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Guide How Damage Is Calculated.

Discussion in 'Wynncraft' started by motoki1, Jan 28, 2017.

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    How Damage is Calculated
    A guide thread by @motoki1

    Last Content Update: Aug 26th, 2018
    Changelog available at the bottom of this post, or recent posts in the thread

    Hello wynncrafters, it's me again!
    This is a thread to explain how your damage is calculated. Yes, they can be calculated, if you understand the systems.

    Before you read
    ・I'm going to explain about damage calculation from scratch, so this is gonna be a pretty long thread.
    ・Section 2 to 5 will contain some much dramas of me finding all this information. If you don't wish to see those, just read Section 1 and 6.
    ・This is not an official guide of wynncraft, or a complete guide for the damage calculation, so please note that this is not 100% accurate. However, you can point out the wrong points, your help is pretty much appreciated.

    Also check out my damage calculator based on this thread!

    Table of Contents
    1. A few things you need to know

    1-1. Base Damage
    1-2. Attack Speed Boost
    1-3. Spell Multiplier
    1-4. Identification Boost
    1-5. Raw Damage
    1-6. Elemental Defense
    1-7. Defense Skill
    2. Melee Damage
    3. Spell Damage

    3-1. Neutral Damage
    3-2. Elemental Damage
    3-3. Raw Damage
    4. Powders
    4-1. Melee Damage
    4-2. Spell Damage
    4-3. Specials

    4-3-1. Damage Boost
    4-3-2. Quake
    4-3-3. Chain Lightning
    5. Defense
    5-1. Elemental Defense
    5-2. Player's Defense
    6. Summary
    Final: After Writing

    1. A few things you need to know
    Before looking into the formula I found and calculate the damage you do, there are some parameters which you will need to know.
    There are 6 (7 for PvP) types of parameters, so I'm going to introduce one by one.

    1-1. Base Damage
    Base Damage is the base of any damage you may inflict, and it is pretty easy to know.
    To know your Base Damage, just look into your weapon in game.
    There are 2 types of Base Damage, Neutral Damage and Elemental Damage.
    ✣ Neutral Damage is shown literally in your weapon.
    And there are 5 types of Elemental Damage as most of you know;
    ✤ Earth, ✦ Thunder, ❉ Water, ✹ Fire, and ❋ Air, they're shown literally as well.
    Also make sure you take notes of the Base Damage before you put powders on. I'll be talking about powders later in section 4.

    Base Damage of "Gale's Force"
    Neutral Base Damage: 120-150
    Air Base Damage: 120-150
    (which means 120 is the lowest, 150 is the highest.)
    Hold on to the bolded numbers.

    1-2. Attack Speed Boost
    Many might know about this; Your Damage heavily depends on the attack speed.
    You can know attack speed of your weapon by looking into them again. But please note, the damage always refers your weapon's original attack speed, which means the +/- Attack Speed ID does NOT affect the damage. Ever. (Which is why + tier/Melee build is abusive af)
    You'll need to know the exact values for each Attack Speeds.
    There are 7 kinds of Attack Speeds;
    Super Fast > Very Fast > Fast > Normal > Slow > Very Slow > Super Slow.
    Some of you might know these numbers;

    Super Fast: 4.0
    Very Fast: 3.3
    Fast: 2.6
    Normal: 2.0
    Slow: 1.3
    Very Slow: 0.7
    Super Slow: 0.5
    But don't trust it, it's TOTALLY faked.
    To find the right numbers, it took me 6 hours of effort.
    These are the true Attack Speed Boost numbers.

    Super Fast: 4.3
    Very Fast: 3.1
    Fast: 2.5
    Normal: 2.05
    Slow: 1.5
    Very Slow: 0.83
    Super Slow: 0.51

    Attack Speed of Gale's Force -> Very Fast
    Attack Speed Boost of Very Fast -> 3.1
    Hold on to the bolded number.

    Trivia: +/- Attack Speed ID used to boost/reduce damage before Aug 2016, which has been fixed in The Gameplay Update.

    1-3. Spell Multiplier
    This one is important because it depends on what spells you use, they're different spell by spell.
    They can be divided into 2 kinds of multipliers; Base Multiplier and Elemental Multiplier. I'll explain how they actually work in the Spell Damage section, so hold on to about that.
    They can basically be obtained from the help page of the official website, but the information shown there is pretty old and wrong. So we need to figure out the current actual Spell Multipliers.
    Some spells do damage 2 or 3 times, or even 10 times. So it is important to understand how the spell actually works in game, and calculate them.
    Here, I'll put the list of Spell Multiplier.
    All the Spell Multipliers listed here are, the value of full upgraded ones. (I didn't go and check up all the tiers, sorry!)

    When you see "Damage" at last of the numbers, they're Base Multipliers.
    And when you see Elemental names like "Neutral", "Earth", they're Elemental Multipliers.

