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Lore/Story For The Wynn, A Wynncraft Story Is Out (7)

Discussion in 'Your Work' started by Skywalkinerate, Dec 4, 2018.


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  1. Skywalkinerate

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    Skywalker bid farewell to Enzan, as the elder archer went to take a rest from his morning patrol back at his apartment. He quickly sprinted towards the eastern gate and looked down at the side of the stone pillars. The iron golems too busy dealing with the monsters outside the gate to notice him at all. The town guards didn’t seem to pay any attention to him. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, as he leapt over the border.

    It was quicker than he expected, in just a few seconds he felt his body made contact with the freezing water. He swam up to the shore to catch his breath, looking up, a huge waterfall of sewage poured out from a massive opening in the wall.

    ‘Swimming up that waterfall is impossible as if the stink isn’t enough to drive me away, and I’m not drinking any of that by accident. Climbing this wall is the only option but the surface is slippery…’ He thought as he observed his surroundings.

    He looked at his dagger and an idea came to him. The dagger impaled into the mossy and slippery andesite; Skywalker took a deep breath and slowly moved his way up. Feeling the dagger successfully anchored to the wall, he put his foot to the wall, while grabbing hold the cracks in the wall with his other hand. He hoisted himself up, and slowly made his way bit by bit up. He was halfway there when suddenly a brick gave way, causing him to slide down the uneven surface, the leather boots torn a bit from the little friction he had got during his descent. He slowly regained his grips and footing as he took a deep breath, seeing that he fell a few meters.

    ‘I hope this is all worth it…’ He murmured to himself, recalling what Ooni had said to him before he changed his mind and dropped the subject.

    With his mind occupied with the mysterious organisation he was told, he made it to the iron bars without realising it. He tried to open the bars but they seemed to got stuck, he then proceeded to use the handle of his dagger and hammer the hinges a bit until the sound of a crack echoed deep into the pitch black pipe in front of him. He pulled the bars hard and they gave way, the sewage pipe now accessible for him to explore.

    ‘Time to find a person and a key.’ He said, leaving a small crack for him to exit later just in case. Unbeknownst to him, Herobrine planned to use that unclosed gate for his entry as well, seeing the young ninja entered the sewers, he turned invisible jumped down to the water below, following him.


    Reygina had finally managed to make her way towards the farmhouse where help was wanted.

    A farmer was at the house looking at his field, he was biting his lips while at the same time murmuring something. He wore a long sleeved olive green shirt and dark green pants. He saw Reygina in the distance and walked towards her.


    Reygina was not expecting this sudden approach, she shuttered and wanted to turn back but found her own feet stuck to the dirt, she looked down quickly to see Wolfed sitting on her feet, her weaken strength made her pet felt like a giant stone that encased her feet.

    ‘You going to do something to me? Stand back, I’m warning in you…’ She tried to sound tough, yet her warning was nothing more than a whisper, traumatised by the last time an unfamiliar man approach her. She regretted acting tough in front of her fried outside, she hated his teasing and believed she could handle this alone, how wrong is she. The man was a meter in front of her, she closed her eyes and aimed her wooden staff at him.

    ‘Ah, looks like a fresh recruit! Good to see the army growing again. About time someone in the army had time for us citizens, I've been waiting for a bit of help from someone with some backbone! We have to fight the corruption too you know! Speaking of which...’ The farmer said, breaking the tension, in fact he seemed very happy to see her. He chuckled when he caught sight of her wand and helmet. ‘You certainly looked the powerful type, please I mean no harm, in fact I have a request. Farmer Cevalus is my name, though people nicknamed me as Kelri. Call me whatever you feel more comfortable with. ’

    Reygina lowered her weapon a bit, and told him her name, relieved that the farmer was just looking for help. She nodded and began to listen to his story. ‘Recently, my dear father passed away and I buried him out back. Well, he's not there anymore; the corruption has got to his body. Corruption affects different things in odd ways. It sometimes reanimates corpses and sets them against the living. We can't fight him head on.’ He looked at the field yet again; Reygina trying to look at what the farmers is looking at but the tall crops completely obstructed her view.

