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Can't Wrap My Head Around Black Spellsteal Please Help

Discussion in 'Wynncraft' started by iTechnically, Jun 30, 2020.

  1. Madkurre

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    ok so most class builders will probably tell you to use it as a spellsteal dagger, but honestly i think a true hybrid is much nicer to play with

    heres me doing mummyboard on a true hybrid, it's a pretty rushed video so pls excuse the scuff

    basically on spellsteal, the majority of your dps is completely dependent on you having mana. if your mana steal proc fails, you wont have any (unless you also have backup mr, recommended) for a couple of seconds. this stops your damage output for a couple of seconds. since thats a bore, im using a true hybrid instead, so i can keep meleeing for alright damage even without mana, and also charge courage.

    for boss-specific advice, just run around the guy like most bosses. run the fuck away when mummyboard uses flamethrower. ideally, drop a smokebomb under it before hand. proc manasteal and charge powder special on minions during downtime, then try to deal damage in bursts

    the build i used is pretty tanky with 90 defense, which excused my poor gameplay. thats another way to work around getting smacked
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