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Serious What Is Your Next Step In Life?

Discussion in 'Nemract's Bar' started by CavemanJimbo, Aug 28, 2019.

  1. CavemanJimbo

    CavemanJimbo What a lonely profile

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    We all know each other ingame and, obviously, on the forums. However, rarely do I see people take about what they are doing in real life. Are you excited to enter a new school, or maybe you're working hard in college? Whatever you are up to, feel free to talk about it here.
  2. minitinipower

    minitinipower A pretty laid back kind of dude.

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    Finished school with a good grade. Had no idea what I wanted to do later so right now I'm taking a year off at my fathers farm. There's alot of free time so it can sometimes go an hour of me just siting in the couch thinking about the past, present a future, feeling and digging into my mind.

    Read "How to be a Stoic". Some nice stuff about our lives in the vast universe. Since I'm a bit of a nihilist, it's fun and a bit scary to put our existence in perspective. Which is why existentialism is so much fun to talk/think about.

    But I don't know