    ‘We should use my fresh Corkian sprinklers to poison the pest! I have a spare crate of rat poison aside my house... If you're able to safely make it inside my farm, my father's animated corpse may use fireballs to kill you... Yes, fireballs. Who knew my father had that in him? If you poison the water reservoir on the other side of the farm field after you enter, you can watch as the pest makes his way back to the grave!’

    ‘Ok well… I see what I can do with this situation then.’ Reygina said. ‘Can you watch over Wolfred for me though? That’s doesn’t seem very safe for him.’ Wolfred let out a sad whimpering, his paws wrapping around her leg as if not wanting to separate from her.

    Regina looked at Wolfred and remembering who his previous owner is, ‘Did your previous owner not treat you well?’ She asked, kneeling down to pick up the dog, he barked and nodded his head.

    ‘Aww I’m so sorry. I know how you feel. Trust issues with strangers.’ Reygina sighed and told Wolfred can come, but he has to run away if she tells him to whom he jumped and did a flip mid-air, happy that he can come with her.

    ‘Sorry to break you moment but well, you see, I have a bit of a rat infestation on my farm as well. Another problem I need your help with.’ Celvas said, looking at the cute moment in front of him.

    ‘Nothing I can't handle myself I assure you! But you see, one of the blighters stole my wedding ring, and my wife would kill me if she ever found out. I don't know which one took it, but if she sees me looking for it, she will find out. So could you go thump a few of them and find it? Bring me back the wedding ring as soon as you find it! Oh, and, don't tell my wife. If you're able to help me, I'll reward you kindly for solving either one or both problems!’

    ‘Yeah, okay. One at a time though. I will deal with the corruptied corpse first. Yu going to help me?’ Reygina asked.

    ‘Yep, I think you need help carrying this crate, also once you pour the poison and got out of the sprinkler’s range, I will activate the sprinklers at the entrance.’ Celvas said as he lifted a wooden crate, the insides clinked and clanged.

    ‘Great, glad you decided to help.’ Reygina smiled for the first time at a Ragnian for the first time.

    ‘Well… He is my father and I required assistance. Feels right if I do something as well.’

    The trio went inside the field, immediately they were hit with a wave of heat and the smell of burning objects.

    ‘I’ll distract him with some spare rat poison bottles, you get the crate and head towards the end, you will see a water source which is for the sprinklers, hurry!’ Celvas said as he yelled to get the thing in the middle’s attention. Reygina took one look through the gaps to see what monstrosity are they dealing with.

    She wish she hadn’t, the animated corpse had a purple and disfigured face, its facial features unrecognisable, as if it is just a mush of stinky and purple skin randomly put together. The limbs are a crimson and dark red, with white things growing at the distal ends. It wore similar clothes to Celvas, Reygina thought Celvas must have wore his father’s clothes to remember his father. For some strange reason, the corpse is stationary at one spot as Reygina observed. She didn’t mind though, thinking to herself that this is much better, since they both have mobility handicap.


    ‘Father… Dad…’ She suddenly tried to memorize her own father back at Fruma, however her mind was blank, as if no such person existed, but how could this be?

    ‘Sorry, Mrs? I really need you to… look out!’ Celvas shouted at the distracted

    ‘Huh?’ Reygina snapped back into reality, a fireball was heading for her, small enough to squeeze through the gap she was using to look at the corrupted in front of her.

    She quickly ducked, feeling the heat of the flames sailing past her. The ball of fire hit the plants behind her, the flames burned the plants behind her, they cackled and sizzled behind her. ‘Better to concentrate and proceed.’ She thought to herself.

    Wolfred had managed to open the crate and Reygina could see the bottles containing full of blue liquid, knowing she cannot possibly run yet, she decided to try something new and hopefully won’t regret it.

    ‘Are the glass bottles clean, not contaminated or anything?’ Reygina asked, hearing a yes from Celvas’s reply.

    ‘Wolfred, can you hold this for me and run to the end? I’ll keep it distracted.’ Reygina asked. Wolfred grabbed a bottle and bit it, he ran towards the end and waited for his master.

