bovine cuff - n sp
    czytash's compass - n bonus
    prancer - e sp
    zhight shiny ring - t dmg
    zhight souvenir coin - n bonus
    frankincense - n health
    fingertrap - n melee
    strobelight - f sp health
    jester necklace - n bonus
    electric torc - t dmg
    bamboo cuff - et psn
    return - n
    brass knuckle - e sp
    quartz choker - dmg
    luminis - w mana dmg
    devilish - tf psn
    hexed amulet - n bonus
    great brace - f health
    tears - w mana
    charm of the leech - w mana ls
    cupid - ew mana
    mistletoe - ew dmg
    red ornament - "n" dmg
    binding brace - t dmg sp bonus
    wasp - t psn
    yellow ornament - "n" dmg
    trick - n health
    treat - n bonus
    criistal - n bonus
    twist band - wa sp
    marius' lament - twa sp ls
    ozoth's breath - f sp
    quatron's eye - n dmg
    stainless steel - f ele def
    melody - a dmg
    marble - r spell
    tarod's search - wa ws
    smithy - "n" dmg
    wolf crest - a sp
    pewter ring - f health sp
    ruipper - t sp
    oyster - w dmg
    contrict collar - n health bonus sp
    steel bracer - f health sp
    golm gauntlet - f sp
    blue ornament - "n" dmg
    faith of the bovemist - n spr sp
    vapor - w dmg
    aggression - e dmg
    wastelands - e psn
    horseshoe - a ws
    goblin luck charm - n bonus
    gernald's amulet - n bonus health
    coarse torc - e psn
    goblin arm bracer - n bonus health
    rime - wa mana dmg sp
    willpower - w mana
    goblin hex focus - n dmg
    okit - "n" dmg
    generator amulet - n spell
    reminiscence - wf mana health
    nimble fingers - t bonus
    hallfred's greed - n stealing
    precious - n sp bonus
    decoder ring - n bonus
    chill - w dmg
    great charm - n health
    goblin-silver ring - n bonus
    union - r sp
    vitriol - e psn
    ehwaz - a ws
    anno - tf health
    bandit's locket - n bonus
    geothermal - ef dmg
    gouttes - w sp
    firecloud - "n" dmg
    sting-glass necklace - n dmg
    trinket - n bonus
    morph-amethyst - r sp
    sandust - t dmg
    broken sandust - t sp
    bandit's bangle - n bonus
    favian's wing - a ws
    ra - n hpr
    cactus - n
    amethyst ring - wf sp
    charm of the tick - n ls health
    stonehall - e dmg
    cracked stonehall - e dmg
    crystal-blend pendant - n mana
    chipped glitz - n bonus
    bandit's knuckle - n bonus
    glitz - n bonus
    ormrod's isolation - ea ws dmg
    handcuff - ef sp
    carnivorous - n melee
    vitium - n ls psn
    blood-tinted necklace - n psn
    marrow-tinted necklace - n ls
    scarab-shelled charm - n melee
    webbed glass charm - n ws
    bandit's ring - n bonus
    libella - "n" sp
    emerald-tinted charm - n bonus
    plain glass necklace - n bonus
    lucky coin - n bonus
    rusted ring - "n" health
    wolf paw - ea dmg
    takan's treachery - n sp
    used wolf paw - n dmg
    vindicator - n health bonus
    ba'al's betrayal - n ls
    white - "n" dmg
    red - n health
    field - n dmg
    crystal necklace - r ele def
    fortitude - f health
    dynamic - t dmg
    barrage - t dmg
    uriel - a ws
    disappeared - a sp
    vitre - n sp
    juniper - e dmg
    nettle - e psn
    durum's serenity - ew sp bonus health
    lean's curiosity - w bonus sp
    zjarr - f health
    nutrition - r sp
    dark diadem - n mana dmg
    jackal crest - n health
    gilded cuff - n bonus
    darkiron ring - f sp
    boulder - e dmg
    lake - "n" dmg
    sayleros' brother's misfortune - n sp
    blackout - f dmg health
    echo - a dmg
    simplicity - n ele def
    spider's eye pendant - n melee sp
    charm of the flea - a ls health
    gust - a dmg
    buster bracer - e dmg sp
    ring of focus - w bonus
    minor - n spell
    major - n melee
    the meddler - w ls
    spider bracelet - n psn sp
    simple coin - n bonus
    bovemist amulet - w sp
    amulet of the necromancer - n ls
    lizard - "n" dmg
    spider ring - n ls
    bejeweled bracelet - n bonus
    asher's relic - n mana ws
    diet - a sp
    silkwrap - f health
    red string - m bonus
    quatrain - n dmg bonus
    slap - n sp
    eater - n ls
    lithium - n bonus
    alice's sleeve - n health sp
    reflex - n ws
    bourraeu - n dmg
    clap - n melee
    witherhead's talisman - n bonus
    edgy - n dmg sp
    morph-topaz - r sp bonus
    onoin ring - n bonus
    clarity - n sp
    trace - n dmg bonus
    master - n sp
    worry - n sp
    trave charm - n health bonus
    ragon's bracelet - n health
    iron bracer - n sp health
    warmth - n sp
    fluorine - n dmg
    therck's irritation - "n" dmg
    luas - n sp
    ring of strength - n sp
    dofotri - n ws
    vertebra - n sp health
    cool - n sp
    mind cracker - n dmg
    dusty ring - n sp
    concentation - n mana
    tiny - n ws
    rusted bracelet - n bonus
    espoir - n bonus
    beauty - n bonus
    comfort - n health
    shock - n sp
    seedling - n bonus sp
    tree bracelet - n hpr
    macht - n sp
    wedding ring - n health
    swift - n ws
    quartzite amulet - n spell
    keeper - n bonus
    vine - n melee
    jag - n dmg
    shark tooth - n melee
    enxan's lucky charm - n bonus
    alumnium - n hpr
    black - n hpr
    azar - n bonus
    wynnterfest 2016 souvenir - lol
    wynnter fair 2016 souvenir - lol
    wynnter fair 2017 souvenir - lol
    collector - n bonus
    secret - n bonus
    seeker - n bonus
    rarity - n bonus
    hidden - n bonus
    ein - n dmg
  13. Jirayut

    Jirayut [Sold] VIP+

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    Holy fuck, he actually did it
  14. YoshisWorld

    YoshisWorld Famous Adventurer Media HERO

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  15. Bart (MC)

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    I like Wynncraft.
  16. Nukewarmachine

    Nukewarmachine Hates Lag

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    Did you name them all from memory?
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  17. Iboju

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    oh my god what a madlad - a true class builder
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  18. Madkurre

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    well, duh. theres no other way to pull a list of all item names from the wynncraft public api
  19. Red-Eyed Knight

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    Genuine question: how do people actually remember so many items and their stats, and how do they make sense of them? How did they learn all of it?
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  20. Endercomet

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    By using them and learning from other builds