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SPOILER Everything we currently know about 2.0

Discussion in 'Wynncraft' started by Da Homeboi, May 12, 2022.


Will Spellbound be a good update?

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  2. Definitely a good update

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  6. The Morbius Update

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  1. Da Homeboi

    Da Homeboi custom titles are cringe

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    Note: This thread is NOT for anything that's ambiguous, such as what areas are quests taken in, lore behind anything (as much as it pains me to say), and anything else that has not been confirmed by the CT. If you wanna do speculation about stuff that's unconfirmed, there are plenty of threads to check out instead (like the ones made by WithTheFish and Saya). Stuff that's implied by the teasers, however, will be on this thread.

    So this thread here is pretty much just a collection of everything we already know about 2.0. This is just here for convenience sakes.

    • Aldorei Town is getting a revamp like Aldorei Valley did, as the CT puts it, the big cherry blossom tree is important
    • Galleon's Graveyard's entrance gets changed from just an ocean-themed UG entrance to a shipwreck
    • Thesead is getting reworked to appear more colorful and lively
    • Pretty much all of Corkus gets revamped
    • The Canyon of the Lost gets some updates, such as a revamped Harpy Cave
    • Kandon-Beda is no longer a town-town, but is instead a new military base, due to the risk of the Colossus
    • Nesaak is changed to be more homey, for what I see it for, most importantly, saunas are now added, and there's a snowman
      • The Ice Barrows' Entrance is moved as a result of this
    • 350 new Abilities (compared to only 40 nowadays) have been added which can be unlocked with the Ability Tree, you gain Ability Points (AP) to unlock these, Ability Tree layouts are determined by your class Archetype
    • There will be more than 70 upgrades to a class compared to only 8 now
    • The highest upgrade level is now 104 instead of 66
    • Several Archetypes have been teased, as well as some of their abilities
      • Warrior
        • Fallen
          • Quadruple Bash - Bash's range is significantly improved and hits 4 times
            • Total Damage: -20% DPS (per Bash)
            • Range: +6 Blocks
            • Requirements & Costs: Combat Lv 1, 2 Ability Points
        • Paladin
          • Manachism - If a hit is received that's less than 5% of your max HP, gain 10 mana (1s cooldown)
            • Requirements & Costs: Combat Lv 1, 2 Ability Points
          • Mythril Skin - Gain 5% Resistance and knockback immunity
            • Requirements & Costs: 2 Ability Points
      • Mage
        • Light Bender
          • Ophanim - When casting Meteor, you instead summon 2 orbs of light with 200 HP that will attack when you use your main attack, when they damage an enemy, they lose 20% of their HP which can be healed back
            • Mana Cost: +30
            • Total Damage: 120% DPS
              • Neutral - 70%
              • Water - 20%
              • Thunder - 30%
            • Range: 22 Blocks
            • Requirements & Costs: 2 Ability Points, Meteor, 2 Min Light Bender Archetype
        • Arcane Mage
          • Arcane Transfer - Meteor & Ice Snake transfer 5 Mana to the Mana Bank for every hostile mob hit, while Healing transfers the content of your Mana Bank to usable Mana instead of healing you
            • Requirements & Costs: Combat Lv 1, 2 Ability Points, Heal
        • Any Archetype
          • Snake Nest - Ice Snake will summon 3 snakes
            • Requirements & Costs: Combat Lv 1, 2 Ability Points, Ice Snake
      • Archer
        • Sharpshooter
          • Crepuscular Ray - If you have 5 focus, Arrow Storm will make you levitate and shoot 20 homing arrows per second until you run out of Focus, you lose 1 Focus per second while using this ability
            • Total Damage: 20% DPS per Arrow
              • Neutral - 15%
              • Water - 5%
            • Requirements & Costs: Combat Lv 1, 2 Ability Points, Arrow Storm
        • Trapper
          • Balsatic Trap - When an Arrow Bomb hits the ground, leave a Trap that damages mobs (2 traps total)
            • Total Damage: 200% DPS
              • Neutral - 140%
              • Earth - 30%
              • Fire - 30%
            • AoE: 7 Blocks (Circular)
            • Requirements & Costs: Combat Lv 1, 2 Ability Points
          • Grappling Hook - When casting Escape, you are pulled towards a block instead of going backward, but if you hook and enemy, they are pulled towards you with no movement change at all
            • Range: 20 Blocks
            • Unblocking will block Escape Artist
            • Requirements & Costs: Combat Lv 1, 2 Ability Points
      • Assassin
        • Trickster
          • Echo - Your clones will mimic your spells and abilities, but you deal 70% less damage
            • Requirements & Costs: Combat Lv 1, 2 Ability Points, Mirror Image
          • Mirror Image
        • Acrobat
          • Shurikens - After using Dash, you throw 3 shurikens when using your next main attack
            • Total Damage: 100% DPS
            • Requirements & Costs: Combat Lv 1, 2 Ability Points
      • Shaman
        • Summoner
          • Puppet Master - Your Totem will summon 1 Puppet every 2 seconds (max 3). Puppets throw knives at nearby enemies every 0.5 seconds.
            • Total Damage: 30% DPS
              • Neutral - 10%
              • Earth - 10%
              • Air - 10%
            • Duration: 30 seconds
            • Range: 16 Blocks
            • Requirements & Costs: Combat Lv 1, 2 Ability Points, Totem Ability
      • Universal Abilities
        • Traveler
          • For every 1% Walk Speed you have from items, gain +1 Raw Spell Damage (Max 100)
            • Costs: 1 Ability Point
      • Uncategorized Archetypes
        • Acolyte
          • More Blood Pool - Increase your maximum blood pool by 30%
            • Requirements & Costs: 1 Ability Point, Sacrificial Shrine
    • Combat is improved in general
    • The mana system is now updated
    • A Status effect system was added, effects now queue up and now show their active statuses
    • Base spells are now more responsive and feel better
    • New Damage System
    • New Items
    • Hollow Sirene will be readded as the new quest, Hollow Serenity
    • Some parts of Recipe for Disaster will be changed, one such example being the Blue-Ringed Grooks section, which now chase you in an angry flock after taking one of their eggs
    • A Fighting Species has been readded
    • All bosses from the Hive are getting reworked spells
    • Other quests that were not finished from 1.20 will be added/revamped (Clock Mystery is likely among these)
    Galleon's Graveyard is getting a massive overhaul
    • It's new subtitle is The Sunken Treasure, instead of The Danger in the Depths
    • Redbeard's appearance is now changed to be a more bulky block-like figure
      • 2 new modes were added, Story Mode and Normal Mode
        • Story Mode has cutscenes, dialogue, and other stuff
        • Normal Mode gets rid of the stuff mentioned beforehand
    • Fast Swimming sections were added (faster than Vanilla 1.13)
    • Special Modifiers are added to give a challenge, a few were teased:
      • The Water is Lava - Turns most water around you into lava, with only a few safe spots given so it won't be unfair
      • Hurricane - Waves will appear, and touching one will knock you back and damage you
    • Argus and her crew will reappear in the Dungeon
    • A miniboss will appear, titled The Megalodon
    A new Raid has been added in the Silent Expanse, The Nameless Anomaly
    • Lv 105
    • Need at least 3 allies
    • Every gathering spot at or above Lv 80 (except Woodcutting) will be changed to be a Gathering Spot (Large quantities of nodes will spawn, but they respawn at a very slow rate), Grinding Spot (A moderate quantity of nodes will spawn, but they respawn quickly), or a Decorative Node (Just there for funsies)
    • In turn, several QoL improvements have been made to these updated Gathering and Grinding Spots, which include: Improved walkability, Reduced Eye Strain, Build Changes for Accessibility, and lowered Mob Density
    • Several new Guild Arenas were added, one for Corkus, one for Cinfras, one has the Archlad watching over you, and the last one seen resembles the Sky Islands
    • Attack particles are now cleaner
    • Now a Particle Limit
    • Improved Holograms
    • Improved Game Feel
    • Bug fixes (holy orphion)