    ‘Celvas, get ready to activate the sprinklers. I’ll distract him.’ Ryegina shouted over the cackling flames. He concurred and ran to where the button is, which is connected to a machine.

    ‘Hey you!’ Reygina shouted, she blasted the zombie but it was not in range of her attack and the projectiles disappeared in front of the corrupted corpse. Reygina cursed herself for her mistake, she was lucky that the attack rate wasn’t fast, even with her only able to stumble, if she dodged at the right time, she could avoid all the attacks if she done it right. She stumbled along the gaps that exposed her, the fireballs launching one by one, she ducked and dodged a few and she was able to make it to the next cover. Wolfred barked as if cheering his master.

    Reygina timed the next projectile and began to limp her way towards her pet, dodging and deflecting the flames with her own projectiles. She successfully made it to the small pond of water, quickly unscrew the cap and pour all the poison in that one bottle Wolfred had carried, she hoped it would be enough.


    Suddenly, the zombie suddenly got more belligerent, its growls became louder and the fireballs got launched the speed of an arrow storm. ‘You've must have done something to irritate the pest, because it's furious and more aggressive!’ Celvas shouted, his voice was faint, drowned by the sizzling fireballs that were moving everywhere. Wolfred obeyed his master ran towards Celvas who was already waiting to press the button.

    Reygina looked at the rapid firing of the deceased, relentlessly and mercilessly launching his attack at where she was hiding. She knew with this sudden and unexpected change in offence will doom her, since she knew clearly she can’t possibly outrun or dodge every attack without getting hit. Getting hit once will lead to a high probability to expose her to a barrage of attacks that will be life threatening. In fact, the walls of the farm had begun to falter under the bombardment of flames, some parts were exposed after the crops were burnt down previously and now even more areas are being burned, the wood began to creek and crack under the intense heat and blunt force. Reygina knew she is trapped and a risky idea, one only Skywalker has the confidence to pull it off, came to her mind. It was better to risk her own life rather than letting the wooded protection be destroyed.

    ‘Hurry and enable the sprinklers with the button near the farm's entrance before it can do any more damage!’ She shouted, Celvas was shocked at this command.

    ‘But if I do so, you might be poisoned as well, not to mention you seem to already have a condition with your legs already. I could potentially cause you more harm than you already have, I should get help.’ Celvas yelled, turning around to go to the city for assistance.

    Hearing a chunk of wood fell to the ground next to her is the only thing that Reygina needed to be certain of her decision. She hoped her long cloak could protect her from the drops of poison.

    ‘It’s okay, just do it, I can shield myself from the poison with my cloak.’ Reygina shouted, taking her cloak off and using it like an umbrella.

    ‘If you say so, Wolfred right? Stay behind me!’ Celvas said, hoping nothing will go wrong. ‘Here it goes.’ The sprinklers were activated as his father and Reygina were showered with the toxic substance.


    Skywalker walked along a path that was built next to the foul smelling sewage, the waters a colour of greenish blue. Candles and torches gave out the only source of light in this dark hole, cobwebs and wines overgrown and left to spread wherever they want, rats were all around the place, some swimming in the water, some chewing on the dried leaves, some scrambled around seeing a human in their area. Skywalker looked around, wondering why would this person called Waront would picked this place of all places to hide and go. He didn’t choose abandon buildings or the outskirts, then again no one will go to the sewers without reason. The rats scurried across the moist stone bricks, moss growing near the edges, the ‘ecosystem’ made the whole server hard to breathe, as if the sewers could suffocate anyone who are in there for too long. Without warning, there was a fork up ahead, one lead to left, the other to the right.

    Skywalker looked at the sides, both passages leading to no end, just an endless path like two mirrors mirroring each other. He cursed under his breath, knowing if he chose the wrong path, he could get lost in here forever, trapping under here, his sense of time is gone. He closed his eyes and cleared his mind. The sewers were now images in his mind. His gut instincts told him that going left is the right choice, so he turned left without hesitation, his instincts usually never let him down.

