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Game & Forum Rules

Discussion in 'Rules & Information' started by Salted, Feb 15, 2016.

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    Wynncraft Rules

    To make sure everyone has a great time in Wynncraft, every member of the community must follow these rules. Do not worry, we aren't monsters. Most of the time, we will simply warn you if you break a rule. However, in more serious cases, it can end up with a ban. Fortunately, you can appeal for a second chance.

    Keep in mind that the rules are subject to change for either clarity, to remove an old rule, or to add a new one (if there is an issue with a rule msg @Salkasm or @Naraka00 ). Moderators also have discretion in how they enforce the rules. Some might be more tough than others, and it's fine. These rules can be interchanged between the different platforms depending on the situation e.g. in-game rules may be used on the forums.

    (Last update: 3rd of February, 2021.)

    Game Rules

    1. No hacking/hacked clients.

    Any modified client that gives you a gameplay advantage is hacking. Modded clients that do not give a gameplay advantage (for example optifine) are allowed. (ex. fly hacking, aimbotting/killaura, water walking, xray, entity tracker, speed hacking & possession of a hacked client, even when not in use.)

    Having a hacked client running when you connect to Wynncraft is not allowed even if none of its features are enabled. There’s no reason to join using a hacked version other than to hack, and it creates too much of a risk that it will be turned on and thus being an unfair advantage. If you are unsure if a mod is allowed send a private message to one of our moderators.

    2. Macros.

    Macros are only allowed to be used to input a single 3-click spell command at a time or to automate chat commands such as the party system. Macros that loop or are designed to do anything else are not allowed as it gives you an unfair advantage.

    3. Do not abuse bugs, glitches or exploits.

    Any behavior of the game which is unintended by the developers and gives the player an advantage or can otherwise be exploited is a glitch. Showing or sharing any information about a glitch or an exploit with another person (other than moderators or QAs) is not allowed and will be punished for if done by any player (Leaving the map, duping, possession and distributing illegally obtained items, bypassing restricted areas, bypassing territory cool-down, and using colored text in chat are some examples.)

    Not knowing that something is a glitch is not an excuse and can be punished. If you are unsure if something is intended you can send a private message to one of our moderators. If you find a glitch and report it to us you will never be punished provided you don’t use it afterwards.

    4. Do not curse at, insult or harass people.

    Includes bypassing words that are censored. Swearing is fine, as long as it is not abused and not directed at someone. (This includes, but is not limited to, racism, sexism or sexual harassment, belittling players, ignoring requests to stop annoying them, making fun of mental illness and other psychological issues that one may have as well as suggesting suicide and jokes thereof.)

    5. Do not spam.

    Spam is sending messages extremely quickly or sending messages with no useful content in an attempt to clutter chat. (This includes through /p, /r, /msg, /g, /report and shouts.)

    6. Do not misuse /report.

    Tools to contact mods are only for serious issues. (Fake reports, spamming /report, reporting to get attention, sending joke reports.)

    7. Do not scam players.

    Additional information concerning of scamming other players can be found in this thread on the Trade Market. (Selling something that is grossly overpriced, tricking someone into underpricing their item, tricking someone into buying an item that was not promised.)

    Only in cases where scams appear to be widely organized and/or affect a large quantity of players (determined at our discretion), the moderation team may choose to investigate reported trades and deal punishment where necessary.

    8. Do not keep or trade vanilla items.

    This includes abusing glitches to obtain them and selling/buying them. If you get one by accident just throw it out.

    Default Minecraft items that lack the lore that Wynncraft items have (For example, a Wynncraft Rotten Flesh item will have “Crafting Ingredient” as lore, a vanilla one will not)

    Items that are renamed and / or re-textured by the Resource Pack but are otherwise a vanilla item. (For example, a vanilla wooden plank will appear as a water wand.)

    9. Do not advertise.

    Advertisement of Wynn-related content is allowed if they comply with the information in the spoiler below. Advertisement of YouTube content, Twitch content, Minecraft servers, etc. unrelated to Wynncraft is not allowed. You are allowed to talk about any of these, but giving a direct link/IP in the goal of advertising is not tolerated. Invite links of Discord servers (except the official Wynncraft Discord) and similar third party platforms are only allowed through PM if requested by the receiving party.

