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Im Banned But I Cant Send A Ban Appeal

Discussion in 'Llevigar's Docks' started by jackiejackie002, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. jackiejackie002

    jackiejackie002 Newbie Adventurer

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    I got banned really long ago for using hacks. I think it's at least 5 years ago and I cannot remember anything from it but now I want to play again but I have to connect my minecraft account to my forum account but that is not possible since I cannot login the server.
  2. RicRicc

    RicRicc Skilled Adventurer HERO

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    I have not heard that the minecraft account has to be linked or connected to your minecraft account to make a ban appeal. But, I will say I have not made an appeal so, I just do not know about that. Anyway, You can search the forum for "Ban appeal" and get many threads about people who are trying to make a ban appeal and not able to. This is an example of what what needs to be done: https://forums.wynncraft.com/thread...e-i-have-no-current-bans.255189/#post-3105232.

    Short version:
    1) use namemc.com to find all previous minecraft user names and try them in the ban appeal section, https://forums.wynncraft.com/forums/ban-appeals.84/.
    2) If that does not work, create a conversation with a moderator. They can be found here: https://forums.wynncraft.com/members/?type=staff. Note: Moderator's usernames are yellow-orange/orange. The current ones on-line can be found under the main forum page: "Staff Online Now"