    After what seemed to be an eon, he was met with another junction. Before he could decide which way to go, a voice echoed across the entire sewers.

    ‘Hello? Is anyone there?’ A male voice was heard, sounds are coming what seemed to be the right. Skywalker knew where he had to go, but he had seconds thoughts of shouting back. He don’t know who this person is. If lucky, it could be Waront and his torturing journey is over. If unlucky, it could be some sort of serial killer hiding and waiting for his next victim.

    He tried his best to make his way to the source of the sound, suddenly something fell on his head, he froze and shuddered, when he felt legs crawling on his head, he screamed a very high pitch scream, he knew what it is. Grabbing his dagger and knocking the spider that somehow landed on him, he batted the spider and it was sent flying to the foul water next to him. He ran ahead, not caring if he is making any noises or not, his scream had already gave his location away so what differences does it make if he screamed some more. Colourful vocabulary leaked out of his mouth as he ran straight into a web that he didn’t see, his sight was blocked as he was now shouting even more. Blinded, he also didn’t notice the vine ahead as he tripped on it, his entire body crashed into the moist stone. With the sudden stop, he calmed down a bit as he collected himself, looking up and in front of him stood a bald man, his black apron over the brown jumpsuit.

    ‘Wo! You’re not with the guards are you, are you?’ The man asked whom Skywalker assumed is Waront.

    ‘No, I am here to help, Ooni sent me.’ Skywalker replied. ‘You are Waront, right? You have the key?’

    ‘Thank god! Yes, I do have the key, here it is. Somehow a rat had it and I was lucky enough to retake the key from it.’ He pulled out the key from his pocket. ‘Hopefully we can free the prisoner, he is quite a member of the resistance.’

    ‘The resistance? What are you fighting for exactly? Are you betraying Ragni? Treason?’ Skywalker hissed, releasing if that’s the case he must take him to the guards.

    ‘No, in fact we are protecting Ragni and some other towns actually. The enemy is WynnExca… Hey who is that guy?’ Waront suddenly stopped mid-sentence, pointing at someone behind them.

    They both turned and saw a figure at the end of the tunnel. His ghostly voice echoed the sewers, as if his voice isn’t fearful enough, his mere presence has caused all life to wither, the leaves seemed to wilt and then wither, the animals running away from them as far as they can. Some mice even jumped into the sewer water.

    ‘I want to have a word with you, Skywalker!’ The man had a giant bone axe strapped to his back. His voice was stern, not the slightest hint of hesitation or cowardness, Skywalker new he meant business. He wanted to track him down, but in reality, he tracked him down.

    ‘Herobrine!’ Skywalker said, turning to Waront. ‘Better run, if he is as good as they say, we are dead.’ Grabbing Waront’s hand, they two hurried off deeper into the sewers. Herobrine smirked, apparently proud of hear his name said in that tone.

    ‘You can’t escape me or your fate.’ Herobrine said, chasing after the duo.


    Before the first drops of toxins made contact with her, Reygina took her cloak off and used as an umbrella, she hoped her cloak can give her the protection needed, it’s made out of a material than makes it waterproof, but she never tested it on chemicals. With her shield, she slowly made her way towards the exit, at the same time, the living carcass roared in pain and agony as the poison battered on its purplish red body. Its screams and cries grew fainter and fainter with its life slowly slipping away from it, the undead was silent suddenly, its body began to bloat till its skin began to tear and exploded with a large ball of flame. The explosion caused a massive creator and a huge mass of decomposing body parts to splatter across the field. It was a revolting sight and smell, Reygina gagged, trying her best to not vomit her brunch she had. The stink however soon subsided, Celvas ran towards Reygina as she slowly put her drenched claok down, careful not to breathe in or touch any of the poison.


    ‘Great job getting rid of that corrupt varmint, I can't thank you enough! You have prevented me from entering poverty and helped keep down the waves of corrupt monsters roaming this province. Take this well-deserved reward for the risky actions you took today.’ Celvas said, handing her a handful of emeralds.

    Reygina replied him, ‘No problem, glad that’s solved. Now for the second problem…’ She looked at the destroyed field, where some rats seemed to came out form their hiding places to inspect what had happened to their home.

