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Community Event The Island Creation Contest - Vote For Your 3 Favorite Islands!

Discussion in 'Wynncraft' started by WithTheFish, Jul 30, 2020.

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    Hello, my name is WithTheFish.

    Let me explain what this thread is. I am currently hosting an event called the Wynnic olympics, where players are split into teams and must compete tasks such as scavenger hunts. One of these events required them to create a potential island to add to the world of Wynn.

    I now need you, the community, to vote for your top 3 fan-made islands. Take your time to read through all eight submissions, and reply in the comments with what your top 3 locations are. Voting will close at 8:00A.M CST on August 3rd, so get your votes in fast! And please do spread the word about this, I'd like to get as many submissions as possible.

    ✦ Where is this island located?

    West of jofash docks and east of dead island (see image).
    Dead island has been moved west.

    ✦ What level is it?

    Lvl 95-105 (though the dungeon included can go far beyond that)

    ✦ What does the island look like?


    ✦ What is the purpose of the island? How would it improve the game?

    The purpose of this island is to give players an end game: an improved version of dungeons that add replayability. For example, currently, besides getting the rewards from a dungeon’s merchant, there is no other incentive to replaying it besides speedrunning. This island adds a dungeon with optional difficulties that changes the dungeons, and adds scaling mechanics based on the difficulty, with rewards to match as well. This island also adds Quality of Life changes such as having players build their own town, with small perks after rebuilding each building.

    ✦ What’s unique about your island? Does it have anything no other island has?

    The island features a dungeon and for that reason a quest that is essential to reach the island, the next 2 features listed are unlocked upon completing the quest. (see full doc for an entire quest walkthrough)

    The island itself has 2 very unique features:
    • the first being a dungeon with 10 different (optional) difficulties reaching up to insane challenges even for optimized and capable teams.
    • The second being a town building/resource management activity allowing you to collect resources found around the island to be used on building and upgrading buildings of your own little town.

    Otherwise obsolete ingredients will also be required for certain higher level upgrades giving them a purpose.

    Each building will have various perks ranging from scrolless teleports to passive npc workers slowly collecting exclusive ingredients for you.(see the full doc for a complete description of all buildings and their upgrades)

    ✦ What mobs would be on the island? If so what’re they like? Give me a rough breakdown of what they're like.

    Our general idea for mobs to go with our tropical and dragon dungeon themed island were some small-scale dragon enemies, and some animated objects such as totems in the jungle portion. There’s also a boss and mini boss we designed (see the full doc for a list of mobs).

    ✦ Are there any ingredients on the island? Prof grinding spots? Loot chest caves? Normal grind spots?

    Yes. There’s going to be chests that spawn inside the Karamjo Jungle, that gives equipment from level 95-100. There’s also a mob grind spot beneath the island’s dungeon.

    New mob drops include:

    Dragon Fangs(3 star) lvl 94 Alchemy
    - 75 to 80 lifesteal
    - +1/4 manasteal
    - -155 duration

    Following ingredients can be found with the port minigame after building it (see google doc towns info):
    Golden coral (2 star) lvl 96 tailoring, armoring
    - +8% to 9% loot bonus
    - -82 durability

    Mermaids tail (3 star)- Jeweling lvl 97
    - +2% to 3% loot quality
    - -6% to 9% loot bonus
    - -106 durability

    Sea Cucumber(1 star) lvl 93 cooking , alchemy
    - +20-25% explosion
    - -150 duration

    ✦ Would anything currently on Wynncraft be moved to this island?


    ✦ Any other info you’d like to add?

    See everything in this document:
    • Full quest walkthrough
    • Landmarks on the island
    • full dungeon walkthrough/description
    • full town guide with all buildings, purposes and upgrades



    Quest (to gain entry to island and dungeon)
    Quest name: Dragons and dungeons

    Level requirement: 95

    Starting location: Notice board in Ahmsord

    Lore tie-ins: Siegfried slaying a dragon and Ozoth Spire

    ====Quest Progression Steps====

    Step 1: The player reads the noticeboard and learns that a man named Gary in Jofash Docks requests help to calm vengeful spirits on an island which used to be a dragon nursery.

    Step 2: The player talks to Gary, who gives them a ruby fire-resistant ring required to access the island.

    Step 3: The player travels to the island on a boat with Gary, and there’s a cutscene where [Aggressive Dragon Spirit]s completely burn it down when it comes close to shore. Player has to take care of all 5 of the spirits.

    Step 4: The player looks around and heads up the path to a town that’s mostly burned down. All that remains are stone columns, fallen roofs, broken walls, and patches of grass, some of which are still burning. There’s also some angry dragon spirits near one of the buildings, mainly made up of cobblestone, who target the player when they go near.

    Step 5: The player decides the best course of action is to put out the fires. There are two large wooden barrels at the edge of town that still haven’t burned down. One appears to be working but there’s no label, and the other one has been destroyed and it’s labeled ‘water’. The player has the right click the faucet at the bottom of the working barrel to collect some water. The player travels back to the town center, and has to right click with the bucket in hand on each area marked with a hologram.

    Step 6: The player accidentally dumps gasoline instead of water. The fire spreads and the player has to kill 5 more of the [Aggressive Dragon Spirit]s.

    Step 7: The player realizes water doesn’t put out oil fires, and there must be another way to put them out. They look for clues.

    Step 8: The player must search inside the cobble building, inside, there’s a partially burned notepad. It tells them something or someone has agitated the mother dragon inside the volcano. The only way in is a vault entrance on the east side of the volcano.

    Step 9: The player finds a bridge on the east side of the main island, but it has completely burned down.

    A man named Gygax who claims to be the town’s chief before it got destroyed. He tells you the island is rich in resources they also used to build the town and you can find the required resources to rebuild the bridge by scavenging the jungle and coastal area of the island.

    Bring him 3 common driftwood found on the coast and 3 common hardleaf vines found in the islands jungle to repair the bridge.

    Step 10: The player finishes the bridge and slowly makes their way to the entrance of the vault. The player’s ruby ring begins shining, however it is still much too hot. The player looks around and finds some ruby crystals near the stone vault’s entrance. The ring reacts brighter than before. The player must mine (by right-clicking) the marked crystals, and get at least 1 of [Ruby Crystal]. The player finds a basic anvil that’s marked nearby. By right clicking that, the player is able to upgrade their ring to +1.

    Step 11: The player safely heads inside the vault. After walking down the corridor, the player sees a faintly glowing [Purple Gemstone] emitting a strange aura. It notices the player as they walk near and summons [Aggressive Spirit Guardian]s in front of it, building a wall. Afterwards, a 5 second timer starts counting down. The player has to destroy the crystal before it finishes, or the player will be teleported back to the room’s entrance.

    Step 12: After hitting the crystal a bunch, it turns teal-blue, and all of the aggressive spirits and spirit guardians become neutral towards the player, and a secret wall behind the statue moves, revealing a corridor to the dungeon’s entrance along with its Dungeon Merchants and Keymaster. The fire on the town island has also been put out as the spirits neutralize.


    Quest reward: +1x Key, +2le, +5million xp

    Island itself (details, theme, shape, landmarks)
    Island location(screenshot):


    Aggressive Dragon Spirit:
    Appearance: Small Hovering Ghost Dragon
    Type: Hostile
    Lvl: 95-97
    Spawn Location: Ruined Town
    Weak: Water
    Strength: Fire
    Damage: Fire
    Misc: Drops Dragon Essence

    Dragon Spirit:

    Appearance: Small Hovering Ghost Dragon
    Type: Hostile
    Lvl: 95-97
    Spawn Location: Ruined Town (After hitting Purple Gemstone a bunch of times and replaces the Aggressive variant)
    Weak: Water
    Strength: Fire
    Damage: Fire
    Misc: Drops Dragon Essence
    Abilities: Flamethrower

    Purple Gemstone:
    Type: Passive
    Lvl: 100
    Spawn Location: Pre-Dungeon Entrance
    Weak: None
    Strength: None
    Damage: None
    Misc: Required to be destroyed to unlock dungeon and rebuild town

    Animated Totem:
    Appearance: Wooden Tiki Totem
    Type: Hostile
    Lvl: 95-97
    Spawn Location: Jungle
    Weak: Fire
    Strength: Earth
    Damage: Earth
    Misc: Drops Carved log resource

    Venus Flytrap:
    Type: Neutral
    Lvl: 95-97
    Spawn Location: Jungle
    Weak: Fire
    Strength: Earth
    Damage: None
    Misc: Drops Hardleaf vine resource

    Aggressive Guardian:
    Appearance: Small Dragon
    Type: Hostile
    Lvl: 95-97
    Spawn Location: Pre-Dungeon Entrance
    Weak: None
    Strength: All
    Damage: Fire
    Abilities: Flamethrower

    Violent Guardian Spirit *:
    Type: Hostile
    Lvl: 97-100
    Spawn Location: Dragonlord Keep Island Grind Spot
    Weak: None
    Strength: All
    Damage: Fire
    Misc: Drops Dragon Essence
    Abilities: Charge

    • Karamjo Jungle:
    Points of Interest:
    - Dragon Shrine: Drops Dragon Essence every few minutes.
    - Materials for repairing can be found around and harvested.
    - Ruined Village/your own town.
    - Valor Lake
    - The Crossing Bridge
    Animated Totem, Venus Flytrap

    Dragonkeep Island:

    Points of Interest:
    - Dragonlord Keep Dungeon
    - Grind Spot
    - Materials for repairing can be scavenged here
    Aggressive Guardian, Violent Guardian Spirit

    Dungeon: The Dragonlord Keep
    Phase 1: Lava Parkour

    The player has to get from one end of the stage to the other, and it’s fairly linear. However, the player only has 5 seconds of fire resistance when he is near lava, so he has to cool down at every checkpoint. High levels that come from upgraded rings allow the player to take less time to rest. For every second spent on the parkour, another second is needed for the player to rest until the end of the level.

    Phase 2: Collect 12 Mob Tokens

    A medium sized circular arena surrounded by lava where mobs spawn. Deposit mob tokens at the end to create a bridge to cross the lava and into the next room.


    Ashen Dragonling:
    Type: Hostile
    Lvl: 96
    Spawn Location: Dragonlord Keep Dungeon
    Weak: Water
    Strength: Fire
    Damage: Fire
    Misc: Mob Token

    Phase 3: Another lava parkour, while a dragon (made up of blocks similar to The Eye) chases you so you have to dodge into the ice platforms in the walls. The dragon itself is moving faster than the player’s base walkspeed.

    Phase 4: Collect 16 Mob Tokens

    Mobs are the Aggressive Dragon Spirits as well as the Aggressive Guardians from earlier. It’s similar to phase two, except in the middle, there’s a spinning fire blade that covers the entire platform, so the player has to kill mobs while avoiding it. Getting hit reduces player’s health by (7.5% x dungeon difficulty.)


