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Art Skyfall

Discussion in 'Your Work' started by Rogue of Rains, Jul 1, 2020.

  1. Rogue of Rains

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    Skyfall (1).png
    "They say any day you live through's a good one. Today, uh, wasn't off to a great start."
    Gaping Cavity.png "There have been multiple reported sightings of various non-hostile, humanoid creatures leaving the Silent Expanse. Although physical descriptions vary widely, there are some common areas among them. These creatures all feature a gaping cavity in their chest, which they will attempt to fill with any items they can get their hands on, showing a preference for any organic material. Once the cavity has been filled, the items within it will be subsumed into the creature's body. The items will then become physical features of that person, and are usually distributed randomly. The cavity will empty, and the process will begin again.

    "These creatures almost invariably claim to be a soldier of the Ragni Army. When questioned they are often able to correctly list details about who they claim to be, and possess knowledge of key events in those people's past. However, they are unable to recall physical features of that person, and will claim that they have always appeared as they currently do."
    Obsessor 2.0 (1).png "A viscous, steaming hive mind from the Silent Expanse, made of a tar-like substance. Will attempt to subsume all organisms they come across, believing (or at least claiming to believe) that they are saving said organism from suffering. They do not seem to enjoy the pain the subsumption process brings to individuals, often trying to get individuals they subsume to join them willingly, and will often target the brain stem and neural systems first when converting an enemy.
    "Interestingly, a pile of various items has been found in the cave that they dwell in. Though their purpose is unknown, it is believed that these items all belong to the various individuals that the Obsessors have consumed. This claim is backed up by the discovery of the wand of Lucio amongst the pile, a former soldier of the Ragni Army who was converted into an Obsessor in the Expanse, according to the mission report of [REDACTED]"
    The Nothing.png This weapon [does/does not] exist. It has [sometimes/never/always] existed. It is [an ontological truth/a teleological lie/a temporal rend/a spacial paradox] that [cannot/has to/should not/chooses to] exist because any other option couldn't be possible.

    But when you reach for [nothing/The Nothing], your hands always find [something].

    And your foes [will/must/always] fall.
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