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Info Scam Websites

Discussion in 'News & Patches' started by Pretzule, Dec 13, 2016.

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  1. Pretzule

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    Hello, recently there have been websites that offer Wynncraft ranks, Mythics or Minecon capes.
    These websites are a scam and are used to take Minecraft accounts. They will typically look like the Minecraft website so it is easy to mistake it for the official website.
    Please do not enter your information or trust whoever sends you a link to one of these sites. Additionally, there are links that redirect to IP stealers, allowing players to DDOS you. Please be wary of links ending in:
    • bit.ly
    • goo.gl
    • .link
    • .ga
    • .php
    • .exe
    • .tk
    • etc...
    If someone sends you a link to one of these free cape, rank sites or mythic sites (or links ending in the above that seem malicious) then please report them here and we will take care of it.
    You can also use the in-game report command (/report) to notify us faster, however to make sure that the user is taken care of make a formal report here.
    The person that sent the link is most likely a person that fell for it themselves, remember that if you encounter them in the future.
    If you happen to fall for this then please send @Naraka00 @Creecreeprs @Moe_Ronickah and @JuicedBananas a conversation on the forums and your account will be banned so you do not lose any items. After you change your passwords then please make a ban appeal and your account will be unbanned.

    Remember, do not click on these links and do not share your personal information with anyone online.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.