    Spin Attack (6 mana)
    200% Damage
    65% Neutral | 35% Thunder

    Vanish (2 mana)
    (No damage)

    Multihit (10 mana)
    1-10th hit: 30% Damage x 10?, 11th hit: 120% Damage Punch
    1-10th hit: 100% Neutral, 11th hit: 40% Neutral | 30% Thunder | 30% Water

    Smoke Bomb (8 mana)
    60% Damage per, x 9
    50% Neutral | 25% Earth | 25% Air

    Arrow Storm (6 mana)
    10% Damage per Arrow, x 60
    60% Neutral | 15% Fire | 25% Thunder

    Escape (3 mana)
    100% Damage
    50% Neutral | 50% Air

    Bomb Arrow (8 mana)
    250% Damage
    60% Neutral | 15% Fire | 25% Earth

    Arrow Shield (10 mana)
    Shield: 250% Damage, Arrow Rain: 150% Damage per
    Shield: 20% Neutral | 30% Water | 50% Air, Arrow Rain: 100% Neutral

    Heal (6 mana)
    (No damage)

    Teleport (4 mana)
    100% Damage
    60% Neutral | 40% Thunder

    Meteor (8 mana)
    400% Damage, Ground Burning 100% Damage (100% Neutral) for "a few seconds"
    40% Neutral | 30% Earth | 30% Fire

    Ice Snake (4 mana)
    70% Damage
    50% Neutral | 50% Water

    Bash (6 mana)
    130% Damage x 2
    1st hit: 60% Neutral | 40% Earth, 2nd hit: 100% Neutral

    Charge (4 mana)
    150% Damage
    60% Neutral | 40% Fire

    Uppercut (10 mana)
    1st hit: 200% Damage, 2nd hit: 100% Damage explosion, 3rd hit: 75% Damage crash
    1st hit: 85% Neutral | 15% Earth | (25% Thunder), 2nd, 3rd hit: 100% Neutral
    (Thunder was supposed to be in Uppercut? But it's not in it.)

    War Scream (6 mana)
    30% Damage per hit
    25% Air | 75% Fire

    When you cast a spell in game, you'll see the name of spell you cast.
    In this picture, "Uppercut" has been cast.
    Search the Uppercut Spell Multiplier from the upper spoiler, and hold on to the numbers.

    1-4. Identification Boost
    This one might practically be the most important part. This parameter includes both Identifications (IDs) on your gear and your Skill Points, and this parameter needs to be changed, depending on what kind of damage you calculate.
    You're going to put most of your identifications from your gear into this parameter.
    The important thing here is, how to add them together.
    Let me bring an example. You have a weapon with "+10% Spell Damage". You have an armor with "+10 Strength". (10 Str = 9.5%)
    Maybe you want to multiply it like "1.1 x 1.095 = 1.2045", but that is not how the calculation works in wynncraft.
    What I mean here is;
    Each damage-boosting-identifications are not multiplicative each other, but they're additive.
    You ADD the percentages together.
    So this example will be; 10% + 9.5% = 19.5%, and this set example would have you "0.195" Identification Boost. (Hold on to the bolded number)

    There are a few kinds of IDs and skill points that will be included in this parameter. Here is the list.
    Affectable IDs, Skill Points

    • Skill Points
      • - Strength (Str)
      • - Dexterity (Dex)
      • - Intelligence (Int)
      • - Defense (Def)
      • - Agility (Agi)
    • Spell Damage (%)
    • Melee Damage (%)
    • Elemental Damage
      • - Earth Damage
      • - Thunder Damage
      • - Water Damage
      • - Fire Damage
      • - Air Damage
    • Powder Specials -> Refer section 4-3 later

    To convert Skill Points (Numbers) into Percentages, you can use this document.
    These are all percentage IDs. So as I wrote up there, you'll make a sum of those percentage, but not the sum of all of these.
    This is a list of what sum you will need when you use the "Identification Boost" parameter for:

    • Spell Neutral Damage: Spell Damage and Strength.
    • Spell Elemental Damage: Spell Damage, Strength, Elemental Damage, Skill Points, and Armor Powder Special.
    • Melee Neutral Damage: Melee Damage and Strength.
    • Melee Elemental Damage: Melee Damage, Strength, Elemental Damage, Skill Points, and Armor Powder Special.
    Make sure you use the right Elemental ones (Elemental Damage, Skill Points, and Armor Powder Specials).
    This parameter depends on where you use it, so be careful.

    If you want to know more about IDs, here are the links
    Official Wiki of Wynncraft (Identifying) : Explains what each ID does.
    The Unofficial Identification Thread (by @Rikio ) : Explains more details about what each IDs do. (This is an old thread, so some of the information could be wrong, and please don't reply to it.)
    How Identifications are Calculated (by me) : Explains more about the mechanic of ID calculations.

    This item is a Bracelet called Vanguard.
    It has 2 Affectable IDs in it, so we'll add them to the parameter when we need for each calculation. (Spells and Melee)
    However, we usually have more armors/accessories. To see the sum of those IDs, look into your compass (Character Info) in game.

    When you open your compass and cursor on the Head, it will show the sum of IDs in your Armors and Accessories. This will help you a lot in a way of counting affectable IDs, but this sum does NOT include IDs of your weapon, so sum them by yourself.

    1-5. Raw Damage
    You should already know what Raw Damage is, if you read the thread I linked up there.
    Raw Damage is the one increases your Neutral Damage you may inflict.
    There are 2 kinds of Raw Damage;
    Melee Damage (Raw), and Spell Damage (Raw).
    If you had either of these, hold on to the numbers.

    In this example armor, we see the Spell Damage (Raw). We'll hold on to the number 325.

    1-6. Elemental Defense
    To calculate your damage against mobs/players who have Elemental Defense, these exact values are needed. Let's take a look at how to get those.


    To know your enemy's Elemental Defense/Weakness, it's simple.
    Just look under the name. On this example mob, it is weak to Water and Thunder, and have defense to Fire and Air.
    We can't really see exact Defense values in the game, but Weak means Negative values, and Def means Positive Defense values.
    You can actually calculate the exact defense values from the damage you do, but well, it takes some of your time.
    (Well, sometimes GMs give us the Elemental Def values of enemies. They're sometimes on the forums.)