    Advertising in shouts is only allowed if:
    - Wynn related content (shops on the Wynn forums, Wynn videos, Wynn streams, etc), and...
    - Only once per hour max, and...
    - The creator of the content has to be the one to shout, and...
    - No more than 3 times a day max, and...
    - If it's a livestream, it has to be on Wynncraft and you cannot switch to another game/server/IRL stream for at least an hour after shouting (to prevent people from playing Wynn for a minute, shout about it, and then switch to another server for cheap advertising).
    - External URLs for Wynn-related content are allowed in the shout itself.

    This includes guild advertising, such as: "Join <guild>!", but those can be shouted by any members from that guild (still subject to the once per hour limit and 3 per day max for the whole guild).

    10. Do not impersonate players.

    Changing your MC name as well as your nickname to a name very similar to a staff member and/or claiming you are staff when you are not. Staff includes Content Team. Impersonating other players with names or nicknames without their consent is not allowed.

    11. Do not make invasions or deliberately kill players.

    Leading mobs towards a city with the intent to kill players within the city is a player made invasion, or PMI. Also includes leading mobs towards people that are “safe” in order to get them killed or pushing players into unsafe and dangerous areas or into lava/water. Using totems to make mobs keep spawning in a city is also not allowed even if you didn’t bring the mobs there.

    12. Do not buy or sell in-game items for real money.

    Using real life money, or something worth real life money, to purchase an in-game item from another player. This includes selling/buying Wynncraft store items for items in-game or selling art or services for real money using our platforms. Breaking this rule directly breaks the EULA, which will never be tolerated, and which will be punished for, accordingly.

    13. Rules regarding alternate accounts.

    Alternate Minecraft accounts are allowed to be used ingame. If one of your accounts breaks a rule they will all receive the same punishment.

    If you are banned, you are not permitted to use an alternate account to continue to play, as this is ban evasion.

    Anyone who you willingly give access to your account may use the account as if it is their own. Additionally if the account violates any Wynncraft rules it will be considered an offense against that account regardless of who was using it. For these reasons sharing accounts is highly discouraged.

    14. Do not leak information.

    Leaking information about unreleased content or updates, including blocked off areas is prohibited. You may talk about unreleased content that has been shown publicly by the content team or admins.

    15. Refunds Policy.

    We cannot refund items that are acquired in-game, no matter how they are lost. For any problems with items (packages) that are purchased through our store, please contact us at [email protected].
    Any items shared between accounts will belong to the account holding the items regardless of initial ownership. Entrusting other players with your items will put you at risk for not receiving them back and will not be refunded.

    16. No inappropriate usernames, nicknames, pet names or skins.

    Usernames, nicknames, or pet names that contain vulgar or offensive language or innuendos are not allowed. This is true for all languages. Player skins that are offensive or nude are not allowed and must be changed to something appropriate.

    17. Minimaps.

    Minimaps and waypoints are allowed. Entity radar that show mobs, and / or chests are not allowed. Player radar is allowed only to show players who are mutual friends with you, party members, or guild members (the same restrictions as Wynncraft’s online map). Cave maps (Map that shows any blocks not open to the sky) are also not allowed.

    18. Do not purposely prevent a territory from being attacked

    Stalling wars to maintain a territory and preventing other guilds from attacking them is against the rules. Normal warring, with no malicious intents, is not affected by this rule. Using sub-guilds to support a parent guild is allowed, however having a sub-guild capture territories from each other as a means to abuse the territory refresh timer is not.

    (Stalling a war: Keeping a territory under attack between guilds by persisting in a war without killing any mobs or leaving mobs alive purposefully to extend the duration of the war, thus preventing the territory from being taken by other guilds.)

    19. Do not AFK farm or farm boss minions.

    AFK farming is using any method to kill mobs while no input is required from the player, and is not allowed to be used to kill any mobs. Boss minions are mobs spawned during boss fights that can sometimes spawn in large numbers. Killing these to farm their drops is not allowed. Killing the minions and collecting their drops while fighting the boss normally is allowed. AFK warring by using sustainable builds is not allowed. (Examples of sustainable builds includes, but is not limited to, AFK in a war with Guardian Major ID or a build with high Thorns ID.)

    20. No In Game Bots

    You are not allowed to waste server player slots with bot accounts for any reason. Bots outside of the game that use the information provided by the public API are allowed.
    (Specific example: Setting up bots in different worlds to track and send information when an xp bomb drops, providing a free alternative to paid features.)

    Forum/Shoutbox Rules

    1. No inappropriate posts.

    This includes also making hints towards inappropriate stuff. (Anything NSFW or borderline, keep it PG-13.)