    Phase 5: Miniboss stage: There are 5 young elemental dragons total, each dungeon run will select 2 at random that the player has to fight, all at once..

    Elemental dragons:
    Appearance: Each dragon resembles the dragonling from sky islands
    Base health: 100k (air has 25k)
    Type: Hostile
    Lvl: 105
    Spawn Location: Dragonlord Keep Dungeon
    Weakness: each their opposite element
    Strength: each their respective element
    Damage: each their respective element
    Special attacks/behavior: Dragons move slightly faster than base running speed, all dragon have a growl attack, a combination of a war scream that has a 15 blocks radius and will silence of all spells to players inflicted by it for 2.5 seconds
    (this attack has a 10 seconds cooldown)
    • Fire: runs at you to hit you, is 25% faster than the base dragon speed. Special: flamethrower (stops moving to use it)
    • Earth: runs at you to hit you, is 25% slower than the base dragon speed. Special: charge and explosion
    • Water: runs at you to hit you. Special: summons a single block waterfall pouring water everywhere to obstruct the arena for 15 seconds
    • Thunder: shoots 2 sec hard hitting shots from large distance. Special: hops away from target every few seconds and uses push ability simultaneously
    • Air: flies like the golden avos but can move around in the air slowly, shoots shotgun pellets at a target. Special: teleport

    Phase 6: Upwards spiral parkour: A large open area moving upwards with parkour in your way to reach the top, all the while you are being shot at from the middle at intervals by the dragon who moves up and down through the shaft.

    Base HP: 1.5 million
    Appearance: Humanoid - a hooded mage
    • Doomfire - If the player continues to burn and has no more fire resistance, they will continue to burn. Mages can not put out the fire.

    A large shaft above the boss entrance where the injured dragon will try and chase after you. Run over to the pressure plate to destroy the stone bridge. It will also spawn the boss.

    Phase 1 (100-75% left): Boss will use conventional melee attacks as well Charge, Uppercut.

    Phase 2 (74-50% left): Boss switches to using ranged attacks and stays at mid, which sets the player on fire if they don’t have any time left on their fire-resistant ring. The player should parkour to the ice platforms to recharge.

    Phase 3: (49-11% left): Same as phase two. This time, the ice platforms also rise and lower into and from lava. The boss can also teleport.

    Phase 4: (10% - 1HP): BOSS RUSH: Same as phase three, except all the platforms disappear.

    Phase 5: 1HP, a large stone bridge appears on the north side of the platform. At higher dungeon difficulties, a door will unlock and give players access to limited materials for upgrading the town.

    Dungeon Treasure Room

    After defeating the boss, the survivors will enter a treasure room where they will be given a random but small amount of a rare building resource, this item can be used for the town rebuilding minigame. Afterwards the dungeon ends and the player is rewarded similar to how Legendary Island works.

    Dungeon reward shop will exist like in any other dungeon and will feature lvl 95 tools and dungeon teleport scrolls along with other equipment.

    DUNGEON GIMMICK: 10 difficulty settings for the dungeon

    Meant to be an actual endgame challenge, the main dungeon completed the first time is the 1st of 10 difficulty settings, upon beating each difficulty the next will be unlocked, players who have no access to a difficulty cannot enter that difficulty so they cannot join a group doing it.

    Each difficulty will increase mob hp by 50% of the base hp at difficulty 1(meaning 750k more each time for the boss) and increase mob damage by a variable %. The dungeon itself will also change, lava will become more prominent in the parkour, heat resistance checkpoints will be placed further apart requiring more mobility, and more elemental dragons will spawn for the miniboss phase.

    Higher difficulties will give the players more items in the treasure room. The player will be rewarded with an untradeable red dyed lvl 100 helmet for completing the 10th difficulty with a group of 4 or less.

    Town Rebuilding Minigame
    Upon completing the dungeon entry quest, the player will be able to return to the ruined town and start a minigame activity where they can rebuild the entire town and make it their own.

    The town will become an instanced town meaning it will be unique for every player upon entering.

    They can rebuild the buildings that were previously there and even upgrade them to more advanced versions to give the players perks when visiting.

    To do this, the player will be able to interact with an npc menu to select which building he wants to build or upgrade, these actions require “resources”. These are not profession materials or strictly ingredients (some notable ingredients like Aqua Vitae will be required as a secondary requirement to finish certain upgrades, giving purpose to otherwise obsolete ingredients )

    Buildings will improve and enlarge visually upon each upgrade.

    Resources can be acquired by scavenging the different biomes on the island including the dragon island, finding them as mob drops, finding them in the dungeon as well as its treasure room. And through some of the facilities you can build in the town.

    ====All the different structures in the town====

    Town Hall
    The main office of the town oversees the construction of all other buildings and is required to be upgrades for certain other expansions.

    Tier / Perks
    1 / First building you must build, you cannot build anything else without this
    2 / Required to build any of the tier 2 upgrades
    3 / Required to build any of the tier 3 upgrades
    4 / Required to build any of the tier 4 upgrades
    5 / Required to build any of the tier 5 upgrades

    A Bank
    Simple in nature, a bank to let you convert your emeralds to blocks and blocks to le.

    Oh and you can store items there like in any other bank.

    Tier / Perks
    1 / Your bank is built and contains an enderchest
    2 / Your bank now and contains a emerald > emerald block converter
    3 / Your bank now and contains a liquid emerald merchant

    Crafting Workshop
    An artisans dream that allows you to have all profession crafting stations in 1 place very close to a bank. Also comes with a free blacksmith at lvl 2. More upgrades means more stations at once.

    Tier /Perks
    1 / You can now build 1 crafting station of choice. Stations can be removed and replaced at a cost.
    2 / You can now build 2 crafting stations at once and you gain a blacksmith.
    3 / You can now build 4 crafting stations at once
    4 / You can now build 6 crafting stations at once
    5 / You can now build 8 crafting stations at once

    The Seaside Port
    The port offers a ship that the player can equip to set sail out on its own on voyages of 3 hours long, bringing back building resources common and rare, as well as maybe some highly exclusive treasure profession ingredients. finding rare treasure may require you to invest resources into your voyages, and may come at the cost of finding less sea resources.

    Tier / Perks
    1 / You now have a ship to send out, it can collect building resources. One voyage takes 3 hours. Your ship can also find 0 star treasures, you can decide yourself how much % effort your voyage should focus on treasure or resources. Your ship can be supplied with up to 10 resources to increase yield
    2 / Your ship can now also find 1 star treasure and now has a 50% increase in resources yield.
    3 / Your ship can now also find 2 star treasure. Your ship has a be supplied with up to 20 resources to increase yield.
    4 / Your ship can now also find 3 star treasure.
    5 / Your ship has a be supplied with up to 40 resources to increase yield.

    Jungle Farm
    Can provide food for the townspeople, more of which is required the more upgrades your town has. The farm can also send out scavengers for common jungle and coastal resources as well as edible crafting ingredients of various rarities, but at the cost of producing food for the town.

    Upgrading it gives you more farmers to assign these jobs to.

    Tier / Perks
    1 / Your farm now exists and has 10 workers. These workers can either be tasked with producing food for the town npc’s or to scavenge the island for resources and various ingredients. Scavengers will periodically collect items for you up to a stash of 32 items until you collect them.
    2 / Your farm now has 15 workers
    3 / Your farm now has 20 workers
    4 / Your farm now has 25 workers
    5 / Your farm now has 30 workers

    The Teleportation Shrine
    Using dragon magic, the seers of the original village can create permanent portals to various locations without the need for scrolls. It still costs you soul points though… however if you were to upgrade it high enough…

    Tier / Perks
    1 / You can build 1 teleporter able to go to any town you have previously been before. Each teleporter has a cooldown of 60 minutes and consumes 1 soulpoint. Teleporters can be removed and replaced.
    2 / You can now build up to 2 teleporters
    3 / You can now build up to 3 teleporters
    4 / Possible teleporter locations now also contain several non-town landmarks such as hive, legendary island, tree island, etc... (assuming you visited them)
    5 / Teleporters no longer consumes soul points

    A Statue in Your Name
    It serves no purpose, and requires the most rare and valuable resources and ingredients, each upgrade costing more than the next. But if you ever want to show off, this is the way to do it.

    Tier / Perks
    3 (bronze) / You now have a bronze statue
    4 (silver) / You now have a silver statue
    5 (gold) / You now have a gold statue

    ✦ Where is this island located?:

    It's in a separate area that you can get to through fast travel after doing a quest (like The Void for example).

    ✦ What level is it?

    You gain access at level 88 and it has content with a max level of 96

    ✦ What does the island look like? (a text description will suffice):

    The island is a grey, lifeless island. It is surrounded by large spikes that would destroy ships, the spikes are not in one small area, however, letting a select few ships survive making it to the island. The island itself is made of four circles that go farther and farther down the closer you get to the center. There would also be several small areas on the island. We also have a drawing of the island.


    ✦ What is the purpose of the island? How would it improve the game?

    The main purpose of the island is to give extra content to players in the early lategame as they currently will have to do a good amount of grinding if they want to get to level 100. This would make that less so.

    ✦ What’s unique about your island? Does it have anything no other island has?

    It's larger then most islands (though still not the largest island), there's the four layers part, it has multiple quests, it would be the highest level island, it would be the only island to have a secret discovery (we didn't have time to make it however), the only island to have a mini-quest, and one of two islands to have a dungeon.

    ✦ What mobs would be on the island? If so what’re they like? Give me a rough breakdown of what they're like.

    We made basic outlines for mobs, what they look like, where they spawn, and what their stats are, though that last part would need testing before being finalized.

    Mobs of the First tier:

    Forgotten Husk:
    Forgotten Husks are grey zombies who move fairly slow.
    Level: 92, Health: 5,500, Damage type: Melee, Damage: 300-450, Regeneration: 200, Elemental abilities: Earth damage and defense Air weakness, Mob status: Hostile

    Spirit Mist:
    Spirit Mist takes the form of black smoke that shoots small projectiles at you.
    Level: 92, Health: 5,000, Damage type: ranged, Damage: 350-400, Regeneration: 200, Elemental abilities: Air damage and defense Earth weakness, Mob status: Hostile

    Forgotten Sailor (only by Crashed Supplyship):
    Forgotten Sailors are grey humans who roam about the Crashed Sypplyship.
    Level: 93, Health: 7,000, Damage type: melee, Damage: 400-500, Regeneration: 100, Elemental abilities: Water damage and defense Earth weakness, Mob status: Neutral

    Sea Husk:
    Sea Husks are grey zombies covered in dark seaweed.
    Level: 94, Health: 7,400, Damage type: melee, Damage: 450-600, Regeneration: 400, Spells: Pull, Elemental abilities: Water damage and defense Earth weakness, Mob status: Hostile

    Mobs of the Second tier:

    Forgotten Husks and Spirit Mist also appear here.