    ‘Wolfred, help me out here.’ Wolfred barked and sniffed Celvas, trying to memorise the scent the farmer has which the ring might have as well. The animal and mage headed towards the muddy field, some holes in ground acted as heat vents to let the hot air escape. Wolfred was flipping the rodents one by one for fun, despite Reygina’s disapproval. He suddenly was running circles around a certain area, signalling her that he found something of interest.

    Reygina blasted the dirt away, the object in the earth reflected the sunlight as if it is shining. Reygina scooped the item up and they hurried back to the farmer, who looked shock at their progress.

    ‘Oh, back so soon? That means you found it! Here, give it to me, and hopefully my wife won't see.’ Reygina quickly handed him the item they founded, thinking this was all too easy.

    ‘Oh...’ Reygina stopped and looked at the farmer, seeing his smile slowly turning into a frown.

    ‘... This isn't my ring. This is a washer! Must be carried here by the rodents before we fixed the hole in the living room.’ He explained, slowly brushing the dirt off to reveal a flat metallic disc. ‘The dang rodents must be in the nest! They really will eat anything. Maybe you could take a look in their hive for me? I know, it is a horrible place and I've been meaning to close it up. But the chances are the rat we're looking for is in there. It’s over in the field, and don't forget to make sure my wife doesn't see you. Bring me the wedding ring as soon as you take care of the rat who stole it! The nest is in the cave right over there.’

    The cave was at the far opposite end of the field, the brunt down crops made the back of the cave much more visible, she walked across the path she had gone once again, this time with no poison raining. She looked into the cave saw the mice scurried around the ground, Wolfred leapt into action and started sniffing the earth as they walked deeper into the cave.

    ‘The cave is larger than it looks form the outside.’ She thought. ‘It is almost as large as the entire field.’

    Wolfred barked at the rats, seeing how they ran away made Wolfred excited, as if they were toys to him. They walked past vines that has grew deep into the earth, and mushroom growing at the sides. The plants and animals made it a small sustainable ecosystem, in fact Reygina wondered that how some wheat were able to grow down here, even though the lack of sunlight, perhaps the mice carried the seeds here.

    Wolfred’s sudden barking has shattered Reygina’s thoughts, dragging her back to reality. She was about to ask Wolfred what’s wrong when he saw a rat being cornered by her dog. The rat had something sparkling on his head, attached to it a gem gleamed and reflected what little light it got from the surroundings.

    Reygina gasped, ‘It’s the wedding ring.’ Wolfred woofed and swiped the ring off of the tiny animal’s head, and tried to hold the ring with his snout, Reygina giggled at the fail attempts, he gave up and just pushed the ring to her feet. She picked it up and while internally screaming at how dirty and disgusting the ring is now.

    She held it tight and they quickly left the cave and out of the field as fast as Reygina can. To her left, she saw a house and saw Farmer Celvas in the window. She was about to enter the house when she remembered his wife could very well be in there, and well, opening the door to see a woman giving your husband a wedding ring isn’t going to have a happy ending.

    She waved and even fired a few projectiles into the air to attract his attention, it worked. The farmer quickly excused himself and ran outside, his eyes gleamed as bright as the reflecting wedding ring when he saw what he lost.

    ‘Ohh, you found it! Thank the king! I think I might have gotten away with this after all! Well, thank you very much soldier. Are you looking to head to Detlas soon? It’s the hub city of the whole province, everyone goes there! I wanted to go once, but my wife wouldn't let me. You should go! Just follow the emerald trail through the forest.

    There are dangerous monsters there though, so make sure you are strong enough. Anyway, here’s a small reward for helping me out. Maybe come in to clean yourself as well, you did a lot today.’ Farmer Celvas said, telling his wife they have a visitor. His wife, surprisingly was a very welcoming person, giving her a hug and offering her and Wolfred some cool water.

    ‘Detlas? Hub city? We should explore there later after things are done here.’ Reygina thought to herself, making a mental note.

