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Join Chiefs Of Corkus [HOC] lvl 40+ Top 50 Guild!

Discussion in 'Guilds' started by Owen_Rocks_3, Nov 19, 2023.

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  1. Owen_Rocks_3

    Owen_Rocks_3 Well-Known Adventurer CHAMPION

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    Are you looking for a non-toxic, friendly, helpful and a top 50 guild? If so Chiefs of Corkus is the perfect guild for you!

    We offer:
    -A friendly community
    -Active guild
    -Class build help
    -XP grind parties
    -A top 50 guild
    -Non toxic community (not many guilds can offer this!)
    -Guild tomes rewarded to active members who complete guild objectives
    -Guild wars

    Joining a guild also unlocks for you:
    -Weekly guild objectives (that can give mythics!)
    -Guild wars (needed to unlock a tome slot)

    Requirements to join:
    The only requirement we need is that you have at least one level 70+ class

    If you would like to join, DM me on discord!
    @ owen_rocks_3


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  2. Winss

    Winss Skilled Adventurer VIP

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    best guild fr fr
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