    Beauties are grey women who are fairly quick.
    Level: 94, Health: 6,600, Damage type: melee, Damage: 350-700, Regeneration: 200, Spells: Pull flamethrower, Elemental abilities: Fire damage, Mob status: Hostile

    Mobs of the Third tier:

    Forgotten Husks and Spirit Mist also appear here.

    Hungers appear as human figures with gaping mouths that move very quickly.
    Level: 96, Health: 9,700, Damage type: melee, Damage: 500-600, Regeneration: 550, Spells: Pull multihit, Elemental abilities: Earth damage and defense Lightning weakness, Mob status: Hostile

    Soulless Cows (only by Forgotten Ranch grindspot):
    Soulless Cows appear as grey colored cows that are fairly quick.
    Level: 96, Health: 12,000, Damage type: melee, Damage: 650-700, Regeneration: 300, Spells: Charge, Elemental abilities: Earth damage Water weakness, Mob status: Hostile

    Mobs of the Third tier:

    Forgotten Husks and Spirit Mist also appear here as well as Sea Husks but only in Sunken Pond grindspot.

    The Greedy:
    The Greedy look like grey humans covered in gold jewelry.
    Level: 98, Health: 4,000, Damage type: burst ranged, Damage: 1,200-2,000, Regeneration: 2,000, Spells: Teleport multihit, Elemental abilities: Lightning damage Water weakness, Mob status: Hostile

    Drowned Ones (only by Sunken Pond grindspot):
    Drowned Ones look like Sea Husks except they have golden shackles around their wrists and ankles.
    Sea Husks are grey zombies covered in dark seaweed.
    Level: 97, Health: 9,200, Damage type: melee, Damage: 750-1,000, Regeneration: 700, Spells: Pull Multihit Heal, Elemental abilities: Water and Lightning damage and defense, Mob status: Hostile

    Living Books (only by Ruined Library):
    Living books take the form of stationary books.
    Level: 97, Health: 16,000, Damage type: ranged, Damage: 1,000-1,300, Regeneration: 0, Spells: flamethrower, Elemental abilities: Water weakness, Mob status: Hostile

    Rare Mobs:

    The Wanderer
    A ghostlike creature, similar to that of ‘the ghost of saint’s row’ that spawns around the graveyard of heroes. Moves fast when hostile.
    Level: 99; Health: 10,000; Damage: 500- 600; Elemental Defences: Fire, Earth, Thunder; Elemental Damages: Fire, Earth, Water; Spells: Heal, Pull; Mob Status: Neutral

    Omniscient Sludge
    Similar to ‘Leg Eaters’ found in parts of the SE, but is much smaller and has a texture that is similar to the ground. Moves quicklySpawns in the Sunken Ponds as a rare spawn. Has a really tiny hitbox, so is hard to see. One shot for most spells. Has Mage Range.
    Level: 95; Health: 1000; Damage: 1000 - 1100; Elemental Damages: Water; Spells: Vanish; Web; Mob Status: Hostile

    Enraged Bull
    Large Cow-like creatures that wander around the Forgotten Ranch. Grey in color, and move slowly. Basically a tank
    Level: 100; Health: 30,000; Damage: 200-1000; Elemental Damages: Thunder, Earth; Elemental Defences: All Elements; Mob Status: Hostile; Spells: Uproot, Pull, Push, Heavy Charge.

    Drowned Captain
    A Skeleton that spawns around the coast of the Island. Archer Mob. Moves quickly in Water, but is really slow when on land. Attacks pretty quickly.
    Level: 88; Health: 15,000; Damage: 300-400; Elemental Damages: Water; Elemental Defences: Water; Mob Status: Hostile; Spells: Pull, Vanish

    ✦ Are there any ingredients on the island? Prof grinding spots? Loot chest caves? Normal grind spots?

    For materials there would be Willow, Decay Root, Silver, but no fish. There would be combat exp grinding spots at Forgotten Ranch and Sunken Pond. There would be loot chests and caves, though they have not been plotted out.

    ✦ Would anything currently on Wynncraft be moved to this island?


    ✦ Any other info you’d like to add?

    We have made several additional quests for the island as well as a dungeon. There would also be a level 89 mini-quest to kill Forgotten Husks and Spirit Mist. In total four quests were planned but only three were given an outline. The forth quest would be around level 90 and be at Graveyard of Heroes. It would have you going through tombs where you would find shards of souls of known heroes who had died (like Bob for example), there would be an empty tomb for Aledar (foreshadowing his death in A Journey Further). At the end of the quest you'd come to a final tomb with a copy of your player inside. You'd have to fight the mirror player character as the boss of the quest. The other three quests that were mapped out are as follows.

    Wynn Quest: Mapping the Ocean

    Stage 0:

    Talk to (yet to be named) in Selchar at level 88 to start the quest. She’ll tell you that she’s trying to make a map of the larger ocean which no one knows about. She then tells you to get onto her boat at the docks and the quest is started.

    Stage 1:

    You get to a mountainous island and are given a piece of paper and are told by (yet to be named) to go to the highest area so that you can see the entire island and draw what it looks like. You then have to go through a parkour section to get to the top of the island. After getting the message You look around and scribble down what you see you have to jump down into a spot of water, ending up right back in front of (yet to be named) who comments that your map is a bit rough but says it will do. You then get back on the boat.

    Stage 2:

    In stage two you come to another rocky island with a large cave on it. In this part you have to enter the cave. Going into it you’ll have to do a bit of parkour. I bit later you’ll find two paths, one with a door and one with a button at the end. You have to press the button and get through the door before it closes after pushing the button. You’ll see a pickaxe to pick up. Going to the end you’ll find a boulder blocking your way. Hitting it with the pickaxe will open the way. After you exit the cave you’ll get a strange gem from breaking the boulder. After this you teleport back to the start of the cave and get back on the boat.

    Stage 3:

    In stage three the ship gets attacked by some sea monsters. You’ll have to fight off the sea monsters, however the ship gets damaged and you end up crashing into another island.

    Stage 4:

    After crashing into a plain island you’ll have to find several materials to fix the ship. After doing this you get back onto it and continue onto the next stage.

    Stage 5:

    In this stage the ship gets into a storm pushing it towards an island. You then will get teleported to the Decayed Bay with (Yet to be named standing there). You have to talk to her to finish the quest and get the reward.

    Reward: 2,400,000 exp, 8192, and one Strange Gem that can be traded for an extra 20,480 emeralds.

    Wynn Quest: He Who Knows not the Past

    Stage 0:

    To start the quest you must be level 94 and you need to talk to the Old Man in Krindak.

    Old Man: Hello there? Who are you? Are you someone I know?
    Old Man: Oh, you’re not?
    Old Man: I’m sorry, I’ve gotten a condition where I will lose my memories. I wish I could get them back before I die, but I don’t know how to.
    Old Man: Wait, you want to help? You really would do that for me?
    Old Man: You might be able to find someone in town to point you somewhere. I cannot as I don’t even remember where this town is, let alone what’s around it.

    Stage 1:

    Going around Krindak and talking to the NPCs you won’t get any help until you talk to the Forgotten Wizard NPC.

    Forgotten Wizard: Hello there, how may I help you today?
    Forgotten Wizard: You say you need help recovering someone’s memory?
    Forgotten Wizard: That is not a task easily done, I will need three items to do that.
    Forgotten Wizard: First I will need a shard of past knowledge from the living books in the ruined library.
    Forgotten Wizard: Second I will need Drifting Wind from a lost wind.
    Forgotten Wizard: And finally I will need a Health Potion.

    Stage 2:

    Gather the items and return to the Forgotten Wizard.

    Forgotten Wizard: Ah, I see you have returned and with all three items none the less.
    Forgotten Wizard: Now I shall make them into a potion for your friend who has forgotten their past.
    Forgotten Wizard: …
    There will be some partial effects and then the player will receive a Potion of Memories.
    Forgotten Wizard: There you are. Take that to your friend and he should recover all he has forgotten.

    Stage 3:

    Take the potion back to the Old Man.

    Old Man: Who are you?
    Old Man: Oh, you’re hear to help with my memory?
    Old Man: Drink this potion?
    Drinking sound effects play.
    Old Man: …
    Old Man: I don’t remember anything. I don’t think it worked. What was it doing again?

    Stage 4:

    Go back to the Forgotten Wizard.

    Forgotten Wizard: Hello, do you need something else?
    Forgotten Wizard: Wait, what do you mean it didn’t work!?
    Forgotten Wizard: It seems that this isn’t just any simple loss of memory. Search your friend’s house for anything that might have a connection to the memories, then bring them to me.

    Stage 5:

    Going through the Old Man’s house there will be a few areas to click on, each displaying dialog, but none of them being of value to the Old Man. After looking through the entire house you’ll get a message.

    It seems like there’s nothing in the Old Man’s house. You should go report back to the Forgotten Wizard.

    Stage 6:

    Talk to the Forgotten Wizard.

    Forgotten Wizard: What did you find?
    Forgotten Wizard: …
    Forgotten Wizard: Nothing? Not a single thing!?
    Forgotten Wizard: Fine, bring your friend here, there’s one more thing we can do.
    Go back to the Old Man.
    Old Man: Ah, you’re here again.
    Old Man: You need me to come with you?
    Old Man: I’m sorry if I’m a little slow in my age of… of… It doesn’t matter anyways.
    The Old Man will follow back to the Forgotten Wizard.
    Forgotten Wizard: This is your friend. That explains a lot.
    Forgotten Wizard: The people here can’t leave the island for long without fading away which is why you generally won’t see us anywhere else, but I’m willing to leave for this, even if I nearly die.
    The wizard then opens a portal beside you.
    Forgotten Wizard: Enter that, we’re going to get your friend’s memories back the only other way we can, by reliving them.
    Entering the portal will teleport you to time valley.
    Forgotten Wizard: We need to enter the temple of time. Fallow me.
    Follow the wizard into the temple and to the center of it.
    Forgotten Wizard: You ready? Here we go.

    Stage 7:

    You get teleported to the first scene. It’s at a small house in a grassy area. A younger Old Man is sitting on the porch. A child runs up to the Old Man in the past holding a piece of paper.

