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Guild Crimson Dawn - Join Today

Discussion in 'Guilds' started by P1zzaL0ver, May 5, 2021.

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  1. P1zzaL0ver

    P1zzaL0ver Owner of DarkNova (seriously, please join)

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    Crimson Dawn is made to be an active war guild that does NOT require discord. Most of the communications will be done through in-game chat and forums. The one and only hope that drives this guild is to be the best, so we recommend joining at level 70+ for a higher chance of being accepted. The guilds main timezone is UTC + 8, but we accept players away from this time. I have decided not to make this guild require discord because of all the players missing out on wars because they don’t have discord.

    Rules are:
    No racism, swearing, or being inappropriate
    This guild is ment to be active thus no going offline for an unexpected time without an accuse (sometimes I myself will even take breaks from Wynncraft so if you want to take a break then say so on forums or risk getting kicked)
    No one will be forced to war but notice that this IS a warring guild so warring is our main focus.

    Joining applications require:
    1. Highest level class (including the level)
    2. Usual active time
    3. Warring status (do you know what warring is?)
    4. Do you have any guild experience
    5. Favourite city in Wynncraft (optional)
    6. Some extra stuff to convince us
    7. Something you think we need to know

    Notice board:
    This guild is not released yet and will be released around June maybe earlier
    We will first start warring when we have enough level 90+ players
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.