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  1. WithTheFish

    WithTheFish don't give up, skeleton Staff Member Moderator HERO

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    IGN: Crokee
    Forum Profile: https://forums.wynncraft.com/members/crokee.100636/

    @Crokee is a very active player on Wynncraft, especially in the profession community. Additionally, they are notable for doing many insane challenges in the Eldritch Outlook dungeon, as well as being one of the few players to successfully finish the HIC challenge. For those two reasons, Crokee might at first seem too similar to YYGAMER, and I personally think that having 2 too similar FWs in the same season would be repetitive, but I believe Crokee has also done a lot of other things in Wynncraft to stand out. I will list them below.

    • Professions - They are one of the few players to have a total level over 1650 ingame, not to mention that they've hit the max level of 132 on SIX of their different crafting professions. All of their other professions on that class are level 120 or higher. Indeed, they are a self-proclaimed prof tryhard, and I'm interested to hear how they've managed to put up with this amount of grinding. I'd also be interested in hearing their thoughts in an interview on other aspects relating to professions, such as XP bonus for professions, prof speed, and hunted mode.
    • The Prof Tryhard Group - Founded around the same time 1.19 came out, the Prof Tryhard Group is an unofficial discord server for anyone who wants to dedicate time to leveling up professions. In my opinion, the server is very successful and is one of Wynn's larger sub-communities.
    • The 50-Player EO Party - A... somewhat controversial event, considering that it led to a server being crashed, but I still think it's a relatively impressive community accomplishment. This event attempted to get fifty players to simultaneously run the Eldritch Outlook dungeon, and an impressive amount of coordination was done for this. This event was pretty popular and managed to inspire a second run.
    • Comprehensive Guide to Professions - Pretty much self-explanatory. This highly-detailed thread is another one of Crokee's community accomplishments.
    • Eldritch Outlook Runs - While we've already had a FW who's known for doing absurd endgame challenges, some of Crokee's EO runs are so insane that they deserve a mention in this thread.
    I've only spoken to Crokee a few times, so this is only info that I've seen from a distance. They may have done even more than this.

    So yeah, Crokee has accomplished both a lot ingame and done a lot of the community, so I believe they are worthy of a FW interview, which I'd definitely be interested to read.

    Oh god can mods even make FW threads?
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  2. Crokee

    Crokee Regularly stabs The Eye HERO

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    I'm flattered to be nominated for Featured Wynncraftian...

    i still didn't finish my comprehensive guide aaa
  3. ThedumbOX

    ThedumbOX Having no friends VIP

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    Bird for FW!!!
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