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Guide How To Psychomancer At Level 80

Discussion in 'Wynncraft' started by iTechnically, Jun 29, 2020.

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    I originally wasn't going to do this, but I got bored.
    And we all know what happens when I get bored.

    Psychomancer has 150k hp (a respectable amount of hp for this level, although technically not as high as Bob or Death), having high weakness to earth damage, heavy resistance to thunder (and obviously dealing thunder damage), and low/moderate resistance to water and air. He has no resistance or weakness to fire. As a result, you'd preferably want to avoid using a thunder weapon or fast+ water/air weapons (unless you are using spell conversion ele weakness abuse, in which case that is fine). Luckily, he has no hpr, so unless you quite literally are doing 0 damage to him it is still technically possible to do it with these elements as well.

    He has burst fire melee, where he will shoot many projectiles in front of him like a shotgun. You usually will be clipped by a melee as a result, and most likely will be oneshot at point blank range. However, Psychomancer's burst fire is quite rapid, all things considered, as he has a rough 2.5-3 second delay between his attacks (ignoring latency). Because of this, getting close to him without the walkspeed to circle strafe around him (good ws+circle strafing directly up in a mobs face is the best way to avoid burst fire when ignoring other spells and whatnot, as the mob can't turn quickly enough to shoot you without whiffing) is suicide. Psychomancer also has a slight amount of anti-kb, although for the most part he doesn't really take any kb at all (aside from attacks that ignore kb resistance, like bomb arrow).

    Psychomancer only has a total of three spells, the most notable one of course being heavy teleport. All his combos consist of heavy teleport at varying speeds, one being three teleports in a rythmic pattern (teleport, brief pause, teleport, brief pause, etc.), another being two quick teleports, so on and so forth. This makes it quite chaotic to keep track of him, as heavy teleport does blind you, so you want to try and avoid the teleport before it actually connects with you. This is easier said than done, so you have to adapt to paying attention to where Psychomancer is facing prior to his teleport, as that is where he will move when teleporting ofc.

    Psychomancer also has heavy explode, which is a part of his "ultimate" combo. In this ultimate combo, he teleports 6-7 times instantaneously before finishing it off with the explosion. This combo is terrifying, but often isn't lethal, surprisingly. The reason for this is because he often misses his burst fire because he is teleporting so much on his own. The actual danger comes from the aftermath of this combo, as if you don't locate him quickly you may have a fun little shotgun and "you died" message awaiting you.

    Psychomancer has one other spell, being vanish. From my experience, he will only use vanish specifically after a quick two teleport combo, though not all the time. This makes him even more lethal because, well, its an invisible shotgun. Fortunately, he often goes out of vanish before going bonkers with his teleport again, but I find it best to keep my distance and wait for him to get out of his invisibility when this happens to avoid utter chaos.

    As you can see, he's, from a technical standpoint, a rather simple boss. However, this simplistic nature combined with his high damage output is what makes him terrifying.

    NOTE: I have not fought Psychomancer at level with Warrior/Archer in quite some time, so take those with a grain of salt.

    Shaman in a spell build is Psycho's hardest counter, as aura's prison completely shuts him down from using his teleporter shenanigans. If you stand outside the totem's range, it is also possible to avoid being hit with the heavy teleport, since it will still go off before boomeranging the mob back into the prison. However, this is more difficult on a non-spell spam Shaman, as your auras generally need to be timed so Psychomancer doesn't manage to clip out of the totem. If he does get out of the totem, uproot and throwing down a new totem are usually too slow to stop him from going haywire. Usually, he just goes back into the totem with his teleports.

    The totem also blocks projectiles. As a result, keeping track of his teleports so he doesn't shoot you from the behind and using this can also nullify Psychomancer's damage. While a few projectiles may manage to clip you regardless, totem's heal counters that, although it doesn't counter him halving your hp bar because it's relatively slow. Haul can be used here to either reposition yourself, as per usual, or can be used to make Psychomancer aim in a slightly upwards direction, which decreases his accuracy since then most of the projectiles will just sail above/under you. Overall, Shaman has the easiest time with Psychomancer.
    Mage, or more specifically sustain hybrid/spell mage, is rather straight forward. You use meteor to deal the majority of your damage at range and heal back any chip damage that may hit you.

    In regards to teleport, I use what I refer to as the "teleport exchange", where I use teleport to the spot the mob was just at rather than directly away from them when they go to teleport. This is because mobs generally don't have enough time to turn around properly if they are going to teleport more than once when you do this, as opposed to just teleporting away from them in a straight line, since they also will follow in a straight line. You want to wait for a brief moment right when the spell is only a split second away from going off, as teleporting too early or late will make you take a lot more damage than you'd want. However, this method can be uncomfortable for most people, so simply teleporting away and healing back the damage still works fine.

    Ice snake is basically irrelevant here aside from spell cycling. The only usage it has is to temporarily stop Psychomancer's movement towards you if you go to far out of his range (normal/burst ranged ai mobs generally only move without spells when you go outside of a certain range).