    Young Inqu: Daddy! I made a new story!
    Old Man: Oh! Lets see what you’ve made!
    Old Man: …
    Old Man: This is very good, especially for how old you are! I’m sure you will grow into one of the greatest writers there is. You’ll be known all throughout the lands!
    Young Inqu: Really?
    Old Man: I’m sure of it.
    You fade from that scene into another. This time you’re in the house with a slightly older Old Man and Inqu.
    Old Man: Inqu, I seem to have been forgetting things more then I should lately. Could you try to remind me to do tasks more often?
    Young Inqu: Yes daddy! But, you aren’t going to forget anything too important, right?
    Old Man: I can’t say what I will forget.
    Young Inqu: …
    Young Inqu: You won’t forget me, will you?
    Old Man: Of course I won’t! How could I ever forget you? Don’t worry. That could never happen.
    You then fade into another scene. You’re still in the house, but it seems that Inqu and the Old Man are now far older.
    Inqu: Father, I have a new story for you.
    Old Man: Oh, thank you Inqu.
    Old Man: …
    Old Man: Who was this character again?
    Inqu: Don’t you remember? He was the protagonist of the last story.
    Old Man: Oh. Of course. How could I ever forget that?
    The scene then fades out and into another one. This time Inqu’s alone in a bedroom sitting at a desk with paper and a writing quill.
    Inqu: I need to finish this for him! He loved it so much before!
    Inqu: Where do I go from here? Where do I go?
    Inqu: Agh! I don’t have time! If I wait too long, he might… He might… No, no! Get those thoughts out of your head Inqu!
    Inqu: How can I continue, how can I continue…?
    The scene fades out again and into another. This time back in the main house.
    Inqu: I’ve done it father! I’ve finished the story for you!
    Old Man: Oh. Thank you. What is this one called now?
    Old Man: Ah, Shadow of the Darkling.
    Inqu: …
    Inqu: You forgot.
    Old Man: Hm. What did I forget this time?
    Inqu: This is the series I’ve been showing you, the one you “loved to read” but apparently didn’t love enough to remember.
    Old Man: I’m sorry, but you know my con-
    Inqu: Could you stop blaming everything on that!?
    Inqu: You said that you thought I would be a writer known throughout the lands, but I can’t even be known by my own father dammit!
    Inqu: I swear, I’ll make the perfect story! Then everyone will have to remember me!
    Inqu storms out of the house then, taking his last story with him. You then get teleported back to the Forgotten Wizards house. The Old Man’s skin now has two blue lines under its eyes.
    Old Man: So that’s what happened. That’s who I am.
    Old Man: I can now be at piece knowing my past.
    Old Man: Thank you for all your help traveler.
    The Old Man will then disappear and the quest will end.

    Rewards: 3,000,000 exp.

    Wynn Quest: An Inky Heart:

    Stage 0:

    Talk to the Lost Librarian in the Ruined Library to start the quest once you reach level 96.

    She will start talking about missing and ruined books, stories, and journals. She then turns to the player, realizing they’re there, and explains that she’s trying to gather all the works of someone named Inqu. She then asks you to find places where some of his writings are supposed to be. She gives you a piece of paper with a riddle on it to start off the quest.

    Stage 1:

    The first stage requires you to find a cave based off of the riddle you get in Stage 0. Once you get into the cave you will find a button that will break a hole for you to go into. You’ll then be teleported to a fully dead cave. A ghostly figure will then appear before you and start walking through the cave after telling you to follow it. You have to keep up with it, doing some simple parkour and going past mobs to keep up. At the end of the cave you’ll lose sight of the ghostly figure and, once you turn the corner it went around, you will find a piece of paper. Clicking on you’ll get dialog of a story. The story will be about someone who was writing a story, but his health started to fail. However, he was able to finish the story right before he died and was able to be at pace. The story will also point you to another cave. There will be an exit at the end of the cave that will teleport you to the entrance of the cave. You’re questbook will then update.

    Stage 2:

    The second stage will have you find a small little house in the second layer of the island. Entering the house, you’ll have to find a code to get into the study. To find the code you have to find three books (one called Shadow of the Darkling 1: The Shade Raises, the second called Shadow of the Darkling 4: The Masters of Shade, and the last called Shadow of the Darkling 5: Daybreak). The player will then enter the code, using the number on the book as the number put in, and the length of the title as the order to put them in. After getting into the study you will find a piece of paper on a desk. The paper is from Inqu’s journal. It has him talking about how one of his stories is taking longer to finish then he thought and that he needs to get it finished so that his father can see it before he dies. You’ll then be able to leave through a door in the back of the room.

    Stage 3:

    After leaving the study, you’ll end up in a bright cave full of life. Walking through the cave you’ll come to the ghostly figure standing over another piece of paper. The figure will tell you about how after he started having trouble with his stories, Inqu started to get obsessed with his writing, having to make something perfect before he died, but that he knew he did not have enough time. Reading the note will then have a story of a writer who needed to write the perfect story, but he could not and ended up dying unfulfilled and forgotten. You then exit the cave.

    Stage 4:

    After exiting the cave you find yourself in a hallway. Walking down the hallway you’ll get dialog about how Inqu had given up, thinking he could never make a story to remember. But then he discovered The Heart of Decay, a relic that could extend someone’s life by draining the life from others. He harnessed this relic to give him more time to try and make the perfect story, one that would let his memory live on forever. You will then come to the end of the hallway and be teleported through a few scenes of the island, happy and alive, and then seeing it slowly fade with Inqu’s madness. You will then be teleported back to the Librarian who you talk to. You give her the few bits of information you got which excite her and will also hear from her about how Inqu had an old friend mentioned in some of his writings who had died. You will then get the rewards for the quest.

    Rewards: You will be given 1,024 emeralds, 5,000,000 exp, one Inkblight Tower dungeon key, and access to the Inkblight Tower Dungeon.

    Wynn Dungeon: Inkblight Tower

    Room 1:

    Room one is a large room with several platforms full of life at different heights that mobs spawn on and a middle platform with a staircase and a door at the top. You’ll need to get 18 tokens from the mobs to open the door and proceed.

    Room 2:

    In the second room you’ll have to go up through the tower in a basic parkour room. Once you get to the top you’ll go through another door into the next room.

    Room 3:

    In room three you’ll be put into a giant grass filled room and have to survive within the room for a minute while avoiding gray spots that will appear and quickly takes the player’s health if they stand on it. If you survive the door to the next room will open and the grey spots will disappear.

    Room 4:

    In room four you’ll have to move up the tower in a parkour using jump platforms to go great vertical distances. After you get to the top you’ll have to go through a door into the next stage.

    Room 5:

    In the last room you’ll go up a nature filled path around a center pillar. You’ll have to outrun the blocks turning into grey versions that will take your health. Once you get to the end you’ll be able to open the door to the boss room.

    Boss Room:

    The boss room is a giant library-like room with several piles of books all over and a grass floor. On the other side there will be a giant black heart with a shield in front of it. The boss himself, Inqu the Immortal, has four stages.

    In his first stage you’ll have to survive him for 20 seconds at a time before the shield in front of the heart breaks and you have 10 seconds to attack the heart. This repeats until the heart is destroyed. Once the heart is destroyed Inqu will scream at you for destroying the heart that gave him his immortality and you will enter stage two.

    In stage two Inqu will teleport up onto a higher platform and open three holes that will spawn mobs. You must kill the mobs to get tokens to close the holes (each hole needing 20 tokens to be closed). Once you close all three holes Inqu has a dialog piece about dealing with you himself and you will go to stage three.

    In stage three of the boss Inqu will come down and you have to fight him. Parts of the ground will also get particle effects on blocks at times before they turn grey for a few seconds, which will take your health away very quickly if you stand on them while they are grey. Once you defeat stage 3 this dialog will start.

    Inqu: Please, you’ve destroyed the heart!
    Inqu: You’ve saved this island, there’s nothing left to do here!
    Inqu: The door is right behind you!
    Inqu: Just leave me to write my stories! Please!

    At this point you can either exit and get all the rewards of the dungeon or go and kill Inqu which will start stage four.

    During stage four Inqu will become a skull and only use the spell War Scream which will be far more deadly then the normal War Scream. He will also use Multihit if you get close. Once you kill him you will get all the normal dungeon rewards.

    Rewards: You will get 1 corrupt heart, 3 Inkblight Tower fragments, 62 falling emeralds, and 2,800,000 exp.
    ✦ Where is this island located?

    Between Selchar, Lost Atoll and Maro Peaks

    ✦ What level is it?

    Lvl 50-55

    ✦ What does the island look like? (a text description will suffice)

    The island is a crescent-shaped (like the old Half Moon Island kinda) tropical jungle island. It has a small native village called Torrap on the north side, which has a blacksmith, an item identifier and a potion merchant that sells lvl 45-55 healing pots, as well as lvl 45 wisdom potions (15% xp bonus) with extended duration (5 minutes/300 seconds) for one emerald block each

    In the bay, there is a small pier with the sea skipper and a merchant that sells the boat passes (32 for Nemract, 24 for Llevigar, 15 for Selchar, 18 for Lost Atoll and 22 for Pirate Cove)

    There is also a small pirate shipwreck in the southern part of the island with undead pirates, and close to that is a cave with a T3 loot chest

    A boss altar is on the island as well, close to Torrap, but we will get to that later

    The island is accessible via sea skipper in Selchar, for 25 emeralds

    ✦ What is the purpose of the island? How would it improve the game?

    It has xp potions for emeralds, a boss altar, ingredients and lots of parrots!

    The main thing is the xp potion, since it's easily accessible (the only options right now are zhight money and touroto hide) and might help players a lot with grinding

    The boss altar and the new ingredient will also affect the game in some way

    ✦ What’s unique about your island? Does it have anything no other island has?

    Parrots! (I actually think there are parrots on other islands as well but let's not talk about that)

    XP potions for emeralds!

    New ore called Parotine, which is basically the same as silver, but if used on armouring or tailoring, you get rainbow leather armour, that changes its colour constantly

    ✦ What mobs would be on the island? If so what’re they like? Give me a rough breakdown of what they're like.

    There are quite a few mobs on this island:

    - Torrap Citizen and Tamed Parrot, both friendly and lvl 50, they spawn in Tarrop
    - Different types of undead pirates spawn in the T3 cave and around the shipwreck. They are hostile and around lvl 50-60
    - Wild Parrots spawn everywhere on the island except for the T3 cave, they are lvl 55 neutral mobs and have a chance to drop parrot feathers
    - Pesky Bird lvl 60 is the boss parrot of the boss altar, it is a reference to Grian
    - Pesky Followers lvl 55 are the boss altar minions, hostile parrots

    ✦ Are there any ingredients on the island? Prof grinding spots? Loot chest caves?

    Normal grind spots?

