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Lore/Story Echoes Of The Past - Sw. Ep 9 Fan Script

Discussion in 'Your Work' started by Valkorion, Aug 20, 2019.

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  1. Valkorion

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    Hiya children,

    I remembered there was a SW. EP 9 - The Rise of Skywalker (and I have my own thoughts on it, may include later), and I watched it again, and fell in love with it and watched for about the next 7 hours. Whilst'm'st y'all might be excited, I am too, and thought I'd make my own fan-screenplay/script for the movie as how I would write it. Not a diss on the writing talents of JJ Abrams or the Lucasfilm story group or Disney Star Wars as a whole (bless your collective hearts TLJ & TFA & Solo & Rogue One) or anything, just me having some fun, and thought you may enjoy it.


    The body of the ancient Sith emperor Tenebrae has
    been located on the world of Kaliik in the Rishi Maze
    the new Supreme Leader of the First Order, Kylo Ren,
    along with the legions lead by his ally, GENERAL HUX seek
    to procure his body, and uncover the dark secrets it holds.

    Meanwhile, the remains of the shattered Resistance
    are slowly rebuilding in the outer rim, ruthlessly
    harassed by the Captain Phasma, who hunts them down with
    fierce efficiency.

    Rey has been contacted by the ghost of Luke Skywalker,
    which has lead her to an original Je’daii order temple on Tython
    But behind it all, it seems some dark force from beyond the stars
    is plunging the galaxy into chaos…​

    (y'all're welcome)

    This is just for people who want the full story of the 'movie' without having to read through however long this is by the end of it.

    The story is kind of separated into three separate plots. First, the Vitiate/First Order scheme, in which Kylo Ren, newly appointed Supreme Leader of the First Order, has found the original body and tomb of the ancient Sith emperor Vitiate, also known as Valkorion (Yes, I stole my forums username from SW:TOR), The Dragon of Zakuul, Tenebrae, or just 'Vitiate' for short, who's body has been found on the planet of Kaliik in the Rishi Maze.

    The second is Rey having to deal with being alone in the Force, without the now familiar mentor of Luke Skywalker, constructing her lightsaber, finding out more about the new and ancient threat of Vitiate, and finding her place in the galaxy.

    The third follows up with the end of TLJ (The Last Jedi, Ep. VIII), wherein the Resistance is amassing troops in an attempt to destroy the threat of the First Order once and for all.

    It's all intended to come together in the second half, where the newly hardened Resistance faces off against the First Order, now backed with the threat of Vitiate, and later when Rey joins the fray.

    If you're curious how I add in any kind of character arc, the idea behind splitting it up was so that I could purposefully edit their arcs. By the end, the First Order and it's fleet, including Hux is annihilated, Ben Solo is redeemed through his sacrifice of stopping Vitiate's masterplan alongside Rey at the very end, Leia comes to terms with her newfound grief in the loss of her son and husband, and Finn puts his past behind him, becoming a disciplined hero of the Resistance, destroying the manifestation of his dark past - Phasma - breaking the chains imposed on him by his old cause, and rising against his former oppressors.

    Basically, a giant fuck you to whatever the actual plans are (even though I'm sure they're amazing, because DAMMIT I WANT SNOKE TO BE VITIATE AND THE OLD REPUBLIC TO BE CANON.

    Oh, and the small detail that in this new timeline, Snoke = Vitiate, and Rey's parent's are revealed to... also be Vitiate. MORAL OF THE STORY OF THE ENTIRE OLD REPUBLIC - EVERYTHING IS VITIATE GODDAMMIT.

    Anyways, welcome to the past 7 hours of my life. Only scenes 1-3 have been written yet, DW, more are coming.

    Also, does anyone want to be in a taglist for the next parts?


    The camera pans down onto a barren, desert world. Sparse clouds and dust storms move across the planet.

    37 ABY

    Slowly, the number counts down to 5113 BBY, rapidly counting down faster. The name MEDRIASS flickers and distorts, becoming MEDRIASS. Cut to a small Sith (species) infant, silent and nursing. A storm is visibly raging outside. The mother is clearly impoverished, wearing rags and barely clinging to life. The father is similarly visibly impoverished. The baby’s eyes are as black as midnight.

    VITIATE (V.O.)

    My mother, and so called father. The greatest insults ever hurled at me.
    Simple fools. Farmers.
    Neither were Force sensitives. Weak, caught up in their temporary emotion.
    Then, I was known by Tenebrae.

    5108 BBY

    Silently, the father begins to physically assault Vitiate’s mother. Muffled shouts of “DAMN CHEATER” soften as Vitiate’s voice fills the scene again.

    VITIATE (V.O.)

    The truth spilled out. I was found lifting boulders in the wheat fields.
    Surely enough, my father was a Sith Lord, Dramath, who ruled the planet.
    But that did not matter yet. I felt wronged. Neither mattered to me, but my appetite was
    not yet sated.

    Cut to a profile of a young Vititate/Tenebrae, then zoom out to view the entire room, time seemingly frozen from one heartbeat to the next. Every object in the room simultaneously lifts up. Both of Tenebrae’s hands cup, raising both arms, embracing his parents dually in Force chokes as miscellaneous objects (cups, datapads, food, plates, furniture) whipping about in a maelstrom of objects, bruising and killing them. The camera zooms to their battered bodies and faces, covered in a patchwork of injuries.

