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Art So I Made A Pack For A Certain Skyblock With Lots Of Models

Discussion in 'Your Work' started by Aya, Aug 3, 2019.



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  1. Aya

    Aya Very Serious Gensokyo Journalist HERO

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    Ok so you guys know that Hypixel decided that adding Skyblock was a good idea
    And oh boy I think these +20k player counts speaks by itself
    So then people released their own packs
    And THEN I got inspired and made my own one
    So I'm not here to talk about the pack because that's what their forums are for, just to showcase my coolio models I made for the pack as a little art gallery I post from time to time
    e.png e2.png
    So yeah I made a lot and these are the ones I like the most... I think
    So yeah I think I like this Skyblock
    Carrot, because Potato is overused
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