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Build Restyled Rymek Structures

Discussion in 'Your Work' started by Aethyx, May 24, 2020 at 1:44 AM.


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  1. Aethyx

    Aethyx epi c ga mer

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    So honestly, Rymek is kind of a crappy city. There's hardly anything to do there, it's a pain to maneuver around all the crates and whatnot, and they don't even use the same currency as the rest of every city in the game. I can't do much about the currency or anything, but I can restyle it to make it easier to walk around and look a little bit nicer (cough slab spam cough).


    I wanted to make the structures look like something that bandits would build. The structures look a bit more rickety, and uses more of the terracotta from the canyon, and you can see a lot of the clay/mortar they used to bind the sandstone together. A lot of supplies, crates, and whatever other stuff that was previously scattered everywhere is now stored on the structures themselves, so a lot of the clutter on the main paths is gone. I tried to keep the more compartment style Rymek has, although I added a little bit more variety to the shapes and roofs.

    criticism is pretty epic although I probably won't mess with this project anymore idk
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  2. Qulaey

    Qulaey weeb

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    This is good. I like it

    LOD (level of detail) is on point, although the details themselves are a bit repetitive. Im seeing the same decoration of 2-4 white glass panes and 4 trapdoors about 10 times, but that could be fixed super easily.

    Vertical and horizontal depth is amazing, very good use of balconies for vertical depth. I applaud you for not slab spamming on a flat wall and calling that "depth".

    I love how you didn't just do //replace random with the ground/board walk. The colour gradient with the different wood types and terracotta look great.

    I really like the pallet, its original and it actually fits with the lore of the area extremely well too. The cloth of the stands are really well done, most people on the forums have trouble with cloth but you've nailed it in the head, but one tiny thing I have to say is try to have a bit of variation with the frames, most of them are 5 by 4 or 5x5 with the occational 2 wide one, so yeah, change them up.
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