    To know your Elemental Defense/Weakness, it's also simple.
    Just look into the gear you're wearing, and add everything.
    You might see the auto-summed Elemental Defense in your Compass menu, but they're not accurate values. To know the true Elemental Defense of you, add these Base values shown on gear, and multiply them by the Elemental Defense Percentage shown at player info, in the Compass menu.

    1-7. Defense Skill
    To calculate your damage against players who have some Defense skills, you'll need this value. (You're gonna need to ask your opponent for Elemental Defense and Defense Skills to calculate accurate damage, yes.)
    To know this, it's simple. Just open your Compass menu, and find "Defense skill". The shown percentage is your defense skill. Hold on to that percentage.


    2. Melee Damage Calculation
    Yay! Now we're going to calculate the actual damage!
    Anyway, let's begin. I'll put down the formula.

    Melee Damage
    (Base Damage) x (1+(Identification Boost)) + (Raw Melee Damage)

    (+100% to ID Boost when Dex activated)

    Only 3 parameters are needed here to calculate Melee Damage.
    From 1-1, Base Damage.
    From 1-4, Identification Boost.
    From 1-5, Raw Damage.
    What you need to is, just plug in the numbers you got in section 1 into the formula!
    And you'll know how much damage you do!

    Well, let me explain a bit more concretely with an example.
    You've got a weapon with 80-120 Neutral Damage. You've got a piece of armor with +10% Melee and +30 Melee. Your Skill Points are; (Str, Dex, Int, Def, Agi) = (10, 10, 0, 0, 0)
    What you do is, just plug in the numbers into the formula!
    Your min. Base Damage is 80 Neutral, and ID Boost here is 10% Melee + 9.5% Str = 19.5% = 0.195. Your Raw Melee is 30. When you plug in those, you'll get a result of 125.6 min. Melee Damage!
    Wait a min. 125.6? No worries, you just round it down. So your min. Melee Damage is 125!
    In the same way, you can calculate your max. Melee Damage, 173.

    As well for the Dex one(when your dexterity skill activates and "doubles" your damage), you just plug in the numbers and you'll get the result of 205-293 Melee Damage.

    And it is basically the same for Elemental Melee Damage, but do not forget to change the "Identification Boost" parameters, and Raw Melee Damage is only working for Neutral.

    You've done calculating Melee Damage, hooray!

    3. Spell Damage Calculation
    Nice! You've come this far! How much time did it take for you to read all of these? I bet you're here to know how spell damage is calculated, right?
    Enough of that, I'll begin now.

    3-1. Neutral Damage
    First, I'll introduce Neutral Damage Calculations.
    And for Spell Calculations, we'll use 5 parameters I introduced in section 1-1 to 1-5.
    What I mean with "Neutral Damage Calculation" is, the spell damage calculated from Neutral Base Damage part.
    Anyway, here is the basic formula.

    Spell Damage
    (Base Damage) x (Attack Speed Boost) x (Spell Multiplier) x (1+(Identification Boost)) + (Raw Spell Damage) x (Spell Multiplier)

    (+100% to ID Boost when Dex activated)


    This one gets a little more complicated, so I'll get this going with this example here. (It was actually part of my build)
    Here is the information we need.
    Gale's Force | Very Fast | Neutral 120-150, Air 120-150
    +54% Spell | +233 Spell (Raw)
    Skill Points (Str, Dex, Int, Def, Agi) = (30, 56, 0, 33, 76) = (26.1%, 43.5%, 0%, 28.3%, 54.6%)
    Elemental Damage (Ea, Th, Wa, Fi, Ai) = (-57%, 0%, 0%, 15%, 35%)
    Attack Speed Boost (Very Fast) = 3.1
    Spell Multiplier (Base, Elemental) = (250%, 60% Neutral | 15% Fire | 25% Earth)

    First, we will need "Spell Multiplier" parameter from section 1-3.
    I'm going to calculate Archer's Bomb Arrow damage as an example here, so Base Multiplier is 250%, and Elemental Multiplier is 60% Neutral | 15% Fire | 25% Earth.
    And this is important; split up the Neutral Base Damage as Elemental Multiplier tells.
    With this example, it'll be; Neutral 72-90 | Fire 18-22.5 | Earth 30-37.5 Base Damage.
    (Don't round them down yet; you'll fuck it up.)
    Those will be the Base Damage that can be plugged into the formula.

    And so, I'll calculate only Neutral Damage here.
    Identification Boost for Spell Neutral is; Spell Damage and Strength.
    Put the Base Multiplier of Spell Multiplier into the Spell Multiplier here.
    Min.; (Base Damage) x (Attack Speed Boost) x (Spell Multiplier) x (1+(Identification Boost)) = 72 x 3.1 x 2.5 x 1.801 ≒ 1004
    Max.; 90 x 3.1 x 2.5 x 1.801 ≒ 1256 (Round them down.)
    And here we go, the Neutral Damage for this example is 1004-1256!
    In the same way, the Neutral Damage on Dex is 1562-1953.
    We will talk about Raw Damage later in section 3-3.

    Pretty easy, right?

