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What Does Deserve The Item "soul Essence" ?

Discussion in 'Questions' started by ArtyLwazo_, Jul 17, 2019.

  1. ArtyLwazo_

    ArtyLwazo_ Challenger VIP+

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    Hello !

    I'm doing the quest "Purple and Blue" lv.77 Long Quest and I'm at the part where I need to take the helmet back to Korun. At the place where I took the helm, there was two "Soul Essence" which are Misc. Item. What can I do with them ? There is no GamePedia page on it and I don't find anything about it. Maybe I just found something new on the server and no one knows about it...
    There it is : lul.png (it has an ender eye skin)

    Thanks for any response and get a nice day !

    Edit : What does deserve the Aqua Dust too ? It's an Misc. Item found in a cave I think I can call it by some monsters Guardian idk what and I didn't find anything about it too.
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  2. Undyne

    Undyne No hope for the hopeless. HERO

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    I’m pretty sure those have no use in the game and either should be removed or converted into crafting ingredients.

    Try to contact a ct member about it so they can try to remove that for the next push.
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