    ‘Kelri dear, can you help me get some spare clothes and a towel for the girl? She obviously needs it.’ The wife said, his husband obeyed and went upstairs.

    She approached Reygina and said. ‘That no-good, lousy-cook clumsy man! Did he really think I wouldn't notice that he misplaced his ring? He's been wearing gloves whenever he sees me. When he gets home he's going to have more than rats to worry about, whether he found it or not!’

    With a humph, she let out a deep sigh and patted her back, ‘Thank you for finding it thought, I would explode if he really lost it. My name is Emily.’ She said while shaking hand.

    ‘No problem. I’m Reygina.’ Just as they greeted and introduced each other, the farmer returned with a new set of clothes, Reygina at first refused to receive such gifts from the couple, but both insist she should be rewarded for helping them solve two problems in one day. Reluctantly, she accepted and tried it on in their bedroom. It was a bit loose but nonetheless wearable, she looked at the mirror with her new attire.

    ‘Did I gain weight?’ She thought, pressing and looking at her tummy. She took her old clothes along with her, the couple admiring her new set of clothes, as if she were their daughter going to some ball.

    ‘Reygina dear, we would also like to give you this.’ Emily said, taking out a small brown bag to her, it’s made out of leather but the aurora is pleasant, it’s like the scent of a rose.

    ‘This old bag once belong to my daughter, who she is now a general in the Ragni army. A redhead in fact. Kathi is her name.’

    ‘Redhead? But you two have…’ Reygina shocked at the revelation. This is not how genetics work according to what she learnt.

    ‘We adopted her, like Bob, Ragnians typically have brown hair and who have always been fair skinned, so she was abandoned as a baby due to her appearance. We want to raise her and we are proud we did. We also have a son later a few years later, our biological son that is. Kodi is his name, and like his sister, is severing Ragni as one of the soldiers. Kathi doesn’t need her bag anymore and she told us to throw it away because it is too old and broken anyways. So we repaired it just yesterday and we want you to have it.’ Celvas handled Reygina the bag, it’s a simple one, two pockets to hold one potion or bottle each side with a single space inside. She dumped her old clothes and her notebook, clamped one of her health potions and water bottle to each side.

    Emily gave her a box of dog food, jokingly said.’ Don’t give him too much or he’ll be rolling instead of walking.’ Reygina smiled at her kind act, and put the supplies inside as well. She is now ready to go.

    ‘Thank you so much for everything, you have been like a family to me, even though I was but a stranger.’

    ‘You helped us a lot, I’m sure Kathi and Kodi would be overwhelmed and glad you dropped by. Take care.’

    Reygina slowly made her way out of the house, drinking a health potion to speed up recovery. She took one more look behind her and waved goodbye to the couple. Reygina could have sworn she heard some beating sounds and angry insults behind the closed door, but she decided not to interfere this time. She had done what she could.

    The eastern gate was just ahead as the sun started to set, seeing Hearolie sprinting down Emerald trail, she called his name and he darted towards her. They talked about their adventures just now as the two friends went back to the town.


    You can’t get away, you can’t escape… Taunts and claims echoed across the sewers. Skywalker was panting hard, he had tried everything he could think off to land a hit and escape from Herobrine, he tried to out speed him but he was much faster than him, he tried throwing his dagger but the giant axe just knock it back like a bat hitting a baseball, the rebounded dagger actually managed to make a cut near his ribs, if Skywalker reacted any slower, it could have been his abdomen being sliced. He picked up the dagger only to not see him. But he knew he isn’t gone, the cold and laughter is still there. That uneasy and the felling of being watched, like how he and Krisstal felt when they first arrived at Ragni. It made sense now…

    ‘You are the one who watched us entered town, correct?’ Skywalker asked, looking around.

    ‘Yes.’ The reply came, short and simple.

    Skywalker closed his eyes and tried to listen for the slightest clue or hint where his foe is. He threw his dagger, only for it to hit nothing and got stuck into the mossy wall. He went to unstuck his weapon with some effort. His sweat dripped from his skin, merging with the sewage waste beneath his feet. Suddenly, Waront let out a cry as he was thrown into Skywalker, they both crashed and sunk into the sewage water. They got up to see Herobrine being visible, looking down on them from the pavement.