    3-2. Elemental Damage
    And here, we'll calculate the rest of our example, and complete!
    If you understood what I said, you already should know what we should do here.
    Do the same thing as we did just up there with Elemental damage. Do not forget to change the ID Boost parameter.
    Earth Min.; (Base Damage) x (Attack Speed Boost) x (Spell Multiplier) x (1+(ID Boost))
    = 30 x 3.1 x 2.5 x 1.492 = 346
    Earth Max.; 37.5 x 3.1 x 2.5 x 1.492 = 433
    Fire Min.; 18 x 3.1 x 2.5 x 2.234 = 311
    Fire Max.; 22.5 x 3.1 x 2.5 x 2.234 = 389
    So I did the calculations, and the Earth is 346-433 Damage, and Fire is 311-389 Damage!
    (on Dex, Earth is 579-724, and Fire is 451-563 Damage!)

    So what we have left is Air, but that's not too difficult.
    Base Damage of Air is 120-150, so just plug into the formula!
    Air Min.; 120 x 3.1 x 2.5 x 2.697 = 2508
    Air Max.; 150 x 3.1 x 2.5 x 2.697 = 3135
    Therefore, Air is 2508-3135 Damage, and on Dex, it is 3438-4297 Damage.

    3-3. Raw Damage
    At last, we're gonna take a look into how Raw Spell Damage works.
    We need to be careful here because some kind of visual glitch is happening when Raw Spell Damage is related.
    With this example, I have +233 Raw Spell Damage. Many people think that it'll be added directly to your damage after all other calculations finished, but it's not.
    You may have experienced situations like this; you have a lot of Raw Spell Damage, and when you cast Arrow Storm or Multihit, you don't seem to be doing that much damage as the damage indicator shows up.
    Yes, that is technically a "visual" glitch. I'll explain how the "real" damage is calculated.

    (Raw Spell Damage) x (Spell Multiplier)

    That part is of the formula I put on at section 3-1 first, the Raw Damage part.
    It literally explains it, but I'll explain how it works with an example.
    You have a bow that doesn't do ANY damage by default. (No Base Damage, to simplify the example here.)
    You have a piece of armor which gives you +200 Raw Spell Damage.
    You have to put the Base Multiplier of Spell Multiplier, so that is 10% Damage each for the Arrow Storm.
    So the Damage each arrow does equals to; 200 x 0.1 = 20 Neutral Damage.
    1200 Neutral Damage at total if all the arrows hit the enemy. ( 20 x 60 )
    This way of calculating the true damage works for other spells as well.
    The damage indicator in game just shows +(Raw Damage Amount) to Neutral, but it is wrong.
    You're actually doing the damage which we just calculated.

    Back to the Gale's Force example one, let's calculate the Raw Damage amount.
    When you have +233 Raw Spell Damage, and on Bomb Arrow (250%),
    (Raw Spell Damage) x (Spell Multiplier) = 233 x 2.5 ≒ 582
    We'll add that amount to each result of Neutral Damage.

    Sooo, if we summarize what we did in this example,
    this one does damage of...
    Neutral: 1586-1842 (Dex: 2144-2535)
    Earth: 346-433 (579-724)
    Fire: 311-389 (451-563)
    Air: 2508-3135 (3438-4297)

    With the build what we just calculated on.
    The game visual tells that you inflicted 1228 + 233 = 1461 Neutral Damage, but you did not actually.
    To know the true Neutral damage you just inflicted, draw the Raw Damage first; 1461 - 233 = 1228
    And add the true Raw Damage with the calculation what we just did; 1228 + 582 = 1810
    This actually explains the mob's decreased health; 50,000 - 44,645 = 5355
    the actual damage we did was 1810 + 2735 + 380 + 427 = 5352, so that fits!
    (There's 3 damage error, but.. well, that's only 3! :p)

    4. Powders
    From section 1 to 3, we've calculated how much damage you do on your weapon. But what about powders? What if powders were on your weapons?
    At this section, I'll introduce how damage is calculated while powders are on.
    Quick Note:
    Please use this thread's images to get the information of each powder, if you don't have one.
    Powder Stats For Damage And Defense by @Salkasm
    (This is an old thread, so please do NOT reply to it.)

    4-1. Melee Damage
    I'm going to introduce from Melee Damage first, because it is easier to understand.
    I hope you understand how powders work when put on weapons, if you have ever used one.


    This is an exmaple, Earth Powder II.
    It converts 21% of Neutral Base Damage on your weapon to Earth Base Damage, and adds 6-9 Earth Base Damage.
    That's it! Let me give you an exmaple.
    You have an "Impeccable Granite Stick" (Lv. 98 Normal) with 190-220 Neutral Base Damage.
    You have put two Earth Powder II on it. It converts 21 x 2 = 42% of your Neutral into Earth, which is 79-92 Damage. (Round down decimals)
    It also adds (6-9) x 2 = 12-18 Earth by default, so this weapon's Damage becomes;
    111-128 Neutral Damage
    91-110 Earth Damage

    To be short, you can use the shown damage on your weapon as Base Damage for formulas!
    To calculate your actual damage with this, just plug in these Base numbers you got here into the formula I introduced in section 2. All done!

    4-2. Spell Damage
    Here comes a somewhat tough one.
    Have you ever experienced a situation like this; You have put a good amount of powders on your weapon, and have converted all of neutrals into elemental base damage. It was a pure-neutral damage weapon, so you should only do the elemental damage with the powders, but you actually still do elemental damage based on Spells.
    Well, you didn't understand? I have experienced this;
    I had Infused Hive Bow (400-600 Neutral), and have put 5 of Tier 4 Water Powders on it. I thought it converted all the Neutral damage into Water damage, so I thought it should only does Water damage on any spells. If my basic formulas (section 1 to 3) was right. But it actually did Water, Earth, Fire damage on Bomb Arrow spell. "What the hell."

