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Crafting Ingredients, Combining More Is More Convenient?

Discussion in 'Questions' started by Bjastkuliar, Jul 31, 2020.

  1. Bjastkuliar

    Bjastkuliar Well-Known Adventurer

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    I was wondering whether using more than one type of ingredient while crafting an item is more convenient or not, I tried on googling it, but since it is a quite specific question maybe my search query was not quite effective, that is I couldn't find any thread answering this specific question.

    I am trying to level up quickly with as least as possible farming. So if combining more than one ingredient type per craft is convenient (in Profession XP terms), is it more convenient by using different levels ingredient? I mean, let's suppose I am crafting a level 45 ring with iron gems and icefish oil, I am using as crafting ingredients Archaic medallions (level 45 ingredients), would I gain more exp by using 6 of these or would I gain more exp by combining them with gold nuggets (level 42 ingredients)? What if I were to use a lower level ingredient as second one (in addition to Archaic medallions)?

    To sum up, my question is: how do crafting ingredients influence the Profession exp gain?

    If this thread is duplicate, I would love if you were to redirect me to already existing sources.

    Thank you very much.
  2. weeb

    weeb ded HERO

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    always use 6 ingredients for leveling up your crafting.
    try to use 0 or 1 stars that are easy to get alot of which are near your crafting profession's level.
  3. SoulBurned

    SoulBurned eee HERO

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    Using different types of ingredients won’t make them more efficient, 6 ingredients are 6 ingredients, the higher tier the ingredient; the more xp you get.
  4. creature

    creature 50 player EO survivor x2 VIP

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    As a rule of thumb:
    Higher level = better xp
    More stars = better xp
    one star = ~1o levels of xp worth.
    (0 star lvl 45 ingredient gives less xp than a 1 star lvl 40 ingredient but more than a 1 star lvl 30 ingredient.)

    Each seperate ingredient adds a certain amount of xp. The ingredients do not interact in terms of xp.

    @SmileAndWaveBoyz said that 3 star materials (not the ingredients, the iron gems and icefish oil from your example would be materials) give a recipe about 5x as much xp as 1 star materials and that 2 star materials give a recipe about 3x as much xp. From what I've seen that is about accurate.
    So if you have ingredients on level with one or more stars, it's best to use them with the higher tier crafting materials. You can also check out this thread of his (https://forums.wynncraft.com/thread...ls-and-ingredients-you-need-completed.267977/) as it's a great tool for knowing how much you need to gather when gathering mats and ingredients. It shows how much of a certain material you need and gives an ingredient with it that's relatively easy to grind. (I still suggest looking around for other ingredient options since I don't agree with 100% of the ingredients he chose.)