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Archer/Hunter Help Skill Points As Archer?

Discussion in 'Class Builds' started by dimitri123, Jul 18, 2019.

  1. dimitri123

    dimitri123 Confused

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    What skill points to use as Archer? I was wondering so I googled skill points as Archer Wynncraft this https://forums.wynncraft.com/threads/skill-building-guide-by-the-shrine-maiden.89703/

    And I followed the one that was called the Hunter and it was good but now some armor you have to have level 2 defense and intelligence which I don't have, so what other build is good? (only skill points) Oh and I'm a new player and I just wanted to know.
  2. Lego_DW

    Lego_DW War God With No Equal HERO

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    that link is old as shit, builds now a days are a tad more complex than they used to be

    generally speaking i think intel or agil based builds are the easiest to play, dex or def if your a chad, and str if you have the tism.
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