    Parrot Feather is a new ingredient dropped by Wild Parrots

    It's a lvl 54 0star ingredient for armouring, tailoring, weaponsmithing, woodworking, and alchemism that gives you 2% to 5% air damage and 2% walk speed, and -39 durability or -72 duration

    This ingredient is used to enter the Boss Altar

    For this Altar you need 12 Parrot Feathers, and you will fight Pesky Bird here

    The boss has 50.000 health and upon death it has a chance to drop a Bracelet that gives 5% speed as well as +1 cost on first spell and 4th spell, and -1 cost on 2nd spell

    There are Pesky Followers minions that spawn frequently

    They don't do a lot of damage, but there are a lot of them, and don't drop anything

    The island is dense with jungle trees, and in the bay you can fish piranhas

    Since the island has mostly only neutral mobs, farming there is pretty easy

    There is a small cave with Parotine ores, the only spot in the game

    It also has a T3 cave full of undead pirates

    ✦ Would anything currently on Wynncraft be moved to this island?


    ✦ Any other info you’d like to add?

    Island lore!

    A long time ago, pirates stranded on this island and died. The parrots they brought with them survived and quickly reproduced. Even though parrots are not native to this island, it is now known for its big parrot population.
    ✦ Where is this island located?

    It’s docks approximately halfway between Nemract and Mage Island, although the island’s location is hypothetical due to the lack of space to put it in the ocean and thus it will overlap with other islands and a bit of Wynn as well.

    ✦ What level is it?

    Level 35 (to 40)

    ✦ What does the island look like?

    It will be a little bit larger than Dead Island, with an oval-like shape.

    The island will be surrounded by a beach, and will have docks on its southern side (so that it is closer for people taking a boat from Nemract to reach), though no VSS Seaskipper (so it is less likely people will come here before Stable Story- more info on that later).

    The docks will hold a big hut, which will have a tool merchant (to get tools), a map of the island along with a list of what is on it as well, as well as a bank WITHOUT an EB or LE merchant (so that the bank purely serves as a place to get grinding weapons and/or tools or emeralds for tools or the obstacle course if needed).

    It will also hold a blacksmith (to repair tools or get scraps for it), all 8 crafting profession tables (so people can get materials and craft with ease) and a portal entrance to the obstacle course, dubbed ‘The Great Horse Challenge’.

    Finally, there will also be a lv35 tier 1 chest in the hut.

    Near the docks (connected to them by a short road) will be a horse stables (that looks similar to the one in Ternaves) that’ll have 12 (or maybe more) boxes for horses, inside each box will be few blocks of hay and a wooden trough with water for the horses.

    There also will be 2 trading ships near the docks of the island and 3 others located near the coast of the island (all 3 in different places). The ships will all have 3 levels: An upper, middle and lower deck. In the corner of the lower deck of every ship will be a lv35 tier 2 chest. Furthermore, each ship will have multiple piles of hay and barrels with saddles contained inside of them on all 3 decks: This gives off the atmosphere of it holding saddles and hay as part of being a trading ship, specifically in the business of handling horses.

    Most importantly, the island will have a quite wide, smooth oval-shaped horse track, that will be on the inside of the beach that surrounds the whole island, and places for xp and some prof grinding.

    ✦ What is the purpose of the island? How would it improve the game?

    The main objective of creating this island is to give players a free, undisturbed and sufficiently large space and track for them to ride and upgrade their horses quickly. For example, this may benefit players who buy horses on the trade market, ride them to upgrade them and sell them for a higher price, making profit. This environment will allow them to do so consistently with a perfectly designed track for riding their horse continuously for long periods of time, while undisturbed by hurdles or mobs, and at an easily accessible location, allowing for them to level up their horse(s) faster.

    Another main objective was to help train players on controlling and using their horses better, thus adding obstacle courses to help the player perfect their movement and jumping technique, while earning free horse and sometimes combat xp at the same time. After all, practice makes perfect.

    Additionally, Horse Island has other features that make it attractive for other purposes, such as grinding spots for XP, lv30 Woodcutting and Fishing, and even an extra little minigame, ultimately making the island a very useful place for many players.

    ✦ What’s unique about your island? Does it have anything no other island has?

    As mentioned above, this island has a unique horse track and 2 obstacle courses (1 complimentary to try out, one paid but with rewards) to train and/or upgrade one’s horse. Furthermore, it has an exclusive minigame to test one’s skills on the horse, and in the process earning them xp for their horse and if they win the minigame, they get various rewards. More information on the obstacle courses and minigame later.

    ✦ What mobs would be on the island? If so what’re they like? Give me a rough breakdown of what they're like.

    Grinding spot: There will be a big pit in the middle of the island, filled with starred hostile mobs. These mobs include lv36 Crazy Horses (105% WS of normal player’s default walking, not sprinting speed, Earth+Air dmg, Earth defense, Water+Fire weakness) and lv39 Crazy Mules (115% WS, Earth dmg, Earth+Thunder defense, Fire weakness). The spawn rate and max capacity will be quite high, almost as much as the mobs in Bob’s Tomb. Entities used for the Crazy Mules will of course, be Mules, and the Crazy Horses will be Brown Horses.

    Furthermore, there exists a lvl 40 Rare Star mob called ‘Psychopathic Pack leader’ that will spawn in the pit (130% WS), Neutral dmg, Thunder defense, fire weakness), which will drop a new ingredient called Horse Leather. The entity used for this mob, will be a Black Horse.

    Note: All elemental damage is +10%, elemental defences + 20% and elemental weaknesses +25%. They are all melee mobs, with their only spell being heal (Grade I) which heals the ‘Psychopathic Pack Leader’.

    Additionally, there will also be passive, lvl 20 Pack Mules roaming the island (like the ones occasionally found in or near Detlas)

    Moreover, passive lvl 30 mobs called Race Horses will spawn inside the boxes in the stables, also other mobs spawning in the stables will be lvl 30 passive Human and Villager mobs called Stables Workers and lvl 35 passive Human and Villager mobs called Horse Racers, additionally Horse Racers will also spawn on the island docks.

    ✦ Are there any ingredients on the island? Prof grinding spots? Loot chest caves? Normal grind spots?

    Lv30 trees and fish. Acacia trees will be scattered throughout the island, though in slightly smaller density than in the west of Almuj. Carp fish will be distributed along the shallow water surrounding the island, though will be in significantly higher density around the docks.

    The grinding pit also serves as an ingredient grinding spot due to the high rate of crazy horses and mules, which drop horse mane on about a 35% rate, but the passive pack mules will not drop it.

    ✦ Would anything currently on Wynncraft be moved to this island?

    Kind of, we have adopted the idea of having optional minigames with rewards from the challenge on Zhight island and even dungeons themselves. We also borrowed the pack mule mobs and Horse Mane drops from Wynn. Additionally, and Acacia and Carp exist here, though, are not taken.

    ✦ Any other info you’d like to add?

    The obstacle course: At the docks, there will be a hut with two portals. Both teleport you to somewhere off the map, though while one will teleport you to an obstacle course (with just hurdles to jump over) that is free to enter, the other will take you to a minigame specially designed to train your skill on the horse, which we dubbed ‘The Great Horse Challenge’.


    1. The game will automatically adjust the height and layout of the course to your current speed and jump height of your horse. So, while players will gain xp from riding the horse in the courses, their xp will not increase the level even if it exceeds 100%, and the horse will only be levelled up after they quit or finish the course. XP beyond 100% will be saved. E.g. if you gain 120% xp during the course, you will have an extra 20%, into the next level of your horse. This is to prevent the level of the horse changing midcourse, thus making the course fair for everyone.
    2. It will be impossible to get of the horse no matter what you do, other than logging out (which will take you back to the beginning of whatever stage you were on) or typing in ‘exit’
    3. Ideally, the horse will not do its ‘neighing’ habit and pause halfway through its run like it normally does
    4. No soul points will be lost from failing or leaving the ‘Great Horse Challenge’

    The minigame will cost 3eB to enter, and will consist of 3 stages:

    1. The first course trains the jumping of the horse: A simple course with 10 hurdles: Each hurdle will increase in height uniformly (two bars on the horse jump meter), from lowest bar to max jump height, and the time the horse has to run between each hurdle is 6s after the first 3 jumps, 5s after the next 3 and 4s after the final 3 (not including the 10th jump). Note that this time period is calculated from the maximum time the horse lands and takes off again if the bare minimum jump height to go over that hurdle is used. You get 3 “passes” for this one, and lose a pass if you hit a hurdle.

    2. The second course trains the agility, movement and reaction time of the horse: Lava is flowing behind you, so you have to ride quickly to the end to reach the safe spot! However, there are meteors falling from the sky, which would prevent you from going any further if you are hit. Basically, you will be challenged to reach a certain target quickly while dodging and reacting to meteors. You will have 3 “passes” for this, and you lose a “pass” if you get hit by a meteor or consumed by the lava. During the first half of the course, red particles will appear at the location of a meteor 3 seconds before it hits. During the second half of the course, red particles will appear at the location of a meteor 2 seconds before it hits.

    3. The third and final course trains the usage of speed of your horse: It's a simple race around a horse track (the same one as on Horse Island) against NPC horses of similar speed (but not very smart so will naturally be slower than its potential). To win this you will need good smooth turns and to avoid falling meteors (again) that will cause your horse to stop for 2 seconds. Thus, combining both previous training courses.

    Rewards: 28 falling emeralds, 2 Horse Leather, 15 Horse Mane, 15,000 XP (nearly 50% between lv34 to lv35) and 5 horse challenge tokens.

    The horse challenge shop: Tokens won from the horse challenge can be used for rewards from the shop here:
    Tier 2 powder (13 tokens)
    Lv45 potion of wisdom (17 tokens)
    Substitute weapons in playstyle and/or element to the ones at the dungeon merchant at Sand swept tomb (15 tokens)
    Brown horse (27 tokens)

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    ✦ Where is this island located?

    The island itself can’t be seen on the map. To access the island, you have to travel through an arch located between Selchar and Maro Peaks. The arch is surrounded by similar spikes and rocks so that people don’t accidentally find it. After you go through the arch/gate you will be able to see and walk on the island. (You just get teleported away from the map.)


    ✦ What level is the island?

    The island is accessible at any time, but you get the island’s quest at level 65.

    ✦ What does the island look like?

    The island itself is a secluded tropical isle cloaked by tribal magic, so that outsiders can’t stumble in at any time. There's a big island in the middle about the size of dead island. It has very small islands around it, with sizes between a 5 - 10 block radius. It's centrepiece is an inactive volcano in the middle with a spiral path leading from bottom to top, making the island very cliffy. The spiral path has some outward branches leading to houses. The opening of the volcano is clearly visible at the top. The pathway ends there, clearly showing that you can jump in. At the bottom you'd find a temple that's tied to the quest. Jumping in wouldn't work before starting the quest. The island is walled in at the beach side and a cliff at the other side. The only real entrance is the archway next to the beach.


    A very quick interpretation of the island.
    Note that this isn’t entirely accurate to the quest’s description of the island.