    Anyway, that's a problem, if you understand it. I actually figured out how Neutral damage is converted into elemental ones, so let's begin.


    Look at this picture I prepared.
    Basically, the Raw Elemental Damage addition section of each powder goes to Base Damage of your weapon, and the Neutral Conversion section goes to Spell Elemental Multiplier.
    Raw Elemental Damage addition section is simple. It just adds the amount to your weapon's Base Damage.

    Now, the problem is the Neutral Conversion section.
    You cannot just calculate spell damage from what you see in your weapon when powders are on.
    Let me continue with an example.
    You have an "Impeccable Jungle Bow" (Lv. 97 Normal, Normal Attack Speed) with 380-430 Neutral Base Damage.
    You have put a Tier 6 Air Powder on it.
    You want to calculate the damage you do on Bomb Arrow.
    With this situation, you first want to calculate what your actual Base Damage is.
    T6 Air Powder adds 16-18 Air Base Damage, so that's there.
    And for Neutral, you might want to convert it directly, but do NOT.
    Neutral Base Damage stays the same, even when any powders are on it.
    That's important, so remember it. Therefore, your Base Damage is;
    380-430 Neutral
    16-18 Air

    We want to calculate the damage on Bomb Arrow, so the Spell Multipliers are; 250% Damage, and 60% Neutral, 15% Fire, 25% Earth. (Refer section 1-3)
    That is without powders. When powders are on, the Spell Elemental Multipliers change a little bit.
    You have put T6 Air Powder on it, whose Conversion Ratio is 35% Neutral to Air. Do it directly on Elemental Multipliers. So your Elemental Multipliers become;
    25% Neutral, 15% Fire, 25% Earth, 35% Air

    That's what we're going to use in the calculation!
    I'm going to calculate the actual damage on this example now. (I'll ignore all other gear's ID Boosts.)

    Base Damage;
    Neutral: (380-430) x 0.25 = 95-107.5
    Fire: (380-430) x 0.15 = 57-64.5
    Earth: (380-430) x 0.25 = 95-107.5
    Air: (380-430) x 0.35 + (16-18) = 149-168.5

    Actual Damage;
    Neutral Damage: (95-107.5) x 2.05 x 2.5 = 486-550
    Fire: (57-64.5) x 2.05 x 2.5 = 292-330
    Earth: (95-107.5) x 2.05 x 2.5 = 486-550
    Air: (149-168.5) x 2.05 x 2.5 = 763-861

    The same works for other Spells, weapons, or powders.

    4-3. Specials
    Let's talk about Powder Specials. (Warning: This might include spoilers to new players)
    There are 10 kinds of Powder Specials at total. 5 Specials for Armors, and same for Weapons.
    If you forgot what each Powder Special does, you can read this official information thread.
    Also quick note, please use this document to get the values of each Special.
    These 10 Specials can be classified to 2 types. The ones boost your damage, and the ones do damage by the Special.

    4-3-1. Damage Boost
    Let me introduce from the ones boost your damage.
    This group contains all Armor Specials, and Water/Fire/Air Weapon Specials.
    Armor Powder Specials' boost will increase your Elemental ID Boost.
    For example, this armor with Kill Streak Special will increase your Thunder ID Boost by 3% everytime you defeat your enemy, for 5 seconds. (The powders are T4)

    Water/Fire/Air Weapon Specials (Curse, Courage, Wind Prison) will increase your Spell/Melee %.
    This means it will increase your whole damage. Actually they're calculated as different values, but those are added in the same way, so it should be easier to think of it in that way.
    For example, this weapon (Freedom) with Courage will increase your Spell % by 150% while its special is activated. (The powders are T6)

    4-3-2. Quake
    So, Earth/Thunder Weapon Specials are left. These ones are unique, because these will inflict damage as a brand-new way, which is different from both Melee and Spell damage calculation.
    I'll talk about Quake (Earth Weapon Special) first. Let me put the formula here.

    Quake Damage
    Earth: (Neutral+Earth Base Damage) x (Melee Earth ID Boost) x (Quake Damage)
    Other element: (Base Damage) x (Melee Elemental ID Boost) x (Quake Damage)
    Neutral: (Raw Melee) x (Quake Damage)

    Yes, Quake actually can deal any Element damage depending on your weapon Base Damage, or even Neutral by Raw Melee.
    Let me continue with an example.
    This weapon's Quake damage is 415%, which is 4.15. (Powders are T6)
    Please refer section 4 if you forgot how powders work on Base Damage conversion, but it does NOT convert "Base Damage".
    So Base Damage here is;
    Neutral 1600-2000
    Earth 22-32
    So we get 1622-2032 Base Damage for the Earth Damage. Just plug in the rest numbers to get your damage! The same works for other elementals.

    4-3-3. Chain Lightning
    At last, I'll talk about Chain Lightning. The most unique, fun, well-thought powder special in my opinion!
    Basically, Chain Lightning inflicts damage from mobs to mobs when activated, just like the thunder in real life. The damage is the strongest on the first mob, and gets weaker as it chains through more mobs. That is the reason I think this special is well-thought. Here's the damage formula.

