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Im Back

Discussion in 'Nemract's Bar' started by FluxifiedGod1, Aug 17, 2019.

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  1. FluxifiedGod1

    FluxifiedGod1 AAAA HERO

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    alright gamers im back time to shit on wynncraft

    hey didja know that gavel came out 4 years ago

    that means 4 years since we got an update that people asked for

    i like how everybody ripped on the forum thread coming up with corkus but once it was added ppl were like "DAMN! THAT SHIT serviceable" which is total bs. corkus didnt fit at all and the quests were as bland as ever lol

    and say whatcha will about the eco update
    why give a shit
    it literally breaks the game yea but it takes fucking forever to rank up in all skills required
    buy axe
    level up
    need new axe
    level up
    repeat for other tools

    and crafting oh boye
    craft sword
    sword gets outclassed by drop
    make shit swords to level up crafting and weaponsmith skills
    craft sword
    sword gets outclassed
    repeat until you get to a high enough skill to get a sword that wont be outclassed aka break the game

    i genuinely wanna know who asked for that
    even if they asked for an eco update i doubt THIS is what they wanted

    finally after 4 years theyre making dern
    its not even fucking dern unless the title is misleading
    im expecting all the quests to be edgy as shit with no self awareness as to why its unbearable lol
    i mean of dwarves and disappointments was edgy as shit and tried so hard to be something that i unconsciously blocked out what was on my screen

    alrighgt thats it

    also wynn earned a world record for largest minecraft mmorpg

    not uh
    not much competition huh?
    its not like dungeonrealms was gonna get it first LOL
  2. Lex!

    Lex! the final elkurn activist HERO GM

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    lol ok
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