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The History Of Lasagna

Discussion in 'Nemract's Bar' started by LASAGNA IS GOOD, Sep 12, 2019.

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    Verse 1: Before light there was two ancient powers Lasagna and the evil spaghetti. Lasagna represented: Hope, Bravery and Freedom. While Spaghetti was the manifestation of the sins of man. They battled over ideals and to boil it down: Power. They power derived by the thoughts of life, Eden. When Eden has past on to the pasta limbo world. Spaghetti regained its edge on the fight

    Innocence was lost and sin had taken over, this period is called; The Great Sinning of The Pasta World. Between this time a man was born. This man was born with lasagna in his mouth (Signs of a hero).
    The news of this boy spread against the sinnners world likes wildfire. When it reached the ears of the terrible tyrant Dullapaghatius (Dalla-pag-HA-tius) he knew that his reign would end if the boy lives to adulthood. 3 days after the boy's birth, the Imperial army of Dallapahatius marched on to the small town of Lasaghetti. He purged the town of all happiness, taking innocence but, most importantly to eliminate the boy. Which was pretty easy because, the boy left a trail of radiant lasagna everywhere he went (quite the blessing am I right?). Dallapaghatius went to the house to personally kill the baby. He did not know the power this out-of-the-womb fetus was blessed with...

    The baby uttered the words "My name is Garfield, Garfield Fieri the 3rd of the blessed family of lasagna, the sins that you and your entire bloodline have committed are seen as terrible by the council of above. Your soul will now be enchained in rotten lasagna for eternity". Dallapaghatius coiled in fear and quickly fell on his knees begging. "I beg of you I got a daughter and wife. I will change my ways!"

    Garfield saw through his lies with his special power, Lasa-Vision. "Lies!" and with a snap of the finger he yelled "PERISH". Dallapaghatius instantly was snapped into oblivion leaving a small plate of lasagna. Garfield fell onto the ground.. His parents rushed over, the heart beat was feint but there. He fell into a coma. Will he ever wake up.

    Verse 2: Garfield fell on ground. He fell into a deep coma but, during this time. The news of the boys power spread all over the Kingdom of Spaghettia. Some of the people clinging onto the belief of lasagna, began to find new hope in the dish. On the other hands, the unforgivable sinners tried the kill the boy in his sleep. All of them failed due to the fact that they would fall on their knees at the mere sight of Garfield. This did not sit well for the Queen of the land, Spaghtina the Gracious. (quite the oxymoron right. like liking spaghetti and being called gracious dont make me laugh!). She also knew that if this boy lived until adulthood, spaghetti would perish.

    She gather the crude council of Spaghettia for their next course of action.. What will it be?

    Editor's Note: This is just a Pilot, depending on the responses. I will make verse 2
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  2. linrntrn

    linrntrn Travelled Adventurer VIP

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    I don't want to keep reading...but I don't want to stop reading either. I guess that's just how it is with Lasagna.
  3. Mac N Cheese Man

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    This was very emotionally moving, and I had to read through my tears, thank you.
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