    Chain Lightning Damage
    Thunder: (Neutral/Thunder Damage) x (Melee Thunder ID Boost) x (Special Multiplier)
    Others: (Base Damage) x (Melee Elemental ID Boost) x (Special Multiplier)
    Neutral: (Raw Melee) x (Special Multiplier)

    The Special Multiplier:
    T4: 1.2, 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, 2.0
    T5: 1.3, 1.5, 1.7, 1.9, 2.1, 2.3, 2.5
    T6: 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, 2.0, 2.2, 2.4, 2.6, 2.8, 3.0

    It works pretty similarly as Quake damage, except the "Special Multiplier" of Chain Lightning.
    Special Multiplier is the one gets weaker and weaker as the special chains through many mobs. For the example of the strongest special (2 T6s), the Special Multiplier starts from 3.0, 2.8 at the second hit, and 1.4 at the last (9th) hit. This represents the point of Chain Lightning special, making it more realistic.
    Unfortunately I don't have Special Multiplier values for T4+T5, and T5+T6 special. Contributions will be appreciated.

    Yay, we're done with Basics and Powder steps now! Which means, we can now calculate all the damage against mobs without elemental defense. Why not, let's do it!
    I will do it on my actual main build this time, anyways I'll begin.


    (As I said, do not trust the shown damage when powders are on and when you calculate spell damage. Use the original Base Damage.)

    Gale's Force | Very Fast (3.1) | 120-150 Air, 120-150 Neutral Base Damage
    with 3 T6 Air (+48-52 Air Base, +105% Neutral to Air) -> 168-202 Air Base
    Spell 54%, Raw Spell +233
    Skill Points (Str, Dex, Int, Def, Agi) = (26.1%, 32.6%, 75.0%, 28.3%, 65.4%)
    Ele. Damage (Ear, Thu, Wat, Fir, Air) = (-69%, +15%, -8%, +22%, 35%)
    Therefore, ID Boosts;
    Earth: x1.372, Thunder: x2.277, Water: x2.471, Fire: x2.304, Air: x2.805

    Bomb Arrow | Elemental Multiplier: 60% Neutral, 15% Fire, 25% Earth -(with 3 T6 Airs)-> 60% Air, 15% Fire, 25% Earth
    Bomb Arrow Base Damage;
    Air: (72-90) + (168-202) = 240-292
    Fire: 18-22.5
    Earth: 30-37.5

    Bomb Arrow Damage (on Dex);
    Air: (240-292) x 3.1 x 2.5 x 2.805 = 5217-6346 (7076-8608)
    Fire: (18-22.5) x 3.1 x 2.5 x 2.304 = 321-401 (461-576)
    Earth: (30-37.5) x 3.1 x 2.5 x 1.372 = 319-398 (551-689)

    I also calculated other spell's damage.
    Arrow Shield | 30% Water, 70% Air
    Water 689-861 (968-1210)
    Air 1826-2281 + 3652-4391 = 5478-6672 (7431-9050)

    Escape | 100% Air | 372-465 Base
    Air 1043-1304 + 1461-1756 = 2504-3060 (3396-4151)

    Arrow Storm | 15% Fire, 25% Thunder, 60% Air | 37-46 Base
    Fire 13-16 (18-21)
    Thunder 21-26 (30-37)
    Air 62-77 + 146-175 = 208-252 (282-342)

    And at last, let's take a look at some actual damage in the game.


    This one's when the Dexterity skill activated. But hey, those are all in range, seems pretty good!

    5. Defense
    By completing this, you'll be able to calculate all the damage in the game! (I hope.)
    From section 2 to 4, we have calculated the "basic" damage, which is done on normal mobs that don't have any Elemental Defense.
    And here, we'll complete this damage calculation thread by learning how Elemental Defense is involved with the basic damage.

    5-1. Elemental Defense
    Here, let's get started on the damage against mobs. We're going to use the formula that I introduced in section 3, but the one more organized.

    Elemental Melee Damage with Elemental Defense
    { (Base Damage) x (1+(ID Boost)) - (Elemental Defense) }

    Elemental Spell Damage with Elemental Defense

    { (Base Damage) x (1+(ID Boost)) - (Elemental Defense) } x (Attack Speed Boost) x (Spell Base Multiplier)

    Base Damage means the Base Damage after Spell Elemental Multiplier calculation. (Refer section 3-1)

    Did you notice the difference from the one in section 3? I just organized the order of multiplying parameters, and subtracted Elemental Defense value from one of those.
    Elemental Defense values are subtracted from (Base Damage) x (ID Boost), it is same for Melee, Spell, and even Quake/Chain Lightning damage.
    Also, you were already told how to get Elemental Defense values (Refer 1-6), so you've got everything needed on this formula.
    Still don't really get it? Let's take a look at my example.

    Here, I will calculate the damage I do on Qira, the Mistress of the Hive (The Hive boss).
    As most of you know, Qira is one of the strongest bosses in the game.
    Qira has a lot of Elemental Defense on her, so you cannot easily penetrate her Elemental Defense, meaning you'll have to use Neutral damage weapons against her.
    However, some crazy strong people can do Elemental Damage on her. This means her Defense can be somehow penetrated.
    After my research, I found out her Elemental Defense are 1350 on each Element. Yes, that's actually a high value. (Might be wrong tho...)

    Some of you might have noticed that weapons with higher Base Damage can penetrate Elemental Defense easier, yes that is true.
    Which means if you use Super Slow weapons with a lot of Base Damage, you can do Elemental Damage on her!
    On this example, I'll use a bow called "Stinger". (That's one of the drops from Orange Wybel boss.) Here is the information you'll need.

    (This one is with 2 T4 Earth powders.)