    Melee mage is an entire other story, as even with how far reaching your melees are as mage, it's not enough to be safe from Psychomancer's burst fire at all. Because you also have a lack of mana sustain, being able to spam heal through chip damage is basically not an option. You HAVE to use teleport to your utmost advantage in order to win without good walkspeed, and, as silly as it may sound, you need to play at close quarters with mage melee if you have the walkspeed to circle strafe Psychomancer properly. It really comes down to mana usage when using melee mage, as too much wasted will easily be your demise.

    If worst comes to worst, you can use a well timed teleport to temporarily blind Psychomancer and then spam tp to the other side of the map, as Psychomancer's aggro range is not across the entire arena. You can use this as a temporary break from the fight if needed, although it's not enough to cheese the boss by being out of its aggro range since meteor doesn't reach far enough to do so and he probably will tp back into the aggro range anyways. This is risky because if you mess up, you're dead, and because Psychomancer may just teleport right back to you anyways. It should really only be used as a last resort.
    Archer is honestly the most lackluster to give tips on, since it's pretty much just normal Archer. You stay at range with arrow bomb/melees and use escape when you see him get ready to teleport, as this will cause any potential burst fire to soar under or above you most of the time. However, it is quite susceptible to hitstun, so getting hit even a bit can cause Psychomancer to get the upperhand and teleport+burst fire you.

    Archer's speed actually gives it quite a significant advantage, since it usually allows you to circle strafe around Psychomancer while arrow storming. This will in turn obliterate his hp with the proper weapon. You can use arrow shield to juggle if you wish, but he will get out of the juggle quite easily thanks to teleport. As a result, arrow shield is pretty irrelevant here, aside from the off chance that he tps directly into it during his ultimate combo since that will cause him to shoot up high enough to avoid most of the other tps.

    If you truly can not beat him as Archer, then you can cheese him. Since escape has blind, you can lead Psychomancer to a corner, quickly blind him with escape, and then shoot yourself over to the other side of the map. By the time the blindness wears off, you will be outside his aggro range and can arrow bomb/hold right click to your hearts content, until he decides he wants to tp back into the aggro range ofc.
    As per usual, Assassin's best friend here is vanish. Since Psychomancer's aggro range does not go across the whole arena, hit and run is an effective strategy against him. The general idea is to wait for him to stop tping, vanish, spin into smoke bomb/multi-hit, run away, repeat. Of course, this can prove to be difficult because you have to go right up in Psychomancer's face to pull it off regardless, so generally you need good investment in defense for it to work. Personally, I prefer multi-hit over smoke, as he may just tp out of the smoke bomb, but either works.

    If you don't have good investment into defense, the same general idea still applies, but now just using vanish+smoke bomb to play ranged assassin (yes, ranged asssassin). This is the safest way to beat him as Assassin.

    If you do wish to maintain a constant "up in your face" playstyle, then once again, walkspeed is recommended to avoid the burst fire via circle strafing. It's not as required due to vanish's speed and spin attack's blind, but it certainly helps for when he decides to get an attack off right before the blindness takes full effect.
    Warrior is hard countered by Psychomancer, as Psychomancer does so much damage to the point where full out face tanking is not viable. You can do it to an extent, but straight up eating the burst fire is going to take its toll eventually.

    The most effective way to deal with him is to use charge to position yourself where Psychomancer was before he teleported. This is shown in @hgbrd's video for reference:

    You can use uppercut to shoot Psychomancer into the sky to avoid the tp as well, but that is slower, does not account for multiple tps at once, and costs significantly more mana depending on build. I would only recommend doing so for his ultimate combo, as charging when he goes to tp doesn't exactly work there due to the amount of hitstun you will receive. Otherwise, charging towards Psychomancer when he goes to tp is your best bet at survival.

    Bash may seem useless at first, but it depends. You'd either be using bash/uppercut (or both) for damage, but uppercut is overall better if you have the mana to compensate. If you don't, then bash is better due to its lower cost. Warscream isn't very useful for here aside from maybe pulling him into an uppercut or the like if he is just barely out of range. However, it's Warriors best friend in a poison build if you go that route, since it will proc poison at quite a safe distance.

    As said by the op, Champion's Set works just swell across any class. It's got everything you'd want for Psychomancer: mana sustain, health sustain, and good defensive potential. This would require you to beat ToA, but preferably you'd already have that done or are close to finishing it by this point. Put it with a defensive weapon (like Arma Gauntlet/Dragon's Tongue) or a spell spam weapon (Thousand Waves/powdered Bob's Weapons/Ethereal, which the last one may seem odd but meteor's earth conversion covers you in regards to damage), and you probably won't struggle terribly with him, as is the case with most spell based builds.

    So technically, I didn't even have to say any of this aside from the last paragraph.
    But I don't really care, because difficulty is relative anyways.
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    Step 1: Use skill pots
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    I don't think Champion Set is a good recommendation for players to actually use vs. Psychomancer - if you can beat Death by level 80 you're probably already good enough that Psychomancer will be super annoying but not a total wall.