    2. No useless content, spamming, or cheating the 10 character limit.

    (Useless content is: not putting any thought into a post or a post that has no purpose or does not add anything to the section or thread.) Spamming is any low quality post submitted repeatedly on the forums, including the shoutbox. Skipping the 10 character limit by adding something like “10chars” to your message is also not allowed except in the Trade Market when offering or negotiating an item price. You are allowed to post an otherwise useless message to bump a thread such as a shop, but not more than twice a day.

    3. No Alternate accounts/owning more than 1 account.

    You are only allowed one forum account. You are not allowed to share forum accounts or create accounts for groups such as guilds. Alternate forum accounts are called “sockpuppet accounts” and will lead to punishment if created. You are responsible for your own account.

    You are also not allowed to create a sockpuppet in order to attempt to evade a forum ban.

    4. Do not hijack threads.

    Purposefully creating a new, unrelated topic within someone else’s thread.

    5. No airing dirty laundry.

    If you don’t like someone or think they’re doing something wrong, don’t spread it everywhere, take it to a private message or contact a Moderator about the issue.

    6. Do not Like bomb or ask for likes.

    Asking for likes in any way is not allowed. (Liking a person’s content with the intent of getting their like count up, liking a large amount of posts in a thread)

    7. Do not post referral, scam, or malicious links.

    Referral links are websites that advertise things such as free steam money or Minecraft capes, often in exchange for reposting the link. These are almost always scams and can be dangerous.

    8. Do not spur on Flame Wars.

    If you see a flame war (people arguing and the argument getting out of hand), hit the report button. Do not add more fuel to the fire. Flame wars are posts that do nothing but create controversy and mass-arguing with no resolutions.

    9. Do not harass, insult, or be passive aggressive to other people.

    (Harassment includes, but is not limited to, racism, sexism or sexual harassment, belittling people, ignoring requests to stop annoying them, making fun of mental illness and other psychological issues that one may have. Examples of being passive aggressive are posting "who cares", or excessively making fun of someone.)

    10. Advertising.

    Streams, and videos are fine anywhere. Discord invites (except the official Wynncraft Discord) are only allowed in PMs if requested by the receiving party. IPs of servers and referral links are not. If you are unsure, ask a Moderator before posting.

    11. Ask me anything (AMAs).

    They are allowed, but you need Moderator approval before creating one.

    12. Giveaways.

    Giveaways and rank giveaways are allowed. Donation pools, normal tier items, or under 1LE are not allowed for giveaways. “Lotteries” are not allowed because they can easily be rigged and used to scam.

    13. Introduction and Goodbye posts.

    Only new members may create introduction posts, not returning members. Goodbye posts are allowed on either your profile, or in the Introduce Yourself forum section. You are only allowed to make one goodbye post unless a mod approves you making another. You may add a giveaway to a goodbye post if you want to.

    14. Do not necropost.

    Posting on a thread that has been untouched for more than around 30 days or has no discussion is called a necropost and is not allowed unless your post starts a new discussion. The poster of a thread can request for an unlock by sending a private message to a moderator or reporting the thread with the message “please unlock”.

    15. Selling Unidentified Items

    Selling unidentified, unrevealed Mythics is not allowed. Legendary and below is fine. If a player sells an unidentified item with a promise that it will be a certain item, and the item turns out to be a different item than is advertised, a refund must be given, as it would be considered scamming. Additional information is given in this thread.

    But the most important rule of them all is to have fun in Wynncraft. Use some common sense and enjoy the game!

    November 18th, 2016:
    Created changelog.
    Edited rule 10 of forums category to include mental illness.

    Edited rule 15 of forums category to give more detail.
    December 10th, 2016:
    Edited rule 13 of forums category to be more clear.

    December 23rd, 2016:
    Added Discord rules.
    December 24th, 2016:
    Edited a Discord rule.
    January 5th, 2017:
    Clarified rule 16 of the forums.
    January 25th, 2017:
    Discord rules have been removed, they are on discord.
    May 2nd, 2017:
    Added Refunds Policy
    June 26th, 2017:
    Added rule 19 for forums.
    Edited rule 8 for in-game.