    ✦ What mobs would be on the island? If so what’re they like? Give me a rough breakdown of what they're like.

    Mobs on the island are what you would expect, like crabs and seagulls at level 65. However, the important mobs are the guards, who will attack any outsiders quickly using both melee and ranged attacks. These guards would spawn only when you walk over specific spots. These spawn locations are deactivated during and after completing the quest, meaning that those specific locations will be virtually inaccessible before the quest unless you’ve levelled enough.

    ✦ What is the purpose of the island? How would it improve the game?

    We want this island to be very profession orientated, since there’s no real location linked to specifically professions right now. The following features might motivate people to try professions or they might give professions more meaning and goals.

    Local Ingredient Market

    After you complete the quest, you get access to 5 to 10 merchants that have randomized trades. The trades would be “give item, get item” without a currency, because it’s an island that doesn’t contact the outside world. For example, you’d be able to trade some grains for a few scribing ingredients, or a stack of tier 0 ingredients for a few tier 2 ingredients. A random half of the trades would change every few days, so you’d have a reason to keep coming back.

    Daily Crafting Profession Mini-Quest

    There’s one NPC at the market who has a daily mini-quest. In these quests they will say something along the lines of "Could you bring me a level 70-73 food with more than 200 seconds duration, and with a minimum of 20% walk speed?". These quests would give crafting xp as well as combat xp. Maybe this could even be how you obtain profession gathering xp ingredients. This would motivate people to actually do professions.

    Extra Feature: Ingredient Almanac

    To help you with these crafting mini-quests, you'd need an orderly list of all ingredients. An ingredient book for example. It'd just be a section in the quest book where an ingredient’s section is added the first time you pick it up in your pouch. This way it would be easier to complete these recipes. This book would be obtainable via completing the quest on our island.

    Extra Feature: Boat race

    (doesn’t have anything to do with the other features)

    This is a very minor secondary feature that would exist purely for fun and to give boats a function.

    In a cave, there would be a merchant selling boats and race tickets. You could use these at the wild waterslide in the sleeping volcano where you can race other players or just play by yourself. A global leader board would be displayed showing the top completion times. If people liked this, more races could be added to other areas as well.

    ✦ What’s unique about your island? Does it have anything no other island has?

    The island is accessible at any time, but you get the island’s quest at level 65. The mobs on the island will be level 85, meaning that you’ll easily get swarmed and killed by the island’s mobs. However, during and after the quest, the hardest to beat enemies (the guards) won’t spawn at specific locations and you’ll be free to explore most of the island.

    This means you’ll have two options for accessing the island: Ignore the quest and just level enough, or do the quest.

    (The quest’s story can be found at the end of this document.)

    ✦ Are there any ingredients on the island? Prof grinding spots? Loot chest caves? Normal grind spots?

    Since we want this island to encourage professions, there would be a few decent ingredient grinding spots (at least one scribing spot). There would also be a few loot chest caves around the island.

    ✦ Any other info you’d like to add?

    The island’s quest isn’t that important to the features, but we have the entire quest written out here. If you want to read it, here you go.

    The quest:

    The quest will start on top of pirate bay where an old pirate finally found the location of an artefact he has been searching for his entire life. You visit this man, who’s locally known as the old delusional fool. He tells you to go to the infamously dangerous rock formation south of Maro Peaks. He tells you that one of the rocks is a gate that will bring you to a secret island where his artefact will be located.

    You go to the rock formation and find the gate where a few guards randomly stand. After going through the gate you’re able to see the artefact’s island. The first thing you see is a gate with two guards who tell you that outsiders aren’t allowed in. They threaten you that if you get any closer they will kill you. From this point forward you will sneak your way up to the top of the island. On your way up, a tribe girl spots you and decides to follow you. At various points she will mock/assist you on your way up. For her it will feel like a competition or a race to the top, while you are stressed about the chance of her ratting you out. When you get close to the top a guard will spot you and from that point it will be a chase to the top. When you enter the house where you think the artefact is, the girl enters after you and confronts you with what you’re doing. Here she reveals that she is the tribe chieftain’s daughter and that she was following you out of boredom. But when she realizes what you’re doing, she gets angry and throws a fit. At that point the guards will storm through the door and you quickly jump from the balcony of the house, conveniently into the volcano.

    After falling into a hot spring, you will follow the path down into a hidden temple where you will continue your search for this artefact. In this temple are a few puzzles and at the end you’ll have to defeat 2 overleveled guards. In the final room, after finding the artefact, the girl and her father storm in. This is the part where the quest gives you the emotional shtick, but it will just be her father wanting to kill you in the name of their people, while the girl will ask you to give them the artefact back. Here you will be given the option to either escape and get your money from the pirate, or you can return the statue to the tribe and get a fabled gear piece.

    ✦ Would anything currently on Wynncraft be moved to this island?

    ✦ Where is it located?

    The island is right behind the Volcanic Isles, in the small half-circle gap towards Gavel in the north


    ✦ What level is it?

    The minium level of the island for the discovery is 55, but the content there ranges up to 105.

    ✦ What does it look like?

    The island has a similiar volcanic terrain to the Volcanic Isles nearby. It rises steeply from the ocean floor, causing climbing it without movement spells impossible. On the south end of the island, there are stairs that circle around this steep rock leading to the top. On the top, there is a small, flat area that has an altar in the middle on a raised stone platform. Around the altar, there are three tall obelisks curving towards the middle of the altar, made of a faintly glowing mysterious orange rock. There are wynnic inscriptions and runes carved on these mysterious pillars.

    ✦ What is the purpose of this island? How would it improve the game?

    Now we come to the important stuff. With this altar, you can see visions of the past. By bringing dozens of different untradable items from all around the world to this altar, an ancient olmic magic starts to resonate through the pillars, showing visions of the past. For example, by bringing the Abysso Galoshes to the altar, you would see a short cutscene of Sarnfic sinking, and why did the mages do that. There could be dozens of these secret cutscenes, with all sorts of unexpecatble items providing more lore and details on what happened. Note: You do not lose your items! More on this later.

    ✦ What's unique about your island? Does it have something no other island has?


    ✦ What mobs would be on the island?

    There would only be one. A passive, invulnerable, level ??? "Eternal Observer", near one of the orange obelisks. It would be a near invisible, faded, floating eye with a very dark orange pupil. It always has its gaze locked on you. No matter what you do, it is always watching you.

    ✦ Are there any ingredients on the island? Prof grinding spots? Loot chest caves? Normal grinding spots?

    No. Nothing.

    ✦ Would anything currently on Wynncraft be moved to this island?

    No. The Temple of Time could but that's more about time travel than visions.

    ✦ Any other info you'd like to add?

    This island would be the Ocean Ultimate discovery . Like other ultimate discoveries, the island just sits there, but you need all other (upcomimg) Ocean discoveries to access it. Here's the lore for it:

    "This small isle seems to be the oldest structure found in the Ocean. A small group of escaping Olm that decided to leave the main group heading to Time Valley found the Volcanic Isles, and constructed this altar here. Their bodies adapted to the hot enviorement, and became much more durable over the course of hundreds of years. It is yet unknown what power lies in these obelisks, but some say that it can reveal secrets of the past unkown before..."

    Some possible usable items include:
    - The Emperor's Sceptre
    - Anya's Penumbra
    - Altum Spatium
    - Black Spoon
    - Golden Pirate Fish
    - Theorick's Staff
    - Abysso Galoshes
    - Corrupted Soul Token
    and the list goes on

    Now, a bit more lore on the Eternal Observer.

    "When the small group of Olm made it to the Volcanic Isles, they had high hopes for the future. Here, they would have a seemingly endless supply of food from the ocean and the nearby islands, and being so far on the sea, The Eye could never reach them. Their leader was ambitious. He wanted all the knowledge in the world to be his, and was always seeking of ways to recover ancient information, unknown to any living creature for thousands of years. And here, in peace, on the Volcanic Isles, he constructed the Isle of Visions, a gateway to all that knowledge and power from the ancient times. But, what he did not expect, was that a magic this powerful worked like a beacon to The Eye when used. And so, the Dern Beast's eye finally found this small group of Olm, and slowly drove them insane. Once again, like in Dernel Jungle, the civilisation killed itself. The leader of the Olm was cautious though. He ran to the Isle of Visions, and casted a magic barrier around it. Even with his hardest efforts, there was no running from The Eye. It casted a terrible curse on him, locking his soul in place and infusing it with the altar. His body turned to dust, but he would always be there, watching the past, over and over again. He became the Eternal Observer, unable to move, unable to die. Only if someone were to slay the Dern Beast, would his curse be removed..."(edited)

    Here are some possible visions that the Isle can show:

    Emperor's Sceptre

    Cuts to ending of the Desert Ultimate discovery

    Shows Hashr running out of the royal residence, sceptre in hand. A sandstorm is raging around him.

    [1/3] Hashr: Argh! That old fool cursed the sceptre!
    [2/3] Hashr: There's still one place where I can be safe... I just need to reach the tomb.

    As Hashr slowly treads through the sandstorm towards the tomb sceptre in hand, his body starts to slowly corrupt as the sceptre glows an intense red and black light

    [3/3] Hashr: I can't get rid of this damn thing yet! I need it to seal the tomb!

    He nearly falls down, leaning onto the sceptre. The houses around him start slowly collapsing to the sand.

    (Cuts to Hashr at the Sand-Swept Tomb)

    [1/2] Hashr: (wynnic gibberish)
    [2/2] Hashr: AAAAH! Throws the sceptre on the ground

    Hashr slowly drags himself through the seal, leaving the sceptre lying on the other side.

    (Cuts to black)

    "Hashr fought the corruption long in his refuge, but in the end it took over him, and he became an undead, sealed in his own tomb. The sceptre was later found by his servants, and by instructions Hashr had given them before the assassination, they hid the sceptre in a safe treasure vault underground. They were supposed to release Hashr after the storm calmed, but those plans could never be put to action, as the storm wiped the entire civilization out."

    This cutscene could also be split to two parts, each requiring different items (Hashr's Bone?) to better fit the concept of short visions the altar gives.


    Any Royal amulet/Royal token of gratitude

    A large group of people have gathered in the Ragni Castle to see the crowning of a new king

    [1/1] Unkown human: ...am happy to crown you as the first Villager king of Ragni!

    The crown is put on the King of Ragni

    [1/1] Crowd: Long live the King!

    Shows Amadel in a corner, calmly observing

    [1/1] Amadel: And so, the gears have begun to turn...

    (Cuts to black)
    Founded in 849AP, this island was a place where rich citizens of Wynn could pay to send their corrupted family members in hopes of one day curing them. However after 70 years the project was scrapped and now the corruption rules the island.

    ✦ Where is the Island Located?


    In this general area where Maro, Galleons, and Selchar meet.

