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Tips for Feathers Fly 2?

Discussion in 'Questions' started by Croissant, Oct 15, 2021.

  1. Croissant

    Croissant magic bread VIP

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    So I need to get into Corkus City, but I remembered I haven't finished this quest. I'm on the boss fight at the end, which locks you out of the city until you beat it. Does anyone have any tips for the boss? I've been trying since the quest was released and it's still unstoppable for my archer. Getting up the plant is the hardest part, as it seems to be very 50/50 on whether the things that pull you up actually work, and the ranged mobs are so strong that I can't get anywhere close. Does anyone have advice?

    Here's my current build, maybe it needs updating and that's part of the problem? I'm not sure.
    https://wynnbuilder.github.io/#4_0G...ter > Royal Stormy Amulet > Hellstrand [t6f2]
  2. MatForYoga888

    MatForYoga888 High Gavellian Transcriber

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    If you're an archer, then you can just escape up the plant (which is what I did), and you can also go for a tankier build if the little projectile shooting flowers are being a pain
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