    The camera flips around 180 degrees, shifting to an image of Tenebrae disintegrating his true father, Dramath with bouts of force lightning.

    The camera again rapidly shifts to Tenebrae, behind him the figure of Marka Ragnos presiding over him in a clearly celebratory manner.

    VITIATE (V.O.)

    Ah yes. Marka Ragnos. My old master.
    Now that was a true Sith. Not a sniveling coward obsessed with conquest like his successor, Naga Sadow. True power, from whom I got my lightsaber.
    An unnecessary weapon, but an appreciated honorific nonetheless. I came under his wing after he learned of me through my conquest. When I was only thirteen years old, I had conquered my home planet. Renamed it Nathema.

    The screen turns pitch black in the blink of an eye as Vitiate’s saber ignites a red of flaming coals. The darkness returns again, swallowing the entire saber.

    Vitiate now sits on the Sith throne in Dromund Kaas.

    VITIATE (V.O.)

    The old Sith empire. Dromund Kaas truly was glorious. A fitting planet for my first empire.
    It was from here I started the Mandalorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War. Revan and Malak were good tools, and their benefit stretched beyond what they were intended for. But alas, the means to an end.

    A wide shot of space, filled up by the planet Zakuul, labeled such, with the spire of Valkorion/Vitiate/Tenebrae’s throne clearly visible, backed by the might of the Eternal Fleet.

    A close up of Valkorion sitting on his throne, with Arcann, Thexan, and Vaylin bowing to him, Senya at his side.

    VITIATE (V.O.)

    Oh, my own family again. My wife Senya, my sons Thexan and Arcann. Vaylin was always my favorite. But nonetheless, a god has no family. Outmatched by the power of the Eternal Empire. Dragon of Zakuul. Put to an end by the Outlander. Pity. My third death.

    The camera pans back into the emptiness of space, moving forward through hyperspace, past the speed of light towards Kaliik, reemerging from hyperspace to meet a First Order fleet outside Kaliik.

    VITIATE (V.O.)

    And now, my final resting place. Kaliik. An obscure world in the satellite that is the Rishi Maze.

    Music builds to an nearly unbearable volume, cut to black

    Kylo sits, legs crossed on the floor. The remains of his shattered mask are laid bare on the grey, cold floor.

    Whispers play backwards in a Force orchestra as the pieces rise shakily from the floor.

    With all his concentration, the pieces all fly together, conforming slowly toward perfect synchronicity in their movements. All the pieces find each other in midair, forming the mask for the left side of his face, covering his scar.

    Ren opens his eyes, and from his fingertips, unleashes bouts of Force Lightning, melding the mask together, and charring it. Telekinetically, he moves the mask to the left side of his face, covering only about half of young Ren’s face. The cracks and seams glow bright red.

    He is visibly distraught, stressed, and mentally/emotionally taxed.


    Access image database for Hosnian Prime, 19 A.B.Y.

    An image of a younger Han, Leia, and Ben is reflected in the eyes of a conflicted Ben Solo. A solitary tear falls down his face, now twisted in grief, solitude, and regret. He wipes the tear away after a pause.

    In a rage, he ignites his unorthodox, crossguard lightsaber, glowing an unstable red. The hilt is clearly damaged from being constantly taken apart and put back together. Music builds, as he swings his lightsaber in a fit of rage, cutting through the nearby walls, sparks flying out from the cut wires.

    Kylo Ren signals for the Praetorian guards to attack him, and they practice spar, until cut to black.

    Rey is sat, eyes closed, meditating on the same overhang in The Last Jedi, in which she cracks the earth beneath her and experiences a vision of the dark side Nexus cave. This time, R2D2 is next to her, projecting the same starmap holoprojection in The Force Awakens.

    Just outside her lap is the remains of Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber. The crystal is clearly shattered and impossible to use, fully devoid of color and a murky translucent grey.

    A short flashback to the destruction of Starkiller base is shown and the Hosnian system, and the planet Ilum (labelled in Aurebesh on the holomap) flickers out of existence, as well as the entire Hosnian system at once. (A confirmation that the planet of Starkiller Base was, in fact, the sacred Jedi world of Ilum)

    Another flashback to the destruction of Alderaan, and the Alderaanian system also flickers out of the map. Rey’s hand is outstretched, moving through the holomap, hovering over and through different systems. The spectre of Luke’s force ghost appears alongside her, seemingly ‘inside her’ as an overlay to her actions. Mirroring her every move in this moment.

    Rey searches until her hand freezes on a system. Isolated in the western sector of the Outer Rim, close to Ahch-To. She opens her eyes. R2 slowly phases out all other planets.

    Rey turns to R2.


    What’s the name of that planet?

    On cue, a label appears, in two foreign scripts. The first is Aurebesh. Slowly, glyph by glyph, the Aurebesh translates to one six-letter name. Zakuul. In the other foreign script, native Zakuulan, the word translates to something else entirely Eternal Dragonland’

    R2 beeps in accordance with his actions. Cut to black.
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