    ‘Yes…Yes… This is what I expected from you. You will be so much stronger and better when I trained you. Here, have a taste of power!’ He went up to Skywalker and grabbed him, uttering something Skywalker can’t hear clearly and he poked his eyes.’

    He jabbed Skywalker’s eyes.

    ‘Ahh!’ Herobrine dropped Skywalker who was trying to cool his eyelids and eyes with whatever thing he can use, the pain in his eyes was immense. Blinded, Skywalker tried his best to maintain his balance, trying to find where he put his health potion.

    ‘Your perception has increased, stronger than before now.’ Herobrie said, as Skywalker sensed Herobrine’s fist aiming for him, he ducked as the fist was centimeters away from making contact. He could hear Herobrine’s satisfactory laughter.

    ‘Also, if I catch you spreading my return, expect to see a girl friend very close to you to be harmed, physically and mentally. Now, one more loose end to tie.’ Herobrine said, he looked at the villager, who was screaming his lungs out. Skywalker tried to get up, but he was still recovering from that attack. He groaned in pain, his hands covering his eyes. Herobrine muttered something, he can’t hear what he said however, saw Waront was put gently on the ground.

    ‘No please, spare me!’ Waront said, but after Herobrine chanted something, he passed out. Herobrine went to get his axe that he put down.

    ‘Soon, you will be mine… Until then.’ Skywalker could see the outline of Herobrine becoming fainter along with his axe, the two entities soon disappeared, the human and the villager were then left alone in the sewers.

    ‘Ouch… What happened. Must have slipped on the wet floor again.’ Waront slowly gained conscious, as Skywalker managed to drink his only health potion.

    ‘Wo! You’re not with the guards are you, are you?’ Waront asked Skywalker.

    ‘Huh? It’s me! Skywalker.’ The human replied, confused and surprised at his enquiry.

    ‘What? I never met you before, you just suddenly appeared, did you did something to me when I blacked out during my fall?’

    ‘No… No… Nevermind Waront, I am here to help, Ooni sent me.’ Skywalker replied, seeing how he really had no clue what happened just now, as if his memory was erased for what happened just now.

    ‘Thank god! Yes, I do have the key, here it is. Wait… How did you know my name? You must be a guard!’ He pulled out the key but quickly hid it, turning around to prepare to flee.

    ‘No! Ooni told me because he trusted me to free him?’ Skywalker replied, hoping he could get this done and go to rest.

    ‘Alright, hopefully we can free the prisoner, he is quite a member of the resistance.’

    ‘The resistance… Wait… Are you part of it? What are you fighting for exactly?’ Skywalker asked again, hoping to get some answers this time.

    ‘Yes, I have joined their cause after Ooni told me what happened during our brief conversation, before I got scared by incoming guards and dropped the key, and well I worked for the organization before I quit and become an adventurer. I am sorry but this must be kept as a secret, for your own safety, you shouldn’t be involved in this…’ Waront said.

    ‘I will take you to the guards myself if you don’t.’ Skywalker said, hoping the threat would be enough to make him spill.

    ‘Then you failed to protect Ragni form a bigger threat, capture two people that is trying to save Ragni, and endanger all the citizens. For you sake, I won’t tell you. Me and Ooni made an oath, an unbreakable vow.’ Waront argued, being stubborn.

    ‘Oh my… Nevermind, let’s just go. Ooni is still waiting.’ Skywalker said, the two exited the sewers from a secret passage behind Waront. They found themselves

    at the entrance of the sewers where rats infested inside the stone arch near to the throne room. Luckily, no one seemed to notice their strange behavior.

    They two stopped until a squad of Ragni soldiers had left the headquarters. Skywalker looked at the sky and notice how dusk is here already.

    ‘Woah! How long have we been in there…’ He thought.

    Ooni saw them from his cell and smiled with joy. ‘Wonderful! You got the key! Although, I got kind of used to this cell, I think I’ll stay for a bit…Free food and accommodation…’

    Waront gently slapped his fellow resistance. ‘Wake up dude.’ Ooni just laughed that he was just kidding.