    So yeah. 2.0 looking very hype. What are y'alls thoughts on it?
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  2. Saya

    Saya you win at uwynn VIP+

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    why is morbius update at the bottom of the poll.
  3. Samsam101

    Samsam101 Star Walker CHAMPION

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    morbiased poll
  4. JaydonTheWarrior

    JaydonTheWarrior Nerf tanks, buff warrior. HERO

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    All of Corkus terrain was updated, check the website.
  5. Thega

    Thega ```Interesting flavour text``` CHAMPION

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    Also Ice Barrows Entrance is moved
  6. Spacecomet99

    Spacecomet99 Scholar Of The Realms CHAMPION

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    Thanks for putting this all in one place!
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  7. Deusphage

    Deusphage Gunge-Gunge CHAMPION Builder

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  8. Da Homeboi

    Da Homeboi custom titles are cringe

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  9. strikeflame5356

    strikeflame5356 what do I write here VIP

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    Honestly I'm a bit worried about how much content is being promised. If it's all done well then this would easily be the best update they've ever done, but balancing 350 new abilities/upgrades, a whole dungeon, 2 different challenge modes for that dungeon, a new version of swimming without 1.13, a whole raid, a bunch of other changes for the combat system, and redoing all the Corkus terrain, seems like a lot to promise for one update. I'm not saying it can't be done, I'm just hoping this doesn't end up like the original Gavel update, or the new one for that matter, except here instead of a new part of the server feeling a bit sparse until there's a patch, if the balancing of the spells in this update isn't spot on it'll mean the whole game being way too easy or way too hard for it to be enjoyable for most players.
    I'm pretty optimistic about this update at the moment, but sometimes I remind myself of the fact that if this gets messed up the whole game gets messed up, and it makes me kind of worried. I don't want to ruin the hype with a bunch of doom and gloom but do control your expectations as hard as that can be.
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  10. Daktota

    Daktota Daktota The Rock Enthusiast HERO

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    Btw snake nest doesn't have a archetype, salted said.
    Also it's confirmed all hive bosses including qira will have new spells.
    "New Guild arenas: One for karoc, one for detlas."
    What? How is it karoc and detlas?? It's corkus and cinfras, First one has pipes and corkus coloured balloon and a avos home. Cinfras has the blue homes with red banners and you can literally see cinfras's entrance build in the background.
    Last edited: May 21, 2022
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  11. Da Homeboi

    Da Homeboi custom titles are cringe

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    Updated. The reasons I thought it was Karoc & Detlas is bc of the little structure to the side of the walls looking similar to the Harnort Mansion. Cinfras and Detlas have a similar build style, so I kinda got confused there. I forgot if Detlas has its own guild arena, but now looking back, I'm pretty sure it does.
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  12. Da Homeboi

    Da Homeboi custom titles are cringe

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