    June 27th, 2017
    Clarified rule 2 of the Game.
    June 28th, 2017
    Game rule 2 re-written for clarity..
    July 9th, 2017
    Edited rule 19 for forums.
    August 13th, 2017
    Added rule 17 for in-game.
    January 1st, 2018
    Added rule 18 for in-game.
    March 11th, 2018
    Rules have been updated and reworked entirely.
    December 3rd, 2019
    Edited rule 3 including possession of duplicated items and its distribution.
    Edited rule 4 to include suggesting suicide and jokes thereof.
    Adjusted rule 8 to crafted items.
    Edited rule 12 to point out breaking the EULA.
    Reduced rule 13 excluding restriction of using alternate accounts in guilds.
    Edited rule 15 to clarify stance on shared and lent items.
    Revamped rule 18 to allow sub-guilds but strictly enforce stalling.
    Edited forum's rule 15 to allow selling revealed mythics.

    December 17th, 2019
    Edited rule 9 to include prior statement made by owner.

    March 5th, 2020
    Edited rule 9 and rule 10 to ban Discord invite links.
    August 2nd, 2020
    Edited rule 7 to include organised scams to be punishable now.
    February 3rd, 2021
    Reworded extra information of rule 9.
    Revamped rule 10 to include all players, rather than just staff.
    Reduced rule 13 to now allow warring on alternate accounts.
    Edited rule 19 to include AFK warring.
    February 11th, 2021

    Introduced rule 20 for using bots and automation.
    June 4th, 2021
    Edited rule 18 to include abusing the refresh timer.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 4, 2021
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    Moderator Clarifications

    This section will serve to clarify moderators' interpretations of the official rules. This section is subject to change at any time. This section will be periodically updated with new things. If it is not mentioned in this section, it does not mean it is legal.

    Question: Can I use Macros in-game?

    Legality: Depends

    Additional Information: According to rule 2 you are only allowed to use certain Macros. You're allowed to use Macros that do not loop. You are not allowed to use Macros to gain an advantage over other players. If a command macro is bound to a button on your keyboard, you are not allowed to spam it.


    Question: Can I sell art for Liquid Emeralds?

    Legality: Legal


    Question: Can I give out loans?

    Legality: Legal

    Additional information: Failing to pay the money back is not a punishable offense. We generally advise you to avoid giving loans.


    Question: Can I use /class or /switch to reset immunity in Hunted Mode to avoid getting killed?

    Legality: Not legal

    Additional Information: If it happens once or twice (panic) then that is fine. If it is however systematically used to avoid getting killed, then this is not allowed, as it is considered an exploit.


    Question: Will a price check (PC) grant me immunity if I scam people (knowingly or unknowingly)?

    Legality: Not legal, no immunity

    Additional Information: Make sure to get multiple price checks from different people to avoid this. Make sure the price checkers are not biased towards/against you. Price checkers cannot be punished for giving an incorrect price check unless they do it to harm people.


    Question: Am I allowed to sell dyed items? Am I allowed to sell enchanted items?

    Legality: Legal

    Additional Information: Selling these items is allowed, as long as they are functional items (usually with counterparts). The old Fiërte for example is not a functional weapon, and thus cannot be sold. An enchanted Upside Down Bowl is a functional helmet, and thus can be sold. The items are not allowed to be sold for a higher price, but they are allowed to be bought for a higher price (basically: a seller cannot sell for more, a buyer however can give more).


    Question: Am I allowed to indirectly send a Discord link (as in, a link mentioned somewhere on a website)?

    Legality: Legal


    Question: Am I allowed to send links unrelated/weakly linked to Wynncraft on the forums?

    Legality: Depends

    Additional Information: Google forms, imgur, tenor are all ok. As long as the links serve a basic function, for example linking images, then this is perfectly fine. If the linked websites, for example Google forms, serve a purpose in relation to Wynncraft, then this is fine as well. However if a link has no practical function, or is used to be obnoxious, used to advertise something outside of Wynncraft, then this is not allowed. The included examples are not limited.


    Question: Am I allowed to pay someone emeralds to move their market booth, so I can place mine?

    Legality: Not legal


    Question: Am I allowed to pay in game currency to have someone throw a purchasable bomb?

    Legality: Not legal


    Question: Am I allowed to grind at a spot, which drops items very frequently?

    Legality: Legal, unless unintended

    Additional Information: As long as the spot itself works as intended, we will not ban for it. If this turns out to be a spot that is not meant to function like that, we will always warn before we take any action. Spots like these are assessed by the QA Team/CT, if any changes are required. This clarification is excluded if boss mobs are grinded for item drops.
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2021
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