    He then turned to Skywalker and continued. ‘However, I am not greedy! Here’s something to thank you.’ He handed him a few health potions. Skywalker was about to leave when Waront stopped him.

    ‘Wonderful indeed!’ Ooni said, holding the key in his hands. ‘The Resistance thanks you. There's too many eyes on us right now, I'll try to escape when I'm alone. Do not worry, the Resistance pays well. Here, take this...’ Ooni handed him some emeralds and a strange looking key.

    ‘This special key will allow you to access the old Ragni sewers. It sounds like nothing, but the sewers got taken over by a terrifying crea-... Eh, nevermind. Anyway, there's a lot of treasures there if you're up to the challenge. The coordinates are written on the key. I recommend you level up a bit before trying.’

    ‘Level up?’ Skywalker said confused, never heard of this term before.

    ‘It means to sharpen your skills, perfect your weaponry… Stuff like that, basically means improving yourself.’ Waront said, looking at the headquarter golems who seemed to be coming out at the moment.

    Go! And good luck. You did more good than you could have ever imagined.’ Ooni said while Waront nodded in approval. ‘I’ll be nearby when you escape.’ Waront whispered to Ooni. The two hurried and left the prison, before anyone found them suspicious.

    They walked to the bakery when he saw Reygina finished baking some food. Skywalker was about to said he had to leave but looked around and saw Waront was nowhere to be seen.

    He sighed, he had been through a lot today. Learning about an organization called WynnExca something. Something about a resistance fighting WynnExca. Realizing Herobrine is very real and he did something to him. Herobrine apparently can erase and possibly alter one’s memories. These unexpected events happened so fast it overwhelmed him.

    A giggle caught his attention as he saw Krisstal happily decorating while humming a song he could vividly remember, it was a clam song, and he enjoyed hearing it. He hummed the tone a bit as well, trying to be in sync with Krisstal.

    ‘If I catch you spreading my return, expect to see a girl friend very close to you to be harmed, physically and mentally.’ The thought of Krisstal suddenly triggered this frightening message and warning. He could have meant Reygina though, but he knew Herobrine was hinting at Krisstal more.

    ‘Krisstal…’ He felt pressured, he wanted to warn her, tell her what that uneasy feeling they had at the beginning when they first arrived here is. But he couldn’t. He clenched his dagger tightly. The conflict and pain stuck deep inside of him.

    Krisstal saw Skywalker outside looking down on the floor, she wondered why he was like that and invited him inside with the chef’s permission and offered him one of her treats she baked and learned just now. Seeing how he smiled a bit and wolfed down the cupcake was a funny sight. The two had their moment together in the bakery while Reygina and Hearolie had returned from their own mission.

    Meanwhile, outside the North Gate, where the Ragni sewers giant pipe was sealed shut, the same female soldier that Krisstal saw earlier looked with a worried expression on her face.

    ‘We really need someone to help clear out he sewage…’ The soldier thought to herself, requesting assistance once again.


    And here it is, part 2 of quest to conquest. First and foremost, sorry for not having the monthly uploaded or update, school is insanely treating me poorly, with projects and tests almost every week. Jokes aside. I combined the three versions of ‘Prison Story’ into one mission, setting up Herobrine’s will return, and Skywalker’s conflict in the future chapters. I hope this characterisation is fine for you readers to read and enjoy. And next chapter, the sewers are their next destination.

    Thank you every officers, admins, builders... that has created and developed Wynncraft. Do share important information about Wynncraft, such as easter eggs and timelines or even 'wynn'consistencies. (The term is not created by me; credits go to whoever comes up with this.) As knowing these will help me improve my story. Thank you once again for reading till the end. I do not own anything except this story. oh and if you are interested , I could add you as characters (only minor roles sorry), just send me your name and a screenshot of your character (with or without gear)in wynncraft, preferably you front, side and back. It would be a bonus if you can list out the names of your gear and mount. (Makes me able to write your character a lot cooler than just saying your name.) Thank you all.
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