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Mage/Dark Wizard Mage Lvl 73 Suggestion

Discussion in 'Class Builds' started by seth uwu, Oct 12, 2019 at 5:07 PM.

  1. seth uwu

    seth uwu The Thot Destroyer.

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    Wassup guys, so I'm a mage lvl 73 now and I kinda feel like I'm too weak for my actual levels. Could you guys told me the most optimal build that I can use for mage rn? That include everything like which armours, which weapon, how much skillpoints on what and etc. And, any tips and anything else that could help me, are ofc welcome.

    My current equipments:
    Head: https://prnt.sc/pigp4k
    Chestplate: https://prnt.sc/pigp75
    Pants: https://prnt.sc/pigpdb
    Boots: https://prnt.sc/pigpmn
    Ring 1: https://prnt.sc/pigpre
    Ring 2: https://prnt.sc/pigpxj
    Bracelet: https://prnt.sc/pigq0l
    Collar: https://prnt.sc/pigqa9
    Weapon: https://prnt.sc/pigqkb [2 T4 Earthpowder]
    Skillpoints: https://prnt.sc/pigqy9
  2. Endercomet

    Endercomet Low level construction worker

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  3. Epicness937

    Epicness937 Thesead water god. HERO

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  4. creature

    creature Smiley trashbag

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    For others, this is the build he gives: https://wynndata.tk/s/81lj35

    Let me start of by saying that there is good armor aside from legendary armor. The average level of your armor is 17.25 levels below your actual level and your wand is 18 levels under your level. Despite their good ids this is a pretty bad sign.

    Secondly, unless there's good synergy between the pieces I'd say your weapon is about as important as the rest of your armor combined. I'd suggest just getting a good damaging wand such as ethereal, after image, stave of the legends, depth or crying heart.

    As for the armor, try to get at least one thing with more HP. A single good adamantite will boost your HP from your set as it is now from almost 4K HP to almost 7K HP. (If you use adamantite do be sure to put some low tier powders on your armor for elemental defense.)

    From your items I can see you like mana regen and XP boost. So I made a build with what I just said using XP boost and mana. So the build I suggest to you is as follows: https://wynndata.tk/s/cuetnp
    (I put T3 earth powders on the armor for defense and two T4 air powders on the weapon. There's also a lvl 74 ring in there.)
    It's got about the same HP and defense you have now (which completelyd disregards what I said earlier but whatever) as well as more mana, intelligence and over double your damage per meteor combined with more melee damage. Not to mention the +64% dodge chance effectively over doubling your HP.

    More than that build, I'd suggest looking through https://www.wynndata.tk/items/ at what you might like yourself.
    Good luck