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Lore/Story Fabled Item Lores

Discussion in 'Your Work' started by _Dazzle, Aug 10, 2020.

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    Yep. I had to make this thread.

    I'm planning to make this some sort of a mini-series for items that lack lore. Anyway, Fabled items without lore, now with lore.

    Galloping Spurs: The now-defunct Cavalry division of Troms Royal Guard issued these boots back in 955 AP, enchanted with a magical balancing spell that allowed them to perform complex incantations and attack their enemies, albeit with less accuracy due to being on horseback.

    Mirror's Edge: The tales of a mysterious adventurer capable of running swiftly like the wind has passed among the assassin circles, but none believed such a feat was possible.

    Uranium Aegis: Carved from another piece of the meteor that fell to Gavel 40 years ago, this cuirass glows with potent, otherworldly energy that poisoned the very minds (and bodies) of those tried to comprehend its mysteries.

    Second Wind: No lore. Sorry folks.

    Blind Thrust: The Doguns aren't particularly known for being quick. However, if they're given the opportunity (and motive - Doguns are otherwise peaceful creatures that were aggravated by the Dwarves), they will strike with the force of a thousand volcanoes, shattering all who stand in their path.

    Nighthawk: Before Reggie's rise as just another peon in the ranks of the corrupted, he was known as the most hardened bowslinger in Rymek, capable of felling even the toughest beasts with no more than five arrows.

    Time Rift: Time Valley is full of anomalies that raise more eyebrows than the meteors of Gavel - one such bizarre occurrence was a garb that causes its wearers to flash back in time and perform the same exact thing unconsciously, and without any warning.

    Vindicator: Prior to his subordination, Takan was one of the few soldiers that Amerigo would trust with his life. This cuff strangely attracts everything around itself, as if Takan's greed have taken over from beyond the grave.

    Strobelight: This pendant once belonged to a Tromsian General, his name lost to the time, who once managed to send a horde of corrupteds away from the city by aggravating them with a brilliant flash of light.

    Draoi Fair: This ring is a gift of the Grookwarts Academy. It is strongly connected to the Earth, and it is believed to inspire invigoration in those who wear it.

    Dragon's Eye Bracelet: This bracelet is a gift of the Grookwarts Academy. It flares with the burning heat of a dragon, emboldening those who wear it.

    Renda Langit: This necklace is a gift of the Grookwarts Academy. The only thing the wearer feels is becoming light as a feather, and free as the flowing gales of the sky.

    Ornate Shadow Items: A helmet/chestplate/pair of leggings/pair of boots as dark as the abyss, yet deceptively ornate like the monolith they were carved from. The voices of the Seven echo, as the wearer becomes one with the darkness of the Silent Expanse. And yes I'm well aware it's a reference to our guild
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    “The problem with surprise attacks is that one strike isn’t always enough. If your target lives through your first blow, you probably won’t survive theirs, right? We assassins should need a back up plan; something to stack the odds in our favor. That’s what I made this for: to give that little bit of insurance, y’know? To guarantee that my second strike will always land.“
    -Overheard in the Ragni Assassin’s den, shortly before a brawl broke out
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