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Requesting Permission To Create A Discord Bot For Wynncraft

Discussion in 'Questions' started by TheGameTutor, Jul 25, 2020.

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  1. TheGameTutor

    TheGameTutor Newbie Adventurer

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    I have been playing the game for a few years on and off and really enjoy this game. I am also studying as a programmer.

    I wanted to create a discord bot that could be added to discord servers. it's goal would be to read whenever the current discord user connects onto a wynncraft server and writes a message saying for example:
    "Tutor as just logged on WC35!"

    I was hoping the server admins would help me out in this task. I was hoping to be able to read the server log looking for the user's account name being logged into a specific server and then sending it back to discord.

    Thank you,
  2. A Human

    A Human Definitely not an alien. VIP+

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    Wynncraft has a public API that you might find useful for this: https://docs.wynncraft.com/
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