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Shop Bear's Den |unided Revealed Legendary Items| Selling Freedom

Discussion in 'Trade Market' started by KYBEAR01, Aug 13, 2020.

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  1. KYBEAR01

    KYBEAR01 Well-Known Adventurer

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    ♒ ☗ Bear's Den ☗ ♒
    Dah Rules♢

    1. Please offer a price first!
    2. If you have any questions, please, ask!
    3. Please be respectful to other buyers.
    4. I will NOT identify an item for you, so please do not ask.

    5. Raw LE only, please.

    You can feel free to message me on Discord at Yams#0063 with any concerns and inquires.

    Colorcoded Key :

    Mythics for Sale

    Unidentified Helmets

    Aries x1
    Fenmask x1
    Grillface x1

    Nighthawk x1
    Shawl of Gaea x1

    Unidentified Chestplates

    Leo x1

    Unidentified Leggings

    Dark Shroud x1
    Demon Tide x2
    Dizzy Spell x3
    Asphyxia x1

    Unidentifed Boots

    Scorpio x2
    Blind Thrust x1
    Memento x1
    Signal Flare x1
    Ex Nihilo x1
    Cinnabar x1

    Unidentified Bows

    Gales Force x1
    Return to Ether x4
    Hellstrand x4
    Firestorm Bellows x1

    Unidentified Wands

    Morrowind x1
    Pheonix Wing x1
    Empire Builder x1
    Faustian Contract x1

    Unidentified Spears

    Harwol x2
    Zephra Shredder x2

    Unidentified Daggers

    Alizarin x1
    Ivory x1
    Flameshot Hilt x1/class

    Unidentified Relics

    Crimson x3
    Procrastination x1
    The End x1
    Inferna Flamewreath x1
    Conference Call x1
    Arbalest x1

    Identified Helmets

    Third Eye 1
    Third Eye 2
    Third Eye 3
    Third Eye 4

    Aries 1
    Aries 2
    Aires 3
    Aries 4
    Aries 5
    Aires 6

    Necrosis 1
    Necrosis 2
    Necrosis 3

    Picses 1

    Shawl of Gaea 1
    Shawl of Gaea 2

    Grillface 1

    Identified Chestplates

    Cardiac Arrest 1
    Cardiac Arrest 2

    Leo 1
    Leo 2
    Leo 3

    Tauras 1
    Tauras 2
    Tauras 3

    Libra 1
    Libra 2
    Libra 3

    Gravity 1

    Booster Plate 1

    Identified Leggings

    Sagittarius 1 (max ws)
    Sagittarius 2
    Sagittarius 3 (max ws)

    Physalis 1

    Gemini 1
    Gemini 2

    Dark Shroud 1
    Dark Shroud 2

    Kelight's Shield 1 (devils pants)

    Asphyxia 1

    Greeves of the Veneer 1

    Identified Boots

    Accelerator 1

    Capricorn 1
    Capricorn 2

    Scorpio 1
    Scorpio 2

    Blind Thrust 1

    Wind Mimic 1
    Wind Mimic 2

    Steamjet Walkers 1
    Steamjet Walkers 2
    Steamjet Walkers 3
    Steamjet Walkers 4 (max ws)

    Memento 1

    Last edited: Aug 14, 2020
  2. KYBEAR01

    KYBEAR01 Well-Known Adventurer

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