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Selling Fierte|aquarius|dead Sands|waves Raiser|reaper Of Soul|

Discussion in 'Trade Market' started by Sgt_Antolak, Jul 10, 2019.

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  1. Sgt_Antolak

    Sgt_Antolak Newbie Adventurer

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    Selling a bunch of my legendaries. Please put offers down below. Will accept low offers.

    Combat lvl Req: lvl 56
    Skill lvl Req: Defense lvl 36
    Class Req: Warrior

    Normal attack speed
    45-70 dmg
    55-110 fire dmg
    -25% water dmg
    +6% fire dmg
    +833 health
    +10% reflection
    +7% thorns
    +3 defense

    Combat lvl req: lvl 95
    Intel lvl req: 110

    +2550 health
    -100 thunder defense
    +5/4 mana regen
    -19% melee dmg
    +17% spell dmg

    ---Dead Sands---
    Combat lvl req: lvl 32

    +300 health
    +17% fire defense
    +22/4 health regen
    +133/3 poison
    -14% water defense
    -96 health
    +12% melee dmg
    -28% health regen

    ---Waves Raiser---
    Combat lvl req: 35
    Class req: mage
    Intel lvl req: 35

    44-60 water dmg
    +14% water def
    +14% spell dmg
    +11% melee dmg
    +5% water dmg

    ---Reaper of Souls---
    Lvl req: 51
    Class req: assassin

    90-170 dmg
    +33/4 life steal
    +6% soul regen
    +6 agility
    +2/4 mana steal
    +7% stealing
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.