    Stinger | Super Slow (0.51) | 1600-2000 Neutral Damage
    with 2 T4 Earth Powders (+22-32 Earth Base, +61% Neutral to Earth)
    Earth ID Boost: 96.2% = x1.962

    (I will calculate only Earth damage here.)

    Bomb Arrow | 60% Neutral, 15% Fire, 25% Earth -(with 2 T4 Earths)-> 15% Fire, 85% Earth
    Earth Base = (1600-2000) x 0.85 + (22-32) = 1382-1732

    Let's go back to the formula. We got Earth Base Damage and Earth ID Boost value now, so let's plug those in.
    { (Base Damage) x (1+(ID Boost)) - (Elemental Defense) } x (Attack Speed Boost) x (Spell Base Multiplier) =
    { ((1382-1732) x 1.962 ) - 1350 } x 0.51 x 2.5 = 1735-2611 (3496-4818 for Dex)

    And, we're done! I do 1735-2611 (3496-4818) Earth Damage on this example against Qira.
    We finished calculating, why don't we compare to the actual damage in the game now?


    3777 Earth Damage. Looks fine!

    Oops. Qira surely does a good amount of damage to us.

    5-2. Player's Defense
    At this section, I will talk about how damage that players take is calculated.
    (Finally the main theme for those PvP life-devoters.) Let's get started.

    There are 3 more stats that will affect the damage you will take: Elemental Defense %, Defense Skill, and Class Base Defense. These are the final formulas considered by all affectable values.

    Note: Features that are most likely to be fixed soon will be written in Italic, like this.

    Melee Neutral Damage
    (Base Damage) x (1+(ID Boost)-(Defense)) + (Raw Melee)

    Melee Elemental Damage
    (Base Damage) x (1+(ID Boost)) - ((Elemental Defense) x (1+(Elemental Defense %))

    Spell Neutral Damage
    (Base Damage) x (1+(ID Boost)-(Defense)) x (Attack Speed Boost) x (Spell Base Multiplier) + (Raw Spell) x (Spell Base Multiplier)

    Spell Elemental Damage
    { (Base Damage) x (1+(ID Boost)) - ((Elemental Defense) x (1+(Elemental Defense %)) } x (Attack Speed Boost) x (Spell Base Multiplier)

    Um yeah, the formula might be a little bit ugly, but that's the masterpiece of my all the work!
    Anyway, I'll introduce the player stats one by one.

    First, Elemental Defense %.
    That is one of your Identifications on your gear, so that's literally shown in character info, in your Compass menu. You can just plug these into the formulas above.

    Next, Defense Skill.
    As I introduced at section 1-7, you can get this value also by looking into your compass.
    This is affected to "ID Boost" part, reducing the attacker's Neutral ID Boost as much Defense skill the defender has. This affects for both Melee and Spell, but does NOT affect for Elemental Defense.
    For example: Let's say the attacker has 1.5 ID Boost in Neutral ID Boost and the defender has 70% defense (practically that's 114 def points). The Neutral for the attacker becomes 0.8 and the damage is calculated.

    Last, Class Base Defense. (aka Class Innate Defense)
    This is somewhat tough one, because this cannot be seen in the game. You might have seen the "Defense" stats at the class creating screen, like this:

    This is Archer's one. Look at "Defense", it shows 1/5, meaning the Archer have the lowest defense rate.
    We all know that Archer will take much more damage than Warrior in general, because of this Base Defense.
    It was well-known for these numbers:

    Archer: 60%
    Mage: 80%
    Assassin: 100%
    Warrior: 120%
    Using these numbers, we can calculate the values to plug into the formulas. It's pretty simple, and thanks for @Cosomos for this original idea.

    (Class Base Def.) - 100%
    Archer: -40%
    Mage: -20%
    Assassin: 0%
    Warrior: 20%

    This is affected to ID Boost part, pretty much the same with Defense skill, and will reduce the attacker's ID Boost in additive way (NOT multiplicative). However, this is affected to both Neutral and Elemental ID Boosts. Both Melee and Spell, too. War Scream and Vanish's defense boosts work in the same way as this Class Base Def (or "Innate defense boosts").

    After a lot of patches, it now seems like the neutral defense is capped at 95%, meaning no more invincible warrior with war scream + some defense skills.

    Yay, all steps done to calculate your damage!

    6. Summary
    The final section to summarize all the information on this thread!
    The information that I talked in Section 1 will be needed before you get in the summary.

    Melee Neutral Damage
    (Base Damage) x (1+(ID Boost)-(Defense)) + (Raw Melee)

    Melee Elemental Damage
    (Base Damage) x (1+(ID Boost)) - ((Elemental Defense) x (1+(Elemental Defense %))

    Spell Neutral Damage
    (Base Damage) x (1+(ID Boost)-(Defense)) x (Attack Speed Boost) x (Spell Base Multiplier) + (Raw Spell) x (Spell Base Multiplier)

    Spell Elemental Damage
    { (Base Damage) x (1+(ID Boost)) - ((Elemental Defense) x (1+(Elemental Defense %)) } x (Attack Speed Boost) x (Spell Base Multiplier)

    These (ugly) formulas were the final result we got from all the work from Section 2 to 5.
    These actually explain pretty well, but it's hard to understand.
    So, I visualized it!


    Click the image to expand it, or access to the image from here. I will be explaining with this.
    There are basically 3 steps to calculate your damage. If you want to know in more detail, please look at this image more carefully, or read the Section 2 to 5.

