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Discuss Deltarune chapter 2 here

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Samsam101, Sep 19, 2021.

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  1. Samsam101

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    Massive spoiler warning. This thread will obviously contain many spoilers regarding Deltarune Chapter 2 (and its secret route but those will be put into a spoiler). If you haven't played it yet, it has released for free on Steam and soon will on PS4 & Switch. If you don't know what it is you've probably been living under a rock.

    This thread is here for people to discuss the game, but I'll leave my thoughts about it here.

    Edit: Since the spoiler glitch fucked up the thread but the game has been out for a bit now, all spoilers have been removed.

    Wow, this chapter was way longer than I expected. I thought it'd be like chapter 1 where you can breeze through it (including the secret boss) in an hour or less but no. The difficulty is increased by a good amount and the amount of content is just greater in general. And with 7 chapters in the game (with chapter 2 taking like 3-4 hours to play through) people have been like ''this game's gonna be like 21 hours long in total!''
    Toby fox has stated, though, that chapter 2 is probably the longest chapter because it has the highest cutscene count, so this is not accurate. Even then, it's looking like it'd take a full day of playing to do a whole run in one sitting, which is much more than Undertale's roughly 2-3 hours of content per playthrough.

    This chapter has so much more than chapter 1. Chapter 1 truly does feel like a giant tutorial with little meaning now. There's so many little details that you'd probably miss in this chapter, with great cutscenes and jokes thrown in. The jokes were actually mostly good, such as Berdley's ''true gamer'' jokes and the random Starwalker gags triggered by talking to him in chapter 1. Berdley calling Susie a ''true gamer'' towards the end of the chapter actually made me have to restrain myself from blurting out with laughter (it was 3 am ok).

    I must say that the introduction to the new battle mechanics is weird. How come the mercy percentage system wasn't in chapter 1? And the dialogue system is little bit different too (side dialogue like the susie dialogue during the ''Rouxls Kaard + K. round'' sequence is used a ton in this chapter as opposed to twice like in the first, and groups of characters who talk at the same time have a special sprite to mark who is talking) which makes me feel like Chapter 1 is going to be revamped at some point

    I'm not sure how I feel about the final boss. While it is a nice callback to earlier in the chapter, there are no bullets to dodge anymore. Just punches, kicks, ferries wheels and baseballs. I'd have preferred a bullet hell challenge like the game usually offers to a Punch-out game, but you can literally save over the final boss if you want so it doesn't really matter

    The puzzles were pretty interesting and fit well with the theme of the world, and the mice puzzles with Noelle was kinda clever with the whole fearful jumping thing

    And that's a nice segway into talking about Noelle! Noelle is an interesting character, with spells that are better than Ralsei's. She has heal prayer, but also a version of Pacify that hits all enemies. She also has an extra spell, which Kris can use as a loophole to FULLY KILL enemies instead of letting them flee. This spell is Iceshock, and it has a full secret route dedicated to it, which I'll cover as well.

    There are also new abilities for Susie and Ralsei in this chapter. They both gain the ability to ACT, but they can only do 1 ACT and it has some good puzzle usage. Susie also has a wasted spell spot for ''Ultimatheal'' which is a spell costing 100 TP and heals 2 hp to one character. This makes me wonder if the characters will have interchangeable spells later on.

    And now it's time to discuss the secret boss, so spoiler warning for those who haven't found him yet

    Spamton NEO is a hard fight. I'd say he's about the difficulty Mettaton NEO would've been in Undertale if he had an actual fight, since Jevil is about as hard as Undyne. He introduces the yellow soul mechanic, confirming that soul colours for bosses are a thing again. This also makes me wonder if orange and blue attacks will be a returning mechanic later on. What makes Spamton so hard is his immense damage, and the task of juggling aiming and dodging. Some people who are good at juggling that found Spamton laughably easy, but he was pretty damn hard for me. It's cool that Spamton NEO is literally what Light world Mettaton designed online as a ''dream body'' which essentially makes this fight ''Toby fox apologises for making Mettaton NEO a 1-shot by making a true version of him in Deltarune''

    Edit: I take it back, Spamton is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY easier than Jevil. I genuinely had a harder time fighting the Queen than I did with spamton on my last run of this chapter. I think it is legitimately feasible for me to no-hit him.

    Now I'm gonna move on to the secret Weird route. Again, spoilers, but also a spoiler-free explanation for it.

    Basically, the Weird Route is this game's version of the Genocide Route from Undertale, meaning that Toby Fox did indeed lie that the game will have 1 ending. Unlike the Undertale genocide route, Kris has to use his loophole with Noelle's iceshock spell to freeze as many enemies as possible instead of just stabbing a number of enemies in an area and then fighting a decently challenging boss. The way to access this route is actually surprisingly cryptic and I'd be surprised if it wasn't found this soon only because of dataminers as opposed to someone finding it by accident. You'll almost certainly need a guide if you want to attempt this bonus challenge. Also, buy the sword from the radio robots if you don't want to suffer.

    Damn. This is what I expected of a Deltarune genocide route. Teammates telling you to stop, hard bosses, creepy stuff. I found it legitimately creepy that Noelle contemplates killing Kris and begins noticing primarily Kris as opposed to Susie. She also starts being really scared and creeped out at the end, talking about ''hearing a creepy voice not belonging to Kris'' and stuff. This voice does not appear to be Gaster because if kris talks during her freaking out, she says that he just spoke in that creepy voice.

    The fact that we actually get to fully kill berdly is pretty crazy. I don't know if he's actually dead in the light world or not, but the ''Snowgrave'' spell's description says ''Fatal'' so he might have actually straight up been killed by Noelle.

    The boss is pretty crazy, It's just Spamton NEO but way harder. Instead of having your full party for the fight, you have only Kris, and have to fight him until he's at 10% health. I personally found this boss to be harder than Sans from undertale. I beat Sans in about 12 attempts but Spamton NEO (Weird version) took me at least 15 (Edit: Last time I did the Weird route I beat Spamton in 1 try, while last time I did the Undertale genocide route it took me 2 tries to beat Sans. I think I just sucked at the yellow soul mechanic that day or something, because even this version of Spamton is easier than Jevil). Despite his difficulty, he is still a really fun boss and the ending with Noelle straight up killing him with Iceshock is pretty crazy. Weird how you literally yell for Susie and Ralsei who don't know what you did yet they don't come, but literally whispering ''Noelle'' causes her to appear and save you.
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  2. HappyMcDoodle

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    Well, since nobody else has replied yet, I guess I will... hopefully this doesn't really count as a necro.
    I loved Chapter 1, so of course it was only natural that I had to play Chapter 2, on the day it released... I stayed up till around 3 AM to finish my first run, no regrets. Not sure I consider it better than the first chapter myself (though I have a feeling that may change over time), but still very much a fun ride! I'm planning to major in Computer Science, so the whole technology theme really appealed to me. I also love how much more comedy there is in this one!! Can't wait to see what comes next. :)

    (Also I am not at all ashamed to admit that I laughed till my sides hurt when the Original Starwalker™ decided to join my inventory).
  3. MatForYoga888

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    That is the lesson I learned from this game
  4. Gelbin

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    this is catchy
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