    ✦ What Level is it?

    The Corrupted Isles is a level 80-85 island. The quest is level 79 and the boss altar: “Grave of the Forgotten”is level 80

    ✦ What Does the Island Look Like?


    ✦ What is the Purpose of the Island?

    This island acts as a new place that corruption has influence over. It adds new content to the ocean which is an area that needs it. This island also gives the 80’s range a boss altar, something that level range is lacking. Furthermore, the boss altar rewards add a new set of gathering tools that spice things up for professions.

    ✦ What’s Unique about your Island?

    Our Island itself has a good amount of lore around it and it ties into Wynn’s lore. The boss drops very unique items in the form of new tools, a T3 ingredient, a heavy spell bracelet, and a nice pair of leggings.

    Greaves of Exile (Leggings): https://wynndata.tk/ci/454954529 75% drop chance (untradeable)
    Solitude of the Sea (Bracelet): https://wynndata.tk/ci/993967497 20% drop chance (untradeable)

    Corrupted Tools: Gathering speed: 230 (very fast)
    Gathering level: 85
    Durability: 110
    Effect: 50% chance to get double the materials while gathering.
    Each tool has a 1% drop chance from the boss and are untradeable
    Costs 3x more scrap to repair (compared to normal tools)

    The Forgotten’s evil skin: T3 Ingredient. 35% drop chance
    Crafting level minimum: 85
    Professions: woodworking, Tailoring
    -25 to -35 raw HPR
    +6 to +12 walk speed
    +3 to +5 sprint
    -12 soul point regen
    -142 durability
    +10 agility requirement

    And finally, 6 emerald blocks (384 emeralds)

    ✦ What Mobs are on your Island?

    Corrupted Island Dweller (hostile) level: 81
    HP: 5000
    AI: Melee
    Spells: None
    Elemental stats: fire damage
    Damage: 160-185 neutral 85-135 fire (282 damage on average with 0 defence)
    These are the main enemies on the island. They drop forgotten remains and corrupted souls. They have the human skins used by wynn citizens but looking tattered, bloody, and partly undead on the hands and one of the arms. (varies depending on the skin)

    Forgotten Child (hostile) level: 82
    HP: 3500
    AI: melee
    Spells: none
    Elemental stats: fire damage
    Damage: 170-200 neutral damage 100-145 fire (307 damage on average with 0 defence)
    These are slightly rarer than Corrupted island dwellers and have a similar appearance but are baby zombie mobs. They also drop forgotten remains and corrupted souls.


    Forgotten hero (hostile) Level 84
    HP: 5750
    AI: melee
    Spells: Light charge, flamethrower
    Elemental stats: fire damage, fire defence (25%)
    Damage: 200-240 neutral 100-170 fire. (355 average without defence)
    These enemies only spawn in the cave to the boss altar and are the strongest of the basic enemies. They drop forgotten remains and corrupted souls as well.


    The Forgotten (boss altar boss) Level: 89
    HP: 110 000
    AI: Melee
    Spells: Push, heal, heavy pull, summon minion (more below), vanish, arrow storm
    Combos: Push x2-> heal; heavy pull-> summon-> vanish-> arrow storm.
    Elemental stats: fire damage, earth damage. Water weakness (15%) Fire defence (20%)
    Damage: 230-250 neutral 170-200 fire damage, 180-190 earth damage

    Forsaken imp (Boss Minion)
    Level: 80
    Hp: 8000
    AI: Melee
    Spells: none
    Elemental stats: Air defense (30%)
    Damage: 80 neutral, 80 air damage
    Despite its low attack, it is extremely fast.

    Desolate Glutton (Minion 2)
    Level: 85
    Hp: 15000
    AI: melee
    Elemental stats: Earth defense, fire defense, weakness: water (50%)
    Damage: 250-300 Earth damage 270 Fire damage
    Although it has a high attack damage its speed is very slow (about -40% ), drops the Rotting Meal ingredient

    Mangled Archer
    Level: 82
    Hp: 4000
    ai: Ranged
    Elemental stats: Thunder defense (30%)
    Damage: 10 neutral 300 thunder
    It shoots the player from far away.

    ✦ Any Ingredients, Chest caves, Grind spots, or prof spots?

    There is one loot chest cave as shown here:


    Forgotten Remains: Alchemism level 81 (Tier 0)
    -10 to -14 soul point regen
    +13 to +17 main attack neutral damage
    -83s duration
    Requires 17 to access the boss altar

    Corrupted Soul: Tailoring level 80 (Tier 1)
    +14 to +16 exploding
    +4 to +7 fire defense
    -62 durability

    Rotting Meal: Cooking level 86 (Tier 2)
    +4 to +8 earth damage%
    +4 to +8 thunder damage%
    +4 to +8 water damage%
    +4 to +8 fire damage%
    +4 to +8 air damage%
    -530s duration

    There are no grind spots and the only resource present is jungle trees.

    ✦ Would anything currently in Wynncraft be moved to your Island?

    No, but some small islands would be moved to make space for our island.

    ✦ Any other info that you would like to add?

    Nemract citizen (not in quest but gives lore) [1/4]: If you plan to travel the ocean, I’d watch out for the corrupted isles if I were you. They’re just northwest of Selchar.
    [2/2]:151 years ago we used to send folks we couldn’t bear to see die there in hopes that we’d find a cure.
    [3/4]: As I’m sure you noticed there’s no cure yet and the province decided it was a lost cause sending folks there. Now the place is abandoned and as dangerous as ever.
    [4/4]: So try not to head over there unless you wish to join ‘em.

    Quest concept:

    Starting NPC: Dawn
    Location: Selchar, Corrupted Isles. (also wynn plains, roots of corruption, kander/light forest, and coastline)
    Length: long
    Xp payout: 700,000
    Quest req: none
    Quest rewards: Rune of passage, access to the corrupted isles, 4096 emeralds

    Dawns coords: 84, 69, -3132 (in the selchar hourglass)

    Dawn [1/8]: Oh hello there! You’re from the Wynn province, aren't you?
    Dawn [2/8]: As you may know, your people used to send corrupted to an island not far from here.
    Dawn [3/8]: They did it in hopes of curing them someday, but after 70 years they gave up.
    Dawn [4/8]: Because of this, they stopped checking to see if the seal holding the undead was still intact. After all if a few hundred corrupt got out it wouldn’t make a difference for you.
    Dawn [5/8]: But for people living in the ocean and even those in Gavel- The corruption could spread to our homes.
    Dawn [6/8]: I believe that the seal is deteriorating and if it breaks, then everywhere will face the suffering that wynn has endured.
    Dawn [7/8]: Luckily I know of a mage named River who can help repair the seal.
    Dawn [8/8]: He lives in solitude on the coastline southeast of Half-Moon Island. I have written exactly where in your book.

    Find River at 1447, 36, -2448 Images show the area coords are exact


    River [1/5]: What are you doing all the way out here?
    River [2/5]: Oh yes “that” island. The Corrupted Isles.
    River [3/5]: If you want to repair the seal, you need to do it from on the Island.
    River [4/5]: If you can gather the ingredients I can make a special rune that will allow you to enter.
    River [5/5]: I need 1 corrupted remains, 1 Nii rune, and 1 Root of corruption shard.

    Nii rune is obvious and corrupted remains are currently used in the Bak’als destruction 1 secret discovery.

    Obtaining roots of corruption shard.

    Head to RoC.

    This cave is currently unused


    Standing anywhere within the boundaries of 220, 38, -1396 and 211, 38 -1382 (basically most of the lower part) will cause the floor to collapse if you are at this stage in the quest and you get teleported into a cave.

    The cave is a tunnel filled with level 79 versions of the blazes you see in the normal RoC. There is then some basic parkour and then another exit teleport.

    Puzzle: Get the green wool to the end. You have 2 shots

    It's an assortment of glass in a grid that you must move using a set of buttons but they all move at the same time. There are some blocks of concrete that cannot be moved.


    Key: up, left, down, left (i know it’s easy but it’s the first puzzle of the quest and I want to get to the actual island)

    Upon completion a door opens into one of those tp chambers. You then get tp’ed into a room with an item mob Named Root of Corruption shard. Hitting it gives you that item. Another tp chamber is in the room to take you back to the roots.

    River: (without item) [1/3]: Are you stuck on where to go?
    River [2/3]: Corrupted remains can be found in the wynn plains. Nii runes can be found in both the kander and light forests. And a root of corruption shard can be found in the roots of corruption.
    River [3/3]: Now do be on your way!

    River [1/3]: Excellent work, this is just what I needed.
    River [2/3]: Now so long as you have this rune you may come and go from the island as you please.
    River [3/3]: Find out how the seal is breaking and then report back to me for further instruction.
    +1 rock of passage (it needs to be in your inventory to access the island)

    Head to the corrupted Isles

    Explore the corrupted isles

    Go to the cave at (coords) (marked with carpets)

    1/3: So I see Wynn has finally sent someone here.2
    2/3: Unfortunately it is too late. The seal will break.
    3/3: So best you leave now before we have to kill you.

    Continue down the cave

    There is more complex parkour with soul sand.

    1/2: You don’t listen, do you?
    2/2: Then don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    There is a tunnel filled with burst ranged ai mobs and some melee mobs. Get through the tunnel to progress.


    Sign: Give tribute to the one that does not belong

    In a large room filled with nooks and crannies there are carpets of varying colours but only one blue one. (Every other colour would have many carpets) throw an item on the blue carpet to progress.

    1/2: So, you’ve gotten past my defences, but I won’t waste my power on you.
    2/2: I’ll just sit and wait, letting my power break the seal. My crystals will ensure you don’t reach me.

    Fight 2 guardian crystals. (End crystal)
    HP: 50000
    Def: All elements dam: all elements
    Spells: pull, flamethrower, arrow storm

    1/5: So you’ve broken my protection-
    2/5: I’ve been waiting since the beginning of this place to break free.
    3/5: Because of such I have been preparing for a fight for several centuries...
    4/5: You should run away while you still have a chance. Because when you return to this island, mark my words-
    5/5: You’ll be the newest addition to its victims.

    Upon completion you enter a warp room and get sent back above ground. You can now access the altar. You get a line of text in chat

    [“You should probably tell River about what’s happening.”]

    Go back to River

    1/4: Welcome back! So what’s causing the seal to decay?
    2/4: One of the corrupted’s power is breaking it?
    3/4: This is bad. You need to get back there and stop him
    4/4: Here take these emeralds as payment for your time.

    Quest complete

    Cave dialogue:

    Npc1: Please do-don’t hu-hurt me! Earghh!
    2/2 : O-Oh, it’s another human, I’ve never seen one apart from the other 3 hiding in here for a long time!