    1. Multiply your Neutral Base Damage with Spell Elemental Multiplier!
    First, you'll need your weapon's Neutral Base Damage (Refer 1-1). Use the ones before you put powders on.
    Multiply it with Spell Elemental Multiplier (Refer 1-3), and you'll get the modified Base Damage.

    2. Multiply your modified Base Damage with ID Boosts!
    Secondly, multiply the modified Base Damage you got in first step with ID Boosts (Refer 1-4). Do not forget that ID Boosts will change between Neutral and every Elementals.
    If the damage's receiver is a player, you will need to subtract the sum of Def. skill % and Class Innate Def. from all ID Boosts.
    You'll get final Base Damage by doing this, and this is your Melee Damage! Also, if your damage's receiver has elemental defense, subtract it from this outcome.

    3. Multiply your final Base Damage with Spell Multiplier and Attack Speed Multiplier!
    Finally, multiply the final Base Damage with Spell Damage Multiplier (Refer 1-3) and Attack Speed Multiplier (Refer 1-2).
    And all basics done, that is your Spell Damage!

    Congratulations, this is the end of all Sections!

    Final: After Writing
    First thing I should say, good job, you have read (scrolled) all the way down here and are reading this sentence! (Seriously.)
    So, it took me about 4 hours to make this whole thread at first! It's real. Anyway, did you understand what I tried to tell you...? I hope you did, but if you didn't, I'm sorry, I might try to remake the thread so it can be easier to read.
    I had this idea of figuring out the formula from 2 days before I make this thread, I struggled for like 15 hours in front of my PC.
    I got helped by this bow (Polar Star) so much, I really couldn't do all of this without this bow. Because this one could only do 100 Thunder Super Fast damage, which made it so easier to estimate the formulas.


    ... Anyway!
    Thank you so much for reading, or you didn't even read those? Well, I'm hoping for this thread to contribute to the wynn's community! Please tell me if there are any flaws in this thread, or whatever you want to tell me!

    List of people I want to thank in no order

    The punching bags
    @JackyKit for Class Base Def and Def skill calculation
    @Tsukiyomi (Chun_Gaming) for Class Base Def and Def skill calculation
    @mrcraftyketchup for Elemental Def calculation

    Actual contributions for the calculation
    @Cosomos for the formula of Class Base Def calculation
    @Tsukiyomi for the calculation for War Scream

    on the creator's timezone, JST(+9)

    1/29/2017, 1:59, Thread Created
    1/29/2017, 2:33, The Cow is with us!
    1/29/2017, 10:17, Added/fixed Raw Spell Damage section.
    1/29/2017, 13:39, Filled up the Spell Multiplier list.
    2/3/2017, 21:55, Added section 4. Powders.
    2/5/2017, 10:36, Added section 4-3. Specials.
    2/5/2017, 17:19, Added section 5-1. Elemental Defense.
    2/6/2017, 10:12, Added section 1-6, 1-7 related to Defense.
    2/6/2017, 19:09, Added section 4-3. Specials.
    2/8/2017, 19:05, Added section 5-2. PvP.
    2/8/2017, 22:08, Added section 6. Summary.
    2/14/2017, 20:48, Fixed section 5-2. PvP, about Def. skill calculation.
    3/2/2017, 18:41, Added a small explanation about War Scream calculation at section 1-3.
    3/15/2017, 22:40, Added section 4-3-3, Chain Lightning. Completed all formulas for all kind of damage!
    4/17/2017, 2:40, Thanks for 100 likes! 100th by @ectoplasmaticgoo
    4/22/2017, 23:16, Fixed Defense calculation part. Thanks to @JackyKit and @TinaChan for help.
    4/29/2017, 15:26, Added a little explanation about +/- Attack Speed IDs not affecting the damage on section 1-2, because unexpected numbers of people kept asking. :P
    5/6/2017, 9:23, Updated the formula shown in the Summary section... Why haven't I updated it
    11/26/2017, 17:15, Updated section 5-2. PvP, as Class Base Def had been tweaked. Removed the note for War Scream in section 1-3, it is no longer Melee-based but now Spell-based.
    11/28/2017, 19:03, Updated section 5-2, PvP, as I found the issue for "invincible warrior" is still open. Not confirmed in PvE, yet.
    1/11/2018, 18:30, Small hits of Multihit's multiplier now seems to have properly been buffed from 20% each to 30% each.
    8/26/2018, 9:57, Very late, but edited the note about the class innate defense and invincible warrior. Also updated the image in section 6. Summary accordingly.
    1/30/2019, 12:25, Fixed some broken images.
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2019
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    I was gonna make a similar thread relating to this in a few days. RIP. I also think that dex might not be working on spin attack if this is correct, because your calculations seem very accurate if the dex buff is not applied. I deal around 8.6k damage per spin attack normally {including raw spell damage} and this says that I should average 8.4k thunder damage, so it's quite accurate if there is a spin attack glitch.
    Also, for elemental defence, I think it is
    raw elemental defence. e.g. 400 thunder, x % elemental defence boost. If you have +45% thunder defence, then multiply 400 by 1.45 = 580. A weapon's DPS isn't affected by any external buffs, and only the base damage and spell multiplier. {with the exception of powder buffs} I think you take away your elemental defence from your average DPS. So if I deal 1000 thunder DPS and my opponent has 580 thunder defence, then I will have 580 thunder DPS removed and I will deal 420DPS instead of 580DPS, so 58% of my DPS is removed. That is just a theory of mine which has seemed pretty accurate so far.
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