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Guild [BOEX] Boba Express is looking for YOU!

Discussion in 'Guilds' started by JSingDreams, Aug 10, 2023.


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  1. JSingDreams

    JSingDreams Worst Shaman Ever HERO

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    Guild Information
    Boba Express is a guild for the active, friendly, casual adventurers!
    This all started because the admin of the discord, JSingDreams AKA me,
    is a Minecraft-fanatic and decided to become active on Wynncraft.
    We want members that are rule-abiding and looking for a
    friendly, chill guild. We want to offer a place of safety and comfort
    to our fellow Wynncrafters.

    - You must be 13+ to join our Discord, however, you may still join our guild.
    - No level requirement, but higher the level = higher chance of approval.
    - Advised to follow server rules. We don't need rule-breakers.

    - Advised to complete weekly guild objectives for guild benefits.
    - Advised to be active to allow community interactions.
    - Advised to be involved based on your job (look at Job Descriptions below)

    Job Descriptions
    Resource Team
    Gatherer - Gather materials for craft, build, etc.
    Subdivisions: Woodcutter, Miner, Fisher, Farmer
    Crafter - Craft gear, scroll, etc. for the guild.
    Subdivisions: Scriber, Jewelry, Armory, Weaponry

    Build Team

    Head-Builder - Guide and manage the team.
    Builder - Build based on requested designs.
    Designer - Come up with build ideas for the guild island.

    Media - Stream on Youtube, Twitch, etc. of guild activities.
    Advert - Use Shout Bomb to advertise the guild.

    General - Lead the army during guild wars, dungeons, raids, etc.
    Strategist - Come up with war strategies and formations.
    Knight - First line of defense, our warriors and tanks.

    Mercenary - Lock on those targets and assassinate.
    Medic - Heal army units in hopes to prevent casualties.

    Staff Team
    Administrator - Enforce rules to ensure we are server-friendly.
    Info Broker - Keep up-to-date with tips and tricks.

    **You may help others, but make sure personal duties are fulfilled when needed**

    You will receive the following per week:
    - 1024 Emeralds

    **Sadly, we don't have much to give due to being a new guild**

    Don't have a forums account?
    Apply on our Discord server:

    Minecraft Username:
    Age (Required):

    Discord ID:
    Highest Level/Class:
    Which Job Are You Applying For?
    Why Should We Accept You?
    Referrer (Leave Blank If None):

    Minecraft Username: JSingDreamsTTV
    Age (Required): 27
    Discord ID: jsingdreams
    Highest Level/Class: 105 Shaman
    Which Job Are You Applying For? Gatherer/Fisher
    Why Should We Accept You? (Insert Descriptive And Valid Reason Here)
    Referrer: JSingDreamsTTV

    **You will be automatically denied if you do not follow the format**

    Q: When does guild wars start?
    A: We are currently not prepared to start wars due to lack in power.

    Q: Does the guild require specific class?
    A: Nope! We welcome ALL classes!

    Q: Is there a level requirement?

    A: Nope! However, jobs may be limited depending on the level. We recommend Front-Liners to be high level.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2023
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  2. Cannon7206

    Cannon7206 Most Average Archer VIP

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    Best Guild Ever
  3. JSingDreams

    JSingDreams Worst Shaman Ever HERO

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    Bump. Still looking for active players!
  4. JSingDreams

    JSingDreams Worst Shaman Ever HERO

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    We've had 5 new recruits this week! It's your turn to join us!
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