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Art Quarantine Art Progression (1/3(?))

Discussion in 'Your Work' started by Tekenen, Jul 1, 2020.

  1. Tekenen

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    Hey people! During quarantine I decided to pick up art again after a while. Im no professional artist but I thought I'd share the process (because I've come a long way in my eyes). I'll do 3 (probably) threads covering the process up to now.

    So let's go all the way to the beginning. A friend and I were gonna do a thing where we both make something around a certain theme for (I think the idea was 30 dauys) a while. Well we kinda gave up after only 5 lol but hey we were creative for a while. So the theme around day 1 was tropical, and I was not original so I painted a tropical island. This is imo my worst piece I made in quarantine as it lacks both orginality and skill. So here we go, the first piece.

    On day 2 I felt pretty bad after I what I made the previous day so I thought I'd back to the subject matter I'm used to: portraits. The theme was smartass, so I drew Bill Gates (idk why).

    The theme of day 3 was cake. I couldn't think of anything so I did this piece heavily inspired by an artwork of cardgame. I completely stole the style of the character but it looks cool and I still want to learn more about it (now I remember I should try this out more completely forgot about it).

    The theme of day 4 was city. I made 4 small pieces for this day, in 2 different styles. They're simple but the painted one is pretty elegant in my opinion.

    Last day before I gave up; fire. I was watching avatar again for the like 10th time so yes avatar art woo. I was scared to go back to the material I did day 1 with but it's better, although I still don't really enjoy painting.

    Also here 2 portrait sketches I did at that time

    I am very much looking forward to the next one because this shit is just yikes

    Additional info:
    -Materials were all just cheap stuff at this time
    -If you wanna get tagged in the next thread lmk
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