    Npc2: Hi, you should not be here, it’s not safe. Ever since we’ve been here that Monster has been corrupting this whole island.
    2/2 : Loads of people of our prison fully fell into corruption and became hostile to us. Gradually, it got worse, until now, only us 4 left.

    Npc 3: 1/3: We didn’t mind being here. Eventually they are going to cure us all!
    2/3: If he didn’t start acting so violently we would still be getting help...
    3/3: But now it’s just us left, and he wants us too.

    Npc 4: 1/2: You seem capable enough, but you should leave while you have the chance.
    2/2: If you stay he’ll kill you. Then you’ll be just like the rest...

    Lore document:

    In 849AP Wynn decided it was time to try a new approach to the corruption. With the ocean now able to be traversed they decided to send certain corrupted citizens to an island that was currently uninhabited. They called it the “Corrupted Isles'' and began letting people pay money to send their fallen friends and family there to hopefully be cured one day. After around 70 years of waiting the project became more costly to Wynn and the shut it down, sealing the corrupted in there. However in doing so they left the corrupted’s power unchecked and their power started spreading into the island itself. They were left to rot away but they realized that the power of the first corrupted sent here was deteriorating the seal, and if they wait long enough, They can be free once more.

    Boss Altar Discover Info

    Area Discovered: Grave of the Forgotten

    Buried deep into the corrupted Isles lies the first human to be exiled to the island. He sits in wait as his power grows. Until the day comes when he breaks the seal, and shows everyone the true power of the corruption.

    Entrance Dialogue

    1/3: You should have stayed away while you had the choice.
    2/3: 151 years is a long time to prepare- I’m afraid you don’t stand a chance
    3/3: So, get ready to become the next member of the island!

    Mythic Lore: Absolution

    This surprisingly looking relik is actually a cross forged by the renowned mage River used to seal off the dreaded Corrupted Islands off. However, it was a failed experiment, so River tossed it away, not knowing the true power a shaman can use to wield it.
    ✦ Where is this island located?

    Our island is called Anolia, and it is northeast of Galleon’s Graveyard, but not quite at Maro Peaks (almost right in the middle of the two).

    ✦ What level is it?

    The island is level 76, requiring a level 76 quest to access it called Song of the Siren. Anolia’s seaskipper, much like Skien’s Island’s seaskipper, is located off of the island. If you go too close to the island before completing the quest, you will get a blindness effect and be teleported back to the seaskipper, where he says that he found you just floating in the ocean.

    ✦ What does the island look like? (a text description will suffice)

    Anolia is a small to medium size area with sprawling sandy beaches and small patches of grass. It is relatively peaceful, with no hostile mobs above the ground. The waters surrounding Anolia are filled with large, jagged rocks that pose a threat to any ships willing to sail close, not allowing easy access. On the south side of Anolia, the land juts in sharply, allowing for steep cliffs down to the water where there is a small port where lost ships are docked. The island’s grassy plains are dotted with small wooden huts, some on stilts to avoid the rising tides. Anolia has large palm trees gently swaying in the breeze, with large piles of fallen coconuts scattered around their bases. Many of these palms have colourful hammocks connecting them, and the beach is littered with wicker sun-shades and bright cloth umbrellas. Anolia seems like an idyllic island paradise with sea-salt flavoured air and a cool, calming breeze.

    ✦ What is the purpose of the island? How would it improve the game?

    The island would be home to the level 76 quest Song of the Siren that focuses on the sirens kidnapping sailors from their seafaring voyages in an attempt to continue their species after their Mother Peal is taken over by a giant sea serpent. The player is tasked with destroying the serpent and bringing the sailors back to their families safely. This would add another quest in the 70s level range to discourage excessive grinding around these levels which is very common among many players. This island would also add a high level fishing spot in a completely peaceful environment, allowing for easier profession grinding.

    ✦ What’s unique about your island? Does it have anything no other island has?

    All of our custom content, from our quests, to our mobs, to our everything else makes our island unique and different from every single other island in the ocean of wynncraft!

    ✦ What mobs would be on the island? If so what’re they like? Give me a rough breakdown of what they're like.

    Anolia is an island almost entirely composed of passive mobs, mainly sirens and lost sailors. The sailors are all human men dressed in classic sailor clothes, similar to the other examples of sailors scattered across wynncraft. The sirens are a female-only species of merfolk who have adapted to live on land via small pearl necklaces derived from their Mother Pearl, a gigantic magical gemstone said to originate from the Seavale Reef that allows them to continue their species. Sirens possess unique magic abilities that allow their voices to be mesmerising and hypnotic, allowing them to control their victims with their bewitching singing. Their powers, however, give them a bad reputation for supposedly luring sailors into wrecking their ships on the rocks of Anolia. Since the seas calmed down though, there hasn’t been a single incident involving sirens, allowing sailors to forget about the threat of them. In their true forms, sirens are merfolk with diamond-shaped scales in various colours that are in patches on their skin and cover their tails, large fins (both dorsal and on the end of their tails), two sets of gills (one along the lower ribs and one on the neck), webbed hands, and razor sharp fangs. In their landwalking forms, they trade their tails for legs, but keep the patches of scales on their skin and sharp fangs.

    Anolian harpies, similar looking to those found in the Canyon of the Lost, can be found in one grind spot, and giant squids can be found in another. Song of the Siren’s boss is a large sea serpent, with minions called serpent spawn that look very similar to silverfish.

    ✦ Are there any ingredients on the island? Prof grinding spots? Loot chest caves? Normal grind spots?

    Anolia has numerous high level fishing spots for starfish scattered around the island’s coast, as well as a small mine with a few nodes of diamonds near the lost ship cliffs. There is a large cave underwater near Anolia’s south side containing the giant squid mobs for grinding as well as a t4 loot chest. In a small cave at the base of a hill is another grind spot for the Anolian harpies mob. The harpies drop the ingredients harpy bones and harpy feathers. The giant squids drop the ingredients squid ink and squid brain.

    ✦ Would anything currently on Wynncraft be moved to this island?

    Nothing will be moved to the island, but a few things will be moved away from the island to make some room:
    • The underwater cave at (-298, -3648) will be moved slightly north west
    • The overgrown airship at (-188, -3566) will be moved slightly south east

    ✦ Any other info you’d like to add?

    Discovery lore: [Area Discovered] Anolia +40000 Experience Points Lore: An idyllic island paradise that serves as home to sirens and their stolen sailors.

    Quest: we have created a level 76 quest called Song of the Siren that you need to complete to get access to Anolia that starts in Pirate Cove. The quest’s rewards are +500000 Experience Points, access to the island of Anolia, and the legendary necklace Shelter.
    • Talk to Adelaide in Pirate Cove. She will tell you that her husband has gone missing overseas, which is strange because he was an exceptional pirate and couldn't've wrecked or taken a wrong turn. He was going sharply northeast. She asks if you can go and look for him, she can lend you a ship.
    • Board Adelaide’s boat and set sail. After a few seconds of sailing, you start hearing this strange singing coming from seemingly nowhere. Not bad singing, just strange and you want to hear more of it. Your vision (aka screen) goes dark for a second, then shows a close up of a singing merfolk form siren before going dark again.
    • Get your bearings. You wake up on a beach in a comfortable hammock on an unfamiliar beach, surrounded by men all appearing to be sailors half-heartedly enjoying themselves in the sun. You find Adelaide’s husband among them, and ask him what’s going on. He tells you that the sirens that live here have made this sanctuary for the sailors that they’ve taken from their boats. It’s absolute paradise, but they aren’t allowed to leave.
    • Explore the island\find a way out. You walk along the beach and find a young siren in her landwalker form crying in the sand. After asking you what’s wrong, she tells you that the Mother Pearl, the magical gemstone that allows the sirens to continue their species has been taken hostage by a giant sea serpent three years ago, and ever since then they’ve been taking sailors from the seas. She feels awful for their wives and families. She tells you where the pearl is, and asks you to destroy the serpent before it becomes too powerful.
    • Destroy the sea serpent. You enter a large, partially underwater cave that houses the serpent and Pearl. You kill the sea serpent and its minions.
    • Return to the girl. You go back to the siren girl to tell her that you have succeeded. She tells you to lead the men to their boats so they can return to their families and be happy again. The girl tells you that you are welcome in Anolia any time.
    • Return to Adelaide. You return back to Adelaide in Pirate’s Cove, and her husband is there with her. They both thank you for all of your help, and they gift you an unidentified necklace.
    Sea serpent boss art: one of our team members made some awesome art of our quest boss, the mighty sea serpent!

    Quest reward necklace (Shelter): our custom quest reward necklace, made in wynndata.

    Loot cave run and original soundtrack: a video of a finished loot chest cave, complete with command blocks, parkour, and a puzzle. It also shows off Anolia’s soundtrack, which is called ‘Distorted Shanties’ (the sound may or may not work but I promise promise promise we made something)

    Builds: we did some builds of houses and things featured on Anolia!






    Just to clarify a few things:
    - None of these islands are in development/will be added to the game.
    - I did not make any of these islands. These were all made by various Wynnic olympics participants, who will remain anonymous so no one votes out of bias. To get a rough idea of who worked on these locations, check the list of players on my main olympic thread! I will credit them when voting closes.
    - I have no idea where this thread should go, it's not my work nor is it a suggestion, so I hope Wynncraft will be the best section.
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    good luck everyone!
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    pog champions, was fun to make!
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    Hope y'all do well!
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    is the third island just a massive hermitcraft reference
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    1) Dragontooth Island
    2) The Isle of Visions
    3) Anolia

    town-building sounds really fun
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    1) Dragontooth
    2) Anolia
    3) The Isle of Visions
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    2. Forgotten Island
    3. Corrupted Isle
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    1) The Forgotten Island
    2) Horse Island
    I am sorry but none of the others could get here.
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    1. DragonTooth island would be the most impactful island in my opinion because i didn't read any of the ingredient stuff, but it givess a big advantage as a hich and also big disadvantages as all these islands will want to be explored instantly + more high lvl areas are good and make the game way less repetitive, like how corkus is just the dungeon and the quests and a lootrun.
    also how about we have most of the islands, as most of the islands in wynn for the last 6+ years have been the same just subtle changes like revamps, like bear zoo, a new ocean update would be nice like that one we had ages ago, also new content yay
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    1) Dragontooth Island
    2) Island of Visions
    3) Parrot Island
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    Woop de do, this was a read. Anyways:
    1: Isle of Visions
    2: Parrot Island
    3: Anolia
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    2: Sacred Tribal Island
    3: Dragontooth Island
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    2. The Forgotten Island
    3. The Isle of Visions
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    2- Dragontooth island
    3- Sacred Tribal Island

    All of these are super cool, was hard to pick!
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    1: Isle of Visions
    2: Dragontooth Island
    3: Anolia
    These are all really interesting islands =)